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MONO AV, JITNK in. 1021
IMfilft A Paramount Pirti.rr (r.m.
|/y Uw u«W»tlnrful «ta*e KllfffM
H> f<H mm ki m|i A
\ nnltr « J.
••Thrre Jukrrt"
I I'lrnt
/ |Wr ®T WlnrUml.
/ ffc-N _ I'lirlH Mlnnel
I . I P A It t l»*ilcr»w«Wl
ISS LMr / \ "■ ~r" r
.*>■ ' i JCM J /l \ \«u < nlllna
V \ "»•" "»r
--.jl \ .kaii.
11l /\ i
f with -
I A I t-'"lVljfl (in f I'rrwiul Ainiwiiior.:
W\VjMr| ■•iWjyfjU J.IS 1:10 7:33 Ml
am Mmi
Clara Kimball Young
_ to the
And Iter daring picturf of a right nho'hll'"
woman'* wrong methods- foh | jh r ir
1W W&* *•« muvkl
f y HOSH j^
Coliseum Concert Orchestra
\ Arthur Kay, Conductor, plating overture to "tialathra," by Supp<*
■lobby Hump* Cartoon
lUurr Aerial View* of S«lm Alp* PaJhr N>*«
I'laykiig In ||HIH
'% II And hU nrw tdTrnturr story
frJMv. :11 "Diamonds Adrift"
I h 7011 * rea '
'j f A Fljnn UHfrtlve I>ram»
|ga -The HflfTor TarsM"
BrVt ' Court**}', Mu.«lc, rirlurm
Km* &, j A w« li.H. of Uuchi with tb*
Clark I f Kr(en * Klin of (. onwdUiM—
In a mirthful ph-turf of the nurrnM—-
Mtxatioital Animal (nimMly with the hunuiiizee
I'uidllMr *«»»u :
t homier Hrremlc M KV A \<»KI,I %M" l ominu:
J. A V. Krnii Inrwi l»y Wri*kw und "SNOW HLI.MJ"
Ham and egsa at I3oldt'».—Adver
Cul« cost of drinkinK *rood coffin
-Xient Blend, l'i lb*., 50c; 1 lb.. 35c.
M. A. Hansen. 40 Economy Market.
To Keep Face Youthful,
Freah, Wrinkle Free
Marc important than the eoametic
car* of the complexion i" it* phy*-
uai rare. To Keep the fare clean,
freiih. youthful, there* nothing: bet
t- r than ordinary mercolized wax. It
actually absorb* the gulled or faded
worn-out -kin particles. By all|
mean* »*-quire the oiercollaed v*ax (
habit. If x ho eawy to *et an ounre
of the wax at the druggist'*, apply
at night like cold cream, and wash it
off next morning. There * no de- J
t'-ntion indoors, the old *kln oomlri*
off ho gradually no one suspects:
you're lining anything. When in a
*eck or two the alluringly youthful.
t one like underpkin is fully in view 1
well, you will he "pleased beyond
word*." It muni he apparent that
thin pro rt\- rrifati* complete rid-,
dance of all cutaneoim blernlshe*/
like freckles, pimple*, blotehe* and
Fof wrinkle- or flabbine**, h fare
bath made by dissolving an ounce of
pure powdered uaxollte In a half pint
witch hazel *urpa*se* massage
cream and everything el»e for re
•ulta. Just try it! Advertisement f
II mi 1111 fill liHrmond
I'lh** th<* l«»li of
'The Beautiful (Jambier"
ilrownle, tiie Wonder I)or, In
♦TLA * MATI«>"
News UnaMsine
Vlfl.i ♦•The lliniKeroiia Moment"
Rex Features Earle Williams in
Drama of Romance and Adventure
TOAKLB WILLIAMS, in the role,
1-i of Bob Urilamv in ' Diamond*
Adrift."* the screcd version of a
thrilling tale of adventure and ro
manw by KrwlprUk J. Jackson. is
delighting audience* at the Hex this
week The athletic young »tar *p
pears to unusual advantage as th«*
young Californlan sudd> nly plunged
Into wild adventurea In a small bur
bor city of Mexico.
| Young BelUtm> is the ton of a
■ wealthy shipowner. H* spends his
'time upending nmney and entertain
ing hm many friend* that la, until
bin father calls a halt and ship* him
off to *«*rk his supercargo aboard t-h»
steamer Alexander at a salary of t.'.Q
ja month With the exclamation,
i I'm game, dad." Hob starts off on
hm Journey Startling event* then
|l»egtn to enliven the plot.
• • •
"Dream Street," the latest D W.
Griffith effort. Is beat deacrlbed as
la romantic tale of love and laughter,
symbolixed with good and evil Influ
en res.
The plot Is evolved from two of
Burke'* Llrnehouse tale*.
Gypsy Fair Is a dancer In Lime
houao music ha lln an incongruous
f'gure of purity In sordid surround
ings, a flower blooming among the
Spike love* her Billy worships
the ground she walk* on.
Spike is the swaggering. pugilistic
sovereign of the district. Hilly Ift a
Hilly kills s robber who visits his
room. Spike shoulders the blame
and. fleeing from th« police, is be
trayed Into their hands by a Chinese
gambling king.
The weak brother Is Inspired to
take the blame of the murder. He
proves the shooting was In self-de
fense. Everything ends happily.
Spike marries Gypsy Fair. He
wins a concert contract. Billy be
come* a successful song writer
• • •
David Warwick Griffith's won
( derful film production "The Birth
jof a Nation" is |MI like all th* OM
slag* melodramas- It can always
"come hack " In spite of the fact
that this film drama hss been
shown time and again the country
over, it is still considered s power
;ful drawing card.
In this picture such stars as Wal
i lace Held. Mae Marsh. Miriam Coop
jer and Henry Walthall appear Both
Miss Marsh and Walthall won fame
in the screen world as a result of
their splendid work in this produc
tion. The former appears as Flora
i 'ameron. 'a flower of the South, and
the latter as the I/lttle Colonel, a
wonderful lover and a gallant sol
j As a screen spectacle "The Birth
lOf a Nation." which Is showing this
week at the Blue Mouse, has yet to
he outdone.
• • •
! Clara Kiral»all Young, the popular
'screen star, is drawing great crowds
to the Coliseum this week, a here she
is appearing in person In conjunc
tion with her feature picture,
"Hush." Miss Young is a wonder
fully attractive woman and is right
at home before the footlights. The
audience Sunday evening was loath
to let h»-r get off the stage at the
conclusion of her little talk.
"Hush" presents the star In a fine
dramatic role. She appears as a
young wife who a short time after
her marriage confesses an old love
affair to her husband keeping the
name, of the man a secret. The hus
hand suspects his best friend and a
dramatic situation followa which Is
not untangthle until the very final
• • •
! No better story could have been
'selected for Roscoa (Fatty) Arbuckl©
than "The Traveling Salesman,'* In
which he is appearing at the Liberty
this week
Mr. At buckle depicts to perfection
the generous hearted, likeable drum
mcr who goes to the small town,
champions the cause of the belle of
the village, who Is about to he de
frauded of her property by two vil
la Ins and ends the romance by mar
rylng the girl.
There is an abundance of atmon
phere and the comedian goes strong
as a laugh provoker. One of the fun
niest spots Is a poker game which
proved that there is virtue In gam
bling at times.
j "The Traveling Salesman" Is rec
jOmmendcd as a laugh tonic.
• • •
"The Beautiful Gambler," written
by Peter B. Kync. is the feature In
which beautiful Grace Darmond Is
playing at the Clemmer this week
It Is one of the most artistic and
dramatic stories this clever actress
Karle Williams
haw had for a "tarring vehicle.
The itory concerns a girl who
marries the (inner of a gambling
hall to nave her father disgrace thru
hi* gambling U>t*ea After the dis
tasteful ceremony she returns home
to find her father a suicide. Krotn
then on the net ton taken an airm*-
ingly dramatic turn * that leads to
the totally unexpected nnd thrilling
Now Playing—
by the Characters of
Thomas Hnrkr's IJmrlmuw Nights'
—wliecr the ilri[|lr of human wub b vividly portrayed by the
touch of the iwlit'i hand.
PATHE nisi^^™:::.7:.;.asrj
NEWS ? Kventngs and Hond«ya . SO# j | lnllar
for the
(( * lf J 9' s Seuttle*« newest Ice
AKH 1C Cream. It is the finest
in the land. It's full of pure, rich whipping
cream—it's a real health food with a flavor
that will awaken a new sense of appreciation.
Its rare deliciousness is due to the one word,
All fUvoi-H and In plain and Neapolitan Bricks.
Ask for it everywhere!
irir> >EAI TL K SJ' A K
To Give Prizes
on i Deception
"hMinUoti." Paramount *s |»ig
European |>rodtirtb>n. which I*
said to be even greater llmi
nmich |4» iJie Htr«nd
xtar(lni{«>hiiit« IH
In eon junction hUH lli«* show
iiiK of this film sperliicle, I •»«
management of |lh> Uieatre Im «*
firing in cash |»rw<* and m
number of tlmatre IklifU.
\\ iil< It this n»liimn UwiiorroM
for full psrth iilur-o.
The Pirate*' l>en, the goal of thou
winds of vi Hi tor* to N>% York'* 1 ait In
quarter, ha* l>een reproduced down
to the small e*t detail in May A 111
son'* new film drama, "A.re All Men
Alike?" which is the chief altrac
tlon at the t'olonial this week.
Mis* Allison tails* the part of
"Teddy." the harutn iicarum daugh
ter of an influential Nrw York
family, about whom the arlion of
the utory revolve*. The plot of the
«tory move* rapidly, with many ex
citing adventure* <M>umug in th<*
(Jrvenwit h Village district.
• • •
Klsle Ferguson a<*ores a great sue
ee«s* in "Hacred and Profane Love,"
the ph'turizaiion of Arnold Bennett'*
famous play, which is now showing
nt the Strand. Ml** Ferguson. In
the Mar role ahe created on the
Mtage. eiceed* even the bent tradi
tions Of the part.
The star's "Carotta" of the screen
la undoubtedly greater than the
Mime character on the Kpeaklng
stage, for the play version could
show only scattered snapshot* of the
strange, impulsive girl whose rear
tionH to the love of two different
men form one of the most Impress
ive studies of literature.
Conrad Nagel as "Inaz** presents
a masterly portrait of the errentric
pianist, accentuating properly the
episodes of hi* mu*icnl triumph*.
| hi* paaaionate romance and hi*
Tlie narrowest width of the Strait
of Gibraltar 1* eight and one half
Open an Account at Grote-Rankin's
OTTO F. ALGLL. President
A-B Gas Range
tef $68.50
s'-a wv ■>•"'''< 1 a K as range until the price came down,
here is your opportunity you have been
And there are other reasons
|j t j y° u should buy this A-B
1l ' Has a ranopy <-ov»*ri'<l working plate with a
1 I ' " IHI . ■ <r'r' .. , ;55RS5ft it"'h v.-nt |.i t w tint rain.-, i.i.y ««i«r«
s y*T\And keeps th« oven eh in and sweet
/j iaJS V narn,f ' ,: * tra >' s •hat <an be
Wy¥ml ' l * r>ir ' i ' ' parts an- of heavy copper base metal
m f V v Wk.J |H ov-n linings.
■ P Tflv 111 —-It hith a glass oven door* you can watch your
1 n TI hi baking without opening the door,
w I mm ml —lts "Armco" Iron i»ody in runt*restating and is
a mi H 91 black enam< l« #1 Infide and out wo it can be eas
| Jl H ■ —lt ha> "Ousair" blue flame burner*—they nave
I J*-"-? U H an d give qui«k, ljriten*e cooking and bak-
K r. -» k reduction in price, with the in-
>•_ - ft ' crea.se in quality, makes this an oppor
- ft tunity that you cannot afford to
Place Your Order for an A-B Gas Range Now
New Dress Voiles Are Priced Plain Colored Voiles
35c, 50c and 65c the Yard 35c the Yard
Fine Dress Voiles, 40 inches wide, in Selections can be made from nearly
small checks and dainty figfired dc- all the popular shades—these voiles are
signs are being shown in the newest 156 inches wide and a very good value
colorings. at the price quoted.
Plain White Voiles Soft-Finished Long Cloth
35c, 50c, 85c and $1.25 Yard 10 Yards $1.85.
Imported and domestic weaves are Long Cloth of a beautiful soft finish
included in this offering, 40 and 44 and preshrunk—ready for use, 10 yards
inches wide. in a piece.
Summer Bedspreads Colored Organdies
$2.35 Each $1.25 Yard
Crinkle spreads, size 81x90—these Swiss Organdies, 45 inches *ide, in
spreads are cool and easily laundered, all the popular shades and a permanent
and are very serviceable. finish.
'5 Seattleite* at
Veterans' Conclave
Five Be«ttle men will bo prwnl as ,
official delegates when the national
organimUon of disabled veteran. of
the world war holds Its ir*« eopvMi
tlon in l><"trot( June 27 to 30. Thej |
are Ralph A. llorr. William I'. Wise,
supervising officer of the federal vo
cational board; Miles Price, president
of the Seattle chapter of Disabled .
Veterans; Clint Town, secretary of
the same organization. and Oecar j
The disabled veterans are seeking j
congressional aid In the form of
loans for farma. small businesses and I
New President of
League to Speak
Claude Jl. Anderson, new presi
dent of the Municipal league, will
speak at the weekly meeting of the
league Tuesday noon, at Blanc's
I Wlimi'v<t Arctic "forirku" arc sold Uioy'Vf doultk<| ice crvnin nata*.
I jfi ft I fllT C • ' "'I Kwrnvond 00H» hihl link up with I hi' I mil of tlw "Arctic" bears.
</v(|(v Iu• They'll chit) your in«*MUfv to every home in a dozen way*.
JaUte Ice
whou-sH'e 4333 University Way
Fifty Pattern Table Cloths
C?A Round scalloped pattern Table Cloths. Size 58
Priced «Pm*UU by 58 inches. A very extreme value, each, $2.50.
[Canadian Veterans
in July 4th Parade
Canada'* war vets will march in a
distinguished place #in Seattle's big
Independence Day parade, July 4.
All Canadian veterans were re
quested today to get in touch with K.
A. Cross, 109 Cherry st., or phone
him. Klliott 3436, to arrange for the
There are said to be nearly 2,000
Canadian ex fighting men in the city.
Urges Faith in Our
Pacific Northwest
Pointing out that conditions in Se
attic are better than those in cities of
the Kast and Middle West, Herbert
j Cuthbert. executive secretary of the
Pacific Northwest Tourist associa
tion. declared Sunday the best way
' to prove it to outsiders is to bring
them here and let th*»m see.
Cuthbert said that those who know
the growth of Seattle cannot help but
I be optimistic.
Rrnd Mr Artlflf la
Saturday'* Star
I am now devoting jtff.
my entire time to
my dental practice.
Having now served
the people hero for
twenty and
good by doing
dental work that 1 BMIHHHB
can guarantee, and u*akiug uijr
guarantee good.
I do not compete with Chea»
Penttsta. nor do I operate od your
pocketbook or sell you converaa*
tion. I give two dollar* worth of
Dental work for every dollar I re
celve —so you sa\e a dollar. I makf
a dollar, and our interest* are tuu*
tual —we both win.
Open evening# till 7 and Sundays
till 12 30 for people who work.
Bin WIN J. IIIIOWX. D. D. s.
hrntllr*M#l.rndlnK DeatUt
106 Columbia M.
Good apple to Boldt's:—Ad
vert iscinent. 1
Trade Mark
—}»ur guarantee of quall^f
rAi.'i-; \i

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