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MONDAY. MARCH 20. 1022.
I %rry 11mf m <*«m»«I I'liMiaiilKj
"A Man's Home"
UrtHa of t.lfvt
Larry Semon
the laugh *at. In -Til# ««w«lir
< wmlAf —%% BiUff llrid «n«l
Hew Tarylw
Waw V\my\mm
"TURN to
the RIGHT'
( limaa! V\iat
* Ilia llan«n lw<w(t
KAT •«*! Ill* >'Mi«ua OrrhMrtf*
I •miwrn l"*la *e«rl ta "Tk*
IV«f«rk M
N«w I'laylag
Cecil B. DeMUle's
Willi l+mrmthf llallaa. v.idr<-«l
llarrl«, < aara«l >ag»l
Ml«t %rrrtar«lart
I —Clsrla SntMM la
"llrr llntbaatf'i Tr«4r«ari M
OAK foe
!2i IS. Chik'rti 5c
Kaalty IMayla«a# ><
8:00 O'CLOCK |
Ta4ay aad Taaa4ay
"Behold My Wife"
A tiesrie MallsH risdaetlsa
Jaaaita llaasea la
"Tke Irllsn Ana"
Kaub t'ellard Coasedy
\alte*al Smi Weekly
Movie Headquarters
Opened in Seattle
With U O. Lukan named aa man
ager. tha AnocliM First National
Plfturn corporation haa opened
Western headquarter* In Seattle, ac
cording to an announcement from
Chicago. Thin la mid to be tha drat
Urn* such a h»*dfjarters, Including
It states, haa gone outside of Callfot
nla. Lokan haa been In charge of
the Northwest exchange of First Na
I v»
j wn •yJ*
Cfinrn tt>c p*yy fty
Stars Regain Their Lustre in
New De Mi lie Photoplay Feature
Dorothy Dalton and Mildred Harris, two srrren lumina
ries, appearing in Cecil DeMille'a "Fool's Paradise" at the
Stratui this week.
.• a •
"CVHU/S PARADISIC." showing al
■T the Strand, mark* the recru
d«MMM» of two film luminaries who
aeemed to hav* craaaed the lenlth
•>f their career*-Dorothy l>alton and
Mildred Harris.
IWothy Dallon does the beet
work In thla picture since her re
turn from the stage where aha ap
i iwirwl In "AphnwlH*." That eta ice
* I parte nc* «*ranl to have destroyed
I her sense of pantomimic proportions,
Mildred Harris In her laat release.
"A Iflitm There Was," gt»v* about
aa colorlie» a performance aa the
screen has seen In many month*. In
'Koul'i Paradise" aha la vivacious,
plastic to the spirit of her character.
Wtß, lube Kuth ilMn'l stttke out
every time h* came to hat In the
i world series And he didn't knock
a home run every time
The story of "Fool's Paradise"
«leata with the k>v* of an American
soldier for a French dancer who
later meets an American girl In a
Mexican nanttna whose love he
spurn*. Thru blindness which later
comes to him because of a silly act
im the part of the latter gtrl. he
marries her In th* belief that ahe I*
the French girl He recover* his
sight. annul* the marrlaice and In his
search for the French girt la lead to
Slam where ahe proves her worth
teaaness and force* him to seek his
former wife wtth whom he finds hap
pines*. liorothy Dalton la th* Arner
lean dancer. Mildred Harrt* the
French girl, and Conrad Nagel lead
Ing man Important role* are In the
capable hand* of Theodore Koaloff.
John Davidson and Julia Fay*.
• • s
"Turn to the Right." the most pop
ular comedy drama nf the stage,
whose appeal was testified lo by mil
lions of theater goers, has b*»*n trans
ferred to the screen and la now being
ahowa at the Coliseum.
As a stag* play. Turn to the
Right* mad* a fortune for John Gol
den. who presented It. and for the
authors, Wtnrheii smith and John K.
1 Unard.
The screen version Is presented by
John Golden and Marcus Knew, and
Is a Rex tngnun production, directed
by the creator, for the silent drama,
of "The Kour Horsemen of the Apoc
alypse" and "The Conquering Pow
er "
It tell* the story of a country boy.
who, whll« nerving a prison term un
Juilly, becomes acquainted with two
crooks. Returning home, he find*
the mortwipe about to be foreclosed
by the vlllaure skinflint. With the
aid of hi* two crook pals. a way U
found to beat out the miner, while
the influence of the aged mother
lea da the two rrooka Into love and a
better life.
I* la presented by a notable cast,
headed by Alice Terry.
Sound travel* at about a fourth of
a mile a second.
Sir Jam** Barrie's
and a Selected Cast
WKKK l»\1i MAT. lOt
KVKNINGS - . . 20t
lUrx Beach's "IKON TRAIL"
Did You Gueaa It?
Winners In thr htmii iUr pu*
si* picture contest «rIU b* in
nounced Tundar. Tim picture,
which *u cut Into several small
tiler«<i, when pl<w<nl in proper posi
tion. form » picture of rrtsctlln
I man. the olever Universal act
rea*. who la playing at tha Colum
bla thla we»k In her latoat and
most thrilling picture, "Wild
COM Mill A
A wall of water. 40 feet high,
•wwpliig am! swirling down thru t
narrow ■ tuum A mail uiil a woman
In • plain* schooner. driving the
team to their utmost before lha on
rushing torrent. Ths torT«n| over
lakM tha wagon, breaks over It and
rnrulti II In Its mad swesp.
That's the cllmat you see In "Wild
Honey." Prtacllla Dean'* lateat acreen
offering, on vl*w at th* Columbia,
and If you ran sit thru It without
feeling a bit of goosefleah or a
crinkle In th* *|>lne yon probably
can walk barefoot over red coals.
A* If to ajuiure you that you have
witnessed no mem trick of photog
raphy. you are shown l*rl*cilla's
■taiiled face In the under eddies of
the turbulent waters
If there u any face that can ap
pear more startled than that of
Prlsrllla it ha* not y*t mad* it* ap
pearanr* on th* screen looking
startled la her chief stock in trade,
yet It la almost exhausted In thla
most mellow of melodrama*.
Here ta a noteworthy rim It
makea no pretense at subtlety or
plausibility. |ta raiaalon la to astound
Villain Number One Mtee the dual
when he traps Prtacilla In a lonely
houiw in Kngland. Villain Number
Two bites the dust when he threat
ens Prtscilla In tha wild* of Africa.
An entire rrew of villains are
wiped out In their own mad scheme
to destroy Prtacilla'* frlenda by
bloating a dam.
However.,ail of thin melndrsma
Pales Into Insignificance beailde the
thrill that follows the bursting of
the dam.
Kvery human emotion I* pictured,
and all the elements of > realty (rail
photoplay are to bo round la "A
Isoll's 1 louse. starring Naxlmma at
the Winter (iMilen thin week.
There la comedy und pathos. even
to the point of laughter and tears,
there la humor In the situations
wherein Nora, the doll like wife, the
character pictured by Naumora.
makes her old and ludicrous mis
takes aa a housekeeper and a* a
mother of two beautiful children and
a tiny Infant, and there is the lea
"on for all women everywhere that
brin*a out the big point In the play,
namely, that every woman ha* the
right to control her own deatiny, to
the development of her own In
dividuality and personality.
All these elemeiita In this film ver
j ilon of the I been drama, as pro
j duced by the actress who made the
j character of Nora famous In every
j principal rity in the rnlted States,
I Are brought out In all their fineness
j of detail thru the genius Nnxirnova,
• • •
How a pretty, selfish wife nearly
wrecks her home when sudden
wealth turns her head is told In "A
Man's Home," the dramatic photo
i play which Is being shown at the
; Liberty This role la played by Knth
| lyn Williams, who does some splen
did acting, especially In the latter
;part of the picture, when she begins
to realise that thru her frivolous
; ways she Is on the verge of losing
jthe love of her husband.
j f/thers In the cast are Harry T
Morey, Kalre lllnney. Matt Moore
jand Grace Valentine.
llesides the feature picture, the
' IJberty la showing Tjirry Hemnn'i
latest comedy, 'The Sawmill."
• • •
Jamew M Ttnrrle* w famous story,
"The Little Minister," Is being shown
on the screen at the Colonial until
Tuesday night. Alice Calhoun unit
James Morrison, two popular Vita
graph player*, are seen In the lead
ing roles.
The *tory haa to do with the rtv
rnance of a young minister and a
dutiful young gyp*y girl. Mlaa
Calhoun I* captlv.-itlng a* the viva
<loua Hah* and Morrison give* a fin-
IMicd performance an the minister
who defies his own community when
they protest hi* attention* to the Klrl
he love*.
The picture la one of great scenic
beauty. • • •
The novels of Kir Gilbert Parker,
packed a.M they are with appealing
love Intercut and red blooded action,
are excellent material for the movie
maker*. George Melford. the veter
an producer of "The Hca Wolf",
"Every-woman", "The Hound Up",
and other Important p|ctur«w, line
taken Mr Gilbert's popular "The
Truncation of a Ravage" and made
of It a photoplay that han been
hulled an one of the moat meritloua
of the current seaaon. The screen
version Im called "Behold My Wife!"
The development of a crude Indian
maiden, married for aplte by the dis
solute eon of an aristocratic Mrltlali
family, Into a beautiful, cultured
woman, form* the theme of the Gil
bert Parker ntory, which la being
shown nt the Ouk until Tuesday
night only.
v, rr THE GROTE-PANiyN CD £=."
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