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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, February 10, 1922, Image 16

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Hobo Chief Join*
Windy City Society
CMICAQO, K.a>. 10—Mary (Ur
Sen *ang aome lima ago fur Mlka
Walah. praal.lent of the Chicago llobo
tjollega. iiul hi» atudenta, The hobo
Mimtor hM now nplumt a
Waailhy widow an J la about to ba
Mary Harden heard about It and
placet a box at the diapowal of the
bridal party. Walah M«tM Chief of
Holloa Fltamorrln and Major Thomp
son to Join the party.
•"Of court*, thla aoelety rackefa
now atuff for nif," ha Informed tha
chief. "but "lm going to do It up
brown, now I'm In it. ~ I'm aakln'
all tha awell people 1 ever hoard of."
Westlake Public Market
Time* Square—Sixth and Virginia
Milk—3 Cans 25c
Per Case $4.25
Egg Mash 100-u. ski $2.20
Cube Sugar Brown Sugar
v 3 Lbs. 24c 4 Lbs. 24c
Powdered Sugar
3 Lbs. 24c
Phono Ontar* Accepted
Stall 25—Fresh Churned Butter at 421
Stall 50—Fine Potatoes cwt f1.60
Stall 137—Federal or Co-Operative Milk, ran .. . 9f
Stall 136—Our Own Make Mayonnaise, lb 40<
Stall 157—Blue Ribbon Tea. U lb. 25c
Stall 159—Strictly Fresh. Large Emr*. dozen... 3.V
Stall 36—Fine Yakima Potatoes, cwt 91.50
Stall 110—Wlnesap Apples, box |l.OO
Stall 129—Heinz Ripe Olives, pint 25*
pubs' Market
STALLS 10-11
Eastern Bacon Back. lb. 22> } ( t
Eastern Salt Pork, lb. 15*
Sugar-cured Bacon, lb 22>gC
Choice Boiling Beef, lb 10c
Pot Roast, lb. IOC
Phone Elliott 2153. *
MAIN M 3 : tokio : mil. Iso
MOa. Mdk GnuiilMnl So gar 90.55
CkiMUon or ttordan'* Mltk. 11 bom Crystal White Soap
can •< and 1 bar Crania CNI Moup
1 pkga. Nablaco 15# SO#
Drifted Hnow Flour gI.A-4 1 lb*. ChlrardeUi't Ohooolate.
Hb. can M J. B. Coffea, ft.TS 78#
Gallon Max»la <>4l 01.75 4 bar* Cr,me OU Soap.., 25e
I lb. Blue Ribbon T*a 55* l ib. can Criaco $1.70
!• Happy Homo Corn... 15# 14c Cltrua Powder 35#
TILLAMOOK'Iand of many Waters"
TIMPID streams slip lazily through green pastures to the
sea. Pure bred herds graze all year 'round on succu
lent, tender grass.
Here, in this peaceful valley, dairymen settled many
years ago. They began making cheese—cheese so rich in
flavor, so creamy and good that demand for it grew and
(grew. The Tillamook County Creamery Association was
organized and every cheese kitchen in the little valley
became a member.

Now, every pound of this famous cheese is trade
marked and sold under the name "Tillamook". Today,
when you ask your grocer for "Tillamook" make sure of
getting the genuine. The name is on every slice.
Tillamook, Oregon
" cfcMM kttcixa* owntA kU apmud br TKUaaol JiHiwn,
107 Year# Old, He
It Still at Work
NICW YORK. N r.. »>b 10.—
JamM Murray. 10T, haa worked
every duy for fifty y«<™ In Trinity
cametary. lie haa a aunny diapial
Tha chief a*ked whether thara
wera to b» hol»o »u«t«,
"Wall. I don't know, 1 It all dr.
pon.la on tlia wife Mha'a got Iha
look and utartiiig out Ihia way alia
may want to keep It up *'f courae,
I'm pratty »irong for the hobo**, but,
aflar all. thl* aoelety Kan*'* tha ne*t
thing to >m. They're tha only
crowd m tha world a*«*iit the bum*
that dont work for a living "
Says Mind Brings Beauty
Actress Explains It All
leading W ontan In "Tha Hr»l Vaar"
a* IJillr Theatre, New lark
That* la baauly and than thara la
beauty! Aa many klrola aa thara ara
woman. Odt probably only two great
Thara la that doll tovellnaaa-tha
kind man nay. "Oh —Q —Of ovay and
than, .one* powaeqpad. format'
An<| thara la that sort of
b*«uty which ahowa In lha fact but
la for tha greater part mantal. That
la tha beauly which movaa tha world!
Tbera la a certain mental fort*
of lha truly rrml and beautiful wo
man. which deatrny* doll Ilka lo»»
llne<« while it contlructa a mux of
vlalb'.e aoul.
Woman can cultlvata llfcit laaung
and magnetic bauuty by keeping
heraeif manUlly alert and Instating
that her mental «llluik *lway» ba
evident la tha ptiyatoal rxvrrmuoa.
Aa for keeping In phyatral trim —
I think tha moat destructive thing
you can do la to retire whan you ara
keyed up to an ashtlarant pitch and
then aspect alcep to be a natural
reault. )uat becauac it la night. Wban
( go hoiM from tha thea'ra I read
until t am relaxed. Than I go to
bad and to *l*ap.
I have tha utrnoot faith In regular
living. Kvery morning ar 10 *• I
atart a aerlea of e*arrlaa«. At 1*
nilnutaa of 11 I hava flnlahad them
and am preparing (or hraakfaat.
Mr »r« *impU<. Juat th«
raytiUr collrg* rvm iMno which
liout rta Arnold
a aery girl learn* With koaea atraigtit
I bend from ti.e walat until my
hand* touch tha floor—thla la tlmaa
aa I do avary ooa of Iha other*.
Krst, (landing on on* fvoi. I lift
th* othrr (out until It riKnd*
•lnl|ht out. Thla I* tlm*a and th«i
1 rh*D(« (wl! Nc-at, my back flat
•■•uul tho floor. 1 r*p*at ptvualljr
th* hum mot*in*nt. *sc*pt that my
waight In off my (wl and th* oiu
ri*a i f lh* tack arm twiwg brought
Into play itiatra<r of Ihuw oC tit* M>ga
Each om of th««* 1« tun** titry
day. mind you!
Two >*ar» of domraUe Klrtir*
taught mo that t!ow ruling la nac
i| on* would b* fit. I nt\*r
'h fatwy drt-aamg* and mulurva
whlrh ar* highly iplml and I do «at
a variety of (nub I n*v*r 'at pot a
to»a mora than on<* a w**k. N*v»r
hav* milk mora than one* a wr*k
lv* regularly. ***rrla*. *at a va
riety of fooda and ti»* pl*ntjr of aoap
and wat*r —and rnilm you hav* a
t*mp*r. you can't h»lp btlni tov»ly*
A hod ltmp»r M «h* only thing In
th* world whKh mally huria on* a
Charter Violated,
Candidate Charges
Thai the rh«rl*r lulo b»<-n ig
norad and. It# provtalona vtoiatarf for
y »«r» by municipal, offinala «u
by OurlH M. Millar. c*n4l
•lata for natyor. who apoka Thursday
Meht at lb* Wuxa Ann* branch ll
j "Whjr hu tba city council.* Millar
ttakml. ' uim In rii»M of (ho
lifdlta figad by tba rtly rhtrt«r tor
tha last Ihrw year* without taking
•u l borl (y from lh* propl#'"
Mafa-Hari(below) t beau
tiful dancer and once the idol
of Bohemian Pari*, who wax
shot to death as a spy during
the world war, "liven" again
on a Paris stage. Theater
goers are flocking nightly to
be thrilled by the reincarna
tion of her, presented by Cora
La par ce me. (above), one. of
the greatest of French
JSDOM. Tf**n, K*b. 10—Ap
ple* cooked by electricity while
rUht In the tree I* the latest
• hlnif liere hi » remilt of a re
cent htorm. I,l«htnln* iitmck
an old apple trea In tlia orchard
of ThoinH! Co*, five lAllee from
here, and the bolt, ripping the
hark from a limb, bnked more
than a hundred apple* thereon
Kond and brown. The applea
were not knocked off by the
flaxh. Other llmbit of tha tree
were not damaged.
Idaho Reclamation
Fund* Are Urged
WASHINGTON, rab. 10 . - Con
*"«" would allow 13.1T0.000 first
year for continuing work on lour
lilaho reclamation project* under the
Interior dapartrnant appropriation
bill brfor* iii# hKuae today. Tha four
project. would rM-rlra than. luim
- Mlmirdoku, of American Fall,
projec I, s|.too <lOO. Fort Hall project,
I lOu.oon liuiiH. project. 11.120,000.
Klh* Mill projauit, $ I <i oon
In III# Mlnn*d"ka profit author
lly la ielvi.ii |o purcha.e or acquire
||usa"*= umaMcm^
■■ "MADIt WITH l/)TH or WJ«!T LB. a ***** Mml /lift I L and • IDC I k Fr*ah l»r«>aa«l /fig I k
, »teak. fcVV LB * Hau.aga * ! Chlrkcn*
H. P. IHHEI jELICOTEttEI I M M Plka Market—Utmrr F»a«r
Stall 2 l'«a»r Mala I Imi Stall 2
l«rwillut»i Our Baat, lb. ROTAT. WHITR* BBIT FINB
Iyook! (itixmann Still Hold* Hi* 1 lb " Ts * 1 •»» as « *• 1 ,b * 45 *
I big ran* Apricot* or Paaaha* 1 I lb* Fancy priad Prune* . .ZBC
I ■ mm%o WW IW *«I 1 tlratad Plneuppl* ...»»< 4 Iba. Ilend III.*
1 nana Cora. Tomitraa or I Iba Rnlll 1.1 ma Rmiii ....2ft t
(lolling Beef 8f Hiring Baan* .. ♦ FUHB HAH ADVANCED
gw-jg-f *sj a: I
Kound St«UN Mif LMKU t Iba Fra*h Roaetcd Coffee Sft# littt/JNT GUAM COIKE
T-Bon# Stftk* 20# 2 Lha 2Be ,0c O * v ' on ,n,lta T »* .w.l-4M n , rf.iu-iou. ouality and unl
Hlaar Pol Aiuti 13<K LD». zac mu "?JS=rSK»ii r.'J n.',"™-''""
KiKI rH—HinlrH aka ih • 2 ?b« 81 25
1 COMPANY NO. 2 im. A rMf| f ( Diilf StflW '
HUH I Cotmy Market l+wrr Main Rmt ,M " ,w OlCvll S 0111161 wlvlv C«iw Mark*
~ Ala* Stall IW Sanitary MarkH. Klral Arm— llwr
?'*V.?!! , i'aV l> * |l! ■ ICANE IMb. nana IM Kara J®'
take*. i ka. ita Wv IM-h. Mark. SIU I' Yellow Carn Meal .' J®'
llr.l ta«ar, aaaallam ralM "*»al l.raaala«e4.- ia*-tl>. aark ..H.W * eana torn or Pcm 4
Intralurlni Valfrt King fWaat Craataery Butter, lb. ...««• I Tba. Broken Rica IN
POWDERED SUGAR, 2 lbs. 17c I Kreah Kera. large, doc. ** j S Iba. .mall Na»y Bean
(itani'ii'H nat la get bard Tallat l'apar. 4 for ..........M* <"r*»m of Wheat, per pkg SSc
1 Iba. Cut Maearoat Br 4». riahar*. Blend, aack ....8.11
CARRATIOI 01 111111*1 MIU 4«« 39c u.h * »•-" °* u «»• Dr,n « i *•** Flour - ' k
< nv»t*i. » hit* aoar. a row m-Not *i. « mitk. • ton a» wk UKUVKR FRKK
MMTAKV MAKKKT—<H OAR UTAIJ, I——Fb»t Arcnae >Taar ————~—•—
111 VMMI *** M gifa «HI r*T MONK at l-AMT—
■mm o »a»h. Jar brkea aiesei a.lta far l.eaaf A h«alth bread that la really deilcloua aa well aa nutrition*
OYSTERS Men a t'nderwear. Work Khlrl* aa««a«a A
Sanitary Fuh Market Sltglit BarfHa COMtir .
...II iaa a..1..«y MM. I-»A..KI_ ...„. P7 Mhu A.. Kat*«M. SliVlr B«ginn » Bake Shop Mkt.
•ffce Ikral Tbal «ba »aa rra»«dra»- Z——l
£i iflf* AD 46c
9 U V All 42C
« nmmmt. 9 ■»**• W n— «.rm«Ui»4 Imm. iM-». Mtk. •*•**
CRYSTAL White Soap, 6 for 27c
- ran mmm «. i r «■■■»«» ■!»»>» W«»l»
■vary Utar af Bail Taa
UaaU Taha «4«aalaia
•t TMa ,
India Wend—
Kirat pound Ml
Bacond pound ........ ea
Two pounda ........
Barnuaa Wa Import To*
VHmi It Latkkirat
lac. *
MII Kaiaomy Mkl.
Law* niar
HZm'."" Butter Dept. Bargains
3mu.k" m 25c ■"•'•boo* 37c j *
U MILK..., iIWV i In. |MO | BITTKR
■ 3
The Folio wing Prices Good for a Week:
Oljmplr Pancake fl«ir. Pr pkg SO# I
I«r I raim of W hral, par pkg 21#
t#p |*r H. O. Onla 15# |
J.V pkg. Kmlnki. I bar 0»m» Oil Katp and I barn CrrVal
H'Mln Hoap, nil (or 32# !
14-lb. ran KoyiU Baking Po*dw $1.17
Mr' largo ran Pineapple 2flf 1
! Iba. fine Hurdad KaMna. 2»r : i.Vlb. bus |3.81 l
tie H-lb. rail Walter Hakrr*« Cocoa 20# ]
, ll.ti quart ran purr Imported Oil** Oil 79#
Van Cainp'a Porfc * Urana o#, 12' i* and 21#
• ban ( Iran Kaay Hoap "r labar Having Hoap SB#
Ug Cabin Syrup, *m.. 2ft#; mrd., 40#; largr 9tV«>
Iruldrn Boil Coffaa. lb. ran. AO#; 3-lb., fl.lO; Sib. .. .$1.70
30c flneat Comb Homy aite I 1 bara Royal White 80ap.... Me
1 Ih'nfujS Lamon'Viid Citron*** * f,n * J™* 1 * Ora.n Praa Mr
p,.rl no.- * Iba. am. White lirana Me
3 10r pl«ge. Arm It Hammer I.lc ak. Tabla Salt... ...ISe
Soda 3<le 4 Iba. rholrr Hplll Prunea.. . .Ma
40c ran Klneat Slirlmp Ma 3 Iba. flneat large fancy
ISe ran Flneat Knrlmp ~ ...lie Prunea s»e
1.10 llogrra' Pure Vanilla or 3 lha fine Head Hire Mr
Umnn .Me 3 pkga Armour'a Corn Klakea Mr
I ls<- rani flnn I'lnk Salmon Mr 3 pkn*. I'raamrWa .20*
3Se hot. Toinatn Cataup llr I fb Mark Pepper Mr
3 3«c oval rana Sardlnea !5r j Iba. puro Cocoa J»r
3 20c Ir*. rana Hnmlny . .Mr 4 Iba lilbnw Cut Macaroni.. Mr
3 SOn rana |v«a. Corn, Tqmatoea « Iba. Split I.lma lirana Mr
or Htrlnir lirana ~2!lr pkir Promi-ilary Coroanut Mr
15c ran naw I'ova Oyalrra,. . . IN* fOr ran Star Mr
3 15c rana fine Oil Sardlnra Mr ! Iba. flna Olngrranapa Mr
4 10c rana mirtirtta Pb'anarr 25r !>-1 h. ak I'nrntnnal .Mr
36c ran SanlMOali Ibr fiOc ran Inatant Puatnm n*r
4 10c rolla Tollrt 1 " Tapar 30* 1 lb. Illnr KiMn.n Trii.J Mr
4 bolra Searchlight Matrbra Mr 1 lb. l.lpton'a Tea Mr
StontTEcoaomy BroMry
Receiver Is Asked
for Queen City Co.
In addition lo .eeklrig judgment of
|IM *9. tha Wyanbcrg Hlioe Mfg Co.,
Id a complaint filed Thuraday In au
perior court, a*k* thai a rt*>elver be
appolnlrd for tb« (Juwri City Mfg.
Co., Hit ( Mood ave.
Vty condemnation grant* for a new
townalta to r»pl*r» a portion of
American Fall., which will lie flooded
wheti the American falla rmnvoir la
oonat ructed.
Om Cat CtCfee Sate!
I will Mil mr rrtular Ik
Tlrat CkndfO Colim^
3 I.MA aft*
IN Ml. I*
TOTAt, ~Ma
Thf ahnpprra »M mil
lh» nitrkrl auraly do appre
ciate a real barvaln. judging
from the incrraaing »al'« of
thla ep»clal. Thia la aboo
lutrl* tha baat coffee money
ran buy.
Getger'sTea A Ctfee Shop
•lall in—t'pprr Oanair
R'ar Mflrll'a Drag liar*
Poison Gas Used by
Speaking Tube Thug
CHICAGO, Feb 10 Mra. Frad
erlck A. Walland. who occuplra a
third Door anil* In « Chicago apart
me.nt building, waa a victim of a
apeaklng lube burglar llara I. h»r
e> iierlcrica na ah« told It to drtcc
"At S o'clock one afternoon whll*
I waa alone, the d'<o(ba|l rang," alie
aald. "I went to the apeaklng tube
and aald 'Hello.'
"A mi<n'a voice anawerrd from lha
vaallbule. I heard a whlatllng of tha
y Hl# Fcdend, Co-Op. « Tall «*1 limit
mlLn *r Can)on «3 Can* C9C Ms
ll* ban Crystal nklit M 4 1 «r**ae OH Soa» 4*r |
r«HMIMa. large raaa. S for Mr I
IrM fM. RlMk. pvw Ml. ~..4»c ■
l.lplaa'a Tm, yrllaw label. »»r A **e I
I.aides IMm, per Ik •#* I
«aa MaM »w<a< lUUalae. par »k*. 'Mm |
Para 4»»le Natter. lU-lk. eaa He ■
rraak Ma t'-eaekera. S »e ■
Far ma. 4 lbs. Uc ) Oil Sardine*, 10 can* «•
Shrimp* new pack. 1 nm... H« Faullle** brand Sauerkraut.
Bun Maiil Seedl*** Rataln*. In lar*e ran IS«
bulk. per lb rlr New park Corn. can* Me
riutlrr Table Ral*in*, lb, ... Ske Del Mnnl' Corn. 2 cans Ma
Strawberry Jam. IH-lb. can.. Mr Catsup, pt. buttle Ha
Corn Syrup. IVt-tb. can Ilr s»ar< hl'sl.t Matches, * boxe«.4*a
Pride* Mine* Moat. 1 cans .. S»e Fairy Soap. X Ars IS*
(iood Salmon, tare can*. 1 for Si* , Pastry, Whole W1 <«t or
Cherry. Blackberry. Ufan- Uraham Flour. No. . .4S«
berry or Pruna Jam. IH-lb. ' Hominy. S lb* M«
can Ibe , Blark Fl*r*. i lb*
Oarhsm's Whipping Powder. ! Oregon Prunea. ] lbs Ma
tout ....lie | Helloes s Corn Flakea. pkf...ne
rtraham Cracker*. Tb Ik* j Post Toa*tles. pkr !•*
Torn Starch, bulk. 3 lb* lie Cream of Wheat, pk« Me
Peachea ar Apricot*, large can Me Shredded Wheat. |>k| 11a
Nartlett pear*. large can ....Me Ivory Soap. 2 bar* ....IK
Pure Cocoa. I tb*. ..4 Me Fel* Nnptha Voap. 2 bars I*e
Head Hlce, I Ilia. Me , I-irg- White Ileans, 4 Iba. ... .Me
Xlent slend Coffee ™
- SB# lb.. 1 lbs fI.OO I /CARNATION
A R®al Value for Your Money
r R . r,r« M,LK 4 380
Economy Blend Coffee All r> , n .
SB# lb.; 2 lbs. 46#.
4 4 iba. st.oo LYSOL BUI
Nol a special-price Coffee, but ji kiLw
special value coffeo at thto price __l
Royal Raking Powder .
45c Ryton Making l'owdcr ..33# A THF*
Orance Pekoe Tea. lb 60# II ArTPniH
Delicious. Fragrant, Satisfying %0 fl U Cs I EaKlft
Sprln* Loaf Japan Tea. lb 60# u „ r |iminales all unnecea
A Superior Tea of Fin, Flavor Lr y „xpe.»r. such aa high
I lb. can ChlrarUelU'a Chocolate rents and coatly fixture*.
T7# Tha ■'» wlty Shocteria price*
1»> o"> ST# are low.
Mm UAHCra »«>"' and OW"' School and
• Ha lUMdEH Dreaa Shoe*. M OA and
Mali 4# Economy Market •" to«ther— fftaOV up
Klr»t Ave. Entrance Men'* Work and Dreaa
V II n Is 11 I I V Is Hcgardlc»a of all the cut
rate sal*** In town, our
I'*" fA A l>rlcca are the lowest.
Can J (1Q
All Tou Can Curry ■ PIKE PUCE MMKET
2 Lbs. 25c lA>wer Moor. Near Sugar I
Pure Food Shop Where Rents and Price*
1511 Pike Place Market Are lowest
R. Ml $. JABBER npTimi
Stall M Pike Place Market %01 |
At North Knd at Laaer Floor _
12 Iba. Mri 100-Ib. sack ..$1.40 Dowest Price* In Seattle
Wlnesap Apple*, bo* Si.n« Established 12 Yeara
llolly Flour. 41-lb sack SI.N7 DXlMiMTin* ....
Mar.ola In bulk. K»l SI.M ATI ON I 111-.K
No. ! can Sucsrl'eas, 2 for...Me l'roken lenses duplicated for les*
No. I<4 can Tomatoes, each ..ISe in our own Grinding department
2 can* fur ,Mr
I'CSar White Soap, * bars ....Mr Suaaman
Elbow Macaroni, j tbs l!Vr "UMIHIn UptlCtl LO<
Angeio Olive Oil, gal. can ..SS.MI tieadaate MptOMetrtat
Falrro (S-lb. up), per lb .. . . I*e S-* like Place Market
!»-lb. aack Yellow Corn Meal. .Mr llowaatalra Helow Rotary Bakery
FTtTDAY. FOIWARV in. 1022.
lub« and a guat of wind from It
•truck mo In th« M Th» wind h»4
a »wrctl«h odor and I Inlialx) It. !
u -nw ii*tuy mlmrmi imm< diatrly. I
rn»n.iK«l to mmh» my wmf to a win
dow by groping at i h«lr» and other
furniture Th«ti, having rmiviH
rnya*lf, I ran do w natal ra, l»u' th«
mun got away.' '
In point of B<-<Krr*plilr*l »|»v«t,on
Madrid la the hlgheat citjr In Eu.
Orand ranyon of Colorado U t.llO
fmt 4trp In II" part.

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