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I 165 silk lamp shades
I Thursday only!
i H —a one-day sale. The reason: Quantity is limited.
Bfl Prices will speed the selling. It's a special pur-
U. ■ chase. The entire sample line of a famous east
!||H ern maker used for display purposes at the recent
Chicago Furniture Market Purchased by our
' !■ buyer at a ridiculously low price—NOW offered
to you at similar savings. COME
W just cut these
I I prices in
you take Xgl. \ mmmmammmmm mmmm
M HALF OFT 1 C/\\ Half?
n these prices: SSiiS
tfiese few sample values:
89 mahogany "3?3x
•talslwd «mp —rose $12.75 Htae-pUd $23
Hied to G»! —i** 13.75 —rKt 23.50
S£Bs ~ B#ld 16.50 -P*l 23.50
18 — -tone 24
—gold 15 — —-orchid 26.50
S —nraftmy 18.50 -to 27.50
T picture. Double I—gold 20 —H* - !*! 28.50
socket and
I -to 22.50 -to 32.50
—the way to finance a "Better Home"
***** •' rkmmli ••
ftn< worhlr •»»!■ I«»t M«Ur
•M «• wrmtmt pmrmrmi ik >aß '* Hrar.l Mr*'"
ISO— ss sl $l50 — $15 — $2.50
175 $7.50 $1.50 s2oo s2o $3 —
$lO0 — slo s2 s3oo s3o $4.50
sl2s $12.50 $2.25 ssoo sso $7.50
|^<^o i Coffield
Electric Washer
0 In your home
Introducing the New Six-Sheet Coffield Washer
Quality and price will both please you
Smile with us—on washday by letting us do your
next week's washing
Phone Main 5331 for a free demonstration in your home
Seattle Electrical Supply Co.
014 Pine St. Main 533 j
Ml Mill It \MI Kit AN llttMl > lit IM U
Man Ih Drinkinq Himself to Death on Poison Liquor
—Sister Ask* Riadrrs' Advicc
Virtue cannot, be applied to a xoul an if it were veneer.
I nl**s the impulse comet from within the individual there'*
tmaM chance that any nwral change for the better will en-
Sure, At* of which is ajrropoH of the following:
Dear Cynthia tirey: I would Appreciate it if you would
put this in your column, a* I would iiko to get diffirent
opinions on iL In it possible to put Any Argument up to h
man who is bent on drinking himself to death?
I have a brother who before the country went dry drAnk a
httle now And then, but never to cxrosa. For the last two or
three yeArs all ho docs is drink and then drink some more.
My.sister-in-law is positively devoted to him and begs him to
promise not to drink, etc., which promises he makes, but
never keeps. When he comes home too dnink to move, she
helps him to Imml and waits on him and grieves her heart out
on account of the disgrace—she has even lost most of her
friends because she doesn't dare have Uiem to the house for
fear my beloved brother will come home tn a disgraceful con
Ha hu kmi polaanad on
rohol and ch»«p «M(kM N«inl
tlmna uil bM neirlj 4H from It
Thair oUM child. t bay II yeara old
hasn't my rr*|a«'t for kin (tthtr any
niora for wbloh you at'l bUrni him
mu.h but nailhar of tl.aaa th|pg»
#r«m lo intki Ma «nk> up
lan't It poaalbla to wafcrn lha m»»
hood In aomaona Ilka thia? Ulrlr
ha la alwaya talking of killing him
*»lf an h» la no uaa to *nyon» ami
than aba at art a on It a, ah* la getting
too tlra« lo kt-ap up lh* ntnigglr
II oartainly la a wonderful h»tna for
Tha (Tnilnt fftataa department
of wrtrullur* luu )u«( publlahad
• bulletin on how to inn ami u*
paint Itradara wlahlng thla bullo
•10 mar m*l»» aanve while th«
•upply laata by witling to tha
I' lblKStlor a I»■ virion. U. H IVb
partmant of Agriuultur*. Wuh
In*loo. IV C, a/hi hk for a rrtpr
of Kannam* Hulletln 474. Taa of
I'aint on tha Kurm * No portage
nerd l>a aant. I>o NOT wrlta to
Tha HUr Washington bureau for
Open Child's Bowfls with
"California Fig Syrup"
raw A a»ck chlM b>ia« tha
■fruity" taat a of "fajifomla Fig
Hyrop " If tha llttla longua la mat
ed or If ywir child la llalleaa. t-rnaa.
faveriah. full of rold. or haa
give a te*apoonful lo rlaao a tha
liver and boavala In a faw hour*
you ran ae« for your»e|f how ihor
oughly It worka all tha oanatipatlon
pntaon, Hour blla and waala out of
tha howeta arvl you hava a wall,
ptavful rbUd again.
Mlllkma of molhara keep Tiltfor
nla Kig Nyrup" handy They know
a taaaponnful today aavea a a|rk
rhlld tomorrow Aak your druagtat
for genulna "California Klg Nyrup"
* hlrb haa dlrauttoaia for babloa and
rhlldrrn of. all agaa printad on hoi
ll« Mother! you tnugt aay
California" or vwu may get an Imi
tailon fig aynip. -Advertuiaaaanl.
(Ei PrMldfiit Michigan SliU
Hoard lVntal K.tamuvrr*)
Dental Surgeon
Pyorrhra Specialist
X-Uay laboratory
Hlghr*! Order ef l(r»U>r»lk>n
Work I Mine
Examination and UtimtU
504-12 Kilel Itoilding
The Easiest Way
To End Dandruff
Tftere la on* mjr» w*j tint m-w
faila to remove dandruff completely
and that U to dwuiolva it. Tliia do
ntroy* it entirely. To ilo tlnn. Jimt
Ret about four ounces of plain, ordi
nary l»«|Ul<l arvon, apply it at nijtht
when retiring u*e •notiarh to moi»fr.n
the *-nlp and rub It tu gently with
thr fitiK- r Upa,
fly morning most of not an, of
your dandruff will be irone, and three
or four mnr« applications will rom
pletely dinmlvc and entirely duatroy
every ainirle nlpn and trare of it, no
matter how uiuoh dusiriruff you may
Voo Win find. too. rhat an ttehln*
• n-1 digging oft the iw*|p will atop
Instantly, and your hair will ho
fluffy, luatroua, plnatry. allky and
""ft and look «uid feel a hundred
timta better.
You <ian *et liquid arvon at any
druit store. It la Inejpenaive, and
four ounee* U all yoti will need. Thle
nlrnple remedy hax never been
known to faJl. —Advertisement
Mum Oray will racalva railata
In Imr offlaa Uunday. Wadnaaday
and KVtday from I to I p m . and
on Tuaaday and Thursday from
II a m to II in aarb woak. I'laaaa
do not r«>m« at othar iimaa u It
aartourly Intcrfaraa Willi bar
tha rhltdran la grow up IP.
Mine Uray, I do ao wlah aona of
imur reader* nan flva aunt iix«l
helpful auggeatlnna. aa my patience
I# ethauatrd, eapM-ialtf nnro thla "I
ma> aa well and It all" and "There la
no uaa (if keeplug <4t living." ate.,
eta . la being told me tint" and time
again I think a good Ixaitlhg would
i|o him mora good than anything but
there |a no one to do It.
Toura vary truly, ANXtOt'i.
• a a
Must Get •
l>«af Cynthia flray Yoa have
given null good advtra to othera, ao
I have coma f->r aotne myawlf.
I vm married In Hrltlab Columbia
flra yearn ago. and have heen In
•teattla thraa yenrn. ao would lib a to
know If It would ha legal to marry
In ffaettla without having a dlvort*
J Tour* truly. tNQI ICITIVK
Vo, It u-ou!4 aat k legal <o marry
uilbvul a 4><V'r*l
aa a «
What !• pineapple rloth? Itoaa tt
we»r writ? Will It waahT
(lotA waien a/ pi tfapplr flb»
"Jim." « pineaaaie rioiA. u re a aid
e* »4 by IA» mbi« man a f tha
flMJiyrnit aa (Ae kit Mad a/ rlotA
tor Ikrtr nm mar aa uwaiial of Ifa
daraMltg. /taraeea and rtrrHen*
llUa vary rtprmiyp mafrrtaJ and
highly i<aJar< by Iha inw« a/ than
Utaada It anil laaader Clnmlly
• !«»<•/» U aard la loaodertag 11. mala*
aa one A Hrr< A aa peeeaMe la meAe
11l tti'f. Aftrr Iha ttarrh U applied. M
ia drwd aa a dryaap fraat U'a/ar (a
Ihn tprlmkled aa4 IT"««d aprr It
Upariol eara la iranlng tha ilrnaa ia
taJfcaa ao I Aat tebra 4aaa IA« iJmmi
/aaaa a atl". oral tha pa.
a a a
PU A. mtr*)e|| Palmar raaiiiiiiaal
Qm pardon of I»rtal
rip ar at laaal tha layartaml a'
fuatirr 4*4 at fAe taaia wham W«m»
•rwa allarary |nrf«l H-ilaaa Amy
protvd ik« reramaaendeltvn end r#
/uaad tha yardaa
a a a
What are the meaning* of tha 15
Hgna of tha Zodiac*
Tha mranlmy at tha wwed T.p4t»r la
■ta laiplna'y hall rnrfrtiap the
Aaoiaaa aad r*ben4i*-i about » 4r
vtrat aa rat A at4m «/ tha rrltpttr,
ml Ala vbarA ar« lAr la/urr ylaarla
It it J lata Jt |arli, toiird
a/ Itr 2a410r i.arA u
rtprrtrmlatl by a figure, tht lallia
"jairi o/ iMha are.
f'tp\trr Kiffpt. Latin A'aaaci
Ffhr a IHarea
A \catri bearer A<juarl»a
Tha /bit* Artat
Tha Hull Tourut
7"fca firtai tjemlal
7"A« Crtk i'antfr
Tha lAo a /^*o
VlrjKa Virjja
llalanra Libra
rxorpto* Protpip
> I rroio *0(71/ taritu
I its Capricvmtki
a a «
What rountriag hara nation wide
prohibit lon T
TA« f nllcd ftntat only
fll TJowJki
Thousand* of others ha we fatten rid of their* without
dieting or eurciaing often at the ritt of over m pound
a day and without payment until reduction has
taken place.
I aw a licensed prartlifnjr pkyttelan ami prrtonaHy pre
scribe the treatment for each individual fair, thui rnablinf
we to ehoeae remedies that will produce not only a Ima <l/
wrijfht harmlessly, but which will aim relieve yo»i of all th«
troublesome symptoms of oerratodtnem mirh ai shortness af
breath, palpitation, indignation, rlieuomtimi, Ifmit, asthma,
kidney trouble and various other aflkbuni which often ac
compsay ovrrntoutncss.
My treatment will r»?l«rr» that tired. kWpt
feeling, Riving you rvnrwed tnrnry and vliror, a res-ult of
the loan of your superfluous fat.
Ton are not roqulrM to chanre hi Om «fl»ht«wt fmm
your remiUr mode 0 f llvlnu There Li no dieting or exer
cising. It la simple, raj-y and pleajsmt to take.
Jf you are ovnimit do not postpone hut sit dorwn rtpht
now and send for my fren trial treatment and my plan
whereby 1 am to bo paid only aflcr reduction lia» taken
ptare if you so Uextra.
/./censed Phyician State of S'nu York
286 Fifth Avenue New York City
Desk H-449
In Racc for Council —No. 2
By C. Attle
"Who la Mita Httm hroom'
< »ui<llilnl« for tha rantiallT*
"Arnot (I. Hartmui liuM »lh»r
ooiwman lal miwnun "
'TIMM com.
irwfrtnl <wJ«juii*n
hr • Iwnnilnit Ml
vrrtmiUK wi«krdn
ISvfii run for of
(lr» U> (frt IhHr
luiuw *»i-J tha
naniMi of lh»lr
rnnuuartltlra Into
lh« Mm col
tin it m. What la
Mr Itotujur ad
"Hla l>ualnaoa.
I miitpora "
"Am I IhWfM.
M r. Karlxiur,
atrp onr bara
. _ and l»t ua x>un<l
r „ uf wlrwt WbH
»ra yit'i running for affk-a for 1 *
~l fall l( my dgljr u a «»nd Anw
Iran CI t lam lo flia for tha roiioall arwl
lialp rlrari up Ilia ritf. morally and
financially I kin a firm trfillovar la
tha old aaw tliat a nrw broom
nw-im claan "
"Yt»U Iha city ImmoraJT"
"I would aay. rati,or, that I am
atmng for a moral cliy. I rrimoraJlt y
and lilrh tarra traaal tngathar, A
B»w bri«<m In fba oily otiunrlk-— **
"Tow nilftium an* taraa. Mr. liar
bnur, but that on a atviut high taim
and Immorality "»in» la hava a falaa
bottom Whrra, by lha wajr, da you
"At 111 l Ilth m N, and hava
llvad In thai n»l«t>l«>rt»ood t<* It
>«>ara. and paid t.naa all thai tima
A n»w I.room *
IN I'Ol.lfll M
"Yaa. Ind»»<l thraa rhlldran. An I
*m about to aay. a naw hnoom
"How many t inma bafora hava you
4ona Uua Iblng, Mr. Ilartmurr'
"Notrar «a« in iMlltm bafora. ?
ariura yon I balavp in honaai, ron-
3 • f * *• j4
a. nj^PHßA^b
You take railroad
travel for granted these
easy days.
But remgmber about
Stephenson and the first
locomotive. A lucky
strike lor progress!
TV* dWcxrrery o# toasted
tobacco wm a lucky atriioo
for u*. .
1/ you wiU bay • package
of Lucky Strik* ctfßrrttea
yotiraelf you will ae« why
millions now prvfar tha
toasted flavor.*
It's Toasted
• Da rkafWtraaWMOM S>
dallrtoaa (aaafarf Aariay
w*aa j*m try t.maky SmU
t'rte Arid C-an»e* nhrumatlara
Hemnva the I'tuM by Taking
|1 M and |J (in at all drug atoraa,
or Bent poaijia. t by Joynar Drug Co,
laar**il»e taixlnaaa administration nf
I iiiiMk! affulra. I lalliw a D«w
l<raMn- "
"Wh»r* wara f«i horn*"
"Kuriin|ti«n. Miih, In list, f
may u well n't'] thai I am tauikad
[ l»jr no or "rgnulrKl inn. no pry
I tltk-al rm*. t«lt I ha»a many frlanda
i Von aa* I hava b**n In rlwll >n(l
iiaortrm, r*»«ral i»i»r haiidiain«, him
l>*r and rmlrtMid •ork. A now -"
"I ana you t»lunf to **v«ral
lodroa "
"A f*W III* Mwniilc, l.«at*m
ft tar. Tnamrn. Unit*-) < amnwri-jtl
Tr»v*l»r» And I taka prMa In
laUK vtra prwidml for Iha lUlt at
Waahlnfton of tha National K|<*-lal
Ijr Hal**rn*>i'a aaarx lalJon, aJau oria
of tha fl»« ortrtrial nmnlfni nut,
aa I wan aayinK. a n*w broom *
"Ton ara n'fW »rtl»»ly a mnmn
kial aaJ*aman. ara you notT*
"Taa, li«i»«1 A n»w («■ oom
"Wtiat b'tuaa ara you with, by th»
"With tha Haattla bnui<-h of Ota
I#* Itroom A I>wr»*r ompuny. of
I Jnr« ln. Nah. Sailing tfooma "
**Oh. th*»«* rwr.ni'nlal ••iavaman"
Fortune in Grip,
Man End* Hit Life
NKW TOKIT. Iltirli II An a**d
man lnto tha offv* of tha
Editor and PuMkali*r, *a»a hta nam*
aa < Monro It Italoor. and ut«t par
mloaton to laava a valla*, yhlrh
ahould »•* oi-riod "In raae anything
li*r>r*n»d "
Th* nnt day Ma d*ad todr win
plrkod up on tha roof nf tha aaoond
atory of Iha building. Tha man had
thrown hlmaatf from tha al«v*oth
T'«*ay, whan tha valla* «u>
op*n*«l. tt ww found to rnnliln
thouaanda of dnHara In not** and
aanarltlaa. and othar papara pomlMy
worth • total of more lluui 511'.. 000
Loses 18,000-Mile
Race With Death
nbunt.inja, r h. *iar<* 2»
Mr*. William Hetth. of London. ar
rtrm4 tunt tlir»a Oars lata yaatrrday,
after Mm iakl«4 la noma to hrr fly-
In* hwtiand Bha travalad It 000
mil*. than raralvad wort )o*t lhr«
4aya before tha journey 'a and. while
on Iba I-art fie that Batth wu dauL
Wawdaake® fraa ralOa
!a»ll» IIROMM QCIVIKK Tablet*
rallera He*da< Ha by rurina Ota f*«ld
A tonlr laiativa %n<l ftin rieatrny
er The lenulaa beara Ihe signature
of K W. Oroya IBa aura yau (jet
IIROM'it 111- Adaertlarmanl.
Wa hava Iha flnaat U«n flrajw
promtraMa Bow "fnalcla" and r»t
«l»at valraty turf ao mnrfa dealrM.
i «>a pound aufflrtent to aow ZJO
aouara faa(. tie par pound. Sold
only by COLT MrUHJUHIJN. mi
n«t A va. naar Hpnrg St. Elliott
Hit. —Advrrtlnemant.
—inaujm rutin* an improved coastwise
iwrvic* to California.
This palatial twin-screw vtnl a trans
atlantic liner in coastwise service—is the
first of two new addition* to the Pacific
coastwise service of the Admiral line
The "Ruth Alexander"—4ss feet long and
53 feet wide-—offers comforts and conven
iences heretofore unknown in coastwise
Make the maiden voyape—she sails 11 p. m,
Friday for San Francisco and Los Angeles.
Reservations can now be made.
TICKKT omncii
•N IrMil trrmmr. llrXlla. I'kmr RlDalt 3000
111 l fmrUlr Atraar, Taraaa. I'kaaa Mala 7170
r- n. NrWirKKH, Geaaral l'.a~..rr Ami
I* I. Sailh liuildlna hrattlr, Watklaglaa
Pacific (baitwiso JcrviaQ
Don't take a Chance on
dirty grayT oiletPaper remade
from junk and old newspapers!
Buy only the kind of Toilet Paper
that is made from clean, new, sani
tary materials, and that like—
COSTS ONLY 5* and 10* A ROLL
808 WHITE has been the standard quality of
good valuethroughout the United States for years
and has won its volume sale because of depend*
able merit—economical —BIG VALUE. (
Play Safe—ASK for it BY NAME
The Rice Emblem on every wrmvmmem
Koll is four Assurance aj »"»'» o*
Standard Quality V flflSC f
A. P. W. PAPER CO., Makers HSSSgj
mem toii
American Paper Company. Wholesale Distributors, »
Seattle, Wahh.
lUf a <•«—4
I mill Vri4m f M«l»# limlr
His ll«..fclr Hlllt
l« *l'lir \Url4 a I kmam $t Imm.*
A l.«tr It N«rk»ul,
Jw«l |«m!
« mmmlrnm **tmr4my—Hlfl llart
lw lr«»rH» O ml"
I mill Kridmw «l«kI Oalf
UniUf •# •*!%• Ik#lll**
la "Tfc* !.••# Tkgl U«4
MAT mm 4 IIU V' mmmmmm Orfk««ln
<««!•« *ml»r4mr I«4a>»H
llarrfa»«rr la Mm»w»| Hill*
ftiilf Om M«r» Dtf
• f lk« o«rvr«««
IHmIM bf
Owl! H fi* »iiii»
l Mini *aturtfar—f<*vdy
IB I'tmib aatf In
'•r»l*ii liirxlH:"
up colds n. ™ m
JT ■ oold oo raise
on, pat pWity of Siom'i Liniment
on your throat, rhait and bock JuM
Mora (nine to bad. It »t*ru warm,
WlaC exnmlaUoa that kaopo tha
from "MUhac" aad bolpo brook
tt up, whilo iu baaJ'-hy vapor* oootbo
»n<J rbmrtb* hugs and throat. Doa'l
ntk—dun'l baorfof* %t jxntitau*.
AJ,Qa>»*ab tfi.rm.tijs

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