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Section Two
11/TIDI AMP Neighborhood Nightingales!
iMAimn unv Step Up! Be a Song Leader!
Prefer North End: Also Ttiey
Don't Drink, f ave Often
k and Are Lv^rteous
flf you are a man. carrying 14#
VBlklnx alone a shady »trwt In the
north #n<l, brOfn th» hour* of 11 ,
p. m and J a. m . and you' name
to distinctly not Irish. ud you see
a abort. Itorkr. swarthy. unshaven
W X about J# years of a**, wearing
a tons overcoat. and having his
hands In hla pocket, approaching;
Mberlv from tha other direction. II
IdwgtH you. if you want to r»nuln
IMmwir of the M«. to turn on your ;
heels and run like gpllt ItoWW.
For. If you continue onward and
m*t tha long «»ted man. you will
be held up!
Analysis of the highway robberies
which have been committed here at I
tha rata of one every two night* rw
cwntly. Justifies the above ouja Ilka
Police record* show that robbers
hibernating here thia winter abkle by
l»lii Inflexible rule*. A few of the
lmportant follow:
Way do nat mb women.
They do not rob Irishmen.
TWjr de not use maeks.
TV) prefer the witching hour
af nlMfkl aa thr time to stick
f m I*ll»lnt gun ymfc-r a .cared
pa4aatrtan « chin.
Ihqr rhdw victim, who hava
► akaal |M
Tlmt |rrf* I* work in tha
Mrlk end.
ray wiar tang iiiiriwli
They da not drink.
IVy shave nrilgtoualjr.
Ttar are raarteous.
Oaly DM woman haa bwa hrid
■yMT* in two months and aba
Glad nawa aa It may ba to the
Imbl adapt* of tha nheUiaha and tha
to ague a that Irishmen are not
abeam aa tneal tickets by the high
daymen. It dlrwU a certain furtive
eagpMon at them. However, Irlah
wan are* quick to dray tha ln«lntj»
(ton that bandits her* are Irish be>-
lain ot this Indication. Even after
pattra announced that a Camaron
royal Scot had baan held up here
tsks lately.
I Whether M Is »ha high price of
jSrth or the vanity of the robber*
Hat la naptmalble. police do not My.
bat they do point out that local high
nay men are operating unmasked.
Tbey also say that midnight par
oaa are overwhelmingly popular wtth
fcfchwaymen. More than half of the
law lit stick upa have been committed
batween 11 p. ro and 1 a. m.
HBBKKV total.
Aitho robber* nem refnae «mtH
tebona e*c*etlin* I »0. the amount
Of atooey »urren'lered by vtrtlroi av-
Jfny— about that amount. Watrhea
are not alwaye taken from victim*.
AMPfte popuUr belief to the ron*
trary. Jndirationa are that robber*
lasve the watchea for the burglar*
SBTglara are now aprclalising In
fttti lui and Jewelry.
The raunn for the robbera* prefer
for the North End ta a mya
tery to police. Hut university atu
4enta deny vehemently that thla In
ffaatea that atudenta who bet on
{fee university team thla year are
tsrning bandit*.
Am tor the wear-In* of lon* over
coata. police aay thla la a mere mat.
tar of precaution with robbera. The
I—..1 —.. afford* complete dlagulae and
is saually doffed after the crime la
That robber* are aober men la *4-
pMrttted by police. Only once In the
■Mt two month* ha* a robber been
•n the red face. Every
other been aober while
at work. When a robber ret* drunk,
fee take* a vacation, police aay.
Another arrument againat prohibi
tion. aay rum-hounda.
■ " unahaved robber la a mlioelty.
rjttbber* aeern to be aupervtltloua
about thla ahavlng Veteran police
men aay that a robber bellcvea he
will have a "cloae nhave" if he work*
With whlakera aprouting.
The roughneck robber paaaed with
*lt'» alwaya fair weather." In hla
place have oome bay rum and the
aoly gentleman bandit. Only one
tenth of the robbera atrike their vic
devenal eperlal trait* of robber*
have been exhibited here recently.
Borne of thoae noted are given.
If. In addition to your other quall
flcatlon*. you live at the V. M. C. A.,
you are more likely to be accepted
aa a candidate by the robber*. On
two night* In auoreaalon thla week,
different men living at the Y. M. C.
A. were held up. Thla doe* not In
-1 tficate that the robbera were In the
army, police aay.
juui iy hbioadk
P"ilUckiip men are generally about
•• year* of age. A few caaea have
been reported where the gunman
W aa younger, but few In which be
traa older.
The theory that Japa do not be
gome Americanized quickly la dla
eounted by robbery report*. On
Ifcreo occasion* recently, the high
Tou can't nurse a grouch at a
son gfeat.
You can't hate your neighbor when
you and he are making mutujfl de
mand In high C of the world In gen
eral. If It can see by the dawn's early
Ught what so proudly all and sundry
hailed at twilight's last gleaming.
eee ~ m
Which are two fine reasons why
the coming of Mr. and Mrs. L» H.
Illcber of New York, national song
leaders, la fraught with such Import
ance to .Seattle.
They are here under the ausptcw
of the Heat tie '"ommunlty Hervlce.
which believes in everybody's know
ing—and loving -hla next-door neigh
lor. and the chap down In the mid
waymen were believed to have been
A abort, stocky, dark skinned ban
dit aleo Is making Heattle hla home,
lie has been described by more than
one victim.
Kastlxkn ava. and Plain at, and
Kaatiake ava. and Ward si. within
a few blocks of each other, have each
been the scene of a robbery recently.
A laxy robber. Uvlng In ihe vicinity,
without ambition enough to seek vic
tims farther from home, and with
out any neighborhood spirit, la blam
ed for these two hold-upa.
Robbers believe In extending the
open hand to strangers Thrlre. in
late days, men have been robbed
within a few block* of the railroad
stations Hobbers, who dare not Im
hlbe for fear of losing standing with
their sober males, sometimes aatlsfy
their alcoholic desires by robbing
men In the grapo district south of
Teeler way.
Never resist a robher without In
surance paid up to date. Only once
ha* It been tried and this daring
victim was thin and all five shot*
mlaned him.
APKItI'KKN.— Reports show seven
fatal accidents In thin county dur
ing the month of October.
Is alwaya offered In T m schools, where a man'a heat Intereata aa
a man, and hla adequate training, are the first consideration*—not
■MH Y. M. C. A.
the Instructors are practical, experienced
men, who dealre to be of real help.
Today we present—
Mfl Geo. W. Kinne
(Tractor and Machine Hhop Instructor)
Mr. Klnne'a me**hanleal and Traveled over TT. R nn e*pert
gas engine and tractor e*- an* trouble m»n on threshers,
0 , . , tractors and sawmills In 1904
I perlence la of remarkable e,. h „ rharK . , )f „ x .
tent. Working In foundry and hiblt for nine month* at I<ouls
machlne ahop while going thru tana Purchase Kxposition; also
high school, he enter<-<l in IMt, at many other fairs Operated
the employ '»f Itussel) & i\,. # tra't<»rw in flowing fontful* and
Maaslllon. Ohio, one of the old- demonstrations in V. H. Porto
•j «at tractor and thresher build- Rleo, Houth America and Met
ers in the IT. H. Was with fhis Ico. Was instructing operator
i concern for 33 years, rising on large Mcxlran hari<ri'lan
fr.»ro apprentice to factory man- on# of 711,000 acres. While in
agnr. resigning in 1»1H to go France he had 'barge of motor
oversea* as V. M f\ A serre- transport In Ilordeaux region
tary. His experience with this for Y. M C. A . kerning fleet of
company covers boiler and en- trucks and autos In operation
glne, drill, lathe, plan' r, ahaper and repair under trying war
and milling machine work. Lime conditions.
Special Arrangements for ex-Hervlce Men.
For full Information and eounsel call at or write Room 21#
The Seattle Star
Mrs. L. S. PUcher
die of the block, whom yon*va al
ways sort of liked but never spoken
The service believe* that a fine
way to get neighbors acquainted Is
to make 'em sing together. And It
ha* brought the ItUhers here U>
train neighborhood song laadera.
e e e
Which la getting to the main Idea
that tha Pitchers are scheduled to
give their first song leaaon to would
be neighborhood leader* Friday at
746 p. m. at mom IST. Htuart budd
ing. Fourth and t'niversliy.
Htep up, ye who have mtule In
your sou In and are stirred by con
cord of sweet sound*. If you hava
a "way" with crowds and like to
lead, be at room IST Friday night!
Boy's Big Toe It
Grafted on Thumb
PA RIM. Nov. M.—Dr. O. lAmbart
a French surgeon, transplanted a
boy's big toe to take the place of a
thumb, blown off by the bursting of
a bomb. The boy was fixed by plas
ter handagea In such a way that the
hand and foot could not name apart,
and gradually aa the thumb and to*
grew Into each other Ui* to* wa*
completely severed.
It's to Be a Good
Year for Champagne
PARIS. Nov 2# The champagne
vintage ha* been completed lieeplta
the war sufferings of the wine grow
ere around Rhelms, many of whom
fled before the (ierman advance, and
the damage to the vineyards, ihla
year's wine probably will prov* cx
ceptlonally good.
Pay for Privilege
of Laying Brick*
I/WTKiN. Kng. Nov 2« A nov
el method of assisting disabled sol
diers wu «dop(H at the foundation
■ton# laying In connection with
Knaphlll housing e»heme Many
prominent dtlxens paid 12 60 each
for the privilege of laying a brick.
Three Generations
200 Years on Farm
IA>NIM)N, Nov. 26. John llough
lon. an agricultural expert, who dint
at Tnynham at the t* of *O. worked
on the a»me farm un his father and
grandfather did, I heir combined *erv
lea totaling >OO ynum
Didn't Know It Was
Loaded; One Is Dead
f OKLAHOMA CITY Ok la.. Nov S#
—Otbar Orttuln, no they aay. didn't
know It wss loaded. Charlie Kohinon
fell dead. The coroner In invantlgat*
j( "Ti OR a good many years the Burnett Jewelry Store has presented its entire stock of
*- cu t glass at half price. The purpose was to advertise the store and induce gift-
seekers to buy Christmas gifts early in the season. This year the stocks are larger
and finer than ever and include the newest designs, the most brilliant cuttings and the
j( highest quality. And every piece will be sold at one-half the marked price.
8 $3.00 Nappies $1.50 Jirlri Handled Baskets $3.75
§ $4.00 Nappies .... $2.00 J $2O o ° Water * - 510 00
it $5.00 Fruit Bowls . $2.50 525.00 Fruit Bowls M $12.50
§ $4 Sugar and Creamers $2.00 $60.00 Electric Lamps $30.00
I $5 Sugar and Creamers S2J>O $15.00 Candle Sticks „ $7.50
$25 Ice Cream Platters $12.50 $lO.OO Celery Boats $5.00
Jt $5.00 Vases . . $2.50 $lO.OO Vases . . $5.00
And liuirti* mt aOifr pin— And hnndrrds of aftier pl(w»
$20.00 Tea Sets for 514.75 $5.00 Sandwich Trays $3.75 Gifts for Men T
%* Qaadrottfo at $1.75. Others, of course. !n ootid gold up lill
8««1cr*. bwrnlahed IT irotd priced at $l.BO or of aolld
lit - _■ t Solid gold Cnff Rations. 14.78.
KTTarwtaome T.. n«M at qtmdrupl. sttver plat. tn n*» JIb.CXJ VejeUble Dishes at $11.75 There U. ol» a magnificent showing of ||||f
dralgn. r-Oilarly at ssoi*. gped.l for th. four- _Ol h ~ v ' r "h.fflMd Plata; U.. cover haa detarHahla Oipu-rtt*Caa-s n .tert.ng and plate; Scarf IH||
tl Bi»r, Mrt 114 :i hand)*, which |lv<« two open duhee or one covered linn, aolld Gold Ring*. Kmblems for all of the ■■■■
fl „r „ ' ... . „ . . . diah. Specially priced at $11.78. Fraternal organisations and Tena and Fenclla IHI
Sheffield T<« Beta In reprndnetkma of both modem .. i ■ • c :_l _» rn which make inexpensive, but ever uaeful gifts. iMlll
IJ and antique designs. specially priced at $BOOO and Marmalade Jars OpeCial at $3.50 Th , Mo „ an opPn of helpful W
» »*° oo P" r ■»«- Ktched Glass Jar. with .poon and rover of sterling suggestions for gift seekera and those who come seek.
*4 Sheffield Silver Coffee fW* In new and graceful pat- «llver may he used for Jama. Jellies or condiment* lng . wlll not urged to buy.
!i terns, .pwlally priced at $27 511, Specially priced at $B.BO. jr
*jS sterling silver Tea hmi of foor pier*, offered at an 1847 Silverware Chests of Silver Specially Priced
in axceplk>nally low price, $2O« 00 the aet. Rogers "I*47"* Silverware may be hail In a wide v*. Oak or mahogany finished Cheat containing 28
_ 11* t .J riely of new dealgna In either complete seta or to "fill plecea. Including al£ knlven. .Is fork.. .Ix tea and .tx
%> $7.00 Bread Irays lor *4.75 In - u dealred Complfte cheat, of 24 plec*. may he dessert .poons. and sugar ahell and butter knife to
llread Tray, are of the highest quality plated had for a. Illtla aa 117.80. Other chests of plated war* match. The famoua "Community" par plate. Guar-
Vf allver with an openwork border. A limited number and of solid allver may be had up to hundreda of do|. anteed for every-day aervlce. lingular prtca (18.00;
will be aold at $4 78. lars the cheaL special while they last, 111.78.
Special Offering Men's Watches Mantel Clocks Special Chime Clocks Special
A special These bear the famous name of Reth Thomas and are accurate time
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S th'n m rssea, if** —' m " vi » t.VS Other Clocks In wide variety at every price from 88.00 and on. Clocks
n jo-vear gold ' or * v,, ry room In the house.
R to he an accurate and will give trrv illustrated, the style is the newest The
Ca Umlte.l .ervlne Socially pri.vd at 114.80. dock for eight day. and strikes the hours If 1 A
ft The llurnett Store wlll also display llam- naif hours on a sift tone cathedral gong. if .v
32 Oton, Howard. Waltham and Illinois Wstrhe. rlnl .|,rd In dull mahogany. A gift
3f In almost unlimited variety of siie and price; tha( w||| Ul)( R lifPtiina „„( longer, specially
J* every watch from the lowest priced boys' priced at ff 1 V
Nl watch in the store, to the costliest The Clock Which Need# No
Jg tee of satisfaction. Winding
■a The latest eipresslon of American Ingenuity |
M Special Offering Women's U a rlock which never needs winding. The I
jH . «a» . t movement l* all cold plated and th® clock la .// \aJ* |
JJUI ▼VAtCnCS prt under a dome of (rlajw. Onor every IS j/ / ' \ \\ 1
" Ladle#* Wrtot Watchwi months a tiny "flush light battery" l« allppod
jjj |j Diamonds for Christmas
f Klgln guarantee specially W jl A speclnlly fine group of Thoughtful people will he Interested In the following statement from
tjr If* momm %\\ | P rlr,N ' at Si® SO. 11 IH jvutl Necklace*, exquisitely a well-known wc«kly magazine:
lif *T" g ; ' ladles' Wrist Watchea \» W nnhired and evenly matched. "A few month, ago a customer came to me desiring to aril a pair of
mV IV f ill ' J w,UI 18 Jewel Swiss mov» 11 Ml prnrls which wlll not lose diamond earrings which had b«*n l>ought ten years ago and for which
?2 ?IA m " nL * *" < l ,h# wnalleat Vtt IU their luster, superior In color her husband had paid 1250 00 fthe was surprised to learn that the
2* j »l*es produced, ara V| w quality to anything of- market value was $750.00. People are beginning to reallM thai diamond.
J* I I gold filled and guan»nt«'ed r fix ll fcred liere«h<iuts at the price. are no longer an extravagance. They are In reality one of the very
Hi! '" r l ,n<ir *' Specially f # II Choice of a fine collection at Mifrst Inventmenls that can be made and in times of stress and trouble
TV P r,^ * ,<, *' ' 25 iff II $lO.OO. can always be utlllied. 1 firmly believe that this Increase tn value will
M / Plamond set, plntlnum * 0 11 Ladies' Umbrellas continue, for the reason that the world', output Is controlled by one
tt Wrist Watches, exquisite MR 11 All D J J of the most powerful and richest concern. In the world, the Delleera
ag bit. of artistic Jewelry, serve as accurate time- I H II /\ll KCdUCed Syndicate of South Africa."
keei»ers. $150.00 to $760.00 each. II 8 H A notable collection of Beau- The Burnett Jewelry Store offers a .elect stock of carefully choeen
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Wf Latest rashion in lnratcnes II O 3 H hnndles In rare colorings and surplus profits. Four special groups are presented for thrifty buyers:
r a j. B II entirely new designs. Covers _____^
Jp tor Ladies J\ nrR 0 ( finsst silk and may ~
.. , , . . „ . . . ~ be had In all prot>er colors. All GROUP NO. 1— GROUP NO. 3
«f The "Sautolr." A tiny watch hangs Ik. a . t one fourth off. AT 525.00 AT *75.00
«V pendant at the end of a narrow black ribbon C*. IT'G'l .pw
VJ which encircle, the nei k This Is fashlon't rrUlt Knives OpeCISl
MT lutest wfllm, the watch serving as a pendant Pearl handled Fruit Knives with sterling
Jjl and a timekeeper at one and the «ame time. silver ferrule and heavily plated blades. In GROUP NO. 2 GROUP NO. 4
flr With exquisitely wrought platinum cases, set the same collection wlll also be found butter »rp ar onn A'T SIOO.OO
J* with diamonds, and priced at $600.00 to sprculu to match. Half a doxen In asi t val- "
Sji $1,600 00 each. ued at $B.OO for $5.28. J———*s
I a, i BURNETT BROS. \a>
Too Many Pet Pigs,
No Work; So No Pay
TAOOMA, Nov. 26 Pet pig* with
red rlhbonn tied around their talln
and white collars around their neckn
wrr« chief diversion of Kllna Iloundn,
according to Minnie (lalbralth, who
In being: tiled here by the former for
fb.ooo whim ajlctfnd to Im due tn r
for II yearn' work.
Mm. t lalbralth aanertn no mu<*h
time wiii spent parading tha plgn
thru the nelgbborhoiNl that nhe could
get no work from KlHui and cone#
quently could not be expected to pay
H ft Trefethan, chairman, and W.
L. It bode®, vioa chairman of the civic
bureuu of the Chamber of Oommenw,
havn Juot lawued a abort atatement of
th-n work for ihn benefit of the com
in unity arcoyipUabwl In the lant nix
month* 'T>n IbliiKn done" Include
H«nJ ratal • »»•■»«« field.
Air mall it»
Ksr»l| eatOTMiiMatlen,
||m|»lMU mir*e>.
I*»rn ••»»n»ile».
Hrliwl M I.
I Mlrmll; •UullMa
/inting nmimleelea.
Pages 13 to 24
M«*mbera of the governing board.
ti*Htdea Tn-fefban and Kbodan, are
K I'. Tmmpnr, Auatin B. (JrifTltbn.
WorraJl WUAon, N. H.
Clark Nettle ton, Pliny Allen. Minn
[/•Uia ifeCltira, A. H. El ford, l>r.
Otor|« T. WUllamn, Lawrence Col
man. J. T McVay, Joaepb Hlethen,
Kred Cat let t. Alexander Myers, l<ev.
Koy If Campbell, Keith fiullltt, Car!
K Gould, Hoy J. Klnnear, Oroevenor
Kojnom. W. M LfVtnvood, K. H.
flood win, A. It. Illlen, K. L. Lambuth
mid Arthur R. Pliant, director.
Hope to Sell Fish
at a Penny a Pound
HYIiNEY, N H. W . Nov. 26 TliO
reorganization of the NfW Houth
Wal** trawlin* industry ha*
in a profit, it t* expected ihortlf
to be abl* to rntfqoi tbo retail prlco
of fl*h to a penny a pound.
Farmer, 70, Jailed;
He Stole Chicken*
MIiJIJkETOWN, N Y.. Nov 2« -
dantru* L. Knox, a farmer, 70 years
old. ha«i been wnt to the county
Jail for three month* for *t«*aJinff
chickens from a neighbor** coop.

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