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VOLUME 24. NO. 17.
jßack Jto Gutter,
Floyd, Says Opera
Star to Husband
ST. LOUIS, March 16.—"1 picked him out of the gutter and that ia where I
leave him. You can tell the world lam thru—all thru with him."
There wasn't much doubt but what Mme. Margarete Matzenauer, famous Op
tra star, meant what she said when she declared here today that she waa done
with Floyd Glotzbach, her chauffeur husband. She fairly boiled with indigna
tion, and her eyes flashed scorn and hatred.
IMf. falh*! Aim net time far
■Mr CaMweli to go en aaatMr
B;a a a
li Seattle police are aearrhlng for a
i rMM man. What do they wast
U Mldtf Compliment htm?
i ;•, Bttrick drove tha Makaa aut
l « feMuvl but \ oiatead drove aaa
I M H tba United fttalaa.
wv lilt Taari
I IjaMliai Jwa» a
K aaa
r Krneat Beeaon la IU with tha
f'Walla Waila faioa.
uSlMlilblig wrong with her pipaa?
e a a
[TLW.TJ bet Mathilda McOormick and
(4 Oaer never celebrate their fold
|• • •
K MMftiarmetit in frant af Ibc
K MlHi>l>l n theater "Walt TIB
r "Wi <k« entire
&• • •
I ! Coagreesmen were unaucceaaful In
K '''ki to uaaeat the apeaker of the
Mq»e. Mr. Glllett. But he bad a
Mi Mave.
e e e
*TTt*a poiaoae.l br
Pi aa .<*« • ' Meaa
llaa. MM 4ag
a a a
mk mm oft named young Hißlr
Te j/eel fraci riirt ae aiare.
■k rttaUcaee may notr V area
With crepe upon the door.
a • •
_ "The nrwapaper* af Ihe I nlted
■ J"" «fi Mibaidlzed. lied hand and
JM and gagged p
■npkieal anion
Jjj print jual
** and Hamuel
; flenper* de UZSI^EaXm
i:!*" t'engreaaman Tlimuja L>
Dr. E. J. Brown writ** a letter to
I reiteratln* that he U a
•rioua eont*nd»'r for th# office of
m r»r.
The Dr flatter* him»*lf.
• • •
People who live In glaaa hou*e«
« ■wuMn't make hoo^b.
• • •
l*wV board »ay« th* t.r*»»i
hathlnj b*a<h<-« will br
J* 0 *faln thi* »untni*r. Fine!
"** ~* n »•» all our wat*r thin
**Wt for -prinkllnt th* lawn.
• • •
| Harried U Tim*™ In Flv* Y*ar*.
I JJ™*-" —H'ar headline. And no doubt
' f* •'•h'd and wtid Trw at laat" a*
* ««pp*d Into hi* ' *ll
• • •
Man namM fii»J
tent for roiin-
Hi AhouUl r««t
th# wom+n'/i vot#.
• • •
m ''in ■ y9nr f" *• Uk«]
"l !2*n '• •*« 'obb building.
cftnilL i. . rw ' rßlft * praclletily nobody
ma«i • nf l tho afUr
tin rwn fat| w ofr m bU ..
• • •
for """""K l ** th*
v *r» hnv* *(f.iln been tnov*d to
■JJjU* Mayor Caldwell la back
• • •
I '* reported that lot* of port
i* U now tx-lng amu*»l*<| In from
Colombia. Th* *nt«nt« cor
•* It w*r».
• • •
Aicickt-I |, /( an(t thfn a right,
nnd kUk'd uith all his
I m might.
<' *IK» 111 up i iler . ,( art ot
-t OMtMn't prt a H-inch lire on a
M-iiwfc rim.
TcMtlfffcl and frida*. rain ;
modmUe m>ut hrrly
UM ?t HnufN
Mailmum. tft. Minimum. J<.
Toda, noon. S|,
Mme. Matzenauer arrived
here on a concert tour and
waa aaked regarding reporta
that her chauffeur hunband.
whom *he had characterized
as "100 per cent man." had
deserted her and gone back to
driving a "for rent" car in
Monterey, Cal.
"1 Ml Ma aut *f lha cutter
>■»»■! I keve Mm." afca MaM.
"I Mhm than I hat lha pwl
love wMcfc I Wi far Ma WMdd
TW prtaaa taw wM pp aha
taM af her >h|lhm
"I made a gmm fl|M M aaM
Mm_anaidh« ta lay ISM
-5« "2
<Mrhty a»pi.lt>a" ~
The "per* Max atated that ah* ha*
«C*rted Oirarre prw-wxliaga IB New
York apiJiul her mat*.
"IMvoppa paper* already h*v* beOO
aerved on Ktoyd." aha eaeartad.
She charged bar huabaad haa bean
lav lahing bar money on "that worn
"I had intended ta IrwU tMa
inailer hi a dirninad Mid lad)
Uha manner and that waa tha
muan far my denial af family
trouble* In Jfila, Ma.," ahe
ranUnuad. "Me«h| I hat Mr.
(>lo<>barh haa rtwxa la mah# •
laughing aiork of me befara lha
whole world. I am fori id ta re.
*eM the whole trtilh whlrh I
would hare apared Itim had ha
arted like a (mllrman fo be
gin with, he dtd not ieata or
deaert ma. but I artuaJl) and
liLet-ail? threw him out af my
houw la New York laat Janaary
2C. I hate abut had paper*
■erred on him • barging Infidel
ity with the t'armel woman.
"He haa provided her with nvmey
all thru out our marrla«e aa my re
turned eharka will *how. Thl« ei
plalna why, tho I allowed him Ilk
each month for hla peraooal eg
peaaea, I had to pay for «v»ry thread
he wore on hla hark nnd artnallr
rlothad and fed him and »h owe red
him with rifta. aaking him to H»*
the life of a prifipe, and In smtitude
for thla he deceived nv»."
Mme MatJienauer 11 kl »he met her
huahand In (Wifomla In April. 1»J0.
and waa married January IS. Uli-
The ain*»r denied report* that Mi*
I had wirwl her huahand to return to
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Woman Hit by Auto
and Badly Injured
Mm. D. A. <l*m*nta. Z'lO M*ridlan
trr. wan to th* U*Beral how
pit* I Thumday. anff*rln«: from *«v«r»
Injur!** to th* h*ad, which ah* t»-
r#|vMl WMn#«lay wh*n an autofrto-
Ml* driven by Ufhl Ko«JarTVR. 41*
H*v*nth av*. H.. atruck h*r at Hum
mtt »»f. and I'lk* at. KmUma w»l«l
h* InMt control of hi" at*»rtn* »hwl.
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The Seattle Star
Ebim«4 M Claaa Itollar Mm «. »»»». at (k* ro«t*frtM >1 Milt, Wajih. uadar th« Ml of Cw«ct*m March 1. 1»T». r«r Tw. by Mail. II to »»
Relatives of Testator Now
Fight for Share of
f 'mS&, Ss^w» T
■fcWaMl wfli <> af tha lata
Mlaa mm Vnnrm Banaard, «he
»»« aMmt rn wkaw M mi
tm m* proriaian far !** «•»".
trtHkWi rat etthM><Mty Ulli
aai Un with Dt apteee.
I Mi** Barnard waa a tplnatar arvt
Hvta il»n« in the bouw at It Tern
et, *'«t Bod. which ah# »«nfiL
Wth her Mi. Her wtJJ hi 6tH
(Urtaher «.!*♦«. Mho la **td ta have
left an eetate worth about 913.M0.
| twioa for a Jury trial have beaa
framed by Judge William M. J*red|
of 0» Huff oik probate rovirt on r»ti
,Uoa ot lha niece* and nephewa, *be
,are the only aurvlvlnf relative*.
, Tba firat iaaur Me »w„ Rjian T.
i Barnard or «ound mind at the l«M
ot tha elocution of (ha Inatrutnent
Bow propounded a* her laat Will?"
Tha aao-nd iaaua la: "Waa Ih* in
atrument prr>i«>uniH for probata M
tha laat will of tha aald Kllen K. H«r
' nard procured by the fraud or undue
; influence of Charlea Wood Ikmd.
' Loulm Wood iiond and Hurry R.
I Perkin*. or any of eierriaad
■ipon the aaid Kllen F. IWn.ard'V'
) Aroordlnc to lha will, prnetlcalty
ail of Mlaa-Knrnard'a rotate. »ft»r a
few amalt lo fiiamla and StO
ito f»rh of h'r nlecwa and nephewa,
! waa I'd to Attorney Char I* a Wond
i Bond, who tiad bwn hrr lawyer for
I two yeura pr*vtoo«, an truetaa. the
Inoome and tf nar-eaanry Ih* principal
1 to be devoted to tba care and <-omfoft
'of h»r Iwo don and aavan cala as
lonK aa they lived.
t pon tha death of lha laet pat tha
truat fund waa to ba ((l-aolved and
tha raaidua, it Wat slated. waa to go
to Mr*. Ixtbiaa Wood Hood. wife of
Attorn*? Hond. who. If la claimed,
draw up lha will, bain* nartetad by
Harrv K. I'erktna, alao an attornay
Aa Mian Barnard * laat pat, a rat.
dl«t a week or ao afar Mlaa liarnard
panted away, Mr*. Bond, a* rrirldu
ary legatee. will ba the rhlef ben*,
flrlary of the will If It la favorably
pan«ed upon by lha Jury.
Fate of Fair Defendant to
Be Decided
IX)8 ANOKI.K». March 1«. -Th»
Obenchaln uut» may go to the Jury
I late today.
Tlx- (at* of beautiful Mtidalynn*
! OMttchaJn. whoae tangled love af
fair* with tlire« mm reaulted In li®r
trial for the murder of one of tin-in.
probuhly will lie In th« hand* of u
mixed Jury, three women and nine
I rnen. by tonight.
I'pon the sympathy of the three
won.i'ii Jururs, who have followed,
with atreamlng ••yea. *yery drtall of
! jlndntyrrnn'n trriglc atory of her for
lorn lovea and the tragic ending, the
i defense depend* moat heavily for ae
j (|ulttal
HoriK'thlng more than the convic
tion of Mr* Otanchtltl rests on the
1 Jury'a declnion. The mixed Jury aya
t*ni'a nxlxteriee, In California, at
least, la at atflke. Th« ability of h
woman to Judge a slaw charged
with murder with love and f»mlnln«
hope* playing no small part In the
atory will lie subjected to a aevere J
| teat when the Jury goes out.
On the Issue of Americanism There Can Be No Compromise
Messenger Boy Blossoms Out
as Orator Before Rotarians
Ajr Robert B. Bermam
a «p«h. Sty
sgmfudH of the We*levn
Ughi dM> Owiwi Orft*w of la
The embryo Chauneoy la Marvin
Matthew*. aged (*. who waa tha
atar speaker at the Ro»a-y club*®
l«n< until Wadn ■* ly at the Maaonte
Celebrated law) erg. influential pol
lie tan*. wealthy bank*!*. pompous
dignitaries- ail the*e and many more
Itate gddraaaad the IfeWary dub from
lima to time. but ntena ha* ever been
accoMtod a mora enlbuxiasuc recep
tion than tl»* l*-yeer-old boy-
Marvin, wbn ta working hia way
Ibru Broad way high erhool by car
rying limifge* for hi- patrona com
pany, ia Jtirt * "reg iar fellow,- for
ail hia farawtc abilitlea- .n<i there
hi. indeed, lay ttee prim Ipal charm
of hia aitaacb.
Ili aria plainly nervooe when he
dirabad up la froto' dt five big lunch
eon IIWW. ilt
"While | waa an my way dawn
hem,"!* lhrn
VIMIIII thai daltad Ma laa«^
-I aarU hoped I'd rr« run over
Swiss Groom's Brother,
Seattle Artist, Is Shy!
Bf Wand* von Kettler
Rudolph Oaer. brother af Ma*
deer, whoae engagement to the
granddaughlrr of Jolin l>. tocke
feller haa *at the aoeial world
both aghaat and aiwltur. tnay
be piihlieity manager for Hchwa-
Broa. of Hrattle. lie la.
liut the fa aa far aa «h« gentle
man'a publicity endeavor* «*gtend. lie
tan't publicity manager for lilmnelf.
IHe doean't wunt iiubllcity. Ha hank
! era not to ahara the glow of the
1 limelight with brother Max. Interim
I tlon&lly known aa the Hwlxa groom
huahand elect of the 1* year old "baby
I hetrewi." Matilda McCormlck.
He dne* not care to have hia own
' t Utile racnpadea related, aa were tho»e
iof "couatn Kmil" of Chicago, who
fllvvercd to the home of Matilda to
welcome tlie ti"W fjitnily Ilea Hu
' dolph oaer of Kealtle la modently
j avoiding a aplurge.
Now Mr Oaer liaa l>cen »n emplo>«
of B<'hwal>aclier Hroa, for 14 year*,
and ha« aerved during that time in
the capacity of window decotntor,
ilemonatrator and publicity piunager.
!He h#a been the representative of
1 Hchwubacher Hroa. at nnmeroua
Htate and county falrn. ond haa lieen
on exhibition, aa It were, many llmea
demonMrnt Ing Hchwahacher prixlucts.
But now that brother Max, Iwnk
In Hwltxerland. hna hudde<) out In
I International aoclal fame, brother
Rudolph in Heuttle dacllnca to ehnrn
the budding with him Even tho.
' perhaps, he haa n few rlghta of
! hia own to tha budding.
Mr. Oner of Meat tie, the older
brother of Max, la recognized an an
artlat. Hia window decorating for
Hch wabaober haa been only one
outlet for hia urtlatlc lendenclea.
He la a painter 111 oll», and un HU
Mart in Mattkru *, 1C
ijiptmM by I'rice * carter, mar «Uft n«U|tt»b»r>
> —h«rt I MV«' ao I (>mm> r*
Mfr atari.
- lloaxM)' la the SUhJect X Have
thft*en not hecause I think any of
you need it KUHSCIAU-Y— ~
Mia volt* waa drowned b> mors of
laughter and h« looked surprised. but
b«n on a nviitwit Inter—
"But Mr. Hrnlth thought it would
be a nira thing for ma to talk about.
"(■ft been tokl that m«»t Inex
perienced speakers atart with a Jok*
—ao I gt>e«M I'll have to. too.
"Once upon a time a colored gen
tleman who waa klnda need to b»in*
In court waa brought up before the
polk* Judge.
" Raatua.' ae* th' Judge; 'where'*
your lawyer r
- 'Why. Judge.' Tlaatua came hack.
•Ah ain't got no lawyer terday—Ah
don't need none. Ah'm goin' ter tell
th" truth terday.'"
Marvin then proved hia real gentu*
aa an afterdlnner speaker. While
tha crowd w»a atlll laughing at the
pretended diacomfiture of a lawyer-
Hotartaa, he conclmW:
"An" now. I will come to a
rlate 'rau«e Ihey (old me that I
couldn't talk but three mlnuU~«.
an' I've talked that much
a'ready. an' if I talked any more
I'd b« dishonest, an' 1 thank
thorlty on Interior demruting.
Kegordlng the real of Ibe
family—well, we'll liava to
mention Max again—Max. 4K,
H»kw groom in Zurich, who U
engaged to marry Ihe grand
daughter of John 1). Rockefel
ler early thi* xumrnrr In
Thore la a younger brother
In south America.
There are oodl«w of couaina
In the Kaat and In Kttrope.
Tliere la Matilda MeComilrk,
16. not quite a member of Iha
lainll). but achedllled *o«hi to
he. ivho la living with her lather
In Chkago.
Hudolph Oaer, of HextMe. Uvea meal,
estly with hia family In tlila city at
10«2 2Mh nve. N.
Aa before Mated, he la publicity
manager for Hchwabacher Broa Hut
a-e'll not apply the term "publicity
hound." He lan't that.
Say* he, when reference la
made to the Rockefeller at
tached Mrf'onnlck-Baer romance.
"Whai'aal ? Whgl'aatf NO! I
have nothing at all to say. I
want no publicity absolutely
6 Autos Smashed;
Several Are Hurt
DKNVKII, March HI Severn! per
sons had narrow eacainea front In
jury and six automobiles were par
tially wrecked when tho reiir car of
ja wtrlng of atreet car trailers Jump
ed the track and wax dragged ISO fwt
here last night. Tlie car left the
track at a crowded atreet Intersec
tion and amaalwd automobile* ax It
awerved lank and forth across the
Begin Evacuation
of Shantung on
April 1, Tokyo
Dispatch States
TOKYO. March 16.—Jap
inrw evacuation of Shan
tung. under the agreement*
reached at the Washington
conference will begin April 1.
it wa* announced today.
It wax reported that Mana
n«o Hanihara, former vice
: minister of foreign affairs
and a delegate to the Wash
ington conference, will be
; named head of a commission
to put into effect the Shan
tung agreement*.
Th« |»vwnnmi to peeewMag «a
on (trvparaUona for «*«»et»tlon o* tha
Khantunc. naval limitation and other
"NUI« Mnllmmt la aupportln*
tha rtrirrinlnxkon of tha »ovrmment
to dairy out tha lr«lW> and
fn»fll* road' «t Wa*hln*ton." A mart
can AmhajMHUJor Warren aaM today
In diwuaalnK tha aituaUon for tha
fnltrd Htatex l* no quaatton
{that the *o»«rntnafit Intend, to ful
nil thaao obligation* "
Kljuro Shldehara, the Japane»« am
W'l'lar here. |mv« Washington to
day on »lx month*' leave of absence.
Complete (rffloni from work haa
br«n made nwm»r> by the llln»a»
which overtook htm during the limi
tation of arm* cortferenre, it *«« eg
plained at the embaiwy here. An op
eration aleo mar he required. but
thia w»U Imi «I*h ivl'xl when the ambaa
mii',or get* bark to Japan.
Khldebara will rail from f*an Fran
clwo April J on the Korea 'Mum.
|)»»pit» the breakdown which h*
suffered. Ihp ambassador rontlnued
to participate In much of the Impor
tant work of the arms conference as
a member of the Japaneae delegation.
In some of (he meetings he wan at
tended by a Japanese physician.
The departure of Amliaaaador
Rlildehara makea It unlikely now
that the Joint queation of. Japaneae
! immigration and the holding of land
I In California by Japaneae. the negi
1 big problem between the two eoun
trlea. will be taken up In the near fu
It waa aaid at the emhaasy that no
chance in nmbaooadors In Washlng
tnn la now contemplated, ao far a*
known. Hut the ambaaaadora of
Japan have ao often beon changed
after about two yeara' serv-
Ice, It would not he tmrprlalng ahould
a new man be apoplnted.
Shldehara, who haa lieen talked of
an Hie next foreign mlnlater of Ja
pan. wm accredited to thia govern
tnent May IS. IV2O. It hua alao been
thought Shldehara may l>e given the
rank of viacount for hia work in the
arm* conference.
Kadao Saburl, the counsellor of the
Japanese etnhaaay, will act aa charge
#nffnlrea during the ' absence of
tlona 111 Alaakit will be made thl*
aunimer by a delegation from the
[U. H department of commerce, headed
by Aaslatant Secretary C. H. Hunt on
Because Patrolman J. I'lxor
fired a »hot Into the floor at the
feet of one of hia pain during a
friendly acufflo In the North Se
attle cur bnfna recently, Chief W.
11. Hearing Thuraday announced
that Plxor would be rewarded with
two werka' vacation without
pay. l'ixor waa a marine during
the war and was showing hia tail
"how we did It over In Chateau
Thierry." A atreet car cenductor
complained that hia execution wae
"too realistic."
Arthur Floyd Neale narrowly
eecapetl being divorced Thursday
from hla hride of five days, Mr*.
Mary May NeaJe.
On H»i>l 15 Kin* Dyke
man (ranted an Interlocutory de
<re« of divorce to Mm Neai» -
but, alnre I hen. the couple have
"made up," and laat Haturday
they were re married.
When the i-iiw nun« op In the
uaual court routine Thursday
Judire Dykeman waa Just about to
laaue a final decree when he no
ticed that the couple were the
verjr [wople ha' himself m.irrind
five day* axro.
Girl Accuser Is in
Terror as Case
Ifaav* to Close;
Pears Dope Ring
By Hal Armstrong
The Jury in th« Hunrr rtM
mired at IZdt p. m. Jade*
Newer Instructed tbem thai the
only Intlmm) that llamrr had
lurrdln In hia and
thai hf gave thfm to her »u Ike
testimony of Mae Itulchart, (he
The Judge uU Mar Bui chart
waa Iteraeif a violator of the law
al Ihe time »he wa* arretted
with Ihe urr«tln In hrr posse*.
Mon, and >ald the Jury must de
termine whether *he would make
a false statement In aurh a pre
die amen t ta shield herself.
• • •
With the trial of A. B. I lamer,
federal treaaary official, drawing
to a close Thursday. Ms 18-year
old accuser, Mae Butch art, who
charred I lamer cave her drugs
in exrhanc* for her company,
remained in custodv, fearing the
time when site will be releaaed.
I hiring the trial she wan dis
closed u a *'» tool-pigeon" for the
police anti-narcotic squad. The
glri now fear*, it ia said, the
vengeance of the "dope ring."
Counsel tor the government and
the defense argued their case before
the Jury Thursday.
IT. 8 District Attorney Thomaa
Revelle branded Hamer an "an of
ficial who had forgotten hi* oath, be
trnyvd hia trust, and riven way to
hia pension*."
Mae Butrhart. he naid, had yielded
to Hamer for the price of a "shot in
the aim."
"And what in their answer to our
charge*?" Kevelle anked. "They
couldn't break tine nrl* story, no
they had no alternative but to fur
ther degrade and humiliate thin un
fortunate girl by dragging her far
ther down Into the filth.
"She Is a victim of the fate
that i" befalling hundred* and
thousands of young girl* 'n our
country today. It I* a traffic
that will take out of your home
your fairest daughter and de
bauch her.
"We have determined to reach
Into the high and low plaree and
bring every insn engaged In this
damnable traffic to an*wer."
■\V;iltT Kulton, defense attorney,
told (he jury he wan astounded when
he flmt heard of the charges against
"And tlien." he said. "I saw the
absurdity nnd ridiculousness of the
whole thing."
Kulton declared the government
hnd failed to prove by evidence
either of the two chßrge* against
"What I* the first count?" Fulton
demanded. "It is that Mr. Hamer
purchased narcotics from some per
son unknown to the government.
"And what in the second count?
That he »old and gave away tiar
"What 111 there In the evidence
to prove either of thi\«e charges?"
Referring to tho girl, Fulton said:
"It la one of the must melan
choly things In the world the de
struct lon of that which was once
awnet girlhood,"
J. K. Kalknor, assistant 11. S. at
(Turn to r»s« 8, Columu 2)
Seattle Man Who
Tried to Starve in
Tower Finally
Bert C. Brownell, nf Ktatllr,
reirbrmicd his *4Ui birtMay by
laklni hi» own life.
It wss his second attempt at
suicide within two months.
The first *u nearly •ucccafut—
but not quite.
He was found sfter he had spent
three day*. without food or water, la
the tower of ITo vide nee hospital,
where he had secreted himself la *■*»
effort to starve to death.
He was tottering and emaciate*
when he was carried out of the
tower, but doctors made * valiant
effort to preserve the Ufe that its
owner didn't want. and. after
Brwoell had hovered at the brink
of death for nine days, they sue-
band Wrdnisdai' nbea, m Ua
ta hta ham la Affcana.
Brwwnefl made his strim< ami
final attempt.
News of his death was received by
Seattle friends Thursday. They
were unanimous in declaring that be
was mentally unbalanced as the re
sult of despondency—that the same
weird quirk In his mind which
prompted him to try to starve him
self to death had also suggested his
ghastly birthday "celebration."
The story of Browneli'a somber
career was told by Mrs. W. 8. Item
haurh. 1531 lielmont are., who bad
taken a motherly Interest In the boy,
and in whose home he spent his last
days in Seattle. It was supplement
ed by Mrs. Mattle McDonald, an In
timate friend of Browneli'a who la
employed in a downtown wotnen'a
wear store.
t'p until the time that the stamp
occurred in the motor car market.
Brownel! was prosperous and suc
cessful. He was employed as a sales
man at the Mitchell Motor Co.
But when the depression came, ha
lost his position, and weeks of Idle
ness dissipated his waving*.
I'nable to find work, too proud to
call on his parent* for assistance, ha
saw the end of his romance—a ro
mance at which intimate friends
merely hinted Thursday, but Impor
tant enough for him to overshadow
everything else.
On January !• he disappeared
front the home of Mrs. Rem
hsugh. whom he had met thru
her sons, snd nn trace of him
was found until the nest week.
January S3.
Then he was discovered In the
hospital tower.
When he recovered he was taken
hack into Mrs. Remhaugh's home,
and there nursed back to apparent
health and strength.
ilia experience seemed to give him
a new viewpoint. He had been so
close to death that he could realise
the value of life.
And finally, on March T. he left
for his home in Arizona, to rejoin
his family and "start over."
Thursday's dispatches told
liow l»e started over—a far dif
ferent start from what liia
friends hod expected.
Victim, Movie Photographer,
May Die
I/>S ANCKI.KS, Cal . March 11
An vnruged lion, ueed In the filming
of a Jungle picture at I'nlrerwl City,
broke away from guard* and Jit tuck
ed a cameraman, possibly fatally In
juring liiin. according to telephono
reports received here shortly after
Tlr.* injured man"a name «ras not
learned. He la being treated! at tht»
studio emergency hospital.
The lion struck out with l>oth
twwn, according to the report, hurled
the photographer to thv ground and
wined hl« head ill its mouth
An Hist stint cameraman sprang to
the rescue and succeeded In dl\ert-
Ing the attention of the givut lieaat,
while the body of the unconaeioua
man was recovered. It waa aML

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