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HAROLD MariIRATH'S The Screen's Mijfhtlext Kple—
Kvcitinsi Story beautiful and powerful beyond
"NOT GUILTY" V<2?V. c '"" p "" !
9% !?>fev
* 'HOb <5 I
The Famous Continental Star
(jk in the superdramatic triumph in 9 acts— Jj
t "Passion" f
The romance of the world's most daring adventuress!
Jjp 34—ARTISTS—34
wV Under Arthur Kay \sj
' PATUr MAI HTTC Matinee*. 22c After «:no~ R
rAIHt MALOTTE I,ower Floor, 45c; Balcony,
NEWS On the Wurlitzer 31c Children, 13e any time. Jill
All prices plus tax.
(ft. CJ?
II 555 me Monday Eve. I
I SOe fa T2.no. Mat, *>4
|UfK seat*), HJto. Mat. MU
ta 11.. W. I'laa Tax.
Onr shoe stores formerly at 318 Pike St., 1629
Westlake Ave. and 101 First Ave. South, have
moved to and consolidated with our shoe stores at
1403 Third Avenue
106 Pike Street
201 Yesler Way
where we will be permanently located. This con
solidate means selling as many shoes in three
stores as we did in six. The prices we have put on
everything will move goods fast. Small profits and
quick turnover will Im: our slogan, sis we have cut
our expenses in half.
Negro Prefers Jail
to Work; Quits Job
FRANKFORT. Kr- March 4
Will Smith, paroled negro, returned
to tha penitentiary hecauae he didn't
the penitentiary IwcaUM he didn't
like hia work.
Something Like an
Hawaiian Garment
PARIS. Marrh 4 RlMwnir~M.
conaiatin* entirely of ribbon* from
h-ad to foot, ara tha latest develop
m»nt In Parts fashion*.
Looked Tough and
Toted a "Gat", But
He Had'lt on Cops
Patrolman Bryant n u<l pad Patrol
man Legate at 12th ave. H and Jack
"«n «t.. and to«elher tl'.ey watched
tha approach of Tha Suapect.
"Got a toutfh fult, eh?" muttered
lye gate.
"Bat he's a inn or a cannon "• af
firmed Itrrarit. "Ou»*a 111 shake
him down "
Swiftly, Patrolman Bryant passed
hla hand over one hip of The Sua
pert, a* he went by and ordered hltn
"to hold hla hiuida."
"Ht SPF.rr IS AN
"Hot a (Tin,* (frowl'd T.r-J ant.
i Tha Suspect came to Ufa. apparent
ly from *luml>er, aa It wa* late at
Mjrht. Ilia hand moved awiftly.
"Sure," he answered. "Hera It la "
Patrolman Bryant felt something
firm preaa arnlnst hla abdormn. Ila
thanked himself for hla paid tip Ufa
Insurance, fur the good, honaat life
he had led. took back nil the swear
word* ha had ever utlered. noticed
that Tha Suapect rc»amhlad John
Schmltt in a few drtaila, wondered
whether bullet* burnt when they
pnaaad thru a person, and porclfd
why I/eif,ite didn't fire on Tlia Silt
pact—all thla parsed thru Bryant 1 *
mind while he lowered hla hand lo
tha Run.
151jt Iha coldness pa*«ed from hla;
nrid Mr Arflrte In
BOTH k*"
WIN 0- J
T »m n»w <l#\ot- WT. ""v *
f.» my rlfntal l>m« - % Vjt" ,
I tr<'. llav ititf n w
BWy i. •
I rlo n'»t cr»m p*f«* with < '"'MP
D'-rill-i*. nor <lo I <>!»'• ml f on your
j»ork»i hook I k!v< two do||»ir«'
worth of work f«>r fifty rt.-llwr I
r' <« lv t*o \ oil ifnvp m dollar nii'l I
rrmk»- « dollar. '"if nr*t
lull I iim 1 And »»«• h«lh win.
Op*n «v« nirifr* till 7 *nd Htinduyn
tlJl 12:30 for people who work.
I ltWl> J. IIHOW N. I». I». h.
Nr ii 111■ l.rMtllnu l»<*iHUt
100 < ohirnMu hi. '
brow and hea/l* of r*nl iwnt atari
<•< l forth, when hia hand felt the butt
an<l not the muzzle of a mm. He
seized It eagerly. whipped it back
and viewed tha luapect with it
wicked prlii re.
"Too fast for ym heh trium
phantly exclaimed patrolman Bryant.
"Van. want thi* too, I suppose,"
mid the KUKpert KM be reached (or
the top of his veal.
"Not *0 font. Juat hold yonr hands
where they are." commanded Bryant,
waving Uie weapon. I.egute came to
bin aid.
The Suwpect held hl» bands with a
look of disgust.
Heriteant Kd Plelow (*m» running
down ihe street, eventing a "big
pinch "
"Now whataya gnt, ya wsntn
glmmC" demanded Brynnt roughly.
in istonishbd ( or®
"Only this," said The Snapect
meekly, lie reached to the top of
his vent and toaaed a shield to the
It WHS police afar No. 49.
"And with a star, too; thl» IS
good," mid Bryant, II * he covered
The ftunpeet more carefully In the
region of the heart.
H' rgeant Plelow arrived, Irreath
|e«n. lie looked nt Bryant, nt I.e.
pate, nt The Btmpect, and turned on
hie hee| with a anort.
A moment Inter Pntrolmnn Ber
nnrrj Tlinothy llunt, lute of the Antl |
podea, wa* continuing hia wi»y home,
witrd. once more In ixmnendion of hia
gun and atnr No. 49.
$16,000 Is Taken
From 82 Letters
LONDON. March 4 In rr«pon*e
to the prlnrn c»f Wales' appeal for
funds for the Boy ttooutN* n i aoclation
the flrnt 72 letters opened yiulihrt
Wants Home Court
for Divorce Evil
CiriCAfJO, March 4.—Judge David
M I'.roUiers ha« HUKtf»*nted i«n arbi
tral loti court Iri the hotne to check
the trrow inur divorce evil. Heckle*a
wlv s have supplanted the old fn«h
loned wives, he Maid, and the reHultn
are serious, nn reckless wives make
reckless mothers.
Best Speech Made on
Inaugural Day Was
Old Tom Marshall's
WASHINGTON. March 4. The
te*t of Thouiiui IL Marshall'* vale
dietary us vice president of the
lltttid Htate* follows:
•Very shortly I nhall hare ended
my official life ax the constitutional
presiding officer of thla l««ly.
•That mument when It arrive* w-IH
not riuirk my demolition Into the
nuika of the average American citi
zen. for I never arose uliove them.
"I sprung from the loins of men
who helped lay tha foundations of
the repuhllu. At my hlrth iny father
placed upon my baby brow the cor
onal of a free l>orn American citizen.
In my youth I was taught that If I
wore It worthily no prince nor poten
tate nor electorate could add to or
detract from the honor of that royal
"I may have failed hut I hare tried
to keep the faith. I have never
doubled that, so far as the principle*
of ctvll government are concerned,
the plllara of lien ule* rest upon the
dec laratlon of Independence and the
constitution of the t'nlted Htate* To
my mind tliere I* no beyond. The
form* under which the principles of
the republic are admtnlMered may
need changes to meet changing con
dition* but the underlying Idea doe*
not. for truth la unchanging and
etertuU. What wus so when the
morning stars sang together will l.e
so when the Angel of the Apocalypse
"I vetttura to c*pre«i thl* mncti of
that Idea: A government dedicated
to the Inalienable rlßht* of m;in to
life, to lllierty and to the pursuit of
bapplnee* can find it* perfect ariom
pllahment only In representative*
brave and atrong enough to riee
above the amhltlomi pojudona and
prejudices of Individual* and rmupa.
IteprreenlatlTe rovernment was In
tended to guarantee thnee Inalienable
right* of men thru the enactment
arid enforcement of law* calculated
to preserve and promote equal and
ejai t Justice to all men. Itellgtona
die t»cau*e priest* mumble their
rree.ta, but have no faith In their
Hods. Government* go to wreck lie
cattte their statesmen about aloud
their shltboletl * but let a friendly
enemy t>**s the ford.
n<n i i M \TTI7A\VTT
KllltM OK 4.«>\ I HVMKVT
"I freely rmnt (h* right of the
people to change our form of govern
ment and to adopt other lauio prln
clplea, but. If It la to be done, let It
be done decently and directly. «o that
all of Hi may know It. The old faith
ha* already too many Meek and amll
Ing Jnaha asking of It, 'la It well with
thee, my brother?"
"While the old order endure* let
representative* represent tha old
Ideal*: let It be nnderttood that they
are not mere bell hoys. subject to
call* for legtelatlve cracked Ice every
time the victim* of a debaurh of
greed, rumbling, or Improvidence
feel the fever of frenrled need.
"The life I* more than meat, and
the l«ly more than raiment. It Is
of minor Importance who hold* th»
wealth of the'nation If the heart*
of all It* people b**it with true hi*
torio Amerlr.m throb. The clothe*
may mark, but the clothes cannot
make ths man. The economic re
Ann An NAM/, a ro.
lUy fan tin i Kmrrmmn aad ■•l4-
trial Alfred latelli |»aga aad
Lwy't rnmrifv ra'ta
•i i i i iii i % 4Mri»tK+
« fcim l.trU' « nniiii | bura.lnr
Monday* ami Thura-Uyau
Mm-, . V ■» r
Third Ifir Pin#. fCII. MIA.
NlffhHv r ~ f.» ort«.F wiiod'h
CllgilUJ T»plr«| Hr*U+~
I to 1 L m.
r>ftnrfr»* * t" 1 it m. Tab!# d'TTota
A la C*r«# After Ttteatr* «r»r-uMi-t
Clint Wlllard F C. Hipp#
w Sen «nmlfiyr
\!afln**s. 2 10. Klffhta. 7 and I
Xon n*H«C
i) I v i: 1.1. o
Perrr?an* and Rhfclley; Ftevnr and
puny. White flr«.n H nknl and
Mn«»: "Bride IS "
General Admlaalofl!
Mh*», 2:>c; Nlirhta, 40^
/ «\
• • Aeeond and Jamra "
Tosiuirr—mnxiGNT *ivow
Fnnr I'alare 111 1» Arlt, Hurry
• line*. Whirl of Variety, t,)pmy
Trio. Jark and Mary Urahaan.
ronblird In oim* Mr performance
Willi the
"hf.vi i,«. i»k mr
w. 1L 111 (illl'J. PnKlacfr
fifth and I'lne ICIIIott 2.-.2 A
K»tf—*lnllnff Saturday
Tbonifti Wllkea Presents
"WAY l»»W> RANT* 9
The I'niiiouM AuirHran Drama
|/ni D MATIKKK # AT.
rv.WL.IJ |a Their Funnlrat
p Miirrra*—
"The High Cost
DILL of toving"
i:*trn rrrfnrmancf Viindny Mftht
lifth and I nhrraltf
DAM I li
■i i■;*t wr mo
11 A 1« I*ll I'OM.OIK**
llrok«»» >l<*l«hl> .HyuitipHlnra
NOW I'll! * Itllt
•'WHIRL OF V A 111 KTY**
oi her \ midr % lllr
< A HMKI, M \ i:iiH
hnbllltatlon of America In of r**t
moment, but the rehalillltaUon of the
ancient faith which upheld the
rugged continent*!*, emerged In pris
tine glory from the throes of civil
war and hurled It* limiting and un
daunted face agulnut the grim fnce.i
of tymnny ui>oti the flelda of France,
la a far greater work.
"It ls enough perhaps too muefi
Who am ! to suggest, even with
shamefaced timidity, anything to
youT I'or eight lon* year*. crowded
with events which have fortiver
changed the currents of the world'*
history, I have leen with you. I
come to the en<\, of them with a feel
Ing of heartfelt gratitude to you all
for Ihooe little, nameless, unretnem
l#ered act* of kindness and ejiarlty
which have marked your friendship
and g'Kid will. You have been good to
me. The odor of your friendship will
sweeten any air that I may bresthe.
Not one of you «in wish for himself
a kindlier fat« than I would give you
If I were Omnipotent."
a Breaker
Pliri.A DELPHI A. March i.
Amfrlm'i new Cardinal-designate,
Ar«hbl*hop Dennis J. Dougherty. of
Philadelphia, now on his way to
Home to resolve the red hat, will be
one of the youngest of the 72 mem
bers of the college.
lie 1* tha fifth priest fn the Amert
eui church to be awarded thl* honor
by Home, the other* being Cardinal
<; btx'ti*, of luiumoro; Cardinal
O'Oonnell, of lioston, and the lata
Cardinal* McCloskey and Karley.
An Incident that typifies ths kind
of man the cardinal designate 1* oc
curred In ISIS when he w;i* liidfiwd
to the Philippines. When the lata
Archbishop lly.in, of Philadelphia,
notified him of hla aelection a* blohop
of Jaro. he replied:
"your Orm-e, I cannot And that
place on any map. but wherever I am
sent I will go."
The archbishop wag born Angrmt
11. I*«S. In the anthracite regions of
Pennsylvania. Ilia parent* were
Irlah Immigrants. He apent hla
aumtr.er vacation* a* a breaker boy
In a mlnn.
At IS he wtui ready to enter a
seminary, but ber*use of hla youth
w.-ia aent for two year* to a Jesuit
school in Canada. When be returned
be entered the 8U Charles de Barro
meo seminary In Overbrook. a
delpbla suburb.
letter he flnlehed his stufSea for
the priesthood at the Amsrloan col
lege in Rome, carrying off ths class
honors In IS9O.
Fv»T-y year tM.MtI.MM.M* irtTk
worm* product (0,000,004 pounds of
raw silk.
There are about U Oilneee worn
en In New York city.
Tomorrow Will Wind Up the
Old Store in a Blaze of Glory
Never before have such tremendous values been
offered within these four walls.
We ask Chat ax many as possible
do their shopping in the morning.
Monday morning we will be ready for business in our
splendid new quarters at Second and Seneca.
Tomorrow we will be handicapped by the lack of fix
tures, etc., but those who attend this Last-Day Sale will
be more than repaid for their trouble.
The finest (Men's) wearing apparel in the U. S. A.
offered at even less prices than those usually asked by
cheap stores during their sales,
for Suits and Overcoats, many of which sold regularly at
SBO, SBS, S9O, SIOO and $125.
1/2 Price $3.15
• ™ f or c h o | ce of a fine lot of Hats—
for all Shirts—and it's a big stock. values to SB.OO.
$2.00 for choice of an odd lot of lA. U,,' A
Silk Drawers—s6.oo values, /2 I llvC
for all other Hals in the store—also
I/O 95c a pair for "Patrick" $1.30
'** * * IVV Wool Knit Sox.
for all Gloves in the store—also a $3.93 for "Vassar" $6.30 Wool
nice variety of Neckwear. Union Suits.
£ Lots of Bargains arc not advertised—See Windows^
M£% a <§• v** V 2
No extra charg mM A M W rj •
for alteration,, " HCC
but cannot
promise rush P M for all Sweaters
delivery /vlnuc. at spring jurtrr** and Jerseys
Satisfactory Terms Always v.
OTTO T Pre %»<§*** I
HOOSIER'S big", uncluttered work
table and many special features of con
struction and arrangement lessen youi;
labor in the kitchen.
They save you time and steps—ban
ish reaching and stooping—give you
more time and strength to enjoy your,
rest and recreation.
Now is the time to get your Hoosiec.
There can be nothing gained by wait
ing. Terms will never be easier—for;
one dollar puts the Hoosier in your
The End Justifies
the Means, Perhaps
BriTAI/). N. T. March 4 —'The
con*T , -(pillon of Che Klr»t Metho<lt*t
churrh of Corning are to <xm*tnirt a
roof garden on the top of the church
—for n llirlouji purpoee*.
Young Farmer Wins
Embroidery Prize
• RICHMOND, In 4, March •
Charles Kndaley. ynunf farmer, won
the frwr-epstakw prize for the brat,
embroidery at a farmer*" Institute iVt
Wayne county.

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