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The Other Mayoralty Candidates
As The Star views the nui)orally campaign. the mast important need is to insure
the defeat of Waller K. Meier, the candidal? who is hacked by the highly-orgnnired,
generously-financed amalgamation of city county politicians and special interest
This, we are convinced, can best he accomplished hv the election of Dan Ijindon.
Charles H. Miller and 11. S. Turner, whatever may be their personal qualifications,
have not rallied around themselves a following which would seem to make them real fac
tors ia this race.
Dr. Edwin J. llrown, peiennial candidate for all sorts of offices, is making an intel
ligent and interesting campaign, but is not meeting with the enthusiastic support of
hknr and radical forces that he has been accustomed to enjoy and which he must
haw la very large measure if he would expect to be successful. .
The remaining two candidates, in the opinion of The Star, the best alterna-
Un far the voters who for any reason might not rare to support lAn don. Ira D.
1 aailj I* a business man of good standing, forward-looking. conscientious. He ia
Mpadalty acceptable to what is often called in city politics "the church crowd." As a
tMftdbaaa for two years I.undy made a satisfactory record.
T. J. Cunningham Is being enthusiastically supported by some of the veterans' or
gaaisations. He, too, is a successful business man and apparently equipped to handle
tht dty'a affairs ia a fearless, intelligent manner. He is of a more conservative turn
Of —Kul, poUtiraly, than either I.unddy or landon and betrays le*s sympathy with the
Ihwuiwt of the average struggling citizen of nmall means.
Either Lundy or Cunningham would be nrfatljr preferable lo Meier, backed h.h he i*
by gpirUl Interest money and city-county political ring*.
The Eternal
■Mhr, I—l»H IP af the He.
Wmllw Hd rtwi birthday *f
QgMka MillliaMau agal* la
BMdy tm year*.
rrtnarOjr kb a roßgte*. fea
«nl Christianity Ni rallying day.
aa wbkh Ik* wfc* wandering
*Mp Mm t* A* fold to hear
tagpfctog imam thai git* nay
a atw la*ai aa Ufa.
n» «MI *f Kaater ta the spirit
«ff ta* Biaai'i ai Iten—*f spring
Hll awmbening af life, hope and
kmhaa after the long death of
iWll. Ia thla aenae. the Kaater
IBM ti *|a*rrrd area la heaib
• aMatrtea. Tb* budding Hly
■■i Aa Imm egg *r* symbolic
gf t*a atemal raMrth of Hfe.
La aa Ml+r*. thla Kaalar to
faMa a faaiwi U» best thai
b to as and tea* lha fatar* with
g»i«B Itor* Utotiwri and Chrte
Maa Hakai to *ar fellow*, atrhr
tag la «gtead lb* (tod aplrtt *f
aC *a ywr
t hmrn taar4 M mM perhap*
MM */ DM genfleaun en »A« re
yaMtcan e«d« •' Me houoe ran tell
«M tM m« W IK' Ho*.
<>»«■ Melton No* M*» more (*•
ImHmnl le ID« preee nf ud *on -
MnttM fkon any alfcrr per»on
Mt I* ar «t« kta km cnwrM
■M IM ainiKUtralion, Mr«»l
s !■ >ap» IK* lata lamented "Bo<i*t
mmttm General. dM /fan tern
Id*. »>»ii p<u*tno brought w*
jftamNi raoMiU /rant *«<nc a/
fki Mukri a/ IM* ksu< an tat*
Mm a/ the eialr. —'JtrpeearalaMi*
itflw* tD.). AUx.
CMmi* plana la Incrraae tke pap
af paHormes ate wafca good 1/
Chance for Us to
Kin and Make Up
QFttm Mm Vwhon Inland N»«»-
Tfca North Rnd folk* hare m a
flMi ainplr In kfteplng alive
Um mmmml "raaa *haw " l» it
ptapil far n la aaggeat at ihla
Mm that ilrpt be taken at onre
to aa aparate with Ihla organita
daa and rmkinr thin iimmrr a
"UrawWll / fentival" with the ro*«
glW«rf Wa believe the thing
VMM take like wild fire and
*mU gtw whoiraome and paying
Ml'iH«hn to eur bland*.
Our thought would be to aet a
lv, hare an eihibition of rone*.
•*1 a dinner of aorne kind in
MbkJi atrawberiiea would major.
Gat It known In Taconia and He
■ttla and harr them eame. PUn
far a motor trip aver the two
Waadu, have name sort of an in
farnal program with all polities!
■peatlie* rut out, «how the m«l«
Mr greenhoune*, our poultry
hna, our fruit* of all «lr*rrip-
Him, and eaeh home ownrr ran
ba • committee of one to put hi*
bouao In order, and e*peelaily hia
iratmb We are n-rtaln It rould
be Made a mmt enjoyable day,
with bat little npenne. and would
ba an effort Ifkr brrad rant upon
fIM water, that would return to
• hnndred fold.
taw Mermiblr *pot roiild hr
WImM, Ukr tha Island park, and
IN Maid allow tha Taroma and
flMttl* folk* that, Ijinf midway
Wtwffn ihraa two rill**, w
»nM br the loflral ground* on
•Mth they roil Id kin and maka
dp. Shall w» do ItT Isfn lirar
front Ihr roaa Hob If thry'll ap
provr of thin plan.
Jfow, In o«* *«n*a of th* vytrA. I
w\<iy tr, rUmtified a* i "tel." /am
to favor »1 water trantpnrlatlnn
Iteprennlathe Chalwt'ri (R.f.Ohio.
A tip Irapur brill pliyrr rraket
WMfff aoiw 1/ than a burylnr and
Ht'irty a* irnwli l« 0 bootlwggitr.
"Kri tr kUt pour vl V brfnr* a
crowd." toy Rorla] Hint* Should
tha croud b« kitsrxi fir It f
The Seattle Star
»r *«N t«l •# «(tft t*r MMtft | «•«!)« r M • RMRIIM, ft tf I fW
• I H. In lla HAU mi fKiftMU ftf III* •••*•. 9»< m*m*K
|« •• ft* • »•« (•*• m* It M r*' ••» rtff««r rlt» llr ft »•••!
Being fair to the auto drivers, the kids should
put up "aehmr" signs around their marble games.
They are fishing for booze off the eoast of Flor
ida and may catch some pickled herrings.
Sweeping the floor or spanking the baby is a
fine golf substitute.
Business: Big
and Little
Hl* kwinaw ia getting bigger.
UtU« bualnaaa smaller. Thai. la ■
nutshell. I* what the l". a. bureau
•f Ite cenaua baa found b» a
study of auiiafartvrtiii establish
meat* la Ite I nlii4 KUin
K>rrj III# T*«r» Iho rattans
compitea facta r**erlng atanufac
taring The IfIV ranaa* flfiim
aro n«w Wramlnf aaallabla.
Thee* am t.PM.371 »ai« mm
ara omployed ta aunufarturiag
laduttry la tilt.
Of itew. M l per r*at war* i»
ployed la III* establishment* ha*>
lac aror I.M* wag* rnrnm aarh.
Ia I*l4, lb* pffmlaft of *i|*
—I ucr* rmpl«) ed la litis rlaaa of
maMlilwmiUi waa only ITS par
mil of the l»lal «a«» earner*.
Thus tiw Increase In llvo flra
year |*r<id waa >1 per cnl la
the number mploffd la Ms e*
labllabtnent*. At Ite aame tin*
the number of infii nrwn n»
ployed la ealablUhmenla having
from one la flra weftert no
ployed, l>K< RKAMKD I S per rent.
And In erery rlaaa af aatablish
men! the IncrMM In number* of
w*c* earner* employed aa k»
Iween Itll and Iflt waa smallaat
In Ihe establishment* Ifflploylai
few worker* and irealest In **■
lAbllahmcnt* employing large nam
ber* of workers.
More than half of all lha wag*
earner* engaged la farter? pro
duction In 1010 worked In estab
lishments employing mora than
!M wag* aarners aarh.
These figures bear oat almllar
Increases recorded at each eenana
period. The concentration of In
dnatry In the handa of big bus!
neaa rontlnnea ateadily and little
buaineaa juat aa ateadily I oar*
m/n (Sink l»»v know »o
•our* tliep nuoht 10 look thru IKe
enry< I'.prrlti Jot mlnlok**
*( Ptul man Irttlflr* hl< irlfn
uprnd* JV/.IM yorly on ''o»mrt|rf.
/Ika trill pel Pllnlrr't rollr.
And *h»t* Ha WHlk.d ajraln tha UIIM |rn
Tint *lorlotia flay In aprln*
Whan Ha n-aa rlncn, and a faithful few
Kan* Honanna U> tha Kins. *
Hom»tlm«a I doubt my faith In that flark houi
Whan all thine* »**>tn In vain;
But In th« aprln*. with Hl* pur* Illy flowar.
Mjr faith onpiiwi hark nf aln
-V/or your
T\ Tir* * T * /" «rvn w « w
*f Tfta
r»fcJi#hiMf rift,
What Has
Happened to India?
India baa 11».g?}.13* lahaM
lanU, according ta lb* renin*
registration In Murk
This git*-* ber about Ihreo
time* aa many people aa *ur
country . parked lata three fIfI h*
•a much Mrrilary
India waa Ihe original melting
pot *f aatteaa. Saw, after a
glorious ancient rltllltallnn and
prosperity. ah* decay*—land *f
famlaa, powrty, d>iaa»e. Ignor
ance, a Viper*! It lon. eaat* *y slant,
midnight doopatr.
WW A merle*, a tot thousand
year* from now. be to lh* aaaia
condition 7 Thai depends *a how
w* muw i* our aaloral r*-
asurrea. heahh. Intellectual free
dom and Meal*.
/ ba*K> fka lte*;ili fk*f f IktsJt
(owned poa. trtfk Ike
Itetglli */ pr*re, «ad not •/ rial,
lo Jiie pan (Se ejrpccfcd »«it—
Jrrrmtak M*ia 11.
a a a
4 pollflrvsl ctefory, * etae In rent*,
tke recouOrp a/ po*r lirk. or tte
retiira a/ poor abaaaf /rtrud. ae
aoair alter /si arable tirnl, rataea
pour apirif /lo not krlicic It.
A'olklsp raa pou peace t*l
pouraej/ Sol*i»a caa beta* you
pence b«f Ike trlnaipfc */ pnort
yWi Halpk H'aMa Haterao*
Ify district romprlaaa lea* Ikon f
par real of iHeai /am l*/oeincd
bp tke ililrtrl attorney tkat due.
tnp Ma frrm a/ o/flre- that ta, star*
Ike boptnaiap a/ Ike pear l»tf 7#
pee rant 0/ nwiVbow /or Ike l-io
la'uiat */ Ike niyrollc and lltuot
tarn tew been o/ alle*a Mepra
•calnllM I'ollr fit./. Cola.
We liMr a lot abowf
r*le tut l*<v •"« to Wan #jr-
C'pllaii iMlrwl 0/ a rule.
TklrlvWn people wr« «iir
in .Veir fork 101 l month, but
Ihlngt ar» illll <T»u<d*i
II fi hard 10 I'll wh*t h»r finking
m'tkrt 100/ crt or io«/ar« Mi< /uJi
KrUrilng. ym rofoieo wSfH joy
•probable and full of glory.—!.
Pflrr ( J
i Candidates and the KL K* K.
j Kan or Th# lUr:
Whll# lli« t|ifft r«n( candid#!#* ar«
tm#y dactarln* thrtna#iv««i to th#lr
atand «fi th« diffmnt quwatlona that
h#v# i>*#n ftinniuaily brought b#for#
tl*« »t>ot light, lit# paramount mum
j lion Hint lh# colors) |i»o|)li •»f H< itt
ll# WOtlM Mk« I# haV# HftHiWH wl In.
"Who, anion* lh« a*|ilrt»nl«, m«
n»*'*mb#ra of thr Ku Klu* Kltnf And
I lo tho## who do not prof#** mnmlmr
lahlp th#r#tn, "What U your itlllud*
lowiMi th# Ku KUii Klin?**
Th# qumtlonfl propounded are of
Oratorio "Elijah" a Success
Editor Tha (liar:
f am plaaaed to acknowledge wtll>
apprei-la lion tha aplandld co opart
Hun of Tha Htar In th* publicity cant
palgn In connection with tha re,-ent
I production of tha oratorio "Elijah "
without which, I am aura. It would
Compares Wilson to Trotsky
Editor Tha Htar:
Kee that In Monday'a Klar R J.
Wltaon of tha |*üblta Ownarahlp
league haa made an appaal to tha
sittaena of Haallk for mora propa
ganda money a>mcat to ruts tha va
cant property owner* of tht* city
Ha aay* over hla own algnature,
"Don't forget that tha apaa>ulator In
vacant land* only paya ona amall
'land tag.' rMlculoualy low aa com
pared to what you pay*
! Will call hla dlract attantlon to tha
fact thai tha vacant lot owner paya
In addition to th* "*tnall land taa."
for aratar main*, grading, aldawalk*
paving, ate. aa wall aa tha amatl
hum* owner dora And In tliouaand*
A Good Word for Dog Pound
Editor Th* Blur
I with to lUU a worg of
Hon for tha *urk of the rltr dog
pound and *1 lh< asm* lima pra»ant
■ ranaon why II thuttWl not tw> luniMl
v»r in tha Human* aortal p.
Tha Inatanr* which I mi alwul In
rtl« M only on* of lk< mart)' that
luppxi during tha month, Hi which
n*gl*tt lo mention tnil Iht
man at Ih* dug pound Mtir *at Ilia
•-radlt whlrh M dua Ui«m, Im'mil
many paopl* ar* pr*Judlr*d »|*lnM
llv»»n. and Iha general public i* In
' llnad to Iwlltva tha d«c natehar la
an enemy t« all dogs.
UM MaturdJiy my doc. tr'nf l»
hind th» not*, aiid'lrnly want mad.
and foaming at th* mouth. chaawd
my Matari and ma fini Iha houaw.
After much work w* finally cor
natwrl him In • apara bad r<»otn and
lorked htm there and baraus* I did
not know what eie* lo do I railed
th* (l"» pmnd In apit* of th* fart
I hat It wa* after quitting t|m* and
th* man had atartad for hom*. h*
■•ma to our awatetancw. Within II
■ninula* aftsr our phon* rati ha ar
Teachers' Salaries Again
Editor Th* Rtar-
On* reason why w* ran not leave
lb* aehool aalarta* alotia will b*
round in tha followlnc art I at a from
tha 'School Board Journal** ip Hu
Jttiy. lilt, i'ub'.tahad In llllwauk**,
"ttaattl*. Waah.- It*ductlnn In th*
laarhlng and iup*rtrlaory ctaff of th*
■cboula and th* aiimlnallon of car
tain tour***, notably on* p«rtud
baneh work and cookery in tha *IA
mantal arhtwila. and of sardanlng. all
to accomplish a raductlnn of CM.m
In th* arhool la»y hav* b**n vat*.]
| by tha achool board
"A minority report for a commit
taa of Ih* whol*. pra*wt)tad by E
iKhorrock. praatdant of tba hoard.
charr*d that lh* oonnomiaa Indira tad
ara not *ufflrl*nt. and that th* im
Jorlty by rarommanding them, had
Umorwd Ih* oonfaranr* of counly,
rity and port offkal' for tha raduo
tion of nitmidlpal aipandltur** Khor
: imk'i r*port atat*d that aa munici
pal a*pandit-jraw, no protiounnad r«
ductton In taxation rould ba mada
without a •VIMTAKTIAL CirT IN
THE PA TROLL. Tha action of th*
, majority hold* tanchara' aalartaw for
Swinpmish Slough and Booze
(Editor The Mar
lotM llni« ago an article appeared
In the columns of The Mtar telling
of the mysterious workings of the
nocturnal boos* runners along tha
"fair Hwlnooilah "
Moat of this talk we hear about
the rum runners along Hwlnoml*h
slough Is constructed merely upon
wild rumor* Kvery tlms a stranga
boat vtelta U Conner It la looked
upon with suspicion and tha men
aboard ar« supposed to ba liquor
smuggle ra
Awhile hack an attempt was made
to rob the bank In the tittle town
situated on the brink of tha fair
Swlnnmlsh. Every stranger waa
looked upon with suspicion and
whenever a strange face appear* In
our mid*!. a report
■prlng* up that he must be a "hoot
legger," "bank robber" or "stool
pigeon "
Wblli It may b« po**|hla that a
boat ladan with contraband goods
paaaaa fhru tha fair Hwlnotnlah or
Can Germany Pay Her Debts?
EdHor Tha Star:'
It hut haan naked In thaaa rnlumna.
what la tha chnnca of lha I'. S sat.
tin* paid for quartering har aimy In
Oarmany since th» nrml*llra Hpaak
In* *anarally, from tha point of ylaw
wa haVa at present. with tha vatu* of
tha mark at 100 for 11, and over, tha
rhancaa look pratty slim That la,
And yat If wan rloser and *ea tha
people at thalr work, wa are corn
pallod to tiallaya thay ar* making
money Tha fiirmer* ara busy aa ran
ha, aupplyln* lioina market*. and any
ovarplua find* a reudy aula In neigh
boring rountrlaa. Machine shopa and
mllla of all ktnda ara flourlnlUng,
laborer* and me< tianlc* ara hulldln*
home*. and going to tnovlaa, and
putting monay lit tha banka. Jtua
lna*s la good. Hhlp building la spring
Ing lip ngain, Irada route* ara being
aought. and manufarturara ara aend
lug thalr warn thniout tha world, ao
It la aald, and wa huva every reason
to hellev* |t la true Than why thla
•pparant contradiction?
If It la trua that tha people ara
prnaparou* and gattlng ahead, how
la it thay rannoi pay thalr dabta?
I,at u* roe non In tha flrat plara, lat
tia lay down aa an axiom thai lha
hltfh aluntlurd of money values hua
< yltat lnt*r##t to th* Jrw ind th#
Catholic, a* w#l| m tha n*icro. Riid
lh# rank and fll« of tho«* ru<<*« and
p#«»l»l# hav# 11 til forgotten that it#
r#«<#nt f < p«Hiui ## of thf kl<*n '# Inner
rnu#t a*»cr#ta, rtvNlxl tha fact Uml
wr h#v# |ir«n mUlofU#! by thrtn «#
«i|Hh iil t« of Ui#tr creed of hat*
and antajfonlam.
W# are gi'inic almni for th# "law
abiding," and not "taw riding" rand!
data. H##p*rt fully your#.
Hos 411, Mtatlon If.
hava baan Impoaalble for ua to hava
achieved anything Ilka tha aaina da
graa of auccaaa
Thanking you for your aplandld
and wholehearted aaalatanoe, 1 am
vary truly ytAir*.
of caeea In thla city to tho aatant of
practical aelaure of the property, aa
atleeted by tha number who hava
abandoned their property refuatng
to pay further ta«ea In ca*e of the
' (taaalng of tha ao called Krtckeon
three cent fare law, thouaanda of
other* will be forced out
Meaara. Lenin, Trotaky and com
pany are carrying on )uet auiji a
acheme to horrify the whole world,
and I believe Ihla Public Ownarahlp
taagua atuff If peralalad In, will aooti
hava people leaving 'hla city Ilk*
rata from a alnklng ahlp
ll doe an't aeatn that they are aven
trying ta play fair, but make their
"appeal* to prejudice only
I* n M ("UtMCKr. »»« Kifth ara.
rtv*d, atlll In hta b**t clothe* It wa*
evident ha wa* going aotty w her*
and after much work and no ainat!
danger on hi* part. aur«**d*d In
getting and killing tha do«
I waa iatar informed that th* d»(
had a bad caa* of how Una hydro
phobia, and hla bile would b* a*
potaonvu* a* a raltl*anaka trtta
I und*r*tand that If th* work of
th* rlly dog pound la taken over by
th* Human* axiaty thara will b*
no do® catcher Who, than, will
thara b* to call on In oaaea *u<-h a>
; Iha abov*. Even In tha mlddl* of
'he night thaa* man ara at our a*rv
' lea
Now tha** m*n ha a* been In that
a*rvtce long and have bean faithful
ito ihalr mirk Why ahnuld th*lr
r*w*rd la to )oln th* rank* of th*
A* long *» they rootlnoe to work
aa faithfully aa thay do now, th*
work ahould ramain In thalr hand*
not iniaii to that of tha llu
■nana society I thank you
Mii« K M < IS'W.
m W Howa St.
It Jill ml tha currant atandarda"
Tha capital* ara mine. But aa f
ramatnbar tha meeting on July 11.
UM( both Mr Hhorrwk and Mr
Kantnayar pledged themaalvea to
try lo bring about a radurllon this
Hut now wa ar* told To LEAVE
Th* tut of ISiO OtM mad* no roduc
tlon hrt tax** How could It? Th*
ar bool expenditure* ara fSJIT.tIT It
what pwrrantag* of that sum I*
Teacher*" aalana* ar* tl.lll.?ti.»:
If p*»pl* ran t work out perrentagaa
•ucaly thay nan work addition.
Th* offi, a aalan** ar* I 117.«0.\ »7
Janitors, engineer a I! 4 111 71
rwrantal achool *alart*«.. IT »«4 U
Wlilrh added la th*
loarhar*- *aiarl*a 11.11t.7U I 2
Total 11.M1.Ut17
Which make* a dlf*r*nt percentage
Trusting thaaa flgur** ar* not too
"tlrwaoma "?
710 Nob Hill Ava
! castonally, yet It haa not been fully
proven to be such and wa all ar>-
more or l«*ae too hasty In our Judg'
ni*nl of mattera.
The Hwln«m!»h slough. Ilka alt
other alough*. I* but a body of water
no different than tha raat. and la not
to b* questioned for Illegal acta
which iru>> here and there lake plaoe
Wa cannot blame the pen for writing
acurriloua mattsr. for tha as me pen
will picture the puree! scenes In na
According to police record* auto
mohll* truck* are playing the big
goal game In the handling of bootr
Wliat 111 tie "g<xi<l»" might come by
way of ftwlnomleh slough I* compar
atlvely small when shied up lo other
mean* of trans port at lon In sum
mlng up the affair It can be truth
fully aaid that ftivlnomlsh slough
pales Into Insignificant when com
pared with the thousand* of other
plare* where the handling of Ullclt
good* la com-erned s fl.,
I«a Conner.»Waeh.
vary llttl*. If anything, to do with a
high standard of living And yat an
othar: Olvan two Mamlarda of nionav
valuaa, tha nation haying tha lowar
haa tha advantage ovar tha hlgliar In
tha world's markata. Peculiarly ao
I* thla trua whan Oarrnanv and tha
t' Kara comparad. .lust at praaant
wa ara at tha paak of a gold atand
ard. whlla Oarmany'i atandnrd la
many polnta below.
This halo* tha caa*. It 1a obvloua
sha ran inanufarlur* good* many
tlmaa chaapar than wa run. by using,
agrlualvaly, har own raw malarial,
and pay tha workman what thay eon
slder good wages Alao aha could
laka har gooda to all parte of tha
world, which ah* la doing, or making
ranily to do. and a*ll cheaper than wa
<an and maka mormon* proflta, and
bring I>«rk tha gold. With thla gold
sha ran bagin payln* har dehta. It
la thla *old tha alllas are In constant
watrh for. If tlma wara glvan har.
and lha prlvllaga of ralnvaatlng a
portion of tha gold *ha takaa In. In
10 yaar* aha could hava a larga part
Of har dahta paid A* lt> la now, aha
will navar ba abla to pay, Kven tha
small dabt to lha IT. H cannot lie paid
In TiO yaara. Tha nlllaa, apparently,
would ralhar hava II so. Thay would
rather aaa Uermeny sweat blood of
iKtt Kulk*
Tli" clock of Tim* cue* Unking on aa 'lay t Im* follow* night,
with auuny day* anil cloudy <l*v*. with gloomy (lay* or bright;
the yaatwrday *« eiumhlad down Ihi dreary <*f iu«n. tornoi .
tow Kaeter Hiindav noma a to Inlng u* Hip* aataln
l ium bleak 'tolgotha* angu'eh. with ll* aftermath of douht,
wh*ti the light of faith (rrw dimmer, till ll iicarly fllcketad out,
tlmi a aid* th« Katk-r |t»lll)|, whan they horit the angel* aay,
"It la K**urr»ntlon morning w» hav* rolled tha atone away"'
And »<•, In y*ar* *uo>' nllni, cornea tha prrmla* Kaater brlnga
■ hat path* of grief and Borrow iaad to higher, batter thlriga
(hat nigh' I* avar black* at Ju«t before th* bieak of day, and Ood
I* avar with ua till tha atoha la rolled away
Hut why mntliif ihe imnilaa to a alngle day a yaar. whan
every day'a an Ka*t*i and our t)od la avar near? f»r tha truth.
If w« could aaa It, la a ronatant ray of light, bringing dally reaur
rc tifMi from tha black naoa of tha night.
Ho |at ii* hava tha eatiraf* to tiagln aach day anaw. and gr»at
each dawning morning with th* freebnea* of tha daw, for today
I* alway* living, tho our yaa'ardaya ara daad. and Ufa la all
bafora ua if wa only look ahead!
couraa. I can't blama tham much
than to let har get atartad to aa
Kami h«r raaourcag of labor, raw ma
lerlai au<t ganlua, aven tho thay loa<
It la a caaa of "cut off hla no«e to
■pita hla faca," and th* I/* M , ap
patently, aa aaifiah aa any of tham
I think I her aotna ona aay "!.at
her trada marka for gold. If ah* haa
no gold " llut how can aha wlien it
taka« joo marka to equal IIT There
la not enough value In all ilarmuiy
to keep II Up five yaara Mha would
t>a bankrupt before that time Itut
Hera la my prophecy If the aillee
give her a ehow, which la the flrat
■ onditlon, and moat Important In 10
yaara Kurop* will he In tha mldat of
•ha greatawat hoa>m aha ever aaw, and
America will he looking on Hera
ara my reaaona for thinking ao: Oer
many nae>ta raw matarlala Hha can
not buy from ua, nor anywhere In
America, be. auae of her low alaitdanl
money value Mut aha daean't hava
lo (the hat a large field of low
atandard money right at bar door
Imminence of Christ's Return
Pallor The Mtt:
I wonder, In this day of vaullaua
probiama, how many giv* thought to
th* real problem. on* that concaraa
th* *ntlra human rare. vHL, tha Im
ininanrw of f'hrtat • rHurn to earth
to aat up Hla kingdom on tha rulna
of aarthly amplraa
In I >anl*l 11 wa ar* told that Nabu
rKvlnraar had 4 dream wl.ar»ln ha
<lr*am*d thai ha saw a crawl lma«w
with a f>rm Ilka a man'a, head of
cold, arm* and beewM of ctlvar thighs
of (>ra*a lag* of ir n and faat of part
lion and part clay
I >*nlat interpret* th* oia«e aa rap
resenting th* oouraa of Gantll* world
supremacy. from N*b»rhadnerxsr a
Hm* down to tha overthrow of flan
"'a rttla and th* aetilng up of Chrl*t'a
Hlatory Inform* ua that fh* ftnas*
hu been fuirtlad In th* nmaalrl
world amplrw* of Babylon. Ua4a-Nr
•la, Oi**--* «nd Roma That part
only remain* to b* fulftllad which
eonatltutM th* faat and th* to**, and
Replies to Mrs* Blair
Editor The *iar
When lluaband Blair loot Ola foot
ellpped from the par'«U of
School Watrlct No 1. then the Keat
•to schools began to d»l»rtof*l«. Mr.
Cooper baoame * arhnnlni poll! iclso,
and groaning Uiwm ud tuff»r
trig ss payers mm* In'o eil*i»nc*
Not suddenly. you understand. for
lli« propagandist wort* •lowly;
«pr»«urs upon *a« h < hang» In th* cur
riculum tnumulaM data which
may sound <i»trimental and al*o
maJke food front pan* publicity whan
th* opportunity arrive* to uaa It;
atudlM statistic*. iheo prr**nl« lham
to tha public a* a m*as uf figures all
lending to prove that tha Una of da
eiructiv* criticism U correct bayond
a doubt, thua clouding tha laaua of
iiaraonal tnlaianlm
[*>e» ih. public study thee* fig
uirt and ciitrk up on th**n'
tkiN tha public know that whan
the one tlma achool architect used to
go srnbllrv* down tha Urahatn at.
hill to tha carllne around » a. m
that rnand Wife waa not at all con
earned about taxea and whether or
not ha waa riving tha taxpayer*
value recalve.l for the aalary peH
hlmT To all appearance* ehe
quite aatlefled with life and condi
tion* In Haattle
When Mr* Ulair wrote the letter
published In The Star of April • *he
moat have bean rather excited, aa
■he wa* woefully lacking In a num
ber of facta
! am not a teacher In the Seattle
achool*. If T a»*re. professional <*>ur
tr*y wou!.l prevent my taking laaue
with a acliool patron
There are no "amlrchea" agatnat
Mr. Hlnlr I do not know why he
left the employ »f the achool district
I am not concerned about that. I
»m Interested In the chang* of attl
• tide In the writer of varlou* artlcl**
on salaries. room rent, mhool coMa.
school rating*. P T. A., grievance*,
amoke scc*ena, etc., etc.
I did not advlaa Mr* Blair to
mori to a M-foot lot I siigg»-»tad a
10 foot lot.
\(ora atiitiatlca. Sha doaa not glva
tha data whan building roata In
rraaacxl howavar
In cMr I did not quota Mr Itlalr's
■Hlarv corractly. I ha* parti on Tha
arror waa not Intantlonal. Tlila I do
know, It waa not far from 1400.
Imrln* tha two year* wa* on tha
siibatlHila Hat I did not r«-calv» It
montha' iiay for 10 montha' work.
Mr» Hlnlr knows very "all that
avarv auhatltutr la paid hr tha day
and only for actually apant In
tha school room And furthermore.
Rtf.M. k. Maltbews
• lit prtarh a Mrmwi fltinday
morning • ntlll»«1
\MTOK\ mtui \ IMM< 4TION
Th« public la InTlUd to th»
Knifhfa T*mplar Nrvl<« at I
•'•look BuhJ«rt:
Mid TIIF, 111 HI .r
In l!i« »*»nln| •übj«rt
•*»enth and Spring
Uueala. Poland. Wla via. Rumania
and other* l>loyd Gaorge aeea these
poaalbllltla*. which la why ha feel*
*o much inclined to recognise th*
Muaalan government Juet a* Hl* He
*e*e a great field of raw material in
I'.uaxla at low coat M* feel* that
'iermany mutt be allowed to work
•rut her own Mivatlon tn bar own
way Ma realizaa that Germany la
In lha midst of a great opportunity
If aha la given a chance, and to hog
tie 'her la to hogtl* th* whole of
Kurope It I* not to Germany** In
t*r**t. ao much aa tha alllaa. that the
value of the mark ha ralaad. for aha
could go for year* without It, and do
rnoet of the world* trada If th*
'ienoa conference do** It* duty. It
will make a strong endeavor to raiae
the money value of Furopa And If
| tha V. H doe* It* duty. It will ram*
off It* high hocaa and lower It*
money standard, by paying tha *oi
diars* bonus In government nates and
let us have a boom bafor* Fu rope's
begin* H. B W.
wa art ramlnrtad that In IK* 'daya of
ibnaa kln«a° (or klnidoiw aymbol
i»1 by «h# f*at and toaa) "aha!! tha
(tod of h«*irm aat up a kinrton
which ahall navar ha daatroyad."
Tl»t tfila kingdom la Bona olhar than
Chrtat'a own ktnr-Vwn la arid ant—
an averlaattng klnjrJora, wharaln par
ixtuai and ayarlaaUng paaoa (hall
fpon tha ruin* mt tha old Roman
amplra wa find UMlay a nurebar of
•* pa rata klngdoma o* nation* How
aaar. tha faat and toaa of tha tmajra
li» not nacaoaarlly llmlta* In *op.
to lha tarrltory of anrlant noma Thar
ran ha aatandad to amlvara alt tba
world power* of tha praaant day
How admirably tha praaant world
powcra atill tha prophary ~Soma
will ha atrong and aoma partly brok
an"—«h!a la tha altoalloo of
tha powara at thta Mma
How far ®ff Chrtor* rwfwm may ba
wa do not know, but I ballava It will
ba dut-liif lha Ufa of tha praaant
world power a. J. B.
that married »otn« Br* an as the
euh*»ltute tlaC
I>unn# thoee two >Mrt w» owned
our booM and paid tun thereon
When aha aaya I am a Meettle teach
er evading • Keattle tax aha la either
aadly m lain form ad or la directly mi*
repreaentlng facta. Aa to tha aoup, I
aw glad it finally arrived.
There la on* point upon whjch
Mr* Biatr and I ap** perfect I r
"Interesting are tha worka of natura.
especially aome bralna " I am teach
ins la Seattle, huebend earning a
«oo<l aalary. owning many a area. ate.
Final Mra Blair, good nan! I didn't
know the** tilings but If you aay ao.
I aay "How fortunate 1 an."
I«< ua agrea on one mora point
and give three roue!rig cheer* for
Mr Cooper, the. man who hag ba!R
up thla excellent anhool »r»tem Tou
know aat well a* I hie true worth
Tou know there wilt never be en-
J Safety of principal is the JC
I ' In I pgT»tt| first concern of shrewd rp
J| i t J-jl investors or savers.
With a savings account at jf
1^59 Dexter Horton is'a- ,
S^dD N id tionai, the depositor knows J -
tnV |HH his money is under United i
■_ H| ■ 'IHI [I States Government super
tM [■ IWj n vision and is always ready < »
IyWLJ 3jU |l| w 'h' n he wants it.
, ~ JtHH| Saving Department open
Saturday evenings j.
Dexter Horton
National Bank
Second Ave. and Cherry St.
T'.dey'* word 1* INVKfTIVK
It's pronounced In vacktlv, wlib
accent on th* aecond syllable
It mean*-a denunciation. *r> urg
satlon, 'tpprobrlum. <w«um, (Mpr<.
ha nil words.
|» cornea from I*tln "In ■»l»oi »,*•
to carry or bring again*'
It's u«*d Ilk* this 'Much l/iv»«y
live I* each* tlged In MiiaU debate* "
other tn his position who c*n take
his pl»<-e and do what ha haa dona
tor Heultle. Too bad that th* Wat
month* of hla carter aa a public
worker ahould bo marred by politi
cal hirhllng, but a'l'h la often Lha
rmjm with a great and good man
View of a U. of W.
Editor Th» Bi*r
Aa a unlveralty student who It
wor kmc hla wajr thru school and
who. Ilk* hundred* of othara. depend*
upon Keattl* fir ma for work. I wlah
to proteet againat tha Crlckeon *tre*t
oar m*a*ure aa a plan full of danger
to unlveralty student*.
Fifty par rant of tha atudan'a at
lh« university earn all tha iw>n»r r*.
qulrad for thair education Thtny
par oant mora aam part of thalr *g
pence* W* faal unemployment and
hard tlmaa here aa quickly aa any
on* Job* lo Heattla mean *duc*-
tloD or no education for many of
ua Wa would Ilka l-eerit tokens but
wa hava Judgment enough to know
that raising H*at tie's tax rat* lolH
oente on every dollar of Mi'wad val
uation will kin off hundred* of Joba.
Wa know that If a manufacturer
hare do** stay h* will have to make
up that taa increase out of wagea
It hit* u* again Thoaa who hava
studied this •» perl mart know uni
varalty studanta will pay mora lo Uva
her* under tha bill
Many of a* rent mom* In home*.
Tax** on tha average home-renting
room* to students will be Increased
!««. My room rant go** tip a few
dollar* a year Tha Gamma Phi Beta
sorority houa* will have to pay l«00
extra lun D*xt year under hla plea.
Th* glrla ha** to divide that up. Th*
Phi bait* will pay mor* tax**
oa thalr hotn*. W* are wlaa enough
to know that th* *tor*a ara going
to pa** on their extra tag. We know
we oant avoid absorbing *om* of th*
Bon March* axtra $71,00* tax. So It
will b* en all thing* w* buy.
Many of u* hop* to make Seattle
our horn* after graduation. Wa must
hava Joba Wa ara nat optimists
enough to think Industries win corn*
or th* on** here expand or remain
hero If Beatti* ha* th* hlgt>**t tax
rat* In America. No one haa darned
that will bo the oaaa. 1 hop* unlver
*lty •tuilen's will not let a I cent
token m*k* them |o*e elgl.t ot th*
dollar a little way* off.
aidlkt MAHxrrrr.
Kaad and TTaa
Twill Oat What Tow Waal
Who can aolun
taar thalr aarrleaa
ta eanraaa tbalr
aut mr platforma,
mtiat halp ma
thla work.
wlo caa
tha paopla.
Mala MM
Any raadar wh« atiffara from Aath
ma and Hay Paaar >*■ ba quickly
curad without rtaklna a panny thru
tha ramarkabla dlaroaary of C.
1 rtvaninod, 1»»» B W Bird, Roaa
caia, Kan. Dun't aand a panny—
iuat wrlta Mr. and
will aand you a big bottla of hk
praacrlptloa on It <taya' trial. If *•
rural pay $1 It Othcrwiaa you eaw
no thine —Jld*artlaamant.

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