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Section Two
Rescued by Fishermen After
Searchers Had Given Her
Up for Dead
MANTT-A. P. I. March 4.—Swept
from tha deck of her ship In a atonn.
Mfccned a!on. on o»i. of th. unin
habited islands that dot th. I.u»on
coast of the rhlllpplnea and forced
to ttv. the life of a Roblnaon Crusoe
ft* three montha—such waa th. «
perlence of Mr» Charlew R. Stone,
who haa Just been reunited at llotlo
Lrlth her hushand. an Importer and
(norter at Oakland. Cal. He had
ago rtwu her up tor dead-
it I lrnr,i at sea. •
( F**Qrin« these "enTtcss months.
«, plucky *om»» managed to sub-
IWl>n coooanuts and various wild
Uf e abounding on the h™"
kindle * beacon wh4 ' h
resulted in h<r rwcn*. Mr*.
Krftone'a account of her adventure, a*
WM, i down Id the Bttto diary she man
I |r-< to Jot down upon the bark of »
J Xt'-r Is one of the most thrilling bit*
(of contemporaneous literature com
fcarabl- only wtlh Robinson Crusoe
Cnd the S« m Kamlly Robinson.
It was early last f*H O"* 1 Stone
outfitted hi* littlo achooner and »et
■ail for Sydney. New South T\ales.
»n one of bis semiannual trading ei
partitions. A* she had done on simi
lar occasions. Mrs. Stone decided to
Accompany him. She is a good sail
or. having shipped on this »ame vosr
Mf before, and Is quite fond of the
»e«. but on this tnp she was destined
to form a closer acquaintance than
ever before,
fYom Oakland the schooner set
I f«i*th for Honolulu. *nd thence to
L lloito. Island of Panav. in the Phlllp
[l|in# group. Uneventful was the voy-
Hi until they ran Into a terrific
off the Bay of Baltnao. WlUle
Kitcnn was raging. a typhoon
Kok. The tiny boat »« tossed by
■he gigantic wave, as If It were a
Stone, his wife and the sailors
HE* re driven below deck. Even the
Hfenst hardened seaman among the
Bf«w prayed, and every one gave up
■the ship as lost.
■ n u t the storm finally mibsided ano
■ J(rm Stone, nick from the vitiated air
f In the musty hold, went to the upper
fi She still woro her life pre
! server, they had all donned these at
L the beginning of the storm. It was
I wen that she did. for she had scarco-
I j_ K t foot upon the deck when a
[huge wave washed the deck and she
was carried out Into the high, rolling
jMk There was no one to see. snd
«r cries against th* howling wind
■trre mockingly futiie.
Buoyed up by her life preserver.
Mrs. Stone came to the surface
pome hundred feet from the schoon
which, deeplte the fact that all
n'ils were down, seemed to be rar
tng with the wind— racing away
» from her and leaving her pitylr.gly
helpless while It sped on to the
of Ballnao's snug hart*>r
not until two hours after
■ **, had been washed overboard thai
Pyirs. Stone'i ibwiiw «u discovered
' There w-»» - scurrying over the
' ship, but no trace of her could be
found, i
in the meantime. Mm. Rton* Jrt«t
continued to drift —all night she
drifted buffeted about by 'he toes
ins waves—an Interminable night
to her.
At length, more dead than altre,
Che wan to«»ed upon a small Inland.
Which she named "*>peranza."
Spanlrh for "Hope."
When n he had been -thawed out'
by the warm sunshine Mrs Stone's
thoughts turn»d to something to
cat. for she was terribly hungry.
4 Eeperanza, as all the l»les of th»
■ Philippine group, abounds In cocoa
■ aut, palm and bread fruit trees, and
■so In a few minute* her appetite
Uia/1 been satisfied. Now for water,
frho she could sleep upon the
■lf round and live upon cocoanuts, she
Jknew shavnust find fresh wab r or
p'-rjth. With all that gr<-en
<M she knew there must be
nT quest was soon reward-
Mm], From the side of a small hill
spring bubbled forth, the foun-
L aln head of a tiny stream that
I tickled down to the sea. She was
' laved!
Sbe mast start a signal Are and
teep It going day and night. But
low to start a fire? She had neither
natch nor tinder box.
Then she thought of how fh* In
Hans used to kindle a fire by the
rlctlon of two sticks rubbed vlolent
y together. She would try It. It
ras tedious work, requiring much
Ime. but that's all she had on her
lands, time. After Interminable
lours she managed to strike a spark
khlch she nursed Into a flame. She
lullt a fire upon the hilltop and
I'-pt It going day and night with
Lcoanut boughs and leaves, and
ftjrlng the day she packed It with
itmpened palm leaves, so' that a
fSnse smoke arose. Thus she had
■Mslgnal both night and day.
IjHWhen she got her signal fire
she made a more minute
j Hrvey of the Island to determine
I Kail/ If she were really all alone
i L to that time she had not seen
Ben an snlrnaj of the smaller
■araeter. On this second tour she
'Ks no more succeHsful In that re
< Knl. but at the far end of the
'Girl Gompers'
Is Organizing
Women Tailors
Anna Weirutock
Ann* TTeln»tock worked hi a
sweatahop when 14. Bhe'a president
of th. Woman's Trad, t'nlon
now and la working to organtae
355000 women wvrkera ui Maaaa
lal. ah. wna startled to And clearly
defined footprints of a man!
Pays p«.*»ed and no mor. con
crete sign of human life than the
footprints down by the *hor«. In
deed. as the days stretched Into
weeks and these footprints became
alm<wt obliterated. Mrs. Stone be
gan to wonder If human helnss over
would seek out th. Island.
IN rOCOAM'T 511K1.15
Hy heating atones In h"T »Ign*l
fir. and toaaing them into water she
had collected In cocoonut shells, she
managed to boll birds' eggs But the
supply of eggs was soon exhausted,
and she w-m obliged to fall back up
on cocoa nuts.
, Thirteen weeks. aJmoat to the day.
'a party of fishermen In a Utile
smack caught sight of the smoke
• plrnl ascending from th. Inland and
directed their course thither out of
curiosity. It so happened that Mr*.
Stone was at tha other end of th.
Island and did not *e« their approach
until they were almost upon her
Ecstatic with Joy, ahe rushed to meet
th**!). To her great relief, they w»re
all old tars, not half clad native., and
they seemed as much surprised at
her story as she was at their arrival.
"I cannot tell you how good it was
to gnie upon a human far-, after all
those horrible days alone," sh. sai l
"t could ha*. kl**ed all those
grlnly men. so wonderful did they
look to me."
After a fenst, a farewell to the
Island, the seamen In the little smack
"Adlago" set forth for 110110. where
they found Stone snd his crew about
to set nil for Sydney, his schooner
—which had suffered badly In the
typhoon—having been completely
overhauled. There was a tearful r.
union of husband and wife and many
bleaslnga heaped upon the fishermen
of the little smack "Adlago
Raises His Valet
to S2O Per Month
CAI/TUTTA. March 4 To empha
size his assertion that the Indian
laborer Is very poorly paid t'ol.
Wexljrewood. M P.. who is on a visit
here, has engncred a "bearer"—a sort
of Indian valet, whose proper wuge
In these days In from $5 to IS 50 a
month, and la pay me him CO a
Englishman Hangs
Lazy Dog; Is Fined
JtOJCBtnOHHIItK, En*, March
4 William Tail was fined |:S for
hanging a dog on a tree and leaving
It there until It died. "I purchased
the dog recently." he said, "but find
ing that It would not work I hanged
It on a tree In a fit of passion and
went off for my dinner."
Falls 11 Stories;
Goes Back to Work
KEW YORK. March 4 A little
thing like an 11-story fall doesn't
bother Nathan Cohen, a structural
Ironworker. He plunged from the
16 th floor, of a I! road way building,
landed on a canvas sheet, hung at
the fifth floor, shook him.iclf und
went back to work.
Beware of Men and
Women, They Warn
NF7W YOHK. March If It
weren't for men and women the
world wouldn't be such a hod place
to live In, according to two aller'd
bigamists now In the Tomiis. "Girls,
beware of the men," warns Mrs.
Anna C. Tlurey, while "Tell the men
to watch out for the glrU" Is the
cant ion given l>y Hoy O. Salisbury,
Rewards Offered
for Sea Bottles
IiOVTiON'. March 4. To discover
the course of ocean drifts and the
movements of floating fish eggs ex
perts of the ministry of agriculture
are about to lilierate large number of
drift t tot ties Ih the North Sea. Small
rewards will lie paid to flnd'-rs.
Church Organist Is
Held as Wife Slayer
AI/OONA, lowa, March i Mm
Minnie li'-njnmln, wile of L>. T.
Henjamln, or|(anl«t at the
Itafional church her*. waa found
with h«r skull fractured In four
place* A bloodstained hammer
«a« found br her aide. A coroner'a ;
Jury held her bunbaod for luurdcr. J
The Seattle Star
$1,250,000 Necklace
Is About to Be Sold
I*AIUS. March « Th. magnificent
pearl nacklac bequeathed to the
I<ouvr. by Slim. Thiers widow of
th# fnmoua premier. Is, according to
th. curator of the muwum, about to
In aoM. Th» neck Inc. weighs 63 «
carats and la In three vtrtngn, with
154 hi* pearl a. One expert estimate.
Ita value at H.S&O.OOO.
Monthly Meet of
Study by Ad Club
Plg'n Whistle waa th. scene of a
lot of boosting Thuristay night when
the Seattle Advertising club held Ita
monthly session of study. I'lana were
laid for the continuance of tha cam
piUsn to udvertlaa advertising.
No person haa reached within ffl»
mile, of tha world's highest peak In
Tibet, Aat a. j
Boys' Store
Important Sale
FOR the final "touch-down" at
the goal of lower prices one thousand of t\
the finest Boys' and Children's Suits in the big Lundquist- JI At fT fylmHmV '
Lilly Exclusive Boys' Store have been selected for quick dis- $i I Mstx\
posal at a price that should pack this modern establishment
to capacity tomorrow (Saturday). I?t V l\f\
C MBRACED in this remarkable offering are suits that were fl 1 11^1
formerly priced as high as $25.00 and $30.00. These gar- (1 I \\h
ments are made of the best wool fabrics, faultlessly tail
ored, and bear the label of the foremost makers of boys' and /|
children's apparel in America. Ages range from 2 to 18 years. -0#
Included also in this great sale are all the finest Boys' and
Children's Overcoats in the house. fll
THERE'S an exceptional choice of pattern weaves mm V|
and styles in both groups without doubt the most B B
attractive assortment to be found on the Pacific coast. *1 4 -
A Sensational SPECIAL for
j? BOYS'
jf\ \ 240 Boys' full-fash
1\ 1 ioned ribbed Union
I i m Siiita, heavy and me
\ dium cotton fleeced,
\ I closed crotch, trouser
\ / seat. Famous "Globe"
I J and "Wonderwear"
/ \ makes. All apes from
6 to 18. These splen
■■ did garments are
JT\ marked to sell regu
larly at $2.00 —
Your Choice Saturday QCC
While the Lot Lasts IKJ
Note: This is one of the best values
ever offered the mothers of Seattle—
a genuine bargain that demands an
early response.
SEATTLE, WASH., Fill DAY, MARCH 4, 1921.
She Dances Minuet
at the Age of 102
BItUSSKLA, March 4.—Th. rltlag.
of Qu«r Aulnol. haa Just clebrated
tha 102 d birthday of Urn*. Iloaalg
nol, the oldest woman In lielglum.
Mma. ItoHslKfiol haa been a widow
for I# yeara. Iler h unhand died
when h. waa fl When i4ia wan
aerennrted by th. vlllngn band ah.
danced a minuet.
Circus Actors Fight
Lion Killed by Bear
HKRL.IN, March 4. —A fight be
Iwwn a Hon and a lx«r took place
during an afternoon performance of
a ctrcua. Tha animal* could not be
separated unlll th. firemen of tha
circus brought a heavy how to hear
on them. Tha beer want thru hla
tjirk* a/tarward aa If nothing ha/1
happened. Tha Hon. however, waa
ao badly mauled that It died.
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'Machine Gun' Dance
Predicted in Future
I'AIIIH. March 4.- Futurist danoes
are to be nnharmonlona, ungraceful
and unsyrnmetrlr.nl dynamic*. They
will be danced Ilka the motion of rn
glnen; steering wheels, com and pla
ion* must tia combined to achieve the
metalllslic Idea of th. dance, accord
In* to Blgnor K. T Marlnetti, tha Ital
ian futurlat poet.
Taxi Driver Appeals
Then Pleads Guilty
Thomas J. Gilbert taxi driver, up
pealing from a. *l* month** inn ten cm
by » justice of the peace for assault
In the thlrij drpr'-e, d«:M»d to plead
irullty before Presideing Judge King
Dykeman Thrinulny #n<l was ordwed
to serve one year In JalL
The li!< Talue of (knull'ii tar
farm Industry Is placed at

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