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The Seattle Star
?tiM lantA
Negotiation* between the Irish and the English are not running smoothly. That was
to be expected. The problem is too biff, of too long standing, to be settled quickly and
One thing, however, b certain—the Irish question is nearer solution now than it ever
has been before.
By rather remarkable coincidence, the Irish-English conference gets well nnder way
a* time brings the first anniversary of the death of Terence MacSwiney. The lord mayor
of Cork, martyr to his convictions, died October 25, 1920.
At that time, the majority disinterested spectators probably believed that Mac-
Swiney had died in vain. It does not require the perspective of centuries, or even of
decadcs, to prove that this was not so.
The day MacSwiney died, the tide turned In Ireland's favor.
His passing, the climax of his heroic hunger strike, focused world sentiment on the
British foreign office. That sentiment, more than anything else, led England to seek
a permanent solution of the Irish question. •
Negotiations may run for months. They may be suspended at times. They may even
fail entirely. But failure would lead to further negotiations. A definite step forward has
been taken.
MacSwiney accomplished much for his cause.
History will accord him a pedestal alongside that of Robert Emmet.
"What do job think of (ha
within nnpl« af lii(h finance"
Jul rwi»Kir asks ft Inter to
the nUln (ram L R. Wood in •(
The enclosure is a circular from
• New lurk bonne offering for
•ale City af Warn* (Poland)
Theae bonds of 190.000 mark de
•amination, are offered at IIMJO
garb. At the normal exchange
ttlw af the l'oli-h mark, the clr
fritr drelarea, the bond would
are aa equivalent par value In
wtcan dollars af »;*»•, and
U boar launat at the rata af
CHANGE VALVE. Yea. but that
nay aarrr coma to the Ufe of
ttaaa bonds. M ysars.
So, aaawtrlng Mr. IVoodin's
fit sa aa to what wa think af
11 lIJIiIT b sat a good to-
Mtoak U ta sat a good ipim
hitai It maj ba a lair gamble.
If |M haw MBttktai ef P»
iHMfa totaatt—. hn fakh la bar
Mm km mnsN ttat the
•Mr 11 Winnh OMm an
i<|Mi K yaa ban mq to spate
rriH.Bg t« take either kit praflto
er unpM« toss a* It coas>»—
Mum* Hit*
Pie Counter
The time baa coma to alick a
pin In the political map. Per
keps wo »b«uld aay to owl a
Ulratana on the rood to pr«gi
The "husband of Mrs. HarrlH
Cay lor I'pton, vice chairman of
the republican national Committee,'
tea keen appointed to a vacancy
ee the federal trade commission.'
The ago of woman rarely baa
*—»■ Woman doea bore righto.
Ibe doea also hare power. Man
■My bo the bread-winner hot
woman wins the pie. It la per
fectly evident. Never, never,
■ever before did a newt piepatrh
announce that the nominee far a
ffablic office waa the "husband
All right, Cpton, we never heard
ef yen, hat we have heard of
|torriet. Harriet waa weO known
J»\> Cfy N I a tire, go along woman
raffragial who knt respectability
oh. j. n. nnrv«...
Free Examination
on Earth
We are one of the few optical
■tores in the Northwest that really
grind lenses from stsrt to finish, and
we are the only one la
Examination freo, by graduate op
tometrist Glasses not prescribed
onless absolutely necessary.
ma nnrr itbxdi
■etims Soriao aaO Meeeo
Keep Your Skin-Pores
Active and Healthy
With Cuticnra Soap
■r wait »•< a» ■nr. I*, mm Mixotkt I MU.. II IM mtmlt*. lull »aa#k
It M la ttia ai«|« a/ w..h!„,i„« OuiaU. af t«a atata. Ma »•' »aa«K
|4 I» far » maitiha ar II It aar ymmt. Mr rafrlaf, aiw, Ma a aianitv
Terence MacSwiney
When baby sicallows a nickel, call the landlord.
He tciU get it
It is the FEAR of thinqs that torments us—
the things themselves usually prove harmless.
of her (jturl nam* (n the WtU
llays-llsrdliig republican cm
ptim for the prniddif).
And .she U getting hrr mrui
She (a putting her man In l >oh—
t«—■«—smn UK rhrtM -ao
dacitjr mJ faith"
H JrsJL II o»u«ht m f #jr»
M /7 M and I rather tlksd
i "• 1 • It. 1 wnnd.'X-4 It
most readers who
*»w It would
think It i mis
placed coordinv
tton. liar* faith
and audacity any
thins la common?
la not faith pa»
sits, lubrnlmlv*.
and •omcUilnt
whosa quality to th« reverse of au
IdM not And the wsrt tn a trea-
Uea on railstoa. It to ta Arnold Ban
netts book entitled "Tour America."
W» criticise Bnillihnn for tour
In* Annie* In & fortnight and col ng
back ta tall Enxllshmen what »ort of
cotmfry America tar, but thU book,
baaed on * tour of tbat kind, tu
written for Americana
Mr. Bennett waa speoklng about
Chicago's magnificent system of
parks and boul-vards. Ha did oat
like Chicago's street*. and I to not
blame bim. He did not think Cbl
Let r»te do her worst. there are relics of Joy.
Bright dream* of the past, which ahe cannot deetroy;
And which come in the night time of sorrow and <*r«.
To br!n«r t*'k the feature that Joy ttaed to w+mr:
* on * ** my h*i»rt with euch memories rillc^;
Like the vwie In which roM» have oo<M br»en dijrtillM.
Tou may break. you may shatter the *mm, it you will
**** ecent of the roe< h will hang round It at ill.
Try This on Your Wise Friend
Can yoS°d?H e ? to DUmber 78 With Bix scvcns -
Answer to ywtenlay'*: SI.
Month-End ||
Men's 1 SALE R
and^lSoy" S |ij and gjjf
jSj A natter Disregard for the lam
i— AU *£'. M d»OC aa el
® c
207 RIALTO Bill. Iml |k | Q K|| Q|
Second Avenue ||« *r * g)
Between Bra . Stock of Furs, Coats, Suits Mb
«nd and Dresses Unusual
PitdM rvaiir
kr ri. nu
fMM Mala
k nice longtime, mprrtibU Job.
SIMM a year, for Mrrn fat ;fir«.
unices Ibe meat parkrri "gel" thr
Score for Harriet!
ruga at ail rsaJu-.l h»r own possi
blUtiaa, and I think ha la rlgbL
Ha said Chicago had no proper ral
lying point, and she nee<ia it. ll«*4s
right about that; and the onngeetioa
of Chicago * Iron bound loop la *a
libomlnatlon and a peril.
1 who !lv# there may b* permlttnd
to say thai which Mr Hennett did
•tot aay. But ha said that Cbioagu'a
boulevard system "dkarlnaea a tr»
mendous audacity and faith."
Ua ta right.
And ha mentions with a aanaa of
solemnity tha turning of Its river up
Evary Ajnwloui city mpinnts tn
Its tost achievements a ootahlnaHon
at sudadty and faith.
The faith tbat rtnora mountains
la visible tn America's tunnels and
brldgea. her railways and eommerea
Buslnesa 1a not done oa any other
basis than that of faith.
Businena depression la a lark of
-vmOdence. that U to nay. a lac* of
faith. Ihiiln»«« sucrose ia invariably
a triumph of faith.
Mr. I>nn»'t ta right not only of
Chicago but of every American city.
What ia there dlecloe*. is "a I/piukv
dous audacity and faith."
A Letter From Avridge Mann
Bdftor Tha Btar
ilr|t|ttM are being Mt ta talk about dlaarmamant, and you
ncii'iit that wa tM.lia our ran. ami write to all our rongr'-eeuien.
to trll 'hem wa as* strong for and *• diflvinil that war
ahull <»um.
Hut y#t, bafnre wa ralaa a fnat lat> atop and look awhile at na;
tf wo ara pear*adoring guy*. why do wa act ao ollirrwiae? Why
dot* It accm that, even now, wa atwaya Ilka to ralaa a rowT
Hepublloana and democrat* e» operate Ilka dog* ami rata; tha
capital and luhor gtuura ara alt tha Mme ear hanging whiinga; and
•verybody want* to flrht to demonstrate that they ara right.
And you and 1 are Ilk* th* rent «arh thinking that wa know tha
beat, and If wa rawt a allly aup who tjltmirrena, wa want to scrap;
•nd arlUotn hava wa ever triad to see tba othar fellow'a alda.
Why don't K avar pleroa our d»«na that and !>«*» bagina
At hoinaT Tluit war and atrlfa will lavy toll till fare In rrlgntng
In tba aoul? Why do wa bold U> alight n- trwtn the atory of tba
mota and baatnT
If wa waut yr-a<a> to ootne to atajr. fc-r* rhang» •oraalTea and *how
the way. and let the world look hare to are a working Christianity.
We can't put arma upon tha ahatvnA. until wall»« at paaea n»
No Apology Due From Mr. Clarke
r.dltor Tha Rtar-
Thia la to raply ta the party wtie
atntad In your paper that a cartaln
klr. I'larke owaa tha atudnDt* of tha
t'nlyeralty of Waahlngton an apology
In regard la Utat "graaaed pig" mat
Tli* nam why that Itttta stunt
waa not "poll") off" wu
the 11 Ittnxno Hoctety of Washington
did not permit It ho It waa not dua
to an J other than that organisation
The and the Greased Pig
Editor Tha Btai-.
I wiah to Inform Ralph Plnkerton
in regard to tha unlveralty m»rry
making that I have no apology what
ever to offer him. or tha atu<lent
body. the university authorities or
anyone elee even remotely connected
«ltto th* greajx l pig incident of a
week ago Maturity afternoon.
I am glad Uiat I had the opportu
nity to rebuke auch an Inhumanity,
and I am confident that many other*
In Heattla felt aa I did about It. The
umrrratty brlonga to tha atate. and
anything untoward that oorura there
la of Intcreat and concern to ua all.
Whlla it la true tiutt tha "sport"
waa called off at tha tut moment, t
navrrtheleaa acted In perfect good
faith. My letter waa In tha haada of
Tha Ittar a considerable time before
I waa told on what ! thought—and
•tilt think • -absolutely reliable Infer
inatlon. that the Humsne aoclety hnd
made a etrong prntaat against It and
h»nce at tha laat moment, the affair
had been railed off.
Krtday. tlie day before tba "spnrt"-
wm to fcTur, a morning paper a'atad
that ctich an #vent waa to occur
Arrangements had been made to aa
euro tha pig fmm tba Pacific Hog
ranch at Klrklaad. A crate had been
provided. 11a bad bora ehrtatanad
"Urtatlea." A Ortala part of tha pro
gram had bee® eat aawa for thl*
certain event. Sixty you tha bad be«a
eapocialty ehoaen for thia kindly, to
. HI mmi
Uko MMlfhl 10* will
A MOTHER i« always aoxtans
« to give lbs safest tad beat
medicine tos niniiipstsd baby,
but is puuled which to select
Let her decide by the ingredi
ent* on the packag*.
Every bottle of Dr. CsldweU'i
Syrup Peittin has the formula
printed plainly on the outside
of the carton under the portrait
of Dr. Caldwell, who wrote the
prescription in 1882. You will
find that it is a combination of
Egyptian Senna and other
simple laxative herbs with pep
sin . It will not grip* the baby,
and It la free from narcotics
A bottle sufficient to last a
family severs! months can be
hsd at any drug stors, and the
cost is only shouts coat a dose.
White no one, young or old,
need take a drastic purgative
like salts or calomel, be espe
cially careful what you give a
c Haoe a < ~White Owl
3fir2s* I
Box of Mi ti.H
/ QOME gmokerg are »dll "ihopping around" to find
O the beit value among 3 for 25c eigart. Others have 'VMs*
tried White Owl—and they're not "shopping" any
more. Have a White Owl.
that tha affair announred ta take
pla<* did not. tender tb* cir'-um-
Mtao'wn, wa do not fe«l any apology
dua frnui Mr. Clarka.
Mr. Clarka haa been doing a great
deal of good by hla fine spirit to
warda the helpleaa anlmala: It l» too
bad there are aot more like htm
Let'a co-operata with him In hla
splendid work; tha community will be
better for IL Hln<-erely,
tellectuai pastime. l:*>-h fraternity
had aele<te«J two of its hwakleat. aa
representativea. A Mrr I'oran waa
chosen U> engineer tha guma. A T<ee
K'-t<.hain waa to hove charge nf the
det&iia. Tltere was every dealre and
intention to have aurh a "aport."
Kvery poeeibla arrangement had be«-n
mad* for It. It had newspaper an
nouncement In advance tliat tb**
l-üblic could rspent auch an a I tree
Uoo. It comea now with a poor
graoe for any atodent to bewail the
fact that the "character and repot*,
lloa of O«0 students" la aaaalled by
anyone* supposing their university
would think of such a thing! Pig
• basing crueltlea are prnrttoully the
nune, ever> where conduced. It i* gn
affront to decency, intelligence and
every tnatlnet of kindllnea*. 1 and
every other per ion In Heattle. or el«e
Where, had a perfect rtght to pro
teat. No "U" atudent need fe»l him
"•lf or hla school above cntlrum
Altho thru tha prompt action of the
llunuute aodrty the proposed and
j>lannad for event did not occur. th.»
doe* not egcuae Mr. Plnkerton a In
dignant. aanriimonioua conimcn'*
about tha Inherent worthiness of hi*
school. It seems to me that h*. the
student body, tha "LP aathnrltlea.
all owa tha publio aa apology for
harlag thongblaaaty or brutlahty
planned for aa exhibition.
cnua. some contain minerals, eoai
tar and other drugs that might
Kve dangerous by over atirou
ng the Intestines or depressing
tha heart The ingredients of
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin are
recommended by tha U. S.
Half-Ounce Bottl* Fre«
tmrn mm■■ t> mm ft ma it mm
nimt't e Lin I «f Ail ww«ol M w mtd
c: £"u s^
mm N Utfc mlmt "mdij 5i »j> <i ymm
mm mJaUmm w t> tr B OM )<*
VmKmjmb J<. MmkA. liL Vim aw tmitf.
Carol crept bark to har chair. In
tha ferror of dJaruaalng tb* game
they Ignored her. Hhe waa not uaed
to being a wallflower Kha atrug;{la>d
to keep from otreraeiialtlvnneaa. from
becoming unpopubtr by tha aura
meth'Ml of believing that »he waa
unpopular, but »he hadn't tnurh re
aarva of patient* atnl at tha end of
tha aaoond gttme, when Ella Htow
br>dy anif/lly aakad her. "Ara you
going to aend to Mlnneapolla f<ir your
drana for the nest no tree heard you
war*," Curol wild "Don't know yet"
with unnereaaary aharpneur
Sha waa rellevad by the ndmlra
lb>n with whlrb tha Jouna fllle HI la
FUra'-na looked at tha ateel bucklea
on her pumpa; but alia rewnted
Slrm. Ilowland'a tart dnmnnd. "Don'l
you find that new rotirh of youra l.*t
too broad to be prartlcal*" Hhe n'xl
dad, then ahook her head, and touch
lly left Mrs. Ilowland to gat out
of it any meaning ah* dmlred. Im
mediately aha wanted to make peara
Hhe waa clone to almprrlng In tha
awectnean with which »he addreeeed
Mra. Ilowland: "I think that la the
pretlieat dlapfaiy of beef tea your
huahand ban In bla aiore."
JOHN Nlitt
"Oh, yea, Oopher Prairie lan't ao
much behind the Urns*," gtbad lira.
H.eUnd, Rome one giggled.
Their rehuffa made nar haughty;
her haugh'lnesa Irritated them to
franker rebuffs; they were working
| up to a utiite of painfully righteous
war when they wera saved by the
coming of food.
Tho Juanlta llaydook waa highly
advanced la tho in*tt»rs of finger
bowls, dollies, ant.' bath mat*, her
j "refraahmenla" war* typical of all
| tha afternoon coffeea Jujinita's l>e»t
friend*. Mr* Zla*haway and Mrs.
i Dyer, phased Urge dinner plates,
> each alth a apoon, a fork, and a
oatfea cup without aauear. They
apologize-! and dlecuaaad tha gfteiv
noon'* gainr aa they paawil thru the
thicket of women's feet. Then th»y
dtatrlbuted hot buttered rolla. coffee
poured from aa r name I ware pot.
ttuffed oil Tea, potato aalad. and an
gal'a food oak a. There waa. aven
! in tha moat atrtcUy oonfarralng Oo
pher Prairie rtrclaa, a certain option
aa to eollatkoaa The attraa need not
ba at of fed Doaghcut* wera In aotaa
hooaaa wall thought of aa a sobatl
tuU for the hot buttered rolla. But
there waa In all tha town ae heretic
aavs Carol who mtftfad angel s food
They ate enoraouaiy. Carol had a
suspicion that the thriftier bourn
wives mad* the afumoon trwu do
(or tbe evening rapper.
Bhe trW to pt Into th»
current Hhe edged ever to Mrs.
McOanum Chunky, amiable, voting
Mrs. VleO.tnum. with b>r breut and
arm* of a milkmaid, and tier loud
delayed htogh which buret (tartline
lr from s sober far«, wee the
daughter of old Dr. Weetlake, and
the wife of Wreileke's partner. Dr.
Mrflanum. Krnnlcolt asserted that
Westlake and McOnnum and their
contaminated famlllre were tricky,
but Carol had found them gracious
Hl»e asked for friendllneee by crying
to Mr*. MrCanum, "How ta the
l>»by*« throat now?" and etie was
attentive while Mra. McOnnum
rooked and knitted and plaridly de
•cribed symptom*.
Vida Shnrwln mme tn after school,
with Mies Klhel Villeta, the town
librarian. Ml»* Hhenvln's op'tmixtic
presence gave Carol more confidence.
8h» talked. Hhe Informed the clrrle.
"I drove atmoet down to Wah keen
yan with Will, a few days ago l«n"t
the country lovelyT And t do admire
the Scandinavian farmers down
The Story ®f Card Kfnnlrotl
BT BINd air i rwi*
nowyrlrht. IBSO, llamourt, Itraea A Hew*, In
AVMoraia or orritiwn , i*rrAM.wicwTa
CAHCII, Mtl.roHK. Fount, vrraat la, anlliaalastln. I* graduated from a
email Mlnnaa-ta raiirsa »•!.• la <uwai'»< thsl her n.laains la llfa la
ha»«iifrliif th* tialy iotn> vt th* Nertheaat. ah* a*'uraa a poaltioa l«
the Mt. I'sul library At ilia humi vt a frla/ii aha m«ata
l>n Wll.l. KBNUiroTT. a kaetael»r In 'ha lata thlrtlaa and a nhraMan
•f ilfiplitr I'ralrl* In dua tlma taay ara ma rrlad. and Ka«tnlea*t takae
rar«<l i« iicfihxr prairie. Whan alia aaaa lha tuaa, aha 1» tarrlftad at tha
tltausM of llrltig th«ra Car».| flnda kannl'-olt a hfffiia n»ld Vietnrlaa and
uaattrar-ilva. tut derldae t® «<aka tha baat af M aha arplor*a Mala atrial
tn<t fln'la it (1 it 11 and hopeless. a rardlaa to her tdase At tha aama tima
Bf* iTiRKMioN. tha dau«ht»r af a ■ ••ll.h feraiar, la aspiorln» Mata
st re.-t T<i h»r it a«' ma lively and Interns'lnt. A* a pertr at tha horns »f
*A*t ei.AIX, hardware dealer, Caret meets tha smart set af o'»pher
fralria aha la k/«,l hi lhair dull '•'•aaarsatina and hr thalr aar'jr "stunta ••
At ilha h'.ardmg h'.uaa » hate aha an« tha d'» tar take n-air ii.aala au'll
•ha a milrl, Carol meata
MAVMIK Wl riIKKHI'UOtt. ah»a aataawan al f»«e Baa Taa star* and
aa sdmirer nf p>wtrr and drama Alan c»i>»l rinda a frlaad la
Vina •lIRRWII* a tsaebar la the high e*-neol. They ylaa ta heasttfy
It.a tnwr, Vl,u li.alaia that Carol tnaat maat
CUT Mt.lflCK, lha p'»llr ha'lxlur lawrar af lha taw* ta Iwtw *
Caral Alarorara a »<-taana ilr
front In nr«f fXmj Taa(erda)-)
thM-a ao- their b'« r»d ham* and
alloa and mltklng nnrhinea and ev
erything. Do yon all know that
MOTHER! Your Child's Bowels
Need "California Fig Syrup"
h V <-n u auk child lovea the
"fruity" twit* »f "California 11*
Syrup " If the Utile tonifiie la coated,
or If your child la ILntlMa. crow, fr
verleh, full of cold, or haa colic, a
tMKpoonfut will never fall to open
the bow e la. In a few honn yon ran
eee for yourself how thoroughly It
works all the constipation polaon,
■our bile and waste from the tender,
little bowela attd gtvee you a well.
Take Yeast Vitamon
Tablets To Put On
"Stay There" Flesh
Increase Your Energy and Banish , Skin
Eruptions—Easy and Economical To Take
—Results Quick
Of what mm «f# fiaa featurea with aa ogly, »attlad akin. fUWr U,
a—lt— Aaika, jonahes nadw tb« eyea or a carewara, aicMy leak-ag
faeaT Maatia'a VITAMON Tableta ara peaMfvely ywarawt—d ta quickly
daar yaar akto, pmt firm. haslthy fM w your bcaaa, and iacraaaayoar
Mm fare* mmd powar, or unify back. Try tfcaa your at If sad aaa.
Thin or run-down folka win Sod this staple test well worth trying:
First weigh youmelf sod measure yourself. Next taka Uaatic's
VITAMON—two tablets with every meal. Then weigh sod measure
xa yourself sgaia
I*®l each week sad
J*«■ 1 continue taklsg
\*f iZU a - Mastln'g VITA
/ V /\ nntu ytm tra
fvtST / J \ ( a A \cwtST satisfied with
isskCMts I \ Us iMcms j-„ ur ca i a ja
•k as I A WtPS «"**'«*»t sod n-
/wrism, higher coo ceo-
I ® INCM ' S
V Jl J other still mora
Wl jXI Bines (Fat Sol*
u"M / \ HHs
auvit \1 // \ I / Science says you
fctNCMU ijfl l\ I srScMtl murt hare to be
i|ja strong, well tad
gppreclata their
gn«jig£ga ffiSa
1 of what you est
Martin's VITAMON supplies Just what your body needs to feed
tha shrunken tissues, strengthen Internal organs, clear the skin snd
renew shattered nerve force without upsetting the stomsch or cans-
Ing gas. Pimples, bolls and skin eruptions vanish as If by magic
under Its healthful, purifying Influence. But It Is not only • ques
tion of how much better you look and feel, or whst yonr friends say
snd think —the scalea and tape measure will tell their own story.
A two weeks' test will surprise you.
... ntl-ORTANTI Whlla tha amnilng health bnlldlag valaa of Maatia'a
VITAMOK tablata haa bean clearly and poaltlvrly ("enioiistrated Is eaaaa
ef lark of enercy, nervoua troubles. autuiia. Indication, ronetlpattea. •*»
erupt lona, poor complexion and a generally weakened physical and ■ental
condition, they ahould not be oaed by aayone who OBJEOTB to havtng
their weight Inrreaaed to normal. n« ear* to remember the »«»' Maa*ta'e .
VITAMON—She original aad genuine jriuMl-vltamlaa tehlet—lbafa la
aothtog alaa Ilka I*, aa da aat aerrpt lmttatlaa> ar •übatttataa. YaS aaa
gal MaaUn'a VITAMON tablet, at all gaad drngglata, inch aa
Firm Flash. Clear tha
Sldn and Increa- Energy
t when taken with Ewiy
GINUINI' TASLtT Maa]> Mon . y Back.
lonely T,>ith»r»n ehoreli. with w
tinoovrrod aplra. tluU aland*
alona on a hill* Tfn m bleak; tim
how M mm*m» ao hr*»a. I
tha B«in4in*v|nn» ar» tha ''r Um
and b«at peopl*—"
"Oh. «<» TO" tfcUok «or pr«t**t«t
Mm. Jarkaon KMer "Vy
aay/i tiio Cwnrtw that work | n tha
planing mill am perfectly turrlbla—
«o altar t arid rranky, and an w!f|,a
the way tl"-y keep <b m inding rnlaa*.
If they ha-1 the.r way they d «i„, D)T
fuln the t>ualne*»."
"Ywi. and they're (Imply (haifw
hired rlrki"* walled Mm. r>aYa
"I awnr, I work myaalf to akin ul
bono trying to plwiiw my hired ptrtg
when I ran get them' I da tvory.
Oihi* In tha world for them. Th«y
ran have their gentleman fr.i-ndj
call on them hi tha kltnhen «n T
tirr.e, and th-y pet Jnut tho aania to
• ill a* w« do. If there** any left r„«r
(Turn lo fage )|, Column 1)
T» D A. a-I;■: "When the
aJar, cam you u*<> It for canning?"
B. K. «Ik«: ' What kind of a key
flu a l»k of hair?
playful child again.
Mllllona of mother, keep "Califo»
nla Fig Syrup" handy. They know
a tr<w<r>«ODful today aavea a tick
child tomorrow. Ark your dniggM
for genuine "California Klg Syrup"
which haa dlrectlona for bablea and
children of all ages printed on hot,
tla. Mother! You must aay "Califor
nia" or you may get an liaitattoa
fig syrup.—Advertisement.

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