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:»7.5:i7 praplr have
seen the "Conflict" in
the last nine days >\t
the Clemmer —a niotl
ern. thoroughly f *»'<■ •
proof and well-exited
I How to Win m Matt l»y Ip- I
H t«»J>alc Ciiv« Woman Tartkm m H
I "Her Winning Way" >
I \\ holenome Kun ft f 111 I
H With Uu|li| A Plenty B i I
I*)NAI.I>. Yakima County ATter
atealing 100 pound aafe from Tum-a
lum I.umber conuwny's office and
blowing It open, thlevea found it waa
•mpt >.
Roy Ctrtci m% Hirvtrtl
A Repartary Cuapiay in
Thr«« On** A«t I*l ay•
THK rU>MIST Mlor. by Wlmfrtd
Hnvk hrldc#
ryaKICM and
OIKKrOM>. by Ati™ Omt*nb*rg
Tbur«d*y and Frldiy Kv«nln««, ».!•
L>te»m ber S
Saturday Matlntfn it t II i
.Nov, X€ and Dec 1 \
TtrkMJi. &*C *nd II 0«
P*a*«>n 14 •• and tS
Oil tial* m Hhnmif. Clay a Ca
and At Tha Cornun
Dr. EL C. Parr
19*4 Tklrd Ave.
C'araer Thlr4 aag I'lke.
llm (sans- ,
te«4 all »•* \
Heals. Maa \
beea prae- ■! T\
ilelaa all
knselw •( V
Deallslry IBh 1
tar lllteea
speelallsea ' W
partlralarlr i f
la tba I real
saeal af i
Pyarrhea Jy
ana Hmsst- ,
■Ma BfMie
waefc. .a -ijr
Oat-ef- M '
lawa pa- ■' 7
Ilea (a (t«rs
speelal mm 4 W'
naM ess-
aMerallan. Vetera aa helped la
every way passible.
1402 Second Avenue
Making Ready for—
WaU-h Paper* Utr Particular*
Entire Stock Must Be Sold!
tJust Honest Milk
Scientifically pasteurized
by the most modern methods
in a most modern planU /
Grocer Will
3 Serve You
New Bridge to Span
Pen d'Oreille River
Construation of a I.2S«foot atecl
•brlitge aeroaa the I'en d'Orellle river
between Sand INiint. Idaho, and New
port. Waah.. will begin soon. acc«»rd-
Ing to word from those communities.
The work will be financed by the citl
xena of the towns, who have formed
a stock company for the purpoae.
Uncle Sam Seeks
23 Linotypists
Kmploymrnt for ft of>«mt«
on At 71 crnti an hour wt(h a bonua
of $240 yearly, la offered by thi» gt»v
ernm«*rit prim in* office al WaihinK
ton. I>. C. Ap|iii(i4tiunn may b* made
locally at 303 ixmtofflvt buildup.
For Cold on the Chest
la easy to apply and It
doea not blister like the old faahloned
mustard plaster.
Muaterole la a clean, white oint
ment, made with oil of mustard.
Simply m-issnge II In gently with the
finger tipa. Tou will be delighted to
see how quickly It brings relief.
list Muaterole at your drug store.
S3* and tie, Jar# and tubes; hospital
slxe. SS.
sTiltoe !
I <o t1»l MIII «• lttllltlMll* In
"H iinwn'a I'Urr "
111 I I Mill Ml llrlM* lnuilel* lu i
"Tl»r S|»-nl l.lrl"
IIIM MI It I'rWt llla limn In "I'ihi
111. l "
Mlnlrr In lift niiillllii «■)."
MTHANII lUitlnlpli ItlmllnH Mint
Ikim< \yrrm 111 "Thr Hl»rlk."
I II I I<• I I M I llirl I In) lon In
H i-nllli "
rill.llKlAl, Ullllsni llii-.rll In
■«ln|tni lll»M
111 V—«lrti k llo* I* In **Th* Man
I raw XiWhlH."
K ■ - ■■ ' ■■■■■ M
silt \M»
I.rpur. BMKIK " starring lludolph
A Valentino and Agnea Ay re* •'
the Stiund this week, in u dramatic
Arublun romanc*
All Ktiglish Kli'l. unaccompanied
by white i-wiift, starts to tour tll1 1
dvaert. The Aral" cllltrf. who covets
her, <la*hra down upon her caravan
and kidnaps her.
lottrr a denert bandit kidnaps hrr.
The Arul> chief retakes her. Then
*he leurns he Innt' an Arab, but
i' hulf Ji'.ngllsh, liulf Spanish. The
nv«t rest* with Allah, according to
tin subtitle Thuii Allah lessen*
the burden of the nviuirls writer,
the dlrvotor, the censor* and the
tieorge Milford. th" director, ha*
projected this action amiiriVt a bnck
iiruund of shifting Hand dunos and
clouded sk le* (Vvalcadivi KWeep
arroiui the screen Ilk* storm-swept
cloud*. Itarely dora nuuu action
in a movie achieve such a beaut I
| ful effect.
Rudolph Valentino I* a handsome
j "Sheik" and Agnea Ayrea la par
' ucularly captivating aa the girl.
• • •
111.l i: HOI SK
Kvery kind of speed—on a aide
walk scooter, on horseback. in faat
motor car*. In faater planea In the
air in umn! to Illustrate the theme
of flclie I>un 1 r t»' newest offering.
"The Speed tJlrl.** which la now the
attraction at the lllue Mouse
Mlaa Daniels brings to the pnrt of
1 Itetty the motion picture Mar
heroine, even ♦ I'.re.thun the usual
I'.inuU beauty and charm The nile
of the tclrl who developed a speed
mania In her perambulator itaya and
never outgrew It, mi that ahe be.
come* a daring atunt artiat. flta the
vlvacloua prraonallty of the popular
j lleha to perfection. Thrllia are fur-
I nlshed In abundance by thla clever
j *tar. while laughter la equally di*
I tributed with th« thrllia by Walter
liters In the rola of Lie lie's "preaa
e * a
"Conflict," starring Prlacllla liean,
la atlll "Vowing at the Clemmer It
i ia a splendid offering with the faa
lemming young actreas in a role
I which flta her like a glove,
j In "I'lrnfli. I," Mio I !1 hns Pie
irole of a fining girt who la auddenly
forced Into a life of unhappineaa and
I inharmony from on« of ease, luxury
; and happinem. She la totally miner
utMe in her new surrounding* and the
situations that Hre brought ahout hy
Intense love, hate and various other
emotions are dramatically gripping.
The beauty of Mlaa Mean's acting
UTthat It ia always refreahinsly new
and different.
• • •
Ann Annlngton Is • hreeiry news
paper girl who hna been sent hy her
paper to get an Interview from a
| popular but extremely »hy young
author, who shuns Interviews. Ann
For Infants and Children
In Um For Over 30Years
AJw«jr» bear* _
To Avoid RouKh, Coarse,
Chapped, Blotchy Skin
Mont skins require constant groom
ing at thin ■•••on to k**ep than)
from unduly red, blotchy,
rotrii 1 , rough or harsh. or If nuch
condition tin* dtvttosi4. to overcome
It. In nuch ran*** It la particularly
ImmHlaobta to kHf blUbi on
m*-tlc*. which do* the pores and
to aka the complexion worse than
It's a lot more senalble to u*e or
dinary mftrrollMd wax, which liter
ally absorbs spoiled complexion. Ap
ply the wax. like cold rrram. befora
retiring Next mornlnjr. In washing
It off. wash away fine, flour
like particle* of the umtlffhtly
cuticle. flep«»ftt for a week or more
and you'll hove an entirely new *kln
—soft. white. spotles* and b'-autlful
OK a rnlld'a One oun« •• of merrollxed
wax. priM urobla at any druggist*. I*
all you'll need.
Home akin* wrinkle eaally In win
ter. Tere'e an excellent remedy In
a harmlea* wa*h luiion made by dl*-
polvlnt an ounce "T powdered, *axo-
II!e Ir» a half-pint of witch hgsel.
Thl* will quickly eradicate all lines
and furrows.—Advertisement.
Get Artificial
Nerve Force in
for Greati-r Pli>%l<al ami Mrntal
Vigor, StrriiKlli, ICiM-rfiy and
Xuzated Iron not only contain*
the principal chomlcal conatituenti
of llvlnpr narva forcp, ready tt» be
transformed into n» tlv*\ living nerve
force the moment It enter* tha body,
hut it nlso contains valuable In -
Kredlents for enriching the blood
find stimulating the blood to manu
facture nn increased supply of new
nerve force,
Surprising results are often ob
tained in two weeks' time Nuxated
Iron hai been used and highly In
dorsed by former United States sen
ators. membera of congress.
«»f United Htutes courts and many
prominent people. Even tha Pope at
Home wrote an Interesting com
munication in its behalf. Hold hy
all t[rugirlsts- Advertisement.
W ®
Film Version of "The Sheik,"
Now Showing at the Strand
Rudolph Valentino a* the central figure in "The Sheik."
The lady in languid pose in Agnes Ayren.
i reaorta to *trat Cjry and obtain* n
place aa maid in hla home She
*o»n «•■••« (hat ha know a obaolutely
toothing aliout women anil even lea*
about lova ami dec idea to Instruct
him She deftly breaks up a match
whlrh hi* mother had arranged for ,
! him and auci eaafuliy dispone* of u ;
lierntstent aultor of li»r own Thf !
shy yiiunv author l»romni very pro
fit lent in love and Ann graduates
I him Into matrimony.
Mary Miles Minter la Ann hi "Her
; Winning Way." the photoplay at the]
Winter tlarden thla wwk.
i Mary la a charming llttla heroine. |
• • •
Wall irlnl. wvll directed and with j
a particularly apropos tha ma.
"Wealth." ICthel Clayton's new para
mount picture; la showing at the j
t'oliM-um until Tuesday night.
Ilertwrt Itawllnaon la seen a* a
wealthy hller who haa crown to •>»
' paraaitlcally dependent on hla moth
er's money. Whan Mary Mi Rnxl
I mart-lea him a crisis Is ranched, for
ithe young artlat finda tha life »»f tha
<id la rich decidedly contrary to her
[training. Mlaa Clayton ahowa In the
offering a graap of har role's require
men in that la Utile short of genius
Mr luwlinaon la artlatlo In hla
part of itillllp Domlnlck.
• a •
Hill RuaatL who la alwaya rood in
a Western plctur*. I* ■larnna at tha
Colonial thla week In "Hinging
River." a dnutu of tha old Weat.
alone in I(7o—the daya of tha early
fortune hunter*
Hill haa trouWea galora with a
pun of crooka. They coma near
having htm hanged, but between a
I jrtrl and a man whom ho had pre
vtoualy l>eftiended, he turna tha
table* on hla f"*» and aea them
i "Hinging Rl»»r" baa action from
ilieglnnlng to and.
. . a
It l« a commonly acr«*pted theory
1 that a pretty far* on a »i>man
preclude* the pmalblllty of brain*
tM'hlnd it. Why should there be-
She haa never been encouraged* to
iuttlvata them. lant It possible
jihrtt tha present atatua of woman
may in time give the poor girl
wttli a pretty fare a chance?
"Woman'a I'lace," tha comedy
drama starring Constant* Ta'-
! madga at tha 1-lbcrty tht* week.
' of.cn* With a Woman'a I'olltlcal
■ league, which la trying to do Juit
thla. At their meeting the leader
' prints out thut in view of the
| crooked politira of the town tbere'r.
i nothing left for the women to do
j but to run a woman candidate for
mayor at the next election. They
decide to put up the moat attrar
tlve woman they can find braini
don't matter much In a may >r.
The Importance of
Healthy Kidneys
Many organs take part in asnimila
lion of' food, and a numl*r are
nrtivn In eliminating those portions
of the food which are not taken Into
lho blood for the upbuilding of the
iKxly. Of the diminutive organs,
the kidney* are of major Importance,
and are moat likely to l>e overworked
and liecome diseased. When such In
the case. various troubles of a digest
ive and ellmlnatlve character occur,
and MK h troubled are so frequent
and ao common that It la absolutely
necessary to find aome relief. War
ner's Hafe Kidney and l.lver llemedy
was <om|>ounded fifty yearn ago to
help equalise the work of both kid
neys and liver. Il<»w successful It
haa been la evidenced by Ita wide
spread sale and Ita value la attested
by an Immense number of appre
. dative users who through these
i misny years have put It to the s».
| vereat testa with the moat autlsfac
, tory results.
Warner's Safe Kidney and J.lrer
Keihedy contains no harmful Ingre
dients and ahould be used when the
kidneys need attention.
Hold by leading druggists every
where, Mample sent on receipt of
10 cents. Warner's Hafe Kemedles
Co.. pept, 661, Rochester, N. Y.
l.ump, ilHivi-rpd ftIO.BO
KfK-Nut, <|i liv<TC<| 910.00
CoklnK CmJ, delivered
Brier 11 ill Coal jowint In nwh.
M«*t heat for your money. No
clinker* or bone.
IW3 Terry Avenue N.
I'lkiiic ( apilol 4315.
anyway, *aya the leader.
Amt so they rrlect Joaephlne
Clttroe, who look* like a magazine
j|| 24 hours
[ I
I kkt WMt tfc.
I Im Oth. Cemb. «nfc tn.
- ■ ducim
A Christmas Present
For Your Home
Time right now to paper and paint
those rooms. A few dollars will work
wonders and pay big dividends in satis
faction, and if you want to sell, it will
do the trick.
For the Wall Paper
W/\n#liArrh«*lr * or kitchen or hath
nooaworK that Cashable Varnißh
A can of our Varnish Tile is O. K.—arid costs
Stain or Enamel is easily bat ,r,< ' c a bolt.
applied and costs hut lit- —, - ,
tie—jmd how it do shine! ror the Bedroom
Big assortment of plain
iL,, effects. Dainty stripes
ror tne rioor a n overß( from up
A gallon .of our splen- to the good ones,
did Wear-Well Floor Paint t #
will paint good size floor. Living Room
A quart will do a border. PanAfo
The best, f2.95 gallon. raperS
Those l>eautiful Tap
p| . wjj it p . . estry Papers have made a
rlat Wall I aint big hit at our special price
A big seller with us— ro "* to see
and we carry all colors. them.
Kaltomine Ceiling Papers
White, ivory and cream,
Only 9< pound for the | at B<S 10<, 12<,
l)cst. and upwards.
Dainty Cut-Out Borders at, yard 7?,
Wall Paper House
Remember the Name
1621 Fourth Ave., Seattle
A fcatura of tha I Jtwrl y N»w«
Weekly, almwn In conjunction with
the new who* 1,1 the I.lbTty thin
waek In th» H<attl* BUrfommunltr
Cheat fiin<l Mult panicle held Hatur
dMy morning.
Hmall boy* and Iflrl* with animal"
of every description took part in the
parade, which « w orlflrmtad by
YVntidu von K'ttlrr, of The Htar
rovrr anil who h.i* Jimt relume I
lo town with 14 trunk* of farl*
clothM. Jiawplilne I* portrayed by
ColliitMr* Tnlmud*e, and the Mir'
of cumpulitn ahe conduct* can well
tx iinii kI n**tl,
"Woman'* Place" I* »n original
atnry by John ICineraon and Anltii
• • •
Ju l Ii ll«>ii" In the i t*r of "I'll* Min
From Nowhere." n Wwltrn mlt|ltuf
■tory, which 1* bring *l»own on th«
• TMm lit the Hrl till* week.
Iloxle appeur* a* t'luy Norton, who
with III* partner, lruke Fuller, la In
tere*te<l In a number at minitiK a<l
ventures, 1 netdentaJly both love the
name girl. Norton i* « aquiire ahoot
rr, but Fuller u«e* underhanded
method* and convince* the kIrI that
Norton la no gti"d She fnarrte* Ful
ler. Her happineaa la abort lived
when aha learna tha real character of
i tha mun aha ha* married.
That Bewitrhinjr Little
Star In Here Now
A ■■Hw
E ■»■§
Th« Rpcedie-t
Moat l/wiWc
Ol Ihe if«f
11 part ThmK« and ThrDla
. viLO vu, I
110 /, / 'n»\ v
"Pape's Cold Corrrpound" is Quickest Relief Kno^
Don't «ta y stuff ad up! Quit blow
liik and snuffling! A dose of "Pspe's
Colli Compound" tak'n t-very two
hours until thr«e dosen are taken
usually breaks up » colU and ends
ull k< ipp« misery.
The first dose or>en« < l"KK"l up
nostril, and sir passages of head.
Thrilling Hl«ry of
Western l,u«k
■»d Pluck
Mull and Jeff Comedy
Sunshine C o»n»<dy
Pat he News
I ——
are low Gold
test oils
rri at low
J 0 temperatures
For sale by dealers
_j ~ everywhere and
: at our stations^
I stops nose running. rr.llsv«a ,
«<hs, dullti.-ss, fsverlebtiew, 2?
"I'ape'a Cold Compound" Ig
j <|U|ikest. sur«*t r< lief > nown
• oats only s few rents at
It arts without assistance,
nio>- Contains no (julnin*.
uihjli PaiH- s Advtrtlwwent.
isthe (
one high grade tea |
in the world '
that sella for
so little money

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