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#•l* a down through the years h „ w h „„. rr~]
Wie from 1864 to 1921 brides )ZSS&S2KZ
TnriA have delighted in select- thousands of happy,
wUllv lng their homefurnlsh- ooxyuome*-
UHHa lngs at this store-this -y /??"-
Dliae week every department fori/ nervier and extend
etnrA will show suggestions Img It §lp fu I liberal
SlOre of interest to the bride. cr " ,l7 ~ < '
special purchase and sale of bedroom suites!
American walnut rr _ >
bedroom suite
$M0 n —^
American walnut ,
bedroom suite __
regular price I 18&50 ■■ m
—a Queen Anne bed- *i |lX
rooni suite with the g * rTiHi* QT
heavy plate glass I Ml 1 ! e «
mirrors; a suite U Tlr | *1 -( u>al """ 1
that will add at- m g • •
traction to any |] '
home, and the price N'
is exceedingly low; St ■ - y
regular price ZTTT
$185.50; special for
ware cooking outfit—
—lf you art looking for an aluminum art better Jkm m mm Sk. M
than the avera*" at an attrartlve price—then | T fir
thla eljht-plece fine quality aluminum set will I
be found Juat what you are looking for; icuar nil I
anteed not to runt; h*at proof handle*; regular |tf AVI#
price 122.00. Kp*<ia.j for the week ■
third rc.oon _____________
(mam furniture co.
vmuinnry i 864 WtTmriß/
PAY 95c DOW* p-L-I
—membership In th* "JVNiI BRmr
PtIA'KRWARK rt.fn- la •ocurxl L_ fr J |C
by the [>»rni"nt of only K<- down. It
upon wblrh thl* Wfn A lloffer*.
Ltd.. I(-pl*re »et of atlverwar* y I
with 10-year nareete* in .loll*-
erad to you. then you pay th* baJ
ance at th* rat* of lOc weekly;
»»t mn»l»t» of t »a# h. t*a *poon«. llnKk?
fork*. knlT** and tabl* tpnoni. J
aleo a butter knlf* and an car jmgS3SL--*H
«h*ll: rerular price SIC CO: *p...al II _r .***"* >--»3hP"" j 'l ij
for thte club *al* with food qual- JL Jg —p~.^]l
$11.96 |g|l|y
""■ Fi-oon ' i#
Coolmore porch shades
—ln aoft. bttutlfgl
and cord* In color*
that harmonise with the
■hade. Very en*tly In j
—aO thadr* < XonQ — lMm
"The Fighting" Lizard Will Oppose
The Frisco Terror, One-Eyed Mose!"
YOU maka a Rport Fan very no re hy apeaklng. Ha In Uaya of Yore,
ahnut the I'llr/.K KIOHTfI ha attenda they're IIOXINU BOIHU. he
now eotllaipla. Ptrhtp* they ara; ! never go And yet, I jircijrnfejy know
Just how thi»y wrerk the lluman and ptiah the Keaturea 0111 of
I'laoa. Ilut oh, It glvea Iha denta a Thrill lo Nam that Oklahoma Mill
tha Fighting Uaard, will opp«a« tha Frtaeo Terror. One Kyed Mut!
While Hauling ISunliun Mlka Mriiee. the llopa anil I'rtda of Tarin*«r«*.
la dua to beat tha very 0»n off Oreaaer Joe, from YuenUui' (Thl» Kind
of l"ar«y la • "Ml 1.1/; or what tha Htaga would «*ll a 1111,1.) Kometimna
a fllnk "onlpoint*" a lluy, and then thare la a llua and (Yy About the
Flandloh llaferea. and how ha ahould ha I'nurlng T'a limtead of Mu«ln«
Up the lung You often hear thla Kind of Thing Than there'* tha Kayo
ttualnana. too- that'* whan ll»ey ara lha Whole Thing TllltU. • • •
Ilut, Children, tho 1 hala to thwart Athletic llopaa, thin la no Hport for
thoaa who wlah to kaap thalr Ixxika tin tampered with by lloatlla Hooka!
Portland Surprised by Ger
manic Demands
May »».—Thirteen
ranolullona adopted ty tin Kedera
uon of Garmaa apeaklng nomwi
Cfclhollc aodrtlea. which ended a
twiMlay Manlon her* Uurt night
a aemntlon In Portland
The aortety re-elected Joeerh
Woemdle. now nnder fire by the
Palled W*in government for al
leged wartime acUvtllea, IU prmt
dent. •
Among the reeotatJoa* adopts
waa »n* condemning "certain •»
called patriotic onr*n:«atlotia"
Another gxtßirtHcHl lh» Oretfan
(rlrratlon la rongrrea ta "aiert
every meana U> put a atop to out
ragea committed by Frmrii aol
diary, and particularly by twrro
troop* of lb* Krench cmfrumrnl
upon women and children of tier
many on the Ithln«"
The On(uo drl< cation waa aim
ulinl to "lend ulmoat Influence to
early pear* with tbe central
The Portland echool board wa»
crttldaed for "discrimination" in
employment of teacher*, and It w*i
alleged that "a wave of reiiclou ■
bigotry and Intolerance" bad aprung
The federal government** action
4<*lrurt Joeeph Woemdle. newly re
flect ed jireeulent of the aocl «ty.
ww madef the aubjeet of a aher?
attack, and ft plea for dianiUual
of the eaM a*alnat Mm waa dl
rected to Attorney Uaaaral
Woemdle to aocuaed try the rtjv
emment of Having lent aid to Cap
tain liana Porhm. Herman rpy.
during tbe latter'a operations ta
tfce I Tatted Btataa The government
now aeeka to cancal bto dtlrenaklp.
alleging that 1% waa obtained on
fraud. Woemdla to a wealthy
Portland attorney.
Ailu Sheriffs' Aid
to Get Rum Runners
Anticipating that bnoae runner*
will attempt to take advantage of
the laying off of practically the en
tire force of dry agent a for a 4ft-day
period. Ponald A. MrDonald. atata
director of prohibit!* n. Monday ad
drenaed a lrtter to the aherlffa of the
•tate requesting the utmoet co-opera
tion In handling the altuatton.
Weight Limit on
Jugoslavia Mail
A Waigtlt limit Of 12 pounds *1 the
rata of II cent* per pound ha* boon
placed on all r««ul*x and r»|t«iftfd
parctv] poat parkifM to Jugoslavia,
nownllm to Uforica E. Williams. »U
perlntend'nt of maJla. Tobacco U
k14.-I to tha Hal of article* prohibited
in lb* mails fur Jugoslavia.
State Women's Clubs
to Convene, Tacoma
An attractive program for the an
ntiai convention of the State federa
tion of Women's ctuha May 11, at the
First Methodist church. Tacoma. Is
tx>ing completed by officer* and com
mittee chairmen of the organisation
Community Chest
Fund Is Organized
Organisation of the community
cheat fund, designed to concentrate
all drives for money Into one big an
nual campaign, was effected at 11 a
m Monday In the aaeembly room of
the I'hamlier of Commerce.
Croatian Picture
Bride to Return
NKW YORK. May JS Because
her flanre didn't look In the leant like
th« handaome picture he had
her. Itusld Homovle, a Croatian
"picture bride," Jilted him on her
arrival In thla country, and la now
prepared to fare deportation rather
than mnrry him. She alao objecta
to him bocttuaa lie In a miner, auyinit
aha, la uaod to "genteel and refined"
jiynßltoW g
Mr to 7k'. I*liia Tat.
News in
ftpartol for aplnetera: Canary bird
found on municipal etraet oar
Mountaineer* plan for outing at
(1 lacier park, on l.ake Chelan.
Annual Ilnee day aale of Ilouaa of
flood Shepherd achnduled for June 4
Ita l»th anniversary waa celebrated
Kunduy by Trinity Pariah Rplauip&J
ft> ven men Initiated Saturday by
Hr Tree, U. of W. aealor men a bon
orary aoclety.
Jirtll tenme of IlaJnler Noble poet.
American Legion, to meet in Armory
Monday mitit
1 lattery B. «SH C. A. C„ held M«
feed In lion Mar the banquet room
Saturday night.
Flower* to be strewn on wilrn of
I-ake I'rron by Queen City Tarht
club on Memorial day.
"Sheep" (») howls all night and
keepe him awake, A. J. WeeUtoff, 111
17th avs, reporta to polloa.
Moona lodge In ftnrumerit aa to
whether new building ahould tie con
alrtirted on open or cloaed nhop plan
Baptists of Northweet to meet In
Seattle May II to June J, Inclusive,
to attend golden jubilee celebration
Public tryout for speaking and
alnging parta In '"The Wayfarer." to
be held July It In Uia U. of W
Washington mill* rapidly grilnr
over to all American Inula, report*
lx>yal 1-egion of lA>a*rn and Urn
ladder burglar pti IM (ram
apartment of Mlas It. Johnaoa and
Mlaa Ida Carlson. till Bo ran ave_.
Saturday night.
Monday. I p. ta. ReatOe (M asrv
Ira commission room*, LJeal Cot C
A. Beoane to apeak on The Cable
Br at era of the Pacific."
Battle of Vlcfcabarc recalled ae tto
ttth annli hi aary. Sunday, by R. 1L
Kan. ltot Ninth eve, who waa
wounded daring the atega
MualeaJa by Japanese woman, to
nUee money for Chineae famine fund
Wednesday, 7 .10 p. m at Nippon
Kaa. Waablngton at. and Maynard
Washington Investment Banker*'
•aaoclatlon disbands to unite with
Pacific Northwest group of Amerl
ran Investment Hanker *" aaaorla
Warn* agritnst taktng or eating of
aalmon trout under 11 tnchaa In
length. Violation of law. aaya I. H
l>ar»ln. alata aupeiintendent of
flaherlea. „
John B. Bnrnham. New Tork, to
paaa thro Beat lie on way to inape< t
hi* game condttlona In Blherla
Hurnham ta president of the Ameri
can tiama Protective aaanclaUon.
IS—A one armed man haa been
hired by tha Monro* township
committee for police duty at VVlll
lamstown, following the milgna
lion of Marahai ftout.
Htout aaid that a faw ntghu
ago h« w»» kidnaped by bandit*,
two man and woman, who drova
an automobile. ll* wu *u*pt
rlou* and drew hi* gun, but the
quartet spring upon him. chloro
formed htm, threw htm In tha car
and dropped him in a saamp two
miles from town, ha aald. He
w«ke up without hla gun and
money, but atlll had hi* badge,
so ha walked back and turned this
Tha now marshal la Johß
I trow n and suya ha lan't afraid of
Um** «««
t )<M
Will buy a real suit
A jrarment of
style, masterfully
tailored, and
choice of an
infinite variety
of imported
Hpring woolens
Saturday, at 6 p. m.,
this store, after a success-
XLUk ful experience in catering
to the dress needs of thou
sands of Seattle women,
j- •' will declare "finis" and
f Mv\ lock the doors.
In the few remaining
IvlJ IS hours a supreme effort
TT will be made to dispose of
|l the big stock of coats,
V |l suits and dresses on hand,
f / n The lease has been dis
/ t 111 posed of, fixtures sold and
the merchandise must be
W ■ rid without thought
/# of profit and. with little
(2 regard to cost.
A 7E Handsome sport
d ■ 'J./j suits of wool
w I jersey in all the
I Mi popular spring
colors, have been reduced to a /■ ..V
final mark down. These are won- [ J \V\
derful values in quality and style. / / em
*4 m 7|" Suits of trico-W f£Jfl
d ■ n .ff al tLn ® and serge 1 AI lIA
W I ||E" W in the newest'-#/! rfM
I ■ Moused and box 1(1 I Wjl
styles. A woman always needs a 11 1 1 Uj
good-looking suit, and here is the ||4 I I P
real opportunity to get one. Hl] 1 I \
Mm g* Beautiful rafts II 'II I
3BBMff Sof serge and tri- Im\ U
■ co tine hand
llf somely made,
silk lined, as well as clever sport VII
novelties will be sacrificed at this I tt
price. n
Complete Outfit for the
Price of One Garment
Al flw |lii>Mty prim of Om> <Mnf bum fH eaa gr€
• i«al. rait m 4 dma at itoot the price ;n «nsld expect
to par l«r • »lnr*e ctrwnL Worth Mdnf Into M*,
kal It? And bear In mind that this b a mart nmr stock,
mart of It purrtuord lor fhW mkmn'i moat diMTiadnattag
trmdr. All thal'a new and faofcionahle la «*■'• «in>aril
b rrpn*wmtr*L
FA What you need, and what you
#QU want in the Crescent stock—
# newest spring models in sport and
■ regulation styles. Fine range of
materials, colors and sizes to suit aIL
A TPC Silk-lined wraps—everything
| H IQ in stock that is new and de-
I sirable—is included at this
■ price.
HN / // / * Dresses of silk and fine
IT! / 1/y / wools, in the season's best
I' f. i styles will l>e sold tomorrow
at this one price. Think of
getting a smart dress at $10!
I £1 fa 7 C Simple andelab-
B vlv* I yt"':ite models in
1 the smartest styles have been
I reduced to this price.
I CIQ 7C^ ust m your
I WI Vb I Vchoice; practi
| cally any dress in our higher
1 priced stock may be picked
up this week at $19.75. There
are some wonderful values in
our line of dresses. Don't fail
to see 4hem.
Crescent JS
Cloak and Suit Co. Ave.
Just Opposite Postoffice

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