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MONTUY. MARCH 20, 1022.
Claims Insanity Plot to De
port Him to Switzerland
and Break Romance
M \V YnitK, March
eral court* have halted depor
tation of Anguit I'robM, a
swLvs formerly a butler al the
■tolling I lock club at l.lgonler,
I'it, and hi* *tory of bow he
ua* being •"railroaded" from the
v riHinlrji to break up hi* romance
with a Washington heire**,
prominent in *orial and official
circle*. will he heard here today.
A writ of haboa.l corpu* algned
by FVderal Judge Mark cauaed re
moval of Probat from Ellla Inland
111* attorney* Nocked hi* deport*
tlon at the eleventh hour.
Probet, who allege* h* vraa driven
from the 1 lolling tlock club at the
point of a pistol by official* of the
club after hi* romanc* *Uh the
wealthy young heirem had con
tinued for doveral month*, waa to
flared Innane February I*. Hl* at
tomey* allege he I.* perfectly aane
and of high Intelligence, having held
responsible poeltlon*
The hflm* In aid to ha** re
ftt»*l all artx al.i to give up her
butler suitor. Probst chant** h*
•is forced Into a (table at lh*
cluh, locked up and later driven
In an autotnohil* and kept prt»
oner In a flat for three days. He
my* he wtm constantly threaten**!
with death tf h* communicated with
any on* at the 1 lolling Hock club.
Plana to send him to Kurope
foiled, th* butler wM. after tho
Swiss consul had refused to vis*
p*.>wport». Then h* *aa re
leased, he sakl. and sent to Trenton.
N. J, There, he said. his rooms
were entered by an "Inspector" with
a telegraphic warrant signed by
the assistant secretary of tabor at
The Butler declared that two
physicians then declared him Insane
and his deportation arrange*! Profcet
said he was engage,! to the helrw
H* described how th* courwe of
true love changed their relation*
from that of employ* and guest to
affection and lore.
A Pittsburg society girt, chum
of the one In question, arranged
clandestine meetings, according to
Senators Expect to Ratify
Pacific Treaty
President Hardin* wv given a«rar
uc* today of the ratification of
the fear-power IViflr treaty.
Senate leader*, ha tin* carefully
checked up thetr strength over the
week-end. told the president they
would hare an actual two-thlrda nf
the senate —«4 vote*—and probably
nor*. Ratification of the pact
means all the other* that *rew
out of the arm* conference will
Co thru also, senate leaders told
The treaty ln the ten
ale wax discussed with President
Harding today by Benatora I»dg*.
McCormlck. t*urtls and John T.
Adam*, chairman of the republican
national committee.
Adama said he beliered the
treaties would he one of the princi
pal issues In IM romlnit campalirn.
Word has gone to foreign capi
tal* also that the senate will ratify
on Friday.
BBRKBLET, Cal. March 20 —Sir
Auckland Gedde*, British amhaasa
dor. today reiterated a denial that
he had told an audience In Loa Ad
gele* that the four-power Pacific
treaty had averted a war on the Pa
Yesterday he dispatched a telegram
to the British embassy snylng: "The
ambassador categorically denle* that
any such statement was mado by
him either in a public utterance or
a private conversation."
Ambassador Oeddes was admitted
ly surprised when he read quotations
from the speech of Senator Itoblnson
of Arkansas In the senate Saturday,
quoting supposed excerpts from
Oedde*' Angeles speech.
Today Oedde* w«« the guewt of
President David Harrow* of the ITni
versify of California.
r TARIH. March 20—The repora
tlons commission, which la to fix
Oerm*ny'» payment* for 1312. meet*
here today.
The mirn of 2.000,060.000 gold
mark*, which wa* agreed upon last
May aa the German reparation*
payment for thl» year, wan reduced.
It I* understood, and an arrangement
made for payment of more than one
half this amount In kind Instead of
cash. Approximately 720.000,000 (fold
mark* cash will t>e asked.
The condition upon which reduc
tion of riuh payment* required will
be granted the German* will be, ac
cording to authoritative sources, that
the German government atop It*
money printing preaae* and reduce
It* inflated currency.
Anti-Rent Hog Law
Upheld by Decision
WASHINGTON, March 20 - Th«
anti-rent profiteering and housing
Taws of New York were upheld by
the supreme court today.
The court affirmed a decision of
the New York court* In a caae
brought against the Kdgar A. J/ryy
Leasing company by Jerome Hlegel,
* UO"U.
Mentally Deranged, Caught
on Dock
After wandering »n night thru
the MirrU of the oily, maxquer
ading In maj>cii||m» attire, Miss
Lucy Edgett, ST. attempted to
leap inl» Elliott bay from the
American Can cwupam dock
oarly Motidaj Nhc wu fru»
tratcd by C. J. Hodges dor k -
■Mat or
A few minute* later ah» wn* found
hiding in a rubblah container on the
'lack, and »he waa armted by Po
liceman T. Belland who took her to
the city hospital for mental Investi
Mm* Kdgett, who arrived from
Penver Sunday afternoon to ylalt
her uncle. R. W. Slee at !S1 Second
ave. N , wa* *ei>ed with a mental dla
order late Sunday night. She heard
her uncle telephone the police and
Al the tknr »he m, mfl
dr»»»ed, but when found >hr had
changed her clothe*, and waa
wearing a *ult of ragged over
all*. an army overcoat and old
army *hor*.
Madalynne Must Face Sec
ond Trial
I-OS ASr.K!J», March so
Madnlynn* Obenchaln will appear
In superior court at 14 a. m to
morrow. where Superior Judge
Iteev* Will set th* <lat» for her **c
o«d trial for all*ir*d complicity In
th* slaying of John Helton Ken
Th* Jury In h*r flr*t trial was
discharged last night when It failed
to reach a verdict after M hours'
deliberation. Th* vol* was nine
for conviction and three for ac
quittal. a formal report to Judge
Iteev* by foreman H. W. Hrockctt
Th* deadlock developed on th*
first ballot taken, Crockett said
and thruout th* long hours of de
bate. argument and discussion that
followed there was not a varying
Two women and ons man stead
fkstly held Madalynn* Innocent of
planning th* murder of th* Im
petuous young Kennedy.
mk-hael and comparing them. are
not content with l»r. Prince'* ei
plana! lon Some an- convinced,
or at lea»» are Iwliwd to Mle*r,
that the same ~*paoi» of Ptctow"
that inhaMu-d Maggie Car
mlchaei U now the "ghml of
AnUgonhh." twine the body of
Mary Kllen Ma<-I>onald.
Both Mary Kllen and Maggie, it la
reported, were able with their finger
tip*, to raise a heavy table on which
were Heated several men.
Both the MactKinald and the Mc-
Kay famlllea were frequently dis
turbed by tha uncanny "spirit rap
ping* •*
A relative of the McKay*, who waa
In Plctou at tha time and who I* now
living In Seattle, give* the following
ver*lon of one visit of 11* "spook"
to Maggie Carmlchael
"Everybody In Ihe county was
a war* that Maggie was 'possessed of
an evil spirit.'" said this relative.
"One night In the fall of the y»ar Mr.
McKay was alwnt and Mr*. McKay
and her two children. William and
Joale. were at home with Maggie.
Mr* McKay wa* reading the Bible
Suddenly a *er»e* of knocking* be.
gan. The family heard a 'tap^tap
tap' flr*t at one window and then at
another. Mr*. McKay rushed to the
door and looked out. but *aw noth
ing. and resumed her reading.
"She was interrupted at once
bv a new noi«e. The gallop of
hnnm' feet wa* heard. It *ernv
ed a* If *eversl hor*»" were run
ning around the outside of the
"Mr*. McKay **nt Maggie and the
children out one door nnd *he went
out tha other, circling the house
They sow nothing.
"Then, a* Mr*. McKay opeiv
ed the door to re enter the hotiw
■ perfect storm broke loose.
Tables and chair* flew out the
door*. Window* were opened by
iin*een hand*. A bucset of water
flew thru the air and «pla*hed
over the children.
"Mrs McKay called to a neighbor,
a Mr Cameron, who rushed over to
the McKay house Other neighbor*
followed and observed the rest of
the "storm'
"A broom danced otit of the house
and leaped over the chimney. Dishes
! flew from the cupboard. The lldi
i Jumped from the *tove, and these
I and the dl*he* dashed themselves
I against Maggie Carmlchael, but did
! not In lure her.
•There wm* *n apple tree out
aide the hull*'. The apple*. seem
ingly thrown by mhii« one. fell
from the tree and actually went
thru the roof and were picked up
and eaten by nciehbors after the
Vtorm' hail subsided.
"These things recurred at Interval*
until Mr M' Kny took Maggie hack
to the aaylum. A* he drove off with
her In the buggy. a (treat boulder
that Mr. Mr Kay and hi* hor*e had
been unable to dislodge rolled out of
the yard Into the rond and followed ,
them for (tome distance."
Millionaire Dodge
Finishes Jail Term
DETROIT. March 20 John Duval
Dodge, millionaire speedster, wa* re
laosed from the workhouse today,
after serving five day* for speeding
fie left immediately for KalamA
xoo, where, tomorrow, he will answer
to ll«juor and traffic law violation
YAKIMA Death takes Mr*. I'ansy
M. Douglas, wifo of Charles 11. Doug
i la*.
Eastern Dope Smuggler Re
lates Version
NT:\V TORK. March JO A new
elue In the William |> Taylor murder
myatery In In the hand* of tho New
York potto* today.
Anthony OejmH awated ft* « nar
cotic "muggier, Dtipplled It when hit
told |<ulli'o Ta>lor waft *laln by
agent* of n "dop*" ring wttli whoee
operallona he had Interfered.
tlenm-1 aftecrted that he ftupptled
morphine at fliO an ounco to a
movie irtrna, one of Taylor'*
friend*, when "he waft In the Kut
When *h« returned to California, he
*ald. «he rwftaed lifting drug*. and It
wa« generally believed Taylor had
pernuaded her to atop. He w*a klllen
by the ring for Interfering with tta
o|»-ratlona, (lr**el auid
Altho thlft theory ha« been brought
forward before, t)e*ftr| la aunpected
of knowing mora than be haa ill
Crew Is Rescued and Vessel
American •iMimr Kalrhaven, mi
route from Punt* Arena*. ('net a
Hit*, to Hun rranclaro. hu been
•batidonrd at hw, arroritlni to •
radiogram to th* t'nlted Klatn
hydrographlc office h*n> today.
The measnge was from th* steam
•r Katrlna Luckenbach. and report
ed that th* crew had been taken by
th" l.uckenbach Into Manxanllto,
Th* Kalrhaven when last seen was
waterlogged and drifting at th*
mercy of lh* sea off th* Mexican
No detal!* as to th* cause of th*
[disaster were given. It Is believed
however, that the Kalrhaven encoun
trrrd a storm which cause*! her to
leak until she reached a sinking con
PSpt. A. I» 1 yvilr, of Ran FYsn
Cisco, commanded th* Kalrhaven.
Among those aboard was ttobert
liotighlln. ship's carpenter, of Ala
meda. who three month* ago was In
a shipwreck off the Mexican coast
and landed at a Mexican port ll*
shipped from there on the CWr
haven, only to le faced with the mm
•xparlenc* one* more
Pawnshop Looted by Trio of
Auto Bandits
VTW TORK. March U - -Three
bandits raided th* pawnshop of
Marcus Mlertnan today and secap
ed with 1109,000 In Jewelry.
Shortly "after the shop *u
for biolniwi three men i«t out of
an automobile and entered. A
chauffeur stayed at the wheel.
Mierman ami his clerk*. Jwtnn
Fl«hman anl 11. Cohen. *»r< or
dered to throw up their hand*
Valuables were tn»p«l out of
the uf« and from lb* thownum
Into a whit* hag, after which the
robber* escaped.
Nat and depreciation an the eg
ceas mat. I* added to the coat of
power, Ihe total coat to Ihe re
turned i"ldler will be higher than
U woo Id be with nlher equip
ment that wa* offered."
The coat to the itate of tha alleged
favoritism. Mo ran maintained, la ap
proximately |9,000.
"Tha manner In which the hid*
were called for. the specifications
drawn and tha awards made,"
he told Hart, "was such that It la
common talk and scmndaJ among tha
Informed machlrwry manufacture ra
and dealer* of the utate
His concluding *hot lir.
"\ » a rliiren and taxpayer. I
call on you for an Investigation
nf thi* award ami a reversal of
the derision of the department."
HKKMOSn.IO. Honor*. Mexico.
March 20— Minister of Finance
Adolfo I>e la lluerta. who arrived
here today on official business from
Mexico City. Intimated that he
might proceed to Washington In a
few days bearing a personal com
munication from President Obregon
to President Harding.
The communication, It Is tinder
stood. will t>e In relation to recog
nition of the Obregon government
by the ITnlted States. Htierta I*
awaiting final Instruction* from
Mexico Pity before leaving on his
diplomatic mission.
DtmijlN, March 20 free state
troops and I * Inter constabulary are
reported to be concentrating and for
tifylng strategic point* along llie
Ulster tiorder between Monughon
and Tyrone counties.
The frontier I* assuming the char
acteristlc* of a battle front, with
sporadic exchange* of rifle fire be
tween opposing factions.
I ,'lstrr constabulary have blown up
several bridge* over the Hlarkwater
MKIVoItD, Ore. Heavily armed,
and guarded by two armed guards,
J I*'. Male Is prepared to resist an
other kidnaping. Friday a band of
masked men took him Into the wood*
and threatened him with death un
less ho dropped a civil suit
Low, narrow forehead I* a mark
of beauty in Mexican women.
Ralph A. Horr, national
ttrnior vice commandrr, Dig'
abled American Veteran* of
the World H'ar, uho headed
probe of Tuc»on condition*.
by freight car or on 'be brakebenma
but Uifjr com*. and «htl tra you
going ( o do about ItT*
rut KKKN
roiui.nl manipulation la ah»o »»»n
In the background An effort la
mn to tut* a aort of eoldlera' home
at l*n*retl for the (wrnunant Art
sona quarter* but Prmacott la "too
high" for trorM of caaea where
In art trouble* are Involved, nay*
Dr, Jamn
Mr* Mary Itlalr, aecntary of the
Red froae h»r», peraonally baa narvl
for aa many aa 40 run a day
Men have collapeed In th« atreet
whlla waiting for a chanra In tb«
boxpltal. Had tape In tba Vetarana'
bureau baa bald man week* and
month* period* whan I hay were la
dlr» need of attention - befor* they
could mii« Paatlme park.
"I <lon't know what might hare
happened to «w»« of tha fallowa If
wa hadn't been on tha job to
help," nyi Hmlth. "W* have duir
down In oar own porket* and In
tha public porkata. Tha M Ooaa
fund baa all but been a* ha u* ted—
for thara hnve baan 1.000 man
around bar* who couldn't get In."
111 IK
Wbo'a to hi*ma*
"Tha Veteran** tHinan Mama* tha
a*na<ora and tha aenatora paaa It
alou but wa do know that tha
local Vat buraau haa tta hand*
pratty wall tied with red tap*."
Smith charge*.
Official* of tha local Veteran*'
bureau admit tha >n>*i g»nr-y C. It
Korbea, chief of tha bureau, "aeetna
to liar* been mUinformed," aaya
ona who cannot be quoted.
CI 11 ten* of Tuoaon, backed by the
Chamber of Cominerta, did murh
toward building nuch place* aa now
are provided.
While delay* »nd red tape kept
hundred* waiting about the city. *
"field day" wa* declared. Hundred*
went out and threw together the
temporary atrurturaa.
For 1»: mm there are but three
«hn»»r» and there era three mora
for the other men In the Wmnii The
frail cottage* do not withstand the
aummer beat and brine only dia
The only eolation t* a permanent
and property built booptial.
Othwwtw hunitmh will dia from
governmental neglect.
$175,000 THEFT
Liberty Bonds Found in At
tic of Home
erty bonda valued at about 1170.000,
recently vtolen from a branch of the
I lilted Htatee tr«ru«ury here, have
been found In an old trunk hidden
away in the attic of Charlen A. Clev
anger** hum*, the United State* ga
rret aerrlr* announced today.
W. H. Moran, chief of the aerrloe.
■aid that Cievenger. a JS-yearold
rlerk In the branch ofHre, and 17. O.
Wamaley, former clerk, arreated yea
terday at ("harlottravllle, Va, have
confeaaed to (ha robtiery, one of the
largert from tba federal treasury in
recent year*.
i Jury Chosen for
Arbuckle Trial
Taklnic of teatlmony In Roacoe (Fatty)
Arbuckle'* third trial on charge* of
having cauaed the death of Virginia
Happe, wan expected to begin this
afternoon. Twelve regular and one
alternate Juror had been *elected
when court convened today. One ad
dltlonal alternate Juror wo* necea-
a • •
Witness Paroled
in Arbuckle Case
SAN DII'XJO, March 20 ,T. J. Nor
J Kanrd. wltnem In the Ro*coe Ar
! buckle raw, who claim* he wa* "rail
roaded" to Jail hero to prevent hid
te«tlfyln(f, waa today paroled and
will leave tonight for Han Franclaco.
to appear for the proaeoutlon there.
The parole board here took Imme
diate action when It* member*
learned that District Attorney Mat
thew llrady, of San Franclaco, has
urtred the parole of Norgnard.
AI'BI'UN POST, No. 73. Amarl
cun legion, ha* planned a eerie* 01
wwkly radio dam-en, to be held earl
Friday night.
HOQUIAM Work on three (flip*,
dock*, wharve* and ferry alte* will
'be completed In Juno at u coat of
Policc Discard the Theory of
Mistake by Tongman
fit* detective* were Inclined to be
lleve Mmt K Suzuki, Japanese, founil
shot In death In an alley on W«h
Ington at.. between Fourth and Fifth
ave*., early Hundiiy. hurt l>een mur
dered by hla own countrymen, and
had dl*«*i»rded !h« theory that Hiimkl
hail (p»»n stain hy Chine*., tongmen.
Detective* point nut that the J.ipn
niwi hav* fraternities "Itnllnr to the
t'hineee tonga, an<l oocaalonally kill
**rh other, altho In a much more
aubtle way than tha Chinese, and tha
shooting* never wrur wh»r« any one
may am them. On tha other hand,
polio* nay, Husukl may have tieen
killed aa a reault of A private feud
Tho detect I vea are aearchlng for a
J*pan«*e who ran from tha alley way
Into a reataurant near by ai>d shout
ed W'Home one ho* juat killed a
When the police arrived thla Jap
had fled. An automatic piatol, which
had been fired twice, waa found be
aide the body, and a abort dlatanre
away were two empty cartridge*.
The (run had been Issued from tha
navy yard, at Bremerton.
lecturing. A troop of men and
denly appeared ami «u reminded
him. Their kirn tit; haa not be
romc known. but they were
neither ruffians nor member-, of
the Ku Klui Klan. or If they
wire, they did mil wear the < u»
lomary regalia of thai order.
They took !>ean Miller to the romp
troller'a office, unheeding hla pro
tent* and he did what they prnctl
rally compelled him to do—flind aa
a candidate for mayor.
The ceremony over. Dean Miller
Issued a statement to the press, as
| "T'rged by a large number of per
snnal friends and rittsens of Beattle.
today, on nty return to town after
an a bee nee and. without having had
the opportunity to consider the mat
ter properly from all angle*. I have
filed my candidacy for mayor, upon
condition, however, which those who
have urged my filing thoroly under
stand. that t reserve the right to
withdraw within five days from to.
day If I deem it advisable to do so."
With four day* remaining In
which to make up hi* mind. Dean
Millar mid Monday!
"I won't withdraw today T'tv
111 I make up my mind to itay
In the rare. If I do, I nhall have
no comment to maiir upon mu
nicipal probtrmv I lu»v* a err at
many parety prrwnal and pro
fnaaional mailer* to atfnd to
during tha nait few hour* "
JJaan Miliar'* laat mlnut* ftltng.
and tha mannar of It. Ita* thrown
othar mod Ida tea Into a mild franay.
No| ona of tham danie* thai. If he
r*mainji In tba rare, h* wIU be a
mighty opponent, and all are agreed
that thay would much prefer to **«
him withdraw.
With Hfhl candidate* In the race
for mayor and II contestant* for the
three council aeala. the haltle for
nomination* at the primary electtnn
to be held May 2, waa, on Monday,
In full «wtng.
Theae are candidal** for Domlna
tlon for mayor:
l»r. Kdwin J. Ilrown, dentist, 141t
I K Thomaa it
Thoma* J Cunningham. general
In* urn nee, M}o Woodlawn av*.
Kan I Jindirn lawyer. 4111 Fremont
Ira D. I-ondy, cannerymaii, »0S
Jeffernon at.
Waller M Meier, corporation coon
Ml. 7014 17tb are. N K.
fharlea H. Miller, lawyer, *Ol7
Oatewood mad
Stephen I. Miller, educator, OSI7
Hat ave. N. K
11 8. Tum»r, real eetate dealer.
I«SS K Maillnon at.
The following are eeeklng the
nominaUon for ihrea council varan -
Alexander J. Allen, ahlpwright.
4045 itanton ara.
A. n. ltarbour, traveling aalexmnn
1111 11th ariL N.
K. 11. lllaine, manufacturer, 41 (W.
Highland drive.
T. Harry liolton, aaJeaman. 407
Hmlth at.
Clifford 10. Clark, mmmlwlon mer
chant, 1111 (tecond ave. W.
Clara 8. Colegrove, restaurateur.
C(1 llat ave. 8. W.
OS. H. Co*, banking. 107 N. 47th at.
A. T. limit, city councilman. Elks'
Charlan H. Gallant, electrical end
near. (701 Uaxelle at.
I Innry V. Hall, fuel dealer, 0006
40th ave. 8. W.
K. U. Haydan, educator, ISOO E.
«sth at.
M. O, Johanaon. club manager,
eoi« Sixth ava.
Kred W. Kelly, dvU engineer, 71#
Iloran ava.
Mr*, llanry Lande*. hmaawlfn,
4011 11th ava. N. E.
Mra. Kathryn Miracle, realty deal
er. 4340 11th ave. N. E.
II Alvln Moore, eriKlnee.r, 1410
Third ava.
William Hlekman Moore, city
councilman. 223 W. Hoy »t.
It. McSorley, hotel manager, J&OJ
12th are. H.
(jeorg* w. Parker, olerk, 312S
Seventh are.
Hugh T. I'arker, health tnapeotor,
1411 New|>«rt way.
William C. /iramtr, (teelworker,
4001 371b ave. S.
For comptroller: Harry W. Car
roll, Incumbent, 30* SUth ave., I* the
only candidate.
He nnil Kd Ij. Terry, city treasurer,
1300 K. Union at., are the only «-nn
dldaten for city hall pualtlona with
out «ppo*ltlon.
1 Killed, 1 Dying
in Airplane Crash
DAI,I<AR. Texa*. March 20.- Fly- 1
ran F. Mahafrey »a* killed and C.
■ W Children* probably fatally In-
I Jured when their airplane atruck a
pumping elation etandplpe, near
here, tuilay. lloth aro from Fort
Worth. I
CIOAK DKAIJCRN will gather
here from *urrouudlng towna Mon- j
day night. They will meet at then
Klk*' club to dlauutui retail cigar JI
pilcea. 11
In the China Section, Third Floor:
A Special Purchase of American
Semi-Porcelain Dinner Sets
Three Patterns in 42-piece Services
Made Up as Follows:
t Pinner Haf«» C Ten Ompt 1 Mr it Witter
« Pie rintr, t Kaurcr. ' -
/ Circular Vegetable Dhh
I llread and nutter Plate* I Fruit Baucm I Creamer atut 1 tiugar
42-piece Set 42-piece Set 42-piece Set
Special $13.00 Special $12.50 Special $12.50
Of the Mayflower shape In light-weight Semi porcelain. A very popular pattern tn
very light weight semi por~ '» °T« r , J>" k ? "l«n-«ock f«-
garland decoration Impose.] turlng a tasteful medallion ar
lain, with border decoration of on | Vor y bund border, gold- rangement of conventionalized
ooln gold band and pin Una. edged. ro*e» and corn flowera.
Two Patterns in 42-piece Services
Made Up as Follows :
< mnrner llatet t Frmit Hiurers I Meat natter
f Bread and flutter rial- » Tea r.p, ' v 'o<table 01.1 l
I Creamer
I Soup I'late* ( Baueert 1 Sugar. 1 Bowl
42-piece Set
Q Special $9.50
Bervlre of American Kernl pore*
lain with rime spray and urn decora
tlon In pleasingly blended coloring*, ff
with pink and green pr< dominating. Kf »
Thla American Rem! porcelain /rT
Service features conventionaJlxeJ
flower and lattice decoration tn dell- M" Lr^jJr
-e\ ent "- cuittx-lUke colorlnga of roue. J-ttjit-IJ- p/\
blue, green and yellow. Sf J
—Third riw
Useful Notions NewTubSuits forLittleßoys
Drrea KhUlAi, in vmjiooa $1.45 to $2.75 n
■ha [«•*. 10c.
smi or Amber side cnmo», —made in button-on and
lOc middy styles, of staunch /viftu
rnwxtrr Puff*, white or pink. . . - , Timel
lor. tub fabrics, including /
OluUona for dmum or oaatm. Twills, Cotton Poplins, f
~ 0<! Chambray and linen-finish >-/\-1
Crash. Sizes 3 to 8 years, tj Yl
TaJt-rsn I'nwdrr. i#«. priced at $1.45, $1.75, LU H rj
Tooth 00ru*hrv 10c. $1.05 and 52.75. iU ffia. jK
llnr Supporter*, Mtw-on kind. TMKJ[»O\VNSTAIRS
Slip on VfiU, black, brown or
nary, 10c.
Hpnn I .old, a eocouut oil _ D ■ i T ■! I J
■hampoo, ioc New ratent Leather rumps
Tra-chon I act*, Ito 1% tnchaa . _ __ +
C. 1 !-..,* Ax $6.45 Pair
Otattermilk or Witch Haxel r ■ -*HE new short V*mp
wCT' tmT - . 1 , 06 hSP 1 last with wide strap,
; K9K\ • and covered Spanish
*" heel, as pictured, quite
Hair Pin*, assorted Mm to W .
cabinet ioc the most popular new
Women', Fabric titer™,, with ode ' f ° r d«»S alld
embroidery, ion. street wear. Widths AA
OwOwt Cotton, i»c upooi. Priced $6.45 pair.
—thf: downstairs Th e same style, in Black Satin. $6.45.
750 Yards 650 Yards
32-inch Ginghams Bleached Muslin
Spccial 20c Yard Spccial 15c Yard
Good-quality Ginghams in an as- This 36-inch Bleached Muslin is in
Bortment of checks and plain colors a very desirable weight for gowns
including I ink. Yellow, Blue, Laven- and underwear. Special 15< yard.
3-piece Mixing Bowl Set, Special 95c
r I -IIREE Yellow-ware Mixing Bowls, smooth |
and well-finished, and in practical sizes, 514- y
inch, 8-inch and 10-inch; an unusual value; set
of three Jit ~Hnuufwirn Section, - t?" » 1/
Sewing Baskets Specially Priced
Sewing Baskets are made from natural color
£*!! fanc y straws, in openwork design, five sizes to choose
''i 4,:'. J from; 7' o, &\/o, O'/j, 1014 and 11 1 /> inches in diameter.
.jg Special at—
«*»ksmF 20c, 25c, 35c, 45c, 55c

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