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nimi •* "tt—m-
JjQfJStolSu»K2* —"OM* •*« BUI"
<uati*4 *«!■'•> _
Peusl«« Fairbanks
»*"■' bssn »«arir
tSSm. Mar«u»rH» 4s La Motts
(0 DOLLARS was spent (or the
?Lmem •*>»»• for "Tha Thrw« Mu*
Fatrbank'a latest
wHk'h Is now show
SkOWtM houssa at th« Strand
M*r* Knoblook spent months pre
t)w scansrk) Art aipert
to dsaljrn Mta that would
mMN I as doasly as poalsbla the
omm* tha origioa! story.
•_MMas Marl* yiwm
- - inlilii Um« Mimh
£7asMeekT. Marl* Orls»
SyGrtwaM Clyde rtllmara
gMT7 et a natural bora "Just
Mt Mp It" baby vamp, ta told In
'Him"!*" FWHea." the flrat Maria
IMMt flawing vehicle. which la
at tkt CMnmer. This
aant P*« ** u »«r trap for a car
MM*—but ha doaanl even nibble
DMir. ilm k* <tw (an. aha thlnka
*l «a>bt *• change har Bind, but
Mi R'a too late—aba's rsally
IMB err or unr
UHKktd Predaeers)
•WaMat. HSbart Beewarth
Jladaa Btllamr
llMt MUaa Watrk
Tally Marshall
gjtart Boaworth. portrayar of
Mkfc *Mlilm rolaa. to now star-
M* tkt Mm Mouae la "The Cup
tm." a Amu lace protection,
tltert tba role of "Bully Brand "
kplH tai action of tha atory oaH
I tnat THE HIIX-
Mba Mary Cur
Mlmn WUltasa Welsh
Wfc... j.k.or Werner
MfclliiU tkimm Oetwrse
jMr> tkmetw-Anrtiic. ro-
MfM la th* thum of the Pox
mmmm, "Over th* hoi." which
<!lViMh a*cood M( wok it
Mtti tnuul f*ature* of th*
Mplriha hct that th* actrrat
jjliii tha rot* of Ma Benton
MjNfeJto tour of bar own children
IWljjprU la b«r him brood.
_|n«« Narteaal)
KgSf, } f*erlae ChapMa
1 Mae mnuaa
father Mark avals
••(>» CbapHa gives tha movie
■pri treat in his iatsat comedy.
IMkaw now at th* Liberty
M> flays a dual role. For th*
ha Is shown upon th*
•■l at a rial gentleman—attired
dress suit.
<* «*e tame Mil with th* Chaplin
JJJ. ••bait Bos worth is s**n in
■MBtarta" a drama.
Jeek Halt
amrlM Oft#
• *..**••... .Ev« ftoth«rn
of a pretty llttl*
unatloally pictured In
w," the film attrac
seum for the coming
i plays this rol*. and
actress has a ehanc*
real dramatic talent.
*n. < r ">
T****** ...Tea Mix
has #v*rythlng his own
latest Western feature.
' ■»» ' ,n lov * w,,h
r Sr^« lrl ' outwit* the villain and
lT"" 1 whole routine of dare
°n the aide.
'• 'he featured picture
■*» Program at th* Colonial
JCllnor r«lr
Hmirjr H«rr«w«
K#™"" - Jack MatblM
J* yHltenui and Thomas Bajit
screen's favorite*,
IrZj? "* "*» program at the
Nl* featured i n his lat-
't Can Be l>one," a story
HSSL^wI"* 1 * comblns of food
* • •mull American city.
v sr« i! * Urrin « vehicle la "The
Vfc whloh h# portrays one
ff»»Ui*r virile role..
I—Charles Chaplin, Liberty, g—Xiles Welch, Blue Mouse. S—Mary Carr, Winter Garden. 4 —Earl Williams, Rex. 6—Clyde Fillmore and Marie Prevost, Clemmer. 6—Tom Mix, Colonial. 7—Douglas Fat*>
bankr. Strand. B—l.ila Lee, Coliseum.
Wins Fame at Character Actor
George Fawcett. He t called "the old Bull Motwe of the
movies." Tkere't a growl in hie throat, but poetry in his
George fawcett i* known a*
"th* old Ball Mooee of tb*
H* appeared on th* stag* tn more
than M parte—and never a maah
not* In an that time to acent hla
Brows that ahade his eyes Ilk*
overhanging crags, a ahock of hair
forever uncombed, check* gullied by
th* experiences of an active life,
shoulders heavy aa tho with a bur
den of ages—Fawcett appear* as the
storm li«*t«n crest of a mountain.
A growl In hla throat —and poetry
In hla heart. There's a breathing
Tho apotheosis of rugged man
hood inwardly is a mellow aoul given
to the art of poetry. He ha a two
trunks full of poetry he has written.
"Th* nestled qui*t of a hasy hill"
la a lino difficult to vision as from
th* throat that growls. In alack no
Rcfaie Pa^er
William Russell has started "The
Roof Tree."
e e e
" Larry Samon Is a sound sleeper.
He use* two alarm clocks.
* s s
A one-reel sport review will be
Issusd every other week by Gokl
• a *
Shirley Mason 1* now working on
"Llttla Aliens." Gaston Olaas will
be her leading man. /
s * *
Bthal Kay will have th* leading
role In "Hungry Hearts," to b* dl
rect*d by E. Maaon Hoppan.
Cecil DeMllle promises us that
there will be no bsthroom scene In
! "Saturday Night," his next produc
s s e
Patsy Ruth Miller plays opposite
Cullen Landls In "The City Feller."
• e *
James Klrkwood goes to London to
play the title role In "The Man
From Home," directed by George
• ■ *
Richard Rarthelmea*' next picture
Will be based on a story by Porter
Emerson Brown*, author of "The
Bad Man" and "A Fool Ther* was "
• « •
Mrs. Raymond Hat ton la to play an
Important part 1n 'The Sign of the
Jack o' Lantern," directed by Lloyd
James Nelll and Mrs. Nell! fKdlth
Chapman) are bark on the lot
at Hollywood after two years' ab
sence. Both are appearing In "The
Husband's Trademark," of which
Gloria Bwanaon Is the star and which
Bam Wood la directing. The entire
cast Is notable and Includes besides
the star and those, mentioned. Hluart
Holmes, L.uclen Minefield, Richard
Wayne, Charles Ogle and Clarence j
ments at th* atudlo you may him
at rolling about tho studio muttering
•dim such line.
He is the Trouper Incarnate. Ho
walked from th* front door of th*
I,'nlverslty of Virginia, diploma In
hand, to th* stsge door of a th*atr*.
Before lon( h* supported th* *Uler
Malvlnl, Italian tragedian.
ll* tramped th* hoards of thla
country and England. Not until 1111
did great recognition com* to him.
That was In London In "Tha Great
John Danton." after successful ap
pearances a* Big Bill la "Th* Squaw
Kow Fawcett Is r*cognla*d as one
of tb* foremost character actors of
the screen. He has portrayed men
of every race seen on stag* or
His Last big waa aa th*
crusty Scotchman In "Sentimental
Tommy " Ills next will b* aa Du
quesnois In "Peter lbbetson."
Pretty Betty Blythe, who
will be seen in the title role
of "The Queen of Shtba," the
big spectacular William Fox
offering, which will be the at
traction at the Blue Mouse
theatre, starting Saturday,
October l, r >th.
Dorothy Dalton has gone to Cali
fornia where ahe will work at the
Kiidlo In George Melford'a
next production for Paramount, "Mo
ran of the Letty." from the
novel by Frank Norrls. Mlhh Dalton
and Kudolph Valentino will be fea
tured In the leading roles.
four of tha world's moat expert
fencers taka part In naarly every ona
of tha principal duallng »»nm In
Douglaa Kaltitanka' groat film ver
■on of 'Tha Three Musketeers " Ona
la Professor 11. J. I'tanof, formerly
tha world'a champion; another ia
Count Lumlnera. for yaara a fencing
Inatrurtor In tha l-Yench army, and
a third t»Fmlle Walt*, an Inatruotor
In thla country. Tha fourth la. of
course, Douglaa Fairbanks hlmaelf.
for an apt a etudant haa ha bam tint
hla Inatructnra aaya ha ta almoat aa
good aa thay ara.
"My Boy," Jackie Coogan's ns*
picture, is In ita ninth week of
According to Victor Heerman. hla
director, several mora weeks will
b-» required to complete tha feature.
Thoaa who hava had the pleasure of
anting In the little dark projection
ro».m at Jackie's Hollywood studio,
leave It with only the htgheat praise
for the little chap's work.
"My Boy" will he entlraly
in production to "I'eck'a Bad Boy.
and will give Jackie an abundance
bf opportunity to dlaplay bis many
Wallace Rati! will next do "The
Champion," under the direction of
Cheater Wlthey, who haa Juat bean
eapectally engaged by Paramount.
Thm picture waa adapted for the
acreen by J. E Naah. from the three
net comedy by Tbonaa Uwden and
A. K Thomaa. in which Grant Mitch
ell recently acorcd a stage aucceaa on
Held haa flnlahed "Rant FYea,"
which he haa been making for Para
mount at Hollywood, under the direc
tion of Howard Hlggln. LI la l*e
waa Reid'a leading woman In thle
comedy-drama, aceruuiaed by Klmrr
Rice from the story by laola Forreat
er and Mann Pag«.
Raymond IXtmara, curtaor of the
New York Bronx Zoo, l> a scenario
writer now. He haa conceived a pic
ture called "The Four geaeona."
ahowlng blrda and animal* and ft*h
—aa well ai flowera and treea—aa
they appear from spring to winter. ,
Montague Urn*, wh* play* tha
villain In "The Beauty Hhop," a
•creen m«lm «f the famaaa ma
•leal comedy, haa appear ad In
many AwHtw »tage prodnr
tlona, hut haa never been off
Broadway. Ha la an Englioh
man, having km bars In Cal
cutta, India.
Jlovie Quizzer
(Conducted In co-operation u4tk A»-
tociated ririt Xatlonai Picturtt.
Pan—Viol* Dana'a newest plctur*
Is "Ufi'i Dam Funny " She playa
the part of a French \lollnlat.
Oyster Bay (Iraca Darmend
played opposite Wallaca Raid In
"The Vallay of tha Olanta." She
had aeveral yaara experience on the
stage. Her addreea la Tilt Frank
lin ava., Hollywood, Cal.
Frivolity—Dorothy Davenport la
tha wife of Wallace Raid. Hhe waa
well known on the screen before her
marriage. Marjorle Day waa born
In Colorado Hprtnga In I#o2. Pauline
Curley doea not tell her age. Dor
othy Devore waa the maid In "Forty
five Mlnutea From Broadway." She
haa brown hair and eyea.
Jack K.—Evelyn Neeblt played In
"A Fallen Idol" aome yeara ago. Hhe
la not on tha sttge or screen at
present. She la the proprietor of
a tea ahop In New York City.
Eileen—The laat picture In which
Dorothy Phillips waa a'cn waa
"Men, Women, Marriage." The
name of her new picture haa not
been announced Hhe la married
and haa one child.
Din—Tea, "Ben Hur" la to ha
filmed very soon. Mnrahall Nollan
chos# Wesley Ilnrrv from a group of
youngatera playing on the atreet.
You will aoon se» him In "Penrod."
Klllott T>axter and Dorothy Cum
mins, Paramount players. hava ar
rived In England to appear In noma
of tha production* to ba made at tlia
l.ondon studio of Paramount BrltlMh
Producer*. I/td. Mis* dimming. who
waa seen In aupport of Mae Murray
In tha George KlUrrlaurice produe
tlon, "Idola of Clay," and recently
completed work In Sam Wooda's spe
cial all-atar production, "Don't Tell
'Everything," at tha Lanky atudlo,
haa been specially engaged to appear j
In productions made by Mr. Fits
maurlca on the oilier aida.
Tliara ara few of lha great writers
or tiia day who ara not connected
'with lha movies In aotna way. lha
'moat prominent exception being
George Harnard Mhaw.
I)avld Warfteld ia tho moat promi
nent of tha stage atara who have not
bean hired by the screen play.
Oreat palntera and Illustrators in
craaaliig their Incomes by working
for or aa movie directors ara legion.
Now the namea of famous musi
cians are con tun ted with tha movies
Tha tataat la Victor Herbert. He la
going to lead tha orchestra ut tha
ritrand a Near York movie house.
A motion picture advertising gen
ius compela patrons of a.Waahlng
ton harbor shop to read his warns
Me bought the rights to the celling
und then panted a poster sdvertU
Ing hla latest movie smash directly
over each chair. The helpless Indi
vidual getting s ahave either haa to
read the ad or go to steep.
Thomas H I nee ts doing a screen
version of "The Hottentot "
I Wright Critic mien has been
confined to hla bed far the paat
tow ds)«. suffering with a bad
siege of grtnpe. which, luckily,
caino Mu |f -tare*.
Charles Chaplin
HEARTS" im r pi ACC" -—gas
Al &Vi? m ? IV» vLH99
or tne North ana wiU on tb» Msntn
the Arctic Sea N/VWWVWWW>A/VW> flaturdif night
rv rirrvtarryrxo malotte on the wurlitzer rv rsr-wrsr-scrKv*
II I I"J fll Pj m featuring "Tropical Moonlight** 1 popular aong II II• J| •II A m
■* II II LI SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT I"J| • | ■■) |1 | |
™*T** IT T'TTrff*T Al Newman, the Player-Roll Pianist, ml
Home of lOOtfTPfolun* Bruce MaoDougall, Banjo Artbt Home of 100% Picture*
Tips to Censors
Because of the rat ant agitation
against censorship, Herbert Itawi-
Innon. the peppy Universal star,
haa outlined hi* l<l«aa »f what
should liq, burred from the screen.
They are aa follows:
No killing—Exerts a »ad Infla
mes nn old and young.
No Intense loving—Might lead
to killing thru Jealousy.
No embracing—Might lead to
an intense love scene.
No kisatnp-Mlglit had to aa
No ahaklng handa—Might load
to a kiss
No xmlling—Might call tor a
No—oh! What'a tha uaeT Might
aa wall hav« no picture!
"Ate of Hearts," a (aouverneor
Morris photoplay, is the third
f ioidwyn production In which
ion I'haney has appeared, and
H h said to fire ona of hla beet
rains since "Tha Miracle Man."
Millie Burke announces that aha
hss permanently forsaken tha
screen for tha stage.
I Ann* Q Nilsson haa aa ambition
to piay one of Ibean'a famous rolea.
A special Waahington dispatch to
tha Naw York Time* nays that ar
rangements hava L«*nn made |. r a
showing of George Arllss' film pro
duction of "Disraeli," before i'resl
dent Harding, In tha Whlta Houna.
Tha prealdant always haa been a
dose student of IJtaranll. tha states
man, and haa alporlicd roadlly all
mutter pertaining to hla remarkable
carter a>a leader of Kngllah thought.
Doris Kenyon haa been engaged as
leading woman for George Arllaa In
hla next production. "Idle Hands."
ArllM la contampiatlag tha produc
tion of "Richelieu" after he corn
pletee that pidura. After his screen
version of "Dlaraell" It la difficult to
picture any other actor so well-fitted
to bring "Hlchelleu" to the screen.
CBffocd Bshrrls.n. the beat
known naathm director la motion
pictures, learned how to fight
(which he haa to Ao In owe ting
films) early |p Ufa, because ha
"soldiered" during the Boer war,
and In the far Kast. for a Aunv
her of yean previous to nh| on
the stage. wMrh waa before he
sotered pictures.
Karl a Williams completes "Lucky
T*AC,E 3
Noted Author
as Producer
Those who look forward to aeelng
Rex tlearh's fllin of Ma own novel.
"The Iron Trail," will be Interested
In learning 'hat thla author wrote
hla firat dramatic production to get
"grub money" when he went broke
In Nome, Alaaka, during the first
gold rush. Thla waa In 11(7, and
there were two aocalled vaudeville
houses In Nome. On* had rounded
up all the actora, no the other waan't
doing eo well. Re* Beach. In two
houra. worked up • violent melo
drama, furnlahed the rjutt, and aoon
had it put on before a hi* crowd of
hla friend* After the show Beach
left the box-offlca with a bar full
of gold duat
Naslmova haa contracted for th*
release of her future productions
thru United Artists, distributors for
Plckford, Fairbanks and Griffith.
Naslmova haa selected Oscar Wilde'*
"Salopie" as the companion picture
to Ibsen's "A Doll House" In her
first repertoire program.
Wonder who gets up the Mtlea for
Beltnlck pictures? "Love Is an Aw*.
ful Thin*" la Owen Moore's Beat.
That's awfully sickening.
Oolf jokes ara enacted by Gaylord
Lloyd In "A Zero Hero."

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