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Miss Ruth Pratt to Enter
tain With Luncheon
and Theatre Party;
Bridge Breakfast to
Coin piiment \ 'aneou ver
Guest; Mss Davhne
Ed wards to Be Hon
ored; Bridge Luncheon.
AMONG tha many pre-nuptlal af
faim that art* Riven for
M&aat RiwimoiKl PftfWonM will be the
luncheon and theatre piirty at which
MIM lluth l*ratt wtll t>e ho*tea* on
Saturday. January 12. .'it the ltalnler
club, complimenting Mlaa |*ar»ona
and her bridal atteiulanta.
a a a
Breakfast and
To honor Mm. Roderick Campbell
of Vancouver. B. C.. who in the houac
*ueat <>f Mm. K. F. White. Mm. N. H
S«»lner ha* #xt#CHlad ins ilation* lo a
brldyr*- breakfast at her home In
BremctttMi on Friday.
a a a
Mr. and Mrs. Lam
Summers to Entertain
A* a compliment lo Mk« lN»phn*
who IS to be the *oloi.«t al :
th* symphony conceit Friday *va-j
Bing. Mr. arid* Mr*. Summer*
will entertain Informally at their
horn* thia evening.
a a a
Miss Kathcrine Luke
Mt*» Knlherinc l.uk* entertained
with a prettily appointed luncheon
at h*r home today, honoring eight
btdtr« from the Puget Sound navy
yard, who cam. 1 over for the affair
Bridge formed the diversion of the
• a •
Informal Luncheon
jSr*. Stephen B. Olbbg win h net ear
yenterd-iv it an Informal luncheon at
the Sunset club.
. . .
OrthopedicJTea Shop
Queen Anne guild will be In ch«»nr>'
of the Orthopedic Tea Shop on
Thursdav. with Mra Norman Tucker
aa hostess, assisted by Mr* K. CJ.
Shorroik. Mr*. C F Oraff Mrs
Thornn' Nitah. Mr* fl H. Howell.
Mr*. H. It. Elliott. Mi's Dorothy
Merrick. MIM Kntherine liughca and
Miss Avadana Co»hran.
a a a
Luncheon Hostess
With cover* placed for twelve
(tiesi < Miss Julia Flrher will enter
tain with a luncheon at her home on
Halurdav for the pleasure of Min*
Rosamond parsons, who is to be a
Winter brtde.
a a a
Dinner Dance on
U. S. S. Missoula
Lieut. Com. UtMwel Waewhe. U. S
and Mr*. Waeache. will ehaper
•n a group of girl* who will attend
the dinner dance glvrn by the offi
cer* on board Ihe U. 8. S. M saoula
FtWav night. Among thone going
vrrr for the affair wtll be Ml**
Marlon and Mis* Donna lJ*n«. Ml**
Muriel Waterhouse Mis* Kateherlne
Luke. Miss Josephine Fransioll and
Ml* Anona Botierts
• . •
M rs. H alft r Stanley
Griswold Plans Tea
To compliment Mr*. Alexander
Wissl rfiehert. Mr*. Walter Stanley
tirt'Molil has Issued Invitation* for
a t.-a >.ext Satuniay afternoon at 1
ber home with tailing hour* from
4 to « Presiding at the urns wllJ ]
be Mr*. F. W. Hargrave. Mr* Will-,
bun Herbert Harm. Mr*. D. A.
Slebert. and Mn. William J Coyle.
by Mis* Thelma Cole and
a group of frewhmen of Alpha XI
Delta Sorority. Mi*s Roberta l.lnd
brrv Mia* Burdeti Wilson. Mis* j
Domthea Reynolds, Mis* Evelyn
Tto Mi*s Hannah Woodward. Mi««
Virginia Evans. Miss Elaine Out- j
llngton. Ml«* Kathleen Murchlson.
Miss Brownie Sauter, and Mis* Hor
tense Keenan.
• • a
Quilting Party
Mise Rosamond Parnun* will l>*
the complimented guest on Saturday
afternoon, when Mlns Dorothy
tkoRUM will entertain with a "fiullt
Ing party." Twenty Intimate friend*
of the honor guest will comprise th*
merry group,
• • •
Marriage Announced
Mr. and Mr* Willis Alonzo
Boggs announce the marriage of
fh'*tr daujchtT, Mm. Edna Born |
MacKinley. to Mr. hervey Arthur
• a •
Musical Ten
To honor the Phi Delta Th'ta
Mother*. Mr*. William Calvert i* en-
REDUCTIONS in all Fur Coats, Capes,
Coatees, Wraps and Scarfs are so great
now as to make a purchase of any HAHLO
Furs an investment that lovers of fine furs
should take advantage of.
I nr* ami I.UIMV Wearing A|rt»art'l
•liiMt Atari** I'llir
1510 Second Avenue
To Remember
I LTLL» 11. JIM ANY 14—
Mm tMirar I. \V «-i>»ter'a tea «t
horn* in hi«IIR of MIM KOMIIIIIMII
I'm won* fi I'tu 4 until i
Mr« l|enr\ Kininr ■ informal »r«
to compliment M*a T. A. 1*
JO«M, from 4 until T.
Mm ltl<dtar«t \ lUillnger a lunch
e«n fnr \l mflaltt H ftnilth «ti tht
Kunaet club
The m»rrl«at of Mm Oraoa Iteffar
nan t« Mi l.««n>nr« Mum Arnold
• I I ti o « i..«n at ilrtrfmont,"
the r* Aetna >-f Mr *nd Mrs. J.
I I'cnffn entertainment to t«e eleen
at i )| «» « lock in (h* Kretlerlc
Rtruv* ballroom by the ►'t»rt.
nlghlly rlub fur the aUnlng ibl|<
tl ran of Ki!M|w
Ml* lr»J II w. toon VUit«r nn.t
MIM Hml»r to recalvr their
frl*n«t* at DID Hunint club bn
twwn 4 ami i o'clock
CompiiinHiUrv to Ml** Hannah
WtMxlnul. Mra. Arthur Oray will
entertain al brhtf*
MOMi 11. J%\| IMI If—
lialnler • haptar * *r«l part* an<l
tan in lh« f».ott'«h Rite Ti»mpl«,
In re|abr*tli>n of Waahlngton a
wnldinf itay Carta at 3 |» m.
lea at 4 So r «'< For raa«-rt*
tl»«na MIM Dninunond. Cap
itol IIT 4.
Monday i'r»rtl<* rlub meat a with
Mra t'lara V. Karnaaurth for
luncheon at IMI.
Tl »I>IV. JIM AMI lit—
Junt.-r ftactke tab roee'a with
Ml«a lH>n»thr Kainff
M K.I»M >I»II. JIM IKY lb—
Tba marriage of Ml** trfelalde
Mart la to Mr Otlvar ronla, at
I o'rlodL It* K I'aul'a . hutch
Thr marriage of Mia* lt»>*amond
I'araona to Mr Allan Italabaufh
Kngla at the W It fartraa roal
» Rlh IT. JIM IMI 1A—
Ma'"< (l«or|« A l>re*er. P * A
and Mra l>re**-ra .tan in« |»artr
f<»r their <taufh(ar Miaa Helen
t*ra%er, at Faur»t halt
*» ITt Ml* IT. JIM IMI ?*—
Mi*a lH»r<thy t.ane an<l M'M Jan*
llanrlot to fitt itanrlng i*a|ty al
Mount HUrr rlnb huuaa
TI r-MHi. i i.it it i iMT
Cafe than rant and card fata for
the benefit of tba Orthopedic boa
(iltai. to t* git an b* tba tlroad
any guild.
tertalnlng with a musical tea at her
hum* on Friday ai 3 30 p. in.
a a a
Miss Mary Clark eds
Rev. F. L. Forbes
Monday evening the marring* of
Rev. F. I. Forbe*. for a number of
year* asniatam pastor of Ihe First
ITesbyterl.m church, and Mlaa Man
Clark, a teacher In the Sunday
school, look place, with the Rev M
A Matthew* performing th* cere
mony. assisted by tb* bridegroom'*
brother. Rev W O Kurt— Mr, and
Mra. Forbes left for a abort wedding
trip and will be at home after Feb
ruary 1 at 2541 lOtli ave. W.
a a a
Farewell Dinner
A* a farewell dinner to Mr. and
Mr*. Fred A England whoareleav
ing soon for an extended California
visit, Mr and Mra: James R. Klnne
will entertain with a dinner of eight
cover* at their home this evening
• a •
Tea to Honor Visitors
The visiting women, who are her*
In connection with the Newspaper
Institute, at the unlvemlty this
week, win be th* honor rti*st* at a
tea to be given In the Home Ero
nosnlca building, on Friday after
1 box sardines
2 hard boiled eggs
cup rlcs
i canned pimento**
S cup grated cheese
Remov* skin and bone* from *ar
dine* Mash with yolk* of eggs us
Ing oil Ifrom *ardlnes) to make moim
and smooth. 801 l rice until tender
Drain and put In hot buttered pan
and »hake over fir* to fluff kernels
Chop pimento** and whites of eggs
and mix with rice Season with salt
and pepper. Spread the sardine mix
lure on triangle* of hot buttered
toast, add a layer of rice mixture
and cover with grated cheeee pul
in a very hot oven or under th*
flam* to melt thr cheese. Serve at
A weII known hair dr***rr advi*rs
the Use of hair net* of certain colors
to add colorful glint* to the hair
If the hair Is a dull mouse color and
the eyes are blue, use a gold yellow
hair net. If th* eyes are brown, a
red n*t should be tried. Of course,
the very best nets must be pur
chased, and not one of artificial hair
poorly colored.
Eloquent Innffunirr *nd lUtcntm
Hon* In advertlaing may appeal to
many, but after all It l* the homely.
* I nee re lr»tt«-r* from women, over
flowing with heartfelt frratJtude for
health rentored by Lydla K I'lnk
ham'* Vegetable Compound, that con
vince other ftufferinir women that
th#»re 1* a medicine that will help
them al*o. Many *u<-h latter* »r«-
being publl*hed In thl* paper from
day to day, and it I* to any woman'*
advantage who *uffera from female
ailment* In any form to give thl*
old fa*hloner] root and herb remedy
a trial. Advertisement.
HortVtl* Huh
The art «l« partnient of th* Hortwlii
club will Hunt tit tin* Federation
| club house At S p. in. with Mm. O.
If. Ilotiit h. Hbnlrw. The "Louvre**
! will be dlacu**etl by Mr*. C. 11. linn
and Mm. O. V. ThorvHvi N on.
a a a
1 ntveraltjr ll.lcht* IV r A,
Unlveraity Height* I* T. A. will
nil • t «t the ■«'hiMil at 7:4 ft p in
a a a
Current KnuU CIIIM
The current evettta clan*. under the
)<<ader*hlp of Mm. A K. F taken, will
tonutne dannon ut 2 p in In the Dut-
Hon rt*»m. V. W. C. A.
a a a
Thoraday Mu«tcale Club
Mm. K. W. OlCeefe, 4NIH Au«oru
av«,, will Iw liiwtrM to the Thuradity
t Club t Ylfhmtn! V.iUra will
{ bo playinl and funic.
• • *
I wulk*' S«HIAJ JUIII (liaritaiilr riuh
li■ i »
HoeUI and C'harltiiMa rlub
"Kraja" will mn*t at 3 p. m In iha
J p«rlt»m of thn Hw**dlah club. (Tlirdi
*lll b« playtnl after a abort bu«ln«*»*
• • •
(Viumil of Jewish \\«»tnrn
Hruttlr Council c»f Jrwiah \N »men
will mrrt at 330 p m In thn vmtry
rt*»in of thn Trnipln dn llitacli. Thn
board will tncot at 1:30 p m
a a a
Ttiur>d#> Prnfrwtnlvf I'lub
Thurmtey Ifoinaulvt cluh will
n>»»t *t qh ha* *t lln D m ai
■ <l ay. 4044 H'vhjiul av«. N. G, nt 10
la. m.
• • •
franklin I* T
Topic* of ImixirUtnc* *r" to t>«
t>rM>"ntnl ami rvport* of mnmltlMt
hoard at th« mertlnc of Knuiklln
I' T A. at 3IS p m nt tho mhirnt.
A qumtlon b«x will Im> |>U«'<n( «t thi*
4onr nn.| mih mrfntH-r 1» roqu#»l«l
to drp4Mlt nll|> with <IIII»IWMIK or *ul>
)>«u fur dUK'uiuilun f»r future m<"t '
• • •
John B. \llrti P.-T.
John H Allrn I* T A will diml
at I 30 p. m for a prngrtm and al i
130 p. m for hu»ifw«« Mi<« Ituth
Urown of tli* Camp Klr» t.irl* and
Mr. tttuart Wulah of th« Uuy Hrouu
will furntah th« program.
• • •
Hiimm'i Auxiliary to Kjlntrr r..«t
No il
Th« Wottirn'n Auilllarr In Ilainl«T
I'oat No. SI, Anx-rlran I/Tglon. will
! hold tb* annual *l*rtion of offl> rra
at I p. m In Votarana' Itall. tha
Armory. Itrporta wtll bo made on
thr put yrar'a prnfri-M by Iho ro-1
tiiins offWra. and plana wtll b* dla-!
cujutad for th» now work to be dona j
tb la coming year.
a a a
l>*mhtrr» of thr King
A aparlal merlin* of th* ntrqtlvi
couiifll an«t th» aortal rummlttrr of
tha local aaarmbly of thr !>auglitrr«
of th*. Kin* will h* h"ld at Ulr Y
W. C. A at "45 p m
a . •
Woodcraft Totrm f'lnb
Woodcraft Toirm club will m*«t
In tha nrw rlub room*. 40» t>>wna
building, at 3 p m Hoatlla Ctrcla
will antertain.
a • •
Hrmltlr firadrd I nlon of Kund.ty
School Tflulirn
Saa'tla Oradrd l'nk)n of ffunday
8' hool Trachrra will mart from 9 10
until 1110 a m at thr Plymouth
Congregational church. Rlxth av»
and I'nlwmlly at. Hlhla work In
liarge of .Mra A W tb.wman, tx
hlbl'a, Mra. K E Kvana, and »tory,
Mra. Jamra D lludaon.
a a a
M tdlvon Park BMr ( laaa
Tha Madlaon I*»rk Rlbla rlaaa.
tnught bv Mr* A W Powman. will
meet at 2 p m. Nt th* homa of Mr*.
M. A. Talcott, >724 rsiat Madlaon at
a a a
P> Ihhui SKlrr*' \ltruUtlr fluh
Pythian Slater*' Altrulatlc cluh
will meet In tha new Knight* of
Pythtaa rlub room. Third a»* and j
Virginia at., for Installation of of |
flrar*- Mr* Oliver llulbnck. preal j
dent; Mr"i A A Oaborn. secretary,
and Mr*. Char lea Chrtatopher, Ireti*
• • a
Peal tie f liapter Vo 15
Se-.ittle Chapter No. »S. O. E H.. I
will meet In tha Corinthian room '
Maaonlc Templa, for public Imrtatln
tlun of officer* thl* evening.
Ilataati tiuard Cluh
llataira fluard rlub will meet with
Mr*. Frank A Donley. ISO 2 N 40th
«t.. for 1 o'clock luncheon.
a • a
Women of Mimnrhmrl V/clnn
T>rfll tnnm of th« Woman of \hmmr
h*art legion will nervn dinner In thn 1
Uinquoi hull of Mooa* T*mpU» from
ft until I p. m.
a a a
Hemti le fir view. No. n, \\ B. \.. of
the >1 »i«T.'ihrna
Seattle Review. No. *, of the Mar
will mnnt Thurnday, .Tanuary j
IS. at 9 p m , In W. O. W. hail. In
fttallutton of offirern
a a a
Mount lliiinlrr Court, \o. IB
Mount lUlnler Court. No 4*. Tribe
of Ben Jlur, will hold Itn rnirular
j mentln* Thumday, January 1.1. Nt *
To buy your r*f| (V discount. Watches, 33 1-3%
Jewelry at %J\J/V and Diamonds 25% off.
Pear! Beads, La Tausca, Bluebird and Richelieu, $5.00 and up
Beautiful Sterling Silver Brilliant Bar Ping, sl.r»o and up
Wrist Watches of all descriptions, $12.50 and up.
Railroad Watches, etc., SIO.OO and up.
A few Diamonds that we are sacrificing, ranging l from
$25.00 up.
Come early, select your jewslry from the h<g*t#>t class
stock in the city, and cut the price from the tag to | i
La Fayette s, Inc.
Phone Main .UMO
I p in , MiNlwrn Woodman hall, Colum-1
! l>l« City 1 riMtjtll.ition of officer* will |
lak« ultirit. *ltti Chief C. K. Mai- !
, ili-lal, InntalliriK officer. Mevnbtrs rr
Iquaated to IH» |»n*a*nt.
• • •
liiillm' Auxiliary to V'oatofflr*
i Ii I ItH
The lailua' auxiliary to the |»oat
• >fflce clcrka will give their n**t
j iltticfl In thn old kniKhta of I'ythlua
i hall. Klrat ami I'lke at., Thura
tlay. January 1J at '» p. uu
0 0 0
Hm&rif IVT. A.
ftoward P.T A. In auditorium at
!l o'clock, AdilffCMi hy Mien I*. M.
I#awivi»re. advfaor of fflrlii. ami Mr.
W. 15. Ifcndrlckaon. advisor of boy a
at Itr«Mdway high achooL Honga by
Mra. O. I* Mbnhnm
• . •
Krtenfl* of All Club
Krlend* of All Club of tha Y W.
C. A , club aupfx-r at 0 o'clock, fol*
! lowed by illbbi claaa.
. . •
11. K. Ilay P.T. A.
It F. IHIV IVT. A, nt school, 3
o'clock. Mr Jerome Hhaffer will lid
! itrrfi m<< tin* on "Ja*x " Munlo fur
i nlahed hy achoul piiplla.
• • •
Junior I«neti> of L»a.» NIHMI)
The Junior laixua of tha liny Nur
j«ary will m«et ne*t Haturday at tha
home of Mra Janien t""alvrrt. I*0»
loth ava. W.. at 10 a. tn.
• • •
Mi-rrt-r I'. T \
Mari«r I- T A will hold It* reiot
liU- me.tln«. Thitraditv. Jniiuary IJ.
Nt S3O p m Kafrrahtnenta will be
• a ,
Inhi* IVT. A.
Irvtnn P T A. will hold l«*
me.'tln* In tha arhiMil auditorium
Thuraday. at 2Up m t'apt. I. A.
Conrad will h« the upmkir and a
program haa la>«n arrtuijed, to ta
followed by refreahment*
• , •
Ilofi.- Mortal Huh. o K H.
Dorii' Mortal i"lub, «> K W . will
mart with Mra It It lleakath, 471*
Madrona ave , Thunala). at 2 p. m
• • •
Snitllf J'edenitlon of Oiib«
In anawer to a call from Mra !
Ilenry ptnlilmt of the H*-at !
tie Kedenttton of Claha, a (enaiul |
m«rttn« wa* held yeatrrdiy mornlnc
■ t the Oiamhef of «'■ tnmerro to <le j
fin* plana and appoint oommltteea
for tha Waahtnvton Manufarturara' ;
IMucatlonal exhibit, whlrh will lie j
■ Iven early thta year under tlu< aua
pu-ea of the Heattla l*ederatl>»n fol
the Iwneftt of the rlub hou*«i fund
and a* aervlca to the ma/iufacturara
of tha elate.
Mia Clara Ketrhum Tripp, dlrartny
of tha educational departmant of tha'
Waahlnaton Ktate Chamliar of Com I
merre wln rhar<e five hundred j
rluh women will be appoint*!! u* edu ]
natora and two adui-atora delegated
tn aaeh athlbltnr.
Mr. \V M. Kern of Walla Walla.'
of tha Ktrtle I-'INJ. rat lon of
Woman'* ctuha. pmml*e« tha «v»op»r !
ation of the atata clubwomen and :
haa d«*iffnated January SI aa Home
Inventory day whan every rt»'>
woman will b* requeated to make an
Inventory and note Jnat how many
Wnahlnfflon *«atr produrta *ha haa
tn her home.
Tha ejerwttra hoard wfTI miwl
•very Monday mornlnir at 10 30 j
o'clor|( at the headquarter* of thel
federation for the manufarturera''
educational exhibit, 414 Arrtlc build-
• * •
Hr~«m«llii| Htudlen at V W C \
r>r»«emnkln«. one* an appealing
art to women. I* tn be popularised
In the ini wwlni vo.-ational pr*v
cram arranged Monday by Mme P.
T, Carlton, director of rtrr-v-making
• tudie* at the Young Women*
Christian aaeoeiatlon
HegUtration* for the*e new rtaaaea.
to *tart about February 1. are now
being received.
Href making wa* a popular voca
tion for women «neral year* ago.
but Interest In thl* calllna decreased
when It became ne<-e«aary for a *tu-
*''* ,' ' *"«' "'Util a pound a Amy
»«l I' » . IM > II M <nH I*l II <IIM.M| I
tba NATtatl W»S. H ITIIOI T IINI <••! \
Start the New Year Right
and Reduce Your Weight
tlia |M ia| H
h.<. f.wt a*ln--1 a pound ..f II |.*rh I «at an<lhln. t Hatf
■ ■
•» 1, «saa for me ■
'* - Mt .«r ■
■ •II lha Iraal h.ip 11 haa h.tn to ma in aa
nianr w«v» Th- Information la to <.
ana Waah
«»SLV KHTAItI l-IIMI NT 111 ITU KIM. |N n |-*y
Mmnoo I lual,oly—4 ananlloi,. m | |(| |-
I If TOM live out of ihr rl«r and «nol la rrilarr. I
| urllr for frrr InfnmmlUn I HHI
2.H-2 t»lr ItMlldlna. trattlr, Waah.
I ororr I Mr.l anil I ulna Mia. Klllall <2na
Apron Tunic
Enriches (Jown
ll\ ««>!( \ MtMIICI
f.Vtic A'an'itf i Aul!u>rUy f
None of thl* *eii*on* fuahlon
whim* haa l>een played up with more
turret* than the apron effect, wtah h
la *hown In the atLnutlve drcaa pic
tured ulioti
It la cinder gray, with a long
wwltitcd bodice, having lon* aleevea
cut In one, atta< h«d to a plain aldrt
I'rom thl* In front l» dw>pi>ed an
apron tunic of the aam* rlotlt, all
over embroldere*! In dull rcta and
blue, with mu> h black and dark
The tunic I* attached to a narrow
belt that button* at either aide.
The uleev-i are *laahed to the el
bow* on the outaide, the e*|gea fared
and then raugtot, ooce wtth a t-utton
on the way drjwn to a tight half inch
cm either aide. Jtlet above the belt,
la a tiny rectangular po« ket of the
emltroidery that I* the only hint of
de.oration on ttir -
.|»nt to »pend a ye'ir'a apprenttce«hlp
lM«fore *he wa* qualified for actual
work. The new ~T" program ar
ranged by Mme r-arlton «lve* tha
elemrnlary and fundamental atudlea
of the art, and la particularly ar
ranged to h«*lp the lar*e numla>r of
girl* and women now nut of employ
"We will take a girl or woman
Into our r lsaac*, teach them dreaa
maklnff and l*!p ttet cuatomer* for
tha draute* ahe make*.*" announced
Mine Carlton. "Our Mudle* will help
a *trl get emplw m<-M or aulat het
In opening a ahop of her own. t Hhe
can aI wo bring thl* knowledge Into
her own hotße."
The new "Y" eeWing rlaaeea will
fit a girl In tha fundamentals of
drew making In three mont ha.
wheren* it u*ually re«|ulrea a >rar or
longer to maaier this work.
0 0 0
f> T A Social cluh will entertoln
Its frlenda with a progrc*»lve whut
IMrty thl* evening at I. Panama enf
eterla. 1415 Third ave. Hpedal hon
or certificate* will be taaued. The
public la Invited.
Mr. and Mr* J K. Inutile and fiun
lly left Monday for lUlfnrnla, whero
tliey plan to remain «U>ut two
• • •
Mlm Anon* Koberta and M i»»
Katharine I«uke, who arc going over
to the navy yurd Friday to attrnd
the dance on the Ml**oula that eve
ning. will ha the houae gu#-«t* of
Hleut. Comnmndar Hhlrl<*y, U, H A .
and Mr*. Hhlrley.
• • a
Mr anil Mra Crunk Gilbert liln«k
huva purchased the realdenra of l»r
iui<l Mr*. T. W Ituarhmnu In Heriny
llUtln*. They expert to take poaaen
alon 10 Man li.
• * •
Mra. Major Hhlrley of Ilremerton
la the houae g\i>-»i until I'rldity of
Mlaa Kathorins l.uke.
a a a
Mra Morltx Thompson and Mra i
Jatnea Ma< farlanr left lerently for :
AHademi, where they will spend the
remainder of tha winter.
• • •
Mm J»niM W. William* has ar
rived from Mlrinraf>oll* and will ha
the houaa guest of Mr. and Mra. W.
II 1-araon* until after Ilia iMraona-
Fugle weddmK. ,
• • •
Mr. nrwl Mr* Mart Pooler of Ran
Kranrlaco arrlvwl v«*it«*r»lay un<l ar•»
gut-ata ut lb* Hotel \VmillUlKton An
• • •
MIA* Duplin* K<lwird«, who la to
I tha aoinlat lit tit* Hymphony Or
|rh*itnt oonorrt in Mmny hull on
Friday mnlnf, arrlv**! y«rt M-day
The Genesee Pure Food Company,
Le Roy. N.Y.
t _ is
Simply and IFNFLJR state!, MOT MI: as J-'MKND is just enctly what the name
implirs—a friend and belp to mothers.
It has been made and sold for more than half a century. If it did not
possess the value claimed for it, MOTHER'* Furs' d could not possibly have
remain on the market. For only that which is really worth while and
beneficial can survive.
The mothers who appreciate Monro's F*n>D the most, and who are
lourlest in their praise of it, are those who unfortunately did not use it
with their first baby, and who, through its use with the second one. were
able to fully realise the relief it gave th*m
'TVar Slra: T am willing and anilmia to tall anr /
ahnut M'nini furxt. It did ma ao much \ 1
(r»«1 that I wouldn't ha wltHcnt tt If It roa f} aa a 'W— »l
fcnttla With mr r>rM l« ahitdrm I had a doctor and / 'J
a niifv and than they had to u«c m«»nun»nt». bat // / /
with mr la»t two ctilldrrn I only had a our*; wo // /_ A.
had no Ulna to a doctor barauaa I waant very alck if / <M, \
ai>'l only »k«-li atiut ten or firtcan mltmiaa. gf / 7
"Any rio«har can write ma and I will only ba too A / j
f!ad to atra her adrlca. Your* truly." / *( / 1
„ , „ _ MRS. C. 1. HARTMAV. FA 1 „ 11
Sts fata St. Scrantoo, r«. I" \ It V yl v g
"Rafor* n«ln» M THB'. Fnaxa I atiffarrd from Wmt-fji 1 uVvjVl 'W /
r "till Mindar. With mr n<-it child I oaad VJi 11
Mmnil'l Fluckd and wma aicb only about tiirra hour*." XI tl 'r—
C. „ „ « MRS * OUVB VANI>EN.
I* l.rjpa St.. Oalllpolla, 0.
Fot rahahlt ler.klet "MOTHERHOOD and Tha &T I
Baby" (tt*, fill In coupon htlau anj mmil Jit til to « B
•/ MOTHER'S KKII.nd. m a
WARNING: tWo/ plain mill, grtattt mnj aoAif/. I
Mtt—lhty acl only an Ma mnd may cauat harm with- I •,
out Jatng goo J
1 lllv/fCt I Dapt. IS. Atlanta. C
V r, S- f! Plooaa md mr your FRILE book.
1 - • : '•* MOIMIJ*LHOOO aad TW BABY. !
3QM2t3IE>o I -1
Used by Experfint Moihers : l u * r ° '•
for Three General ions, • .mill" T"" j
—Health and Happiness for Women—
Every womnn rooks happiness as the thing 1 to be most desired.
Fortunately, the right t*> happineaa is denied to no woman, regardless of
her sphere in life. Tho first anil foremost essential id piod health. For,
without good health, strive after happiness as she may, it is beyond her
reach. If she will accept tho advice of thousands of women, who have
been benefited, she will take Dr. J. Hradfield's Female Regulator—a tonic
for women and for troubles peculiar to their sex, which has been aold by
druß stores for more than W years. Dr. J. Itradfield's Female Regulator is
But up in SI.OO bottles.
Begin Right Now to
Conquer Your Rheumatism
Tlio tiny pain demons that cause
your Ithcumntlsm will tie liuck on
tho Job with the first approach of
(lamp, wintry weather, ready to take
up their battle iiKalnst your coin
fort with renewed fury.
And If you are Koln* to ajraln
rely upon the liniment bottle to try
to nib the dlsenso away, you will
be doomed uiniln to nothing but
disappointment. A. disease that
can cause so much pain and suf-
Icrlnc us Ithciimatlsm. Is not on
the surface of the skin, «T\d cannot
lie rubbed away.
Many forms of Rheumatism are
caused by it tiny disease serin in
the lilixKi, and In buUi ctuies the
mornlnv, and la the hot*## gu»*t of
Mr and Mm. G. K. M Pratt.
• • •
Mm. Jam** Rnidlfy of Oilmen I*
the fiiMt of her dtufhttf and win-In
law. Mr. and Mm, li. M <*j»lkln*.
• • •
Mr. and Mm. FVtd Knglnnd nr* d*
parting n«-*t Tueadty for California,
where lhey will ipond the remafnd*
of the winter.
1 cup rice
1 quart rfanned tomatoes
2 medium aiz«*! onion*
2 Ktr+n pepper*
H cup dl«*ed cel#-rjr
1 'i t'*a*poon Milt
Vi teaspoon pepper
2 tablespoons bacon fat
Melt bacon fat In a frying pan and
ft/Id sli'-ed onions. Cook until onion*
are a pale straw color Add toma
toes. Add ri« * carefully wa*h'-d and
drained. Add «-H*ry and shredded
pepper*. Reason witlaeaJt and pep
per and cf*>* Miowiy for an hour.
HUr frequently to prevent burning.
3 apple*
1 cup Kiigar
Far* «ml core applt-a, Cut In allocs
•bout half an Inch thick. I'ut In u
«U'w |mn with (he augsir and oook
very alnwly for 4.') mlnutea. Apple*
that are rather ooamr ifrainrd .-ui<l
•lon't cook to plTcn arc *h« nlrimt tn
u»". Th«» ayrup ahould be a *ery
pale at raw color wh«n ri-mwi-d from
the fire Jio not try to cfmk mora
th*n thla quantity at one time.
only loKlcnl treatment IK to search
out and remove theae from
tlx l blood.
Kor this purpose there Is no more
satisfactory remedy than S 8.8. the
fine old blood remedy that lias liecn
In tine for more than fifty years,
and has irlvcn such general satis
faction for Rheumatism. 8.8.5.
thoroughly cleanses the Wood, and
rouls out all impurities and disease
Begin Inking S.S.S. today, ,inl
if you will write a complete history
of jour case, our medical director
will Hive you expert advice, with
out charge. Address Chief Medical
Director. 823 Swift laboratory, At
Uujta, UA
Emilio D<- Gngorza
Concert Is Off
| Word wn* received today from 'fla»
I ROttlt, MonL. that KmlWo Itf 'io
itcirf7.iL, th«* operatic f»nrl'ont, v. ho
iwm iv-hMtulH to appear lit
hall on the University campus f*n- |
nary 17, ha* his entire j
Northwfl tour bfnauae of llln'*a*.
The con" rt waj« to have '»* en
given und*r the nOfplfiM of tit*
Women's k:iK'if lit the University.
M»any liftll was *OW out for the
roneert. The Htar wan nffkM t<*L»y
to Inform ft^#c«-t holders that th#'»r
money will b«* refunded at the Hher*
man Clay A Co'* music house, JST;O
Third eve.
If they wlah they may e*ch/ing*
their ticketa on January 31 for the
fori'"ft February 12 of Anna Caee^
soprano, for the Metropolitan OpfJ|fl
rompany of New York.
• • •
Sixth Symphony
Tin* Hearth* Hymphony Orchestra
will give their sixth symphony con*
cert Friday evening at Meany hall.
The symphony chosen by Conductor
Hparirur fgr that evening will \m
••Jupiter," by Mozart. Mian Daphne
Kdward*, a pianlat of unusual abil
ity, who has l»«<n received very fa*
vorably on her prr-M*nt tour will l»e
the aoloiat. The complete program
will t>* a* follows:
overtur* to "Buiyaatha* . . w*b«r
Cott' '-rt.» t'>r CUnnfort# and Or- *«•-
tra A Mid"'. Ofwm ' • . human*
Allegro iffvtaQM
IntrrmMKn Ahdanttao rraxioaa
IHifn ilrsri M
Hjrnphonr # *JupM*r." C Major.... ftfotMt
AU»*ro rlvaeo
Andant* car tibia
M«nu*ttc nr 1 trio Atleg ratt*
yifULi*: AH**ra Molto
ftapfcaoO/ No I* TA*|
D«phn» M««r4a.
i r.vYumil* from • Wacaor
Pur* and <or«» Cook In J
h*arjr syrup UU U-nder. Cool. Kfll
cavlti<*« with chopped nutn and rali
■ln* moiaK'nml with mayonnalm.
M-ifk with mayonnalMt and n-ne on
a l«-ttuce leaf.
I Prl. and Hat. K?h» Jm. 21-11 I
fSituwe GaOb
3ftMwT\ ANNA
gjflV OktJncomparaNt
rnirr.s I
t:mu. 91, |IM. *2, «51. *4. •&. ■
Mai. *at.. SI, Rl.so. *.t. »l. ■
I'lua lftfc for War Tax. ■
■wklM ail Toar Rnt at tl« I
Wi»«l»«l|»pl Klfrr, htm- I
tI«R rtwjß « nncrrl I
Hanaa, I'artlaad. or. I
Was a Girl
T TOOP skirts were
LI worn by those
who first asked the
druggist for, and in
sisted on having
the genuine Golden Medical
Discovery pi>* up by Dr.i
Pierce over 50 years age*
Dress has changed very much
since then! But Dr. Pierce's
medicines contain the same
dependable ingredients. They
ire standard today just as
they were fifty years ago and
never contained alcohol.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery for the Vomach
; and blood cannot be sur»
i passed by any tonic and alter
ative today.
When you feel "all out of
sorts"—your vitality at a low
ebb—the blood becomes sur
charged with poisons! The
best tonic is. called Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
covery. Dr. Pierce manufac
tured this "Discovery" from
roots and barks without alco
hol—a corrective remedy, the
( ingredients of which nature
put in the fields and forests
for keeping us healthy. x Ua
puts vim, vigor, vitality into!
the blood.
Try it. All druggists.
Liquid or tablets.—Advertise
ment. •
Quickly Ended by a Pleasant
Germ-Killing Antiseptic
The little llyomei Inhaler in mndl
of hard rubber, and ran easily b«
carried In pocket or purse. It will
last a lifetime.
Into thi* inhaler pour a few drop*
of mnjftca! liyomel.
Thin to absorbed by the antiseptic
ifauie within and iu»w you are rrn*V
to breathe it in over the germ in
vested membrane. where it will
speedily begin its work of killinc
cstarrh (terms liyomel In made of
Australian eucalyptus combined with
other antiseptics, and is very pleas*
! ant t«» breathe.
It is guaranteed to end catarrh,
bronchitis. sore throat. croup,
coughs and colds, or money back. It
■ cleans out a stuffed-up h«'ud in two
Sold by Partell Dru* Co. and.
druggists everywhere. M
Ends indigestion
11 1 relieve* stomach misery, »>iir
stomach, belching and all Monmch
disease or money hark, l-nr*. t»>\
at All UrugKi«tA 1A All

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