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I Thrift Wrrk—"Own Your Own n<w"
•Kco*" I ** —<>*** kappir V>m*« and «o»Hd Mllofii*
-January Clearance Sale j
. The monev-savinjr event of the season—Furnish- ffi
•injrs f° r *very section of the home are included in ■!
this sale—do not put off—buy now—prices are now
lower than ever before in recent years—open an as
account —have payments arranjrod to suit—and 2
iparticipate in thus jrvat money-saving event. ffl
B 5-Piece Table and Chair Set, American Walnut. *
■anuary Sale Price $75 |
■ Table, 54 inches across top. opens to 6 feet—4 3
with blue leather seats—made of selected ==
walnut—the William and Mary style. The price at B
■rhich set is offered is extremely low. Sella ffi
Phone—Elliott 4910 IIICBIWIIllli?
f>. ALICE YORK «t. of *7l
■y >U died at Providence hos
pital Monday. The body ta at U»e
Georgetown Undertaking On.
Upir noatrfta ara cJonrad. yvrnr
IH MnaM. or your head la
[ & by nuty catarrh or a cold.
pure. aAtlarptic. r™
bfthlnf cream Into your noatrlla.
through every air pa*-
| T aoothing Inflamed, ewotlen
LSnMa and you gat lnatant r»
LSt |>t»l It feel.* Toot aoatrfta
jßfn. Tour head la clear No
DB hawklng. an uffling or
for breaih Uet a amail
Hif Dy'a Cream Bairn from any
Colda and cat*rrh yield like
IK Don't alar stuffed up. Relief
■ at
Again Reduced!
This Week!
Three Lines Three Lines
Strap Pumps qh the rack Walking Oxfords
Low heel, two st> les. Boots, Pumps, Oxfords, regular
Brown and one Black $9 to $l6 Shoes. Wonderful values Brown and one LUck
if your size is here mugj m
$5.85 AH $2.851 $5.85
■ ■ ■ All our leading Louis Heel High gt*
H ■«% I V Shoes, Black Kid, Suede, Gray UC%
IV m and Brown, were $l2 to $l6. Sale
" price cut from $4.85 to
Men's Shoes Reduced Another Dollar
All our splendid lines of shoes / C C 3
for men are reduced $3 to $5 \ ■ C 9
the pair and the broken lines < AND
on the rack have just been / £ JM
cut to m
HARBOR IJ\KH on the mt aide
of Tirarat harbor. racenUy approved
by tha aecretary of war, may be neen
at tho I'nltrd Siatea englneer'a office.
CO: Rurke building, Seattle, or at tha
"•frico of tha port of Tacoma.
R«1 T»pp»r Rub lakrt tha "owh"
from acre. atlff. aching jotnta. It run
not hurt you. and It certainly atopa
that old rheumatiam torture at onca.
Whrn you ara Buffering ao you
can hardly r»t around, Juat try Red
Pepper itub and you «U1 have tha
qulrkeat relief knows. Nothing haa
«uch concentrated. penetrating hmt
aa red p»rp»". Juki u aooo a* yoa
apply Red Pepper Itub you will feel
(ha tingling heat. In three mlnutea
It warraa the aora apot through end
through. Pain and aorroaaa ara
Aak any fnod drag*t«t for a Jar of
1 tow lea' Red Pepper Rub. D* vara
[to get tha genuine, with the name
1 Howie, on earh package AdrerUa*-
More Than a Billion Is Now
Available for Work
CIIICAOO, Jan. IT.—Tha Ignited
main* atand* m tha dawn of tha
grnataHl rood building cm in iu hi*
lor jr.
Tha nation will i«*m hava the fin
ml and most ettanalva ayaiein of
highway* the world h«» ever known
Thl* la the ballef of tha road build
ara who attendad tha national roada
i<on(n-i« hera ItxUjf.
Nearly II.SIO 000 000 la ayailaMa
under federal. atate and county ap
propria tion*. tax lav lon anil bond la
hi>«<*. for road work Ihla ymr. accord
Ing to J K. I'ennyharkar, former
chlaf of tha I'nltail State* bureau of
public roada, now aarratary of tha
National Aaphalt awaM-latlon.
Oyar 700.000 man will ha amployad
In road eonatrtictlon and patrol work
thla yaar. ha staled In addition,
100 000 mora man will ba amployad In
tha ruad mar hi nary manufacturing
plant* and In tha malarial plan la.
Ford Wins Patent
Infringement Suit
WASHINGTON. Jan 17. Henry
Ford won out yaatantay In tha au
prarna court In a damajra ault filait
again*! him by tha J K Ignition
company, charging Infrlngrmanta of
Tha Ignition nompany chargad
that tha Ford Motor company In
fringed upon a patent of a roll In
Ita manufacture of Kord machlnaa
Tha ault Involved several million dot
First Bonus Bonds
Are Sold in Oregon
KAI.KM. Or*.. Jan IT Oragon
■lata txrnua commlaalon dlapoaad of
tha flrat Uock of 110.000.000 vater
ana' honua bond* to Ralph
SchnaekM-k 4 Co, Portland. at IU la
Itial aula liara yaalarday
WARNINQI Say "Bayer" when you buy Aspirin.
Unless yon see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you are
not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians
over 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Colds Headache Rheumatism
Toothache Neuralgia Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain
Accept only "Bayer" package which contains proper directions.
Haadv "Bayer" boiea of It taMet*—Al«o bottle* of 24 Mid I 0- DnaggiaU.
iitM* •• Aw tr*4> mi 'I mt lu f Huilxlnn •' VoMlMrrfaM rf MlqlMlK
Annoutuvment of the enffapenurnt of Prince** Marie of
Rumania to King Alexander of Jugoslavia is the fourth in
ternational match of royalty in recent months. England ami
Holland. Rumania and Greece, liclgium and Italy ami Ru
mania and Jugo-Slavia are linked by the recent or forthcom
ing marriages.
Arbuckle Says He's
Suffered Tortures
not prtaon I'm afuM »' H'a not the
lonit of fame or fortfcna. It la Iha loaa
of regard, the loaa of Ufftloii. (ha
fart that tha kid» may think I ani
(ulllr, that htirta iw."
Itnaroe f'Katty") Arbuckla, on triaJ
for a wrond UiiV' charged with tak
ing the llfa of V jllili Itappe, *u
Kmokln* a clmu»t In tha onrrMir
outelde th» courtroom, ho talked for
tha firat time alnoa hla arriwt.
"I'm tnnmwnt," Arbuckle brprn
alowly. "All 1 auk la a e-iuare deal."
he want on "All I want la for tha
puhUc to withhold lu Judgment until
th» Jury of IS man and women hu
decided wh'lhrr or not I am guilty.
"I hate Miffered Uh t«>rture«
af hell »lnre I Wax arrealrd. Tha
thought thai wimr people nl|ht
hatr lirllnnl I waa guilty of
rwu'lng Iha ilnuh of Uul poor
girl la torment.
"Hound by ailrnne in tha put, I
had lo fat* the ar« uaaMon night and
day without answer. for tha aola re*,
ann that ail the evidence In the iw
and purported atalemenla of wit
nnHMM ware purpowHy twlatnl and
turned an a* to Injure me. and my
attorney* wer» certain that the aame
would luippeo to an/Uilug I might
I'at'y heal tA ted. dropped hla cigar
et, crunched It tvnnaih hia foot and
atarted rolling another.
"Wby, Uw women and rhlMrwn
of the world were my audtewe,"
he went on. *1 made them laugh.
I made them happy. Tbry Uked
•KaUy" of Ihe I Uma.
"No. It lan t the prtann rm a/mld
of It'a not the Inaa of fame or tm
tuna. It la the loaa of regard, of af.
faction, the fart that the kid* of
the world may think I am guilty, that
hurt* me
"In my heart I fee| that the Amor
Iran i«eopie are fair and that, after a
full healing haa been had In thla
ra*e I am not going to luee their <»
"I'm * victim of elrrummitanrwa.
If I «rrr» not who I am. I doubt tf
I would I* where I am now
"Nothlnr I ever got In llf* ram*
|to me without ft *trurrt* My llf*
a* a kid »u « hard on*. I foujrht
for everything I gt>C There wax no
gold vpuno lo mjr mouth whoa I »**
"Wh«i »u«*»wi ram* to m« It wu
Ilk* a dream. And If ther* wan on*
real reward In It—yea. a reward
greater than lh* money and th*
f«m* It brought m« —that waa th*
knowlxlie that I brushed the c*re*
of million* of pmpl* away and mud*
them forget their trouble* and
I lauifh.
"Why. wherewwiwr I would gr>. th*
children would follow me and rail
me by name. It wu rood to hare
their lov* and remnl that way. It
wan worth more than all th* money
I mad*. And I know. In my heart,
that I never did anything oonarlou*-
ly to forfeit tti* toy* tho** kid* held
for me.
"tlulltyT Th* law «ay* a man I*
not guilty until he la proven no. But,
my friend, let a man one* he arreat
ed and charred with a crime; let hi*
name go troadcaet In tho** flr*t,
j cruel atnrte*. regxrdlea* of the facta,
1 and he I* branded guilty."•
He atopped again.
"I>on't worry no." tirred Mlnta
; L>urfee, mayb* a llttk» chldinrly.
'1 have auffrrcd." ti>* bl|
coined lan went on, epeatiing *olt
ly. "All I a*k In repa) merit of
the wrong done ni* I* Uiat Uie
world, which one* loved me, now
wlUutld IU Judgment • Utile
while and give m* a chance to
prove before another jury thai I
am innocent."
BBromo J
i The ft rut and original Cold and Grip
Tablet, the merit of which U recog
nized by all dvilizad nations.
Be sure you get
The genuine bear* thia signature
(o. JfcSfrtnrts
Our Window Will Tell
Smart New Styles in
Silk and Wool Dresses at $39.50
Khmhl Moor
A showing of Dresses in various becoming models that reflect new
styles for early spring are being displayed in the Women's Ready-to-
Wear Department.
Siren arc 16 to 42, in material* of
Crepe Satin Canton Crepe Roshanara Crepe Trwotine
and Poiret Twills
They are in colors of navy blue and black, and attractively priced at $39.50
Spccial Attractions in Laces and Trimmings
Greatly Reduced for Wednesday
Flounces and All-Overs at Half Price
Main Moor
Keautiful trimmings for afternoon and evening dresses, in net, chantilly and
Spanish effects, in colors and shades of brown, navy, medium blue, gray,
fuschia, black, jade, orange, champagne, gold, silver antique and stceL Choice
Becoming Dress Trimmings at Half Price
In this assortment will 1* found sequin, ticad, silk embroidered, wool and
braid bandings and edges in many desirable colors and in widths from '/fc to 5
inches. Choice at HALF PRICE.
Hand-Made Laces Filet Crochet Laces
at Half Price A Yard, 10c
I I and t Inch** wid*. that wrra oto-
Hand-made Chinese Cluny Laces, tained through a sprctai pimji&se—a yard 10#.
Edges and Insertions, in widths rang- . v ,
ing from I*to 4 inches. Choice at a ...
...... Kilet OM inch wtta. Special, a
11AI .r I III'- E. fat j. s#.
Satin Taffeta Ribbon—Special, a Yard, 4c
lUMxia Ih'pl Main Moor
400 yards of Satin Taffeta Ribbon in i/t. V 4 and ®/g-inch widths, in blue, red
and pink, and formerly selling at sc, 7c and SH-c a yard, will be placed on sale
Wednesday at, a yard, -if.
Santa Fe Start* on
Line Construction
TOrKKA. Kan.. Jan. 17. Kirrtt
major new Una comrtructioo by any
Wee tern railroad glnoe tbe war began
vm announced here by the Hanta
Va when official* aaid a new branch
opening up 100.000 acre* of wheat
land would be built thru Htanloo and
Grant count lea In Kanea*.
J. It KounlJt. general freight agent
of the Hen la Ko, an 1.1 plana of the
railroad do not Include eitenaion of
a new Una of (0 additional ml lee to
Hprtnrfleld. Colo, aa petitioned by
cltlwna of Itara county. Colorado.
Chemical Industry
Will Be Discussed
ww mmm
"C*h«n»caJ Indu*trt*a of the Btale
of Waahlngton" will b» the aubject
of an addreaa by Dr H. K. I ten eon
before the Mrn'a club of Pilgrim Con
rr*«allonal church Tue*d*y evening.
K. C. Krokln* will apmk ou "My
Hon >• Town."
Brotherhood Will
Hear Business Men
RenmnrnlaUv** of aever*! bual
neaa houee* In Healll* will be amonr
the *peaker* at the dinner of tho
Men'* Brotherhood of th* Klmt Meth
odlxt church, at (10 p. m. Tueaday.
Flrat *ucre»wful overhead trolley
line waa Inalalled In lUchmond, Va,
In 1 Sit?.
Special at 59c Each
PThis is a final clean-up sale of all our odds
nnd ends of granite cooking utensils left over
from other sales. We have also added a new
shipment of gray graniteware to this lot. We
want to dispose of this graniteware before in
ventory. That is why it is offered at this un
usually low price. Special, 59<^.
Boilers Tea Kettles Cover Sauce Pans
ans Preserving Kettles Coffee Pots
Pails 12-inch Hound Uoaster And other items.
Fancy Decorated Cups and Boys' Handled Ax, Special
Saucers, Special Set of at 98c
6 at $1.49 A special lot of 100
These beautifiil Boys' Axes is to be IBSIfI
c h h, "a d cutrti dgfm&j Mr
Saucers are in the ain P ncc * They are
popular ovi de. made of high grade
shape. They are a steel and have good
wonderful value at this price. Set of C, handles.
O. D. orders. | Extro special at »B<.
Universal Scissors and Shears __
Special, 98c a Pair
Universal Shears are made of highly-tempered steel *"■ —v
and beautiful nickel finish. Special for Wednesday at V, J
08f pair.
■on* whoa* Income* do not tinnl
li.ooo for the )«r 1121 will be avail
able at the office* of the Internal
revenue collector In Seattle, Tamma
and Spokane Wednesday. 1 Vrwoni
with no dependent*, with an Income
of 11,000 or m"re> muet file a return,
and head* of families muet file a re
turn If their Income excee.l* 11.000,
rerardleaa of whether they are re
quired to par any tax or not.
In* axked for bjr County Knrfneer
Thoma* R. 1 lee man to replace the
combination wood and eteel atruc
ture two rnllea eajit of Auburn. The
new bridge la to be a 11l fnol tpan
to t-e erected at an estimated coat of
It Measures Up in Tea Quality
100% of its Selling Cost
H7 33
pact: n
Divorced Already,
Coman Kills Suit
FPOKANK, Jan. IT.—Attorney tor
Senator Kdwin T. Comaa Monday
withdrew a dieorre suit filed by
Coman axjJnM Mrs. BalTla Wlloox
aon-Ooman early Hi the year. Word
haa been received that Mra. Coman
Saturday obtained a dirorot la
Kanaaa Oty, Mo.
English Explorer
I« Dead at Ninety
IjONDON. Jan. 17.—Sir John Kirk
la dead here at the as* of M. Kirk
was chief officer In chars l * of the
government expedition that went Into
tha wild* of Africa with David Mr
ine*tone In 1(11.
I. j

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