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FRTDAY, 12.1P21.
Food for the Strong, Let the Weak Die, Law of Communists
Jan Just Released Tells of
t Horror of Russian
"UCTAU, Aug. I!.—Amerkra
B «ld ro-operate to affect the
H mm of aorta* prliunfr< of
■V- r nations llties. slow ly dying
I • umpnkable misery and tor
■IM Eawtt KUpatrlck. )tul re-
K taosed from Mumw. deriared In
| la InMntnr with the t ailed
f"M M4w.
"Trlaon tongllaaiß are niv
yri a Ma" declared KOpatrlrk.
"TW prboam are wanting
•way. Mr. nibteoro forgvl
* Kllpaw-fck. whoa* homo la tn
Catontown. spoke for tha other
free ■liim rslease waa brought about
kf VnrMuy Hoover aa a condition
In famine relief services.
"Ktn many communists are
| fcird to die tf quk-k relief to
j Mt Brat into Russia." he said,
it *Coßuaußl*t Mm urgn food
If ahall (• anly to tha fittest—thai
I y**, w —* atutll bo allowed to
lg what to apt to happen.
I Imi If ttoa soviet trader* ara at
k , tawed to control the dbtritattal
Kjfcllpotrtck agreed with tho others
Ml It wa* not the drought which
I ißegfct op the famine, bat n'oant
I Mat against the soviet confkacatioe
in preceding year*.
V*l have bean la prtaoa ateoa Oct®,
pr n. last yeazS KUpatrtek mi*.
[ *1 waa throwa into a filthy prtaoa
■kerc w« were crowded ta regardless
bt aanltary condition*, let alone cam
[MK. A careful farmer would pot
Wtva herded hla aheep in la a plana
Meh aa wa men of all nationalities
[<psis compelled to occupy.
•' "We gat soma water ta drink, tat
•» feared It, and eapadalty when
MM of tha men became QL Our
teed ration waa tha abaalata taini-
MO of spur bread. I bad only two
featha while in Ruaala.
| "Deaths were daily ptcuittiiua
1 "Early this spring I waa traaa
thrred ta Tachaha—tha worst prison
NRDRTAL, dcnoeons
ffwa»w— eould have
tasn aa worae than thoaa damp cat la
era occupied deep down under the
•tint Flft; of t» wera cramped
teto that airieaa aad ligbtiess room.
,*%*'» waa no room ta stretch out
b" finally fWI ao seriously m that
removed ma to a hospital. Fire
Pl* the oktaon doctors Issued or
Bra for asy reuwwal aad each time
■era waa a delay.
f"Btt I waa taken out and sent ta
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| Boy.' J Boy.
1 rra 1427 FIFTH AVENUE rdl
II BmSb Between Pike and Union Streets Shots
Death Car Driver
Now Being Sought
Donald K. Hossman. the driver of
the jitney bus that fatally Injured
Trygve Klock, 4 year-old son of Mr.
and Mm, John Klo**k. 124 N- THh
at* In being searched for by city d.
tectlves *4no* * coroner's Jury flaed
the blama of thr killing on him.
The child <ru struck by Bimmnn
August I. KUnrnU services wen
to be Mild thla afternoon at the
liafferty undertaking parlors.
Want Am. Legion's
Charter Repealed
WASHINGTON. Aug 13.—I<e|>eal
of the federal charter of tha Amrrl
dun l«(k>n yesterday *« asked of
congress by th# MvUI Soldiers' ahd
Sailors' legion on lha grounda that
It haa "Incited lawlessness."
a hospital Kscept that It waa clean
and there waa sunlight and freah
iUr. there waa little Improvement.
"I atlll went hungry for thing"
that t really naed> <1 There waa a
Shortage of medhines.
"Then, on August T. T waa sud
denly released from cuatody. No one
told me why. but my treatment Im
proved everywhere. Finally 1 waa
placed In a flrst-clase railway car
riage and taken to I'etrograd. where
I apent two daya without food ex
cept what the CsschoKlovsklan Red
Croea could furnish. Then came the
trip with these mef ai-rwa the bor
der and our freedom here.
"1 can hirdly tell the real horror
of conditions In Russia.
"Hospitals refuse to take patient*
unless the patlenta supply their own
food. The nurses and attendants are
ae starved that they are unable to
perform their work properly.
"Ninety per cent of the doctor*
end nnreea are ineiperlaoeed and
they euffer also from lack of nirdl<
cine and equipment."
a a a
Denies Russia in
Weakened Condition
RIGA. Aug it mwla to perfect,
ly willing to permit all American* to
laira the country. M. Utvtnoff.
i soTiet emissary, declared today.
Ha scorned tha idea that hla gov
ernment bad been weakened by the
food crista.
"The so flats are aeKbar weakened
nor strengthened by Lba famine." be
IJtvtnoff dsatjlbed tha aavlety at-
Carta ta com hat tha famine Special
tralna are running thru tba drought
district, be aaid. conveying children
to the more proa parous regions of
Siberia. Turkestan and Tula, where
the pennants "willingly receive
All tj aaapui tattoo la dedicated now
ta relief work. I Jtvtnoff said.
Stories that millions are fleeter the
famine region are exa£g«ruiioo* he
"f'ooofbty there are hundred* of
thousands of refuge**." he aaid.
"Settlers tat newly apeaed regions
along the Volga started the moving
back to their original horoea when
the drought ruined their crop*. As
they fall bark, they carried ether
settlers with them In panla.
"There are 15.9M.»0« persons ta
volved In the famine."
Stock of Weapons on Reach—Burch Blameless, Says Girl
14)* AMiKl.fcN. Ahc IS.—
Mr*. Madalynne Obaßchaln, li»
dirt-si with Arthur C, Hunt for
thr murder of John Helton Ken
n-xly, UxJny placed all her I*h«i
In the man »H« star "always re
spcclod w heti her heart waa
elsewhere" hrr dl» erred hue
band, who h> speeding hrra from
Chicago In assist hrr.
Mr*. i>hcnrhalit. on tha verge of
collapse trran h<r harrowing expert
am*, rrvi'ala! for the first titna why
aba ami fur Iturrh to come to Una
Angeleei bcfnre tha tragedy.
"Tha poor boy— ha had nothing to
do with It," aha murmured. "I
brought him Into all thla trouble and
I will arlear him If i can. Arthur
Burub nuna hare becsuae I sent for
Polma, sprat last night la a
pru<ai i»l
Today. poOre if Ran Franrtorw
•ad llltliirt Attorney Swart of
Kan Hatoo county, dirliH be
will be cliargod «Uli murder.
Bui drupltr the fart that the
aulh<iriUre claim ta hare wound
around htm a tight drawn wrb
of circumstantial r*ldm re. Hlgh
towvr probably will rlalm and re
ceive the U.MI reward aftcrrd
far the finding of the lull;. the
dWtvtct aUarary'i office mud. 11*
fulfilled the condition* of Uie re
ward and If U la paid at all, ha
la the rnaa la rmhi It, U waa
Hn the phdare of a man MM
hie hlmarlf an a ihasgs of mur
der with the reward money paid
far the •atatlon of the ntew, waa
In praapeal Imhy.
Hlghtower a|.-pt weft bat night. in
a heavily guarded cell. At • p. m.
all elevator* la tha tall wera stopped.
Ooarda were placed at every door
and police tinea thrown around tha
buildings. minora that High
tower hai* confessed caused dfflrers
to fear an attempt at violence
agivln-t him.
two nni'iu
Summarised. the eaaa against
Hlgtitowrr aa revealed by tha po
lice Ur
Ha haa aenotnrted for aTI hbi Pne
satisfactorily excepting tha hours of
1 p. tn. to 4 p. m. on the afternoon
and night whan Father Ifealta waa
kidnaped. Ha mid be waa with
Polly Maaon at that Una Dolly
cannot be found.
In his room ponce «Mn ta have
found an Infernal contrivance which
could be used to destroy puisiaus If
set either on the door of a room or
on a roartrlda. in the latter eaaa to
be ftred by a string.
He admitted be took this te a psht
about a mile from Father Heatin's
grave laat work, according to polloe.
but aaid be waa merely experiment
A typewriter haa beea found which
.miditower la alleged ta hava rented
and its writing, an superficial ax
ambiaMon. waa declared to tally
cloaely with that on tha note ta
AixhbMho* K J. Harma of dan Praa
clsoa. demanding ranaom.
An automobile waa found which he
had rented the Ktinday before Fath
er Heailn was kidnaped, bat which
he did not use until tha same day aa
the kidnaping ooeurred.
Ha haa what District Attorney
Swart declared Were vary "unortho
dox" views on religion. Ho la known
na a man who worked much with
wierd and unusual Invention*
Hlghtower aava little in hla own
defense other than to deny flatly
any implication In tha murdag of
tha much loved priest.
A Speed Runner Who
Never Finished Race
speed runner who never finished •
rv» —that was the picture of Win
lam Hlghtower. held for alleged
complicity In the murder of Iter.
Father Heahn. painted for the United
I'reas today by a man who had
known hlin for 1A years.
The man waa Fred TTart. prom
inent In bla home town, Hakersflsld.
CaL He gave the flmt Inflmat* view
of the type of man whom the police
«!!*• lured the beloved father from
the little prtesthouae at Colnw, Cat.,
10 daya auo. murdered him and left
hi mljrti)g alone In a grave on the
barren cliffs of Halada beach, with
only the sea and a "man nlways fry
ing flapjacks" aa hla guardians.
According to Hall. Hlgtotimn *»•
voted hla life to originating, but
never culminating. Ideas and Invetv-
Uona. He Invented a machine gun
■mid to l.e Superior to aj)ythln>r osr*l
b j armies—and theo went away and
loft It without hardly a tent when
something temporarily balked him.
He did the name with a half down
other things, Hnll declared.
"When balked by some little, tetall
he would throw up hla hands, ex
claim It was no use, and jump across
the continent, convinced the world
was against hini.f' ll.ill said.
"He became qoeer. He had two
ohnes.lona he wanted money and he
opposed religion.
"He was a prolific reader
tecttve stories to the classics.
"He «u an expert on the type
writer. He would type by hour*."
And then Hall applied what he
xaid were the characteristics of High
tower to the cans of Father Hasiln.
"If Hightowcr la guilty, It Is Just
one more nuse he started and never
finished." he said.
"If he kidnaped the priest, he later
fonnd the ransom could not be col
lected. It waa then that he saw
1 1 hat fate was again against brm and
be acted !n desperation.
"Nr*t camr the offer of r*w*nl for
nnrav»llln* fh« myntary. Hln far
til a brain m«y hava concalvad th»
Mr* of lfAdinit tna offlc*ra ti> the
prieafa grava and collecting tha ra-
him. I asked him tn tha»sptrrt of
friendship to help blm in buslneea
after he had failed In Uie ICiist. In
alnuitlions of a three cofnerod aff.ilr
Involving myat lf, Helton and lturch
are r.ils.«--as bitterly false as any
thing «toe that haa been said sln'-e
shot down that night In
the dark little glen.
"Ilurvh haa liean working for a
motion picture firm In the Kaat and
ha had wettlen ma that it wua about
to fall. I urgeal him to oome West,
where I believed conditions would be
mui-h more favorable for hla en
"He had nothing to do with the
murder—the whole cane to elinply a
terrible coincidence"
Bhe was confident that her di
vorced huaband. It ilph H. Obenohaln,
lint tf hs did. tho wortd haa tlriv
ad against him once more "
Such was the picture of William
Hlghtower -painted «• a atarler who
never flnlahed.
Operation Fails
Upon H. P. Davison
NKW YOIIK. Aug. ll.—The open,
Hon on H. P. Davison noted finan
cier, was unsuccessful benauae a tu
mor was discovered at the base of
the brain, l»r. Frederick Tilney do
dared here today.
Because of ez<vssfvo bleeding the
tumor could not be removed Ualay.
allho DaMeon to not tn any Immedi
ate danger, the doctor aald. lie said
another operation wo aid be perform
ed later.
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who 1s coming to her hslp. will win
her freedom. Khe said *he held un
bound faith that hn wjl auve hsr
iroin "unfortunate cotisequrucos In
this terrible murder."
Both Madalynne and Rurch re.
fttaed to tastlfy when brought befora
*he grand Jury, which returned In
dlcttnvnls against them. Twsuty five
witnesses were called to testify
against them
W Ullam Wylle, • roofing rtm
trattor, listay turned mT to the
authorities the stork at a 12
guage shotgun whlrh he said lie
found on the beach near Nan I a
Monica en Heiurday.
It to Utought to be port of the
Instrument with wblch_ Kennedy
was killed near by I loverly tjlou.
I tiday at mklnlght.
Kennedy's assasaln ta brllcved
to have rushed In aa an lam ob lie
from Beverly (lien to Hani*
Monica Immediately offer tho
murder, thrown the gun In tho
orean and speeded on to Ixa Are
The speedometer on a for-hlro
•alomoMle which Dtck Panona.
garage man, teotifled that be hod
rented to Arthur O Burrh aa the
night of tho tragedy, registered
41 miles, the exact distance from
Ixm Angeles to noverty Glen
and return via Kan la Monica.
a • a
CIUCAOO. Attg. it —Ralph Oban
chain, answering tha call of his beso
tlful divorned wife, was en roots to
IjOt Angelas today to aid har fight
murder ohargws.
"1 love Madatyniwi and wfli do all
t can to help bar," Obenehalß told
tha Untied I'raos before leaving.
where la heard a chant of sincera
tribute t» the superiority of the I'ort-
Innd camp over any other In the
United Htataa.
"The Information bureau estal.luh
m last Monday at the purV by the
fhfimtiar of tJommerce la proving
very popular. Itoad mape have la-en
aet up. and Information of all aorta
la furnished to tourists by Davwl H.
"The avenure atay of a tourist at
the t amp la five days, according to
Htrarna. K>»w auUilatß are going
North from here, and side trlpa tn
Oregrm hearhea and Houthern Ore
gun eeem the most popular
Following are some of the report*
on travel in other parte of tho state
aa gathered by The BlaJ"
VAKLHA—'Jrpheua C Oootg, com
mer- lal club aecretary, aaya "Ths
number of visitors to our city this
summer to at>out 24 per cent greater
thau last, which was the best up to
that time. Ho far this season there
have been about 2.000 transient can
atop h> Taklma."
(7HKHALJS—"I feel aafe in saying
that tourist travel this year up to
ths present time to 10 [*ar oent
greater than ft was for ths same
period tost year." aaya T. J. O'Con
nor. aaerutl%a secretary of the Cttl
imC cltih.
Kt'EKKTT—"Just about tho same
aa ft was last year." says C. E.
Ppnrgeon, acting secretary of ths
Chamber of Commerce
HOQUTAM —"There to no question
that up to date a greater number
have Flatted I .eke and tho
ocean beaches. This spring the citt- i
"■n* <]f Ifoqulam nonatructed an auto
■aunp one blurji from the main bus)
neas district and to data 60ft tourists
have stayed over night." Bo re|>ort*
V. W. Math las, ngocutlve aecretary
of the (V>rnmerdal clulh
HI*OKANK—"Our estimate to that
tourtot travel to Kpokano to almut 21
per cent greater thla summer than
last. There are. 800 oars of tourists
passing thru the city dally now."
write* A. d. I'uJne. aseistant secre
tary of the Chamber of Commerce.
PAHfXV—"Our rerords ahow that
we have more than double the num
ber of autornobtlea and people stoje
ping over here tn the free auto tour
ist oamp than ever before. The ho
tels report a falling off In tourlf<t
trade from last yeer. There to an
Increase In travel over ths Yellow
stone trail and Jtrergreen highway "
A. V. Weha, secretary Chamber of
WKNATCHKK -The tourist
travel for thla year thru the We
natchee district to much lighter than
uauaj for the r«ann that the Wew
ett pass road has been tinder con
struction since the first part of July
and tourists do not favor a road
where there are detours to be en
countered." Fo writes Vaughn H.
("1 em-man. manarlng aerretary of the
Wenatchee Commercial club.
▼ARIION,—High jlnlcs scheduled
to orlebrato Friday opening of new
highway between Center and Vaahon
ZILLAH.—'While bathing tn Tak
lma river, Mna Q. L. True cuts
arm on floating broken botile.
Mrs. J. N. Barnett to Fight
Till She Gets it
The hop* of that SS,"WO I'wirtl 1
for the Ma henry trunk la atlcldruf
wtlh Mn». J. B. DMBKI, Nil Fnhr
tiun lit, who notified The Htar and
canned thla newapapor to call for
the pollen.
"Wl.at n mlne (a mine." Urt Bar
nett aald Friday, "and I'm »otn* to
flfht tint 11 I K"t It. eren tho a lot of
people ti'-m to be trying to uftw4
me out. If tha oounty rommlaaioo
> nr didnt Intend to irtva that reward
to the peraon who flirt dlarovarad
the trunk, then Lhcjr ahouldn't taav»
offered It."
Mm. Harnett explained that h«r
houae orerlooka the apot wlwra tha
"Tnyatrry box" flrat bobbed op from
tha bottom of tha lake.
"I raw tha thins floating it 1 fi
m„" ulift declare* "I aald to wn&-
•e|f, "That'a th« Mabnney trunk." I *
kn«w It waa by tha looka of It.
by Aia fact that It waa naar rtm
tlia dlwrwyery waa expected.
"I tried to net a boat ao that X
mlrht row out to It. but I failed.
"Ho I eat by my window, watching
my find and aebaminf to get it out
of the water.
"Finally, it 4 p. m.tl called Tta»
far. After that thrf commotio*
rrmm In tha neighborhood and I had
no rhance.
"Hut I found the trunk and I nut
my $2,000, If I hare to get a lawyer
to make them 11aten."
For Krrrvh Pantry look op Bcldffc
—Ad v«rtla«raen t.

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