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|' TirmsnAT. Kovr\mEß «, is?#.
• m
D rY9sn:iisiisnsi!s»
MJjjK KL. ML ■■
awt uNivwainr * This most astounding picture is held
!■ over a few days because of its big hit IB
S5 Chaplin grown and bloodthirsty 9
1 ii
IWe bought Kennedy's stock for a ridiculous I l
I price and we are going to give you the bene- I _ H
I fit of this wonderful purchase. I
? I Men's Suits lp I
jM Overcoats IJjl
LI Shoes, Hats, Furnishing Goods 11\ I
■■ I at the lowest possible prices in town, all of our I ■ ■ I
Um I fine stock is included in this gigantic sale. Be I | | E
I sure to come here for real bargains. ' I H H H
P pKys^Suit^B
Value* up to 125; j Values up to $75 I C|«rte I WILt NEVER ACJAIN HK
odd sizes; cut.to . to _ ■ 0916 OlallS I OFFER KD TO YOU AT SUCH
$12.85 $34.85 I a ■ u I LOW prices ■
Valuer up to $7O Values up to $6O I M II HM I Values up to $lO Values up to $2O
cut to cut to B I rut to ru( to
$29.85 $27.85 I Saturday I $5.45 $8.95 I
Valum up to $4O Values up to $B5 I UIIIUHIQj ■ Value* up to $l2 Values up to $25
cut to cut to H J i ■ cut to cut to
$19.85 $39.85 | b 4 | $6.85 $10.95 U
$5 00 Men's Hat*. fcrt OO ,3 "° Dr """ Hhlrt *- fcl CO I Ti < WooJ go«, 00. t sl6o Hfnvy Rlblwd fn- Qfl
. cut to *P*«OOI ut to ...T". OO C I 5/OC I
80,: Handkerchief*. »■ '0 rnlon Kultm »l>r..Went Bu»p«n.ler« |«1 .0 Work Hhlrt*. Qg
23c si.6B! K H^r™:~si.4Bl
85, Arm Hand*. 11- Armw n "' l QQ„ |H
rut to 11C wU(|t RADnil N\ Monarch Included rut t,. J/OC
$1 00 Tie*, O O II fc. DllllUfllllw $4 00 Men'. d>o
cot to «JOC 17.1N1 Hnrk or #Q A Q IHra'i anil l.aille.* Hhnci .1- ' 111 to
'.Cu I *lf Ho*. in l»rr.. .ill t» JJ.IO |»|,.| r»er> rnl.ri lirnkrn f, 1,(1 H, ,vy Wool <t> r% f\ O
IJjC I'"'" »'"• l *h..r., * ill- I llnr.l .11 .l«r», but not In , ~ ~ ,5/ MfS
cut to i«/\» ,10.00, Q( J |, V rr> -Nil.. <••"■» riiri>i «r ' nlon Kulta, cut to
$lOO I 'nderwe.-ir. AQ "" "» MiOu |.»n fli *nl«e. *»f? QQ Men'* l*mnt», value* tf» A AQ
,ot to 4oc $2.48 r "" 3,01,0 to, o 5>4.40 H
DAI apr clothingl
r wuwvfc _ coMPfIHY—I
hittm kob both n\n I Cor. First Ave. at Spring St. r Ol K KNOKMOUS STOCK I 9
ANI» TIIK BOY, In all Uif HIIOKH for every mctn H||
newrat »t»li» and sluuli-*, In Imt of mart)Ml
all different Inrlud Sail- Start. »A. M. Com* l irlj— Itun'l Ifc- MIhIwI. Ijh U for Our Nainr <»»»vn alwut liaJf |irl< «. ( 0111.
lnic Hrr(i-t> ami Twwla, a/id In. Mr Worklncman, nr wnd
you pMltltdr Mrv and the clilldren
Chum's Father Accuscd in
$50,000 Balm Suit
|/>H ANiSHI.KH, Nov 16 Thy
eiciana are guarding Victoria John
eon, youthful Auatrallan oonvent
girl. In a faahlonable Um Angelea
hotel following her recital In Judge
Valentine's court of the strangest
love triangle m the aniiala of Houth
ern California.
Mlaa Johnaon collapsed on the
wltmaa stand In the mldat of her
teetlmony agalnat M C Mrgunwn.
wealthy lumberman, and father of
her achool chum.
Hhe demanda l&O.OOO "to heal her
broken heart."
McQunwti haa failed to appear at
tha trial, but thru hia attorney en
tered a awe* ping denial of the con*
vent girl's story The caae will l>e
continued when Mlae Johnaon's phy*
Kuinnt permit her to reeume her
Victoria Johnaon aaya ahe vlalted
the |>alatial MeQuown home at the
Invitation of daughter.
They had been In convent achool to*
The father suddenly made love
to hla daughter'a gueat. explaining,
chargea Mlaa Johnaon, that he was
"tsating her mors la "
Then Victoria sailed for Australia.
Suddenly ahe discovered MeQuown
waa on the boat, according to her
atory told In court.
**He followed me home." ahe de
clared, "and demanded that 1 join
him I refueed. He then produced
a pistol and aaid he would kill him*
»rif I waa fool enough to beiirve
A Urge relief map of the world,
showing all known physical condl*
turns of the globe. Is l*ing prepared
by the United States shipping l**»rti
Corey on Booze*
New York Is Flooded With Liquor.
"Will Prohibition Ever Come Back?"
Drinking in Practically All Cafes.
Whisky Main Topic of Conversation.
(Herbert Corey recently motored from Seattle to New
York and nvestlgated the lienor traffic en route, writing :•
series of articles which were published in The Star. Corey
has now returned to New York and sends this account of
the wetness of the metropolis today.)
ItV 111 Kill Id t'OKKV
NSW YCJKK illy Mail > Topic
j 2 haa completely superseded
I Topic No 1 In New York. No one
lalka any more of tluit old affair
i between Kvo and ttlf gefpent.
Kvery one talka of whiaky, where to
tcet It, Its coat, the distressing effect
of moonshine, and what la to hapte n
| neat. The Manhattan theory haa re
verted to the early Manhattan futin
"*!#>«• y can't kerp It a Way fiom ua,"
I New York nay a with one voice. "The
aaloon haa gem* Vale, old dump, and
; good rlddam* hut drink of aome
«ort or another we will alwaya
i have,"
May lie Manhattan la wrong Only
, time will tall liut at the preaent mo
j ment no peraon suffering from thlret
in Ita acuter form need anguish lons
|ln thia town. A man who weru
i thru the drying out proceaa about
the aame time that lleenan did when
| be fought Heyera came back from
! California the other day. He haa
I been a bigoted total abatalner ever
since he reformed the sort, you
know, who know a Juat what the hu
i man Italanoe wheel and escapement
I and all that looka like after having
l»een copiously d<»t»ed with alcohol
j and never kMee a chance to*tell vie*
i tuna about their total ruin.
He walked Into an uptown reetau
rant. Totally unknown in town.
> mi ml you. and of a forbidding and
I *cid eiterior Into the bargain. After
i be had given hie order, the waiter
"And what would you like to drink,
"What ran 1 get*" he aaked.
"Anything." aald the waiter, bright
ly. "Highball. Bcotch, beer, gin rick* j
ey "
Ho he took them all It la Very re
grettable. hut he aald that he panted
to know how It felt.
He had b«en able to atand off the
rum complex during the yeara when ,
the reel of the country waa throw 1
Ing Itaelf away, but the trmptation'
of total prohibition waa Irrealstible.
In the couree of eoploua experiments
he determined that there ia prac- j
tirally no restaurant In town In !
which there la not more or leaa drink-
Ing He waa not alwaya able to buy :
drink, but other and better known
people were At least, they were
drinking Tha only difference he
could eee between thia and an earlier
and hldeoua era In our countrya
hiatory la that hooch ooate more and
la less reliable.
One of the beet a tor lea of the
flood of boose which le engulfing the
towp ia that of a young lady who
waa dining with a friend In one of
the Jass Joint* In the Forties. Hhe
heard a convivial party over In the
corner ainglng thoae dear old college
glees. Hhe saw othera drinking
lemonade with an avidity that waa.
no leaa than passionate. phe listened
ppgagfC. D. PHILLIPS, Inc., STORES
liu'V 1508 second Ave. (Walker Building) 1313 Third Are. (The PhilliQS Boys)
Hrall Phillips' Shot Sale leads in quality, style and price.
V Our entire stock of Fall and Winter models included in this sale, which wiD be
■ good for Spring and Summer of 1921, at prices you cannot afford to pass up.
■ * now or Spri*K and save money.
Wsl Women's Department
High Shoes Low Shoes
Women's high shoes; all leathers, Oxfords, Pumps and Ribbon Ties
ixigz) ill sizes, all widths: in four groups:
Jflrsll.oo to $13.00 values go f0r.90.95 f 10.00 and $ll.OO values for. .98.35
afntfrsV'? 10.00 to $ll.OO values go f0r.95.45 fit.oo and $lO.OO values for.. .97.85
i $9.00 values go for 97.35 JB.OO values go for 96.85
>7.50 values go for 96.45 $7.00 and $7.50 values go for. 95.85
Just received, but on sale they go. Who has 11-inch boots?
Phillips, of course. The one big bet in Eastern style centers, .new
lasts ' ncw p atterns;
Blue Kid. $15.00 values, go for 911.35
Brown Kid, $15.00 values, go for 9H.35
Black Kid. $14.00 values, go for 910.15
»'lm Wk Broken lines of low shoes on the racks;
»'™. 'JRU vlßte. most all sizes and widths; regular $9.00 and
«i M m vlnff" • $lO.OO values, go for 91*85
Boys', Girls' and
Men's Department Extra Special—s7.3s Department
All leathers, all lasts: Tlr ,
$ll.OO to |12.00 values go for. 90.85 Womens Brown and Black Kid Smashing reductions—
slo.oo to $ll.OO values go f0r.98.85 One-eyelet and Theo Ties; sizes 3 to prices that will make you
$9.00 values go for 97.H5 8; widths A to D 97.35 buy.
Extra Special Extra Special
The Phillips Boys at 1313 Third Avenue The Phillips Boys at 1313 Third Avenue
Men's Brown and Black Shoes; all sizes 95.05 Women's Brown and Black Kid Shoes; all sizes. 9 1.05
Great volume and purchasing power have made it possible for the Phillips Stores to sell at a closer margin than
any store on the Pacific coast.
1308 Second Avenue (Walker Ituilding) Established 1892 1313 Third Avenue (The Phillips Boys)
The House of Mighty Good Shoes Where Quality is Higher Than the Price
| to the man at the next table sternly
I reprimand the waiter Iwi buw the
1 luat round of ginger ale had neen d«-
I layed • and It la known to all men
(hut no human being can drink
| mot* than two rounda of ginger al«
without puffing ti|» like one of th«
new army dirigibles. On some tables
were the debris of food. hut every
w h»*ri» she mi w tall u I" saes filled with
Ice and liquids of various tlnta, and
ever>'wliere ahe rtlacovered that Joy
wan practically u neon fined.
"I wonder," ahe aald. reflectively.
"If prohibition will ever oomi bark?"
1(1 M Itl NM\(»
lit TRt « KU>ADS
A friend who la In the legitimate
whiaky hualncMs that la. he com
plied with the rigid letter of the law
In arlllng It tell* me that there la
ju»t enough whiaky left In New York
to run that town for four more
montha. Hut that docs not seem to
worry any tme, Two whiaky truck*
have smashed within the laat few
days on a f bad hill not far out of
town. Other whiaky trurka w>otn to
K**t In safely. A thinker tell* me
that he knows a man who can de
liver all the "stuff" that any one
wants ut a price per caae which
•wmi reasonable, a« prices go to
I "lie geta a trtjckload a week In
from Canada," aald the banker.
Not long ago rye and bourbon of
the m<aM queationable lineags and
doubtful entecf*derite were sold aur
r«i>tloualy at fr<an $lO to 111# a case
A large |»nrt of n w »a rotgut
In cellars. Nowadays, so aure are
both buyeri and sellers that the sup
ply ahead la aur»\ that a caae for
a first rate American whiaky la con
aided a high price, and sl*o la only
reasonable for the best five star
Scotches. Over the ar diluted and
dangeroua dtinka are sold at from
50 cents to fl. but every one you
meet knows just where to go to get
the real thing.
"At HoandHo'«, M they say. "Ask
for Tom."
GOHftlf' Mill! T
No doubt the offlclsls charged with
enforcing the Volstead act are being
bitterly maligned. It la never the
leas, a fact that one hears It aaid
continually that:
"I bought a case off a revenooer
today." The local paragraphers have
all printed verse or humor in which
,the ease with which one can get
boote from a revenue official la
more than directly hinted at. There
la a tale uptown of a well known
saloon keeper who la keeping his sa
loOn open for the ostensible sale of
soft drinks.
"They srlied 40 cases of whiskey
on me thia week." he complained to
hla customers not long sgo. Kven
strangers heard the plaint. "It
lan t fair," he aaid. "I always paid
Cm* day a well drcnnr»<l man leaned
over the !»ar and auirireftted that If
ho ha«l I*oo Lh« whisky would
lw» returned to him. lie paid Ihe
The Victrola
Means a Merrier
Christmas s
There is something really Christmassy about
the Victrola; it brings with it happiness for all
the year. Like the old-fashioned fireplace, it
| becomes a rallying point for the whole family.
And as for true Christmas spirit—nothing is more
■ welcome than Victor Records, when they are
chosen with the particular taste of the recipient
in mind. We can help you choose just the Victrola
. that will delight the folks. Drop in today and
hear some of the world's greatest artists, perfectly
reproduced by Victor Records. !
'' '-WM
Choose Your Chrixtmas Victrola Now—We Will
Deliver It Later—at Your Pleasure
money, but the whisky did not come
"Darn It." said a revenue official,
according to the story, "be sensible,
Tom. That guy Just (rimmed you.
that's all. How could we return
your booae? We've sold It."
The housewives who care for that
•ort of thing are making beers and
ales. Some of them boast that they
are able to get 1$ per cent of alcohol
by measure Into their product, and
Old Heidelberg Is hetng sung for the
first time since the outbreak of the
war. The u palate vineyarAtsUi
thought they stared ruin right be
tween the eye* when the Volstead
act was first passed. Now It la re
ported they are laying out new vine
yards All over town unobtrusive
little shops are to be found which
display aa their sole stork In trade
hops, malt syrup, bottling device*.
and bottle tope. If you see two bilk
ing together, each writing something
In a small notebook, they are «wip
pine recipe*
And no one la getting excited about
•II this. It may be that the prohi
bition leader* are right when they
nay that reforms come slowly, and
that they are content with the
progress jlhey have made. One thine
Is sure. If Carrie Nation were alive
In New l'ork today, she would not
lie able to ufford the time to go
around with her hatchet. She would
have to go after the international
record as a weight thrower.
Turnip in Oregon
Weighs 20 PouhcU
COTTAGE GROVE. Ore . Nov. 2«.
—John Hull, owner of the Kiversid*
farm, placed on exhibition a turnip
weighing 20 pound* and having a
32*lnch circumference measure.

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