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TWC.E 12
Award of Pipe Line Contract
to N. W. Concern Hotly
Urged by Chamber
FHhtlng hard to keep In Seattle
/giOdOO which It la declared will he
toat othcrwlae. the board of trustees
of the Chamber of Commerce lute
unanimously voted to request the
hoard of public work* to accept the
bids of local contpanic* for material*
to be ni*il In the construct ton of the
(m<(nnl new pipe line from Hwan
lake to Volunteer park.
The Imanl of public work* la ached I
Hied to announce It* decision next
Krhlay on the bul* that were opened
laal week.
WOI 1.11 KttT
"We want by all mean* to keep
thl* |«5« POfl In Seattle." mid J. A |
Swat well chairman of the Pacific
Northwest Products committee of j
the Chamber of Commerce, who will
appear with a special committee be
fore the board of public work* to
urge the use of Seattle made mate
rial*. "After a thoro Investigation of
the situation It ha* been found that <
thl* la the amount that will he loat
If the contract for the construction
of this pipe line la awarded to an
Eastern firm."
A want of the contract to local
firm* mean* the keeping of at least
one old established concern, the
Pugrt Sound Machinery depot, ac
cording to E- J. Oarret. president.
"Because of high taxes and other
burdensome condition* we have
packet up more than half our plant
and have It on the market for sale."
Oarret stated. We have employed
today Just 12 men. If we are award
ed oor share of the pipe line contract
on the bid which Is In the hands of
the board of public work*. It will
mean approximately a year's work
for tJO men, with an annual payroll
of approximate!* pofl.tJOO.
The chief objection to awarding
construction of the new pipe line to
local firm* la aald to be that under
thta plan approximately five mile*
of the It-mile unit would be of crso
soted wood stave construction. In
conformance with the bid of tha Coo
tteental Pipe Mfc Co.
The life of our wood pipe." aald
W. J. P. Simpson, foreign manager
for the Continental Co.. la practi
cally that of the stoat bands around
It. And that mean* the same aa the
life of ateel pipe."
A wood stare pipe line const ruct
ed by the Continental Co. in Everett
14 years ago ta declared to be In aa
good condition today as when water
first be can to fto srthru It.
"A«ide from any point of technical
. differences— and these have been
straightened oat." Stalwell aald. "the
point ta that Eastern firms are com
peting with local firm* for this con
tract and the CTiamber of Commerce
wwita to see that money kept at'
home and that labor accrue to the
benefit of local Industry "
OLYMriA—Board of public work-
Authortten reduction of a ppront
innteiy 10 per cen( on cotrM feed
pro.lv. ta freight rata*.
Elephant* of Caylon ara unusually
Bay "Diamond Dy«a" and follow
. the stmt>!« direction* in every park
S a(r. Don't wonder whether you can
dye or tint miccemfully. because per
fect home dyeing I* guaranteed with
Diamond Dyes, even If you have n»v
--«r dyed before. Worn, faded dresaea,
•klrU. waist*. coat a. sweaters, stock
ing*. drapeiiea, hanging*. every
thine, become like new again. Just
tell your drugirtot whether the mate
rial you wiah to dye la wool or silk,
or whether it I* linen, cotton, or
mixed goods. Diamond Dyea never
streak, spot, fade or run.—Advertise
r ■(w) 11
I; Vtnaoy |M
To aid in the development of the City of Seattle,
the State of Washington and the Pacific North
west, it one of the primary motives of this bank.
A large proportion of the bonds distributed by
our Bond Department were issues originating in
the Pacific Northwest
|; a nH^Jk
Second Ave. at Columbia M
En %
■I ■ ytf''
JJum i/oti rrserv*d your Safe Drponit ltox <n our nrw buildingf ''dA
' HI IBe 11 H *
Sfjmm'Mtk '*
YZ/S*////SS£/.///,,/S/S/s/A | . I I' v
Wanda Gets to Be
Instructor in Jazz
(TfcU is lb* fourth *f » '"l** *• daei-lag *l«rte* heiag written bj *lsa > aa Kettle*)
By Wanda von Kottler
It wa» on our fourth dinolm
petition thai ! fipfHwofd »n r, »
tlrt»ly nrw thrill. Ulaaaad If I didn't
blonaont out mi a Auidng instructor!
It huppanad Ilk# thla; Th«* fair
partnar nnd mjTMlf arrived at
Htrvrna' dantini aoadcmy allghtly
thr rush hour for private
levjMonn Only a cottpltt wan*
on th»» floor. A llttla *lrl »h \ dark
*Hk dr«M. with dark wiivy hair, wm
Introducing * tall, blond, WMCUlttt®
individual to the rl»»m«*ntary *te|»#i
of th«* f*vx not Mt on* rnd of th«*
hall. A blondu «lrl In a *r««*n dr«*«*
Man dipping and »I Id I nit with a rood
ern looking youth In th* renter of
the room A gi a phoptvo na In one
comer melodloualy plaadcd *"Tu«'k
Ma lo 8le«p. M *hlla a aacond llttl*
girl with dark hair, with a dark
akirt and r**t watnt. at»*od at the
■lda aearohlng amonf tha rto*»nl»
ata**k««d on a table.
Tha fair partner, of cotirae, made
a II line In the direction of the
grmphophone. placed hlmaelf In one
of the chair* along the wall and
proceeded to look Interesting.
W \l l. I I <i\\ I MM
The girl at the gmphophon*. alto
of course, tripped toward the wall
chairs, and brtlevlng the blue eyed,
yellow haired cieaturs to be a pupil,
gingerly began a dance In his com
party toward the opposite on J of the
And so, for five solid minutes I
wall flowered something which I
am known to do very well.
A gentleman In a tWrk brown suit
apt>e«r*il. at Uie end of that time. In
the doorway, lie sauntered across
tha hall, and a moment later Pro
feasor S. C. Stevens, of the academy,
and myaeif were stepping along, the
professor explaining. Incidentally,
that of late he hadn't been dancing
! to a great extent because of an lt>
lured foot, and also In -idenlallly that
| tie was that evening abort of dancing
i Instructors, and needed to send out
' for an "extra or two." who worked
| "part time" on evenings when the
! .lancers wen- expected to number
more than oauat.
So I happened on the Idea and re
'I d like a Job." I told him. Td
I Ilk* to Instruct. If 1 could be of any
1 isslalance—for the evening. at
"Almost betleve you could." spoke
I the professor, coming to a standstill
| near the doorway; "we've a couple of
i boys In the pfftce now, watting for a
I lesson." And the professor dlssp
I pea re 1 returning a moment later
| with one pink and white youth and
one tall, slender individual of about
JJ years.
Now. the pink and white youfh. as
a dancing pupil, wasn't nearly so In
11creating as the tail, slender individ
The voqth had danced before and
i was taking the lesson tonlgbt just as
a sort of practlcs.
But the second Irvftrldual *«< new
at the game. lie explained he didn't
know the first thm» about "moving'"
his feet, and inquire! about tha "J
shuffle "
"Vp a» the botrae wttere I atop " h»
continued to explain, "they're atware
parading off to itoiw»*. Hut lh»r
c»n® drng roe alon* till I know how.
I hear 'cm talking about tlw> Mew
shuffle' Thouirht may be I'd try It."
he grinned casually.
"Wall." will I. professionally. "It's
generally best to berln at the be
ginning. You understand. we'll atari
with the fundamentals." And after
other little tourhea of nmnary ex
planatlon. led him off by the hand
to the waits melody of "Itloaauoi
Time," if* did not Mumble—not
much. Ha held mat pro* pert*
Yet I did not wait to Instruct the
gentleman In the "Jew shuffle."
Over In th« graphophore corner
the fair partner and the little girt
with, the dark hair, the dark *klrt
and the red waist. seemed decidedly
Intr rested In soma dtacusslcn. 1 de.
cided to go or-r. so willed the pupil
most generously to one of tb«- "ex
tras" who had entered th* liail. Not
that I was the least bit Interested
In that discussion. Wasn't any cf
MY business. I Just thought I'd (O
"And you don't get tired dancing
a» all?" the fair partner wa* ad
dressing the young lady "Right
hour* a day, and lika U batter ail
the time huh?"
111 TTH IN
"<loodn»s», ye*," eh" replied, and
added, "why, we can't get enough.
tiften we till lan. Ihan |ti lo
a reguln t" dance after thai.'*'
"I lava vary much difficulty," I
Joined In tho |<*rl)t, "hivlni your
toe* stepped on ami lo forth?"
"Mercy no." she replied; "I've been
tfnrliltiK three %t«tin nml Itsve never
Iwen actually 'stepped on' yet. We
learn lo k ex--ell»nt dodgers." alia
added. laughing; "war# used to
looking out (or our feet."
"You huve Just about all typea of
people, don't you*" I put 111 Hliain.
"young an>l oM-m4— *
"We certainly do," the girl agreed
"and Ju»t about all nationalities, t»o
that la |iro|ila who know they
want to ilano*. but don't speak a lut
of Knglieh."
"I had a pretty party a couple of
wtwk* tin with a happy creature
Italian I think. Said to me that
ha wanted to damn, but 1 don't
think he knew what I ait id to hltn.
Anyway, while I waa out In the mid
die of tha floor demounttitling the
ft rat step, and supposing he »m
iiearhy looking on, I happened to
glance up. and leased If the man
wasn't clear down at the other and
of the hall doing a regular l«allct.
arm. and feet gracefully In air. alt
by hlmaelf Ttin music seemed to
affect him. (luaim ha thought I waa
out there In the middle performing
for my own amusement."
"Well." put In the fair partner,
"did he ever learn to danceT"
"ll« certainly dkl.' 'the girl rs
plled, "he had It In him from the
Ilecauae tt waa I# o'clock And clos
ing Dnwi we casuaed the discussion,
and did not worry ouraelvea about
the prancing public further until Ihe
next lime
■Ta He roattaised)
A Cold or ths flrtp start* with a
ChlU; Indicating checked circulation,
the use of "Seventy seven" al once
restores tl* circulation of the blood
and slops tile Cold.
inih am
aareeiia fHrtcttr lUwMHihk
f»•# It. At 4r«| »tmt— W aHll
Ml mf prw 09 C «> T' pvr«l
llampkrrt* )Um«M> Cm*. IM
W\IUdUU •!« N«• Tifl kiMti"*. b*>»«
We have the largrwt collection of
(lwr. Ilahlia* <m th* PACIFIC
i'O.VHT. A»k f w our WhUa tut. It
rontilm an itw latest imu. PHmy,
llrbnd Curium, Collar*-tie and l*onv
pom varlotloa. 12 Choice Hahltan.
our H«-le«-tlon. i: SO. POI.T M
UXTOHLIN. I (01 First Ave. Klik.it
HiM? He rv ice—4»cei»sry
April 4
touring C*r«
l kilb«-r« Att*m+r. 7«*3 A»f
»:n««tt oszh
T IWio M«Ui, Krench t>ien.
Bread a/id ISuUcr—
In tk* r*ll«wlBg
ISM Third A»e.
rihf and llrnMiln«r
«rr< mi it ruon >hui
-110 I'ih# St.
Ilegiatrntlon at an *ver*ge r*le of
IT to 30 minute* for each atudent
w*a the rc«*>rd established at the
tintvernlty Turactay, when 3,450 men
and women were enrolled |i*tw«-«-n H
*- m and ft p. rn The toi*l enroll,
ment at cloalng time Tuegdtay night
wm* 4 niS, Including tfe* federal
Inmrd atudrnt* *rtd r*gl at ration n
i xifttunta who re fl»»t a red Monday.
I let ween 10:20 and 11 a. m th*
reglatrat l<*tt lem lied tta greateat
*l»erd About 350 student* werr en«
rolled by the cla*« rectlon depart*
I ment during the 40 minute,
lv» vmmt of fcc.i with' ut e*tr*
| charg* wa* permitted until main
Wednesday, after which 93 extra 1*
charged and II for each additional
day. Registration will Imi complete*
«> tlofted April «l.
r»n«f haa been adopted aa th* off!
ciai flower of Unite, Mont.
I iHlrr ami iHiminnl l» Me.il.ni I of Article XX. of the City (lurt«.
• here will be MitHnlllrd In the i|iiajlfled > U flora of The I IIJ of Heallle.
•I the ttiutilrl|>al rlortlott in b.- held In mIiI > ll> on the ?iml da) of
May, IV??, for (heir or re)«« lion, (lie foUo«rhi( ((upwililurUr
t«> amend Hertion 11 <*f Article |X
of the City Charter of the City of
H*atlle, and providimi for the aub
miaaton iif am h prc»p«i*e<t am»nd*
i»»««ni l«i the qualified el«»rt*»re of
thr «Titjr of Heatti« for their r*tl*
fic*tlf*n »tr rejertl«»n at the gen
f-rti muaici|Mi rle«-ti*»n to be |»e|i|
In the City of H*-altle an tile Sad
day of May. Itll.
nr. it ftMOt*vicn ur tiik citt
t*ot*n« 'll. or this city or
That H«*«tl*»f» 11 of Article IX of
th<« «'ity «*hart»»r of the <*ny »>f *«at
tie be amended to r**a<l a* IhMowi.
H+* tlon II The c'lty Council ahall
arino*lly, within the time pt»e<ifie<f
hv law hy ordinance, fl« tne rate
of ta*e« In be leeleif aqd levy the
laifi upon all tatabl* property.
Mh real and peraonal, in lh«- city,
needed to rime awffo lent revenu*
t»» »arry the dtff**r«*nt deparl
m<»m» of the municipal government
f-»r the rntnln* fia«al y»ar No
revenue raised by lat livy »t»ail be
appr«prt*te«S for any »»th««r purpose
than thai specified in eorh levy, or
to lh« offi< ial eattmat** upon whtrh
Ihe tanir ta b*»«d UDles* an »m»rg
enry e«teta wbereio su« h appr«»prla
» r. I* orce*aary f-»r th* |<f* r ' *
tj«»n ».f tf».- p««hl p^a-r health and
safetv The nrdm*nr« making euch
*ppr i»rtati«»o shall • "Oia'n a «lat*-
roent of thr f*< ts eenstitutlng su« h
shall spe» <fy (hat In tha
event a deficiency be thereby creat
ed in the fund fr«*m whuh surb ap
propriation la made, the same sh*il
be provided for In the neit Si|r«*M d*
loir ta« levy, and must receive the
affirmative vote nf at l*aa* three
fourfhs cif the total membership of
th* «*Hy rimtdl
an i» iik it rt*itTttrn nr.-
jtoi.VKD. th*t »ueh propo*»d amend
ment be submitted to the qualified
e|#»r f or# of the «*I|JT of K'SltU for
ihfir raiifi*-a«»«o » r rej**tlen at the
general mono ipal election to be bald
In the City of Heattle on the 2nd day
of May. ti33.
f*aased the City Council tha lat
d*v of March, !tl? and *lg*ed by
• ' ■ i -• --"••on m authent)rati«>n
■ f Its pasaage this lat day of
March. I*3 2.
rmi.rr tiwpau.
President pro tem. of tha City
FTleg th* Ist dav *f March. 1111
C|ty Comptroller and
ei.officio ctty Clark.
t>ate of flrei fn Tha
Seattle f»t*r. Keattla. Mar. b 31. 1923.
1 (m inn>ri't 10 of Aft''*!# IV*
of ih« City CK»rt»r of the City of,
Seattle. end providing for the ȟb
miM'< n of h OfOfIMNNNI *wnd
m«nt I" the ttttllflM elect-.r« of
Mid city for th*)r rat if at
rrj»rt!r»n It the fe"»n»r#l fnuflkJfMll
»lr<(inn I h« h«ii th«r*>n on ths
Sffl d»r "t >*M
cowili or tiii: ciTt or
That Feetlen 10 of Article IV of
• tha City «'l»irt<«r of the city of Heat
tie be amended t-» read s* follow*
mrtinn to. K*#ry prrton violat
ing ony *enera! public 'rj funrr
' r r h»rr»fl»r m» »erf ;
hibtttng or requiring any art or
»miMi'>n. and »»»ry person couneef
in{. e»d»nir of setting Mfh viola*
i «>n, whether prrMßl of obeeot,
. deemed gu>ity of a mis
demeanor and upon conviction
I thereof, shall. vnl«M etherwis* pro-
I tided In «»«• h OfiltAllM lM ;
• h»d bv « One not evceedmg • »o*
Hundred (SIOO 01) I»ller*. or lm
i prlsonment in the city Jail for a
period not exeeed»ng thirty lIO)
d*\* '-r >.y b«-i h fVCB f)M and in*
1 prlsonment. and *ny aucki ordinance
| hereafter enacted need not contain
|ony provieioti in reference to penal-
It leu, but the provisions of tllle see
n al»oil be applicable thereto ••
fully a* If U»a OilAI bad been con
tained m inch ordinance
S<»|,VK!», tbat such proposed amend
intent ba submitted to tba Qualified
electors r»f the «' »v «>r Seattle for
'their roiifleotlon or retention at the
general municipal election to he held
» in «ald City on tha 2nd day of May,
; t???
I*a s*e d the Cltv Council the Ist
day of Mar« h. 1*22. and *igned by
j r» <• in open in autbenticatlon
• I of Ita pMiiag<, this Ist day of March,
President pro tem of the city
Piled the Ist day of March. 1922.
City Comptroller and
ex-offlcio city Clerk.
|t> I M MTHKKT, I >eputy Clerlt.
I»ate of first publication in The
Heattla Mar. Seattle. Mafei| 21. 1222.
nr-«OUTIoN NO 7012
amend Article VIII of the City
Charter Of the city of Seattle, by
amending Section 1 thereof, end by
repealing Section f> and Hectton 7
(a) thereof; and providing for th*
submission of surh proponed
amendment to the qualified elec
tor* of the City of Seattle for thely ,
rstlflcntlon or rejection at th"
rfeneral municipal election to be
ield In the City of B«>attle on the
2nd day "f May. 1922
NCILs (>!■ THE CITI <»| HE-
A I 1 F.I
That Article VTIT of the City Char
ter «<f the City of Sentlle be amended
In the following respacts:
(1) Thst Hectlon 1 of said Article
VIII amended to read as follows
Meet lon 1. A Hoard of publb*
Works Is hereby c reated, which |
shall **onslst of: The City Knolneer,
the Superintendent of Mtreetfi «nd
Aewers, the Superintendent »»f Water
Works, the Superintendent of Light-
Ing, the Superintendent of llulldlnK"
and such other superintendents, or l
heads of departments, as may be in
this Cluirter denominated members i
thereof, earh of whom shall be at>- |
pointed by the Mayor, by and with ;
the nd V ir#> Mild Consent fo the City
Council, for the term, except »a in
this article otherwise provided, of
three (.1) years.
(2) That Section C and Section 7
(m) of said Article VIII be, and the
aanie ar« hereby, rtpealed.
fIOLVKD that such proposed amend
ment be subinltt'd to the riuallfied
electors of the City of Seattle fnr
their ratification or rejection at the
general municipal election t<» be Icld
In the City of Seattle on the 2nd day
| of May. 1922.
I'aised the City Council the Ist !
day of March. I T»22. ami wlirncd by
me In open session In uuthent i« at ion
of Its passage this Ist day of March.
ptu i«au. o£ Uiu Ciljr
With muffled typewriters aml
ahru<Mle«l glsnogrnphlc |ki<K Iht
peraomiel of Mayor < of
flog IHicudny (ilmfrvwl the laat
rite* for Cjuffn Vlc-lurl*. who waa
killed by mii elcctrlo wire, and
whmif* Imdy lay for mor# tlmn 1*
hour* Juat out aide the »lmluw of
the < lllef e«C< UtlVe'a office
Queen Vlotorii wo* i% pet pigeon
who win a* « tiatomed to preen her
wingw on the rul»ber plant clone
to Mayor Caldwell'a window
The funeral («ftaff« rotnpri—d
n rcprfMitlAtlvo from the mayor'*
office hihJ two Janitors. Inter
inent wa« private.
DAWNI*OItT Huneet hlrhway
open for auto traffic for flr*t time
thl* >var between t>*veuport and
Kile.i th* lit day of Marrh. II!!,
Cltjr Comptroller and e*-offtrl»
City ( In *
I>'t»titr ci«rk
r>et« of f|r»t pnbli«atii»n to T>>.
Kealtl. .star. M*atll>, Man u 21. ItJJ.
HKHOf.trriON NO Tflfi
A IlKhOl.l TION and I'll*>»*'»NlT!ON
In arnrnd Hi* (lon 7 of Arliffl' VIII
«.f th« City fhiiUr of lh» City of
H'Atll#, and provMinc for th* aub
miiaiun of aurh propotMl nmand
turn I lo tha qualified alsrtora of
Mid clly for IH#»r ratification or
r•* ,}r r t i«tfi at thr Krnrral municipal
• taction (n b* livl'l Ihff»tw utt !!»•
sn«t <Uy of M«) lilt
cot ncji* or THK CITT or
Tha« Mntum 7 of Artlrla Till *»f
IIM CHjf <*hartar t»* nmfinim by
a<td'n«r lh«r»U> a naw »ulw|iv»iinn to
b« «a H*-«tion 7 <b), M whith
• halt b* in word* And fiauraa aa
folldW* to Wl!
t i<«n 7 (b> In tha I»fpirtm#nt
of I*ublt« Work* Ul*r« »hall b» »
l»*partm»nt of Transportation. th«
h#ad of wMrh shall Imp thr
of Transportation, who •ball
j not b« m« lod»d in lh»» rl»M)fi»d civil
•<rvtra. but vhtll b* •ppmntwJ by
th» Mayor, by and villi th» §dvlr«
and ««»na#nt of tba «*itjr Council, for
a i»rm, «kr«pl as harsin olhffwiw
provided. of thrsa >rars. and who
oiay b* fomov«»d by *h" Mayor by
flltfitf iolU« of r'rnovil with tha
City Council. )(• shall b# a wj»mf «*r
<>f |tl« 1 •r lof Public Wortu Tb»
• alary of the HuMrlnUndoftl of
TransportatU n shall l»# fi*»d by
ordinance Tba Hopartnta nd»nt «»f
Transportation. >avtnf to tha City
''ouneil aucb |'«w»r# t* ar* c«»n
f*r«rt upon it by i»w or charter,
• tha aiclualva wamy
fllftt, »op*r* laion Add control -f
an«t «hali pprrat* nod mtintain tfeM»
municipal ho-p! railway *>st»m and
all plant f a«llillr«. "bo pa. butl'linga
and iirvetiir** appurtenant thcrvuK
and any and nil otbsr manna of
transportation for hire f»wn»d or op
arat«4 by th* City; and. »üb)ar| to
ci%ii Mrtkr rulea shall appoint, ra
nova, and •'Otlfol nil of
flr«ra and »mploy»n in hia depart -
m»nt or employe upon or In connec
ti >n with, aaid munw*lpal itrfi-l rail
way system. or <»ther m»ana of
transportation for hire. Ha shall
have auch oil»*r additionnl powers
and tM»rf«rm aurli other duttaa •>
may vw> pr»arrsb*d by ordinance In
« »«c th«• mmrllnliX of Tranap< r
tatl n ah nil b» appointed from tha
r lasalf Ir.J elTtl isftirf and •hall not
h* r«m"vH for <noae. h* shall. upon
retirement fr*»m th* offlr* of Kuper
tntrndsnt of Transport*!lon. resume
hia f«rm»r p««*itton In the cla*sifi*d
nyil aarvlrt: and the last appointee
to tha p<.»itt<>n from whtrh aaid
Hup<-rlntan<lent of Trnnsp«rtat ion
waa appointed and th* last appoin
tee* in DoclUotia subordinate ther »• -
t«-. shall r*iuma th'ir former poal
tiona. t*spe ii>*ly. in tha ciaaslft»d
civil ri»rv(ra "
ami hk it irnTHrn nK
HOI.VKD, «h»l »nrh »m»n4-
m»n« h* to tb» qu*)lfi»d
rUrfnr* of lh<* r*lty of for
th.lr rallftraiittn or r»J»clloo at th»
munlripal .I.rtton to b»
(•■•M in Mid City on lb* 2nd dar of
M*r. I *»39
I'AffKll «h« Cllv Coonrll th« l»t
d»r of M»rrh. i»JJ. »nd .iirTi.-! I>»
ir» In n|wn p.Mlon *n suih.ntuiti»n
of lt< dwmci this let d»y of March.
Mtn.lt' TIVI'AI.I.
Pr»»U»nl pro l.m. of th« Olf
m»d ih<- 'Uy of Marrti. llli
If. W r*AllKoU.
f'omptrnllrr *nd
<-T-off|i lci Clly Cl.rh
JIV K M HTItKBT. l-putyrw*
|til« of flr«i I'tibli* .1 Inn in Th.
RfatiU Hlar. Krulll*. March SI. Itlt.
TTnder and pursuant to Section 1
of Article IV of the City Charter,
there will be submitted to the quali
fied electors of The City of H* attle.
at the mono pal election to be held
in said Cltv on the 2nd day of May,
1*22. for their approval or rejection.
Initiative Measure No 422ftu. which
• aid proposed measure reads as fol
Initiative Measure No 1221$
ordinance No. - —»
An Ordinance relating to the mu
nicipal railway system of The City
of Seattle, and »l< cltrin* the f»*c a |
policy of tha city In relation there
Whereas. It is to the public inter
est that the Cltv of Seattle declare
and e«tabll*h a fiscal Milt v in re>*
lion to the Municipal Street. Hailway
System, whereby the cost and ei
penae thereof ahall be borne, a*
nearly as may be. by all who bene
fit thereby
Section 1 That from and after
the first dav of January following
the taking effect of this ordinance,
all cost and e*pen*« of the mainte
nance and operation of the Munici
pal Street Itallwav System of The
City of Seattle shall be paid wholly
out of revenues of the City of Seat
tle derived from taxation.
Section 2 Tbat from and after
the taxing effect of this ordinance,
the i'itv Council of The City of Seat- I
tie shall annually. In the manner
prescribed by law. provide for the
levy of a tax upon all taxable prop
erty of the City of Seattle sufficient
to defray the cost and expense of I
the maintenance and operation of I
■ aid Street Hallway System for the
ensuing year
Section * Tbat the cost and e*-
pen*e of maintenance and operation,
a* use.| in this ordinance, shall be
computed pursuant to. and In ac
cordance with, the requirements of
the laws of the state of Wa*hlng- ;
ton or of any commission or bureau
thereunto authorised by such law.
Section 4. That there be and Is
hereby created a fund to be known
and designated as the "Kxtension
and Depredation Reserve Fund," into 1
Which the City Council shall set a*lde. 1
monthly, from the gr«.*s receipt* of 1
the municipal railway system, an
amount not exceeding one and one
half OH) cents for each pay pas
senger, exclusive of policem* n and
firemen The amount thus *«»t a*ide
shall be expended solely for exten
sions and renewal of track and
TTnder and pursuant to Section 1
of Article IV of the City Charter,
there will be submitted to the quail
fled elector* of The <'lty of Seattle,
at the municipal election to be held
In said city on the 2nd day of May,
1922, for their approval or rejection.
Initiative Mea*ure No. H.IfWH. which
*aid proposed measure reads a* fol
lows :
Au Ordinunca i elating lo audi
Reduction Ordered
in Freight Rates
WAHIIINOTON, March 39. A re
duction of claaa and commodity ratea
from Chicago ami related point* to
Mouth Atlantlr and Oulf p#»ri* on
frKMin doe lined for th* I'arlflc raumi
via atcainrhlp line* wa* ordered to.
day by the Interatate r«minff# rom
ml*-lon Th* comml*elon auapended
a re**»nt order which would Increaae
ratea and found th* proportional
ratoa Justified.
Woman Ends Life
With Chloroform
POUTI.ANT), March :» Moored
of littl* notea. written, to France*
I Ana, a ch-af mute, are l»e|i*ved f»y
t tHiik'i to c hronic la the violent qijar*
> re| l»etwern the man and Mr*. A. L
Htone, which led to th* woman'*
iul< Ida hem today from drinking
I chloroform.
regulatm* Ihe keeping of ring* and
[•ets in the City »«r Heattle, pr«»vid
! log for tha coflec Hon and diap«»sal
| of all dead df>«s and < ata. providing
f<»r the appointment and employ*
mevtt ui th< k ing Counti Humam
H«m lety, a corporation, as pound
maater. and aniertdiOK <»rdi»»ao.e
N«» 39?tl # approved H<plcrnber 11,
Hertion I That Kertton lof firdl
nanre No 31761. approved hepietnl»er
II 1918, entitled "An* »rdinaro r re® -
>ulatlng the keeping *,f d«gs and « at*
within the «*ity of Heattle. Irnp'»aing
1 1* ens* taieN and providing prhal
ities for > loiat loni thereof, and re*
pealing Ord>nan< «* No 2674k, ap
proved November J9. ItlO " be. and
the earns la hereby amended, to read
aa follow*
H" lion U That th* King C'mnty
Humane Hoc let y, a « orp«»ra tl<»n «*»•
iaiing under and by virtue of He.
, Hon 3344 to Hection 3349 of Hem a
!tal. Annotated Codes and Htatutea
[ of <h* Htate of Waahington. and
it |a hereby appointed a* gnd de
clared to be, the official p<>und->
maater of the City of Heattle, and Is
I hereby employed for the purp«»ee of
carrying out and enforcing tne pro.
vlaiog* «»f thia ordinance, and all
dog*, female dog*, rata and female
I cata found running at large without
| having on a llcenee ta* are hereby
declared to be % public nuieame and
It *hall be the duty r,t said King
[County Humane jCm lety to r»mtriutt
I and impound all euch animala.
He. tlon 2 That Hectton 4of HrdU
n *oee S'n. 347L1. approved Heptemher
I*. 1911. entitled An Ordinance reg
ulating the k*«epin* of dog# and r ata
within the City of H«-att|e, tmp»«ing
license ta«ea and providing penaltiea
for violatlona thereof, and repeal
ing ordinance No ?(746. approved
November 39. 1410." be. and the
earn* i m hereby amended to read aa
Hec(|f,r* r !*n!eaa an Impounded
an'mal is euffering from aerious in-
Jury or dleeaee. the owner or lieeper
ntar redeem the animal wltnin
f« rty-elght hours by |>a>ing to said
King < k o«nty Humane Hociety the
prescribe*! 11 cert a* taa. together with
a penalty of one I>ollar If, how
ever. an animal Is held for more
*han forty-eight hours an addi
tional charge «hall be paid not ev
eeeding Ih-rty-five centt for eaeh
day the animal haa been held after
said f arty-elght houra And the
•aid owner or k•••prr up- n presenta
tion to the c*ity Comptroller of a re.
'•elpt from the King County Humane
Hew»ety f-r eaid rhargea. shall re.
reive a license tag a* provided In
th* ordinance. All sums collects
hy said Hutnaae Korlety, under the
provision* herein, shall be paid to
the City Treaeurer aa hereinafter
Ac tion f. That Hertion Tof fVdl- !
nan<e N'u 31741. apprt>ved Heptem
her 14. Iflf. entitled "An Ordinance !
regulating the keeping 0 f iioga and
cata within the City of Heattle. im
poelng license tafes and providing
penalties for violation* thereof, *nd
repealing ordlnaore No 35744. ap
proved November 39. 1919," be, and
the same u hereby amended, to read
aa follows
Hertion 7 Anr animal Impounded
for th* want or a llcnee tag and
**hich I* not redeemed within the
specified time sh*|| be hum*ne|y de.
I etroyed or at the dtecretion of the
i King County Humane may
; be held for a longer period, and any
per*on desiring to obt*in said ani
mal mar do »o upon p*yment of the
license t*« and charge*. n#»t exceed
ing thoae provided in Section 4 here
*er< Inn 4 That Reeflon 10 of
J'»rd'nance No 2f?Sl. approved Hep-
J tember 11. l*tl. rntitird "An Ordi
nance regulating the keeping of
dogs and rats within the City of
Seattle, imposing license taies and
providing penalties for violations
thereof and repealing Ordinance So
21716. approved November 2». 1*10."
be. and the same is hereby amended,
to read as follows;
Keetlon Ift The King County Hu
mane Society shall keep a rerord of
all animals Impounded and of their
disposition with de»rript<on and
date*, and. If the animal 1s re.
deemed, of the charge* Imposed
Said Humane Hociety shall on or
before the Ist and ISth day of each
calendar month pay into the rity
treasury all moneys received pur-
Witll to lh- prOTifloni h'fnr The
King County Humane Society shall
receive as and for consideration in
Payment for Its eervlce In enforcing
and carrying out the provision* of
this ordinance, an amount equivalent
to Hk% of all moneys received by the
city Treasurer from any aource
whatever, for license fees. Impound
ing fee*, penalties and charges for
dogs, rats and other animals, as
herein provided for. and the city
comptroller Is herebv authorised and
directed to draw and the city treas
urer to pay on or before the 10th
day of each calendar month a war
rant drawn on the general fund,
payable to the order of the said
King County Humane Society, for
an amount equivalent to *5% of the
total of all money received by the
city Treasurer during the preceding
calendar month, from any source
whatever, for license fees, impound
ing fee's, penalties and char«*a for
dogs, cats and other animals a* pro
vided herein. The King County Hu
mane Society shall. up«.n the taking
effect of this ordinance, be permit
ted to use. free of charge, for a
period of two years, or until the *ald
Society shall earlier secure new
building* snd equipment of every
kind now used In the operation of the
city pound, including all land, build
ing* and appurtenance* thereto, all
automobiles, all cages, platforms,
chains, ropes, rollars. electrocuting
and asphyxiating equipment. The
said Society shall at the end of two
year* from the taking effect of this
ordinance, or earlier, a•« herein pro
vided return to the city said land,
building* and equipment In the con
dition existing when said Society
takes over their use. except for nor
mal wear, tear and depreclatlon.
Section 5. That Ordinance No
S*7M. approved September IK. IHIR,
entitled "An Ordinance regulating
the keeping of dog* and cats within
the City of Seattle, impoaing license
t axe* and providing penalties f,»r
violations thereof, and repealing
Ordinance No. 21745, approved No
vember 2!>. It 10." be. and the same
is hereby amended, by adding there
to n new section to be known as
Section 18. and reading an follow*
Section 15. It nhall be the duty
of the King Countv Humane Society,
a corporation, to collect and dlapoae
of all dead dog* and cats found in
the City of Seattle.
Section 6. That if any section.
*ub section. sentence. claune or
phrase of this ordinance i* for ajiv
reason held to be unconstltutlonal
or void, such decision shall not af
fect the validity of the remaining
portion of this ordinance.
Section 7. That this ordinance
shall take effect anil l»e |n force
from and after the time It shall be
come a law under the provision* of
the Cltv Charter, providing, how
ever. that the provlNion* herein af
fecting the King County Humane
Society shall not take effect or he
In force until aaid Society ha* filed
Its acceptance of the obligation* to
be performed on its part as herein
provided. J
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