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Santa I lonic Ai>'ain
—at The Bon Marche
Greeting His Friends in His Igloo in Toyland
Santa Claus has a Chirper Christmas Button for each of his little friends thus year at the Bon Marche,
so be sure to come into Toyland to shake hands with him.
And Then, Too, There Are Many Other Things to
Interest Little Boys and Girls in Toyland
There's a big hobby horse and a circus, and games and mechanical toys.
And the electric railway that really runs, elevated above your heads.
And dolls—dozens of cunnin' ones—and dolly furniture—
Oh, I just can't tell you all about it—come and see for yourselves.
Saturday Children's Day at The Bon Marche
Bring the lads and lassies in and fit them out for the winter.
Girls' Regulation Middy Dresses, $4.95
Girls' regulation style Middy Dresses of white middy jean with navy, nght blue or white collar and cuffs and
a full set of regulation emblems—sizes 8 to 14 years.
Girls' Serge Dresses Children's Sweaters, £7.95
Navy Serge Dresses, suitable for "dress Bp," in Children's Coot Sweaters in attractive styles, for
long waist and chemise style, trimmed with yam play or school wear.
embroidery and silk braid. With convertible sailor collar in fancy weaves.
In sizes from 12 to 17 years. Shown in a range of good colors with hand of white
Priced from 915.00 to $29.50 on collar and cuffs—two pockets and belt
Girls' Top Coats—sl9.so Sir€ * 8 to 12 yeAr *-
Individual styles in Winter Top Coats for the junior Hand-Made Tams for Out o' Doors
Hand-made Tams for girls—contrasting or solid col-
Made of wool velour and chenille cloth, and finished ors, and finished with a big soft, fluffy pompon.
with full linings. Priced from 12.95 to 13.50
Sizes 12 to 17 years. dauohtkh sura-—second floor
Boys' Mackinaws—"The Real Stuff"
at $8.95
For School or Play on Winter's Day—Mackinaws
■■Fiflilßa Good luck came our way—we took advantage of it—to secure Boys' Mackinaws
200 in all—all wool with large roll collars—full belted—yoke back and have
two large pockets with flaps.
mBkXSIeP brown, green, purple and blue mixtures
Boys' Middy Sweaters at $lO.OO
1 \ Good all wool Sweaters—in middy style—popular school colors—sizes 30 to 3G
Boys' Jersey Sweaters at $3.00
W ns, Sweater time—with wool sweaters for boys—turtle neck or V-neck style—
W Navy, Oxford, Maroon and Cardinal.
S3 y —Boys' Leather Belts in black or tan with fancy detachable initial buckles,
Y3 /a f 1.50.
y"l Boys' good quality Handkerchiefs with colored borders, 25^.
—Boys' plain white Handkerchiefs with It, tial at 25^.
Economies in Girls' Shoes 1,222 Yards of All-Wool
Girls' Brown Calfskin Lace Shoes made over a footform laßtwith I gft ¥? ... tl . IX | „ —A> ¥ w P..' _
round toe, low heel and Rood Bolid leather Boles. l\6lllllSllllS ctl IjOW I FICCS
Sizes Bt/ 2 to 11, d>o OQ Sizes 11 ft to 2, M7Q LENGTHS 2TO 10 YARDS
the pair vO itJi/ the pair vw> • **
A AT « ■ Series in Navy, Burgundy, Chocolate, Purple, White and Black.
f £1 Oi_ fCmLm |\l AVA7 I f£k W" Tricotines in Brown, Navy and Cream.
DOVS otorm OhOCS mtir 11C W V/V/QLu O. V Wool Batiste in Burgundy, Navy, Dark Green, Cream, Bright Red
J and Black.
At a Very Low Price 1 f QC? 40-inch Storm Serge, yard 95c
Boys' High-topped Storm Shoes of t*tn oil-grain leather, have A 36-inoh Wool Batiste, yard $1.29
two brass buckles at the tops and brass eyelets all the way up. ■ 54-inrk T*n Covert Clotk V ..J «1 CA
They have two full soles of solid leather—stitched and pegged— Jt lfl > All C*ll I * J „ , „ y«ra ♦I.OU
and leather inner soles. Half bellows tongue. Ana i ney re aii jiik Lined 52-inch storm Serge, yard $1.79
Sizes 10 to 131/2 Sizes lto 2 Sizes 2ft to 6 Splendid materials in rich heather mixtures of browns and greens, are 56-inch Tricotine, yard $2.69
$4.29 $4.69 $5.39 made up in a smart belted style with novel pockets and big convertible 54-inch Black Sicilian, yard $3.29
Men's Heavy Socks 29c waistline. In all sizes from 36
back, with two box plaits extending to M en ' S Cheviot Work Shirts $1.25
Heavy part-wool Socks in black and natural gray, in sizes from Heavy Blue Cheviot Work Shirts in coat style, come in sizes from
Men's and Boys' Caps 98c Hats at $3.95 Apiece Women's Union Suits $1.19
A jobber's clean-up of good Caps in heavy mixtures, light and Take your choice—there are banded sailors in several styles and all Women's fleece-lined Cotton Union Suits in ankle-lenirth have
dark shades. All sizes from 6ft to 7%. kinds of trimmed hats. All good winter models. Dutch or low necks, and come in white only. Sizes 36 to 44.'
"The BoivMarcli^
I .MI MII.I HIII .1) 1H»(J
A Saturday Sale of
New Dresses at About
Wholesale Price, $33.50
Tricoiines and Satins for Women and Misses
Handsome new dresses—part of a special purchase, bought at a lower price level, enabling
us to offer you values and styles far out of the ordinary.
Hurrah! Silk Umbrellas
Special $lO.OO
A special buy brings Umbrellas to you for less—and they're in the very latest style with
fancy handles and waterproof silk coverings. , «. ■. i «— ■
My, But They're Nice for the Money!
In black, red, green, taupe, brown, navy and purple—straight and India shape.
Women's $15.50 and $16.50 Boots, $13.50 Pr.
Women's Brogue Effect
Oxfords, $ll.OO Pr.
Dainty looking Oxfords, these —
and $ll.OO will take away a pair.
Made of noft, pliable calfskin with
perforated wing tips—welt soles and
one-inch walking h«s*ls.
IJfrht or dark brown—sires 2V& to
B—very popular for street wear.
shoe hiiop-uppkr main floor
A Special Purchase of
AT $3.45
Excellent Sweaters for the money
—worsted and zephyr wool in plain
weaves and link-and-link stitch.
With or without collars—purling
at waist.
Just the weight to wear as separ
ate wraps or under coats—coral, tur
quoise, America* Beauty and pea
bbcond floor
"Carry-Home" Specials
From the Houtefurnithingt Section
We offer these low prices to those
who wish to economize and are will
ing to carry their packages with
—O'Cednr Polish, 12-ouncc size, re
duced to 33<.
—New Tungsten Ijimps, 40-watt
size, reduced to 281-
—"Hammersby's" Wax Paper, re
duced to, a roll, B* 1 .
—White Cups and Saucors of thin
china, reduced to, pair 1
Excellent Quality Brown Kid
\ IN \ I I A or dress or street wear—these
I Iff / I L jCa brown kid boots are equally appropri
-1 j4 ate —Made with 9 and 10-inch tops—
A Am Military or Louis heels, welt soles—
wl [ft with or without tips.
The high arches and graceful fitting
lines make them especially good look-
the FOOD SHOPS Saturday
White Bear Soap Pure Strained Honey
6 Bars 25c 23c Lb.
-—Hard-shelled Walnuts a Guatemala Honey—with the
pound, Wild Flower flavor. Your
—Corn, nice and sweet, a can choice of bulk honey or by
***£• , . the pound can, 23< lb.
-Pineapple in syrup, can Island SaJad
Under and sweet, a Dr , e f"" ! ' 46 <\
CIU ,, 1 7< . Kippered Salmon.
—Soda Crackers, a pound *r V> ._, „
11 f. UPPER MAIN FLOOR D rS " P ure PeaiUlt
c *ll l aa_ Butter, lb. 11^^,
Special Luncheon 40c _Bon Marche Little Pork
Beef Steak Pie—Spring Veg- Sausage, special, lb. 34f.
ptables. Potatoes and Devil —Paul's famous Skookun
Food—lce Cream, Coffee or Apple Butter, extra special,
Milk. lb. 14*.
1 ■ fl6 true fruit flavors ipi /\
Chocolates hard .v of i^ is"c
(.especially good grade j
Peanut Brittle, 25c a Pound

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