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American Homrs
—25 exceptionally attractive, fine quality 4-piece bedroom suites of the BETTEIR
KIND, in walnut, mahogany finish or ivory enamel; Queen Anne, William and Mary,
Louis XV or Louis XVI periods included in this special offering. All very deeply
reduced in price for this SALE of BEDROOM FURNITURE.
these remarkable credit terms make it pos
sible for you to take advantage of the sale —
*-M ywt'k«M fnrr»«n
•f furniture *r«f wrrfcff AfRHMBA Qf f*'• t •*'«»
ano«*timg to iHipwiaal fo p<iymrnt p.iymmt
sso ss $1 — MlrflfP * ,S0 — * ,S — W' so
57.50 $1.50 mcmmm) $2O0 — $20 — $3 —
sloo slo s2 s3oo s3o $4.50
sl2s $12.50 $2.25 ssoo sso $7.5 0
Made-in-Washingt on products, this J lf|
r m y store feels, are entitled to first con- JUTT
tj if 1 sideration of the homefurrtisher. ifl "^1
lull ✓SETx
8 of these bedroom suites tremendously cut in price!
—exactly as pictured; IVORY £ —size of chiffonier mirror 11x18
FINISH; top of dresaer meas- 0 inches; full-size l*»d; regular
ures 38x18 inches; size of mir- price, three pieces complete,
ror 16x24 inches; top of chif- sB4—; special for this SALE,
fonier measures 32x18 inches. *•"" $64.7.">.
JrHKVjm® !H .es-iat. A
( f 3 . ' *
4-piece ivory or gray enameled bedroom saite MOW: $
—daintiness expresses the style of this attractive bedroom suite; exactly II J)
as pictured and finished in either ivory or pray enamel; it is a suite II
that has a very distinctive and exclusive style; size of dresser mirror,
24x30 inches; special for this SALE, 4 pieces complete: pri«, 1170-
—this week daily radio concerts will l>e given in our Radio Department on the Third Floor. The program for
the day you will find published in The Post-Intelligencer. For a very reasonable amount and on reasonable
credit terms we will install a complete radio outfit in your home.
Second Ave. at Pine St. ,ls6t L. SCHOENFELD & SONS
To Mr. Weatherman
IMtir C!"or*a. You nurd #n> ttvlng a* * **MUbl" March. Ktv» "~"TV«
tn Ilk* ■ lamb. «"ti"nif«wl Into lamb . Ov«n *r"» Into «»I4 mutton
and now ahimi ilina of Iwnwilmi htrt hoIIM, Hod!
To the Candidates
Oonllroirn: Thay'ra off at fha pola! Thajfr* at the quarter" W-ra
thay Mimf I The rtty c*mp*l*Ti In wurwirr and wa rln*nl<la
funa are i|i)| to «»• which of you can alide under tb» tup* on May 8.
May lha iMvt men win! CtUKK BEATTIJS.
betters From
To the City Council
Gentlemen t nolle* whar* yon wara» p«*ltlan»d rwffifly by tba
county for a ftra main <an<l h»«lraJit to protect lha
Kin* county home I>o thla by all mea™*' And'remember that If tha
ftra hydrant had been put In aoonar. lha rarent fire, which miatit hava
burned to death acorea of a|i«d peopla, wuuld nav<-r have itainad head
way. I thank you! CHIEF MSATTUB.
To the Public
ivar Polka I know that ran ara dealroua of havta* Madlwm t""*
traii*fern<d from lha Jurladlrtion of tha rattwmy department to lha
purk commlaaionera. Tha < han*a would mean that the railway depart
ment wuuld be relieved of an unnecaaaary and llraaomft burden and
that the park board rmild turn lha park Into part of |k«ll!»'« ln«>m
parable boulevard aywtem However, y«wi nana! remember that Madl
aon park wu nwned by the atreat car ay at em before tha rity bouifht
tha llnaa and I* atlll owned by tha railway ayatem • until we pay off
all tha I It.OOO,DM worth of bond*. CIIIEP W.ATTI.E.
To People Who Aren't in ■ Hurry
Iw-nr Hlrollrra: Pt'iirlM you're tin a nlre Mir hlßharay lt"» <|u"a tha
proprr thing lo atroll. And prnvtiV*! you're on a llttla hlgharay and
thiht'i noMy brhlnd bring dalgyad bwxuM of your Waure «bf»4,
lf« nil right to atroll, 100.
Hut auppoalng you're on th»t narrow highway or parhapa <■> *****
»I<1« of a rr«*M atrret, or rvrn tn a rrowdad *l«lr. And than ■upt**-
Ing lt'» during a buoy hour- parhapa a noon hour, wti'n half th« P"l'»
taunt- la haritlni to ami fro Wouldn't II fx- brut, thMi. nod to atridl
100 much* aa If It might M well lo hava «ora» aort «>f a dretl
nation, or «Im to taka a Mat on a balcony and walch 'br traffic.
Hp« ndlly, CIIIKI-' BRATTLE.
To My Redskin Tribesmen
<*hlldreu 1 hava b*-f n with you. wholr haartr»lly. tn Trriwr mnfaren'W
al Mi Vrrnon. You hava lakan a wtaa murw In bringing your gn»»-
anret twfnre your whita broiharm. trtin maui wit hut are apt to l"rpl
tha treatiaa th»tr lorrftlhin raada with your forefalhrra many yrarg
ago Kwp plugging CHIW BKATTIA.
To « Certain Woman
1 War Madam: I don't know w*o too are or wfcanre too rem*, trot
wa aaw you do a moat ln«*nlt*ry thiiif Iwt araak. You * ~,T walking
along Third av» with your hahy boy Ha waa retlng a hanana. Ha
dmrH It To pun»*h him. you rubbod II on tha aldawalk and madr
him ret a ronton covered with dirt. Thai • a fin* way to rhantiaa a
Ituar year old. CHIRK HRATTI.B.
To C. P. S. Men Students
|x»ar tvilowa Hren ("ormngham aiyi that you mal% are tha "tama
brains" at tha Oolt«(« of |-ug*t Hound. VTa point* out that gut wtu
drnta ha»a had tha Ired alnre JK»S at tha taMthrtMft. Thkt'g a bad
tword. "Htrp" on Ibr atudlaa ImNaad of tha gM. f»1 lowa
T%rer m.h to My that tha augn<otlon y«u had tn ywwr
mlumn a waak ago mnrrrritng tha Itlk a*» Una waa greaily appr»
Hated, and thai »a are planning to put on additional aarrtor on Ihl*
lina aa noon aa tha arharfnla dap«rtm»nt ren prepare tha grhadule.
with our tw»» wtahaa, wa remain your truly.
t>. W, HSNl>intoO!«. rianaral flurarlntraAnt at lUrtw^y*.
a%k* that an rm utoikk tip. gaijxo
Prer Chtat: I wtwVr If ywu ran bring It hotna to tha wnirotwf
that ha la ba.'ng rofebod br tha retallrr tn mora wmya than on*.
Por takr ana. fVmn and poultry ralanra are at pre»
ant retting IhMr *gg* at tha low prire of SO rent* pre doarn. and
tha retaltrrn promptly gUrfc a oard no tha am agga with n ewi
marked ihareotv
That hi an rgorhltaut proflt ta tnaJra <*n a do—n of »gga and If
you would ordrr an agg atrtke for a wrek or two I botlrea It would
ba rriigioualy followed by your bMU of admiring nurtrre
Binrerrly. BIWTHX
To ihe Frye Hotel
The Mr»n»nr» of your managenwmt and 'b* "omte<rr of yr*jr aor*rlra
I* well known to home folk tnd ginmitt within tha city. IMTT. (tntlik
men. yottr bolMlnt n«<l« a haih and an do nearly all thf «lh« worth
while etrurturwa on lirwrr Heonnd a»* Why «ot get together with the
other owner* In your ilutnct and UH a lltll* aoap and water. now that
rprlng haa ootnr ? • CTIJEK HKATTLB.
To Seattle Motorist*
ix*«r Pellt». Now that yo«Y« g*"<tinjr the old wagen* otit tn real
nmwi, giva a thought t« thon» of yoor frtenda yon »e*'standing on
rornt#. waiting for street c*r* Berw» In pretty alow In many dl*
trtrin. and ntuudng I hour empty miui IB your machine will be r»«ily
appreciated by Ihi* you give a lift. CHIKK BKATTLII
To the Residents of Ballard
I'w-ar Volka Itenamlng your r««rr»mnnlty In worwa than renamtnr a
baby what «ay? Moth'r 'inre, *'<T»ll him Hunwl," and pa aay*. "No.
we railed him Mallard when he WM born, and we're going to Veep him
lIaJUnL" M<y the family not betxime lio agitated
To the Winner of the Slogan Contest
1 >enr Mia* Thomas: "Prudent |>eopl« prefer patronising Pacific
Northwest —" hut we won't nuote alt of It. It la very rood and
Chief K-mtilo congratulates you on presenting the slognn chosen as
the beat of the thoumml* submitted To the winner* of the second,
third, etc.. slogan prlxe* he also extend* a hearty handshake. And lo
all who entered the content he extend') a thousand llianka, for the rood
fellowship and the worthy alOßtui* prenwnled. CHIRP PKATTUR.
To the Jewish Students at the University of Wash
Men and Coed* rVnKTOtiilallon* on yonr endeavor* to a.*sl*t
with the Student l/oon fund. Washington's loan fund Is known to
l>e a worthy helping hand Institution for Uione attending inhool and
needing temporary financial njur unrc. May your piny. "The Chil
dren of the Ghetto," to b<' given for the fund benefit, be a success.
To Jim Boldt
I)par Pn'Xy: From nil nfvntmts you and your iMnwr, Walt Me-
Credle. have brought together one of the iWMtnt aggrr'gallons of hall
tosver* thnt ever donned Indian uniform*. More power to you! We'll
have ■ pennant or durned near on e this fall. CHIEF 1 SEATTLE.
To the Seattle Street Car Conductors
jM-nr Token Taker*: I've had In mind writing to tell you thnt for
courtesy, efficiency and cheerfulness in handling u crowd you are In
u class by yourself. 1 wiu al«o going to say thut I've not noted u
single art of discourtesy on your part.
And then tlie crew of one of the«.e one man" horror* went nnd spoiled
Hint last remark. An elderly tn in on ~;",i!t< l-er hobbled hurriedly toward
the ear tn n way proving he wiint»"!s to board It But the "crew"
almost panned him up—finally stopping the ear on the wrong aide of
the street It was up to the cripple to hobble that eitra distance
nnd when he did pet aboard, did the conductor apologize? He did
NOT. but he gkired at the poor cripple until that man made an apol.
o»ry. I'ld he assist him 1o a peat* Again, no, nnd standing In the Tront
of a Jerky one man car la tough enough on tn able bodied pemm
Howe\er, boya, thl* bird la tho exception to prove the rule And I'm
To the Park Department
Everybody says Seattle has wonderful parka In the residence and
outlying sections, but no satisfactory ones downtown. Why not "doll
up" some of the Micant n»"'e« to he found In the business district?
A green lawn and flowers and benches would hava an Immense appeal
to the tired sightseers. As It Is now, there Is small chance for the
visitor to sit down out of doors and enjoy Seattle There are tVrnty
of spares for little parks. Suggestion: Why not make n park out of
the wasted terrace apk.ee at Ninth ave. and I'nlon st. and on around
to Boren ttve.? CHIEF SEATTLE.
To Frank B. Cooper
Hear Frank: t'nngrutulntlons Few men can hold public offline as
lone as they and then null under circumstance* which leave no
doubt but that the set was entirely of their own volition. You served
this cJty II years ua superintendent of schools and. for aught I know,
you might have done ao for 21 years more If you had carfd to, llcat
For Constipated Bowels Bilious Liver
Tb* nlc««rt r*fhartlc laiatlv* fo
pbyaio yoor boweia when you Hivi
tlaadaiha lililOUnllMM
Cold* I teltKeatlon
iJix/lri'M »,(ir Klofnafh
In randy Ilk* Cuacaret a On* or two
(onlght will empty your lw»fl« rom
Monday la American Iy-cton Km
plnyfnent d»y.
Tatephoea Klllott M 7» and *!*•
■om* taliTUi a Job.
Mayor Caldwell ha* laetjed a
proclamation nrjenfly r»«j>i*«tln* ait
etttxena of the community to atart
their spring <4«anlng and repairing
now In order to rallev* tba unem
ployment aituatlon.
The Heat tie movement la part of a
nation wtda («int>al(ti to arouar ©eo.
pla to tba dtr* tiead of «a aervlo*
Bfforta of Seattle lagftMuttre* to *e
otir* employment for »•* aerelee men
will oetitor In the Veterana* Krnploy
metit bureau. 1»I«S Tblrd ave M<-n
of every trade and profeaalon arc
Lift Off with Fingers
m L
pii—Ttt hnrt ft Wti T>r»»p a Httla
on «n arhln* corn. lo
•tantljr that corn atop* hurting. thm
•hortJjr you Ufl It rl|bt off with fin
rwr Truly!
To or druortat a Wny Mth of
"Waaaaoa" for a fr« rent*. aufflctrnt
«o rwio»« Ktfjr hard corn. Mfl com.
or mrn hrtworn thr tnea. and the cat
Juaca. without ■ort-nr«» or Irritation.
Wedding Rings
Diamond Set
22-kt. Gold
20-kt. Gold
18-kt. White Gold
Carved and Plain
tm kktwni) arr-
H>l>kii t*tkr and Tin*
Established 1885
Candied Laxative
TO rt!» TXf UVf# AMO KMTII o»©tS\f
Appendicitis Strikes
Engineer in Cab
Engineer Shows Great Heroism—Drives
Engine Safely In
While sending hla enaine thunder-1
In* down the rails a Wetern mil- I
way engineer wait puddenly ptrlcken
with appendicitis. ltravely remaln
in it At nil* poet. hi* weakened hand
stfit clntehtng the throttle as hi#
fireman held him to hti seat. the
man drove the train safely In. on
A Treaekeeons DUrsir
Appendicitis attack* at any mo
ment even persona seemingly in
good health Usually. however. It in
preceded by So-called stomacn trou
ble, constipation or similar dlPturb
anees Often When there Is a warn-;
tiiK feeling of uneasiness in the ah- j
domcn. appendants can be guarded
against in exactly the same manner
in which olio guards against the
anread «»f throat infection because
tnat iP Just what appendicitis Is an
Infection in tha intestines spreading
to the appendix. When one has sore
throat, one can often prevent further
trouble and the development of in- !
fluensa or grippe by ualng an anil- i
septic whili or gargle to fight the.
garniS and a laxative to carry off ■
the poisons from the body. Just ex
actly the name procedure Is necea-|
sary to fight Jim intestinal germa
and guard agalTiM appendicitis lUit
Instead of an antiseptic wash for the
throat. «n INTKBTINAI- antiseptic It
lnteaflaal Antiseptic
Ther* Is now offered to the public
a preparation having the I>Oi'tl!«tC
action of an intestinal antlseptlc and
a t'OMl'l-KTK system cleanser. This
preparation, known as Adlerika. acts
as follows
It tends to eliminate or destroy
harmful germa and colon bacilli in «
th* intestinal canal. thus guarding
against Appendicitis and other dis
eases having their start here.
It ia the moat complete system
pletefy by mornlnc and yon will feel
aptandid. "They work whll* yot»
OuKorrt* ri«v»r ntlr you up
or grip* Ilka HmIU, I*lll*. Calomel,
or OH, mi th*y uot only ten <*nt*
a bo* Children k>v* CMacmtut*. too.
—Ad vertljwment.
llwtad ta tl>* card tadejea *t th*
OREOON CITT. Oro. Port>>•
T>wr> rdorf die* from fffft* of foring
by bull.
YAKI MA.—W. F. ntehardwn, fore
man at A. 8. Conrdon ranrli at Nob
If 111. thooU J. W l*ruket. laborer.
to itrk * torn i* o*r r»*r
T»k» UltOllO Q' ININB
tabfeta Tl." genuine the »'*-
nature of K W Orova. <B* mif
you mmt lIIIOMO ) 10c. Advert.a*,
Rupture Kills
7,000 Annually
H+v+n th* r »#And y*Ar
mr* laid iwi; —th* bwrtAl crtifl'-*'* !
bring rnArk*d "lluptur**." Why? U#. -M
'ny»* th* ovforiiintt* oneA h!4 J
«f bud y**-n mro. i
Iy l«klt)K etr« of th* ityn t*w*-l)mar) <
of th« Affliction and pa yirig no At- :
t»nllon to th* '■« Whit if )r»u
Ar* you n*Kl*r|)njr youra*)f
by wnrlftf * tru*ft. At/p>*an"%
WBttiffr r>*rn» you choo" to rail
It? At b«»C the traaa 111 only 4
mak»>ahlft—n fa I#* prop aiiMt *
collApatnc waIS and rannot b* ««.
V-rt+A to Act a# mow than a m*r*
m*#han*r*! iMipporf Th* brndrtg
prrMtir* retard# bJood r renjlAtion,
thua robbing th* muix l*a
"f that which they wfd rn»«t—nour*
ISut l"nr# Y.mm found a way. And
*rrry iruim «uff*r+r tn tb* lasm)
\n rr.*V.f a fHKR t#«t rtrfiQP 1 *!
In th* of th*lr own Itnm'V
PUAPAO nwtiiod m
Ahly th» m«»»t if «. inl ?
»u«« *• n»fu« Mlf-tr« Aim#nt for rup«
turr w«rld l>u »v#r Known.
Th«> I'hAPAO I'AD Adhrrtns
rU>**\y to th# b wly cannot s>o»*ibly 1
•' f» or ihlft out of pIA4.«-,
'annot < liaf* pin«>>. ah
vf i—«a*v to appl> Ta
h# ti#*d whit«t you work and wfeH«t
r«i Al**p N'- #trap*. buckor
>pnni* attA'h^d.
Uarn how to flw» fh» hrrn<i|
"P^nmi: a* nAtur* lnt« no thA
ruptur# f'AJi'T d"«n H*n'|
your riAnc t dav to I'l-ATAO ••!»-
) -w, :i »i.« m. for iitKi I
tr a! PIApAO And th# InfynnAtioi j
n*r^e»«ary.—Advert i»»m#nL
Bilious? Take
| NR Tonight
latvrr** Hr»r4f |« RHftrr aiii *»fer
Ttt«« « < lr«M Oat
(• riptf**. 9ltf« Mrk
llrftAirlir. '.ttaramlt r4L
uninm attar).*. ronMlr*tl««. irfrlt
h«adarh«*ft. »l«., tr* tfl thi? irr**t ma
i Jonly <»f cu»i 4uf t/» d gfinvr irtwi
j bl* and no reasonable |>er*on ran
j «-*f>*«-t to obtain r*»! or
benefit until the raw**- In oorr«-«t*d.
Xttanr'fe Nmr4r <NH TaW»i») in
a v«f#Ubl« fompoun'l that act* n,
th* ntr»marh, )i\rr, boircU and k'd- 1
riey*. Uif purpom* h*inir to br>njp
about and harmonlou* act"»«
lof all tha oracan* of dilution and
♦ limtna'ion. It acta promptly *rd
'that there ik R«v*r the aiightf*!
, triplnv or diacomfort.
)'j t that la aTI. Xitarr'n
llrmfd* 'M! Tabl-t«> hav a t"-o»-
, firtft! t-TT-rt upon tl»* entire- Mf.
! By Improving th* prwwi« of dttf«-#»
tlofi and a«*«mtlaUon. the nourish*
! ment t* derived from food th#
J quality la «;nrlfh*<l. vitality it ln»
« and tha % bola system
i »»l r • »»#t henrd.
*>ne#» you ir # t rf *ot hod* In thm
«p!*nd»d «ond»t*on. you nr#-d n> t
j taV* medlrm* otrerjr day—)u*t tak*
j an NR Tab I* t. o*-oapionally in
dtir'atlon. bUloui»nej»a and conntipa
j Hon threaten* and you 'an alwavn
)<>ur IwKt.
wfll in Waaler and cbt-Aptsr than |jft*
j tin* well.
«trf a 2?e ho* of RrmHf
(NR TaM«»tii> nod try It It U aold.
? Koaranti fd and recommended by
j your dri»|f*ij»t.
Optomrtrlft and UfR Optician
ttywi romlßH a«4 «taa— UttX
137 K»lrr It Ik. IfSEga 1
•in «rra*4 At. P|VWV
, X«L Vl-».a JiiL
| cleanser ever offered to the publlc»
acting on BOTH upper and lower
j bowel and removing foul matteb
which poisoned the system for
months and which nothing else can
dislodge. It brings out all gasea,
thus immediately relieving pressor*
on the heart. It Is astonishing the
I gr«-at amount of poisonous matter
Adlerika drawl from the alimentary
i canal—matter you never thought
Huf in your eyetem. Try it right
after a natural movement and notice
how mueh more foul matter It brings
! out which was poisoning you. in
slight disorders such a> occasional
constipation, sour stomach, gas on
| the stomach and sick headache, one
spoonful Adlerika AI.W VYS brings
relief. A longer treatment, however,
is necessary in eases of obstinate
constipation and long standing
stomai h trouble, preferably under
direction of your phvatclan.
Heporta I ron Pb>alelane
"I congratulate you on the good
effect 1 had from Adlerika since I
prescribed It." (Slgued) Dr. L»
- Langlola.
"I have found nothing In my SO
years' practice to excel Adlerika."
(Signed) Ur. James Weaver.
"1 use Adlerika in all b..wel caaea.
Some require only one doae. ,#
(Signed) l»r K. M- Prettyroan.
"After taking Adlerika feel better
than for I'O yean. Haven't language
to express tfce AWFUL iUPUHTtIKAi
eliminated from my ayatero . r
; (Signed) J. K. Puckatt.
Adlerika Is a constant surprise ta
people who have used only ordinary
bowel snd atomach medlcinea. on
i account of Its rapid, pleasant and
I'UMrkRTK action It Is aold by
'leading druggists everywhere.
Sold In Seattle by Swift Drug Co*
corner Second ave. and Pike at., Kar
tell Druf Co. and other leading

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