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Sale of Furnishings Ordered
by Court Despite
D*epite the effort# of Thomaa T.j
Nafcatame, prealdent of the defunct
t-Mcero, to *bift tltl* to the prop
erty, ftll the furnishings ftnd other
Mdntp of th* World Cabla lure.
t«rjr Co., la the Thompson build
lac. will b* di.->po*«M of at public!
MM* January »o, by T. D. Iback-j
wait Kwatrer.
Tlte order of «k)« wm signed
Friday by Superior Judge Mitche.lj
Nabalame, under questioning by
Ml attorney. Col. J. M Hawthorne,
factored that aitbo b« had "pur
g|Ward" the off!* e furnishing* front [
ML Hldako. af th* Jackaou F\irnl
tn* Co. aareral months ago, be
laid not patd ft cent on them.'
9f thia It was aotarht to i»rov
Uat title In the furniture remained
Wttb the furniture company, and
Uw receiver had no right lo aetl iL
testified the wm< a* Nab
tftUT* He roulJ not
to RarkvHl iM the court
*ky h« tod do illmiM to
CaOact for the furniture during the
M tew month*.
Nabatame attempted to prove rer
tela chair*. tables ami a bookease
war* hla personal property. When
■Mked froai whom he had purxUased
tkm. ha aajd the man wu now
M Itate
Haaiinr W tha petition of the
—nil >| to a*U ww featured by
but courteous repartee k»
Imm Senator Rockwell and Col.
Says Church Could
Have Averted War
"If tha church bad, 100 years ago.
XI it IH Ita faith ai applied to tha
Huoa concern* of tha nation* aa
ft te now bagtnnlnc ta do. thcra
•Mid have been no world war."
All waj rhe declaration of Rer.
Sr. H. C. Saraarlngrn. of St. Paul.
Migrator of tba general ajwembly
*•t the Preabytertan cburvlv who
•ate at Pridax's celebration of Pre*
tyterten field day.
Other church notable* who are via
ttte* Seattle are Rev John A U*r
•te wuitirr of tha Presbyterian
taM of home ml**lone: Rer. Frank
A. Moore, secretary of tha board of
teraten missions. and Mlm Mabel
flfateibier. representa'lre of the wnm-
Mil dtrlaioa of homo and foraijrn
Unfitly. Hbldt's Large Uares
■hndnow IV cents."—Advertisement.
Aeg ass «e denial fl
Wert u |et K I
■feat I * • maa| ■
•y aad wsrkmsixhi*
aa always. in my
pries* win ke s t.r
«a»S fsr yea.
I aaast ralas a»e*ev.
and I shall save roe
a 4*l Isr for evoey
dsdae y*e r«r me
te laai d«at*t wert
imin a.
MS tahaWa at.
Pee ssers ikss
years *«s<Us»
lag daaiist.
Used Bats Bought
i PMU.ipri.ii; hcttal bai.icao
- tea set «We aa pst away tbeee
-fiat* tat aead thews la la mm by *ar
•el aawt. awitklsf M >g»tsrse4 I'klU
TMa la lha ftm aad aaly firm la
■ Ite wweta dalac thla kaataeaa.
PATHONIZK It aa It helps res la
Mdan the M. C. af U
BxriMnnnr PRonccr* co.
MA HI I. A. P. I.
Tharaeterlx.. our methods la
every transaction. and our cus
(ntDera are ac<-ord»«l every coar
teay consistent with sound busl
aeaa Judgment.
ftM aa Mavtaga leetaalt
Aeeounta »üb)»et to Check Are
Cordially Invited
Peoples Slaving* Bank
■UMU 4ti AND I'lkK ST.
Boat Schedules:!
SAFTY - c Orr j.< T
vicToaiA Bc
San JuAjfcjj.land Points
• ■ >od Canal Poin r ;>
'.u A r/, M .i *■ '■ .7* * ;• /' ti "" c '
r >: wan DOCK *OO • Makicin * T
r ' M OMf MAIA* i<4'> 1
"HaCs" Plea, That Started All of the Discussion, Has
Reached the Editor of the Detonator, Official
Magazine for the Destroyer Squadrons of the U. S.
Pacific Fleet, Who Written a Reply.
Among the numbers of letters sent in reply to "Hal" is one
from the editor of th* Detonator, the destroyer squadron's of•
ficial magazine.
The discussion is as to whether "Hal," who disapproves of
"petting parties" ami promiscuous kissing, should break his
engagement to the one and only girl because he overheard her
conversing with <1 girl friend to the effect that she thoroty
approved of said "petting parties" and that her fiance uvs
too slow. H'toif do you thinkt
Mi<4l Oreyj In your depart-
Imeßt. under d>l» of January s, you
carried * Utter (rum a young man
ahtclt |«« far to demonstrate the
tntip character of Americas glrl
lunvl today. While the article il«l«
•Ith promiscuous klaaing, It actually
onr-hlta IU lltle and show* how th*
girl* who could *n>>y our finest
ritniii, merit far l«ai tlim their mod
ern idea of duplicity In love.
I Th* IVtonator. deatruyer aquad
ron'i maica-'ine, which I edit, has
been from the very start tr>lng to
get at an understanding of thin
question. Kor eight month* now we
lia«» been viewing the matter In all
{trifle toast port*- and hare oam«-<l
numerous articles written by tlvll-
Una. naval men and by tit* girls
ithemaelve*. I regTet to aaaert the
■urn total of Judgment news to be
that modern American girlhood
want* to enjoy lla *e* eirttements
'twfore It ran rnlertain any Idea of
'real love, and when It deaire* to ac
tually enter Into a holy love- find*
that Ita character baa b**n no tulned
|that there la no hop*.
The reault la that th* man who.
living by the single standard and ear
neatly endeavoring to bring th* high
est gift* to th* marriage altar. *v*n
tries to make such glrla understand,
la ridiculed lust aa thia girl ridiculed
this man behind hi* back.
It la a trite fart that whan yoti
[bring thla to the attention of tha
(trill. I hey defend themaelves by as
serting they hare aaen men violating
all tha unwritten law*, and why not
them? flut tha rub I* that they In
variably pick out tha worst type* of
man ho.»l to pattern their action*
'upon. Then they wonder why a man
who la clean. u«ed to outdoor life.
jWell educated and with good standing
'will not even consider I hem. Why
j should ha? There Is much mora
j pleasure In llilil single <even tho
It may border on bmkenhaertrdneeai
with a career to bu*y one. than to
.build up a beautiful ta*tl<- of dream*
around some modern girt and than,
leithar before o» after marriage. find
what a handsome liar she ha* been.
No. t ara not a woman hater. And
I'm not speaking for myalf alone.
I Perhaps women hava alsray* been
fundamentally a* they ara now. but
have hitherto concealed It- Parhapa
manhood ha* been educated to e*pect
girlhood to ha endowed with pure and
by heart*, something so beautifully
pur* that we ara haahad to e%en look
upon It. but hero wa are. with all
that past education. finding modern
girlhood so radically different from
our mother* and their generation
that tha demarcation actually hurts
every rtght-thtnktng man today.
I think there are mighty few of oa
who would be patient with tha petty,
mlndadnesa and cheapness of tha girl
who Walt* until she I* nr*t door to
marriage to make a few confessions
•>f her past life. Thara may be r»-
c usable case*, but nine.tenths of
tbem ara not to be condoned at aIL
I You ran not tint* ua of the navy,
who tre a har<l hitting buiuh and a
mighty fair bunch. too, of being sis
sies or of anything that looks, sounds
or la effeminate. We bellev* In do
ing things straight from the ahoul
d»r. Wo believe In the kind of girls
f very real man somehow In hla mind
tma*tnes, th« Imagea are all built In
Furthermore, art meet the irlrla of
quite a few land*. meet the nice
girla, too, th* beat of their country,
and the beat of our own country.
Comparisons are odious.
a * e
r>e»r Miss Grey: Thla 1« In Knnrer
to the letter on klae** from "Hal."
I did not know that there waa
Star readers wiahing inform*
lion on bow to clean lacquered
good* may receive the name by
writing to the Seattle Star's
Washington Pureau. 1123 New
York ave., Washington, I>. C., and
inclosing 2<-ent stamped en
velope for reply.
Mis* Urtjr will receive callere
tn her office Monday. Wedne*day
and Friday from 1 to 3 p m.. attd
on Tuee.tey and Thuraday front
lift m to tjm. earh «wt I'leaae
tk> not ronui at other time* aa It
|frtou»ly Interferes with her
any man In th* world that wontd not
aak or t*fce a kin* from hta rweet
heart, especially when he haa known
her for a year If there wer* tnore
m«n like 'llal* thia would be a dif
fer*nt world altogether. 1 think a
[great doal of any nun who rwtptcta
hla gin Ilk* "Hal."
i The rraaon 1 do not Ilk* to re to
; partlea la on account of th* kiaalng
tritrnea usually played.
No. Jlt la not abaolutety essential
| that young people "tore" around, and
.tntuae in ea. h other alt that la de
structive to real love and future hap
plneaa, aa lung aa you know you lot*
each oth-r It would be tnurb n«l"r
to get aiong with each other If that
was the rule. 1 know.
All gtrta are not the name "Hat "
We all have different diepnaltlona.
! I bar* aavrral clster*. all ar» Cheer
ful and gay except me I know that
I am qulM and eerene. but I get
•Jong much better than they, Don't
get diaevuraged. aa there are many
rood gwls In their home* waiting
for the right man to come along
"tv-apondant." will you pleaae
call at Tha Htar offir* to aea ma
or aail lua up at Main MH'
ctntiiia aiirr.
Contract Let for
School at Ravenna
Vha oontra<ung firm of ll< herer
4 Osrlson. With a bid of t77,1»".
was award**] the contract for con
itnietinc an addition to the Ravciv
na fa/1* acbool at l-*nday'« meet-
In* of the school board. Thirteen
bid* ware considered bv tha Uwrl
the highest he nt lit lit.
Tha board authorised tha pur
rhase of a h'>uaa and lot near
llrd ara. and K. Alder at, against
which condemnation proceeding*
have been started In order to pre.
I ara for building the lUiuawi It high
school. Tba purchase price was
IMiO. Three small lota near H.
Walker at. and 47th an. 8. W.
were sold for 11.700
No «m»n »m Ukfn by the
hon.nl in regard (o flmn( the **
cancy 'eft by the raaignation of
Henry It Kin*.
Egg Profiteering
Denied by Grocers
A reused by Charge* that they are
profiteering on eggs, Seattle grocer*
thru Frank Kannair secretary of the
Retail Ororera' association, made
publlo Haturday flguraa to refute
"We have been accused In ptibTV
prlnt re«*ntly of profiteering on
eggs." Rannalr said. "A* a tiMtter
of fiict, the retail grocer's average
net profit on egg* la ;.| per cent.
Our gross profit on egg* |* only It
per cent, while our grmw coat of do
ing business 1* 17 St p*r cant. So we
are not making much on egg* at the
present time."
Franklin Birthday
to Be Celebrated
Heattle printer* will relebrate Kat
urday night with a banquet In the
I'niyer-rtly of Washington Commons
and a program In Philosophy hall. In
nbaerv«n<» of the birthday of !len)u
mln Franklin. The celebration will
h« under the auaplcea of the local
> hapter of the United Typothftae of
America. Among the features will bo
an address by l>rof E. P Menny on
the life of Kntnklln, and a oomlo
dramatic sketch
Wuxtra! All About Dog Fight!
By Wanda von Ketller
The flghl I# on.
And II * • do* n*«lt
The Itlug rmwil Human# Ho-
Hi<y wiin Id imiiw' diarf# "f
III# Hljf dog pound
Hog pound kni* ™ and Ih#
Health- filler #rpartiiwiil »la»td
||» • rnin|»liriM«f
Tn the fall nf II a million a*k
ln( that ih* pound It# lunii'd over
lo I tir llumann 8«clrly wa» prcanib
#d to ih# city council. Upon th«-
recotnmrnd«tN»n of Chief of I'ollce
Wm. IL Hearing. thl# petition *a»
dented. And now, at th# beginning
of th# y»ar, up oom«-g another pen
lion- -an Initiative petition. which If
•ignrd by th# people will mean that
th« pound mailer will t># brought
up before th# voi#ra at lha »priiig
IH AKtit Ktt V
Hay th# Human# Hoclrty people
"W# can aav# Ih# city Il.tM to
15.000 a year by taking over th#
city pound W# will turn o*#r to
th# city H per cant of ail dug and
c*t llr#n#a feea, k#rp|ng II par cant
for • ■pauaea. W# will Inaur# more
efficiency and better treatment of
animal# '*
Whereupon th# cMy pound p#opl#
and lha Heattl# poll#* depaiimrnl
rue up in Indignation.
"Have ua money?" #aya Chief of
Polio# W. 11. Mearlnt, under whoea
direction th# pound la managed
"IJuht Tba approximate ca#t of tlx
city pound.. Including *atarlM and
all. for 1131, «a* (It.OOO. whila the
incvm# from tha licenae faaa. Im
pounding and Mi# of doge ainouni
r-,| || H ««t
"Maybe youll call that a deficit
Hut— tha pound deal* With con
•iderably mora than Kick and #tr#>
cat* and dog# It plcka up dead
d.Jg*. It hand la# cattle. It deal# with
every pltaaa of mad and w#ll ant
ma! Ilf*. Kegardl##e of whether or
not th# Humana Hodety takea over
Ih# pound tli# city Mt'ltT HAVE
"A* for the efficiency of tho** In
charge of t|»» pound." mr» the chief.
"I do not belle** It could bo Im
proved upon by inr private Utdl
vldual* and (Irt *ervte« S4 boura •
day. f'rraonalty, from a aelfteh
tiandpolnl. I would bo glad to hav*
M>m*on* aaauroa tha reepoetiblU
tlr* of conducting tba pcusd. Tlw
«m< might be aald of the dry
aquad. Hut 1 do not tbink »ueh an
arrangement would relieve tha city
of tha responsibility and «m
plaint* " .
AT POl'Mlf
And then if lb* chief t* talked to
long tnouili and ha tru mad
enough he ear* Ibla "If we're gains
to commercial!** the police depart
menu, why »«op s< ibe pound? Wl
might u well advrrtlae and dwpoae
of all tha department* to tha high
Ml bidder* "
In Iha meantime tha Humana *n
rt«ty paaaea about Ita petition and
«!>-»* - - Ijjf r. |t, r J,, Itm mm* A
tt rttat itii MitnxM rvcfiro
ini Lydia E. Puakkam'i
Vegetable Compound
Lao Imilm Calif.—"l must toll
too that I on • trua friend toLjrdia
ililiiiiiillllitlfWit l E Pinkhom'o
muummu vogoubu com-
SSSb" ft off and
W on for twsnty
| J. j i deli re**
[lfeiK. it Ctrl to ■ stoat,
njSZj*' ill healthy woman.
Jl I When I was mar-
U l rWd I was sick all
_ . tho tamo until I
m v Lydin E.
Ptnkham's Vegetable Compound. I
was tn bed much of my time with pains
snd hod to hsTO tho doctor ovory
month. Ono day I found o little
book in my yard in Guthrio, Oklaho
ma. snd I read it through snd got tho
modieins—Lydto E. rinkham s Vsg
ruble Compound—and took eight
bottlaa snd uaad tho Sonstivo Wash.
I atonce began to get stronger. Ihova
got many woman to take It just by
ullinc them what it haa dona for ma.
I hava o young si*tar whom it has
helped in tha some wsy it hclpod ma.
1 want you to know that 1 sm o
•friend indeed." for you were ofriend
in need.' " Mrs. Geo rob HaiU)FK.
1043 Bjrrsm St, Loo Angeles, Cali
•—A dy» rtUement.
promlaee that aa much work and
more good can b# don# for lha city
by the Human# Hoclrty worker#
than by thoae who uarc for th# Itil
mala at lha pound.
It C. Woloott, field «<fflc#s for th#
Human# Mociety and on# who ba*
hud much tn do with th# car# of
animal*, maintain* that he, with
hi* twoaaalatanta, oare* for a great
er numl.fr of dog* ut lha Woatlafce
av#, Humana Hoclety ahelter than
do thn pniill(l keeper* at the Harrl*
aon »L kennel*.
J. r. Oliver, who hna been In
charge nf Ihe pound for 14 yaara,
with four aaalatanta, maintain* that
the pound d<>«a work Which th# Hu
man# Modal y doe* not and onnnot
do It carrl## on an average nf
I.IM dead dog* from th# atreeta a
year. It handle# vii lOUa <lo«a; it
d«wl* with cattle—
Tha Humana floclety Jump# In
•nd *tiya, "tV# Intend to take over
all thi# work, and mtnaf* It #uc
rcaelully. In all pro#te*>dve cHN -
Boat on, Phllaifklphla, and thoaa of
th# Weal |he pound* ar# ma nag ad
hy Ih# Humana ancletlee Why not
hacaT Considering th# pre*en»- we
liav# only on# Kord, In which to
tcav#l about and do oar work, whll#
th# pound ha# litre#."
In th# meantime lha Human# Bo
clely bu* rattle# llmul the Itrwl* In
*l>**d for ih# #lck dog Th# pound
bua*aa, Ino, ratlla about Ih# City
#lM#dtly picking up atray animal*,
whll# the pound kt'tin#!* at th# foot
of Weal llarrlaon #t. ara open tn
tha public for Inveallgetlon cif Cl#*n
linen* and efficiency.
Himullanaouely, tha city la b#lng
Interwoven and encircled by pell-
Hon*, naklttg that th# King County
A Paramount I
Crushwd by a burdon at horn* ICIA^H
too big to carry. Fillod with a Har VW
loro too big for tho man wbo
bad woo it Lurwd by droama A\ Wi
too big to como true. f 1
Around bar tbo night and \ 11/ i I
New York. ■V> k V ]k*l
What awaited bar just around
tho cornor?
JZ'TJ'S. coliseum
TT • i \t
I wo Gir/s and
Now Playing! Arlhur Kay, Director
II Have You Idle Dollars? II
jil | You should not kocp money on hand that ,| T
mvi is not earning a substantial rate for you. kiM
n /1 $1 to $5,000 Accepted ClT|
Money rwHvrd on or before the 15th of this month I\lll
rum* from the flrnl
Humana Hoclaty Cltf Tin* I'ound
proportion ha brought up at the
nc*t flection.
The fight la «n.
And It# WiMK MAD DOO fight
ISM ANOKIJER.- Marrt*g# nf Vio
let I>e major In Rrlt.lah army
during world war, lo Fred H Htttta
la annuiilled Alleged finite had an
other wlfa when ha mturlrd tha ma
1922 Record of
Pedestrians Hit
by Automobiles
•J Q Af\ Mrs. Josephine Bohl
'fUIMI lint ava. N. and
Mrs. William Rowland, aaina addroe*.
wera #ev#rely Injured Wednesday
night at Mwond ava and Madiaon
*t by an auto driven by I>eon Morel.
40*0 12nd ava. N W. Moral mid
the women. In crrtaelng th# atreei,
heallated and ware Mrurk They
were tak#n to I*rov|d#noa hoapltaL
• # *
yf Rose Safer of 440# l#th aaa.
8. whtl> ln work Krlduy
In company with two other glrfa. w#a
■truck at Aryo atatlon and Ninth
ava. M. by an auto drlvwt by R E.
Wallace, of Des Moines Wallace ra
portad that Mia# Hafer wag knocked
down, but apparently unhurt, eirapt
for minor brulaea, and continued on
to work.
a a a
TWa day la#4 year two pioita
• era Injured by a«toa, bring In*
the total far the year la 11,
yi* WW
SUr of "The Penalty," in
Lace of
■H the right card at
wrong time,
\\ powerful,
If . rapid-fire melo
| drdma with a
I note/ firisf.
I yi^hi
[\ aJv
IMLA.viir m
* ■gpHi
"Oh, Buddy"
Christie Comedy
"Quaint Siam"
Burton Holme* Scenic
'1 Owe a Debt of fafflode
to Bark Root Tonic" 1 jtiMK!
E\"FRT 4ar e»r>re»irtnn» on th» merit* of r It ,-JS .
Hark Root Tonic fom« to ua from a<>me- K ; H aJBC »jj \
haa benefitted by thia health- '* * *
If yon'ea experienced lark of appetlt* and
energy, nervous headache and that alwava-lired ffli'/kA' tttdT, T'Tn «.
fe. ling. Indication and tonal Inat lon. you need FvMr" i'ZTji fcraJ T
the pure roota and herbs In Hark Itoot Tonlr. I
Made In our modern and aanitary laboratories. IjUjP f' Va
I'artlaad, Uregaa "
r - fr ifiiaßß
For Fine Fabrics
MMSft Horlick's
HCaflEStBaE ™
ifti- -IK" WIM«^
Porlnfonn.lnvatidaandOrowlnf Children! Rich milk, melted grain iitnci in Powder
Tto OiiciMl Food-D.lnk (or All A*m|n» Co«Um <•» N*tuieUa«--DfcwliM*.
P'»ltU man exhibit* aaullMt
outfit In vorM; BritUh
war erulaer. II 11 a Haleigh. riaiU
Keattle; Seattle aorlety Tolka la
mualral masquerade at Sullltan Rid
ing aeademy; battle Shrine rail
for the Orient; Memorial W*j rlmi
planted on I'ea Molnea highway.

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