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MRS ft
Heart Shoe Co.
Over 2,000 pairs of these wonderful bargains in
Christmas Slippers for the entire family.
Slippers are a practical,ami useful Christmas gift
All styles, all sizes, at rij;ht prices, l'rices ran (ring
from $l.OO to s:l.f>o per pair.
In addition to these prices we are giving you a 10<£,
refund on all purchases over $l.OO as a Christ
mas gift to you.
Watch Our Windows for Bargains
ixvr 1— I.OT .1— I.OT .V- I I.OT 7
400 Pairs at :tOO Pairs at 200 Pairs at 100 Pairs at
91.75 92.45 93.00
I.OT 2 I.OT 4 LOT 6 LOT K—
-400 Pairs at 300 Pairs at 200 Pairs at 101) Paint al
91.-15 9U.00 #2.75 93.50
We alsu have a Wonderful Line of Shoes at
Moderate Prices
1117 i n "T* | lltJl*rtl JttnrUon llt.tr «1 -<Kh
1 lCi/\l\ 1 TIIKI I <>r Krrni nl )t«l|j>nl
n| Oir« I'imw I>iNjr
uim . (lrrlm<ion , \rrvm Knmt \ \| r. A.
p/\ IN « ASH I
Hlrkfetnd. ronimrrrUJ Ittßc
-y- ~s= c.nra
"The Stort of the Christmas Spirit m • Strand Avenue at PDce Street
Christmas Sale for Men
"nJKE' 20 Bathrobes <?£•
Handkerchiefs, with xr _ , . . -
woven colored borders. 1 er V Driv in g gloves of
in tan, blue and iaven- . _' _ [>»«* horsehide. both
A 4 f% f" f\ lined and unlined.
3 for 51.65 $16.50 aB
y^. ite h yf k fs rh . lefs ' This special number of bathrobes tndudes Lined tfovr* for street
embroidered whit/mi- a few robes. They have been re- or drew; of trray mo
♦inu grouped and repriced and offer an ewp- chjL
tronal opportunity for Christmas pi ft selec- __ «
45c Each tion. a good variety of patterns and colors 95c
ATI-linen handker- are shown. These garments are especially Dark gray wool
ehiefs, in good quaJ- well made. gloves; also Van Raalte
fry; 3 for 91.25. >wi><wc»ii s.m<>iwfc*. Mm-. Khop jm* inMr lit* Dncr suede finish gloves.
Christmas Gifts for Women
Women's Women's "Comfy" Womrv'g While
n w*i vi r*i. Ijambukin
New Lisle Hose Slippers
Bathrobes 65c * for the Family
$3.95 flr> * r»lnf<w<-»« p
With rla*tlr nrlrr topr " (tr rY(TOlfn »m«rt (InTM for <lr*n or
Excellent Value TZ\IL Uup * "Comfy" Slipper*, hi -"f
oavy bio* and lan. „;i; f „ * . , ' ' >. bands of black al tb»
U«ht and dark hlankM f . " Ue °JL P*l wrlat*. and mal.-hln* »m
cloth*. with novol braid* 95c «•»•»« g HCed bro*l«.ry on backa
rd«lnx nailor collar. <uff» Marltmiran .HnaOnrMt
porkMa and down tha frt.nL n „. w „ v „ „rf n forc«,t. rioudolr Mi.tr. „„m~, * 4r "" Kloar
$1.50 Velvet
<">n»*)«*d hoa» of fina tlnle HjUlHhfl &%
—... rrlnforcad; <hnwti In black. If,-,
Silk " hl " *"<"">• v> tor Mm j* ge
and cordovan. "Comfy" Hllppcr*. In "Bv. * •
[ Jmhrellflt «r«U" In mtlltar* Rlartc. tanpr. nary bhi» or
blue or Oxford gray. Priced hrown chiffon ▼«!»«< on
• r Qp IIP f M.OO. m»«ml motal frame*. with
)j.jD W Omen 8 chain lmndl"«. and flow
Silk Hose . Children
Kood cllka In mrwl thadm * "Comfy" Fllppnrn. In "P>- Klrxri rw*
>larJ»o«ca»-H<iiiUiwlik OP 'rctt" ulyle. with novelty
Htrrrt fUitir *1 iCD il<sl|tn« nfi timw: nhown In Wnmpn't
wtlh 11.1. ~l«. TT"!L?T m . ST* '"*
Stationery 'Kerchiefs
6Sc $1.95 "T'linaln Hoota Comfyn," tn 3 for $l.OO
fJlfl hoxen of "Kiui _
ttuna" Ktationery, Inclndlnf Thread «im, fall~fa«hionM. hhie »nrl r«l. HIM & to i.Uvlnr oolf.rod »nfl whit#
Iw.. tulrr. ..f p.p.r, w.lh ""J* "'"'"'"I; "1 ll. I.'l—t »:e.38. Hi,,. 'rvl '
•".W- "" •""< "H <• '■ »2.T». SS2STmS?
"""K'sr" "•""rvr.r,'""'* "^ssrsr""*
i«e «s «« «ai-
Christmas Sale for Young Boys
Suit and Mackinaw Bathrobes—Special $5.95
Special $16.00 Made just like men's robes, of figured blanket cloths.
Two Garments at the One Price with matching cords. Red, brown and blue, in com-
ThK STJITFv Wool mixtures and fancy cas- binations. Sizes <5 to 16 years.
simeres, well tailored, mannish styles; coats
lined with alpaca or serge, trousers fully
,ined - Overcoats—Special $14.95
TIIE MACKINAW'S—AII wool, with belts, K
patch pockets, roll collars, dark plaid color- Double-breasted coats of Melton cloths and fancy
ings. , worsteds, in brown and green. Well lined with wool
Sizes 7to 16 year*. plaid or serge. Sizes 9 to 18 years.
MacDoiiKaJkHmittrokk, HOYS' DKPARTMKNT, Ttrfrtf I'Uwr
One Shot by Each Drops
Two Fine Bucks
WINCHKNDON. I>ec. 17 The fa
male of th« *pet-te* In more deadly
thai) tht rnute Wlliifrtji til# eKplotl*
of two \\ laconatn women In a field
of «nd« Tor aupptfcedly reetrk'ted to
the etronirer «m*«.
Mr*, Hot 11* White of Bpn>or it.,
hunt In* deer for th« ftrwt time,
killed with one nhot a pure ultimo
buck weighing 240 pnundA Tim
nut inn I tmd lw«»n nr*»n by KWiH of
hunter* mid Mm White'* kill w»*
matte under the very no*e* of mime
of th* \h>»\ hunter* of thtN eectton.
Then another deadly PtntU
cropped up iu tt\|» {temon of Mm
Ilomer labMft of lilver *t. Wait
imr until her hu*t»and had emptied
hi* re|HHitinr fthotirun nt a t>lic huck
deer. Mm. lAlmrire drew a fine bead
and drop|>ed ih» animal with tier
ftmt ahot Neither woman lad ever
hunted before.
He Crossed Atlantic
1,068 Times; Retires
UJNDON. Kn*., Dee. IT.—CarU A
H. Mill*, commodore of the Amerl
can Line, haa jturt retired *ftrr tit
ywtm of nervlc* He trowed the
Atlantic I.OU time* without aivi
It rr<|tilrrd (hf ti*e of 110.000.000.
000 rwrd* to record th« poptilßttofi
of the I'nltrd Hlntm la nukkirx* the
UM rrnKim.
People Flocking to
Theatres; Amusement
Demand Is Growing
CHICAGO. —* n MdMt
daya wrery kin* with weighty prob
lem* on hi* mind had hta jmrter to
crack Joke* and play funny Atitioa to
prrvent him from worrying
Today the people nil* and their
tapter-lb* rent And reel atago lifta
worry over unemployment and re
duced wage* from their mind*.
With llKluntrte* In aM twirl* of the
country *in*hlng wmren and letting
out thouaanda of worker*, ti»e tbiftt
ri«*il and motion picture Mialne** In
At the height <»f lt» prosperity, with
out any aign t,{ a letup. According to
Imuling movie and thou trim) owner*
Kr<*7 thiAtf» In Chicago la enjoy
Ing full hrtUM*. according to llArry
J. I•«»wera, veteran tlieatrtral owner
rower* owna * controlling Intereat
and la manager of five of Chicago'a
leading tlieatree
"We never had a greater volume of
buelncMe.** aaid l'owera. "fhir houae*
plAy to capacity every night, nn4 we
are generally aold out the dAy be
ri oci>. itKMANn
\\u skmi.n r
I ••wrw aaid drf>rr«*nion haa not
ultown any effect on the (h«ttr» fo
in* public.
"H wout4 be a trajredv if the peo
plit didn't have (ho theatre* to liflp
(hem forget their trouble*,"* he pa hi,
"and prrhagM that'* the rraaon why
we haven't bet-n htl aa hard a« other
I'owi'ro prtHiiriwl « rrdufllon In
theatre price*
"Hut It will tx< gradual, And may be
41iniiy >wu« t>efnre |t rfiuliaa the pre
wiir prion®,** he Mid.
Top prlo* for theatre Rffttn her# In
• Ilef or* the wnr It wbn s:* I»0
I'oMrem de« lared llfufrx ul proepr>r
Ity In generul An InaUnrf he cited
wm the receipt* of the Kolllca In I>e
trolt laet we**k, which, ln> aaid, to
tilled Hi 000.
Movie* are dnftng «t tretn*nd<«tia
bualneaa At All prlcea, uorording to
motion picture men.
Jxm llouwman, who la Aiding Da
vld W. Griffith In at Aging a aj»ecf«uv
tilar production here At $3 per aeat,
mOd the houee |a being filled At firry
per for mA nee.
"The p*opl* were edtioated during
the war to like amuiiemcnt, And now
whAt a relief It meana to l»e enter
taJnrd In time of irtMibl"," aaid
Houseman •*! look for continued
prowpertty in tl*e movie gain* "
I>-«»»er priced movie ownem alao
aaid they were* enjoying a au««eaaful
lx>ng que<juen of regular patron*
ran b* found every night at almoat
any movie.
Wire Briefs
OHKAT KAI.I/1. Mont.—Pit Ha
GllMnn. fnrmar I'nltnl Klaina aanalor,
dIMI (I of *O.
HPOKANi: Thra*-vnuta plan of
•ppla [w, kin* ailoptad by Waahin*-
lon BUia Ur*<l« Bnil ln>ck ronfar
■VRRKTT. county
lr*i»l»Uva drlacatlon Uj U*n<ju<-t al
WpUcr"* c.i/r tllta rvrnltlK.
HOLUBTBR. C*L- Mr*. Mawna
n»rr«. 102, dmul
WAKtllN'miW. - ll>|in»iiiuaw
Wrhatar. of H|«>knr>» nnmixl on t)v>
Waalitntflon itmimlUM to put thru
tartalation to al<l limMn
KPOKANK. franklin ''xmlliK. B
JW-oM "m of K. K. (Snodlns. I nit
Ml RUIn mnlor rlnti dmtd.
I>>B ANOKUKM 'mntrrr
man" In Huitow mnril'Txiua. K<lwarl
M l»ughlin l.iArn Into rua
tody In I'tuaulfna
YAKIMA Jamen R. MarrU. who
deeertod from the IT. H ft New Turk
on April I, rive* up aelf.
Suits and Overcoats Repriced I SHOES
Choow from Schernier'n romplrle line! Ewry new style and color, in- Sl2 to $l5 DRESS SHOES—
eluding our famous Klur Serges, featuring the I*opold Morse (Union Made) Finest Howard & Foster,
high grade clothes for men. Avon - Stratford, Jefferson,
$35.00 Suit* and m mm *50.00 Suits and Ca jfc mm Jfc Washington Dry-Sox and
Overcoat* »H1 Ell Overcoat* 'yl| Schermer's Spe- tf»Q Off
now | a JIB now - W
5~:"'26.50 '42.50 i-fig
$45.00 Suits and# a a ■ a 160.00 Suits and $ m jfe mm
Overcoats 'QH Cfl Overcoat* ▼A C Cil f 7 - 5 *
now W«BWW "° W 4D.9U now cut $6.00
~ S9.M WORK SHOB-Th» HunWdorl
&-3B* MAPKINAIIK | ETC 6 -r, 1 ::l!z_ $7.50
IvIMw»IIbA Wf 0 LEbWW M 5» BCOIT SHOK—The ChippMra
l;» \J _ „ brand; now cut #p AA
JS SIT. Black Rear Mackinaw* d» 1 A *° —— «bS.UU
j?*«Bk SIH Black Rear Markinaws, (10 C A «iude» z .% n Feiders. #/« rn
/sl f 'y T','£jssA-v now *P XMI ■ v Connolly, etc, now cut tu *PO«Ov/
/ $25 Patrick Mackinaws (1 Q CA fki.dkrs iionbhrv shoe, in
* a K& __ »„ «o I O.Ovl blae* and tan chrome. *f\ Art
/ 1 IT «LA V now priced at $9.00
*'?' Jig: m'ft ' tlf . ... .. , £A D. WORK SHOK. tn h<*vv
£ RAINCOATS, Sweaters, oather aTtfl •chrome, black and tafl; now prlcw] at
i :i ' jJJrTk Work Clothes—no matter what Men's wearables
_jj' you wan^ —come here for them at NEW LOWER jvO lO 00
Men's Furnishings j siipons at Half-Price
l '-'M. ~ Shirts, Neckwear and
f ffK&dK all the things men need. These were fairly priced here at $15.00 to $30.00;
now at Greatly Reduced now they go at JUST HALF—
I~ " m Prices. Indies Get AM _
/7 * your Xmas gifts here. $7.50 lO $15.00
Pants Reduced ,
( All Dress Pants that are priced $6.00 up now go for Underwear Reduced
PAIR PAIR I Men'* All Wool. Fine Wonted. Medium Wool, W"Ol Mixed I
•f' _ __ _ and Heavy Cotton —ineludinK the (amoun B. £ L., unloh made.
LESS LESS Cooper'* Wtnnted. ulno MedUcott Scotch Wool—all now
er ■ ■ m■■ ■ ■mm m mu v ■ ■ m Blue Hlld Hlim . u »,,, ov *mu and
Juinpn>—the "Can't Hunt 'Km"
103-105 First Avenue South cat now . $1.75
Jumper AUh, blue and khukl, at
Co/np/cfc OlitflttCTS fov OveiuUM now $2.25
Have One in Your Homesntmsttm
when Christmas morning rolls around, ami
will have splendid yourst-
Met Christmas Dinner
December Records Now on Sale Ij pffilj'
1216-18 Third Avenue
Utlwrm University and Seneca iuiWjf
Phone Main 3139.

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