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VOLUME 24. NO. 28.
llu«Jj. Inlkv' Tlmr to tun t
pntrn «nd rib* nrwlp.
• • •
L+'**t development U> loral poll-
IJ» :» tha " I Van Ludon for Ms> or
i N>b" Mwitorf will not wear nun
patgn button*. but will go without
t'NU until »/Ifr election.
• • •
Her* • hftn w«
h»»* tifm ntiktr
• • •
Soda fountain equina are barred
from lh« clab uslraa they change
their Mlk shirts. l»ot to bo lierao
• • •
society sarrr.
Hamnrl llill. SralUr rapttaUst.
will arrive lm> tooiorow, mtdoi
pen red by Marshal Joffra.
• • •
Tag* bearing the caption, "tentit!
HllTs Party'" »r» panted oo all tb«
ba«*go of Um iotlr• Aelegauo*.
It's «UM7 enough to gtve a party
In Canada, bat wait anUl Sam get*
bark to the United RUtn:
• • •
SO. wr NEVKR Din
"DM ymm »*»f whbttw to
a < Miinb, "that t ra>ltMt ilirfc
■up are mi (be tegs?"
• • •
Re that aa It may. T. H. Dflls mi 4
W L. ran the Star Clothing
com pan r In Yakima. They ought to
go Into tha restaurant burineae.
• • •
Gordon MacKay, local boier. ear*
aa ounco of prevention la better than
a pound oo the none.
• • •
If tha man that left hb bofl at
my place for two
weak* —it U now I
four mowlh»—doc*
not rotne for him
he will be «o««l (WjMj g rrm f-
M J Buf or d
paper personal
0 0 0
Tha Beat tie Chamber of Commerce
I* going 10 give a mlnatrel show It
la not tha first funny thing that the
chamber haa produce<l.
• • •
11' rjn Alt 6oj«t upnn « reef
And bodty jimmrd thm hull.
1 It didn't hurt the odrtman * head.
Attho it 1 pit I hi* full.
0 • •
Now that the n» w-paper* haee dis
covered that spring la here they will
commence looking for tha first sign*
of sumro»r
• • •
A California Jury haa derided that
a girl may whistle All tha glrla have
to do now la learn.
0 0 0
It's a good thing
that Mayor Cald
wall's term la al
most up. He haa
just about run out
of places to visit.
• • •
Sow lhat V. I>. Twnmbly, po
liceman. haa been firnd for »l«-al
ine anto lire, and having a
penitentiary rerord, let's run
him for the rounrll!
0 0 0
"Whit your hu«t»*i*d Ilk* for
br»akfa*t *"
"I ha*«n't fot»n<t out JOl- W»'t* only
b##n married !• y«*r* If* hmn l lik»<J
• nythin* ot> tmr."
• • •
Oh. hitrir f'rrrth.
, Oh, I.iizir f'rrrth.
Why will you whittle
Thru your trrtht
0 0 0
And now they »re starting a more
men t to make Seattle "the flower
Their first converts to the Idea
should be the earwigs.
• • •
Oorft Hamilton of r>ubvqw« ep«fit
«iun/lar artfh thm him# folk*
W- f lynavil I* Mow* I CoramarHfll
• • •
r;ov. Hrott (' lion* m*yn Ala*k/» \
Brent**! n ++<\ I* a ■
of tt'Jmiriint ration.
Hut th*n th*r* tfould b* no aoft
Job* in Washington for th* nephew*
of aenatoro awl rx>nfcr***rn*n.
• • •
p Htnilrnt a( U going
to in»UJI m on hi*
»»no*. Hmyn Im- dnmn't Hlt#» thfl
' hof»|»y littk'* W **WncU»n
;iiml in going to grt lonjrr waw
"If Winter Crimes," TageC
Tonic*f and Thumday. rain;
trtsh tntttSnuterly
7>m|*rr*tnrr • « ]| min ,
s*. Minimum. H.
Today noon. 4J.
Unry ljtndm ■ ttakrr Na« Mrntof 4ni»fer JteCorwurk
four timr%. The nev> dale U "tame time tn April "
Mary Landon Baker Now Says She
Certainly Will Wed April 11
NEW YORK, March 29.—Two continents are watching
to see whether the world's most patient bridegroom
will be rewarded next month.
The young man who has won this title is Allister Mc-
Cormick. The y<>ung woman whose four postponements
of marriage have conferred it upon him is Mary Landon
Altho Miss Baker has put off their wedding for the
fourth time. McCormkk still waits forboaringly for her.
Miss Baker is now in California, McCormick is in Lon
don, and she has made known her intention to sail from
New York April 11, to marry him in England. Here's the
story of their halting romance.
Mary. the daughter of a wealthy
j rrhlraico hanker and broker, and Al
' Imtfr, the son of L. Hamilton Me
' rormlrk, a relative of the* McOor*
mirk family of ffarreiter fame,
! were childhood *we#thearts.
They wer» In amateur theatrtrala
together. played tennis and motored
and rode toirether, and planned to
! marry In May. 1921. But Mary was
1 *»ixed with "nerve*" and the date
| waa set forward to January 2. 1*22.
eniCAnn* <told Coaat throng*-!
;lhe Fourth l'reabyterlan Ctoorch.
j l 'lenryman. organiat, <alerer and
gueata were ready. A hundrfd thou
■an dollar*' worth of wedding prea
-1 cnta had poured Into the Baker
' home. Congratulatory telegram*
| were arriving. The organlnt wna
I getting tired playing the prelude and
i urueata were getting ImpeUant—
Four o'clock. Came fii*wa fhrre'rt
I be "no wedding today."
The church emptied. Oormlp, not
the "Hrldal March," waa In the earn
of the crowd
Mary waa 111, they *aM at the
Ilaker home
fJoKslpn hinted that Mary *«A In
love with Harry Maxtar, Kngllah
a'tor, and nhe had nerit him thin
teieirmm: "When 1 put on my wcl
din* drena I found I could not go
thru with It."
Maxier denied It. Mary denied It.
Alllnter denied It,
Said Alfred landon Maker, Mnry'n
father "Mian Maker w|jihe«t to nay
her phynlolan ban prescribed a <*>r»
plete fHt and chang' for her. no
Mhe In coin* Went to
Mr McCormick, her fiance, la going
to Fngland. Mlhh Maker will Join
him In the aprlng and he married
quietly in landon.
Mary goea to California. Atllnter,
accompanied by Henry Channon,
hia bant man. nail* for Knit land.
Hayn Alllrter: "Mary la ntlll tny
fianiee. The wedding will take
place abroad thtn nprlng "
Mary obtalnn dimmer reservation*
to aall February 11. Hut on F«b
The Seattle Star
Khim-mI •• •wood Matter Mar ». Ill», at tha raurfln at Mat Ma. Wuk, ■»<« t».a Art af C«o*ra«« March J, 1I7« Par T»a». Mall. II to |»
niary S *he ai neel* tham, No rM
son tn riven for the postponement.
It ta wild *h«i will mil lattr.
March II dawna Mary In *UII la
California. AHlster In Knirland.
A rain eha cancetn her »t«-amer
reservation*. No reaaon U riven,
but It la announced that »be ponl
tlvely will anil April 11 ami that
tho nuptial* positively will lake place
at the Inline of Alllnter'a brother,
KdwnrtJ, at Rt. Ceorge'a Hill, Wey.
(To be continued April 11.)
Siamese Twin
Sisters Ready
to Meet Death
CHICAfX}, March 29 Ko*a Bla-
I r.ek today willed to die with her HI
a me** twin sister Joeefa.
The discouraged physlri&n* who
•<U|fffe»ited ail ojwratlon to neparate
her from the dying may aave
her life, liofva would not even aJiow
an X-ray examination to be made to
determine wli*th«*r an oprratJon
rould l»* prrform^d.
"1 would not eoriilnu* on without
Joxrfa if It w«»ru haUl Ito«
«a. "If death comeu to hCT, I, too,
munt ro."
I(raui'a decision to die with ala
waa r«a< hed iht had wn
vrrerl between a d«*alre to live for
hrr 12-year-old aon hrant*. or meet
death with her twin.
It twHyun* known at the Went Knd
hOMpltal, however, that Hoau had
rrvide ample provision for the t-asr
and edu<*atlon of Wants.
Murireona Httrlbutrd TToaa'a lapaea
Into coma :m of
r|*«lr#» to futa-* on with They
pomied out that her phyalcal condi
tions wa« apparently In
traat to Joaefa, virtlm trf Jaundlro
Thf twins, ae/'ordinpr to Or. Hreak
stone, who talk»*<l tf» them »41
wh#*n th«»y entered the hoepital.
never afforded medlral sc'lene#" the
opiKirtunity to Investigate the
iblllty of separation.
On the Issue of Americanism There Can Be No Compromise
Girl Watches Mother
Try to Follow
Gho»t'« Order
By S. B. Groff
"IV <plrll ha* com* to m*
again. II l» In |iw>nMkm of my
body." auiMrttly uinminrr<f Mr*
margaret lindauer 44. In hT a*-
lunlahxl family, \\ odnrulay, In
thr family boinr at iWI ILJUnI
Bh* audlanly »tlff*n*d. and. drop.
In« hrr h«u»work. ah* »lni«l motion
lax* ti<r a momant. «lm If llntanlng.
"Tha «pirlt tall* mr that In or
<W U> %a*o my *«ul I mu»l ran.
mil «ulrMf>.* »ha r«nllnu>4.
*h» than want Into th* kltchan and
»lifl a hulrhar knlf* liar 14 rMr
old lUguhtar. Florence nrraamad
whan aha aaw th* knlfa In bar molh
er"a hand and threw hwalf upon
liar, but with • aavag* effort Mr*
l.indau*r thraw tha rlr' from har.
and. pla> ing har l*ft arm upon tha
tabla, pha »av»r*d lha hand with nna
■trok* of tha blada and *tart*d hark.
Inn al tha albow Tha dough <*r ran
■orauning from tha h<m** and nailad
In nalthbora. who ov*rpnwor*«i th*
worn" n and aant for lha < tort or
Mr*. bniUurr wu takan In (ha
JUakaatd* lualu] In a dying condition
Har daughter la at (hr aaina hoapltaj,
luffninf fri»n aboHc. a
Arrontlng to haabamd. f
gustav IJnAuirr aha ha* br+m
Inu-rnl'd In «pirtUiall*m for
wow t low, and firmly M|n>4
hrrwlf |<i ha pnwnwd of a «plrlt
whlrh taiUrd lo hor at varloua
Ot.TMI'IA, March ?* Verdict of
acquittal for ||end*r»nn Riley,
charxtd with the murd*r of Millard
K. Nasal. Olympla ta*i owwr, wu
returned by th* Jory at II IS lurt
night. after * balf hour'* de libera
following th* Introduction late
ye*terd*y of Nogal'* dying statement
In which h» Mid the shooting «u
an accident for which he hlmaolf wo*
re*|«jn*ible, there wan little qu«ation
u to th* outcome of the trial.
Riley wan rr leaned Immediately
and returned with hla two brother*
and two ataters In (hair home m May
town. where tlilry la employed In th«
lumber mill.
ROME. March 39 Mount Aetna
In In violent eruption, with utrrame
|of fiery lava pouring down the
mountain side*, threatening many
| t«wiw with dent ruction, according
to diapatchn* from l"alermo.
Villager* are fleeing, leaving pos
session* behind. Hevere earthquake
shocks hav men felt In the region
of J alermo and Menalna.
Elect Mrs. Landes
tive, forceful personality.
She is intelligent, public
spirited, alert. As a war worker, as a foremost
advocate of Northwest products and as a club
leader, she has made a record of genuine public
In the council chamber she would be an un
doubted asset to the cause of clean citizenship
and good government.
The women are entitled to have a representa
tive there. Hut more important yet—the whole
city is entitled to benefit from the services of
this able civic leader which are now placed at
its disposal.
Proposes to Carry
Coast Fight to
W#l th* demand for ■ »ob
• million of a definite Japawa*
at< In ft tot i art for thr prnml
"f«nllfm«i'» tcmmrnl" a« lha
prim ipal plank in hl< platform.
I'Mlip Tlixiall, ■ ity roumilinan,
laalay Minoumnl lii* randi'tary
for thr r«|iiiblliM nominalkai
for mnrr<»>*inaii frotn thbi <li»
trkt to «»fn»d I.iliii I . Mlllrr.
In hla opening at>nounr«mert Tin
dall do** not touch on anything a*.
(*M thr Japan*** question.
•fhla la tha ona predominant na
tional taou* of Lha "lay aa far aa tha
f*n' Ifir rooat ka ronrrnnd," ho aaid.
"Tha tlma haa rotna lo maka a
fight in cnnjrree* aa w* cannot ar
(v-cnpliah anything w*t*pt by na
tional action. Wo have boan work-
In* ltir«oanU]r for thraa yia/i to
oatti* th* qu**llmv ~y*t It wm only
two month* ago that tha hoaaa Im
migration oommWao defeated an »t
t rhi*»on act offered to auperrod* th*
refitlemen'a agreement.'
"Imigration matter* originate In
tha houao of representative*. ao It
la toward tha houae that 1 naturally
I turn
| "Tha fight for Japanea* e*rlu*lon
must br a*grr«*lv* and r*l*ntle»m aa
lha Japanr** are unarrupulotia and
will tak* advantage of every aign of
"HooMvrlt made a great mlntaka
In tru*llnff to tha promiae of Japan
to limit th* luauanco of paaeport* to
■tud«nta and travrlar*. and th*
prophrcy of orpinltnl labor that
Japan would disregard Ila promlaa
haa bran born* out by th* fart that,
alnro tha 'gentleman* agreement.'
mora than 100,00# paanporta have
l»a*n l**t»a<l by th* J* pan*** govern
roent. man v of tham to paraona who
hav* atnro become permanent real
"KYom rtprrlanr* at national eon
rant ton* of tha American Legion and
[ Veterans of Koreign War* I am con
vlncod th* rounlry mn bo Brou**!
;if a sufficiently vigorous fight la
| mad* to ovarium* th* Japanese cam
| palgn of propaganda.
"Oth»r quant ton* can wait, but tha
[ Japanese (juration tnuat br arttlad
now. Aftrr our l>*at land ha* barn
jail takan tharc will b* no r<*im for
i American* to aattla hara. tho Coast
.will rapidly baooma a Japan*** prov
, tnra and than It will ba too lata
That I* thr raaaon why Japan haa
(Turn to Pag* 7. t'olumn t)
"If Winter Comes," Page 6
HERE is no doubt that the av
erage citizen is anxious to
see a new deal in the city
hall. This means there will
be new faces in the council
The Star suggests that one
of these new members be
Mrs. Henry Landes. Mrs.
Landes has a fine record of
leadership among Seattle
women. She is a construc-
Tindall a "Go-Getter"
When He Decides to Go
By Robert B. Bennann
A big. ranglly built nuui. with a
went her l«eaten face and a alow, In
grnuoua smile—*uch la the outward
appearance of City Councilman
"I'hll" Tindall, who today announced
hla cmdldacy for congress.
Ile'» tolerant ami good n.itured.
a* most big, rangy men are, arid
l»e'* ■« «km In action a* bis smile
indicates. Hut nnir he lute come
I" a dn ltioii—then hU slowness
dKappears, ami nothing outside
of a solid stone wall ran keep
him from pursuing hl» course.
In a way, he's a ctw Idea man—
and that'* why he's going to run for
congress. Severn! year* mm. «* soon
aa be wa* discharged from the army,
he derided that th* Japanese que*
I Inn wna the moat Important Issue
that the Pacific coast haa to face—
an I since tlien he ha* devoted him
*etf to the quest for a solution of the
problem with all the ardor of a medi
eval cruaader.
lie him done everything that he
could within the confine* of the
Mate and now ha I* turninc to
brooder field*.
\vi:\t to itonnKß,
Ho much for a personal Imprw
alon of the man let a who'* who
account tell the rest of the atory.
Tindall. who now make* hi* resi
dence at 171S Kast Pine at., was
born In Washington, I>. C., In 187".
Ho wa* educated In tho Wa-shlng-
Peninsula Bandits
Reported Hemmed In
By Hal Armstrong
TOUT ANUKI.KS, March in.—
\\ lilt the lw<i "pcnlriMila b*ii<lits"
rrpnrlrd rorniTc<l in flip vicinity
of >ln> ruiriK Sheriff \\ illiuni
N risen. „( I In Until county, left
I'nrt AncHrs Oils miiniliif to
tivkr personal roniniiinil of it
small army <>f drputJfw
who hrllrvr thai I hoy lm\r fii
circled Ilit* fugitive*.
Nelson came Into Tort Angeles la*t
night to get the first real sleep that
he ha* permitted hlmaelf since the
tiillr <i« i i>l i:.i« Uilit, hi a w lid Mrt
holdup at Port I>lncovery Saturday
night by two deaperadoea who had
robbed the Sequlm State hank two
ntftht-H before and later ahot Deputy
Sheriff Hex Mclnnea.
The sheriff wa« routed out of l>ed
early thla morning by a telephone
call from one of hi* deputies at May
nurds, w ho said that the furtive h hud
Philip TindaJl
Paolo br Price * Carter Mar Staff rtioto»rmph«r» '
ton public schools and graduated
In law from Columbian unlvemtty
in that city, now George Washing
ton university.
In 1S0« he came to Seattle and
practiced law until the outbreak of
the war.
He was a member of the old Sec
ond Washington Infantry, with
which organization he went to the
Mexican border. He stayed with
the regiment after war was de
clared and went overseas with It
after Its name had been changed
to the 161 st infantry of the 41st
division. Just before embarking
for Prance he was commissioned
a first lieutenant, which rank he
held thruout the rest of his service.
His war record was brilliant.
Transferred to tin? 126 th Infantry,
J2nd division, be served with such
distinction that he was awarded the
coveted distinguished service cross
by the t'nlted States and croiz de
guerre by Prance.
He was wounded in the Meuse-
Argonno offensive and was not dis
charged from the hospital until aftvr
the armistice.
Before returning to this country,
Tlndatl spent several months In the
army claim service. He was finally
(Turn to Page 7, Column 4)
"If Winter Comes," Page 6
been sighted In the vicinity of that
town ami that a cordon of man hunt
ers hail been thrown around the re
gion »o quickly that It would lie im
possible for the bandit* to escape.
It became known for the first
time tod.ty that the desperadoes were
■een and fired on by two different
deputiea Monday.
John Sands, one of the .Jcffer
son county deputies working un
der Sheriff lial Chime In the
man limit, saw tlx- fugitive*
creeping along a ridge In the
vicinity of Outer early in the
afternoon. He fired one allot at
tlicni hilt tliey ared be
(Turn to Page 7, Column J)
"If Winter Conies," Page G
France of Maryland
Cast* Lone Vote
in Opposition
Thf »enau> today ratified Iba
five-power ntvil limitation
IV vote ww TI U» 1. Senator
Krwirf, republican, Mir) land,
caal the onlj- tote acainat the
t rral y.
The Irmly inrltide* thr TnlM
St«i«, (treat Britain. Francc,
Italy and Japan.
It provMni for a 18 year naval holi
day. for the M-rapping of many exiat'
in* capital nhipii; limit* the aim of
new war craft, including the total
Innnaer and atze of aircraft carrier*:
eatabllahi'K a definite ratio of naval
strength amoni the five nations;
maintain* the natuii quo with re
aper! to Pacific fortifications and
prescribe* regulation* for the re
placement of ttanage now In con>-
mtnelon when It becomes obsolete.
Senator I-oilge at qnc« called up
the treaty relating to submarines and
poiaon gas. He hoped to hav* it
ratifW-d before adjournment.
Sailor Is Held in Probe of
Attacked by a Uioe on brr way
home Tuesday night, lliitltrr
Mrr.it. |7, of 7349 26tli in X.
\V„ fled for i«ir«l block*, done
ly pursued by Uv man, whe final
ly knocked brr down and boat
her vnnrt) about the head and
body. She »»« rrsriml by h«r
parenls. who heard hrr vraun
outside Ih<> house and droTe Ik*
thug away.
The girl then dropped unconscious.
Patrolmen W. O. Densmore and N.
Fttoraasll, of Rallard j>r»-otnc(. Ira ma
rt lately began a search of the district
and arrested Melvin Olsen, 25. a salU
or. at 2852 W. 60th sL, and lod(W
him In the city jail on an oven
The (fir] In raid to hare identified
Olson as the man who attacked her.
Police say that Olson attempted to
forcc his attentions upon the girl,
and when she objected be attacked
The girl was nnder the care of Dr. '
P. W. Knudaon. 6300 Ballard are..
Wednesday. She was In a hysterical
condition and is suffering front se
vere bruises.
OLTMPIA, March 29 Miss Cora
Ingle, Olympia. was probably fatally
Injured and four other persons were
l»adly bruised when an automobile
driven by Ijiwrence Mills plunged
off the highway a mile north of
iJicey Tuesday night and was wreck
ed against a pile of railroad Iron.
Miss Ingle suffered the loss of one
arm Just above the elbow and of ona
leg Just above tfoe knee. Others In
the car escaped with severe bruises.
"If Winter Comes,"
''lf Winter Comes," Page 6
mi ■ mmmm m mmm
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the Ads in
The Star
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