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South Americans Grab Reins
-•France Looms as Pos
sible Dictator
r.KNNY A. Swtttartand. No*. I*
No itmm rollt>r of big >• *"
ln| to run oxer thta wortd
parliament lha wwrabl) of the
ifNgup of n.u»'ti*. a tut IM I nit etl
gum nm* t e mn ton lion thai Ur*»t
l'.i-tuin and her dominion* Willi lU
xotea would ml* the aaeembly, la ri
Thrae outntiindtnc oon<"tu*ton» *r»
apparent on the tiun* of develop
tuenta to data In the ftral aaaatnbty
aw—ln n
»ki/» row KK
The moat aanaattonal development
of the meeting ao far haa been the
firm veuure of power by Latin
Am* noi
Tbm pow*r. In Addition to osptod
la* the six\otes for-Ilrltaln boges
ban also raised this vital question:
I* Kroiice |t>im to be «bl» to
dominate the league aa*-l«bly thru
support of the Latin native* of
South and Central Amwkm!
Latin America ha* Ukm th* llon'a ,
•hare of John Thin block constat* I
of Bin* South American and four j
Central AmerK-nn state*. toplhrr i
with Cub*. Haiti and fuunii Thou
II Latin American republic*. ahep
henlrd by the A. B C. power* and
Rpain. elected *n Argentine delegate
and a Brasillen a* two of the ftil vice
presidents of the assembly In the
commute* \electtons They larwled
on* Chilean ond three
Latin American vice chairmen.
Rlgnlflrnn tly. the Chilean bead*
the commute* dealing with th* ad
mission of new nations to the league
Chile la regarded aa anything but
anil Herman PueyTredon. th* Ar
gentine del'gtte. hi*.* tread* made
a powerful »peerh virtually demand
ing that ali nations b« Invited into
th* league.
France bitterly oppr.ee* Germany'*
admission and I* actively canvassing
th* Latin American* for support.
Falling In all etna, the trench rely
on the fiery eloquence of Virtanl
Ttiey know a brilliant *peech wHI
often away I-atlns more than logic
They hope to bring th* l<aOn-Amrrl
cans to the I'rench viewpoint.
The nation* still tend to group ac
sordine to common language and to
racial and economic Interests.
Th* British empire with sis votes
nnka a poor second to th* Latin*.
France relies on th* support of
Belgium and I"o land. The man of
Central Europe will probably vote
together Th* Danea. Norwegian*
and Swedes held conferences and got
Brantlng of Sweden elected chair
man or the committee on mandate?
and armament*
It has been a great aeaalon for the
Stile na tlona to date, and It ha* been
,a remarkable session so hr In the
.Independence and liberality of aev
•rat ungagged world leaders, three
!■ particular. Lord Robert Cecil. Til
ton! and Brantlng.
Lard Robert ha* been the greatest
•Ingle liberalising Influence Thl«
lean. tail, sloop shoaldered Kngllsh
man probably exceeds all other dele
gates In passionate belief in th* ef
ficiency of the league Hi* plan waa
t l%rgety used In the drafting of the
govenant at Pari*
He was not sent by Rngland but
Vy South Africa, thru the Influence
•f Oen. SmoOe. a great liberal and
• staunch leagu" supporter.
When attempts were made to gag
discussion of the applications of
.Austria, Bulgaria, Albania and Aaer
fcaljan for membership. Cecil fought
the gag and not only won but forced
• ruling that every delegate has the
right to propose any question what
ever, leaving to the aseembly the de
cision as to whether It shall be
takrn op.
tinder this rule any delegate could
propose admission of Germany, and
Persia could bring up the question
of her status with Kngland. which
l« virtually running the country.
The CLlnese could bring up flhan
fling and Manchurlan questions with
out ixsWce and appeal to th* aaaetn-
Wy fog action.
Cecil *l*o made the fight for open
corrur'.ftee sesslbne, eloquently and
ynsgtoruately pointing out that the
leiarue Gt'Uld exist only so long'ss It
had the <>plnion of the world behind
tt The «'Oly way. he mid. to obtain
the back'mg of world opinion was by
taking th- world Into Its confldeme
»n<l getUfr rid of *e«rrt diplomacy.
Me forewt from the French group a
concession that the committee* must
(iiiard Agajnat
Hurirn Thin
Cold, Chilly
Thfr b a HemrAy—
This on Spray In an *c
tual germ dfcatroyer. It I*
«4r«nicly for
the pr#>v?ntion of tNVIJJ
KS7,A and «T1 eorttAfloai
(iivejuttn. and for the treat*
rrterit of all tds nrw of »i»-
tarrh, cold in the head and
hoorwen' wi Full dlrertiona
are printed on nil bottles.
Tar HaJe KielmivHjf by the
Butler Drug Co.
t. V. CHASE, Cbrmjft
fell. 49 Hrrmul at Jtrnn
all lie*p minutes thai would b* pub
Tlttonl of Italy and Brantlng of
.Sweden fought for and won ruling*
•o safeguard the full right* of th*
majority" *lß>'h mean* tyoadly the
right* of full espression by email na
tlona aa well a* power* Tlttonl'*
fight increased and made more demo
• r*Ur th* election of committee of
fit-.-a, and Brantlng backed up thla
figtil wllk a victory for the secret
ballot on ail votea on Individtpls
which guards agalnal any possible
Briefly th* American hemisphere
thru the Latin American block ha*
shown th* greateat single block of
power displayed In the malon 10
date, and Cecil. Ttttonl and Brant-
Dear Mothers:*
Your son is now courting some girl. His intention is
to make that girl his wife. You yourself feel different
about this. It is your intention that your son marry
into some family of alleged "prestige." With that
thought in view, you begin to select his future help
Like a real man, your son resents this interference in
his love affairs, even though you are his mother.
He leaves home. His mind is filled with the mixture of
love for his mother and love for his sweetheart
Your actions have blighted his life. He feels he has
been injured. Revenge in his heart and he de
termines to "get even." In his wanderings he meets a
girl of the savage type. The thought of marrying her
and sending her home to you as his wife enters his vin
dictive mind.
He carries Out his plan. The girl arrives at your
home. She is ignorant. She is dressed
in anything but the style of your set. BUT, she is YOUR
What ARE you going to do about it? Can you, with
just feeling for your son, cast HIS wife from your door?
Is there ANY possibility of making this ignorant sav
age, a lady of culture?
You try thfe experiment. It works like a charm. Now
YOU have turned the tables on your son. The entire
plan was worked out by George Melford. He sets it
forth graphically in his latest achievement, "Behold
My Wife!" a Paramount picture which is now appear
ing at the Strand Theatre. Elliot Dexter, Mabel
Julienne Scott and Milton Sills are the star players.
See this masterpiece NOW and profit by its lesson!
Elks Distribute
Clothes to Needy
Clothing gathered at the Rika' okl
clothe* social held recently. •» dl*
trlbuted to th* city'a needy at 10 a
m. Friday at distributing headquar
ler* at Jot Madison si of
th* organisation will also vlalt home*
of person* re<-ommmJ«l for relief.
ing have successfully led the fight
for th* kind of thing* th* I'nlled
Mtate* would advocate If a member
of lha league
TAOriMA.—llerc« county sireed«
It* quota of 1&.M0 lied Croaa mem
Patriotic Program
at Jewith Temple
Pitrlotic nor* M • tabor
at* rnutiiftl program w«rt held at
lho Thanksgiving «rrvti»« of Th*i
plr tltrorh IWbbi Karb d*llv+c»d
* *ertn«n oO "Wlitt CottaUtuUg Pa
Democratic Women
Honor Mi's. H. Todd
l**m* ratlr woman In Saattla h*»»
pltanvd a r*r*f>tton from 1 la i p
m FriiUf In lh« room* of U»» Onlf
Taaebara' club In Ult HotH Wlnlonta
for Mr* 11 ujett C To4d. rhalrman of
tha drmorratlc »oiwn'i fonmlllH
In tha rwani nampaUrn.
A Sale of I,l*l*o Piece* of
IMowlity [email protected]@liFy
SLOO Efiick
—lU'fjularly priccd from $1.50 to $7.60 each.
—The aoaaon'a neweat Jewelry novelties, including:
—Costume NcckUcw, regularly priced $2.50 to
—Novelty Heads, regularly priced $1.75 to $<5.50.
—Kihhon Sautoira, regularly priced $2.25.
—Bracelet*. regularly priced $1.50 to $6.00.
—Bar Pin*, regularly priced $1.75 to $3.50.
—Brooch Pina, regularly priced $1.50 to $3.00.
—Hat Pins, regularly priced $1i.50,t0 $4.50.
—Shoe Buckle*, regularly priced $2.50 to $5.00.
—Cuff Links, regularly priced $1.50 to $2.50.
—Tie Claupa, regularly priced $2.00.
—Soft Collar Pina, regularly priced $1.75.
—Scarf Pina, regularly priced $2.75 to $5.00.
—Beauty Pina, regularly priced $1.50 to $1.75.
—J»w»lry. Drit n»of
Uiad«!rw«aisr, 85c
sl£o Quality
—l2O Lucille vmU and pants.
. —Wool and cotton mixed, Dutch
neck, elbow sleeves, hifh nock and
long sleeves. Pants, knee and
ankle length.
—Regularly $1.50, apccial, 85e
each. —mm moor
$1.95 Union Suit* $1.35
' —l2O Children's Union Suits,
Dutch neck, elbow sleeves, high
neck and long sleovea. _rir*t rioor
at Special Sale Prices
$9.00 Black Cowhide
3*g», $4.95
—Large and roomy.
$lO.OO and $12.00
Toilet Rolls, 1-2 Price
—Containing tea pieces of ivory
fittings. rift* ri«o»
Special Price Basement
__ 42 Girls' Coafts, sS>.s©
rIWMr ' —Velour, silvertone, ribeline and cheviots.
/ / Ii k \ m~-X ii —Belted and semi-belted styles. Mostly, lined
J- 111 11 rK throughout.
/ML~ZJ s ji\ I\l \1 —Navy, brown, dark green and gray.
■Z / /\\\t\ \| —Sizes 6to 12 years.
ABff ilj \ 85 Girls 9 [email protected]§®s
si bJI I —Splendid dresses of ginghams and chambray
\ \l I I I i" smart youthful styles.
U 111 —Plaids, checks and stripes.
T / If/ —These would regularly, sell at $1.89.
Girls' Midldii®®.
\ . J(j\ « Much Undcrpriced at
V —All white, white with blue or red trimmings.
Fall and Wiiter Coafts
Mmh^:t r T c J d at 200 H«w Bloms®S 8 $2.95
ii 0 !u) —Georgette, crepe de chine and tricolette in
—Newest belted, semi-belted and loose back models. With v N " rH if.. 0 ' " cwest Bt^' cs \
or without fur trimmings. ~£ esh - wh ' te ; bland shades.
—Velour, goldtone, silvertone and cheviot —blouses w ®uld regularly sell at $3.95
—Navy, brown, China blue, pheasant red, dark green and and $5..00.
oxford. Sizes for Women and Misses, 16 to 46. • —Sizes 156 to 44.
An purchllT ol MMlmoiry Sjpxscial
25 Pil« Fabric —Women's coats of finest
Coalta SH2SQ Peerless Plush in the
<l*oa 3, ?I£.S>U popular 83 and 36-inch —Hats for street and
—Beaver cloth coats, with • lengths with wide sweep. dress wear, including •
or without black plush —Large shawl or con- ,
trimmings. vertible collars. deep tUT HatS
—Large collars, broad pockets and broad cuffs. /, p„_ j ~
belts, deep pockets and Lined throughout with l \V on j „;i a ? ,
bell cuffs. fancy Venetian. \ IyT ) I ™i ma si iL er b l rocad «
Sizes 36 to 46. -Sizo. 86 to 41 ll 3?™ 'b3£ "'J
• \teUz ' fruit and and
100 Girls' Bloomers 200 P<stticoats fancy pins.
75c Each $3.95 Draped Turkish
—Black sateen bloomers —P*ttioo»t« th«t would r*«uiai»- TurbdYL<? i
of excellent quality—well Iy at * 4 60 *" d * 6 - 85 -
made, full size —T»ffein« in pi«in «nd two- .—Fine quality of velvet which P< JIWIFI.
, ,on * ; • ml I'r'noh sells regularly at $7.50 a yard M.Y»sHIMv
—l Elastic knee and waist J* pw» .nd nov.it, urrn.d _Some of these hats have be^ul
a " : . n . —a wide •Mortmxnt of coiora tiful metallic brocaded crowns *" f
-Ail sizes—i to 15 years. from which to chooiie. and shirred draped brims.
All Sft&mpedl Goods
Specially Reduced
—Children's dresses, dresser .
scarfs, pillow tops, center pieces,
ladies' stamped smocks, luncheon
cloths. A large assortment of ma
terials from which to choose.
—Art Section. Fourth floor
Carpet Sweepers
—Combination vacuum and brush
carpet sweepers.
- 11l to Buperba racuara sweepera. »p»-
cJal IIIH.
—lll M Orand RipU TK-uum wwytia.
•pacta 1 KM.
—li lt Houaehold vacuum irweepers, ■ pa
cta! |T it. —Fourth Floor
A Sptcial Lot of
§i!k Scaurfs
Formerly tltSO to $15.00
»~imk acarfa and onk knitted throw• ht
» rood MtaHoa ot colon. —First Floor
FUmum! 19c /surd
—2,000 yards of Rood quality Outing Flannel—lj«*t
chocks and stripes, in a wide ran#® of desirable colors
—27 inches wide. !"«■< J**®*
A Special PurcK*»« o<?
Silk SftocMmigs SLO(D
—Purr thread silk, semi-fashioned Stocking*; black
and a limited number of Cordovan and navy—all size*.
—Vini Floor
Drastic Reduction* on
Philippic® Lnmig«ri©
—Hand-made Lingerie at exceptional prices.
—Gowns and envelope chemises are included in this
—166 Garments formerly priced at $5.00 and $6.00.
Spenal, $2.95.
—35 Garments formerly priced at $6.50, $6.75 and
$6.95. Special, $3.85.
—5O Garment* formerly priced at $7.50. Special,
—3B Garments formerly priced at $B.OO, $8.50 and
$8.95. Special. $5.75. _««coa4 n««»
FRIDAY. ?« '♦*
Noiiomi Specials
mad* belts with hooka and eyea. Slsea
up to SI IVt and I Iriohna wide.
- Special 2Sc. «
—Rt'lrT PROOF SNAPS—Ouaranteed nit
proof ana pa and fastener*—aU sizes, black
and wblts.
—Special !<• each
—H<X)KB AND ETKS— Black and whit*
all tivi.
—Special le ft card. '
—III.ACK KLABTIC—AII width* from %
to 1 Ineti wide.
- Special I yards for He.
—"KAHHlONKTTB"—Guaranteod an real
human hair net* in cap shape only. All
• hade* He earh.
—Special II for 11 71.
Notlona. First Flow
65c HaJdbow Ribbon
—Crl'p fraoh taffeta and moire halrbowa
for the Kiddle* a full color line for your
selection In width* to I 1 nehea. Wo glad
ly tie and box the liairtowa for you.
—Rib bo ma. Flrat Flooe
$lO.OO Motor Robes
—ft a?l wool motor robes, good weight. *
pretty plaids in desirable colon—largo
alao 11x10 iuchcs.
- . Sioond Floor

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