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Thousands of Screaming
Penguins Greet Victims of
San Jose Wreck
&yn nmuo. rai„ Aug. is
Tlitotjftve pMiwum and *!*•
of the orrw of the ParlNc Mail
tlwirr San Joae, wrecked on
Roque Mind, off tho cowl of
ImiT California. who spent two
day* and a night on the fanU-
Ur "1-le of Penguins'—forty
tinman- amonf thousand* upon
thousand* of wrwmlni btrd»—
wore toda* planning to leave hy
train for Ui Anjrlf* and ■ s »n
They arrived b»r» lata yeatrntey
*ho.Lrl tha U. a destroyer Far
-When do we eat*" waa tha eheer
ful ahout aa tha destroyer docked
rood waa waiting for them at the
Vor rod from her course h » 'S
knot frock tide. tha fan Jooa at mid
night crashed on tha reef. hrr prow
ehoving tip onto tha dry rocks of
tho l-dand A hue*. J.«gged rock
wrdr<l through her hull forward
hold bar fait.
Tlie passengers wora an on dock
within 10 minutes. Good order pre
"Not a woman waa hysterical"
■aid Mtss Alice McKenmie. of Ocean
Parte. Cal, a concert singer. who haa
Just returned from a tour of Panama.
Mia* McKeniie atarted and led tha
singing of poplar songs ahortly after
tha rraah. which gave tha passen
ger* new heart.
"1 waa atimned by the ahock when
we went on the rocka and Juat lay in
my bunk, ahout half awake." E.
Dubrow. an II year-old youngster of
San Francleco. told tha United Press.
Dubrow. with hla pal. L. Robinson.
11. Abo of San Francisco. ran away
to aaa and were making their flrat
voyage on the San Joae to Panama
and return aa "aaaialant quarter
masters "
-What really wakened me." mid
Dubrow, "waa the ecr earning of
thousands of birds who were roused
by our boat crashing Into the neata.
It «u the moat weird and hair
raising sound 1 have ever beard In
my life."
Richard Frtaai. American vice
eoaeul at Cortnto, Nicaragua, r»
luilug to settle In San Fran
cisco. scenting disaster at U»e
time of fee trash and wishing to
•tabristar first aid. ran out iNtfo
the dxck bi his pajamaa with a
bog of dears la on* hand and a
' bottle of whisky In the other.
Later he dashed Into his cabin and
eame back lugging under hla arm
hie six months old Airdale pup.
-Pat." who thereafter became ma»
cot of the party.
At daybreak a ship's basket waa
rigged up. Four persons were put
Into the basket at one time and
lowered awray to the rocks of the
island. The tide had gone out. mean -
while, leaving the bow of the vessel
high and dry on the reef.
Among those towered was Miss
May Duncan, of the Canal Zone, en
route to San Fraaeleoo to take a
nurse's training oouraa. She carried
with her in a wooden cage her pet
parrot. "Pete "
When the survivors were taken
aboard the Farquhar, "Pete" and hla
cage accidentally fell overboard near
the bow. The officers said they
couldn't take the time to tower a
boat to rescue "Pete."
Bailor B. M. Walla of Spartan
burg. S. C.. came to the teet.ua. He
lumped overboard, got the cage and
came ap on a rope ladder thrown
over by his matea.
"Can Pete saeai V seme IM»
tioea gob with the Farquhar
aelted Miss Duncan.
"I should say sa." she replied.
"Rut It's too toM for him here.
He needs to get warmed up."
The geba of the Farquhar
thereupon took "Pete" down lata
the engine room where they
warmed him up and had a pri
vate talk with him.
"Yotill be surprised." they told
Miss Duncan when Uley gave
"Pete" bark lo her.
• • 9
San Joae Sends Out
Wireless Help Call
SAN DIEOO. Cal„ Ang. 12.—The
stranded steamer Ba.n .Tone is calling
for aid today. The steamer Grlffdu.
which has been standing by, *«s
forced to leave because of wether
conditions, it is feared the Han Jose
will rapidly pound to pieces on the
rocks. The officers and crew are still
on board
Girl Disrobes in
New York Subway
NEW YORK. Aug. 12.—During
the hot weather Florence Mar. a
pretty stenographer, became Insane
on a subway train and completely
disrobed In the presence of the pas
sengers. She became violent when
an attempt wan made to arrest her,
and was overcome only after a
Chinese Coolie
Gets New Disease
BO MR AY. Ausr. 12.—A Chin***
coolie arriving her* from Hinjf;i|>or*
wtu» found to be Hufforin* from a
new The »ymptom» re-
those of leproey, but doctors
declare the coolie in not a leper.
At the Cornish
Clara Forova Caird l<r*|i«-
and Uie Carnisb UalJet
Monday Evening at *2O
Wadnr»dtty Matinee, 2 hlwrii
This Is a
Letter to
a Sister
Her Brother Is
Anxious to
Find Her
Mrs T. A Delinks
Dear sister;
Jack In <tr tng tn Portland.
He U railing and rrjlng fur
Voo left home hurriedly Fri
day without giving any warn
ing or teilhtg where you were
You are somewhere In Seattle
ar Tarama now.
I know that yea lote Jack.
I know that he lovea yon. and
he need* you so had right now
Won't .1 Oil pieaee go back to
hint, for he may not last TTy
long. It'a his heart—the due
ler says heart trouble is killing
I'leare go bar It, to htm.
It you want help, let me
I hare tried to find ) on. bat
I couldn't. So I asked The Star
to help me. I hope you will see
this letter. JOHN MHO.
K. F. I). No. 2, Tacoins.
The above letter fti published
at the request of John l.lbo,
who asked The Star to help him
find his slater.
"She lias been living tn Port
land with her husband. Jack
DeLude," Llbo said "Bhs left
home Friday and 1 think she
Is In Tacoma <fr Seattle with
"Her hnaband la dytng and
needs her pretty bad."
Llbo shows signs of nervous
strain due to his search for ths
last few days for his missing
li you know Mrs Delude.
If you see her. abow her the
letter of her brother. He says
that will be enough. She a ill
Landlord Finds Vacated
Tenement Occupied
WHTfIEIiD. Man., An* U.—
The hotuMng shortage, which hits
been moat acute her* for aome time,
haa developed a now tangle, accord
in* to a landlord. Tenanta hi «om»
inatancM are not gnlna to the
trouble of notifying a landlord when
they Intend to occupr vacated
property. but aimply mora tn. A
landlord owning a hqftae m tha Mill
Rtrwt section had a peculiar eipe
rlenea. Tha trnanta occupying the
how* notified him they were to
Previous to racrrln* a friend of the
landlord aaked him ahout renting
tha plaoa. He made preparations to
move In, and when examining the
house found It already occupied. The
landlord found the ocrupanta were
friends of the family which had *a
Further Investigation revealed the
fact that the squatters had been
without a home and had come to
lire with the tenant# at thut time,
storing their furniture In the attic.
When the tenants moved out they
moved their effects from the attic
and occupied the place as their own
without making any overtures to
the owner. advice was sought
and given to the effect the owner of
the property waa within his rights
in going to hla property and moving
out the effects of the squattera.
Has Him Arrested for Evi
dence He Collected
NITW YORK, Aug. 12. George
Peterson, a student in the vo<*-
Oonal school at Spring and Varlck
sta., Manhattan, appointed himself
an enforcement agent recently and
came to grief. He went to the
Oreenpolnt police elation mid told
the polios he would take them to
several places where Intoxicants
were being sold.
"Gree.npoint Is full of whisky." he
said. .
With the pollr»tnan he went about.
He would purchase liquor and the
policeman would make the arrest.
Peterson had his pockets full of
samples when he came Into the
Bridge Plasa court with the police
man to testify against prisoners.
When/Magistrate Louis Reynolds
learned Peterson was not a regular
ly constituted officer of the law. he
had him arrested for the samples of
evidence he carried, the specific
charge being "possession of one pint
bottle of whieiry." The police suc
ceeded in getting Peterson releimi-d.
but the volunteer hooch detective is
said to have lost his ambition to be
an enforcement agent without pay.
Spirit Paintingrf
Promise of Artist
MANCIfKBTKR, Knsr.. Auk. 12 -
Jan* Klipuitx-th Irftwrrnrr, a talented
young: lanrjftcap* art int. committed
HulrjrJr by h.'untxing. Hhr loft * note
aayifiK wan romlni? back to paint
the glor1*» of heaven.
London Teachers
Promised Raise
IXINDON, Aug. 12, Elementary
school teachers will receive In 4
nearly triple what they received In
1913 14. the government haa an
War Plot Denied
by Bulgar Chiefs
SOFIA, Aug, 12. Keporta crnan
tatln* from London that Bulgaria
Intend* to attack Grw« imrl recover
Thraoe are officially denied by gov
• rument loadi-ra
— I
ThesoivMarch£ e,^»H
_____ '.'<>• ■
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