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PAC.E 12
It's Open Season for Upsets in World of Sports«
Betting odds have
never been so mis
leading in the world of
sports ns during thr past
year. Time and time
again the "wise money"
has been called wrong.
On Ihe football field, the
diamond, in the ring and
basketball hall, the un
derdog has had a great
I - 11 1 " - ... ... ; 1
'Gentleman Jim' Names
Lightie King Greatest
Famous ex-Champion Says That Leonard I« the Only
Present-Day Mitt King Who Can Box and Hit, Too;
Other News of Fight Game
"JENNY LEONARD, champion lightweight of
( the world, is the only real champion in the
rirg today.
1 So says James Corbett. "(lentleman Jim,"
/ who was ranked as one of the cleverest men
to ever hold the world's heavyeight title.
Corbett is a Seattle visitor this week, ap
' pearing in a vaudeville act at the Moore
« tli ate r.
"Leonard is the only champion in the ring
today who can hit nnd box too," says Corbett. "He is a master
boxer, a deep student of the game, and one of the greatest fel
lows that ever stepped thru the ropes.
"The first time 1 realized what a great fighter Ixxtnard is
was a few years ago when he licked Johnny Kilbane, who was
then, and still is, the champion featherweight. They fought
at Philadelphia. In the first round neither man landed a
b-.ow, but Leonard si:nply outfoxed Kilbane by crowding him
and Kilbane, all set to swing
his right hand, was continu
ally off balance. Wnen they
came back for the second
round, Kilbane finally blew
up and Leonard knocked him
out in the next session."
Jack Dempaey Isn't th* super
man that he ha* been advertteed. ac
cord in* to Jam**. Oortiett aaya that
I»empaey I* ruKKVtI. a font two
handed hitter, but h« doe*n't rank
with Peter Maher when It come* to
hitting. Corbett nay* that Iwmpoey
I* a mauling type of fighter; h* I*
usually at hi* beat in th* early
round*, berauie of hi* nervoua tem
perament. Corbett prvdicta that Ui*
flr*t big fellow that can hit and l»i
wilt beat Hempaey tn a long fight.
I»mpwy la no hoger. *ay* Jame*.
COrtwtt think* that th* heavy
weight claaa ha* lea* talent now than
at any time In the hlatory of t' «
speaking of Dempaey. Corbett
think* Harry Will*, the giant negro,
will give I>emp**y a flgnt If Will*
get* off to a good *tart. It all *■
pend* upon that. *ay* Corbett. »-*
cause the man to beat I>emp*cy mint
have a Hghtlng heart, and Will*
might go Into the ring beaten before
the flr*« gong rang.
Cortwtt *a> '< that Ifmprr l» an
other John !«. Sullivan In *tyK and
« 'orbett ought to know. a* be
Sullivan and won the title from him
after 10 round*, and he ha* *cen
l>emp**y In all of hla Wit bout*.
in finf. coviirrioN
COrbett. who I* nv»r the 50 year
mark In are. I* in fin* phyalcal con
dition and he look* at least 10 year*
younger than he really I*. He »t
--trlbuted hla condition to regular
hour* and regular egercU-
He I* renewing acquaintance* with
many old friend* who are living
here, while he la doing hla vaudeville
* ketch here thla week.
Bob Harper and Frankle Farren
will battle In Portland Saturday
nigtit In a 10 round bout. It win t*
the flrat start for H<»attle Robert
alnee he beat Joe Welling Farrei,
la returning from California. wher«
he haa he»n bo*lng ron* 1-rnSly
alnne be left the Northweat. before
the holiday*.
gnortlng Harry Caaey will make
hla flr*t brief atart In a long tlm«
In Seattle. when he meeta Joe Dunn,
the proml*lng Portlander, In the miln
boat her. tomorrow night at the Pa
vilion. Caaey ha* Juat returned from
a trip to California, where he had
pretty fair auccxa.
wm \I\NN
Gordon McKay and lfelnie
mann will m+ft In a return go In Ta
coma Thursday night, over the six.
round route. They boxed a draw
here recently, really winning
th* decision, but Referee Kub*y went
Hind and railed It even. Schumann
lost a 10 round to Frank
Barrleau In Vancouver, li. Clast
The death of Catcher Dtllboefer
leaves the Bt. f»ula Cardinals with
only Kddie Alnamlth and (!kmon«.
A third string catcher la necessary
< nd of the recruits Jsennin*,'/ihoven
baa the call. That la a tough nam''
tor the box scorers.
"We" Traynor. the I'lttnbur* r«-
emit from the. Southern league, Ik
f-howlnff mjfch (treat form that It
will be lnit>oM<ll>le lo k'frfi him from
winning u berth on the I'lrnte In
The Tommy Gibbons-
Harry (itch ring battle
is the outstanding e\-
itmple of the past month.
With odds varying from
5 to 4 in more conserva
ti\e tiuarters to its high
ns 2 to I on the St. Paul
man. he fell down miser
ably against tireb.
Charley White, the hard
hitting. tough Chicago light
weight, was favored by the
close students of the fight
Beat Mac
Abe Carr, Dusky Third
Sacker, Breaks Up Tilt
With Homer in 11th
March 20. A
home run In the
tlth inning gave
th* colored All 1
Star* a 3 to 3,
win over th* He j
a 111e Coast
lesiguer* In ye* '
terday'* practice
tilt. Abe Carr. j
third aarker for
the duaky to**.!
era, lammM out I
hla fourth tMn '
g.e wi.ru !.,■ tin th* homer.
l-ean Hell and Ilurger. the left
hander from the Wcatern len true,
nouthpawrd their wajr thru th* game
for tattlr Hoth recruit* |ook*<l good
on the mound, altho Iturger had dir.
fk-ulty in settling down tn th* first
frame* h* worked.
The aore arm* and other ne<-e**ary
evil* of the training ramp are rap wily
disappearing, Shortstop Hrrtvold I*
about over hla lame shoulder, and
may get Into today'* tilt with the
slugging darkle*.
Vean Gregg ha* announced himself
a* In shape to burn over a few and
Is likely to work a few Inning* thla
Ths Keart
AH «!»'•— An K 11. ro A K
McN.iT. || 1 • t j q „
it.•kin*. lb « « «1« l |
Charl«toti. tf I I : 4 o •
M.rk.y. h ...... 4 t t « 4 4
<"ar» 2b « j 4 | j |
f ailln. 2b 2 • I > 4 |
Pullm, a 1 • 1 « 1 4
J.ffrl-.. p 4 * • t | «
Taylor, rf 1 « t « 4 4
Total* IT 2 10 >• 14 J
a**tti«— ab ft. n. TO. a. x.
If t 2 2 • • i
Winter-all. 2b .... 4 0 2 2 1 •
Murphy, 11. I q j j» « 0
Hfhuttm. rt 4 9 • 1 1 #
Cueto. ct 4 0 1 i 0 •
Bmmpf, •• ....... «ooi 2 •
Ad«m». 2b I 0 0 1 1 «
Tobtn. e 4 * « 4 2 0
Hurg*r. p 2 0 d • 2 0
Bell. u 1 • • I 2 0
TUfll 17 2 ft 91 IT ft
P«nr* by Inoln*-
All »oft?ft«ft«ftfti i
Seattle l0i0b00*00A;
ThrM-btM Home rvn
f*rr. Tt" hlu -Otrr I. Karm.
Murphy bate* r,«ne. WlaWzil
<*ueto. < hirl«t«n 2. Vla/rlflc* h|t IK«*ni
Double play* to Murphy to
Hawkins, f'arr fa M»rkay to lUwklni
lilt bjr pitrh«d bill —Hrhulta. Mtru' k out
By Jtiffrlfn 6. by Burger I. by B«l| 2.
Baa* on ball* Off JeffrlM I. off li*n 2,
Wild pitch- Durgrr Two runs, 4 hlta.
off Burger In S innlnn
floalnd Poetel, a member of Nt.
John'* Military Aradainy of Wlacon
*ln. recently broke the arad*mlc
•hotput record with a hoavo of 43
f*-et 2 Inches. The bout previous
record w&k 42 f*et 1 Inch.
The meet was staged at Madison,
Wla., in which the foremost prepara
tory schools of the Middlo WGat
Not only la Postel a star with th*
weights, but alao a gridiron per
former of unuMual merit.
Th<» Beattle AU-Ktars defeated the
Aberdeen bowling repreaentatlvva on
the fdeal alleya Hunday afternoon,
2.H22 to 2,713; but the Abardfen
team won tha $4OO purae on the
event, aa they held too long a lend
from thr» prevloua week's tilts for
the Heattle aijuad to overcome, their
final margin to the good being 26.
game to win from Johnny
Dundee, 130-pound champion,
in their 15-round go at Madi
son Squaiv Garden last Fri
day. The odds against Dun
dee were not great, as. altho
somewhat lighter than White,
he is a great little fighter,
but, such as they were, he
decisively upset them.
In local hockey circles, Se
attle was a strong favorite
to win the Coast champion,
ship playoff series from Van
Entries for Star Ball
Loop Close Wednesday
17 Teams Now Entered, and Even Number Wanted,
So Lists Are Reopened for a Few Days; Scorers to
Meet at Star Friday; Other News
BECAUSE thorp is an uneven number of trams entered in
The Star league--17 in all—the entries which were to
have closed Saturday night will remain open until Wednes
day at 6 o'clock, Becnuae the clubs are to be divided into two
division* it is more desirable to have an even number of
The best way for new teams to file their entries is for the
managers to fill out the entry blank and mail it to The Star
cr bring it to the office.
Four teams entered over the week-end. Th" Asahi Cubs,
l.akcwood, Three IlnAhera' Dye Works and the Koss Juniors.
The Kggerman Grocery team dropped out.
The other 13 teams in the league follow: Washington
Park, Hallard Junior*, Wilson-Krietle Co.. West & Wheeler,
Liberty Park, Ixiuic's French Dry Cleaners, Hitman Mer
chants. South Seattle Indians, Georgetown Cubs, West Seat
tle Dye Works, I>*sehi Juniors, Mt. Baker I'ark Juniors,
Zorolene Juniors, Falcon A. C.
Any of these clubs that do not plan to go thru with the
schedule for the season should inform The Star immediately.
Leschi Junior* Have
rpitK !<**• hi Junior* l.ave three
hurler* niiwl up for The Hur
leagu* munn Italph l*». Virgil
Fo*ter and ilob Kliiott will do the
chucking for the park aquad
Jack Harlow hH llnnl up
for Or*t base llriek Kelly for
Zerolene Juniors Are Ready
TIR Junior* ar*. Ilk*
rootrt «f Th« H»ar league cluba.
pretty well set for the wwon,
Uuxftr Walter Ilerman*en baa
lined up th* following squad:
I'Mchrn—CUnnn Luni R»n
I'itchera--Terry Steen. Walter
Scorers Meet Friday
team In The Htar league haa
■*- J l«een a»k>-d to appoint an offl
clal acorer. A meeting waa railed
for those fellows Friday. and only
four showed up. Another meeting
wilt be called Friday night of thla
week, for I o'clock. Whether or not
th* complete average* for th* •ac
tion will be k»pt and published d*
[•end* entirely upon the turnout at
thla meeting
Th* Idea of thl* meeting I* to *•
tabltah a uniform *y«t*m of scoring
Fresh Track Men Being
Held Up by Bad Weather
track workout* at Wuh
Ington are lx-«mnln* to get
and'r way, with * rrriAtl nquad work
In* out unit'r the direction of C'wh
K<lmund*on The rain haa prevented
mora attention to the froah. u th»
varnlty tmm haji orcupH all the
available* tuna during the |aurt two
"We're dodging ahower*. That'*
about mII wn ran do till Ihn weather
li*(i» up,'* I* Kdmund*on'» comment.
Thn cuu-h U ifloomy and prwlH*
that th»» Purpl* Hold trork pros
pect* will go Kllmmrrlnjc unleaa the
sun appear* onr# more.
The >• r*a rll n(f wprtntT* have hern
turn in* out on the outalda tra< k late.
m;» niu r.Avi _ n»s» until'.
errnr with two out In th#> ninth anil
tlie I aril* two run* Milnd •-■iimh!
the >Milki to low. 1.1 tw in. Joon
Mil lloyt were roufhlf.
PAV ANTONIO - Whit* fb i mauled
tha 'Hants again, 12 to a. Nahf held
tham aaf», tut Jmi UtrnN w >« aiauch
tor ad.
PBHAACOTjA. Mid pft'hfn*
• naM tha Brooklyn Kohlna to ahut out
lb* Ixjulaviha Colon'la. 9 to I.
DAI.I.AM. I inrinnatl h*at fh«
Otrland Indian*. 14 to t. I>onabn*
pilehr*l H«kin«t Muii|«t Miiila.
MOT SPRING* falling to agr*a on
tarma. "MiM-ly" Root. flrat atring catrhar
of tha lloaton Had Ho*, haa laft training
PA ftfft—Oaorrra <'«rp*ntlar haa algnad
an KKrMmnrii with Krcnrh proniotwra to
m»»at a Itrltiah. A mar Iran or Kranrh
llght-h-avyweight b«*fora Octobar. It I*
plarinad to build an <>p*n atadlum for
tha bout, f'arpantter baa not fought in
Franca In threa yaara.
KKW YORK. AniMl rh am pi on -
ahlp rm-*n of the National flowing
MWM-litlinii will l»f> Im-Id In l'hilM4lal-.
plila A usual 4 und A.
NEW OftI.KANS Jaaa ffaln»a waa
aant home b*rtua«< ha allowed Hah* Ruth
to hit a hornar off hla del I vary, accord
ing to a r a port hara. Manae-r Rirkay
In "aid to < inlrn Malnaa thraw a ball
othar than ha ordered.
KAN RA ft f-ITV Viinnlf Mahmmit, th»
tenrlbla Turk, today waa to bogla a week
of training for a bout with Kd ("Strang
lar") Lewie, heavyweight wrestling title
holder, ber«, on March 17.
couver. The Seattle men
were going great at the close
of the season, ami leading the
loop. Vancouver, with a crip
pled lineup, took Intth games
ami again made monkeys out
of the boys who accurately
base their opinions on the
dope as carried in records of
[wist performances.
The I'nivendty of
Washington, figured a
cinch for the Coast In
tcrrnllcgiatr conference
ond. Frank llirrion for *hort*top
and Ted Hatrlgan for third baa*.
Lynn Kelly, Fat Young and
•lairta Mignenthaler will maka up
i th* outfield.
Th* club will probably u*e Walla
Walla play fie Id for thetr home
groa rvds
First baa* lien McNeil, Hill
llerond has*- lUJfh Jvpper.
Third bue-Rlp J/Ametle, Wal
ter l|erman*en.
Shortstop <*Uarl'« Fog.
lWtfield Floyd Hampson
Centerflrld A. I|erman**n.
Itightfteld— <su* Uimneae.
' Th* *uh|ect of *corlng I* too pt»(m
tlou* to be dlnctiWiPd with each Indl*
vidua) scorer, so thla will M gone
user at th* mealing.
If Friday'* meeting doeisn't repre
M>ht th* nta)orlly of the club*, the
average* will not be kept.
Ka< h manager should appoint «m«
fellow aho understand* the game
tlioroly. but who doesn't play with
th* team, to he th* official ncorer for
the team. Th* namea and phon*
] number* of the»e scorer* should be
•ent to Th* Htar some time thl*
! week.
If and the coach Har had no oppor
t unity to look them ov»r on th« ctn
der*. Thrr» ar«» mor# nprlnter* than
any dlvlnton of the frtnih M]um).
but the mntorial do** n«»t promt** to
product) nny champion#, liny of Hun*
ny*lde and lu»« lc of Portland ar** mfn
with fair record* in hlfh *chool, who
may dtvtlop und»r Kdmundaon. Both
arr fro*h foot ho II m*n.
MK»innla and King are the moat
promising fr«*ah dlatAnre mm who
are working out under the vamlty
montor. Hev#»ral other naplmnta are
Mhowlng th<*lr Mtrtdo to tha coach,
but non* have much to recommend
them iw> far
In th* fiHd event* of
ft road way and lltixnflct of
arn tha moat pn>m)slnx candldaten In
the weight* and hr<*td Jump. H«aketh
In the bent looking hurdler on the
iitring. Tha men are not going over
the Htlcka y»»t this year, but Heaketh
la working out on the trark.
More m«»n anrl more ability will b*
Iteedfd if thp froth ar* to prwlur* a
rhamptnn*hlp track train for Wa*h
tngion in future ymn. The number
ban Im*»'n too nriiall all MHiion, and to
<lat» no «fpr< t«(?tjlar have »p
pAarr*d. RdmundflOf) ntyi that lark
of opportunity haa prevented th* de
veloproent of pome of hi* mm, who
will irtven a chance lat«*r.
I»ol* vault«*ri>. broad Jumper* and
Javelin men are particularly In de.
mand by the coach, an there appear*
to b«» no on© In theno department*
to replace the var*lty men who will
complete their work thl* n»»*eon.
With better weather the turnout*
will be bunched In the afternoon In
RtfHfl of taking all (Iny iin at pronont.
Thfi ntadiutn track 1* ready to be
rolled and will be In u*« by the cinder
artlnt* In a few day*.
Knocking down 47 nut of SO clay
bird*, 1,. A. Taylor wan high man
nt Ihn weekly nhnot nt the Fort
Uwliin range Holiday. Frank
Ulveatud ntood neoond wltii 40 out
of SO.
Del Oalnrr him nettled hln salary
difference® with the Ht. I.oul«
Cardinal*. Ho will bo lined at flint
liudi'ud of Fouruler when the Cur
llnata face Houtlipuw pitching.
Undefeated for two stren
uous seasons on the gridiron,
the University of California's
powerful 1921 football varsity
was a ."I to 1 favorite to crush
the unheralded team from
Washington and Jefferson
college, when the two hooked
Ruth Has
New Stick
Bambino Would Like to
Lead American League
Hitters for One Season
\ 1711 AT do you auppuae la llabe
I Ituth'a latent ambition''
The blf fellow, when a pitcher,
waa rated one of the I ■eat southpaws
In Ihe American league
luring hi* career ajt a pitcher he
hung up several worth while recortia
from a pitching standpoint.
rnlena I am mlataken, covering a
period of five conaerutlve yearn, hla
record for wlna ahadea that of any
other aouthpaw over auch a given
t Ki 11,
In the wr>rld'a eerie* of ltl< hla
II Inning victory over Brooklyn
*tand* out aa one of the lieat per
I formancee ever turned In In the an-
I nual i laaalc Ukewlae It la the lone
ret e«tra Inning came ever played In
a wnrld'a series,
for three yejire Ruth ha« been the
batting sensation of the baaeball
world. In ItIV Kuth runt thru with
II home run*, breakln« the record
In I*l4 he followed thla up by awat
line II hotnera
It was generally believed that eurh
a record would stand for year*. ||ow.
ever. In ll!l Kuth, with II to hi*
credit, broke but own re< ..rd for the
second time,
mirtji think
Undoubtedly moat people would
think that Kuth would like to break
the mark of it home rurva more than
anv other thine he could do In baae
ball He probably haa designs on
that figure, but be aeeka other n»U>
to conquer.
lUl>e aeeka to lead the American
league in hitting l*oaalbly he be
lievea It will be an enaler matter to
lead the leajrue In batting than smash
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Get twenty people who nr. /* •••-.' - '"J | M " « period of tl.rae
,r - il months or longer.
not now having The H<ar <te |C= —————————g— —h
I OOlLf—Secure new
llvered to home* to agree U to The Se*ttle Star
to take paper for a period I a period of three months
H 1 ° r (oncer.
of three month* or longer O 1
. CRYSTAL— Secure only on* 4
aubacrlbera aign the auh new aubaorlptlon to The Se
arrlptlon blanks printed for a period of
then brinir to The Reaitl* Star ImntlT*"*
delivery cnsi be two new aubacrlptiona to The
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have name, addre*. and phone ,hr ~ month » or
number written plainly. three new aubacrlptions to
A» noon aa you aecur* the I'// Th<- Seattle Star for a period
twenty .übacriptlon* you will JT" f U ' rr ' m,mlh " ° r '° nK ' r '
. «, t . tl , » CONTACTS—Secure two new
be awarded th. lUdlo B*_ aubacrlptlona to The Seattle
phonea not included In aet_ TKI.KRAD Jt'NIOK Star for n period of three
„„ „„ MAMFA(nHKI) AMI GIARANTKKD BY months or longer.
no money on Neatlle M. * S. KLBCTKIC (XI. IM»\-Serure three new aub
anbarrlptiona. Tt)l(I rtßndy <. ryllUl „, t haa a receiving radlua of 20 acrlpUona to Th.- Seattle Star
Out-of town aobarriplJont mllee. Kvery boy run win one In hla a pare time. ' or " l M>rllHl °f three montha
must be paid In ailvanre at tlir Cl,p oul ,h, ' s " HUl >scrtptWm blanks and have auhacrlb- or lonK ' r
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rate of jOc per month. The Seattle Star office Or inmr down at once and set Will lie (ilad to Help You.
your hulum rlptlon blank book.
T ''" B Vf r f " r .. ,hr l'' ?" n,h £. ? n< ! ' h"*br aubacrlbe for The Star Tor three montha. and >3
_ hr after until I or>l.r aame discontinued, for which I thereafter until 1 order name dtacontlnu»d, for which 1 ;
agree t«. pay the carrier at the rate of 60c per month. agree to p.v the carrier at the rate ..f 60c per month. I
I aai Ml Mir hating The Mar delivered It me. | am nul ha>lau The Mar delivered to me.
' Nam |
Addreaa Addreaa
a Phone No Phone No. Q|
< T « k » n »<y Tak»n by a
■' J h
OS Circulation Dept. The Seattle Star, 1307 -1311 Seventh Ave. q|
■ IR-A-D-1-Ol =|p.A-n.T.r> ■
basketball title, traveled
according to Imuk until
well after midseason. but
collapsed in Ihe final
rounds, finishing in
fourth place.
up in the annual East-West
title game; but the Eastern
ers won a moral victory by
outplaying the Hruins and
holding them to a scoreless
Going back a bit, to the
world series of 1921, the New
York Giants pulled the almost
impossible feat of winning
the championship of the
world's diamonds after drop
ping the first two games of
the classic finals.
Some Reach on This Baby
It's 80 inches—from the tip of his left hand to the tip of his right mitt. Who is
he? He's Bill James, the new pitcher with the Vernon Tigers. He is ra>
turning to the Coast league, after service of many years in the big show and fai
the American association. I
bin home run record.
After he had nmiwhM Ihe record
In Ittl. I remarked to him on* day
he would ft ml It a difficult matter 1o
top hla mark In IIIJ. Thla waa hla
"I have had a lot of *lorjr out of
thla hom« run stuff. What I would
like to do la to lead thla old lea*ua in
hattins. I'll never be able to do It
If I try to make a hom« run every
time I come to liaL
"Ne«t year I am tnlnt after the
baae hlta. Infields always play very
deep with me up. I think I ran beat
out (0 bums a year. Also If 1 rut
down on ray swlna I won't be ao eaay
to atnke out. and thereby will have
a bet tar chance to hit aafely."
All of which sound* reasonable
enough. but I am Inclined to think
!labe will forget all about It when the
seaaon atarta. lis proved In the
world'a eerie* thai he could bunt and
beat 'em out. However, the old home
run will praMMjr continue to be the
bl* thine with Kuth. It certainly la
with the crowd.
KIW TOKK. March 17 Delayed
challenge from the Philippines to
compete In the liavla cup mtlrbm
waa received today and may be a<v
ceptr<t by the fnlted Hlate* Uwn
Tennis association.
The I'ittsburg Pirates
held a lead in the Na
tional league of seven
full games over the sec
ond-place (Giants a few
short weeks before the
season ended. The lead
was considered an insur
mountable handicap for
the Giants to overcome;
but they took five
straight games in their
last series with the Pitts
burgers and finally nosed
Harvey Hendrlx. a former foot
ball and haaeball star at Vander
bllt unlverKlty, Is getting a chance
with the Hoeton Red Ho*. He la
an outfielder. Hitting aecma to
be hit only weak point.
NEWARK. N. J.. Mar<-h 17/
H'srio MrN'uiuri. nnlwl Au*trnlinn
blcyclf rtdfr, on* of tho winner* In
«h«> Ist six 4*)- rar-r, will w*r Amrr-
Iran color* In (h» romln* Pari* nn.
Il« ha* bwn naturalised.
MONDAY. MAllflf 20, 1022
them out for the pen
Not since the memora|||;
season of when the Hafcfl
ton Hraves climbed from i 4
place in July to an Octobg«,
lea jo 10 championship arrfu
world's title, has such a leg '
startler! the Ijaaeball world/l
Conditions have Ix-en suek
that it looks as if a l<et o|
Jack Dempsey to lick Battlin
Hector would a dangr-rooi
I W \Km I \I^B
!•** lh« third (mm of IbHr Mrtu
with Hi* \ im«n Tlfrn i l r%,
■t« • A Hit mil; Is lb# atafft
fiiu# RMr (• tnaki»| It a Ik. ba«*
WW. Alfi4ji«Ur worhrd four fca»
»!■>«• for lit# € üba. a*d Mif4 fIM
MrRT!J?nA! 4 « ff>RtNOff.~n« 04i
ran up a llto-l ifort a#ain*t th# (Mb
land All Ktara It i«vt tha <>aka gyt
"f iw»4 at Ut ru&nlif, |m
m«t »M about all.
MODIWTO - Halt I«ak# rhqt o«t g
•»wl pro t#am from Oafclaad . * •tndlv
afternoon, Y t» I.
HAW l«f KN %KI»|NO —Tha Ai«*
Mil thr Mat* I r Alhlrtir rl«b m
trrtai»#d a Mg mad |r«t#nday at.
trra«MN>. I/m AagHf* «* laiHg,
Th*wna*. Ilngbr* tad Ijinu a««
worbrd tbrrr tnniac* for tbr Aagt|||
— P«r ramrnt*
p'a>in« a|grH«it« baa#ball rr#t«-r4ap gL
trrnoon arhrn It won from tha AniUti
Taylor a. ? to 1. Tha Hoiotit tunrhad IM§
hlta In tha arcond and third !*<nlggt
wlnntn* tha gama bafora it «u mm
than a tart ad
BO!WM BPHIVOfI <-* an FranHaa* ra
had to worlc hard to t»#at Santa Rota, 4
to 1. KrJly'a homrr with tar© on fcaaM
won th# gam# for th# Ibal* fcrott id
M • viuaid pltrhrd mM-a##*oa ha!! , gal
thrjr had to agalnat Kchmidt, who auH
th# mound for Hanta Roaa.

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