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TPNT-SPAV. MARCH 29. 1022.
24 Junior Teams Entered in Star Baseball League
- * mm m
T E^ M 9L ***e Green Lake Juniors, filed an entry in The Star Junior Baseball
J ca «y * ue the last day to enter the circuit.
1 omght at 6 o clock the signed contracts of all the teams that plan to start the sea
son Sunday must be turned in at The Star.
All teams failing to turn in their signed contracts by that time will not be allowed
to play in the league.
St. Louis Browns Uncover Pair
of Baseball Phenoms at Mobile
ound City Club Has Two Great Prospects in Gene Robertson, Infielder, and Ce
line Durst, a Fly Chaser; Both Men Will Stick With the Club; Robertson Is a
Smart Tosser, While Durst Looks Like a Real Hitter
OB ILK, Ala.. March 29.—Two new tuiseball phenoms have l>oen entered by
th« St. Louis Krowns. Then" may be more, for one can never tell just
how far a young rookie is going to jump.
In the 1922 edition of Lee Fohi's pennant entry propping at Mobile,
Ala., there are 13 pitchers, two catchers, two infielder* and one out
fielder making their debut into major league society.
The two who already have attracted attention are Infielder Kugene
Robertson and Outfielder Cedric l>ur»t.
Robertson originally is a graduate of the corner lots of St Louis. lie
made the enormous leap from municipal baseball to the Browns in the
spring of 1919.
He tamed the entire season tinder Jimmy Burke for his experience
course and then had two seasons of minor league ball.
_ - ' I # m • as •% _a. A iJ_ fT A _4 0«»
isui>i i» navinjr his second season in professional hall. Born at Austin. Tex.. Aujrust 2tt.
1899. he played tn the home town aemi-pro circuit as a kid and then blossomed forth with
Beaumont in the Texas lrajrue last season.
There they are—Robertson and Durst, the selections for the phenom class with the
Robertson Is a shortstopper by trade. He is a short stopper alonjr the lines of Everett
| Scott of the Yankees and
f Charley Hollocher of tho
I Cut*.
I I A kfl hiBM It* hu ■ yaw-
Soring Grid Practice Next Week
SpfUNti football will he added to
th* Uat of vanity eporta next
w**k »b«a Coach Knorh UmpM*
trot* out bta Pigskin warrtots for
th*tr prt M*wn workout. Th* coach
•til put hi* mm thru aU w*<tka of
praltmnaxy training and wind up
Uk* spring **a*on with a f*w day*
if vigvtoua MrlSOMt.
frit the ntilty m«a and ftwah
«Mtead*ra who ar* not In other
iper** ar* *ipe«t«d to report. Th*
coach gtataa that Uttla conaideratlou
win ha given a man r»*vt (all who
»»n« to show up for tha spring
kmm work.
Bacgl* will bar* a tot mora b*ef
M the fteld thia spring than he
had laat fall (or bla varstty *qu*d.
itf meni vetaraaa ban* returowd
aad tha heavy fronh aquad wUI b*
a4d*>l to his strtag With the ra
torn of tha craw and track men
acst September th* eoach will ha»*
a agoad U»l will aqoai In power
.Varsity Sprinter# Show Well
pOACH EDMUSDBON w deveiop-
V> lac » CK* quartet of sprinter*
tor hi' bait-mi)* r»l*r t«® I® ""
annual carnival thl* year. Vtc Hup
ley. Cut; Anderson. Johnny Wilson
.mjt --snade- Coleman •'• tb* four
«ha look like Washington* contend
n is tli* special century and sjwtnt
rstaya. Komi Hall would be * mem
tor of Uw on. but tb»r» I* some
pntlon rrfudlßf his eligibility
E4n«lM has been holding
tryoa's for bio dash n» ir'W« week
the rwulf show little differ
ence In the four to date. Hurley -a
a coMlvtrnt leader m he ha* been
far two year*. Ma will be counted
on in tha low hordle* a* wen as tha
■print* Ha hold* Coast records JX
Baseball Cut I» Due
AKOTHEH aHee In Coach Mat
the wv baseball equad, which
will trim the club to about SO mem
ber», ta» expected any day this wee*.
Tna coach haa had several day* of
lair weather to work the men on
fba diamond and haa eliminated In
mind moat of tha superfluous
The Washington team look* strong
all department* of the r*me this
Htmn and Matty will hara Utll
troublc developing a elub that will
be a contender on the Coaat. The
Mtaon will open against Oregon on
Danny field. April 21. The flmt
game will be part of the Campu*
day prxram which la Included in
AB-Cntveralty weekend.
Morgan la a promiatng twlrler
that Washington added to her string
since Utat season. He hail* from
tha Middle West and pitches a go.« 1
brand of ball. Uaton looks ilka a
welcome addition to the string of
Tate ran pitcher*. He miased the
varsity t»am laat year thru sever*
Crew Make# Fa»t Time
CREW prwp»cti are a lot brtghier
anil Coach \**A< r »»»" » tn° re
pleaaant look a* he direct* hi* men
on L*k* Waahlngton thl* week. Th
va ratty tight, manning tha W;u>b
ingtonla. 11. rowed over the three
mil* count* tn l»:10 yeirterday. b»t
--0-r time titan any of th* crewa h*v<
mad* *ll *ea«on. The record for
the «mn», established in 1115, i*
Leader ae<- ma at laM to have
Jimmy Austin Is
Real Example for
Young Performers
MOBIL.E, Ala.. March 29
Ja me* I'epper Austin re
main* a m< mber of the KC lv>ul»
Hrownn J*me* I* going to cele
brate, hi* 40th birthday next I>e
c ember —• trlbut* to Jame* a*
he remain* a major leaguer.
He ha* been forced out a* a
regular owing to the addition of
Kr*nk Kllerbe, but that doe* not
mean that Jim *nd hi* bo* ' f
pepper are to skid out of th*
American league.
Quite the contrary. He I*
practicing shortstop, gecond l.**e
\ud even first baae thl* spring.
"Tb»- bo«» might ne-d me wire*
day," remark* J tun ee
Aspiring youngster* mlglit. nvke
a p«ge from Jim Austi*'* baite
ball book.
th* <hampH>nahip eleven# of former
Captain Boh Ingram will b*
mt*a*d nut month u tha varetty
leader la a too It crew man Jimmy
Bryan la working in travfc and Har
per la pitching with th* ba*»baU
■quad. With th*** Mrfpllota moet
of th* trrttratta of laat aeaaon will
b* on baud for th* apring workout
tlalltgxn may stick with th* hnaehall
t*am aod other* of th* rartdty
•quad Will b* pr*v*nt*d from r*
porting by conflicting work
Bill flrimm. vateran tackl*. will
appear one« mora in a Purple and
(iold unit rm and plug up on* »td*
of th* Ita*. Kuhn. WlawaJd. Wilson.
Brtrkaon and Holbrook ar* other
linemen from th* forah tiata that
will add beef and e*paelerte# to th*
iwjuad Hall, IDIU Qua**. Green. and
from th* fronh team, imilay. Han
ley, |Mt. Ila jr. PetHa and Clark
will bo available for th* backfjald.
the three events Anderaon h rot*
nlng him a good second, but does
not show the speed ha will hara
later In tha season.
Hall haa a particularly faat atari
and If available will ba a big factor
In !J»e aprtnl dlriaion. Coleman and
Wilson are running behind the oth
er man. but show promise of tha
speed they demonstrated in past
Washington will ba much *trong»r
In the shorter run# and dashes than
la other division# this year. Ed
mundson has few distance men and
n<> outstandtng weight men. The
quarter mllers are numerous and
will show tbelr heels to moat of the
410 men of the conference.
, competition, but Improved a lot ovsr
the summer ind Is dishing up classy
I*ll this year. Mackrnrta Is a
Canadian who can bat as well as
) twirl, and brings a nifty record
j from the Northern aandted*. With
Harper. Setter and Leonard of last
year and his new m»und«mi*n. Mat
thews will have difficulty clipping
his pitching string without cutting
out valuable men
Malonsy and Boyd are well quail
fled to handle the pitchers from the
j receiving end. Malonsy Is a "tweet
; bolter aa well and worries his op
ponents all the time. Welts I* a
wonderful second baseman and t«
playing as fine a game as ever.
Tor ran'-a. Btkke. Marriott and lywls
i»re likely inflelder* with good atlck
work as well as fielding.
Zamberiaio Is allowing a whip
that may land him In ths outfl"ld
| Instead of hla old third base Job.
"Miles. McMahon. fjardner and Peter
son are other stellar outer garden
I era.
formed * combination that
him and tb*ir allowing over the
cour** Indicate* "that hi* Judgment
i« good The time mid* wa* in the
aerorvl varfilly'* *he|l„ which i* *l«w
er than th' T>«, Wa*hlngton'« new
racing craft. The Tye* is being
looatened up in the oarlock* and
*llde* and pat Into final *hape for
th* annual r*g*tt» with California,
April 22.
Coach l>«der will **lect the
oourw thl* week over which the
reratta will be rowed. Th* **l«ctlon
will be determined on th* showing
of the crown over th* old courae
from Leachl to Madrona and over
the proponed route from the north
»nd of M<*rcer Inland to the
Union canal.
Plan* to *<nd the r-rew en*t to the
Poughkeepale regatta are being con
sidered by University eoftch** and
minagern. The winner of T.*ke
Washington regatta will !>e a strong
contender for honor* In the Boat.
Johnny Buff, world'* bantam
wi ight champion, has two tough
hazard* ahead of him. If tentative
bout* with Jo» Hurman and I'ete
Herman go thru. Hurman recently
book'-ed hia ntock » few paint* by
defeating Midget ftmlth; and Hor-
Ann, who lo*t th* tltlr- to Huff, la
goo 3 fwr a "mi an" buttle any Unit
he gt^sui.
erful *wat at th* ball for a itup «lx»
»tnn<la but I («t I ItictiM. *>l|hlii|
115 |>uui»li<.
With t ;*rt>*r **tt!«d for th*
Itrown*' xhortntop position. M.wuurrr
Kubl b) grooming Ko(i«rt«oii for the
luwril utility tuft*ld position, b>
prtrtlrinc him at aacoud but «»<!
third law.
lit* grnrral knowlMg* of bo* ball
I* what V|ii»<« Kohl ll* waJta
out Um plfrh«r to Um limit. U* la
a ■klllful buntar.
In fielding Hobby C fm a rmtnlng
•tart on Iho ball tha minute It etart*
on Ita rounw off the bat. Ha wblpa
the bail a«rta* the diamond with an
underhand thn»w *n<l play* tha alow
roller* In bark of tha pit« her with
•«aa. In plain word* ltob*rt*on la
ftawleaa a* a ball player.
I>ur»t W a r*markabl« hitter for
a flratyaar man. H* nur A* paired
along tha lin*a of Bobby Vaach—
that dutttlnf l»ft band*o type.
In r«njt*r fle'.d h* haa not mm* op
with a ningl* weaknoaa. Ha race*
in th* dlroction of U>a f»tc»a with
th* mmwM nt Trl* Speaker. b*
play* th* low liner* a* Jimmy Vhark
ard did doling hi* palmy day* and
h* baa an arm which whil* rot pom
vaetng th* power of Tllll* t\ »rv*r'a,
la "n* of exceptional *tr*agth.
With Dumt It la nlmply a queettoo
of pnllnhlng th* rough upotn. for It
la known that a y«ung*t»r having
had but on* year tn prof **a|on»l baa*
hall la not equipped with th* ram
plete knowledge of major league
Anyway. Tohl la poettle* that h*
haa two for th* ph*nom rtaa* In llob
*rtaon arv<l Ihirwt.
U—The find of tha training
camp aeasnn from the float on 11 raves'
standpoint la Pitcher Emast I.an
Manager Mltrheft has b~eo so tm
pressed by tha showing of tha
youngster that he has already noml
nated him aa one of hla regular*.
I»nslng Is a si* footer. weighs US
pounds and has a faat hail that fair
ly hops. Ha halls from fteriaselaer,
N. T.
Lansing was obtained by the Boa
ton club from the Houth Atlantic
league Wlitis his record was not
an Impressive one. winning It and
losing II games. It In no way gives
a lorrcct impression of his value to
his club
lie was one of fhe hsrdert work
Ing pitchers In the leasue and was
used a great deal as a relief pitcher
In ths minors he had • tendency
to he Wild, giving 15* bases on balls
but Manager Mitchell la certain that
he will soon overcome any lack of
flince Joining the Ftrnvea his pitch
ing style has Iveen slightly corrected
nnd Mitchell feels c. rtain It will tend
to heller hts control.
Lansing already has demonstrated
that he Is smart. In addition he haa
th« ability. Ml'chell already has
labeled htm a regular.
»»*N*rir.i.n. n—j— whit*. t*.-
kal.mft*. Ala.. hMi>, kiiwkH mil
l.a* ( auip, firialnirg, in nit rmm4».
PHII.ADKI.PIIIA. Pa—Willi* J*ek**n,
V ork ll*htw«l*ht. oui(H)lnt»i|
Krwnkl* Ml*#. BsHlww-, In s n •i*hi
rfiund bout CJaorir* I'hMisy, Haltlmora*
won from JI tnmy ttanlon lu sit rouuda.
JRRIRT CTTT. —A\ b*avy
wi>lKbt, knnrkl out Douglas. Nsw
York. In tha ninth round.
NKW YORK.—.I*4 U Vfw
York liHiilmn, w«m a IZ-r<Hirt<l Jinlff'i
ilM'iolftii over \S illia New
ffT ?>">l7lft Harry fCnhakoff autpotvt
•4 Marrsy Urtght In 13 rounds
HAS IT A NCTIC» Kr»*«l flultlTsn won
from Tammy atid HoMler II«h1
k«-r from trn both t»y d«rtalonn,
lit tha cu<l of four round*. h*r« last
T/>fl ANOSLBII -Twnir flmrg* 4#r*at
o>tl Hallnr \mrry. Hsn f>lag«« lljrhtweight.
In four rounds it Vaffion last rilght.
Manila In th" lirmp mar
ket in th« world.
Portland's Hope
He's Jimmy Middleton, right-handed pitcher, who
comes to the Beavers from Detroit. He'* showing
good form in spring training and is expected to
open the Season on the hill for his club.
Will Soon
Face Fans
Young Frisco Star Will Be
in Spotlight Glare When
Season Start*
b4jl player la gw»ng t® be
*• ' watched mora e»r*fully thl*
Bummer than Jimmy O'Connell.
for fear you have forgotten.
Jimmy OVntinell U the young man
for whom John of the New
York Olanta paid ITS.»©O to tha Han
fruiclaoa club.
In a week the Const lM|tM *e«*on
will lie on In full blast. The eye*
of the cynical fan* will soon be oold
ly analyzing hla work.
Not only will O'Connell h* recelv
Ing the one* over from the hom»
town fan* In Pan PrancUco. but all
over th* Cnlted Btates.
Tlie glare of the »por«lrir »f>t
light, however, doesn't *wm to hay*
change 4 O'Connell In the leant.
When queried a* to how he felt
about th* publicity that had com*
hla way becau** of the record price
Mi-Oraw paid for him. he modestly
■ Th* major league I* "'I" on* year
removed !am not giving a »lngle
thourht to the big «how I Still have
to make good In th* minora b*cau»e
I am as yet a minor leaguer.
"I am very glad 1 didn t get a
chance In the National le**ue thta
year lam *»re to b* a much Im
proved ball player In I»2S- I r*ally
need another year In the minor*.
"In addition, by 'hi* "m* rimt
venr a lot of th* fans will have for
gotten all about the |7V««O New
York paid for m* and won't c*pect a*
much when I make my debut In th*
ma )or*."
Tb** •• r*rt»Hilr #
aonlng hy one of th* nK*l advertised
young in*n In th* country.
MOH U.K. Ala.. March 29 Two
new m'mkn are now re*ard
ed a* regular* °n pitching ataff
Tt-»v are Hotlthpaw t"*v* HaJiforlh
from Columbia anil Wayne Wright
from I<ollU<T<ll*
They i.r- added <0 T'rb*n BhOCk«r.
Klam V»n«lM«r, lH«t6 l*vla. Bill
Bam* and Ray Kolp
The l*ftd*r of the flock, of four*",
la Urban P!<ock*r, who won 27
nam** Inat *ea*on.
Hhockvr If taking a *l<tw and
careful course this aprtng. Ju*t a
f< w week* anil he la In condition
to pitch.
Th» on* who la expected to pitch
the Browna clow to the penuant I*
Dan fort h.
Honthpaw Pave haa been In the
American league before—with the
Athletic* and the Whit* Ho*.
With Muck h* wilh a tender kid -
plucked too gre»n With the White
Ho* he did not have a chance to
break In with Oaude William*. Kd
die (Votte, Urban Kabtr and Dick
Kerr for the regular*.
Wright la a graduate of Ohio
Htate university. He w.i* tried out
by the Brown* two aeimon* ago
and a cotira* at l.oiil*vlll* *«em«i to
have fitted him for tho Ainuiu-an
i league.
The season starts Sunday. The schedule for Sunday's games will be published in
tomorrow's Star. All home teams must immediately obtain certificates from the care
takers of their playfield for Sunday's games.
In case the grounds can't be obtained the managers should inform The Star imme
diately so that new arrangements can be made.
The complete schedule for the season will be ready for publication Saturday.
Yankee Backstop
Recruits Fail to
Make Major Grade
tUu«i« ItuKßina ha*
decided tiut eoae of the recruit
N»rki"op« with the Tankeea will
be able to make the grada.
Thla meiru ha will again put
the catching problem up to hla
trio of Inet year. K<hang. IX-ror
uter and Hoffman.
While the Yankee ataff l»nt
the bent In the league It la far
from being the WO rat.
The fine atyle In which Pa
vormer came thru laet fall ha*
greatly rdmed any worry that
liuntiM mlgbt have had.
K'revloue to Devonner'a great
work, Hurgltvi felt that an In
jury to Schting epellod dtaaiiter
for the Y'ankeea. That altualion
no longer ex lata.
CHICAGO, March ?»—After fall
In* down l*dly a( th* start of
th* an-ond block of hla l.tM point
IR 3 lialk lino billiard match with
World's Champion Jake Behaefer.
here last night. Willi* llopp* staged
a remarkable oom*hack In th* final
•nnlnp* and put himself !■*< k In the
race. alt ho Behaefer won the SOS
point block. t>oo to 4M The total
now stiuidn. SohaelVr. 1,000. lloppe.
Hchaefer, who opened pis* with
th* I*ll* in th* *atn* pnaitlnn In
which they lay after he ran out the
first Mock with an unfinished run,
ran 157 In th* flrat Inning, while
Hoppe stopped at 43; at the end of
th* *econd period, Schaefer lad the
former champion, *OO to iT.
Hl* own failure to rmind Into form
In the early Innlnr* apparently had
little effect on the Iron nerved Hop
pe Hla play waa unsteady at titnea
Score hy Innings
Schaefer -157, 14». S5, 16. !». ft.
It. r>* 500 Average. 62 >4
Hoppe 4S. f>4, 0. 71. 17, IJ4, I«7—
4m. A veraire, tt 27.
rift Rosa Cubs have hopped off to
a good start In The Star Junior
league season ylth a pair of wlna In
practice games. ixist Saturday th*
Cuba trounced th* Seattle college
nine. 3r. to 1, and Sunday they threw
the hooka Into the Mt. linker Wild
rata by a 12-to-J tally. Both rumen
were plnyed nt 11 K Pay playfleld.
Tlie ("ill)* have lined up tho follow
ing talent for the season:
i'»!fh»r» f nhn M»wi> Ttioinii Watt
I'llr*hertf —Oirfn'i Alll r»on, t>on Mr
Kino has*—H, nardell
*.r„nd base ''arl rarlsoa. Ot*f t*r*e«
Thlr-t bawe tlerrv Alien.
Whnrtßtop—l.lle Hmuii
l,»ft fluid —Robert Kiansbaogh. George
renter n*M -nay Jea*»n, Fd»ln r>on
lllght field tlalph llankanson, Frank
Qui Morris and Boh ltoper are
billed lo do battle for 12 round* at
Tulßa. Oklahoma, on April 12. Mor
ris I* ono of the few active relics
of (he old "white hope" iluys when
every fighter of heavyweight pound
age was s candidate fo»' » crack at
J auk JubUi-ou.
Ruth Makes Mistake in
Playing First —Evans
IfIKR wfirr* |Mh> R«Ui piaynd lint baar In I (tnr at Now Orlaana
thr Mhrr day.
Tin- Si. ImU Cardliuh wrnr playing tlx- Tuihmn. II H happened
thai lUtir waa unfortunate moufh to boot a groundrr thai Isal U»
ball (am*.
The l<r«a of thai particular ball game rnrtnn nothing ta Roth ar tha
Nrw liirk rlub. Ttw fart thai Until played flmt baaa b the big thing.
Ilahf- llulh la tha maat viliaMo aaai-1 In baonbaii IUIUI la really
a mirk outfielder and a ulnurr beyond compare.
Ila Ik- Itulh h (Hit a firvl bowman anil tunrrr will bo.
Any tbnr liahe plajra tha Itiflrld In a rrcular (una. ar mil in
prartire. ha la taking an unnwiaurj < hanre. llr l« eonatantly rourt
•ii* Injury.
Until la rarh an (innimv attraction hla priamrr In Om llneop
me ana an murh la the Nrw York Hub, aa well a« every other Aaiart
ran Imiiw learo, that Habe »boo Id paw up any piemaure that ha gala
out of flr»t aarki. (.
Ilitanrr, Itabe'a liablt la pm-nftar to many of Ihr gunr'a (TTStIKt
atara. M<>at of Ibmi In prartirr alwaya work oat at a<xn« paaltiaa
other tlian their rrgular our.
Greb Is Confident That
He Can Outboz Champion
Owiqaeror W Todim)
WHAT tbuut a |ii with Jack
1 fc-mpw) *
That la a qoMtlon ft lot of fight
fan» and nj*rU have (irnd at roe
Htn< a my victory ovrr (SlbtiofM.
The way Krone of them put tin
(titration to me, I know they e*pe« t
n>» to timrr thai I liave no dealre
to mr«! the ■ lumploii.
if the public In enotirh Interested
to attend, ami mme HlUile promoter
! will handle the match, a Dempney
boot l< perfectly aOltable to ma.
NEW ORI-KANH. La.. March :♦
—The N*W York Infield will eon
•Ut of Wallle I'lpp at flret Aaron
Ward at m-nml. Everett Bcott, for
merly of the Hoe ton Red Km, at
ehort and J. Frank lln Raker at
Kicetrt at ahort. whera Rcott r»
place* the veteran Roger Peckin.
pnugh. thla la th« Mine combtmv
• lon an that which atarted the ltl\
cenipajgn. an 1 eaeept during per
kxh of enforced inactivity for linker
remained Intact practically thruout
the at anon.
Tlie only apparent we«kn»w» hi
thla arrangement la at third baa*,
where llaker la thought to he too
brittle to aurvive the wear and tear
of another atrenuoua race.
Raker la getting old. aa hajM'.-il!
player* measure age and hia lee.
are none too good Injuries to hie
leg* forced him out of the g-»me
for long pertoda at more than one
critical atage if the 1»?1 prrmnl
pursuit. It la fenrel that he will
be the victim of th j aa:na fate ugain
thla y«ar.
Fortunately far their ehenc** of
winning another peniunt, ItowvVfr.
th* y»nk*» ir« well i quipped vrllh
*j«tni itifielder*. Mike McNally, who
»o brilliant a g»me if« r re
planing Haker >ui again is
available for service. Hugg)p« aire
ha« McMillan, a moat promising
youngster, In rww.
Km a matter of fact, a bout with
D"-m rwey |« the ambition of ray life.
That la why 1 jumped at the
cliauot to take on Ulbbona. Roma of
«ny frteoda didn't approve of auch a
match. They floured (Jlbbona' punch
ing power wu too graaL
1 >own in my heart I didn't think I
could knock Gibbons out. altho I In
tended to try for auch a thing.
In one round 1 am mire 1 had Olb
bona In had abape. I really felt that
If 1 could have aeut him down he
would hava taken the count. How
ever, 1 waa unable to reach a vital
Never tn my ltf, did I train for a
bout am 1 did for the meeting with
I Jlbbona The fact that I waa aa faat
on my feet at the close as the Mart
proved that.
Ileal «l rig that Gibbons waa r»ner
ally regarded aa the logical contender
1 wanted to eliminate him and
thereby a in the poaltion he occupied
in the fight grime.
I feel that my victory has entitled
me to auch conakleraUon. I regard
niyaelf aa the logical contender for
the till*, deaptte my alae.
What 1* more. 1 hava hatter than
an even chance to win the title.
I have no thought Oiat 1 conld
knock liemp.wy out. That wouldn't
be my plan of battle. I would fight
| Mm much the tame aa I did Glb
»*ms. Gibbons haa a punch, but It
waa of no use to him.
I am honest when I aay that 1
feel that I can outbox I>einpeey Ic
a bout of 12 to It rounds.
There would always be the chance
nf a knockout by Dempaey of course
That would be the beat t>ct. There
waa always that chance Id my
bout with Oltihona.
1 am honest when T aay I think I
can outhox Dempaey. Of one tiling
I am positive. I would make a far
better fight than did Carpentler.
(Copyright, 1»!1. Seattle Mtar)
Ppauldlng's record book for the
past season In all departmenta of
profeaaionat and amateur a port* I*
now on the market, and the local
store Is expectln* a new shipment.
Tlielr first consignment waa email
and have been avid out.
Is Puck
St Patricks Smother Van
couver Millionaires, 5 to
1 in Final Title Tilt
*'•—An airtljrht
dof»n»« and ih«
uncanny aoci j»
riu-y ot Uyra
■hooting won
the fifth and he
ading icume ot
th i *orl d'a
r h a m p I on«hi[»
hockey urrirm
for Toronto
a<r*ln*t v&noou.
v»r here tact
nldit. ( to 1.
The Million.
aJwi were pr»ri
A Lfixtft nt thai#
i——— '< ■ * uu<t* of their
own lunou) "whole team" defense.
Securing »n »arly l»*,l of thr»» goals,
the Kt Pat* dropped back on the de
fensive and formed ftn a]moat impeii
i etrable line In front of their goal.
!>)•«. however, wan not satisfied,
i and, with the breaks favoring; htm on
i hi* ahota. waa responsible for four of
the winner*' five tall lea.
The Millionaire* were forced to d*>
S liver their attack from the center Ice,
>a their oocaaiona for Uoaein shoot
| In* were few and far between.
Adam* scored the Westerners' only
' goal in the la»t period, with five rnln
i ut«a to go, bulring the net while tl>«
; entire Vancouver team wsursubraerg-
In* the Toronto goalie witb a whirl
wind attack.
M. MHriß
T-ahmes .- QmJ........... Itsark
'"•el* ... iw«na* ... . . Cameron
tvfrnw smart
M»«-Kty . Ceatlrr Neaio
Adema „.Wlnf Fmrift
*hlnn«r . . Win* I>ye
lufarea—f'oopT Srr.<wton. Montreal
lire iwri«4 —1. *1 Citrlfkf T>ra, l:#t|
1. St. Patrick* r»r». I:M.
Seeend period-!, gt Patricks. r**aen
-1»» 1 »1.
' Third p»rlAd—l. St. Pllrl'lri, T>ye 1*IS:
j K ai l'«»r»rV«, li)«, !;©•: I, V*.ieou*«,
Aluni 14 0».
I*lret (.•'-lort hf IHertte.
Fmrlle f«r tvaanea
flamr it period Andrawa far Dre;;
: Tnbln fop J-hinnar: Deranar for Fraytla;
.Skln.r frr Tohln. T>ya for An<irawf
t Third partod—Oklmafl tor A<\
ra/>» for Skinner; Smylle far Denaaar:
• Mar kltO'i** for Irya.
Wial parlad—Sktanar. I aatnat—. taw
art. 5 mlnnt'a; MarKar. I mintite*.
Raond rteiiod —Adama, J mlnntaa.
I Third parted - Adam#. I mlavtea
Bobby Barrett, the nfw light*
weight flash. who Jolted the com
! placency of fight followers the coun
try over by knocking out nymie
Gold (Oakland Jim Duffy) in three
round* at Philadelphia recently, la
no flsah In the pan, according :o
Jack Kcamn, who has Iwn handllnff
Duffy since he went Kast. Kearns,
*ay» a New York dUpatch. thinks
Barrett will climb to the top of the
lightweight heap. If he will develop
a good left hand to back up hM
already highly-developed right hand.
And Kearns la a good judge of

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