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Obregon's Aide Says It's
Needed to Re-Establish
ni C. 11. M WKI.I.
M*T\l»X") CITV, April 10 •• A f.ilr
ta* on all petroleum produced In
Mexico would be a atralisht 10 per
cnt of IU Talue," aaya Adolfo de la
He p«»-e up the provisional
prtwl.Vncy to (leneral Ohreßnn an
office that few Mexican* Rive up
while allre He la now secretary of
the treasury aa one of Ol>r*>|ton'*
cabinet minister*
•'Petroleum prtxlucer* In Mexico
•re taxed less than they are In
Oklahoma and Texas." wa* hi* next
remark In the courxe of an Inter
view during which he talked freely
of Mexico's financial problem He
aald he had flmirea to prove this.
Oil. TAX NKI :i»M»
American* here who have studied
♦he oil altiuxtlon »ay Huerta'* state
ment al<out the oil taxea are true
They *ay men of hi* own party will
ao twport to President elect llanllnit
l*fore he takes up settlement of the
oil dispute with Mexico.
"Mexico's annual revenue ha* been
about 1*0.000.000 peaoa." *ald
lluerta. "It wjvs twdly adtnlnlatered
Under Cunuin. Our problem Is to
Increase that revenue by eliminating
Kraft, foaterlns new Induatrles. and
Kcmnlnf production. Another Im
portant task I* to expend It wisely.
"Otir annual exivnse tn UIO
wa* about 5it.000.004 peaoa. It will
lijcmaae thl* year to about K0.000.-
#OO pesos. That Isn't extravagance.
NOW tihrr H 1.1. PAY
"I'nder Carranza uovemment em
ployes were hired at approximately
the mtmr sa.'uj-tes they Ret now. Hut
they Rot only TS per cent of what
they were supposed to ReL Now
they Ret all they are entitled to and
*o «h« government 1* not threatened
ly Internal revolt.
"But we need more money to re
establish Mexico 1 * credit, and the
only way to do that Is to pay back
interest and refund our national
"Thafi wty I think a fair ta.x on
Mexican petroleum would be a
•traißht 10 per cent of lta value. Oil
companies need not say that such a
tax would bankrupt thrtn. They all
paid biR dividend* last year.
"Business In Mexico needs foa
tartn r.
"Full protection of aQ foreign In-
and competition free from
special pnvtleße Is the program we
have evolved for putting Mexico
back on her feet economically.-
WASHINGTON. April JO— I.e*d.
er» In congresa are considering •
plan to re*tor* IJberty bond* and
Victory note* to par value and
reaks them worth 100 cent* on the
dollar at all time*.
The plan wma worked out by
M. W. Thompson, governor of the
war credits board and member of
the firm of Thorn peon A Wor ley.
14 Wall it
About f:0,000,000.000 of IJberty
bonds and Victory notes are out
standing. Nlnetenths of them are
held by individuals and corpora
tions. Bankers own most of the re
The present market value of th*«e
bond* la about 12.00rf.000.000 liw
than their face.
Thompson's plan la to can In all
the.se war bonds, replacing them
with new bond* of an equivalent
face value, to be known a* t'nlted
Htates conaolldated bond*. These
would mature In from 29 to to
fears. *
Th*y would have no fixed rate of
Interest, under Thompson's plan.
Interest would be pawl every six
months. The rate would be de
termined by the federal reserve
board and would be the current
tarn In if power of money.
That Is, the bond owners would
Bet the same rate of lnter»*t thAt
th»y could get during the six
months by Investing their money
In the open market without risk.
This Thompson plan is an appli
cation of what bankers and econo
mists call the "flexible return on
an Investment." Many Income
bonds are Issued on this hauls.
Thompson believes that his pro
posed consolidated bonds would
never go below p a r.
Nationwide Drive
for Irish Starts
CHICAGO. April 20—The Na
tional headquarters of the American
Association for the Recognition of
the Irish republic today started an
Intensive nation wide drive to enlist
a million new member*.
This followed the close of the two
day convention In which five thou
sand delegates from all over the
country participated.
Resolutions asking congress to
recognize the Irish "republic" were
passed during the closing hour* of
'.he convention.
Edward L. Doheney, millionaire
Oil man of I>os Angeles, was elected
president of the awtoclatlon.
Mex Bandit Gang
Holds Up Train
EJj I'ASO, Texas, April 20 A
bandit gang of 25 under the leader
ship of Rodriguez. former Villa of
fleer, held up a Mexican Central
train near Chihuahua City yenter
day and escaped with #O,OOO silver
peeos, according to reports here
Merry-Go-Round Is
Allowed to Remain
The state supreme court Monday
upheld a der l*lon rit the King county
superior court enjoining the city
council from revoking a license un
der which Robert C. Vincent In al-
In we/1 to operate a merry-go-round
and other amusement device* on
i IhlaDcy uve.. near Woodland park. 1
Ship News
Tides in Seattle
Till H.«*ll %T
% I'M 11 II
Viral High Tl«l#
t 41 a m . 11 • ft
llmil | «iw IK#
I • 1? a m t I ft
High T1«l*
« 10 |» m . 10 • ft J
Nmtnd l«« Tldo I
10 21 p n\ . I » ft I
Mml High Tide
} «» a. m . It* ft.
I lr«l low Tide
• t4 A m . I t ft.
*eeoa»d High TUIe
t It m . 10 4 ft
ni i> m. It ft.
• • a
fallowing her annual Inapertlon
the atcnmxhlp Went M th
Wtth, built at the J H\ Ihlthle yarrta.
waa pronounced one,of the l»e*t l»ullt
of the wartime fleet that came off
local any a. Officials of the Uenernl
Steamship company, who operate the
Went Mahwah. nttatrd that acarvely
more than $lOO haa been expanded
for her upkeep during the tujit year.
Khe la commanded by I'apt. Paul K.
. . .
William K. Humphrey, of Seattle.
I* t»?ing tvicki-d by the local Chamber
of Commerce without reaervatlon,
the tru*teea of the organisation au
thortged Ilohert 8. Itoynn, lta preal
dent, to advlae the atate's congres
gtonal delegation Tuexulay night.
• • •
si I K RKKltlltKttATnn SKIIVirK
Y ilk mm l\>mmerclal club I* rol
lecling data for presentation to the
shlppln* hoant. In kn effort to se
mil rrfrljtTutor nenlm on ves.*els
from Se«ttle to the Southern and
Atlantic ccutt
• e •
VANCOI"VKR. R C. April 20
Steamship Hmpr«M of Japan haa
cleared for the Orient with SOO pas
wnpn ami a capacity carffo. She
brnucht a silk shipment valutl at
15.000.000 when ahe came In.
• • •
The O. R K. liner Alabama Maru
la unlcviulinic a atlk r.irgo valued at
1J.000.000 at Her « \\ e,lnea<lay. Rhe
arrlvr.l l.i«t nleht. with a medium
iwawiipr list cumprUml of Oriental*
• • •
Kn root# to Seattle with l.tO® ton«
of carcn from the Atlantic coaat. the
nteamahlp Katrlnka la
due In Seattle Momlay.
• • •
Krotn San Pedro »nd Ran FranH*
co the new motornhlp Kenne«>ott will
arrive here ThurwLiy with fr«l«ht
and load outward the following day
a • •
Weather Bureau Reoorl
TMT<»mi( WI.AND. April »• A U
Ui«in< barom«tar. el«**»!r light
wind. >'aaa»d In. a ihr**-maat «t««m
•rhoonrr % a rn »tr Itaglnaw, taaring
•t-hr UtlroM, • a, m
a a a
Arrivals and Departure*
Aprfl J a—Hlr Nortnvaatara Ta
* t I v - :> Mtr Alabama
Mam from flonghnni via ar.anghal.
Da>ren. Koba, Tokkalchl and Yokohama.
• 49 p nu
April II air Admiral f?a«» for Han
Pltfw via Kan P*raaei»e« and Mm Ft4ra.
at noon atr Admiral Oo<Hlrtelk for An> b
oraga, Moutharaataen Aiaaka. via Point
4 aad lbuth«w(*rn Aiaaka. T a
April l> Atr IteoohUna for llomhar. • J#
p tn . atr Woat Mahwah for ftrdnf via
» a. •".it Pwaoaatiioa flUlli I II p m .
a*r Kidrl<tga for Manila via Tokobama.
Kobo, Shanghai and Itoaglinaig, 7 It p.
m.. atr Wot ttavaa for New Tork via
I Ana ortaa Haa » Han
I Pedro aad Balboa. I II p. ra . ahlp Ab
nar ' r>burn for Kgaglk. I II p m.; atr
Itaary T. M*otl for Tar®ma, t.tt p. m.
o o o
Alaskan Vessels
ICatrhlkan—April It—Sailed, atr Cttj ef
Itaattla. aoutbboun t It p m.
Vessels in Other Ports
Yokohama—Aprtl ll—flatted, ttr X atari
Mara for Haettla; ttr Wfeeatlaad lion
laoa for Heattla
Han Fraaicleeo—April 10—Arrived. ftr
Oleum from fleettle. 4a. rrv April If—
Hailed. atr Ikon aaan Marti foe H»attte eta
Portland. 1 p m.. etr Waal la:*fa for Aa
ettle. i P m , atr Preewlent for H*etrie.
at noon. str t'aatfa for fUattle. at a<*m.
Arl»ad. atr !.rm»n Vttvart from Seattle*
I p. m.
Mam hart April Ift—Arrived, motor*
• hip Theodore K/vtaevelt from lUattje
Hoetofv —April lk—Arrived, atr Steal
Worker from le.
Aetnrta April II - Arrived. etr Yalta
from Heattla. lam.
a a a
Reported by Wireless
Canadian G«*#.-nmeat Wlretena
April 10 Htr City of lUattle leertn*
Ketchikan. eouthbound. Sam Aprtl It
Htr Fiirmlngharn Oty. iVO mll.s from
Flatter y. Inbound. I ll p. m.
t* S. Jiatsl f swwslf llw
April lk—#tr Horace X. Hester. Heat
tie for Han Franetero. |)t m!f»a from IU
attle. I p m.. etr W*at Nllua, US mii«w
from Cars Flattery bound for Honolulu.
I p m ; etr W>nai'h»». ffeattle for Yeko
hima. I.Sti mllee from H*attle. • p m .
•'r ' ity of Heattle. Ketrhlkan for Ocean
Fella. eouthbound. i»a»ln» Ketchikan at
1J 19 April 20 atr Weat leort. fUattle for
Yokohama. 100 mll»a from Cap* Flat
tery. I p m. . ship Abner ( «burn. Heattla
for Ilriatol Bay. off Port Towneend at I
I P m.
I'afet *«wind Radta Trkfrapk fa
April It Htr Weat laon, Heattl# for
Tok'-hama, 100 mltea from Seattle at I
I P ln
• • •
Vessels in Port at Seattle
Pmlth Tova Terminal—Pfer 11, atr Fuahl
ma Maru.
Great Northern Terminal—lt# Tatsuno
Hell Htraat Terminal—TT HC O Alfonquln
Amerlran Co Hehr AsaUa.
Plar 7- Hit Tlpperanoa
IMar 0 Hrr Alalama Maru
l'l«*r A Htr Adniiral iUnlmaa. atr Hpo
IMar I>- Htr Admiral K»ana
Pacific Toaet irmkera—H»r Kaatam
Olan. bark Guy C. Goaa. ahlp II F
I United H'atea Hhlpplnc Hoard Moorfnae
Htr w fit ward Mo. atr Yoaemlta, atr
Onion Pacific Terminal Htr Walltngford.
Alaaka Hteamshlp Mooring—Htr Victoria,
atr Hfcaffway, atr Hanta Ana
Htreet Terminal -U H H flumelde.
lender Street TarmlnaJ Schr Wawona,
s« hr All' a.
Jlanford Htreet Terminal— Str Ilakara
fleld, atr North western.
Hp"kane Htreet Terminal Hark Oeo.
Curt la. motorabip W. F. Ilurrowa, ahlp
Todd I>ry Htr Weat Itartland. atr
Jalapa. atr Foreat Klrr-j achr Admiral
Mayo, atr Weat Mlnir#
t Pugat Hound Mrldga A Dredflng Co.—Btr
-1 Amis Yard Htr flooaevalt.
Maffernan Dock Htr Ketchikan. etr
CHICAGO, April 20— W. Jett
Uuck, economic for the railroad
untonn, In a atatement made pul>llc
today, declared the railroad* were
wasting more than a lillllon dollars
a year. The statement called atten
tion to the alleged waste and Inef
ficiency In railroad operation.
I.auck said the railroad* were
using old, worn out locomotive*
which coat thousands of dollar* more
for coal than up-to-date engines
He claimed there wu Inefficient
management In the whop organiza
tion*, an unnci-es*ary larice turnover
of labor and huge suiiih spent In
Little Change Noted
on New York Market
Nl \V YOTtK. April 10 I Ark of developments In the nnwa generally af
fwtlni etnck tnaiket price wu reflerteif In the opening quolatlona on
the New York e«<h«n»r |..dnv Price# wrra Utile different from thoae
quoted dtirlnu final Tuoidty,
M ■ «I en n l*t-t rotewm, whicli wu up 1 at ltl, lout wont of Ita iftln
ahortlp lifter the initial quotation hujjar gtorka wer# lower.
opening price im-luilnd
Htudi-haWi-r, 7>, un«l>nnKed; Rlnelalr. til, tip Crucible, 19%. off t.%
Mr*«tcan I'etroleuni, ll&S. up I: Corn I'roduitg, 71, tip S. Allantle 'lulf,
I"V%. unchanged: American Snuar. #7H. off V*, I'nlted Nlaiea Hlnel. tl**,
up . I'alilwln SI, up \g . Northern I'aelflr. 71 Mi. unchanged.
Oeneral Aaphalt, 14 St. up ; International I'aper, tutfc. off %, Nrw llaven,
17 Vl. up
Croft-am.mala eontlntied hegrlah and there waa wldeapread aelllng
Sugara and ateel mo. Wu sank. American Hu|ar making a new low on the
•le. line at Crucible Hieel hit 7t before setting support. C entral
t.« ath» r wan off at 73 . . . , .
The mtfitrt wax dull at the rtose Home epeclaltlee worked higher
Shorl covering helped other laauea
« • • •
CHICAGO. April 20 After a alow
•»penlng. grain iirlrn advanivd
aharply on the ( hicatro Hoard of
Trade t"dav. due to h« avv demand
from commlaglon houaea There waa
eonaldrr ahle aelllng at the oiitaet.
driving wheat quotation* especially
down However, the advance »et In
early and carried all nriera upward.
I*rovlaiona were hiaher
May * heat opened unchanged at
11 12 and advanced \c at the « l'<ae.
July wheat opened tip t*c at 91
and Kalncd I renin later.
Mav ct»rn opened up at I7e, and
eloaed up !Uc. July corn opened
down kc at loc. but regained l\%c,
September corn opened up \c at
tSVac. and advanced S«' at the ct<>ar
May oat a opened off *%c at Jtc, but
advanced le at tl>o dope July oata
n. d in. hanged at J 7 S•'"! • !"•
ed up I Sr. September oata opened
unrhanKed at SISgC and advanced
Z \c at the cloae.
a a a
Chicago Board of Trade
(W edweoelo y*• Qtolallaa*)
I Mrolahed l-» I II Manning A »o 'a Prl
vale It Ire. Mailer lletel He lid leg
Whaat— op«a High laa I Ims
Mar 91 si 91 II 9> U% 91
July .. l«]<t IHH Itiw
Mar IT .lt\ %*% .11H
May «t t! h
Hen «JV4 t«<a ti'v tiw
July IT % u% «**
P'pt .... JU «t .11% II
Mar H If tit# II ti II ft
July....*. Nomiaal lt.lt
May t It HI t ll 111
July tt tt 11 tt t It It IT
in be—
Mar. .... ttl 111 lit IIT
July Nemiaai t It
a a a
Cash Wheat
miCAOO. April It -<-aah wheat -Jt*
1 rad. I . J« 0 I it % . No I hard. Ill*
e o a
Chicago Live Stock
riIICAOO. April It Itoge parolpla
Tt.tta Mark#! ltflle lower Hula of
aalea. |l lift far her a. |l Ilgl 11.
fe ting It Uf M light. 9«?«t»ll«
|Mga |« lt#l. rougha. |« It#? 19
Oat tie lursipia. Il.ttt Marbet etaad y.
Peef. 9Tfl It. batrhar atocb lllttft.
rannera and mttsre. || t• • t Tt. sio«-k»ra
and tllt#ltl. cow a. |t#T tl.
ralvea. |Ttf» It
fthaep Ifereipta 11 ttt Market. >!«
lower Lam be, 9?Tl*lltt. eoea. 9111
• : Ik
N. Y. Coffee and Sugar
KBW TORK. April tt Augar. weak.
Raw. 9114 graautated. 9TIt«TTt
C®ffao No. T Hlo. epot. te Ik. No t
Aaatoa. t»ts« tk.
Foreign Exchange
!»*W T"RK. April li-TMdn
• kmc* trr«cu)*r
liftUllon* lUfllhf, II off H .
rrrnn*-* I* •?!♦. up It •«♦«>». Ilr* HMIt.
v» MMtl. uikik IMIIT, . f M •••<♦.
Cantdlaa 4»it&r*. M III*, itehupi
TM turtM «!■«»< firm
•urllx >u II lltlH.
Iln, I* *lll. muli (••111. CwMlu
«tll>r» 10 lilt. kmii. I* II*?.
Denver Live Stock Market
PCKT«K. A»r1l M -CaMW—ReeetH*.
•H M»fh•* IKlk !•»« MM
fill *»»• *»<« II •' I». •*»«■*-
•r. f—<!.r«, II It. '«!'•«. Ill*
Il«g» n«-»l|>l«, IH Mar%*» 1»#1M
Inn Top II I*: »•»'*. I" "
|h»» lIM Martial
ImU, It >••• l«. II Ik
Portland Market Statu*
poRTT.AJfD. April I*-Cat tie—Market
eteady iinrh»n(hNl.
»!«>»• fteeatpte, Hi. Market ateedr.
|U)»n> R«#«lp<A lit. Mark at eteady.
Putter Ite tk.
Cheeae - tie Ilk
F*w t«#t«e d«k
liena 10c lk.
San FrancUco Produce
HA* mhnrinrci. April It— Kitraa.
t* ; prim* fir*!*. HH' lb
ft,..*. Cllfwil* flat* f*»*». 1l« Ik.
Kirs*ltlru. »»!*<■ Hot : M* I <llrtl»*.
II He dea. ; »*tra pwli*i». II He 4o« . «n
--<t,r»li*4 pull***, lie 1 8 1
d*nt Harding's Intention to mak«
frequent trips from Washington for
speeches In various parts of the
f»untry was disclosed today by defi
nite acreptnnre of two engagements
*nd the word that be has other* un
der consideration.
While Hurtling at present contem
plates no lung trips such as former
President Wilson made on several
occasions, he does wish to get In
touch with the people whenever he
run g< t away from the press of busi
ness at the White House.
The two dates which Harding ac
•■epted today call for his appears nee
In Birmingham some time In the fall
md a speech in New York city May
23. The Birmingham date will be on
the occasion of the celebration of
the 50th anniversary of the founding
of that ctty and In New York Hard
Irg will siieak at a dinner commemo
rating the 12fith anniversary of the
founding of the New York t'ommer
Another trip wltl be made on
April 27 when the president will go
to Hamptim Roads on the May
flower to review the fleet
A delegation of veterans, who
nerved In the Hnlnbow division In
Fran'*, was among those received
by the president today.
St. Joseph Boy Choir
Plan Concert Apr. 29
A series of rehearsals In being
held by the boy*' choir of St. Jo
aepb's church. In preparation for
their concert. April 2#, In the audi
torium of the Holy Name* academy.
Member* of the Seattle Symphony
orchestra and the Knickerbocker
quartet (rill ««fl*t
Divorces under the "poor person*"
privilege In Kngland are granted
only to tbone whoso Income la less
than u week,
N. Y. Stock Exchange
(Taeedey'g rr»olell»na >
himlehed by I- It. Manning t Ca '§ fit
vale Wire, llutler Hotel llolldlng
gletk - High U»W flr»ee
Atrhlaon t« "»S USt
Amor I i«*e I Mugar ..ITU It Vt
Ainar ('or A l >1 y HI
Anter Inter nal imtal I* V 41 41'%
A merit an numelra . Tl% Tl " >
Ainarlean |>womotlve II U II
Mnar T*l I Tel.. IMH 101 \9l\
Ana«onda US i*'t I'S
halt A (>hle 14 IIS IIS
Malitwln Locomotive »•'» ■ '■> S US
llathlahein Mtael II 16 S
Canadian Paring lios I^• S Itts
t'antral leather ..... I S l*S S
r . M A Hi P f» 14 s 14 s
('ula ('an* Nugar 1 • \ US * |l V
Corn Prod ueta....... TIS Tl TIS
I ru.il.ie lus 7IH Tt S
* }•- ar ra I Mottire I>S 11 \ US
ii«*m|ri«h ......... IS 9T
ilreat Northern .«> * <» tl %
Industrial AlooUol. . . II II tl
I na|>lrat i<>n 14S I •UH
kenneeott 19 It •% It S
hseatina 44 s
Median l'»irnleum U«S MIS 11*
Mlaoeurl Ta.lfU . ITS ITS US
New llaven ....« ITS M*« US
Northern Paetfte . TIS TIS "IS
Pan Amar Petroleum ?ts
Pierre Arrow I'S 91 US
P«nneylvanla K. R. US US 14 S
Heading US *'S
•, .aa r 14
H«-i'ul»lir |r«>n A gteel It S ••
Rock latent . . . I>S
Miaolalr CHI .... lb US 1 4 s
a.twliiern Pacific ~i\ Tl 11%
Houthern Itallaajr. .«. US U 91
Mtudabak<*r U « TT % TT S
Tela* lumpeny. 41S 41 41 S
Telaa pa. Ifle 19 !• II
T«>!•*«■ ea PrtMlttc la a/ \ «»S IIS
t*io.»a oil ef l*elaeare US US I®S
t nioa Paelflr 11 *. s 114S I<4S
I'nlted He tall gtoree IIS It It
t'wited atetee Itubber TIS 41 S
I'nllad atetee IIS US tl
I tah Copter II IIS
Vanadium ateel US U U
* abash 7S
Heii.nghiua* I S ITS IT
Willya <^varland...... ■ T S 1\
Internatioaal Nfhel US U II
Itroob. I lap id Tranett US It It
1 vtai ato< b aeiee. 11l 111 aharea
Liberty Bonds
<Teeo4ey'g u«"Uiisaai
raraiehed b? I. II Manaln« M Cft,
Halloo Holel llolldlng
11 ten Uw n«ae
PI rot ISa Mil l»ll tt T4
mi 4S * It Ti » 44 a V
Aevi-nd 454 ITIt I " 41 4 «(
Third 4S * ...lilt tg It It It
Nlftl «S« 4 4 4 It.M 4 . a
fifth I %*> t' 44 tT It
tifib 4\e %' «g t; at t; it
Total tM.nd eatea. U.TU ttt
Growth of US per rent In tha ral
n« of Waablnrlon product*. >nd of
t»4 p»r cant tn th« **lu» of material*
betwaan 1114 and lilt la ihown In •
rrpurt r»r»lT«l Wadnemlajr by IM In
duttrul burMO of tha Chamber of
Commarra from William II Hteuart.
Irlflif director of tha I'nJtrd HLatM
c*n*u» of manufacturer*.
(n 1114 tha actual value of Waah-
Injrtnn product* >ax f44.Jt0.t00.
which had reached 117J.400 000 In
1010. Value of material* tn Uia for
mer r»wr *u 117.770.000 and In the
latter jre*r 1141.000.000. Thar* were
1.044 manufacturing plant* in thai
atata In I*l4. and l.ltl In ltl». ahow
In* a 10 per cent ln<T*»a*. and tha
number of employe* rm-rnmt from
16.TJ1 to 40.000 during the flr*-y«*r
period named. This latter Incraaae
la IS J per cent.
Coiil ran be brought from China to
Am»rtra km hallaet In ahlpa at fl It a
ton, 8 II lltalork, local <l!rerlnr of
the bureau of forrltro and domntlc
mmmiTw, waa Informed Tueeday by
Jullen Arnold. rntnm'rrUJ attache.
Arnold Bald the procedure would re
dune coal price* here materially.
Public Markets
Htall IT. I ft>» K#at cane atjgar. Tie
Htall 41. ft bar* «*rv*l*j WhltS *t*p'. J4<-;
4 Tbe faery h»ad rfr*. iftc, It lb pall
Kar« syrup. Sir »««n H?». t »*ara.
or a prints. IN* ran* f r
Mr; |.«g. lf«- pkg ; *m*lt Ivory »o*p t
for Il«; I lar*# cans temato#a. 16c. sugar
pea*. lie; Oragon «hnl« prunra 4 Tb*
!lr oat* I pkg» Jftr; i,#| Mont*
•Head Iftr ran
fbs l«e, 4 ft>s I 4«, I n»s 71*. Hvails 4 1
fb* Mr. 4 fb* lie. I * Tie. fttalls 4-1.
M f r »*h butter, 41c Tb . f Tb* ||c
iMall lit. plrklrd pig* feat, 2Or Tb . I'•!
Mont* hekrd beans. I ran* iftr Htails
It 12 14. H*e<llih p«.f*to Muni* Iftr n>
boft»l»M hrlaket corned t»*rf 2®r Tb rtlall
4ft. J cans p~a* or corn. Iftr big ran in
mato#a. 14c Htall 11. grap*
frail, I for Iftr limnni, |Sr d"l Malls
24 14. larga pkg Citrus powder }?c. 4
bar* Oram a OH *«»ap Ik Mail 101. IloyaJ
White soap, 4 for Iftr
Iftll rir«t a*» . Tatlaf*a labal
taa. 4 H Tb pkas Sir Mf»11 ||4. lam),
•teak. Iftr lb | lb* pur* lard. lie. 14
I*l ka at . bedding plant*. Carnation* II 7ft
do* to lft« aach Htall 142. brat fr»*h
hut tar, 4ft« lb . 7 Tb* Iftr; r Tba ran*
■ugar, 70r 44 l»ik* at . hamburger, I
rb* Iftr. pot roajrt. lOr fb Htall 14. King
■almon. I&c lb ; freah halibut, |©e Tb
Htall 12. 4111 pl'klr*. « for Iftr, I»r|
Mont* rataup. Iftr bottle Htall* l*-?ft.
liooth aardlnee, 17e can. seeded rsl*lns
lie lb
Ht*Tl 44. fr*ah rr*am*ry butter, 44r fb ;
•trirtlf frwh r(T«a. 14r do* Htall 14]
pur« ran* *u««r. I Tba 7|r Stall 40 |&r
e«ff*a. I T7»* 4 fir. 4 H ft.* |l 00 hi all 21.
Kasan'a warn* flour, | rt> pk« 2ftr;
rrarkad Wh*st. I lb* 2lr StaJl 12. black
rod. I Tt>*. 2ftr; r*d anapprr, 2 H a Jftr
Htalls 1011. orangaa, lfco d«»* ; brat r*l
onion*. » Tb* ir.r Htall* 1-2 1 *'»od
baron. 2&c H' . half or who]* ham*, aor
lb Htalls 17-14, ft bar* Crystal White
**»ap. 14r; 44 H» aark ItaJnlrr Ilr*t flour
II 4ft.
Qi r.rN rrrv
Htatl I, rrr*n bona. 4 Tb* lftr : lamb
*hauld*r. lOr Tb Hlall r.O. » )n*
ran* anaar, 70r; t»c*» fraah butt«»r. <V
Tb . 2 It.* «f.r. Hlall 11. drlad prara. lUr
Tb ; good whola prunra. 4 lb* |Rr, Mtall*
4t 60, a**ortrd rhfHo|*tra. bUr H. Htall*
10-20, rrd snapprr, 15r n» ; t*nd*rlntn '.f
*o|*. Ific lb Htall* %9. 4 Tba |'|*kr
Whit a, 60c; Hun Maid ralalna. 2ftc pka
Htsls 21-22. frrah goat's milk. 26c pt . f,f) r
<lt. Mtall 12, g'H.d local potator*. 9] k
H'all ftl, Itin#' patent flour, |? 00
anck Htall* 14-17, 4 pkira corn 'flakr*
ISr, 6 bar* Überty White map, IT.r, stalls
4 0. leaf lard. 16c n» . Kaatcrn baron. .ir»c
Tti Htall 10ft. Citrus powder, 2ftc pk«
largr can milk. 9<- Htall 192, lingers'
baking pnwclrr, lie I 7» Htall 167. beat
ranch (■kkh. 2 dog. 46c; brat butter, 4«tc
Tb Hlall 121 Wlneaap applaa, 11.1 ft box
Htall 120. Carnitlon milk. lOHc can.
Htall 16, llr*t Kvcr c«iff«-e Joc lb
Htall 1. bqttrr horn*. I for 26r; miat
tcator* braad. 10c and 16c. Htall 4«. grnpc
fruit, 2 for 26c. rhubarb, 2 Tb* ]|«, Htaii
46. pcrch, 2 T>»* 2tc;; sol**, 2 n», jr,.
Htall 42, *alt pork. 20c lb ; fln». I.aeon,
2Sc TTi Htall r»0. (»<itato aalad, 20c pt ;
maynnnsla*. f.6c H. Htall *2, kippered
•almon, 26c T7».; ling rod, 10n lb. Htall
S4, lard. 2 P.* 16c. nhoulder lamh. lOr
Tb Htall 41, butter, 46u lb., cream
chssaa, 110 lb*
Alamo Lcttuce Received;
Butter Market Firmer
Tw« mm of Mfilrfin tornal'M'* ar
rlvr-d on the Heattle market Wwlnw
day. The tome w*r« In Mtliftk'torjr
condition and wrf being aold at s'•
a lug. rrpftciiMl luicm were 9'» 60.
A car of Alamo lettuce alho ar
rived. Aaparagua, tho »•«*!11t>ic cheap
er WidlM*wUyi at 14 to 1H rente on
California Mo< k and 20 lo 23 cent*
on ttw Ux-al, wtm weak.
I Ate Wedneeday another rar of
Ix»a Angelea itrawbirrlMi wan ei
pe«*tr d and will on the market
Thiira.lay. There will be no chWl|»
In th* prion* at $.l 21 on a Ift cup
crate, iWal<*ri rfportM,
A good movement wan nntM on
the orange market Wednesday. Ap
ple aalea had slackened allghtly.
With (h* California butter market
imiwln* etroriK'-r. the H'attle market
appeared to Im> eteadler WNlnaaday
than for eome time.
Oplnlona rn to the eprg market v*
rlrd from ahaky to eteady.
frtrM laid tN^Uers
Oal . |H>r (Inl ..... I Tft
laptrtfi*-<'>l , j'«r lb. »•••.. HO 1 '
!>»•»! per |ti to# It
lleola 1» • .* <fc 1 II
Itrareell Of.. Had .. I 'I
f Cai Wtntitng«t«4t. n> •• S4
1 •rn-l» jiff k ... ... 1 ll
( aalinoim <*tl . f;«U
C«r«NtlMWt l.«r blMhouN, dl I •»§♦••
Oarttr |'»r rt» |lf ••
pit* C|| , \*9t n» llf II
ll»r%frMtlih I'rf TTi U# ft
» , rr%tm 4 10
t filter I*l VllUf. rf»!« ..,, , .1 #t# I It
h«»l h«»'«»» p*t rrtl» 1 !•
Onliirii ('tl , |»«r It . . tl# tl H
IxMMii. ir»«n. <!'»• t (inrhM
'»nln« RrU Of , |.«r TT. <T\4 # ••
rar»t«f <'«| . pmr rt- t ImlirhN
l'rpl«r« . pmt th
I'rr tt . tTHO tl
I'slain#* N«« Oarnfi, r»l . rt»
r W'%«h t»»n
t#wal. white, t-ft .... Htt#tott
R«di*hf« Cil <l<>» tiur»r:h«Nl 119 4*
l(hu*Hirt> la* •! #u'rl««f .... t# H
Nmlklmci* t'mr M> a .... M • U
IptMrh t «t por f'-i I"f ' II
WmHm W all*. |.«r | II
|'«r tt> .tl
««p#i r»uiM»-
Arkanni {M-r hamper ..... ll'ft I*
r*m«l(>M lug !•©#!!•
r. Waafi: ..... I
» 1(101*
frV#% r*l4 Nbvlaak D»aJm
r Waah ItO 111
ronklrvf Tl® 1 tl
IU««a»a l*«r th US
< nrMMla !*•* If M
Tahiti Par A»* llt
Ottra I'ar rat* ft#
I t#a f»ri#«|, |>ar II Tb bet ... 4tt
Rmrraa ... It
(•r«|M> trait - r!"rl4a, M' ear* f M
lwp«fli| *«Ma|r t tt •• It
Waery cvmit*. par erate I It
Cat »<ratn»4. |>ar It ........ II
l#nMia l'»r ■ Itt#llt
Of.ncr* I'ar rata !• #f 71
•'rara I It
*Urawbwrrt«a I. A II pi rrl* I!' 0i '
riß«appl«<a f»r »»g»a llt
T aaaif*et»ea I'ar Maa ITt#ltt
rrir+m rati HHoMa Dadan
% I 4* t*»f tb. . .......
Itratll far fh It
(liialßaU Cat. par tl> ....... -II
filbert a I'er lb 11# l ?
W*Jai«»ta '"*•! V
haiaaia \ trglnla ger«*®e*. tb e
laaaMM ti# tth
Crraaa Pat Th It
hairy moment
rrkaa raid I* lUalppera
narflerfal tt# tl
r«|* rraab raiwH Jl# .14
l*u' lata .ft
mia -Ovt.. br t»<■%•. 4alrua .. 11l
hairy rnom crn
Me«a r»l4 WlMliaalt UealW
natter tr«am»»r .......
nnra it
Btf* freah raacb mm**. Jl# t*
hll!«U .A - -31# 14
Wlik or.ale eravta brick ...... -3t
Umbargar -II
llivfh Ratal II
Wutl trlplata It
Mraa raid by I* balewJe Dmlere
%m ablppers
Oaarba t.l»a 4®
ll«aa «n4*r 4 Tba -ft
I4a«. 4 Tba arid up
Geaee I>raaaad >l*
Ura ft
T«rbey» tjaa
Itelgalia llarea t.tva .14
nu*m raid w balMleee
Bar ha f»ri«a«l 41
llaaaa T>fMM It# l«
f'f»«t»4 44
Tiarbej'a I»raaed .11
Qaaiatkaa al atarkyarde
Madiom haaay ITlOltfl
Hough heavy .••••«•••.... f TS# R II
l iga It tt#ll tt
|t*at ataara T Tl# t ft
Medium ta rh«|ea t tt# T fl
|i*«< roai and heltara ..... t 100 f tt
Bulla 4 too l it
Calraa IJfht lt^o#Uot
Heavy I to# T tt
prime tamba t 00# f 00
T•a r 11 r. g a 4 1"# lit
W•» ha r a 4 00® I 00
C**a 1 40# too
Cat, eltr d»tt*arr, 4 4 i, bhl R U
ritr hvlraale prlrrai. Per Tea
Cora Wbola ?tll»«ar. uo tb. aa< ka JR 00
f'rarktd Itt Th aarka 40 00
r*r.| M*al. 100-Tb aarka . 40 00
naelrjr Whole. f»«d. 100-fh aarka.. |R 00
Polled. R0 Th 40 00
Ground. 100-th. aarka ...40 00
rilpp~l 100 Th aarfci 00
Oat* Whole, trad. 100 Th aarka ...It 00
llollrd. To ?T. aarka 41 00
(Iroond. RO-TT> aarka 4100
Hpmutlng, 100-Th aarkr 44 00
Whfal Hcri*»an# l r«-#d. 1??'-Tt» ak« 4f 00
Ml «»r«ln (hop R0 Th aarka ..... 42 00
t blrb I'eed 100-TT. aarka 40 00
Umwlng r**d. 100 Th aarka bR 00
Maah. 100-Th aarka. No HM 40 00
K.gg Ma-h 100 th aarka. no HM Sb 00
JUratrh l>ed ltO th ka ...... 47 00
St. Paul, MinneapoliH, Omaha and Kansas Round
City $87.60 Trl «»
St. i/ouls $101.40 ' •*!«*"
Chicago 106,80 w !rTu
Other Deatlnallona Proportionately Ijow
On Sale Juno I to Auxuat 15
IJmlted to Three Month* From Data I'urcha.ied, Not to Exceed
October 31
Malio Rifth Kmervafiotn Early
For Full Information Regarding Th<«e ltcduced Fhre* Call On or
Phone Elliott .18:10 T. J. MOOKE, Agent
J. W. YOFNfJ, City Pawg'r Agent, 201 King SI. Station
C. W. MELDItI'M, ,V**t. (ien'l 1 'im Agl.—l'lkiiio Main 6(101
Puyallup and Sumner Vote
to Swing In
PtTYAIrHTP. Wedmiaday. April 20
Thrw hundred berry growera of
thin valley parked the rlty hall
auditor!urn to capacity yeaterday af
temoon. liriarilrnoiialy VOted to awing
the Puyallup A Humner Fruit Orow
era' Canning compuny Into tht new
Orr-fon Wimhlrtftiin ( mnlnß A I'ro
n« rvlng coin(Ntnx, the $10,000,000 cor
titration ortruniKt'd to handle the
I)tmln* end of the NortiiWMt In
Following addreaaeg by ftenator
W. If. I'uulhamua. prealdeTit and
leader of the fruit company,
(lordon C Corb*lay of ftaattle end
Will L. Kln»h of New York, a com
mittaa of 29 under the chairman
•hip of A K Hart* I of Puyallup.
vloa president of th* Puyallup *
Humner company, wua appointed to
canva*a the valley for a greater lo
«al representation on the Hat of
arto« khold*-ra of the rn*rg*r comi>any.
Th« four mnnlnf planta of the
Puyallup A Humurr company and Ha
17 r»**elvlng atatlone In Oregon and
Waahlngton, will paaa to th* yrrtt«t
corporation f«>r a confederation of
approximately 9100,000, the 100
Puyallup A Humner stockholder* ac
cepting k m the new corporation.
Pre*ldent I'aulhamua aa«ur*d the
Puyallup atockholdere that all the
well entahllMied *>randa of the pre*-
ent company win l»e maintained a/»d
the marketing organisation, whlrh
ha* built up trade connection® with
6?>o wholeaal* grower® thruout the
t'nlted fltatee. will be expanded to
deal with a Mill greater number of
th* total €.lOO wholesale grocers In
the country. The Puyallup A Hum
ner company waa aelected by the or
irantftatlon committee of the Oregon
Washington r*»mpany aa the nucleua
of thf merger beca uae of Ita record
for efficiency and for leading with
modern facilities, th* new 9325,000
]nm plant whlrh 1* nearlng comple
tion at Puyallup. being the flneat
example of ILa kind In the country.
It will hava a capacity of 9?0.000.-
000 worth of jama, prtwrvm and
Jelly a year."
It'a Exaggerated.
Mabel Tell* Them
!/>H AN'iKI-Kfl. CM, April 20
Mi.be! Norman, Mack Hennett com
e*ly RUr, to«tay laughingly denied
publlrtied report* that nhe had gone
to lleno. N«-r , to a legal
realdence with a view to obtaining
* divorce. Hhe doeam't n"e<l a dl
vorca the explained.
• Why. I'm not married. Never
have aald Miae Norman at
the flennett studio. "Rumnrt that
! am In Itefto, you can have
been greatly exagg*rat<-d "
lHairy feed 100 Tb aka .1100
Wheat M I'd re* 1. 10 fb earbfl . .ftOt
f «r«aja«l Mrml IS 00
4 «*<|eai*eed %4r«l tb 00
I Jr>*eed <>ll Meaal I? 00
%9f a llraa Hral 14 tt
Alfalfa «4eaal It to
Iteet falp 40 10
Hah M*al ItT 00
Mail aertapa r.aaiem .•••...»••• .lit tt
Waa tern . .Itt Ot
tXnm a Ileal . .... .. .. .. .« m••.. m.. .IT 00
Hoae Iranalatad 4T 00
< haerael Un»ni . MMMMM .. M ..TT Ot
Waatara IT Ot
Orli limaUdftt ... M .... M .... M . II tt
' I ran It a . ...... . ........ ...m .. . .31 tt
*be4l r.aatam ey»tar ...33 tt
Waatero ar»tar M ... .31 00
llearh t3 00
Alfalfa Hay - Na 1 f4 tt
Kited Har Ka 1 ... .. .. .. .... .« ..It tt
riaaaelhy liar No 1 II 00
atnaw If tO
0 0
g Do You Know 0
0 I hat Uv VKIIY I.ATKRT 0
S equipment for the MOST n
Important part* of ll>* 12l
0 HOME mill b» found in 0!
H 0
0 The Model 0
® Nursery and B
jlj The ®
A Washington ,1
0 *» Um> 0
0 Women's Edu- 0
® cational Exhibit ®
g for Washington jg
g Manufacturers q
| April 19-23 |
0 0
Westlake Market Favored
by Council Committee
I>rrl«lon on the loratlon of th» mu
nl'-lpal farmera' market will be rrwi'lc
I>y the rlty rounrll Monday nftrrnoon.
The rounrll harbor* and publlr
rrounda riimmlitt* votrd Tueaduy U>
report In favor of the Wewtliike mar
Imt. Coundlmni Krlrkaon iinil (Jrajte
were In favor and Councilman f'.irroll
took no at/md.
The preaent market will have to be
be removed when the Kfllott arterial
highway la completed. The city
rounrll |a aald to be about evenly dl
vlded on the Weatlake mnrkrt and a
Taking Advantage of the
Which Will Be in Effect Every Day
June 1 to August 15
St Paul $ 87.60 Minneapolis 9 87.60
Omaha 87.60 Kansas City .... 87.60
I)e« Moines 97.80 Davenport ...... 102.M|
Milwaukee 103.20 Chicago 106.80
(War Tax Additional)
For fares to other cities, sleeping car reservations
and further information consult
City Passenger Agent
Main 6960 Second and Madisoa
Summer dtwlfclfW
Excursion JKBmrV
Fares to
Will Become Effective on Uie
Union Pacific System
and daily thereafter till and including August 15 as
Chicago $106.80 Minneapolis $87.90
Denver 77.40 Omaha 87.60
Kansaa City 87.60 Pueblo 77.40
Memphis 11L60 St. Paul 87.60 *
St Louis $101.40
(»•*> War Tax to B« Added)
and proportionate reductions to many points EarfM
Tickets at these fares will be good for return withiwj
three months, but not later than October 81. Liberal
For Mot* Complete Detail* Inquire of
IL A. LAWRENCE, (lty rmnpr Aral, Phone Main OS
W. S. EIJJOTT, General Aim), Phone Main «SU
OmCK, Phone Kllkott 5830
W. 11. OUN, AaMtnl Grneral FYriiht and PuMutr Anal, 1
Se*tUe, Waah.
Low East bound Round Trip
Northern Pacific Railway
On Sale Daily 1
Effective June 1, 1921
Example Fares to
St. Paul M Chicago $115.34 j
Minneapolisi-1 #1 I St Louis .... 109.51 j
Duluth I Kansas City.. 94.§ M
Omaha i New Orleans.. 138.61fl
Correspondingly Low Rates to Other Eastern
Return Limit THREE MONTHS After Selling Date
Arrange Include
Now /'/ Yellowstone
for Your I I I National '
Trlp VoV^Pfo/ p,rk
For Full Particulars. Rchrdulcs and Refervatlons Inqulr* I
or Address
C'oinolldnted Tlcke* Office 200 I* C. Smith Building
1010 Second Ave. Phone Elliott 5580
Phone Elliott 6830 General Agent Pass. Dept^j^
T. J. MOORE, Agent City riiasenger Agent
Phone Main 6«io Brattle, Waah.
HnUUo - I
94.4M.T0J1 ,i
llnliinx* !'
Hpokane Jj
Clnrlnra J .SG2.72VJ®
l-urtland "
Clew-m*» i
liulanrea •K.iOJ.Wvj
Tvnnu |i
r*l«-artnn» ..... 440.*71.40 f
li&lnnre* 10.310 40 [
proixMltion to eonetrurt on Hie*
at. a/ldiUona to the I'ubtlc Market
De-partment Htore Oo.'a I'lke pi r
k«-t, connecting by a bridge ae
Western ave.
In India an elephant that |
20 toea la eonaldered more valg*
than the Barred whit* e!«*phant
In Hlam.

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