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Askrcn Drops Bombshell in
Tacoma; Can't Be
TAOOMA. Deo. tt.—Soott
L Utiulrraan, attorney for Bflly llrnin
ratL a&ld today ha had bwn a«ured
yUitt George T. tttacs will •umrndor
|TKIm»,-lf to the authorltlea her* next
f Monday or TueatJay.
He Mitt St.,*i hod born hiding In
a country from which he could not
h**e boon extradited had the police
boon cloror enough to detect htm. tt
waa inferred from thla that Maxlco
♦ haa been Stacc'a place of oonoeal-
S , Henderaon connrmad Iba atata-
Jn i incnt itlven out yeatarday that ha
1 and Pmaocutor William l>. Aakren
. ft had entered a eompromtae agreement
k for tha relaaa* of Mlaa liminerd
> without trial In Stagg give*
up. shoulder* the blam* for ktdnap»
flnff his baby ann. Bobby, plvad*
guilty and accept* a 10-year •enttnoa.
i Slum I P NKXT Wr.KK
f M 1 do not know «h«r«^ £*agg la."
i 1 aakl Hend<mon thla moratni. "but
i havf communicated with hi* friend*
and if ha conw* b.vk and plwids
guilty 1 have sufficient aa»ur*nce
» from the proe.-oution that Mum
will not ba brought to trial.
have anuntncf from friend* of
HNtMrg that he will be here Monday
Knifht or Tueaday St.ifi ha* e*
W pr«e*«<d a de*ire to help in any way
K ha cam to get Hetty out of thla trv>u
I ble
I "I don't know St.igg; I hare never j
I known him or where he waa Miss
f Itrainrrd informs me aha baa not
known where Stagg hit* bean at any
time but knew of mends who could
f probably reach him. Stafx waa
where he could not ba egtradited."
If Stagg*» part of tha rompromlaa
■ agreement la not carried out. Mt«*
[ Br* I nerd will go to trial Tuesday
' morning.
"Stagg will not be arrested. There
la ho warrant out for htm and none
will ba laaued. Tha proaacution doaa.
1 not want Stagg arretted because ba
* la coming here lo give himaetf up."
Thla waa the statement today of
I Fltairgtar Aakren, who notified
Chief iif Police Smith that the old
tjßatl'-e court warrant for Stagg Is
void wince the filing of a formal In
formation again »t stagg In superior
No n»# warrant hxs been laaued
m will ba laaued for Stagg, Aakren
"There la bo am to work barae
the man." wild A*kr*n. "tie
la coming to surrender It'a oaaleaa
•n<l foollah to arr<wt him."
Thla D*wt waa Ilk* a bombahen to
the police for It bad been anoounred
only a few minutes before Aakren
(Ailed Chief Smith that mags would
be nabbed on alght and thrown Into
Wil l. BK \KKI.HTI3)
Before Axkren'a latent more Cap
tain of Deteetlvaa Strickland made
the following atatemenl
"Deal or no deal. Ceorga Stagg
will ba arreated If ha can be fotmd.
We hare a warrant for that bird. If
I or any of my men are him, well
•lap him into tha can.
Since Aakren'a announccmaat It ia
twderatood Chief Smith haa notified
Captain Strickland to keep haada off
Aakren aald today be la standing
exactly where ha waa gtanding tan
daya ago.
"George Stagg la cither coming
tack to plead guilty or Betty Brain
ard la going to trial." he aald. "If I
smut tha principal tn the case and
Wad him to tha penitentiary I am
IJogtlfied In letting the go
That la getting result*.
"I shall be ready to try Betty
Brdlncrd on Tueaday morning. II
the ifsal goee thru and Htagg ap
. paara to take hla medicine the county
will not be pr /to the expenae of a
trial "
Crowd Promised for Gro
cers' Affair Tonight
Tha floor la wiuted. the orchestra
waiting and everything la In rendl-
Dene for the big commercial
paxqiiero'le and charity ball to be
given tonight at Crystal Pool by the
Seattle Retail Oroc.-r*' association,
which will help swell the funda for
the Rrther Child homa by donating
k gencroua percentage of the pro
to the funci* now Helng rained
to opffrtitt the home In the coming
year and erect a small too lalion hog
pita I ward unit.
The grocers and clerk* and their
wives and sweethearts and friends
have signified their Intention of at*
tending, and a large attendance by
the general public la expected.
Lowering clouda and frequent
rain* have fallen to dampen the
ardor of the' brick coupon salesmen
working under the direction of
"Weary" (W. A.) Wllklns and hie
host of
outlying business and residential sec
It ha* been derided to continue the
sale of brlelr coupon* until the funds
sought for the home have been com
pletely raised This will keep the
salesmen snd automobiles on the
street until well into next week, and
thl* morning Wllklns repented his
appeal to the Christmas shoppers to
purchase brU k coupons for ua*- as
Chrlatma* gifts.
At Intervals duHng the week
•*Weary" Wllklns' familiar voice will
heard on the street romers urg
ffyg the purchase of the brick cou
Tonight Wllklns and hi* salesmen
wffl attend grocers' dance at
Cryal Too! to press the sals of
brl'k coupons
Railwsy ties made of eartheviware
are u*ed on aome of the railroads (n
fine, was not invoked by the arresting offi
cers on a solitary occasion.
Two of the remaining SO are charged in
superior court- Hut not with carrying con
cealed weapons. John Hums, caught rtsd
handed slugging a man with a gun, accord
ing to police, is charged with attompted rob
bery. Harold Blackwell is charged with bur
glary. Their other alleged offenses over
shadowed the carrying of the weapon, action
in the cases shows.
George Henry I zee was charged in police
couft with carrying a concealed weapon. He
was found guilty. And fined $5O. Likewise,
Tony Crillo.
W. E. Hoggs, who had a loaded gun and
a flashlight, according to police, forfeited
$5O bail. W. G. Smith forfeited $25 bail.
John Van Pyck was fined $lOO and Howard
Martin $25. B. M. Schwartz was charged
under the gambling law, and fined $5O. An
other gun-carrier was given 80 days in jail
on a disorderly conduct charge. Jess Flow
ers was given 81 days for earn ing a gun.
George ljuitz was sentenced U> serve 16
days. Six men were released in police court.
Two wen' given suspended sentences. Three
were juveniles.
In the case of Joe Redeagle, policc followed
the procedure laid down in state laws. It
is a solitary instance. Redeagle, an alien, is
charged in justice court under the law that
Dusky Samoan Girls
Lure Two Marines to
Romance and Arrest
WAmriMOTDH. Dm. 17—Two
South aea ma Ma. rlriuik the stren
•one »* their native troptc&l eat-:
tin*, have just H > pan- of Amerv
on mnriniM Into an adventurr that ,
IvluM a perlloua m wtm*. mar
ring* and unvl fur duaruoa. It
haan't rrnlrd yet.
NavaJ authorities here today w»f«
nonaldering the romantic nua of
Corporal William V. Hum. 13. of
Walnut. AIl. and Sergeant l>erett!
K. Clifton. IX. of Winona. Mich., at*-j
tloned In Un marine cor pa on Uw
laland of Ouam.
Dawson mlliWd at Portland. <>ra..
In l*lt. Clifton Joined at Seattle the
•m< rw
Official r»<*>r<la of the o» whlrh
nftne tfi light h»n> today showed that I
I Iff In sleepy Ouam had bi'iun to pall
on Dawaon and Clifton. And then '
they met the two native r'rl.
Oharnorroa. they are called with
tH» lurtnc ooanp'exlon of cafe an tan
and waarin* irv«r gowns that sway
In the breeaa.
A motorbeat waa commandeered,
stock"! with provisions and all wax .
Listens to Testimony in As
sault Trial
Prom tea that tha prosecution to-lay
would conclude Its eajie against Ed
(Spud) Murphy, prfaa fighter on trial
aa ona of the so-cattad |loward st.
vice gangsters, was made before tha
opening of this morning's swslon.
Jean Stanley, of Portland, Ore . will
he tha chief wltneaa today, giving
testimony In corroboration of that of
fered Lust night by Jeaale Montgom
ery. of Reno. Ner, whom Murphy la
aeruaed of assaulting.*
Miss Montgomery |pld • story
which probably was aa repulsive aa
tha hwrnan mind could comprehend
She told It with her tana hidden from
the gaze of spectator*, while Murphy
sat sullanly at the defense table be
side his wife, who seemed nearly
overcome with amazement,
T*ie Jury, which waa completed
yesterday afternoon, Include* two
women, both unmarried, who must
listen to the sordid details of the
testimony. They are Mies OlSre Bur
nett. a stenographer, and Miss Ilaael
P Stevenson.
When the court opened Spagnotl,
representing Murphy, made another
plea for a continuance, declaring he
wiu not ready to croas-egamlne Mlse
Montgomery, but his plea was de
The flrwt few questions asked Ml»«
Montnomery brought out anawers
from her to the effect she had
been married at Ban Rafael, F>bru
ary I. 1»W. to Arthur Mathiaa. and
took the name of Miss Montgomery
after she left her husband at Peta-
wont to Reno, Nev., to re
aids She aaid her husband Is now
suing her for a divorce at Hanta
Roaa, Cal.
LONDON, lyc 17.—Or««t Britain
today worked over snarled conditions
In Ireland to find the strand that
will lend to peace.
New violence occurred with an at
tack by nearly IOC armed tflnn Fein
era on a small detachment of sol
A motor lorry rolled along the road
at Newport near Tlpp^rary.
The soldiers were Instantly alert
as yells* rang out # and rifles craeked
from ledges over low stone walls
along the road The soldiers replied
aa best they could, but It was believed
they were unable to do damage to
Winn Feinera who remained hidden.
Four of the soldiers were killed be
fore the machine bad dashed thru
the ambush.
$3,000 DAMAGE
Nearly $3,000 worth of valuable
machinery was dentroyed when a fire
swept thru one of the back rooms of
the Hunaet Klectric cofnpany, 1&07
Broadway. Friday morning.
It Is believed that the fire was
caused by a short circuit.
prohibits an alien from possession of a fire
arm. Penalty under thin statute in six
months imprisonment and (500 fine.
Hut Eng Sing, Chinaman, was charged in
police court with carrying a concealed
weapon, fpund guilty and fined $25.
George Vadel, Filipino, was fined |r>o on
an identical charge. Ilia partner was re
• • •
TT IS IN THE CASES of Ah K.<e, S. Ki
1 Yoon and Chung Ti, that tiie morkery of
the law's enforcement stands out so strik
ingly. All are Chinamen. The law says
they shall be fined $5OO and sentenced to six
months' imprisonment a* a maximum pen
alty for possession of a firearm.
Ah Kee, who had six guns in his room,
was fined $2O for the alleged running of a
disorderly house. Yoon, said to have had
two guns, was fined $2O for "possession of
nirrotics." Ti, alleged possessor of four
guns, was dealt with in a similar way.
Of these 33 violators, six showed reason
to curry a gun. The others, for the most
part, were guilty of violation of the state
law. They should have been tried under
that law. The law was placed on the statue
books to be used.
Yet, not one of all these men sufficiently
culpable to be charged in policc court, was
haled into superior court to face the proper
mete of the law.
| sot for the elopement. Off they
■willed the four of them.
Kern Iha South aeaa are wtntUne.
raatleaa and Uia little motor araft
with Ita lova cargo taanl m narinic
ly. The gasoline supply wu running
low. Hut Anally the cry of "land"
The party went ashore, at range trop
loal people crowding about them on
lha beach.
The martnea with thetr dank >
■weethrart.i arere on the island of
! Tap
Their suspicions aroused the Jap
I aneae author!tie* who bw tha Yap
j landers Iheaa dajra. seised the ma
, rlnea (The women, too) and plarat
1 them tinder ohsei i «t>iti The ohser
, ration trrrr the Japaneae sent Daw
j wm and Ctlftoa along with the two
<mnaea of tha trouble to Yokohama
At that port they were turned over
| to tha American consul
I The eonenl told on tha marines
ft waa a double wedding, two ma
rinea and taro Chamorroa Today,
with tha hrides In their new thatched
apartment back tn Cuam. tha ma
rtnea are awaiting trial for dee' rtlon
Marina official, admit tha nua I.
i "wtthoot precedent."
Schoonover and Stewart
Are Dropped From Force
Patrolman D. N. Hrhmnowf and
P. R. Vmrart were llmln*) from
the police force Thursday afternoon
by Chief W It. Searing
Both oWwi are alleged to have
solicited and accepted a brlb« of 110
from the landlady of a house which
they claimed mu disorderly.
Patrolmen E E. Darnell was m»
[«ndt4 pending Investigation of hi*
alleged part in the bribetaking
According to Chief martsi, Schooiv
ovar and nt««art want to the hotal
on October 30, >wrM (ha premlaea
without authority. and Intimatrd to
tha landlady that *ha had ""better
ca«oe thru." Stewnxt 1* alleged to
hara returned tha next night and
collected sl#
Whan deputy sheriffs raided a tav
ern on tha North Trunk road, near
the Golf club. Thursday, they (elaed
an automotjlle aaid to belong to
The car wua driven by Ern>vt
Krause. implicated In the notorious
M endow dale liquor seizure. With
William Burgees. the other occupant
of tha car. Kraase was taken to the
county Jail to face liquor charges.
Mora than 10 quarta of beer, two
quarta of gin and a quart of whisky
wera seized.
Whan arrested Kraise toM Deputy
Matt Starwich: "Don't take the ma
china; It belongs to Patrolman
rORT ANOEIJKF. Dec. If.—llas
tenlnk to attend a funeral at Hequlm,
Mr*. Charles lambert of that city,
wan almost instanly killed hare yea*
terday afternoon when an automo
bile, drl?en by her husband, atnirk
a curb, broke a wheel *nd phingrd
thru a brldira to the tideflats, turn
Ing upside down.
was hurt Internally, and
Kdna Htevens, 11. an Indian girl,
also a paasenger in the car, was mm
verely Injured.
Four Stricken by
Ptomaine Poisoning
HAN FRAMCITCO, Dec. 17.—Four
persons werp suffering from pto
maine poisoning at honpltals here Uv
day following the Hhriners* banquet
at the exposition auditorium last
night, given In honor of Fills I«ewis
Of»rretaon of Tacoma, Imperial po
tent ate of the Mystic Hhrine.
They were Mrs. Jo*eph .Tnmen,
Ml** Frances Jnme*, Miss Olive (ler
tach and Mr*. Franee* Pelller, all of
Ban Joae. They will recover, physl
clans said
TACOMA. Dec. 17—John Msdlson
Dennett. 83, who crossed the plains
In a wagon in 1861, la dead here to
day He was president of the Den
nett Milling Co.
Four Wounded in Kansas
Attack by Negroes
INTiRPKNnKNrK. Km., tW 17.
—One hmidrtd and fifty AniTkmn
l«|ton niiwihm tialay patrolled tb*
«uwti of and cuardad
(ha county Jail to pravant a aarond
outbreak of the mM riot which ra*~!
thruout tha nlwtit, r<anil(ln« tn lha
death of two peraona and aertoua In
jury of four othera.
Mayor Wrdrnan telephoned Um
Knwrnnr'i offlra at Topeha <mn
cellin* hla early request for troop*,
bciievln* the legionnaire* under c>tn
mand fit I,ieut. llarry I tali would
maintain peana.
crowds (aATiiKit
.\K\K niK J\ll,
Altbo crowd* of whlta paraona to
day aaaambled near tha JaU brr*.
apparently thara la no move to re
peat tha affort at laxt nUrtt to lynch
Noble Oraan. negro, *uap<vted af the
murder of R R W h uton. which
aUrtad the race truubla.
Sheriff a A. Hall anld ba would
not take tha n»*ro to another town
l«*r*u#a h* had (Iran hi* word thai
lha black would not ba aptrlw>d away.
It waa only by *letn« thla word, ha
riplalnnt. that a lynching waa pra
▼en lad laat nifhu
TUa trouble started following the
killing e*rller la the day »f R. K.
Khartoa. a graoer. by a negro IMX4
In U*a day. Noble 1 ir«en. nafra, wan
rnptui«d by * pM« and Ua to
Ia»l night elgtit armed nurw ap
[wrH on tha «n*u and >h>n of
finals attempted to llurtn them
Ihry opened flra. lawranra (llennan.
a high echool (wry white. fall, ihol
thru th* lungs. Arthur Harper. a
negro. thea wiii killed. Th* four
man Injured Included threa white
men. They are **ld to have baen
seriously wounded.
In rasponsa to an appeal. 110
former doughboya, members of the
American teflon poet hera, yolun
teerad to patrol tha city.
The ntaualUea Included;
Lawranea Glennan. high school
boy. whlta.
Arthur Harper, negro.
K 8 Mrllenry, baker, white.
A. W Mlhrck. Jeweler, white.
F ret I Kelly, barber, whlta.
Norman IMrkens. negro
The rioting started at T p m. and
continued t'<r two hours when «x
soldiers and police finally aurxwdad
In clearing the streets.,
MANILA, Dec. 17.--Fjour Amrrt
fiunn and eeven Filipino* were killed
here yeaterday in a riot between the
Manila police fore* and enll*ted men
of tha Philippine constabulary The
riot wa* th% outgrowth of the killing
laat Tueeday of a m-mber of the fon
ntabiilary. who wan reported to hive
attacked the policemen with a dug
Hundred* of ahota were fired dur
In* tha melee Juat outaide the city
wall yeetcrday. Police re*erve» were
niched to the aoene and quelled the
Tha Amerlemn dead 'are:
of Police W R Wlehmann. Patrol
man Albert H Troge iiid John W.
Drleooll, and Field CJerk Anguntua
Jaruman of tha I* fl army.
Man Is Killed in
Fight With Thug.
HVNTONOTON. L. 1.. Dec, 17. -In
a revolver battle two offi
com and three alleged burglar*, a
man Identified we Wilbur R. Hever
anre, waa killed.
Par>er* In the victim'* pocket*
*h'*w him to bo a veteran of the
world war. and a resident of New
Uochollt, N Y.
Deputy Sheriff ftiggc. Hu**oll Cl*
co, chauffeur, and Jamc* Van Nor
man, one of the *u*pect*. were Alight
ly wounded during tho frncaa.
I. O. O. F. Hold Big
Unity Encampment
"Come hungry," I* the word aent
out by the committee which arranged
i big unity encampment of the I. O. ;
O. F. today at the I. O. O. K. tem
ple, Tenth and Pine, at which a
chicken dinner will be carved free to
member* and initiate*.
Feativltie* will begin at 5 p. m., !
will laat until 0 p in., and will in
clude a band concert und the initia
tion ceremony for 100 candidate*
from varloue Washington oltiea and
towne. i
{wmuss Hill
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