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Limbers 74-Yfar Old Mnn*#
Joints, Reduces lltood Press
ure. Knocks Rheumilinm
—Letter Follows
Oraee Heard
I wa* aearer dead lla* I waa altve
ake* I waa lake* ta lir. l»«a>»»J'»
•(flee*. I m*U aet walk alralakl
■le*r. I aat T« yeara a I M». wy
kmr to I eaerele. Weak. I've (ewad
■ mUrrfal inalpf*l for Hkee«aa
tlea. oad hlak bleed peeaaare. aad I
weal la b* mm recard te tbe ettert
Ikat I've *ece»ered ('•«« lay all»eal*
laal aa l« by mealc My Klmhl pr~-
awe wa* IB aa vtareb ». Ike dale at
bestealec treaiaaeat*. I an wrlllaa
Ikk teller of laderaeaaeal Ibla »Ttk
Bar at Mareb. la Ja»t IS days aay
birr n peeaaarr baa lakes a dew* le
lla Ikal I* a <ra» •< •» petal*
Hoard aaraaal. aad I feel l*"l ««•'
| wa* m dlaa? I raald eel walk
a«eo«* Ike llaai wtlkaal aiaai'Haa
aad failles. aad I weald fall Hakl
aft the aidewalk. *y kead wa*
Wklrllaa eeaitaaaHaaly. Well. Ikal
tflsataee* I* all a"'. *• Tea kaaw
rw plea»e.l. cad I kaaw Dr. kaaak-
Bty'v Haaaa Hake Uvea aad Ike
dklary BrearHpilaa be a* a* »a* la
lllta* la wbai haa auwle ibe »<l»k
PS ea a cry tor a«e. wkea alt elker
tfoalarat* tailed, aad I kaae aa
Baste rkeaaaattaa* al all. Aad I wa*
toal lib- aa eld atase kerae. all altt
«e*ed aa all Hakl »»r
--faetty feea treaa aay inablea. IW
gaiaa la lake a*w. ike Make Ovea
meteo all atMwa part*. aad *ay. fa
llali 11 I aa Uke a yea** barb at 11.
Team trwly. OIUI K HKAHD. t aa
rrete. V» aak
Dr. Loujfhnev. Famous Dieti
tian. Publishes New Book
"Free lo You Postpaid"
Tea will valae ikl* b*ak ktsbly.
We will eaall ibeaa aal null. H rile
y**r aaae aad dMieaa plalaly. aad
y*a will reeetve ywwr keek by eelara
aalL They are wrapped aad ready
la anil aal.
NOTK—•»'. tsaghasy's Saba Ovaa
fraaiaral afftcea are laealed al tbe
Baeaer at Ktftb aad t alaa. la Ibe
I eery Balldtas. IIMII-lll
Dr. Uasbaey to MdrtH by eeae
r-teal lady aaraea. Haara Ba. aa. I*
p. aa. Baaday. Bto 13 aaly. Tele
pbaae Mala 834 X
AMniKi kc. mFRs win speak
on "Kalladea aad Miuum of liie
Knckson Plan" at tha Itealtora*
luncheon In the I. C. Smith build
liur cafe Thursday noon. Frank K.
t.'aee will explain the BfeJarta of the
tint advieofy council.
b- iTotact your gardep and be Bure of
your radlali, cabbace. caultrower and
Itale crop* IS carload* »oM Wl
year, which Is evkleo<~e that 'Matrot.
Ite- doe, the work. SOlJ> HT COl/T-
StcU>rrsHXO(. 11 ej Urtt at* ni-
Uott SISt.—Advertlßement.
••Oh. Thomas. see this wricdow. I
want you to look at theae prettv
hata and dresaes. Aren't they ™«i *
1 would so Uk« to go In and try on
that gay flow* »d bat. If I w«r« 17
•nd not TO. Thomas, I should toy* to
mar that hat.''
"Ah. Mary, and If you wrr" 17
not a prettier girl anywhere could
that hat adorn Flower* and soft
drosses made you beautiful., and if
my aM eye* are not deceived jrou still
have those pretty cheek* and the
•ye* l always loved."
"JMo. no. Thorn**, you mustn't say
thfw- thing*. An old lady like lam
took* pretty ugly to these lovely
young girl* of today. But. Thomas
deur that hat fascinate* me.
—.Wouldn't Eleanor, our
t>r. look pretty In It, and that taf
feta. dree*, loo? Thomas. let'a go In
And buy II for her. We nan. Thooias.
W* can This la Cherry'*, the place
where we may pay a small deposit
and make monthly payment* to fin
Uh up" Klalto Btdg.. Hecond and
Spring, over Plg'n Whistle.
■ of head of throat ts usually
wh# benefited by the vapors of —
▼ V arc* RUB
Our 17 Million Jart Vtd Vm^t
She could eat anything—
rw**^lout indig&tion or sleeplessness
%ijt "CVDR a long time she had been troubled
"C •'« * with gas after her evening meal. The dis-
A?) tress was most painful after eating potatoes
(iHly l iitfn or other starchy foods, of which she was very
fond -
Then ahe started taking two cakes of FWachmann's
in||L Yeast every night between her evening meal and bed
' time. She poured about a half cup of boiling hot water
' I , over the yeast cakes, stirred them thoroughly, added
ijlj'lh fl 1 1 a little cold water and drank.
iLil ill 111 She found she could eat anything and sleep apleo
didly afterward.
Thousands of men and women at* finding
that Fleiachmann's Ycnst corrects stomach
and intestinal trouble*. It promotes the flow
11 b *' e an<l P ancr,!a, ' c i u ' ce - fat the ap-
I petite-stimulating vitamin, ao that appetite ia
f J always kept normal and you are protected
KSKri from indigeatton.
Add 2 to 3 cakeaof Fleiahmann'a Yeast to
NGHQj I I your daily diet. You will find that your whole
ftpHH \ y I digestive system is greatjy benefited. Place a
standing order with your grocer. He will de-
The Bonus Certificate Plan
I The fttivr
j A few day* ««<■> jtwi had IV cour
' \gn to print an Mllorltl fonilnnnlni
aa worthless the prearnt bonua tall
now Wore inn«r»«.
It had my hearty inJonwmwit, arid
inIM for the thanka of every velar
ana' organisation.
Aa you nay, tha eerttfloato plan la
worthier Aa I a*« It. tha relumed
•oldler win be tn.nl* a hr«pr at tha
j baiika, Mill ran only hop.- tn ral*e
money on hla nrtinrat* by discount
| ln« It. Thin maaaure win thua re
witnl the banker mora than the man
| who packed a (tin. II la a ahamelaaa
The Promise of the Politician
Editor The Star:
Permit ma to quota from a letter
>n tha abora subject In a recent
| Star.
"The politician* aftrnya get a way
with their promi»»a which they make
on election day. tf the people re
solve to Bet rid of tbe politician* and
vote them out. wa might be able to
have a little representation la th*
council *
I a«r«* with "Invlettjs" on an tha
point* of hla letter and want to aay
that It la tny firm and absolute ID'
tantion not to cut a vota far a alngle
Lake Union and Sanitation
Fdlt. r The Star:
In your la*t Krlday"* paper ! raad
that t>r. H. M Head tn hie annual re
port rhariei condition* on I Jike
Waahlncton are rapidly l*«<ominc a
menara to tha haalth of the city and
that hooaehoau en the lakas ebouhl
be removed.
I don't know anything ahont the
houaeboau, hut I am certain that a
camuM of a cow. which for three or
four monihß haa rapoeed anucly oa
Erickson's Bill and Rainier Valley
editor Th* War
A mathematical problem present*
(t.aelf to ma, a* I think of the rela
tivity pf tha "Krtckaon Ihree-cant
fare meaMire- and the "hoota own
«ra of lUunler Valley
On tha ona Bide, the VaDeyttea
arlll. a r cardiac to Mr. Kri-kaon'B
admiaeton. hare an Incrcaae of about
U mllla to pay. ahould hla measure
be adopted.
On tha other idda. the Seattla
and Rainier Valley railroad to not
municipally owned and will not be
a(fe<-ted by tha Krvkaon meajnira
What l« the anawer?
Support the Rrtckaon measure and
pay 1 I S centa plus II atintk ar
Houseboats on Lake Union
K<tlt«r Tha Star.
Mr 1 noticed aa article In Tha
Star of March SI U» which Dr Head.
a* tiealtb coouniaalonar, refer* to
house boa ta aa a Tnenoc* to health
Now. air, 1 wonder If t»r. Read eyar
w u tn a hn'iaeboat. Do*a b* know
that tb* majority of theao buuaa
twwla ara mora sanitary and tnor*
modem than many of the house* on
land* I llt* In a houseboat and
would ba glad If th* doctor won! 1
call to allow htm to got flrat hanl
knowledge of tha sanitation of a
ho'ja*boat. Perhap* th* doctor ob
ject* to the »«-*r»r* from Lhaae homaa
draining Into the Ukea. If ao. why
then do** he not object to th* land
houses adjacent to tha lake* rure
nlng th*lr aewer plpaa Into th*
Jews Returning to Jerusalem
Editor The Rtar:
In your Issue of Varr-h 11 tiny
McVey quote* prophecy to show
that tha Jews will return to Jerusa
It was beeatuw of disobedience
4 th
T%# !»••< Nr n( plr»lr« fnr *l4 »»4
fmmmm I* lUnrlni III* nrw way.
I'lmftrfl will ••hid hf lirrr t»r+pmrr
im mior MM MMMMV *»7 txk'iic >
Pitil If leMMMi nnr tin*
l» Ln.Al» p. m. !>•»#• Tfcurm. |
betrnyw of tha veteran, a rut a na
tlonal ilmirrara.
itnlcaa Iha Seattle veterajn or*an
Ins lions rouae thetnwel v»a as much
acalnat thla iMIIM bomia measure
aa they hava airainat .lap Nalto'k Ito
tary eluh »|»wh, and «o on record
iincomproniielnifty for a caeh bonua.
thay may wake UP to tha fact that
Ihe ei service man haa been dell*
ered to the tender fT> merry of lh»
l»anka. or, what to more likely, that
tha admlnlatration doaa not Intend to
(VMM a bonua measure tt all. If there
ia any way of avoiding It uid wla
nlng tha next election.
8 W. V.. Portage, Wash.
Individual of oar preaent city
ment. Wa need a clean sweep fr><m
top to bottom and I mr "aa siwm aa
their term esplrr* get rid of tbem"
and find a plain. straightforward
bualnaaa man to fill their plaraa.
It la my Intention to vote for every
one of the new flandldaiea. eapeclally
tha women, who will be my first
1-hoice. and who I think will perform
their nb 11 ration a to the latparer* and
*otera with mom conscientiousness
and nana of the polltlnal fwm
Voura faithfully. "CITI/.KN."
th* wal»r" a edge 11l the ha» tiahlnd
th* Iwßk lighting C®'» plant on
Klllott «▼», to already a manaca to
tha health of lla p«ii|>li at*>und and
the young** era who play tli*r* Th*
»:trn* la all that g»* ««' *"«• «#f
water (hat tha Has Oa. fr*oly dump*
In th* hay. killing *ll U» araall flah
and m«r fowl* and »r»Hin« young
•ttn* cloth re. There, Dr. I(m4 haa
•om'thlnc to remove.
«tar rkadek.
oppoa* tha bumot* an'l pa 7 111
cent* mlnua a few mltU lh»t e»n
ha fought down, with economy in
th* general bu»in»«« of th* «ljr, by
batter handling, Thrr* U a chane*.
for "a new broom awarp* eJIaA."
for • wbti* at l*aat.
Do not low the municipal rail
road nunaur* to bind you. »ot*f».
to tha olhor *xp*n4itur*a of lb*
city that an paramount to IL R»
member tha boat w»y to aUp aome
thing orrr on aomeone la to cot
tb*m Interacted In aont*thlßg elae
Whllo you |r« dome IL Vallayltea,
ha on your guard I»a not be a>
plotted U. K MOtUUMON.
ml li iainn it, lUlnier Valley
lakaa? Why doe* the doctor porm't
lh« g*rt age from tha dtT to be
dumped Into th* lake? Theae dump*
are tlta mmacow At tha foot of
Rlaln* at, oa FXntiake. la oca et
than* dump*. IMegracoftjl to tha
dty. a breeding pla<-« for tha loath*
aoma dlaoaae-oarrytng rat Tha r**l
dent* of thla dUrtrtot hara petition**!
tha he*!th K>Ri<nlCTloMr for e»mm
tion of thla practkw bat wt'hoat
irmlt. The atenclj from thla damp
rtlfle* pawen by for a block. t
f>»r iho motlra of Dr. Read's attach
on lab* dweller* la not tha beoi'.h
of th« dty. t'erhapa aom* olhor
Btar reader could suggest what ant
mated the doctor .
JUT Falnrtow Aft. X.
Ihrt larael flrat went Into captvtty
In Jer. ***iv.:lT, we read! "I will
make you to be removed Into all
tha kingdoms of the earth." Wee
also chapter irr » it. The first dl»
perelon of the Jews occurred It. C.
Mt-Mt under Nebuchadnentar, king
of Babylon. In B. C. 4*7. under
Artaierxeit. the Persian. large num
ber* of the Jew* returned to I*alea
But Moses rpoke of another and
greater dlaperaton. whl<-h wa find
in Dout. rxvlll. 4*44. where we read
"The Ixird (hall bring a nation
la the rreateat
doty that every
clUssn owss to
hla country.
The regtotra-
Uon hnoka close
on 24th
Brought First
Scotch Revue
to America
Tom McKay
Tfcs honor of prss*ntlng «n>a of
tha fir*t big Rnotch ravuea In Am*r
lean vaudavllta belong* to Tom Mc-
Kay, now pin) In* at Uww'i I*al«ca
Hip UiMtur. McKay «mt ftvn
I)uii4m tin) wb«n It* first ImM in
America h» had su<h a "burr" to
liU iMtni tliat hi* undiluted *o«H« h
w*« hard for Americana to abaorto.
Now ha speaks tb* Kngllah "trip
pingly on tha tongua." but h« stUI
enjoy* donning tha klita every day.
"I wor« kilts." ha aaya, "when I
<ru a *f>»» n Ud and lever euffcred
from cold. Wa boy* umx] to (*k*
branrh** of ipmc* or pirn and coaat
down hill without a sblver *h>n th*
•now firw to our binki Hut th*
first day I put Ml long trooaer* and
regular aut of door attlra I nsarly
<lu-d from cold—which prove* that
II Isnt location or latltud*-—4t's tb*
way ana ts rawed that makes them
NEW YORK. Murrh r» -J"o
lira i •ommiwioo.r Knrtght «u
«4»kwi<l br Ottjr Cl'rk Mar
tin Crular thai the crtir prr>htt>
tun* woman from aotoktn* in
l><H>lio r !«<•»• waa a muiak*
CrutM Informal Knrl*M In * tat
tar that |t wu thru an «mr an
lb« part of a atibontlnala thai
tha fmllra ttapartmant wan of
firm llr ttflflNl that an antlnanr*
had baan paaaal br tha bnard of
aJdcrm.n and bj tba
It «aa ann»nn«iMi at tha «m»
mlmrtnn.r** < frfcnt (hat tha or (tar
laau*d la all policam.n to an
foroa tha auppaaad "law* would
ba imtiimM at onoa.
»*ainjrt th«a rrorn fur, from (h* and
of tl»a Mrtb. • • • and h» .hail be i
*"** ihea in all ihr piw. until i
thy hl|h and frflm) walla mm"
dawn. wherein thou inulntM, • • • j
and Iha I «fd * hall K4lt»r lb»« j
anions all paopla, from on. and of
tha earth a*.n unto lha o«h«r."|
Tlitt irmal rtiamlK owiirnd In th.
yaar 70 A. D, under Tlioa. ib<'
Hntnan general. Ha* lha l-ppular
and Critical Hlble Kncyc ope-li*. Vol.
S. Turn ajrain to Jar. *li I>l and
notioa under what a etrtklnc irm
but Ihla waa all teratoid.
Mr. MrVry rrfero to Mlrnh (».!
t-4. aa Rhciwing "how Jehovah In
Lima wUI mail. Jaruaalem hi. earth i
Ir »e*t »f ronrnnwnl to rula and!
bleaa all nation* according to hi* |
promlae." Now if Mr. MaVey wtll;
road Ihla prophecy carefully ha wtll
•ea that tha l>ord la tolling what th«
people will be aaylng In tha laat
'laya. And If h. la a yery rloi* ob
wrrrr of rurr.nl e»enta, h. will aea
that tha people ar* aavlng )u»t what j
tha L«r<l nald they would b. na> In*. !
A .Imnar phophecy 1. round In Imi. 3.
I would Ilka to rait attention to a
arrlpture that trlla who tha tru.
I*r«al are: 'They are not all lareal.
whl« h ara of larafcl; neither, berauae
thay ara tha «e»d of Abraham, ara \
thay railed rhildran. but. In iaaa.. j
.hall thjr «wl ba railed. That la. |
they whlrh ara lha children of th.
flaeh, ihr*. ar. not tha chlldr.n of
Ood, but lha children ot Ih. promt.,
ara counted for Uta aae«l." Horn.
!*.:•* Again, "Know y« there.f«r#
that thay which ara of faith, tha
•ama ar. th. children of Abraham,"
Oal. 111.-7. -And If y« k. Chrl.ta,
lh.n ara ya Abrahamma »eed.*
Varaa if. Youra truly.
Omtk, Waah
City Dads Inspect
Boeing Co. Plant
Mayor CklifwaO, mfmh»r* of tha
rltjr council and rapr«>aentAtlv«>w of
lh« Industrial burwa of tha Chamber
of Commaroa, w*ra tha micata, Tuaa
day afternoon, of Vlca Prcnldant K.
N. Clott, on a tour of Inapactlon of
tha Hoalnir ptnnt, whara 400
airplane* are being built for the gov
Monif'teck ruarant»» with
anil. Ixff the Tailor. 110« Jrd. A<l*
- 1-riidlnK
' . •» i. _ 4J> '♦ '!*.
1221 Th ird Aw
• r..1l H Ivm Vahu-* =gjjSsSj ■
in heightened Spring Exhilaration brings together the works of the best de
signers for Seattle women, who prefer styles of Fashion prestige, rich in their
fThe rrHwon U manifrwt Priced eminently
2. Uw.rTh.nO.h.r. £4 /fcT
wive ready -to - wear For Such Style w///f|)
biuiiner« on the C«»L ant | Quality J J \\JJ
Hundreds of New Arrival# almost daily—
all different in design but all alike as far as
TV smartness is concerned. A new thrill awaits
you every day.
Na» a»rtn« Oa». Wf»» af f * \ t F"i\ W 1
an • oni iii.ur, tnfow fnri JkVT/ t~ \ [ 1V T1 I
rollar. ■llk laaa.l trim- r*' tAJ M I L ' . \ J If r T>V MM
n«.l foil (ilk llr.»d. L.n.aW Imf fILAAL-. f IK l| «0>
Ml calora aad ilihvlO )/ j ( * f if ' f B
Another i. mJa' \ \
"•» *»rle» TktfMt r>r«aa. rurk- M| ' L Vp->ish> \ 4
New '* m«i». «•*>./ rr l/i
rUJ. trimm.d with all- • «/» / / \ 1
Triumph of **" •» •»*••• // J 1 /\ I
"Sweet Sixteen" 21 /rL&SW
The Knicker Sport Suit of all-wool tweed ttm'-iV."?
for hiking, golfing, riding, motoring, etc. ac~ao»a i» ia. *l6 - . . „
.y. • A ' , • , . ,•• ... " 1U New Bprt&v c*p« miit «f »n-w»«i
manrmhly tailored pinch-hark, silk- ••r** •:** «rim-n-m r
lined jacket wiUi four patch pocket*— ALSO— Suits, Coat* and u'U"» $l6
knickers buttoned down bides; skirt worn Dresses. priced the "Sweet
separately or over Jl/* Sixteen" way—
knickers «D 1 O f 25 to f73
"Sweet Sixteen" —Marvel of the World of Dress
One ran hardly conceive such a plenty of masterful creations in Dresaes of the finer fabrics. Coats and
Capes of High Crade Velours and Polo Coat materials, full silk lined; and silk-lined Suit* of tweeds and
other all-wool fabric*, displaying linen of unquestionable French origin, with embroideries and ornature
truly magnificent, and color* resplendent.
" * A n the Time
1021*23 Second Ave., Corner Spring St.
We Must Raise (?
in Ten Days
Too Many Shoes-Not Enough Money
If Astonishing Bargains in Quality Footwear
Mean Anything to You Don't Miss This
Women'# Shoes on the rack, Men's Brown Calf Oxford*
value* to $lO.OO
« $2.95 $3.35
HANDLE ■■■■■ «n^w—m CONFUSE
Women'* One- and Two- Men** Brown Calf Shoe*
ONLY Strap Black or Brown THIS
THE Cuban Heel Slipper* r 4 J"
well $3.80 sale
KNOWN Boy# . School S hoe* OF ODDS
MAKE OF Women'* Black or Brown AND
HAMILTON Cuban Heel Shoe. 35 END *
BROWN $2.90 " IN "BUND"
SHOES Boys' Dress Shoes LINES
Misses' Dress Shoes
$1.90 $2-60 .
Hamilton-Brown Shoe Store T f,2??.
On Third Avenue, Near Pike Street

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