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Seattle Pilot Tells
Secret of His Success
Indian Pilot, Who Has Sent Flock to Big League*,
Say* Players Must Have Class, Nerve
and Youth
"Ball players are like diamonds. If they have the ability j
and the nerve you can develop them. If they lack the,
ffoods there is no way of getting results.
"You must pick 'em right and get 'em young if you
hope to sell them to the majors in the fall."
* That is the theory of Walter McCredie. He has proved
the wisdom of it over a period of 18 years.
Back in 1904 when .McCredie went to Portland the work
c.f turning out stars for the majors started. Jake Atz was.
his first offering to the ma
jors. Atz *hs with the Ohi
cajfo White Sox for several
years. Now, as manager ol
the Fort Worth teAin of the
Texas league, he to setting >»
I'ecord for winning bush
league pennants.
From that tint* on McCredi® ha*
br*n the head of tb« very bet
l-*rue player factory In the coun
try. Only two of the player* he
developed have failed to ctlck a
(•won at lewt in the biff hhow
*'hronolo*ically. the record read*
1997 —Catcher l.arry Mclean and
Outfielder Mike Mitt hell to Clncta
Mil: Catcher l*at I>onohuo to tl>»
1909 -lltcher BUI K*alck to Cin
cinnati; Dili Sweeney, Inflelder, to
•Chicago; IVte \isttr, first Uu»
man. to Detroit.
1999—Outfielder* "lluddr" Ryaft
and Jack tiruney to Clavefcind; Tom
Madden, rutcher. to Boaton Amen
• an*; lltoher Bobby CJroom to
Wishmston, Otui Johnaon to Van
Ill#—Vean Gregs, Krapp and Bill
flten, pitcher*, lo Cleveland; Tolu
Sr.iton. pitcher, to ttiUadclphta.
1911—Ivan OUon. infie-Jder. I«
t Itjvetand.
1913—Roger reckinpaugh. ohort.
i>top. to Cleveland; Chet Chadbourtie.
oMtftelder. nought by major». Jump
r d to l'>i)»r»K
191J—Pitcher Bill Junes to SL
I-out* Brown*: Catcher Red Kuhn
to Chicago White So*.
I)H-H»rry Heilman. outfielder,
t Detroit.
. 1914—Dava Bancroft, thortatop, to
I'.tiladrlpbia National*; Art Kore.-.
tlttrd b»*e. to Sfw York Oianta.
1S1«~ Kill Rodger*. Infleider, to
I rvaline!
Hl"—Ditcher FUnley Coveleakie.
Iltcber Allen Sothoron and Klrat
lawman Lout* Culato to Cleveland.
1911—"Dutch" Reutber, pitcbet 1
t J Chicago Cube.
1919—Charles Hollocher, nhort
»ln®. to Chicago Cuba.
1929—Suds Sutherland, pitcher. In
Iftroi'; Lew Blue, fliat boae. to;
1911— Herman Pilett*. ftylveatt r ,
Johnson, pitcher*, to I let roll.
PULLMAN. WM|I., Mamh 1 - net.
ter shooting ga*e the Oregon
Aggiea the second g tunc of their Uu,
ketbail serire with the Washington
Ftate Cougars here yesterday. I*> to
20. Tlifl Stater* had A slight Mj[r In
passing. and outplayed the
£.l the start.
Early In the second period the
Arxleji cut down a alight Cougar
lead and were never headed from
then on.
In* to the Influenza e;,nifmlr.
spectators were not admitted to the
A. 0111. O. A. C. forward. *u high
point man with seven field goal*,
fui mmmry
O A.< 7. <2f». P'-*. WJI.C (**\.
V «<...tey«rt
A. <llll f Fr1«l
HJtH* C. cumrn
ni<- »*rds O- ?A<in)l«
l«. 'MIS .......... O ~,!lwr|nft(w
frw throw ♦—-<». A. r minaon, 3
out of It. ar.4 Hj»ttr. • out of I. Y,
B. <?. • Loomi*. | out of 11.
—O. A. *" A. 0111. 7
Btin«*»n. 3. »nd J. W. M r*
2; Murk*. 2; Friel, 1; McCarthy.
Hub«t»tut»on»—-O A. r.: Son*. W. K.
O.r rtur)c« for Krlol: Hay»ri for Burk*:
MrTgftby for Mayers, sod ftorenton for
B+far— Pill MuUlaan. «pok«n», Wuh.
T.'niverrdty of Michigan and lietroit
Athletic club boxer* will m«t In a !
dual meet on March 10. Bout* will |
be staged at the following waighta: i
IIS, 135. IIS. 148. 1(0 and ITS pound*. I
Looking Thru the Ropes With Seaburn Brown
Doubt an to Benny I/eonard's
beet fighting weight is holding
up the bojs who regulate the
betting odds In their wincing up
of the light wight com
ing Iraras with Welter Cham
pion .lark flrilton. l>ronard is
mm new hat lighter than has
been generally - opposed, aa he
weighed ISIS pound* on the
afternoon of hi* recent go with
It is likely that he
will weigh slightly iji«lrr HO
for liritton. and nIII give away
considerable poundage to ||,<
ancient Jark
Hoy Moore, of St. Paul. I* to gel
the next crack at Johnny Huff*
bantamweight halo, In an eight
round go at Jersey City March 10.
fancy Udwardi, u> rapidly win
ILTKU McCREDIK, Seattle's big ba*ehall
pilot, has sent ns many, if not more. base
ball players to the big show than uny other
minor league pilot.
What's the secret of his success?
Here's what big Walter has to say:
"liet them young. Pick 'em right. You
can make a rough diamond shine by prope:
polishing. You can't make a phoney piece
of glass look good, no matter how much!
you fuss with it," says McCredie.
Rill (■•Mlki laa'l the Ml' mmm
Hhair la faatl Ike wrath af Ja*i a•*
laadla far latcrlac tola a >l<la-«(Tf»
atal allh Ihr aaattla « Itih Hill
Hle*p>». the* (nalttnl at thr Raailla
etah. aaa rnrtlaad arevr. aaa part
mi thai 4aal. Matlla faaa will ra~
awmW that thr Jo4(r .lait—«l a ftae
wt tha llillailalpbla National, ami
a law t.iratt > ■■«!». aatfatO". lar
aatariag lata a aHir a«rf«aival ahkh
allaa aal Xml" la qalt Ihr t>aa aarlir
la tha aaaaawa. Whethrr Klapprr WIII
ha a.araaa* ar aMhar II will ha th<-
tarttla rial ramaiaa la ha aara U
lha Ju4aa OaalUr. la a«t.
Jark a famrtiia hurl
er with tba New I.m Tankaaa ai!i laad
lha «iraa<l Hat. 1.1. taata la the Caetrai
laacua ihia )ear
BUty }>*!>*. ft if I*«|q« ntnftf*.
Ww Ml Th* IMtr ijwri M«rr, will !••«•
Ill* hwi4«)nar|«n In t'lffaiind
»*tl for ft trip irnun4 tho ttmmiug
rmmpti to •!» up (to* mm Jot |»«|m u*aii
for M«r
I r»llar rhunpm«»Kl|i mi
I to* M« W ||| tow ilfi4H April
*- Th# rtoill J l«am« will rl««h »«
lto«( d»tr.
Twi#f ItwltlT**. ©•»« th*
otoUunM from ih* • hi<wc" «*catM9 vn «!»•
Affw>i«l Wat* 4** l, la to rt|>lafa
M«m < r*«Ur<J I* rt«hl ft*.4 f*r Ua
Ty hmm • wwrWf ®f mwt»-
rtal *iii hlniMlf. Maiiaiaa and
rr 4 •< «it
.*•# tiltlara. And Ibao ha liaa |l*b
Vliffc, a"M:»af •(«»«•«.". far ng m»-
ll'a * *eM«r ha 4u*hi'i irada
Mm far J<ahnr»r of Ha« Tark.
i« * »at»r%« wtolt* M|t«to*!t h«*
•*«rrr*; of |w>4 Ml !*f( Miuhtii
%« a •»4 •hortat#»p, «• ait o*m f*n«
r+rt\*rfyj»r.r who *«« him pUr w|t|» Vcr
w»«. hat ha haan ! * rto**t«*« |* rapl*-«
K*arall IWwii oa tto* Yank t«am. A*4
th* Tl«#m b«*il * •hwrtfl*i4a*r to*4>r
A*4 *,IH» Tank* n«a4 V****h wlih Rvth
and MMiatl th* •a*P*i#4*4 ll*( for *
ORwOtto of lh« 1121 Ha*»o,
AfcMl, «H« f»4U4#4 M<«|.
«• «»»• l|Ci# Hi IH*
»• re+slMim* bU rMmpIMM.
ll# k» Hm« m«mi In r««f«
1%r%. T1»» lon W«th > MM<H
th» Ukii* >1 tfc# INiU rl«*M|rt»« a |ii|»
to m! 4 U h*%» r»MH lb* *h»kj^r
Art n*TRFC«R. t»« «hnri*l«P. U MJMH
ln« !• play wt»h in# J'htfit** iM«
H# Nllfid In mld-iMinii U*i v>#r
»f |l>n«<»* in hie f»mi:« }(• kM
applet (A Usdli for r* inaUt*"
m#«t a* h« wms put on tt>« voitiniMtty
r«Ur«4 list.
Tlse NtliAtk! t<-*gv* pfntuiit fttikk
the titanu »l I Or »IU b. pwrpta mn4
• htte will* ih.,r world'. 'hAOit'lonihlp
banner will fc* Mo* with whit. lettering •
The Yank. f'a« will he rail, while a»4
Mue Th# fitiiM "era allow ad u tbooaa
tftelr own lettering.
Al Mamaux. Brooklyn hurler. who
ha* been kept out of the limelight
with an aJIIng wing for the pti.t two
season*. declare* himself to be In per
fect shape again. .Vlamaux I* a natu
ral *i>*ed kind and thrnw* one of the
fastest ball* In the National circuit
when he I* right.
YOCNOBTOVVN. March I - lianny
Frush of Cleveland stopped Dick
I/oadman of Ne* York In th» fourth
round of a scheduled 10 round bout
here last night. The men are feath
Illinois Has
4r Wonder Team"
on the Track
Illinois h*s one of the Se*t track
t'arni the Middle West has ever
<«een. Iri thetr meet Saturday
with Notre Dam" the Illinois
hrokv five conference re< ords and
walloped the Catholic*. lo\ to
nine the customary fame and for
tune In the Kant. The duaky coast
feather champion lisn won a couple
of goes and la alated to meet Midget
Kmith shortly. Smith In a hard
hurdle, and a win for Kdwards will
go a long toward landing
him a chanoe nt the title--if the
color lino douot nop him.
•lark Ilril lon seems lo fight
with a horseshoe In hln corner.
Never ha* a tluunpicn hail so
many close calls and still chin;;
lo his crown, Dave Shade, lor
erie, ran start against Ihe welter
king any day In the wn-k and
get a «llaw, but can't rnfi a lie
vision from the wily flritton.
The lh»ory that cleverness |h Ihe
whole thing In the four-round ring
game occasionally get* a setback.
Morgan Jotiei* ouitJy >uul Joe till
All Abe Kubey Needed Were White
Whiskers and a Set of Sleigh Bells
Gordon McKay Easily Beats Heinie Schumann, But Referee Goes Blind;
Bout Is Called Draw; Frankie Pantley Wins From Abe Gordon;
Good Crowd Sits in on Pavilion Smoker
GORDON MCKAY used Heinie Schumann for a punching bag for three rounds and then
Schumann came bark and shaded McKay in the fourth round of their bout at the
Pavilion last night. By all rights of reason, McKay won the fight, but Befareo Abe Kubey
musta been smoking King IVOro cigars again because he called the bout a draw,
Riley McCoy, who was in his usual ringside seat, offered to ring the sleigh bells if Kubey
French Think
Criqui Better
Than Kilbane
KuoM>« Prlqul. Krrncli feathrr
wrlght, lua dinpUrwl Onrtm
Oirpnitl»r a* Iho idol of thr
Crrncti rttllUrtt*. futyn a I'art*
»tr». ««•! I'arta U rlvnorUil for a
bout t'rtqul ami Johnny
Kllbanft for the Mlk*r rrnwn
t'rtqul'a atnek lm* up on th«
olhrr rontintnt »liu-r h» ilropiml
I'harley for tha louut rf>
[QCHOI.AaTIC eligibility In proving
a Mg problem to Washington
I roacliea and athletic offw la's thm
I >eur. Tlu* I* Indicated by a wrte«
[of miellnfi of the footlial! mer. all
*d hy Cotih Bag"haw, where he told
them to keep up their arhuol work
A numl-er of fruah footlatll >i«n
have I wen dropping below the *tand
4fl» m t for eligibility on the varalty
and iUgaltnw la anxloua to nvn
their atimdtng for hu grid M|iuii of
The hockey team wan crippled
near the end of the unuon liy the
lum of aix men thru Inellsiblllty. One
Idol proei* ■ t for vantlly crew and
one football man wrrr unable to
compete thm ya«r. Two track htani
are Iwlow par and a promising Use
-I*ll player In under the line.
Advnnta-d etnndard* of .. .oltralilp
and rloaw checking of eligibility lulea
arcount for the numter of Ineligible
men at Waahingion this >ear. In an
effort to lw|t the total from Incrraa
tn*. the coatKe* are keeping after
their playera all the time to k«ep
the athool work tip to atandard.
WIVXINO from Camp l*wto Mmv
(Uj fwidf It 21 »*r*i|rht
thin iap«-»*>n fur the hrAttlr
Kfiitfhtp of Columbus flvr. Althe
thrr« waa not mu<ij dtfft>r*oe* in thr
prort, tl»* (Mm work of th* Kniffht*
thownl that th* ffam* w»« th*ir«
from th« aUirt, a* tho Knifhta *ff«
aiway* In th«* )ra«L Joimaon wor*-*!
for th# loarr*. with HUldla nur
inc is polnta for hi* turn.
K. mi C. rw». lamp l#«i*
DafiitaAA * 1).,.. K. Jahtiton all*
lUinMjr *lO 9 r.,., * rwwr (||
1U441* lll> C, Jamiaan <«»
Myr»f« <ll V .. M .n. . ItoAlai*
UVaha (Si. .. .O Mli«na
Foul* ran«tr(«d ('amp
11 Kaiffhta of < olumi.ua. « o<ul of i
«'*f»» Alloai.
ThviPiMlay th* Knight* of
Columbu* flvaj %% ill loava for Tor»-
l#nUh. whrrr th#y will play on
Thursday and Krldty rvtnini* lion
n*y. Myrr*. Harrla and Kk)dk lire
■ur* of rnaklnsr lha trip, and Unrrr
will b« two cth*T mm takon along
*ja rood as It la found out who can
Pine* Jem* liarnea and Hhufflln'
!"hll I>otig!a* have fallen out with
the New York ounts over their 1923
contract*, and are rutnornd to t»e on
the market, Branch Hlckey of the
Cardinals I* In the spotlight. It I*
aim out a certainty th*«t he will try
to nab the hurting «tar* If Jawn llr-
Oraw I* foolieh enough to strengthen
the onn club that la likely to beat
hi* great team out of the ltll pen
nant. The Bt. Ixiula club la a power
ful bunch a* It I*, and the addition
of a couple of high grade mounds
men would rank them on a par with
the Glanti
"P.ig ICd" Konetchy. formerly A
itar first.sacker In the National
league, I* ntill active In baseball, lte
will cavort this season under Hoger
Br**nahan of the Amerlran aasqr l *-
tlon loop.
I>KNVBU, March 1. —Denver
lurk on the ba»elmll map today fol
lowing purchase of the Joplln, Slo,
franchise In the Western league by
! local huaince* m'-n laif night. The
I purchase price won $20,000.
rahan looking like a novice In the
first round of their I'avliion go laat
week; but llarrahan'a wallop argu
ment had more force than all of
the Tacoman'* *klll at Jabbing.
Travle Davis Ik back in the North
with hi* title mlaalng and his gilt
edged reputation as a fighter of the
flrat water somewhat tarnished.
I<avl* U r ssentially a four-rounder.
He <nnnot r tand the pace of the
logger gees, and his weakne** ,it
Infighting throws ihe odd* agalnvt
him when he tackle* euch boy* us
llert t'ollrna and ll' inle Bchum lus.
Advance applications for seals
lor the coming Tommy tJlbbuns
llarr) t.rcb fight arc »h moping
Tex office, says a
New Virk wire, and the Interest
is keener than in any fight »\er
staged Iji wluth a championship
would wear a sot of whiskers
so the Christmas setting
could be the last word in per
I*t It b* mild, hor'vrr. thai thr
fana didn't howl Ilk* thry tmtially do
tliry Wrrr I'UlllUK for (Villi
j tnann to win Towutda thf rod of
bout Mi Kay Itrtun to lira und
I to hold and lila ntunl of h uirlny on
1 to the rt>p>-a and xwlneiug ptwebo
• uiiiutnl a lOUJ'lr of l.rtiiH uiul thr
1 fun* atarUsl to ruz hint.
Hut In tlxUlnil thrw round» Mr
Kay hit Hehumanti at will with l>oUi
lutnda. Thf H»n»»r boy k»|>t boriac
In. but It didn't turn it any thin*.
How Hrhumann tan Im> rated m ,
thr Cotut wrltrtwrlehl tlinlnplon In
» my«l«ry today. Ilia nrlarht waa
antvoun<-r<l >ut Ui pound* laat nisht, i
while McKay weighral u half a (wuud i
Frank le Pantley atarted In on an*
other winning atreak. beating Abe
<*ordon. who held him to a draw l*at
we«%k. The little* Northwrat ban tie
king won by cleaner punching. Ku>
brv called the verdict 111 thla bout
and he guea*»e«l light.
Jlnkey M«4M»n and Hoy Mi"Ta*"lin.
a pair of ruggvd
•lugged thru four faet round* to an
even verdict. Jimmy Itlchardeon
wanted to know If Maeon ueed I*.tJm
olive eoap to retain hia erhoolboy
mmplegton. In apite of thla h«nd|.
« ap, XUam atuod toe to tor with the
huaky Itrrmerton gladiator and
earned an even break.
Fieddte Kelly ehowed hla gnroe
no** when he took a had beating
froru Young (Sardeau In the eecond
bout, Kelly waa playing pnntofTioe
with the <tnra* thruout the early
round*, but he *how«<d that ha could
take 'em. Oerdeeu eh own I he could
give Ym. Carl Helter nUrtnl to aing
"Anybody Here Hern Kelly'* after
the flmt knockdown, but the \Vlt>
remain kid came bark and Carl had
to pipe down.
Krenchle Che veller retired In the
third round of hla bout with Itob
fla men, after flooring llarne« |n the
early round*. The going waa a bit
tough for the Ineaquah lightweight
kjig liarnea retained the cham
pionship of Third and Tike with hl«
<;«wrge WifMr nailed the v»rdicta
In Ui« flr»l three lieiiuw
Hilly Muldoon'a B'w gra prima
rulo». now in fori* In New York,
have fllvtfrnt mo far u the fan* arc
(«ni»rtin|, after l>elng trM out In
the owning tilt* «f tf>. I .IS wr..tfi:itis
tourney no* In prngr*aa at Madta<>n
Square Garden The rolling fall puts
the »kllM wreatler on a par with th«
preliminary bo? n. a* It U neat to Im
poMlblr to work on thr mat without
wvatlonally rolling over. An a re
•ult. tho fans are more dwmtnl
with Ui« mat pm* than ever.
The paoatng of Martin iHlhoefer.
Cardinal catcher, who die.l from ty
phoid fever recrntljf. In a blow to the
St. I.OIIU Nationals. Inlhocfer. while
not ruled aa a auperntar, wt« a de
pendabla back atopper, and fltterl Hi
n'tll with Clemona, the regular
call her.
AI. BANT. N. T. March 1.- Kr»nk
Moron. *el| known heavyweight
tmrer. wa* relen/«ed under 110.000
ball here today after t>elng arretted
for Imotlegglng. Moron, -with a
chauffeur. I&lward Zuppe. waa ar
retted In Mechantoavllie. They had
eight flour aacka <-ontainlnii HO hot
ttei of "Scotch w-hleky" In the ton
neau of the car. dry agenta aaJd.
Tommy O'llrien. lx.* Angel,-a light
weight, waa In San Kranctaco today
arter impending aeveral m.inthn In
Auatralla, wl.ere lie won considerable
aticceaa. Ilia managtra are looking
for a chance to rrutlili him with
Benny ticonard.
I.ANHINO, Mich., Matrli I. Holl
day hout* of < hamplonahlp rallbcr
will not be permitted tnywlmi* In
Mk-hlnin, according to Oovtrnor
fimfNlrfk. An a fault there will i>e
no match l>etwc»n Tlenny I>*onartl
*nil Charlie White or I'inkl" Mllchill
on July 4 n* planned,
United State* u«cm about 100,000.
000 conlH of wood annually for fuel,
waa not imoHril.
The American fight public I* not
th» big nucker It u<ieil lo be. I'lghl
era' records are publlf.hr.l too widely
for the overage fan to he ignorant
of the ntandlng of any rnlllrr lie I*
Interested In. (Inn Tlinney, Amer
ican light heavyweight champion,
theoretically ranks above both <»lb
bona and Oreb, n* they are all In
the »ame weight clasa; but Tun
ney'a record in In negative contra*!
Willi that of either of them, and hl»
importance »« champion In forgot
ten when boy» of their class ore
If Tunney would he fighting In
file n'xt block on Ihe nlßlit of the
<illilK.nMireb ml*, the crowd would
walk tight hy him to aee the twi
bout American light heal leu Kl-p.
i < gardh rn of who happens to wiar
the UutU urvwu. I
SKW MIKIi —Tanmri la#kln.
j Minnesota. knocked out Tat Itolger,
' New York, in the fourth round.
IMIHTtIN.- N'ltn Hi* gr| won a 10-
round declelon tr.fr Kddle Hhrvlln.
New Kngland welterweight chain
plon No weight waa made.
Ml VMOMN, l*a.—l*anr>y Itogera
Philadelphia, and liobby William*.
Aiientown. fought a 10 round
AKItON, O/—Johnny Kle*h out
pointed llarry Krohn. Ak/uii, In 12
IJM'OIA, Nrli,—-Hugh Walker, j
Ka n*a« City, and Oeorgr UmM.n '
Lincoln. Indian heavywrlght. fought
!0 rounds to a diaw. Krankie
l»ran. Kanea* City, won declalon
o\#-r "Ki<f WheeUnk, Mn^oln.
N\S Kit \M INTO.—Carlo rj| u
nnttl won four round derlaion from
Hilly l*almer a/wl Fi ankle Itaker
from K»Wi« Hrown.
rli: I'nUfTKIIy I uric Irnoi itrfr.t
ed the W. m c. n>. In thHr re.
i r*nl telegraphic L.urnaiii-ni by th*
•I<ksWt« K«t« of »*| to 7J4. Th«-
1 Wwihlnfton wor** will alw count
t<nrar<l lh» wretiil rountl of the na
11tonal inter.ollKUte hbooti)
The Wuhlnfton Male tuuniani'nt
tinrluil..! tlie <'o..t m>mi»e!lt!«n for
Waalilniitoii. T)tm Ptirt'lt auid Gold
mark.men won from Califor
nia and Hianford.
Harold c.'re«t>y wm high man with
ll* 11. ft. Rylher waa hijth n>an for
W. fi. C. »lth 21 point, lower than
WuMnrtvn'a Immt rtmrd.
Iteoent »■ nomination of tha target.. |
»tv*. W<uhln*ton a rlctory by two
IwHiitH over tloaton r«l)«cr. The I
.hoot waa flrat dorlured • tie. One
extra »hot l>y the Itoaton men waa
ruled out. giving: Washington a rlo
t°ry. A r®nt*»t with Yale unlvaralty ,
will be aliot off thla week.
Kew follower* of baaehnlt realixe
'ha handicap deeplte which l>avr
Ktf', pusher rtfwlly purcluml by
Ilia Cleveland Indiana from the I'htla
delphtai Athletlra. hM made good.
Keafa haa but thr»<> flngcro, but
eeem* to get the hop on tho baJl Juat
the wm»
March t - Stanford'* haaketball team
vote.) yesterday to default the third
gume of it* eerlea with the fnlw rally
of California. The i 'aliform.in* M |.
ready had won the flral two of the
ClflCAflO, March I.— Itoitns In
llllnola will b« Icsallied If petition*
being acnt out today by Ihv ilty
athletic communion are micce**ful
It I* planned to reoure over <35.000
lumen to the petitlonn.
Returned Goods
Adopted to Gnard Your Health
ris the duty of the State Roard of Health to
use ever)' means within its power to fight
the spread of infectious diseases.
One jrreat. possible source of contagion is
the merchandise returned to retailers.
A* a reenlt the following regulation* governing r»
turned good.* hare been put into effect and every retail
merchant In the State of Washington I* required to oil
aerve them rtrlctly. under penalty:
RJDr.n.ATtnv* r.nrritvnir, nrr *AI.b or
ptrn-ntn *r.itrHANi>i*r.
BKrTION »l ITf»»n#r* r itiv p#r»r»n firm, w
porotton., or a*o«<lntton ahall ha*a dillTtrtd
mwrrhiiMllN. aurh aa clothtaf. wearing •ppartl of
•ny rteßcrtpilon. hair *o«»«ia. bruahoa. ruhbar gooda.
htinUti thMtl. pillow*. or haddlnt
hooka. to *nv |>*raor< or p'raona. flm, corpora
HOB. ■•••cittlon or no ««rh ftmt
I ir>r»#«i ftrrr prr«f.n. rorpof«tl«n or »■»<»• lartoa «h»il
rrrmit •«!* h itooflr *tfM or m*rrh%nflUM» to h*
r»ti«rn#«i nor *h«U Mm* h« «r*>o sold or
fnlnvUd with Otb»r or mot rhanrilß*.
or h» »o|<i to onoth#r. until aiifh |oo<lr \r«ro« Oi
n>»r' haitrii** ••mil h«vo boon fir«t dikinfn<tH lo
an nordonr* with Hortlon * I hi of ru'«a and
Rff.mTiON* H4vr. rnwra or law.
KH'TIOV 1 Tb* and rornlat mntt of thin
Wtord -«h»II ?>*»a a'l tha for** anti rffoct nf law
and «o> violation of thom. or any f«ll\ir« or rafitowl
to pomplr with any of tb»ir provtuiAna. or to oh*«
tba lawful ord#r rf any otat*. rountv. or muotHr'l
health officar ahall ronalltut# on off#n«# aM «pr
poroon or an offandln* ahall b* doomr<l
*niliy of a rniadpirifonor and ahall b«» pimiabod aa
provtrfod hr Hrctmn i, < haptar I J af tlia Seaaton
Law a of 19« T.
Tke Official Pir®p Five®
First team. Position. Second team.
Cr enc (Franklin) F Shew (Ballard)
Douglas (Quoen Anne) . ...F Schultz (Queen Anne)
Shreeve ((Ju«vri Anne) . ...C Kwapil (Lincoln)
McCloud (Lincoln) CL.Krauczunas (Queen Anne)
(jibson (Queen Anne) G McCutcheon (Lincoln)
Climax Due Tonight in
Star Junior Cage Loop
Battery C and Ben Paris Billiard Fives Clash at Col
lins Playfield in Game That May Decide
Title; How Teams Stack Up
Till* Star Jun'or Basketball league will come to a climax
tonight at Collins playfield when the Battery C and Ben
Paris Milliard teams clash in the battle for the championship.
The game is the sixth and final tussle of the Class A series.
Play starts at 7 o'clock.
The Battery boys haven't lost a start this season, defeat-
injf the Collins Cubs and the
Dandy leaking Co. in the
finals, while the ISilliard team
defeated the Ilakcrs, but lost
to the Cub*.
Hhouk) the Iw-n rtrlfl team win an
, other game will I* iiTfftMnry arnl th«
• luloi will decide by draw ae to whkli
home floor the game U to M played
upon. A lla!f««fy C win end* the
Both rltil*M are egpected to have
their full etrength on tlie floor to
night. and If they are playing up to
form It ought to U a biff league
In Don Riplty and Knoch Irhulta,
the flattery will have one of
the gtrongeat pair of for war da in the
lm>p. Army Hakenhue. the lent
r-enner In the l*'&gu«». will tie on the
)ob. while Krank Hhllllatad and
Jtalph Ktelwy, a powerful pair of
guard*. will do defensive duty.
The Itiliiurd offenae will urviouht
edly center around
drvtr forward of thla fivf. Ilarry
Keldtaan wilt U on the jol» at tha
other forward. Vie Isr |tow *Aill take
rarv of renter. whit* It hina Mo <Vtla
and (TIM Klllott. a pair of atrong
guirda, complete the quintet
|tob Mori la will refetoe and
Jl pen car llama will umpire.
Htacy Mltowne and Yecler Athktlc
Club will mrt-X at • p. m.
riIII.AM:M'»UA. March 1 Ory.
an I >ov.nr*. Columbus, Ohio claimant
of the world'e middle*eight i Mbit
plon.lilp. waa outpointed by Tommy
l>oughran of l'hll«<lrlphll In *a ct<flll
rouod bout here la*t night.
lies Molnw—Drake, }?; Nebraska.
Waatilngion. ra —Washington and
Jefrfraon. II; Weat Virginia Waa
ley an, 74.
Kan.. Kanaar. 41:
K.nwa Agglee. !l.
1 ndianola —Dn oloea. 32; Simpson.
HOT BPRIN'(IR. Ark.. March 1
Baton Itulh la ripwted to »l«n hi*
new contract today or tomorrow.
At a conference yesterdJiy the »w»t
kins reached an agreement on new
terma with Colonel lluMon, part
owner of the club, and they are now
a wilting the approval of Colonel
Ituppert. president of the club.
NEW YORK. March I .--Rack from
New Orleana with hi* thumb In a
epllnt. Benny !><onard, lightwcisht
champion. Mid It waa doubtful If be
would he In condition to meet Char-
Icy \\ hlte In Madlaon Square Gar
den on March 17. l<eonard Injured
hla thumb mi the head of 11»l Mot an
In New Orleans Saturday night.
Durlns the great plague In I/>n
don In 1 AftS. children had to amoke.
under oevere penalties.
High Jump Mark
Broken Second
Time Thi« Year
In winning th* high jump at
th« recent triangular Indoor tuck
rn#et between llin'ard. Cornell
and Ifc&rtmouih. !>eroy Y. Hiowu
of Hartmouth M I A new world'S
word In the indoor )ii#ch jump,
with a mark of « f#»«*t. 4% fa|rh««.
The former record waa held I ry
John Murphy of Notre iJurn**, and
trM one.e|(thth of an Inch lower
Duin Hrown'i murk.
Tb# U»»Mn«i«a pari tram <Wrat
Ml lU# lUiin/d « Ob* ZM |« II M( lb*
I'lk* flub ■nilaHijr ni|hl la Ihr >lim■
in*<ioa fbe Mar I*•(«•«•
lb# otuißff A \Ulff fit* bp m 17 la
II I all» M«1 *»r»ll lr failed la *b»w
«P fur Ibe iant# with Ibe I'iratfa aa«i
laai by far/Hi.
Th» »»«t Mfkii of firRN In «*la*» II
• til ba |>Ur*4 al Collin* one «*«k from
1 raaklia aad Hrwb|*aT riaw lb#
high arlsaal rafr rar# atlb ibMr pawl -
po«H ft ajar al Hfadwy la—arraw.
l/» N»' hftiao® Is tha only mtnbfr of
Waafclnctan'* « *«« t#a?n oof *sp*r<**d to
plajr n»i! kjmolV. M baa plared
lhr*« aeaaoaa.
Crew as a ma tor sport has been
drop|x\l by the Vnhr«r»ltjr of Michi
gan, an the rowing uport la too coal
ly. Stanford, on the raciflc coast,
haa the Mm<i attitude at present.
Crew l« pru-ticatly the only Inter
collegiate uport that has absolutely
no revenue from the public, and the
rjpfnM must lw mad" tip from prof
lt« In other divisions of sport.
--• • bui my ■
»tn t»« a t«r
jroy. Wj
f m»n»T,
foliar ymv n, #•
< ..lumhia
mow than
r**r« Imj
Ut| drmiM.
Capital and Surplus $700,000.00
What Is on Your Mind?
!>o >on fear (ho rail of burglars?
Wr l>ave the 1 argot >*fe deposit
vaulta in the c^.
Do yen know Whelhrr your sororities
N are lnirrai>io| or timiuishing tat
We liavr daily market quotations
a/mm jpiflfl Are you lntere*ted in foreign exchange?
We receive prices by wire twice a
I- the firm jou would deal with r»
ImflftffflmffWrflT Hr harr credit report* on every
busineaa house in the I'. S.
iiisurmwe expired?
introduce yon to our
Is yonr money working for jou?
We will pay >ou
American Ilank Old;. 4%
on your savings.
Do yon wish to buy or sell liberty bondk?
We handle them at market priro.
ltorw your pay check <wmo too late for hank lwqr>?
Wo are ofMMi from 6 to 8 Saturday ovrning.
Are jou sllnatcd ul » distance from town?
Mail jour deposit lo us for acknowledgment Ibe following
American Savings Bank & Trust Co.
Second Avenue and Madison Street
American Ilank Building
WEdnesday, March 1, 1922.
No Upsets in Selection*
of All-City Prep Fire;
Quays Place Three
\yrrif on« exception the M»o
Cify bl»rh ► <hool b«*liMbaJ) M .
taction* aa pl< krd by Thr star wer*
npprovwl by tlir vote of »he pl*y«r>
th< mMli'c, In the annual bajtketbtU
banqurt at lh» V. M. C. A. lam nljtit.
ITh< lorn- exception wan enter on
"'*• aecond team. The Star named i
i ll irry Ppeidcl of Franklin, while the
Player* voted for I.»lck Kwapil «r
Lincoln. Tic difference In vote* wan
'not much. Kwapil polling but three
votea and Kpeid« I one. Cltragw
| Shrwvf, <,f Qui'< n Anne, receded all
i the oil*>r votrw.
Que. n Ann»- r>'a*« , d »H five men
on I lie two aquada. JtHUf Ocruelae,
Burke Gllmon and Clarence Shreeve
jon the fir*t team and Kazia Krau<>
zuiMa and Knoch Hhultz on tb« »*/. j
ond team.
Kranklln placed Gordon Green* on |
(lie flrtl five, while Lincoln had Wal J
"r McClOttd on the flrat team and 4
j Kwjpll and Leonard McCutcheon on
i the aecond quintet,
Ballard waa represented by IK!
1 Hliew on (he aecond aouad
The complete \ ote of the player
i follow*;
Greene. Franklin. 1«:
Queen Anne. IS; Shew, Ballard. 7; ;j
Rcliultx. Anne. I; Snider, I.ijj.
| coin. 2: Torney. Lincoln, 1.
Fhreeve Quern Anne, II; Kwapl!,
Lincoln, 3; Hpeldel, Franklin. 1.
<U ARDtt
MeCloud. Lincoln, 17; Gibaon.
Queen Anne. II; Krau< zun.«« Qaeen a
Anne, 6; ilcCutcheoo, Lincoln, 4 *
tJare. Fmnklin, 2; Knno, Franklin. ?.
Ryer*. Weat Seattle. 2; ileiatei
Broadway. 1; Lowry. Ballard. 1.
The u»uul order of apeeche* wer $
in order, with G«W|« Cole acting «■
TIIE 10th "am has entered T> ;
Rlar Junior liaseball learu.
The South settle Juniurs htv«
filed their entry for Um IJJ2 *ea
This «Jub was In the league las',
rear and made a pretty good shon .
mg thruout the year. The squat
may < iiange It* name, a>tho mo-'
at the tosters will come from that*
Other teams pUrmn; to «nter th«,
league should file their entry bv|
mall, phone or call at the office. En-i
trie* will close the last week in
March. The seaiton will start the.
first week in April.
The next meeting of the managers
of the league is set for Usich 10.
Persia has no distilleries, brew
eries or saloons, and native v toe it
tlie only intoxicating beverage.
SfCCSO A.'E 309 'NI K J

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