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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, April 20, 1921, Image 6

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SV MH mm a* a*». Ma pm aaAl I
■nikt II M: I hiiix. ft t». rtme.
II» i« mat* •'
Oatatda at ik< Mk N> r«
KM far • wantha. »» M 9~
faar li> anta, ais Ua ►-» •«*-
'^"^al'Dahrt"llt'«a fcntii
" I.' rWa^Halt'%»fc ,lr
A m*i\ ain't muoli nfrmW u»
falltn' when ha hu aoinaLhin'
■oft t' (<UI on. '
• • •
■Rm Ml** wanted
Aa he «tno<l there and surveyed
Haute hit* of broken bottle uo the
From his rye he brushed * toar.
So we undertook to cheer
HU gtootujr beart with optimistic
THand. Oi»r» la M to cry.
Oeoe split milk wtpe your
We told him. but the poor tuan only
"Wh»l you at; la vary tru*
It'* a foolish thin* to do—
Out It wasn't milk, my dear sir," he
a a a
Harrr M Lynch. In the Kokomo
Ond.) Tribune, exults thus.
Motor (an are coming down;
Ootninic down, comlnir down;
Motor car* are comlnir down,
Mr fair lady;
Now ha'a trot aa loin' It;
Wall buy a «d and keep to tba
III! ta tha rl|til, kaap to tba
Wall buy a 44 and kaap to the right.
We'll iota the fltvvering army,
a a a
Nowaday* whan you haar two man
eaaferrtnc tn stag* whtspara about a
mm It'a a conservative wager that
a a a
wis asraa wtth Aha Lincoln that
Ska giaat—t need of tha weeid today
«S i—lllty. Bm wheowrer wa
M ooroelvae growtng a M wky
■boat mm a* aw gwsaa to • ocm
a a a
• a a
At atwtfa man faols tf thara la
tmr Mrtsafinilin dona la his family
ks Is tha aaa to So K.
a a a
GBT AN rnsnu
Boom of titans ptapo-kwtdng M
hwt don't maan as much as thay
pretend to mean la their argument
Shout low necks and abort skirts.
Tou will notice that thay ara cloaa
—otigti to get an eyefulL
Chow apt Tea drmt han to twrny
Shout your tneoma tax for another
'**' aaa
What has become of tha aM
Mltwiiil president who used to sand
Ms maaaage to congr— to ha raad
hy a clerk?
And what has (aroma of tha o. r.
hsaha who believed In tba outja
a • a
A Now Torfc dry saloonkeeper aaad
a hose ban bat on flvo bandits and
wan lad thaw Tha police should sign
a a a
Mot a tha a l.tot bfDa hn« aliaaitj
feooa Introduced tn tha national
house of representatives. Tou can
Had consolation In tha fact that Dot
all of them win be passed.
A hardworking young man of con
siderable refinement, free from In
toslcanta, narcotics and any cm-
Saumed habit, desires a small fur
bished room at a reasonable price m
the home of equally virtuous and
Signified people. T B##.—Advertise
•sent tn New Tork (ft. T.) World,
A man Jumped off Brooklyn bridge
to collect a hot of a dinner. Our ad
rice to those who make such bets Is
to collect In advance.
• • •
Sunday afternoon several members
•f the Oalva volunteer fire depart
ment, dressed In their uniform*,
made a tonr of the city In the new
chemical truck recently purchased
by tha city council.—GaJva Oil.)
a a a
ft always strfkas as as at ran re
how much easier It Is for a chorus
girl than an assessor to find a mil
lionaire's money.
Beautiful aa la the wakening of nature to now life
after the pauM of winter, tha phenomenon has other
aapert* which may now and then give uv or nation for
thought an we behold the verdure of the earth In
Bprtn« and early aummer The plant* are our Indla
penaahla friend*. They are our aole reliance for the
continuity of the life of man upon thla globe.
The energy of the unlvrr** 1* believed to he con
served somewhere; ao far aa known there la no ulti
mate waxte of It. Hut the energy available for uae
(trowa lea*. and ateadlly la dissipated. Of the energy
of the aunllght falling on the earth, no very treat frac
tion la used; and a* for that whlrh radiate* thru spa'-e,
nearly all. ao far aa we know, la waated. Thera are
aeven or eight little worlda that atop a trivial part
of It; the reirt la diaslpated. If it la conserved, aa we
believe and hope. It la aomewhere far beyond our rearh.
But of that energy which rcar.he* the earth, no form
•f animal Ufe 1* capable of laying hold and transform-
It Into tl«i«u«. Vwtnhl* life only ran do th.it.
IJr. lu. kj. Slot Aid ain a remarkably lute rusting; articlo
A Real United States
Closer Communion Between States
and Between Cities Needed
you CAN BE LEGALLY MARRIED to one woman
and divorced from another in one state, and,
without changing your relations in the least, by merely
crossing a state line you become a bigamist, and, by
crossing another state line you become a bachelor, but
subject to prosecution under the Mann act.
Until we get uniformity in our marriage laws, we
will not be a united people.
Until we get uniformity in our auto license laws, we
will be dealing in wholesale injustice.
Our game laws, until recently; our conservation
laws, our corporation regulations, have all been at
cross purposes, and only when the game was gone,
and our timber largely used, or destroyed, our re
sources wasted and our national wealth monopolized,
and frequently diverted abroad, did we pass a few
federal laws of potency.
We have been so busy growing, each city a law unto
itself, each state making faces at its neighbors, each
business holding aloof from every other business, each
family, clan and immigrant race upholding the an
cient traditions and associations, that we have had
time and energy for little real national life.
The war fused us a bit and broke down some of
the class barricades and silly distincti<%s that foolish,
vain women and bigoted, vain men had been setting
up; but generally we are unfusing again, and few of
us have time to be American first and Californians
second; Americans first and .Bostonians second;
Americans first and Southerners second.
We are today the greatest empire that wai ever held
together, for China and Ruasia never were one peo
ple; nor was any of the ancient empires of conquest.
There are more than 100,000,000 of us under one
flag, with, presumably, one set of ideals and aims and
loyalties; but it is a vain presumption, for most of us
think of ourselves as American citizens about once a
year, some time between March 1 and 15, to be exact
Europe will perish unless it sinks its artificial but
ages-old distinctions, enmities and divisions.
This nation will become a mob without cohasion,
force of purpose, unless it draws each year in closer
communion each state with its neighbor, each city
with its neighbor, each family with its neighbor, all
united under one flag, and each, to the last, lowly,
tired plodder, way back behind the soup kettles, miles
from the firing line of national destiny, devoted to his
duty as an American citizen.
Brethren, we need some of the good, old-time, patri
otic fervor and fire that thrilled our fathers when the
fife and drum corps went by on Decoration day, and
without it we, too, will perish.
Is Yours a "Dusty" Bible
FA RECENT MOTION PICTURE occurs a trivial Inci
dent, the significance of which is quickly grasped by
everyone In the aodisnee.
The villain of the play reaches into his book case far a
Bible. Before opening it, he blows the dost from its edgea.
A mere gesture, but it is one of the best touches in the
play. The audience understands and smiles appreciation.
The incident holds the mirror op to a fsmiliar thing in
many homes—the dusty Bible.
Lying unused on many she!res, ft offers In vain Its
wisdom, its consolation and its romance, while the unsated
hearts of the owners seek in vain for new thrills in the
bent sellers.
Who knows a sweeter story that the book of Ruth?
And tragedy more sublime than the story of the Cruci
fixion? And philosophy mora wholesome than that of
Ecclesiastes, or of the Proverbs? Or poetry finer than
the Song of Solomon?
The Bible has the wonderful quality of being always
new, presenting unexplored depths of light at every read
ing. It is like one of those wonderful old attics of our
childhood days, where at every visit we would discover,
hidden away, something we had missed on our last visit
"An active mind," said President John Quincy Adams,
"cannot peruse a single chapter and lay the book aside
to think, and take it up again tomorrow, without finding
in it advice for our own conduct, which we may turn to
useful account in the progress of our daily pilgrimage on
In the Editor's Mail
ot'R cmzramrir. Tire
Editor The Stir: I was Interested
tn The mar's editorial entitled
"Orown-l!p Children " In anothar
Seattle daily of same date I read that
annually we Imprison by promos nt
law 400.000 persons a year. If to tha
dullards In school tha physical weak
lings. the Later criminals, we add
money cort. sorrow cost, tha atrong
hampered, civilisation delayed, wo
can plainly see that we ar» paying a
high price for retaining an outgrown
Ami rlra haa Jo at irurh rtttlirna aa
you describe, ami aha haa that kind
b*cauaa aha wants than). At all
events. aha wanta that kind far more
than aha wants to wake up and to
admit that "taboo" la a cuntam fit
only for Ignorant, Irresponsible aav
agea and not ona for Intelligent
Aswrlcaw of the present day.
Wa got rtlpvna In two by
Immigration and by birth. No mental
teat la appMed to Incoming allana.
They muat not be raving manloca nor
palpably tmhecllea. Anything l«aa
than that "goes." We admit them,
ftt to be Americana, fit to reproduce
their kind. There la no limit put on
birthrate anywhere, agai/urt in;
nIM «r kind. II la aaay enough to
bo horrified at tha (T«t maaa of u»
fit, aajqr enough to blama paranta for
their fo»lU#>. criminal trreeponaiblltty;
for their tut of finer I rutin eta. But
tbo they be war H provlfjoot, mar
ao alive to Uietr reeponaJbUlty. U they
know not ona alngta. safe, onntrnoap
u»a maOxKl. how ara all thee* uitwaV
aoma, diaaatroua blrtha to ba »r»
vented? And tha parent* ran not
know. ascept clandestinely and by
chance, for tha American taw. under
repeated otuilaughta, nr* that par
enta mnit not know. If they acci
dentally bwom» Informed. tbay Khali
h« proaecutad If they paaa en thla In
formation to othera. At every araaion
of onngran*. for yaara pnat, tha mem
bem have been urged to repeal thla
obnoztoaa law, but thoa far with no
•uooama. Henna wa (rat In new eltl
*ena juat agaetly what wa kn«w
would ba th* natural and logical re.
ault of mich tmpoaad Ignorance Why
then ba peeved about it? Or why
wait In bland aaranitjr for kingdom
r»«ma. whan tha rfraMy Ilea—now—
within our own hand*?
•ay ir
"Entropy la the anamy of th* human rare. Clvfltaa
tlon depend* upon our auoc«>ig In combating It"
"Entropy" la the gradual |o*a of energy to which all
form* of force are subject. Ha goes on;
thl* war ef f»ir-<l»f»nN ths plants are ear afTH* They
alone ha» the pow«r to ratrh the annshlna a* It fall* an* fli
l» In the form of starch for ear food, or mnua tor our fuel
Krrry ln*f in the world in wording for ua, tn storing tip po
tential pow.r. In holatlss more snargr to a hiju-r lereL"
I'rof. Johnston# of Cambridge say*--
•llolar radiation falltnr en aea and land fritters «*elf away
In waata hoat. but falling oa the areen plant
*>-<-iiniulatra In the form of arallahla rhatslrsl energy The
total result of life oa tha oarth In tha past haa limd the sr
rumtilatloa of snurmous atoraa of anari) la tha form of aoal
anil othrr aubatanraa 11/ Its aaanc/ doganaratlnn haa baas
The tree* and herb* are onr friend*. The ancient*
were not far wronn when they counted that man «
li»n"f irtnr who make* two bliulea of gratia to grow I
where formerly there woe one.
WaeeMaaa rf baaMh. aaailatlaak
brataaa. ell I ha aaawarad II aael ta
laliraallM Bi| I rlanat. I' g, na
il* UaalUi Sar«laa. WeaAlas'ea. D C.
Nkln ItloriM •
Mr »«»• l «rj W4 aHa ft*
*w* I*4 II I* oom.lMat t.rttW» Thof
•«» h*»<lr r..i .1 nialit an muual of l«.
*• H»m 4wl«n hao« IrM tr«oi
m«u, km taor <•«'< (*i ii h«M w«
'*• tot ll ho*l*4 for • «u> u4
Ikon ii «»niM ta>i
Tha dirru-ulty you ara bttlni la
rtd<lln« your chlMr«n of thair anoov
in* akin dl*«*aa In probably dua to
tha fart that they ut bain* oon
nijMilly relnfort od I »Uinf»«it that
you apply tha rvntdit whlrh you
hav* founrl will tura It. and than
band all your anorgtaa toward pra
vantlnit ralnfactlon.
Thia manna that all tha oivlit
rlothlnc. bwifiinir. towla and any
thin* which haa roma In contai t with
Iho My of aarh raaa mint bo ho! I««1
or txUiMt onr h lima I hoy uro waahad
K oop |ha rhtldron nrplM all Iho
tima wllh fraah arllcitM of thla kind
whlfh hav* b«m otaiillrod try bollln*
or bakln* liar* lh«rn alaop alona.
Too wllh uodorotjmd that (Mm
artk-laa h»*a Infortod by mn
ta.-t with tha child, and thair uaa
aft arvard, bafora l-»ln* boiiod ar
hakad, will naturally Infrrt htm ovar
Never say "Aspirin" without saying "Bayer"
Wamfny Cnlaa® fmm mm tha nam* arha. Navrajfta. RhovrmaOnn. Mir
"Hayar* an parka** or an tat>lata, arha, Tontharha, I*urabajro and for
you ar. not ratUrw gnu,*. Aaplrtn *» ««» Hayor Tab
. .~ . .. . lata Of Aaplrtn to handy Un bomaa of
praambnl by phyatciana for twonty ~ tn fcotu,, af >4 and 1M Aa
ona yaara and prortd aafa by nil plrln la tha trada mark of Bayar
llooa. TaXa Aaplrtn ooly wdi>lil in Manofarlora of MnananttVTrltlaatrr
tba Bayor packaca for Colda. Haad of HalyryUcacM.
u m. c^xracm.
Nam Klsfrr, (ha Janitor «f
Mghtfont 11*11, aay* that the
usual rood Urn* wui had by all
•t Ut' ilanra laat night; for Utla
miwrrin' be awnpt up Uir u*ual
wMbamiw kayf & clgarr*
buU* lire awt learn, but inuat
iv us lira an' frrrlt.
Let Dad "Roll His Own"
Music on a Farrand Player
Three times oat of four yon have to wait for sister
Nell or brother Bob to feel in the mood to "give you
a tunfe." How often does little brother John want
to hear his favorite march, or Dad his longed-for
waltz? Why not let u* send you a Farrand Player,
and satisfy the whole family? Dad can "roll his
own" music, and the family can each take a»turn
and satisfy their musical desires.
A Farrand Player
is a constant source of pleasure, a handsome, digni
fied symbol of all that is best in Music.
will place this instrument in your home. The bal
ance can be paid in Rmall monthly installments.
We carry no stencil Pianoa. Every instrument a
standard make.
Manufacturers Wholesale Retail
Immlrintf' Reporter.
TOO/WM qunmoN
On ran llilnk apartment toiw
rraiU irr niiilni downf
•on at.: "J n<lii mjt from tlis numlwr
of mmnclM I know stout they are
likely to be fortod to take an awful
a. V OATJ. tilt N. »Mh «L: "T«
the Interest* of k|iritiKtltii* ranuiu*
I'm hoping no."
n c. UCVT, M« n. Denny W«T
"Well. If I wort you 1 wouldn't be
too confident of anything"
A. N WI 1.1.1 AMU, Hoihatt *Tn
nut InlarMNl"
T. U MUHPHT, Kent: "On ask
tit* rlt y folk. You can't pro** any
thing by na."
"The tlrna should paaa whan wom
an murderer* can show a \ilrn ankla
to tha Jury and amlla their way to
freedom " Arthur Hurraga Farwall,
CUlmgo I'urlty league hnad.
a a a
"ftoma wont's, Ilka hn> aaa, can
naw«r bo brokea to trot hi double
liarnaaa" —J ustlo* Darting, London,
a a a
"Kcthar la regarded by ahfldrea
today aa a survival of ths stone age.
his timid thou sbalt are In their
eyaa prehlsturlc alietirdltlaa " —KSth
sr I><-gfn. darg) man
a e a
"*n«a |w* favorite oorvpatlona of
bivum -danHng and looking at
liMnras-an tha twa favor lta anrt»
patlona of what la known aa modarn
rivlllsauim."—tt, A. Al«i>JiUrr, llrlt
lab oanoo.
a a a
Tnleaa there la greatar feaOng
for morality, this nation will drift
toward free lova," 11 O. Jonaa,
OeveUnd achool aupniintaodont.
• pa
"The head hunting I>yaka of
Borneo ara aotue of the flnwrt fel
lowa In tha world. Tt>ey nev«-r tell
Ilea and never ateal."—Pr Carl Lum
holu, Norwegian etplorer.
a a •
"If retlgtod nuinot find a plane for
boilng. there i a aomethlng wrong
with ratlgloa." - The Itev. U J. Har
ris. nntUh clergyman.
TV oalliw-t nkunv Palnlo. ttw
Inolttn* Honolulu, now furnlaha.
1.009.006 mtllona of drinking walor
d»iir to tha dir.
Kdllorlala mil Owiinftilf ilrprMrd Frtra Virtoiu Newapapara
(Krom tha Oolutnbue (3tl**r>»
Wh«n veu par Tour bin* you probably IWnt that (Im coat af Itvtng
hna mounted hlihrr In tbt United Htalee than In any othar oountry.
Quito tha contrary.
Amerit*tia have had eear at adding, compared With moot netlona Hr.
a table romplled by tha Federal Reeerve V«f4. It gbowa tha high wator
prion mark In Iradlrtg oountrlaa. measured tn their own enrrenrv. and the
l>errenl*ge of Inoreaee oompared with pr»-w*r prloea; alao Uw month
wlim «>* hubbla bunt. Tht«* are wholeeaJe prloea, but they ahow the
general drift:
Highest DaU
R«*/-h»d of Pea*
Oomany 1511 % Not yot renrhed
Daly .. »7» % Aprfl, l»tt
I'ranre ...... 4(1 % April. IIM
gwrflen .................... tn % Juno, ltM
Japan .................... t2l % March, KM
Orwt llrltaln 11l % April, It*
United Htatra 171 % May, >•*•
Oan*da l«t % May. 1»»
Australia 1« % August, IM
PrloH In Oerrnany, eaya tha Federal Roaai la baui h* njore Qua H
Unix ma high aa In 1(14, and ara still going op.
In all oth«-r countries prices m coins down Tha w»rrld collapse of
hUrh prl«ae «'nr<ed tn Japan In Mvli, l»!0. Japan'a deflation baa bam
mora rapid than any othar oountry "a. Uilnally, thetefore, Japan should
be tha flrat nation to cot back on It* bual'ieaa feet.
Ilankara have beeo felling ua that Amertoan prices muet *1 ep aa that
wa can oompeta la tha world markets with othar countries to e«ll oor
aurplu* gooda and keep our factor lea going. Hut aa wa go 4cwnward.
ao do foreign prlcea, It's a lot Ilka ehaatng tha borlaon—lt moves forward
as you run after IL
11 was the rtmUm af the anrienta
to bury thslr young at dawn.
A Partnership
in Success
Berry Industry's Growth in Past
Points Way to Wonderful Future
Success in written large behind the berry and small fruit Industry of
the Pacific Northwest. Ilere Nature has done her beat to produce berries
and fruits larger, finer looking, fuller of flavor. From nothing tha indus
try has grown until fully 20,000 families are now engaged in raising these
fruits in Oregon and Washington, with an annual value of product
approximating $20,000,000. '
Thia progress is only a foretaste of the futurs. There Is hardly a Bndt
to the millions that can be brought back into the two states by providing
adequate canning, preserving and marketing facilities far this new indus
try already of giant proportions. Profit is there in plenty.
Subscription books for stock In the Oregon-Washington Chiming A
Preserving Company, which is in position to become the dominant factor
in these large operations, are now open. Only 5,000 shares of common
stock are allotted to this district. Become a partner in success by mak
ing your reservation NOW at our offices* or at any of the banks and
financial Institutions llstsd below, all of which, without pint to theab>
selves, are co-operating with us far the good of the entire industry.
Ma R Prt» To* r . 111, mmrn Bm* fki Bm* «T MbnS, X. a.
ivya »f ftiihi^R a. **
Share Preferred (8% cumulative) $lOO I #1 1A
Share Common 10 | yl lv
Oregon-Washington /
Canning & Preserving Co.
Organisation Committee for Washington
R. C. HKNKT, PrwXiMl Hanry In Html Ok, Smlrtac RBSINAU> WL FAS
SONS. rmUna NwHewwUen Mi Kirban*n. SwOlet J. W. SPANOLn, M
M Haallli National Hank. Rntttq GORDON CL (ORBAIJCY. MOiitt HiMm
Ca, Salllw HKNRY IIHODKS, PmMm M*«n Una, - m W. & RUST,
AJDWtnMi Smettm SawiUao Co, ftoMi < HKSTKR THOR.NR, TTI ifnim ~|| I
NaUml Rank of Taoama, Tmw W. H. PAITUIAMIS, ~ iHml PvyaJin amd
Bianorr KJ-uH (.ruwrra' (Mif Co, P«y<aUa».
«1M) FruH Ca. (PkMM Mate IIU)
EyeSpedalist and Medical Authoi
Report on Wonderful Remedy
To Strengthen Eyesight
Say It Strengthens Eyesight 50% in One Week's Time in Many
Ntw York. —Pr. Smith, a w«JI Won had almost dluppttwd. and at emtnta tmuond ■ ■
known eye *p*ciall«t, and Dr. Jud- (he end of six wmKi the eye wan tired eye* which taduS* 7K2
kin#, a M»jiachuwtt» phyelcian and pronounced saved. Juit think what headachea. I have worn
m«d!ral author, make the following the gavtna of that eye means to thle several mra both far dtftlT?/!
reports after a thorough teat of a little girl" Another cue la that of clf£
popular remedy fortna eyas: a >ady ») years old. She nam* to could sot
Aays Dr Smith "Whan my atten- mt> with dull vlaton and extrama In- envelopeor thaki.VetffXo«.K
lion was first relied to It 1 wu In- flamntatlon of the 1 Ids and the eon- machine' J? * !g
clined to be skeptical. But UU a junettva wu almost raw After two now and ha»a d?iarded «
rule of mine to give every new wmlti' uae of Uon-rtpto the lids distance glasaaa aft^r/th.? 7
treatment a chance to prove It# were absolutely normal and her count the fluttering .1
value. Having epeolallteil '» eve. are as bright u many a girl of treea across the street now whu£ »
work for many years I feel qualified it for ,^ V eral years hi.T u k.H uvi*? f
to e«pr'M an Intelligent opinion on Dr. Jndktna. Muaachuaetta phya- ,ilm gr.an blur to me I mmm !^'l
remedies for the eyes Hinoe this lelan and medical author, formerly press my lov at wkst
on' hu create.) mio> a sensation 1 chief of cllnlca hi the Union Qan- forma" " MM
welcomed the opportunity to test It eral Hospital. Boston. Mua., and MI. •«... ... .
I began to use It In my practice a formerly house surgeon at the New '•, *' ®*t tlmauls wMVI
little over a year ago and lam frank Kngland Rye and Kar Infirmary of yFJSfjHW. BOW discard thaM
to say that some of the results 1 Portland. Maine, says: i?.?. S.KJ?I*" * «nultlt«4as
have accomplished with Bon-Opto "1 have found oculists }oo prone ?J,7 „I. ,
not Only astonish myself, hut also to operate and opticians too wTlllnir .La. w'L.V..../ • _*.
other physicians with whom 1 have to prescribe glusaa. while neglect- i-Sl tJJEJSK. i"*
talked about it. and I advise every Ing the simple formulas which "*• IT °2\?iL.S'..?£■* iffVP
thoughtful physician to give Bon- form the basis of Bon-Opto. which .J.T. . ril! T n i
Opto the same careful trial I have In my opinion, la a remarkable JSyj?,*?"lT i.iPSe £• J*
and there la no doubt In my mind remedy for the cure and prevention WfJPJ• • JJJJJ'I*£.*
that he will come tfi the conclusion of many eye disorders Its success P •*
I have, and that It opens the door in developing and strengthening the * *]"• ° f \ front two
for the cure of many eye troubles eyesight will soon make eye-glasses *^SHS
which have heretofore been difficult old fsshloned and the use of Bon- ?i^i»
to oope with, i have had Individuals Opto as common as that of tha tooth r.'gV.V?™ iPf *" d . 'nflatprea
whe had worn glssscs for years tell brush. lam thoroughly convinced " tr IL.u ' dlaap
me they have dlspi-nsed with them from my enperlen<-e wltn Bon-Opto ' ®?. r " .T"}' r "s'her you even
through the use of llon-Opto. In that It will strengthen the ey.-rU:M , J', , • "J * *" \f*+
my own practice I hsva nan It at leut 5« per cent In ona week ,i' r iJ,\ 1
strengthen the eyesight mwra than time In many Instances ' 1 blw* il?»<s th2R?!fl2l!f isViH?
f>fl per cent In one week's time I Victims of eye strain and other eye ; n, ? l JJf •}£■! If thtv
have also used It with surprising wrsknesses and many who wear " aa earaa rqr tnair ejroa la tlm%
results In cases of work-stralnt-d uln.see will he prlad to know that NOTE: Another prominent physician to
eyes, pink eya. Inflamed lids. ncordlnK to Prs Smith and Judklns whom ths al*ve article was sihrnnuT
catarrhal conjunctlvltla, amartlpit. there Is real hope and halp for th«m -Tea. the Rnn-Opta prescrlnttaata
painful, achlnir. Itchlnir eyes, eyes Many whose oves were falling say , rlirr » eye remedy.
weakened from colds, smoke aun. Ihey have had their eyes restored , t |, u . n . insrelimts »es wail kiinn i.
dust and wind, watery eyes blurred t,y this remarkable remedy and .^*.""ll^ui VmmTLS
vision, and. In fact, msny other con- many who once wore glasses say , orlbm , hT . h .__
dltlons too numerous to mention In they hare laid them aside. *One man PUo( ..„ fl ,„ y ln mr #WB prmrtlo . '
this report A new and striking cue says after using Itr ii««ts whose evaa w«r» .'--TV
that has lust baan brought to my "I was almost blind. Tonld not k niisftt
attention Is that of a girl 1» years see to read at alt. Now T can read JETIS? & 1 LS 22JJ
old. Two prominent eye s»«. lal- everything without any glasaas and Lrw '7 Ja hMd7.r r2ltar !£i
Ist*, after a thormigh examination, my eyes do not hurt any more At "J *"£ ** r ".*** !" **?
derfded. aoaordlng to her father, night they would pain dreadfully !?°fV *_ T - W T_ *~ 1 ?-- r ** w yf
that In order to lave the sight 0/ fjow they feel fine all tha time tt iT!!?i !^jMM
her right eve. the left must be re- was like a miracle to m?" A lady .11. hLin*
moved while swatting an onpor- who used It says: "The atmosphere '^
tunltv for the operstlon and still un- seemed hs*y with or without »»nufs':l''r« r s
decided ss to Its wisdom, her father glasses, but after using this It to streagthsa syaaigbt »• par nat
was told It would do no barm to use prescription for 1» days everything »n» wiilii tlma la many instances ar so
lum- Opto In less than three dnvs a seems clear. T can reed even fine ru»id tha money it is aispsasad uadar
marked Improvement wns noticed, print without glasses." Another who guaranty by all good drugglsta la tM»
At tha and of a wook tha Inflamiua- uaed It any*: "1 waa bothered with eltjr.—Advartlsomsat.
Daddr. bnn* born* anrna of RoMTi I
rr»nrh peatry —Adverttoenumt.
WKDWKSDAY. APRIL 20. 1921. '
M*ay tM* t«)M M* *
tarkMl. b"it f«w u«
In «lth«r |Wi Wl» If ftm
h»*« Till* In»ur«t>o» »nd tmm
without It.
Tli* «>«t mt m 4
th« «.nTiMT It lir»'<•»«■ to *
nv*r« «tr*ln M xr>*>& ui/oii*
—•*.<! If »"<« rw
•rty. bxMhtl to twfcw* t
TIU« ItiMttrmMcm pra«M*a m
•ot on! y from l"«i V J">u»
tlti* falia, bot It aJao
r»n from aJ> tha «*U af a
lawwult If tl>« UtU to
TJuSm tomU Min«to*
Aaets More Una

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