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First in News First in Circulation (by 11,727 copies a day)— Call Main 0600 to Order The Star at Your Home —50 Cents a Month —Why Pay More?
They Want a Baby
for Vacant Place
He lmd a rather apologetic manner, this primly dressed,
middle-aged, theery-faced little man, who came into The
Star office today. And he rubbed his hands and grinned—
almost vacuously, it must be confessed—for several min
utes before he found his tongue.
whole utory. Bui we'ra ilvtyi had
enough. And we'd |lv« the baby eo
much lor*, too!
il, *Md Mn MA- li*»Qkm.n » u * " " »*••«■»« ""J*
. adoption. \\e loultin 1 bw to get to
Sore a child —and Ihtn |lv* her up."
The War- Main M««—will ba fUd to B»t Into roramunlratlan with
Mr. Bau«hman If anyone thinks of a way to help him out of hu
Jfome fire w
Howdy, folk*' Mantt nun* In
hke a lamb, bat now look at
the doggaar quadruped'
• • •
We haven't mentioned Dan Lu
dona vest tar flva day* Aln t poll-
Ucs awful ?
a a a
"If Win tar Comes'" Is the nam* of
the sanaon'a most popular book.
W«n. hasn't ft?
a a a
Advert iat mmt la ds>a ntawn
hotel. "Madam hi every detail;
sprrlaj rate* to permanent mmr
ffird pcriplf.**
The hotel Is aaadrm. bat It
wants ehMaaManed baarder*.
a a e
The rttsr was It Issiapi fo«»,
19aI father slack U thru ;
Aad Iken a runner pU/ered loa*.
£0 fmlher tncaked koatr. to*.
• e a
"What has become of tha grand- I
mot hers"" aak* a headline
We don't know for certain, hut w»
think they are all doarn at the
a a a
Ibaens play. "A Dolt's Houae." la
showing at the Winter Harden thea
ter thla week. Which reminds us of
the theatrical promoter who adver
tised the Mm with a banner acroaa
the front of his playhouse reading,
"Come and Bring the Kiddles "
a s s
UTHMgr i.Anon*
bOw 4-Ar la a f iait is ■ aMa4
WH»:> aadlr Mm It I BIT 4m TO
If lryl><> la spat-l. eat lb* aa aa eta
tl Rtaer* '» 'be aiiDDle. Ibaa staJTTa
■ nil a leek ;
ar wbaa I AM TrTlag ta wrlla far the
S*l— r
Paetie ett aalaaa lhal heeeta aapeee.
Tha eaKrtaee (item Maimed. aH r«
farina aaMe tfaeer raper
Aad I bee the aid Hbfeee sesae
at't ef gear!
JoT! BliSa' heße CO Me* the
re pair ra An!
"Prohibition in America la a farce."
aaya Margot Aaqulth.
Wrong, Margie, wrong. It's a
a a e
But It la comedy for the par&graP
• • •
Am a mean* of retrenchment ha*
It occurred to any of the mayoralty
candidate* to advocate a cut In the
mayor's salary'
And we have yet to hear any can
didate Include In hla platform a 5-
cent fare for the benefit of auto
mobilista riding to the block In
which their cars are parked for the
• • •
81-KSS "EM!
' fleiftie bey rob> Oak Harbor bank
to that he ran teed vralthy girl.
Any boy irho hat nerve enouoh to
rob a bank hat nerve enough to
marry a icealthy flirt.
• a a
K iraajthy strl ts
all right If the
dr>ean t aspart to
• 'art Ufa whara bar
father laft off.
a a a
"Drop Proves Fatal."- Hesdlln*.
Another wood alcohol case?
• a a
I>e«Jimen at the I'niveraity of
Waahington started wearing
their little green cap* yeat«-rila>.
Now they've got aomething an
Ihrlr mlnda beaidea hair.
a a a
TotlHats to Seattle this summer
will be presented with the keys to
the city, according to the Chamber
of Commerce. They will not, how
ever, be given the keys to our cel
Ia a a
It ha* Juet been discovered that
the L'nlveralty of Washington ha* a
seismograph. Wonder why It hasn't
recorded those Californiari tremor*
that, were canned by battle practice
off tha CaUUina Inland*! I
By Aileen Claire
"You sec." he explained, clear
ing his throat several times,
"you see—l want a little girl.
Or. rather, we want one—my
wife and 1. We've read in The
Star how you've found homes
for so many babies—and we
thought maybe you could find a
baby for a home, just for a
ll* handed over a card which pre
i luimul that hi* iunm wa* W. A. Itauah
m»n and that lie *«< principal of lh*
Cunih Tunnel school* at Wellington.
ll* looked Ilk* a nchool leather but
there was no atmosphere of the claM
room about him now. He wu human
—lntensely human.
"W*'v* two boy a.' h* w*nt on. "two
fin* hoy* Itut now they're rrown up.
on*'* teachln* whool. th* other'* down
In Tulan* unlveralty In New (>rl*an*
And the home *e*m* apem* well. If*
»oct of vacant. And th* wif* and I
think may lie It would be different If we
had another baby to brtns up—a (ttrl
thla time.
"Both of u* irarh. you x«. w> wo don't
want a very young bkby, (hat In, wr
•rant on* that w» roulii wnit to arhoot.
v *• couM watch h»r - bmiuar wa
vouldot b* able to kok aftrr htr at
oma during the day Hay a girt from
our to right > ram old.
"Wo arrnt wealthy. Wr"ro arhool
taaehor*-and I gueaa that trlla tha
Girl Wins
in Contest
on Slogans
List of 22 Awards h
Announced by
Tradnti paa*to prrfiw pat.
nahlig PadAc SarthaWH Pi ad
■da rmatu payroUe, pmialaa
Thla la Ihe »Ugaa thai waa tha
61 first prise In tha North aan
slogan ronleat ramtly roadatt
ed by The Htar, aa announced la
day by J. A. HwaJwrtt, rliali man
af the board af Judge*
Tha winner la Mm Dorothy !
Thomxs. lot Amon apartments, Ha- I
Mrs Grace Petitcherc. flultan. \
Waah . won tha IS second prlae Mar
aiogan waa "Purchaaa Pacific North- 1
want I "rod net a for profit, program
and prosperity "
The Other Judge* were Douts H.
Burnetl of T»roma, and W. J. Hind
ley of Spokane.
They announced the 10 winner* of
tl priaea lo be aa foltowa:
Northweat IToducta, the gooda 'he
god* provide.—CS. it. McAfee, 1141
Burwell. Bremerton.
Particular purchaser* prefer Pa
rtftc Northwaat Product*—M. o"Nlet,
county-city building, Seattle.
Northweat Product* are tha beat,
buy them, booat the great North
wewt —-C. P. Hooper. 4423 N. 2Sth at.,
Northweat Product*, worthy artl
flea from a wonderful land.—Don
i Collier. H. 3111 Tekoa at., Hpokane.
By your acttona create prosperity,
i buy Pacific Northweat Producta.—l»
j la. Smith, 1309 W. Cloverdala, 8a-
I attle.
Keep your dollara at home by buy-
I lng Pacific Northweat Product*.—
; Mra. Kay Hitchcock. 1»0I ft. I. at.. Ta
1 coma.
Alwaya beat -Pacific Northweat
| Product* —O. L. BUke. 407 B. 43rd
at.. Tacoma.
Northweat made for world wide
trade -J. A. Stone, 33* Diamond
ava., Hlllyard.
For proaperlty and waalth; for
longevity and health; Pacific North
i we*t Product*—Mildred FL I.lndgren,
: 5042 4»th 8.. Seattle
Buy Pacific Northweat Producta
j and your eagle* will come home to
rooat.- Kthel Kelly, care Ithode* Co..
| Seattle.
Think, eat and drink Pacific North
weat Producta. —Helen Macßeck. 4214
11th N. B. Seattle.
If you want the beat that money
can buy, Northweat Producta will
satisfy - J. H. Zegender, Cuahman,
U. 8. Veteran* hospital, Tacoma.
From North to Houth, from Kaat
to Weat, Northweat Producta are the
; beat.- Mra. O. H. Kklund, 2311
! Charlea at., Seattle.
Northweat Producta and North-
I west aklll keepa Northweat money
jin the Northwe*t'a till.— H. IS.
Brine*. 105 N. 42nd at.
Where money talka and valuea
tell Northweat Producta alwaya aell.
—Karl Mehner, Bremerton.
Far aa Ka*t la from tha Weat.
Northweat Product* are the beat
; Mra. Kd T. White. 2712 Walnut ave ,
| Kverett.
Make Northweat Producta your
, aelactlon: they mean and emphaalne
| 1 perfection.—Chaa. F. Whittlesey, 816
Second ave., Seattle.
Northweat flood* of any kind are
! the flncat >Oll can find Harold Hul
| llvan, 15th at. N. W , Puyallup.
t nited we atand. divided we fall,
1 Northw'Ht Product* l>*at of all F
M. 2*29 42nd nve 8. W.
Northweat Product* put "fact" In
1 «*tl*fa/-tlon Mra. W. Chaae l''laher,
W. 2*22 Hart*on ave.
April 4, ha* been selected by mem
bers of the family for the burial of
Col. Henry Watterson, veteran news
paper man, who died here December
22, 1921.
The Seattle Star
Entered aa Second Cla** Matter May I. lit*, at th* Po»tf>fMc* at Heattl*. Wa»h . under th* Aet *f Conrrea* March I, U7t. r*r T*ar, by Mall. 16 to It
VOLUME 24. NO. 19.
Police Work Upon
New Clue; Arrest
b Not Expected
' ixl'r lh« |i rati'wt iwrorj, the
*e*n h for the miinimr of Patrol
mm Charles O. l-egate, who waa
found shot twice Iru Ih* head early
Friday morning In an auto In the
Main tttrsat li.rtp. I:4] Main *t..
*u prnraadlng Saturday, under the
personal supervision of Captain
< "bar lea Tenaant ljeotwnant Will-
IMS Kant and a staff or detartlvsa.
The flrxikn of Iko mnrder
peafc* km thourht to b* taking
• new turn at noan 'slur da j
when additional wMtwi was
A ( lur In Um> form ar an an to
matir JM raUWr NK ka
twMil In Ih* nmr af ilia gar
age. waa Man la Um> wwwa
Intari, surrounded by the plara
of planking.
Othrr shells. of tha same caliber,
fired fmrn ar automatic plaint, war*
also h»ld by Ui» coroner. twit accord
In* to IJaut. Kaai. wUI not t>a cob
«W»pM aa evidence.
"Th«y «»ra flw) ahont a month
ago. I think." said Kant "by the
garage owner, who waa taking tar
get practice "
'teirale waa killed try aoft noaed
bul>»la*" Ma waa askad.
"T«w." Kant replied
"Krnm a Oolt** pi»tot. modal 3«T"
"I don't know."
From othar source* II waa teamed
that the bullet removed from I <e
gate's brain waa not one that had
fired from hla own pistol
It waa thought poatttvaty that
(ale had been murdered In '■old blood,
either while asleep or while talking
to a friend of a person whom ha had
gone there to aee.
The reconairactloa af the
(Time, aa outlined by police. indl
rate* that legate w»« shot from
the front. Lite flr»l bollet striking
him In the aide of the lace,
knocking him lo the floor of the
car. unconscious. The murderer
then firrd again, coolly aiming
foe the center of the forehead,
when he found thai Isgato aIUI
latent a waa than stretched upon
the floor of the car. hta arm folded
acroaa hla cheat, and hta own platol,
I which the murderer fired onra thru
I the reiir of the car, cutting the rur
! tain, and onre thru tha garage floor,
waa tilted against hla ear.
Questioned on the murder, ('apt
Tannant waa evasive %
" l)n you eipect any arreata today.
(Tarn to I'age 4. ( olumn I)
No New Candidates Allowed
After 5 P. M. Saturday
Many people who had been urg
ing him to run for moyor were dl»-
appointed Halurday wh«n Ijenri Ste
phen I Miller, head of the college of
buelnemi admlnlatration at the l.'nl
veralty of Waahlngton, aaJd he would
not tUm.
Ornt prewnire 1* known to have
been uiMSd to Induce I >«•«n Miller to
cnt'r th« content on a "ntrlctly bu*l
nca* admlnlatration" platform. He
In nald to have declined only becaune
hla other affair* would not permit
htm to become a candidate at thin
The la*t chance for candidate* to
file for mayor or council came Hat
unlay. City Comptroller Harry Car
roll Kiil'l the book* would clone pre
claely at K o'clock.
A* the fleld "food Saturday morn
ing. there were seven candidate* for
mayor and 14 for the three council
1 I'rof. V. D Hayden, civil engineer
and a meinl>er of the L'nlver»lty of
Washington faculty, 11. Alvln Moore,
a. locomotive engineer; tleorg.- VV
I'arker, who ha* been employed In
the city registration office, and 11.
McHorley, a resident of the city
nlnce I**4, are late entrant# In the
race for council.
Clark Nettleton filed Friday lor
port coinmliioloutc {
On the Issue of Americanism There Can Be No Compromise
Are You Interested in Radio?
Score* of readers ask for full information on all
available literature published by the United States
government on the subject of radio telegraphy and
telephony, list of reference l>ooks on the subject, in
formation on obtaining radio license, schools of
radio, etc.
This is too long to print, but any reader desiring
information may obtain it by writing to The Star's
Washington Bureau, 1322 New York ave., Washing
ton, I). C., inclosing two cents in stamps for postage.
Explosion Occurs
at Entrance of
Imperial Palace;
TOKYO. March ll.—An apparent
attempt to bomb the Imperial p*l*«i
late )e*ter>l«y r«w«lted In lb* pre
matura esploaion of Iha bomb and
tha (laath or (ha man wbo «u carry-
In* It.
An unkWnl -d man att'r 'MI to
rain entry to tha ground* of i 0 Im
perial palace thru the main rata. Aa
ha stood at tha gate. the bomb mid
denly exploded.
A letter attacking the conduct of
the government and making a direct
appeal to the thmne wa* found on
the mutilated body of the man.
Guards have been Inrreaaed at the
residences and office* of prominent
government off Ma la.
I'<.lire order* announce that add!-
tlonaJ precaution* are being taken to
prolKl l*remler Takahash) and other
government leader*.
Threatening letter* have been re
ceived by aeveraJ high official*.
Canadian War Veteran
Proves Complete Alibi
Canadian war veteran, arrested last
night In Mexicall, ilaja California,
by the Mexican secret service. In
connection with the William D. Tay
lor murder mystery, was released
early toda> when he established his
Innocence to the satisfaction of
American officials, Deputy District
Attorney W. C. Ooran announced.
Detectives J. A. Winn and Edward
King, working under orders of the
district attorney's office, arrived on
the morning train from Mexican
without the prisoner.
It wna flrat reported at police
headquarters that thev had brought
the suspect with them.
'The Canadian wss turned over to
us by Col. Jose Avlla of tbe Mexican
necret service," King said. "We que*,
tloned him at length and lie estab
lished the fact that he was not the
man we want.
"We released him and Immediately
left for Ix>* Angeles."
The man was said to have been
freed when I. A. Cock, ranrher of
Hunta Ana, fulled to Identify him a*
one of two Canadian* who. he nalil.
made threats against a "certain for
rner captain In the Canadian army"
the day before Taylor w»m ahot.
Cock picked up two men In his
machine as he was driving to Santa
Ana on January SI, he told the dis
trict attorney'* office. One of them
wore parts of the uniform of a Cana
dian soldier. The man who had made
the threats thought to have been di
rected against Taylor displayed a .38-
cfillbor revolver, Cock said. Taylor
was shot with this type of weapon.
Winn and King today continued
their search for the two men de
scribed by the Santa Ana Informant.
Harding Will End
Vacation Today
HT AUOUHTINE, Ha., March J*.
—President Harding, leaving here
late today for Washington. Is expect
ed to reveal noon his remedy for
breaking the legislative Jam between
himself and tuu tress.
Five-Story Struc
ture Planned at
Fifth Ave. and
University St
rtaaa were mimminrerf Halnr
day by the Metropolitan Hutid
ing company to irtvi on the
nortltwnl earner of KltOi aye.
and I nlver»lty >l. a f Iveatory
alflee building.
In round figure* the building I*
etperted la rwl MN.IN
I'urine construction It will be
known aa the Htuart building annex.
four atorieg high on the I'ntveralty
*t. front. It will naa to five stories
In the middle of tha block, where It
will Join tbe White building annex.
Ground will be broken neit week.
It I* announced, for tbe White build
ing annex, to be built at the oppoalte
end of the block, at Fifth ave. and
Union at.
When both buildings are complete
I heir corridors will connect with the
corridor* of the Whit*. Henry and
Htuart building*, around tha entire
Tbe construction of tha anneviw
will be reinforced concrete, with ex
terior* similar to thoae of the Stuart.
Henry and White building*.
The Stuart annex will have a front
aire on Klfth ave. of 177 feet, and
with the White Annex, will make a
continuous frontage of Hi fett along
the avenue.
Iloweiis A Albert son are the archl
WASHINGTON. March 11-The
"prohibition navy" haa disappeared
on a mysterious crtilae.
It la believed ambushed in south
ern waters waiting to trap a bootleg
These facts are known:
Secretary Mellon announced change
of seven or eight coast guard veesels
to the prohibition department to hunt
Lieut. I<. It- Jack, Washington
coast guard man, was appointed to
take charge.
Now both the navy and the ad
mlral have "disappeared" and none
of the official* of the prohibition
bureau, the treaaury nor the coast
guard will open their Hps to clear
the mystery of the phantom fleet.
Storm in Colorado
Now Moving East
Colorado storm will move east
northeastward during the next SG
hours, attended by rain, snow and
sleet In till states except the Florida
peninsula and probably New Eng
land. the weather bureau forecast
The temperature will be some
what higher tonight and Sunday
In all except the New England j
state.*, the bureau stated.
May Bring Bonus
Up Under Gag Rule
WAHHINOTON, March ll.—
House leaders today found Hpe iker
(Jlllett In an unreceptive mood about
"gagging" the house Monday so the
Imuhin 1)111 could be forced thru.
Hack from his Florida vacation
Willi President Harding, th* Maxsa
chuwtts chieftain let It be known
that he still cherished the thought
that the hontix ought not to lie
brought up undfr the gag plan—sus
pension of the rubes This wan his
puMtluu before to* departed.
Sammy Is Marvel at Chess
* * * *** * * *
Also a Prodigy in School
N'KW YORK. March It.—Sammy
Rxeeechewskl. the nlneyear-old mar
vel at chess, is alio a marvel In
school. I*rovlng the child's brain Is
not a one-sided affair, but that he la
a prodigy. He will be 10 on May
*«. and Is nearly ready for high
Rummy already has TO medal*
awarded him In recognition of his
prowesa at chess, but aome dav
he's going to put them all away and
forget that he ever played the game.
"Cheea s* a career?" repeated
Sammy, "What would I want that
"Perhaps youll be a banker,
then T"
"Nope~ positively, "no banker.
Why should I be a banker? I like
money only when I need H.
"And I won't be a lawyer.
"And I won't be a doctor,"
A pause. Then:
"I take singing lesaons. After
school every day I have a lesson.
Cooper Resigns, but
Not for Mayor's Job
Widc-presd rtimor* that
Frank B. Cooper, resigned super
intrndent of school*, had quit
that office for the purpose of en
tering the race for mayor were
silenced Saturday when Mrs.
Cooper told The Star:
"No; he isn't going to run. Hl*
wife won't let him."'
Cooper'* resignation came suddenly
at the school board meeting Friday
TRENTON. N. J . March 1R
After being locked up for two
nights on two mixed Juries, Mr*.
Anmi Cunningham, mother of
five children, ha* come to the
conclusion "a woman's place la In
the home." Hhe was excused
from further Jury duty by Judge
Irwin Marxhull today on her own
"A woman'* place In not on a
Jury, particularly If she Ln mar
ried and a mother," Mrs. Cun
ningham suld after Hhe had been
excused. Her experiences In he.
IUK locked up overnight and her
worry over leaving her family
alonn had greatly overwrought
her and rendered her unfit to
give her best services, she said.
Sammy Rzctscheuski
I'd sing—llk* C*ru*o if I could
That » whit I'd Ilk*!
"Chess"' with a tin** of «nra*
mrni. "It'a fun. but not a career."
An for (ports, baseball and the
lik«. hmmr nay*:
"Ball? Oh. If* all lisM. I couldn't
play. tl-o. Why. 1 can't throw well
"Don't have time for It. anrwav
—never thought about It at all. I
go to school at 10 and I'm there un
til 4. Then I take my slngtng les
"I dont have any boy friend*.
I'm not much interested in them."
h* nays.
"Girls? No' No! Haven't any
time for them!" His gesture was
that of waving the whole trivial 'ot
out of existence.
"I like to read. I read biography
and history. I like to drive my car
and I like to listen to my records
of Caruso, (Jalll Curcl and Tettra
fctnt. Hut I'd rather sing tliaji any
afternoon. II was accepted, to take
effect August 1.
In hla letter, Cooper mild. In part:
"With the completion of the pres.
ent school year, I shall have ended
21 years as superintendent of the Sh
uttle public schools. This period has
been one of notable growth for both
the city and Its educational system.
To have participated as I have been
l>ermlttrd to do in the development
of an Institution so fundamental to
good cltiiefishlp In a distinct honoi,
and has irlven me much satisfaction."
lie praised the present status and
(Turn to I'ajje 4, Column 5)
Testimony Monday
in Arbuckle Case
Selection of two alternate Jurors to
serve In case any regular jurors
should Iv incapacitated was the task
before the court in the Koscoe
(Katty) Arbuckle trial today.
It was l»elleved this work could be
completed by noon adjournment,
permitting opening of testimony
Olympia Cafe Is
Lost in Flames
OLYMPIA, March 18.—Fire early
today destroyed the Crane cafe
building heru with a loss estimated
at fIS.OOO.
Report Jurors in
Obenchain Trial
Nine to Three for
Th*(HHnduin Jurr»t<WaiMlt '
Um» for rantlrtliM today, ac
cording to ui unofficial rifOrt.
Oar juror, a |»oniliwl ail
man. waa known to be ,
and might join the minority. K
waa aatt.
The mixed Jury which la tryiaC
Madalynn* Obenchain far the mnr«
der of John Helton Kennedy waa M
be aummonr<] to reaume ita delfbarm*
itonn at > o'clock Uiia morning, attar
being locked up ail night.
Itefraahed by a night'a aloep. bat
with farea grave and urivtng no
dence of agreeing on a verdtat, the
Obenchain Jury reatuned UeUber&UooV,
ahortly after • a. m.
"Steady Ralph" Obenchain waa in
court when the Jury returned, ito
had no word of comment on the Jury
or ita probable verdict. He talked to
newapaper men about everything ex
cept the caae. but hia nervea were
Defense Attorney Judd Ruah. at ill
hopeful for acquittal of hia client,
chatted with the door guarda and
court attachea, serene and r»4>
A. It. Keyea, deputy diatriet attar
ney. waa apparently well aatiaSaA
with the aituatlon.
At 10:20 a. m. the Jury had given
no evidence of progre*» toward ajfc
agreement. It waa raid the nine tm
three apllt mill remained.
Superior Judge Reeve lndtaata#
that he, did not intend to aak th*
foreman for a report on progreM
for nome hours yet.
Seven bullota were believed (•
have been taken up to 1020 a. m.
Judge Reeve waa quoted aa hav>
ing unofficially remarked that b*
I would Uixmlss the Jury Monday
morning If it remained deadlocked.
The Jury that tried Arthur C.
| Hurch, co-defendant with Madalynn*,
waa dirmiaaed after it had dellbM*
ated from Friday afternoon until
Monday, disagreeing, 10 to 3 fof
TACOMA. March 18.—John Ken
dall. 25, held in jail as the suspected
assullant of Klsie Sparre, school
teacher at Elgin, March 3. was ar
rested in a North End house laat
night, after reports that a "cra*y
man" had taken possession of It wa*
telephoned to police headquarters.
Kendall was cooking himself a
meal in the absence of the family
when arrested.
Police say Kendall Is a former In
mate of Monroe reformatory and
Medical Eake and Sedro-Woolley asy
lums. They say he was sentenced
from Peattle for having attacked an
old man with a gasplpe bludgeon, »
few years ago.
Bandit* Stage Two
Kansas City Holdups
KANSAS CITT, Mo.. March ll.—.
Shortly after three robbers In an au<
tomobile obtained (9.000 from two In
terstate bank messengers, two
masked bandits entered the Hoover
& Allison Manufacturing Co. plajit.
In North Kansas City, and escaped
with a s'.'.lOO payroll, after locking
three employes In the vault.
Responding- to a call for help at
1200 Marion at. Saturday, Motor
cycle Patrolmen George Reynolds
and R. It. Moulton found Miss
Carrie Hopkins holding her broth
er, J. It. Hopkins, a prisoner lit
her room. She begged them to
guard Hopkins until her lawyer
arrived to settle a civil suit.
The cops referred her to the
prosecuting attorney.
Hopkins then called the fire de
partment and the coroner, bur
had not succeeded in escaping at
noon, in spite of the excitement.

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