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MONDAY. MAY t. 1022.
'-pillS Removal Sale is an event of importance to every home in Seattle and J
L the Northwest. Merchandise offered in this sale is of dependable quality 9
and priced at figures that make real bargains. Our credit terms are so hi- I
ranged to make them suitable to each individual want. You must Ik> satisfied. 1
The sale is rapidly approaching the end. Make your purchases now and par- R
ticipatc in the savings. |
3-Piece Mahogany and Cane Living I
Room Suite. Removal Sale Price JLI3 / = a
'' jp
!:)'mir I;»n»11> .^11»
ffl Mahogany finish frame, cane panel, web bottom spring mr A [jj
= port; loose comfy cushions filled with springs; sunburst^| luU 5
= pillows on each piece. Upholstered in Baker's highest IW V M 5
quality velours. Colors are mulberry, blue and taupe. W S
Twelve suites to l>e sold at the Removal Sale price "5
I n=n fiRUNBAUM n=n
ixj Credit p* f*> jQt mmmm ■ ■ Pike Meets Q
= Extended -. -. x li.iiliii 5L -A. J Fifth E
I I rURNTTUrtX CO. INC. 1 ' |
Money back guaranty with evary
lit. Laff. the Tailor. lIM Jr«lAd*
Op»oe»e«r'»t and Q»ttf la■
(t,i. r.—i-ed ••aageriMe*
ft P
trr B»lee Mlh. AKnL*
It! !"••« »• nVHV
Tat Mala *** l.
Don't suffer longer with stomach
Can now be had at any drug etora or
aent direct for II 00 and |3 «• by Joy
rer Drug Co. Spolunt—Advertise
Sherman.Jlay &Ca
player piajo $395
Fads about this l<rw- How it will brighten up your
player piano home Jjfef What a j o H y gat h cr .
ing-place your home will be!
BACK—SI* post* of aolld
l " rd,,,uod - This price—#3os is for
BOUNDING BOARD fiel.rt. . 1 I • I /* II
•.I »pr U c* properly an instrument bearing the rull
bridoks Bni)d rtx-k m.pi., Sherman, Clay Qc Co. guaran-
IIIB« Carefully ■•I •01 • d
spruce. tee.
pi-ATK B'-ii meiai. y sma ll down payment,
BASS STRINGS —Ov<r«trunf, fill 1
copper wound. and the balance spread over a
T qulm'y w!r. ,rrKINGS A 1 broad period, will make you
TUNING PINS- -A 1 quality the owner of this player piano.
»teel, buahed.
CASES Double veneertd
throughout, cross bunded.
HAMMERS—AI heavy all
wool felt.
VARNISH -Hl* coata of tha „
b.<rt polishing varnlah, pro- [1)15?* g-m
finuh* a uut rug - g Sherman J®lay &Ca
Rrasa trimming throughout—
thr.a r «iai*. Third Avenue at Pin®
Manalve -compact conatructlon SEATTLE
—mathematically correct mala _ _ . ,
•—tru« ton. quality.
Motorist Escapes
After Injuring 2
Mr and Mm Italph Pllleirrtnl, 1324
Interlaken »»•.. wera In l4k«W«
hospital Monday aufferlng from body
brulaea and several broken bones aa
a reaull of an auto accident In which
their car waa overturned by an un
identified driver on Weatlake av».
near tha I.ake Colon dock, Bunday
Two children. Jimmy. 11. and Kted.
S, escaped Injury, together with
Liberal* fleamottl. >530 Inter taken
ave . the driver of tha Illlegrtnl auto.
The other car hu not been located
by police.
To Hold Inquest on
Man Killed by Auto
Coroner IV. II Coraon Monday an
nounced thai he would hold an In
queat Into the death of Oliver West.
14. a painter, who waa killed on
OUva at near Beventh ave,. early
Sunday. by (i. I*. Ohelton. ii, a for
hire car driver.
Hhelton waa releaaed after Coraon
had made an Investigation. Rhelton
aaid Went waa walking diagonally
arroaa the afreet and that It waa tm
poaalble to avoid atrlkliig him.
MKMIIKRH OK tha faulty and
students of tha Himpaon tUbla In»tl
tuta. I*l W. Mth at., are holding a
picnic Monday at Nnoqualmla Kaila
Left to right: Misa Annie Mar Wright ami Mm. D. M•
NAHIIVU.LK. T«"iin , May 1
Brtvcry ?
Tha "Battalion of I 1h" mum
hat* barn playing In lha huah Iraim!
Kor, afiar wa'va all pretty wfll m(
t|a«l down to tha tvnrluilon that
whan a woman * mouaa tha out '
ural raat Uou will t»> a a«raam and !
a quirk aa«nt to tha top of a * hair. I
along coma Mia* Anni* Maa Wlight
«inl Mra. 11. M htapl'i ami kmx k
\hat truth htghar than a rocknl liat
Kor thaaa two wuiuan ara rat
Thay < atrh anough rata avary day
to maka tha fam<<t I'lad I'lpar of
Hamlin look Ilka a pikar
Might now thay'r* waging a rat
killing war In Naahvllle. Thora wara '
"Passive Resistance"
Strike Is On in East
—Twtlvf waake of ktlrnfw finds a
deadlock •• firm ae »ver ih«
w6rk«m and otnrr# of the cotton
tnllli In the I'nwiuift valley.
atnke. which haa spread a lea
arhera ihru lih<M)« laUrnl and Into
lUmrhunilu and New Ifampahif**,
la tha moat i url«>u« of |<tb"r wara
It l« a itrlks of "paeeiva raalat
an<-a"—-lika Uiat pratchal by tihundl
in India.
Havan thousand er« out tn tha dot
an vtllagaa of which thin Mi tha cen
ter. Aa many mora ara striking In
'ha liU< katoua valley, near l°aw*
Tha atrlka la mating tha Amalga
maiM Tntila Work ara* union (7.100
a w»»k. Thay ara running II frv*
raatatiranta ami a fraa aitoa r.palr
Ing ahop
Tha etrlklng workera. rtvat of
whom live In ••ompany houaea. are
tiling rent free Murne are even get
tin* tnllk free from the mill owner*.
Kohody Ima been evicted. Nobody
la (nlni to be evicted, uyi Kdward
V. Walker, eecratary of the fthode
■aland Textile aeaorlatlon.
The houeei are moatly two family
fnm* building*, ranging tn rent
ff.m TS rent* to I < a week In the
villa** of Natlek I* a a<iuarw of 20
teneinenla hnuelng 40 fanilllea. which
Lift Off with Fingers
Do*«n't hurt a hi it Drop a little
"KrteflOfte" on an aching corn. In*
that corn atop* hurt In*, then
Hhortly you lift It right off with fin-
K*rn. Truly!
Your druKfflit aella a tiny bottle of
•Freefone" for a few centa, nuffl
clent to remove every hard corn, aoft
corn, or corn between the toe*, and
the callueea. without aortinesa or Ir
ritation Advertisement.
H Nature Has Her Remedies
rpifi: INDIANS knr« the tr'il rurntlve pnwera of
X mich li»rh» na Carrara. Cinchona. Oentlan and
Ani(i,»tiir* for atotnach, liver ami bowel Hllmenta.
H fcs J KAKK R0()T tonic
SnrlHal furnlahea them today In convenient and
K^K-kSWNV'Iff condenaed form a« a ayatein-huilder and
MB revltallxer aclentlfloally compounded In
i ] our Kfeat, modern laboratorlea. liuy a but
'*'•'■l tla today.
1 'at all rkmaht.fi imtHIUHTI
.. 1»> PPPwpH
ji I'ortluiicl, Orrgon
100.000 caaual Ira among (ha enemy
In tha opening day of their cam
Thalr method la atmpta By ualns
lh« iMrliiin mrbonata prtx-aaa they
are e«table<l to enilre the rwjenta to
thrlr death In unlimited numbera.
Whole cltlra are relieved uf tha peata
within a few daya
In the pirture. they ara rrady for
tha fray In their regulation working
coatuinea. tloth ara Vlrglnlana.
While roommate* at a Virginia
college, they reaotved to follow noma
unuaual career, outalde tha beaten
IMth. Ilai catching la It.
They ara vrterana now. having
waged rat-exterminating rampaigtia
In It atatea In the three )ear* alnce
their graduation from college.
unkm offlcl&Ia call tha "Garden of
In the center of an unkempt emirt
yard la the community pump. Near
by la a combination wath houae and
latrine for the uae of all 40 famlllea
The houaee have no water, no aawer.
Bo g«a or rloirlc light. Tha kitchen
Move, burning wood and coal, la »up
l»i«e.| to heat each dwelling
"YVhefi It rains lt*e a horrible
placa." «a>a William 11. I Jar rick,
etrike liadi r. "Hlnke amply right
out onto tha ground and rafuao la
carried In pant th« pump
»htrf all tnual g«t Uiair drinking
Kent wna always tak«*n out of the
wurk»r»' pay fnvflofrt The sum*
w« true of hills for tnllk. «*!, wood,
food iind riot Mm until th* mill own
r rw •om« month* «|<i sold !hi com
l>nny store*.
The atrtke la agalmrt a 20 per rent
wave cut and an Increase In worktn*
houra from 4* to &4 a week. The
ater«ce *e»«\ with the reduction, la
11" 40 a »<-<k. Pnx-ficitlly every
family haa two or mora workera in
the milla.
"They can't live on that." *aya
lierrick. "L 4* |n« la higher than In
Providence. Round »t«»k crxt* 47
r»n'a a pound. e||< (.1 crnt* a dosen.
butter (1 centa a pound, potatoea 44
rente a peck, coat lid Uv a ton, wood
111 a cord."
People who cannot com" to the
free rtitauraTita ordfr* on
grocerie* for baeketa of provltlona
Th# union ta |*ylng It a way by
a*ndlng glrla out to collect funda
from workers In other mill centera
Thirteen mill* are ahut down In
the I'awtuxet valley. The national
guard wa* on duty here am) In the
Illackfttone valley, but there ha* been
little trouble—one fatality near Paw
tucket being the wor»t nnd the eo|.
dlera and their machine guna have
been withdrawn.
Musician's Mother
Is Killed by Fall
NTCW YORK. May 1 Mm Roue
Grainger of White PlaJna, N. Y .
mother of Percy Grainger, the com
poaer and plan Int. wai killed here yea
terday when ahe pluilftd from the
Hth atory of the Aeolian hull build
In* It In believed that *he fell when
leaning out of a window Shortly
before her death »he complained of
feeling dl*xy. Her ion, who wa* In
l«na AngHea on a concert tour, left
Immediately for the Kaat.
Workers Out Taking
School Census Here
All perioni tn Benttle between the
a«e* of four and 21 years will he
tinted within the n««xt three weeks
by school crnaua taker*, who begnn
work Monday. Ninety two people
lire enrolled aa cen*ua takera. The
reaulta of the cenaun will determine
the current achool fund.
tie will celebrate International
day at 8 p. m. on May 1 In Painters'
hall, 191* First ave. HeprcMcntattvea
of various organlzationa will apeak.
the IRHiiES ES.-
Our Windows Will Tell
gut i iaa ;mmbs be - - . —... IMBWr^—Tr —-»-■■■—■ ■ - ■- - --r —n—imr—P
/I M/4K 0/1 K S/J/.E OF
Domestic Piece and Yardage Goods
llinnrallr Nw llon—l pper Main Floor.
Noteworthy values that deserve undivided consideration,
and timely materials for immediate practical use. Specially
priced for Tuesday's selling.
New McCall Pat
fern 2688 Small Figured Challta —Special 13c
t 1,000 yards of small figured challis, 36 inchai
wide and formerly Helling at 20c a yard. Special
•its printed for Tuesday, a yard, 13*.
T"' S i m ! Plain and Pattern Ginghams—
A Btyle that c . . 00
would make Special 23c
up as suit- 1,900 yards of 32-inch ginghams In plaids,
ably in Ginjr "tripes and plain colors. Formerly 30c a yard. Spe
ham as' in cial a 23 <*
Challis. 1t s Long Cloth—Special ISc
ii simp e, oom. joo y arf f s 0 f excellent quality 36-inch long cloth.
lines are com- formerly 25c a yard. Special Tuesday, a yard 15*
f fortable for
S u m m or Plisse Crepe—Special 25c
rlurJH ;>•m wear * 400 yards of plisse crepe in colors of pink and
McCaii. i*»ignrr »nd rirtorui white and very suitable for lingerie. Formerly
k*«i«w I'Mirrn*. selling at 35c a yard. For this sale, a yard, 25*e
W'» lU«> Them All.
Beddina Specials Fancy Dress Voiles—Special 39c
JZZZ fLI of Fancy Dress Voiles. 38 inch«
•raiiopo'i u »d cut corner*; wide and in a large assortment of patterns, r or
doubii- bed «im. »u*to incii#». iiaavy merly 75c and $l.OO a yard. Specially priced for
weight in »>i »A»«rtment »f Tuesday, a yard, 39*.
•• .«-t pattern*. Formerly f-'»0 " '
All *V nol ItlaiikHk, II paJra of Unbleached Sheeting—Special 55c
"Zm** TiZunL V„ r , C h n sTr'.s'u 500 yards of an extra heavy weight unbleached
ind. M ; tu or i. aiivnr my with sheeting, priced special for this event, 55* a yard.
black border* and mohair binding*.
S°rT«? 110 " HP#cliJ ' Mth ' Japanese Luncheon Cloths—Special
, 100 cloths, size 48x48 inchesthat sold formerly
i with aiikoiin* an<i bavin* for $1.25 are offered at each, »»*•
0^' rmrrh ,T i 0 *"*" 150 cloths, size 62x62 inches, formerly selling
•1 (Offiforia w»h rura at $1.75, are priced to sell at each, $1.45.
00 Cloths, size 72x72 inches, .nd formerl, *2.21
or,, i oict, ara pink. blur and yai- each, are priced to sell at each, $1.»5.
low. In double bad alia. Formerly
s \M.ui »u„l:u oV wT, h S» Towels and Toweling-Special
CO. .on in nw ha-vy wai.hit ««d Turkish Towel*; 600 25x48 inch towels and full
r/ <x.m rou.r. bleached. Formerly 50c each. Special Tuesday, 3
Hlir «#*«o Inche* Formerly 14 &«. for $l.OO.
Tu**.'lty Mrh, 93i78.
I'iUow ii«« «r a mMium weight CraHh Toweling; 1,000 Crash Toweling, 2,000
muaiiD. aiaa 4;»Jf yards, 16 inches wide, yards of unbleached, all
£" u "Lh'iw." and half bleached. For- linen toweling, 16 inches
srainir.. i»«i M»e*i* of hi»ach~i mer i y l2Vic a yard. wide. Formerly 25c a
ahactuur. In doubi.bed *taa: Special for this sale, a yard. Special, a yard.
Inch.-* before hemming. l-ormerly .
$l6O. each. }ard, lO*.
Four Children Cut
Off in Crokcr Will
N'KW YORK. M*y I,—Richard K-
CroWer, Jr.. nn of Rlohurd Croker.
who died In Ireland Saturday. eUled
i.xtay that all four children of
Croker had been cut off fr«>m the
father'* wtata. velued at |1.000,000.
The rntlra utata. according to
Croker, Jr.. haa i>.u>ee<l Into the
hand, of tha Indian prlncaea bla
father married In 1»1*.
Daniel (1 Vucetlch, prealdent of the
Commercial Co. of Europe. 10J Ye»ler
way. la orirnnlalnit a wunpalan. with
(he aid of the Serbian aoclety, to
ralee fund* for the relief of victim*
of the recent Monaetlr dlamiter. In
which 40.000 peraona were killed by
an exploelon.
•the STORE FOR USEFUL arthm.es-
Store Hours—B:3o A. M. to 6 P. M.
Garbage Can Dry-Hand Mop
Special at $1.49 New Low Price $1.69
Tuesday wo offer you this 16-inch galvan- Come in and hav ® our demon
ized, corrugated, strongly constructed garb- strator show you how to make
age can at a very low price. mopping a pleasure. Use hot suds
Has raised bottom and fit-over cover. —never wets the hands. No
Special at f 1.49 niore l,a <*aches. no more stooping.
Made in Seattle See demonstration in basement
New Low Price 91-69
Special Paint Up
Warner Poultry Fence Excelite House
10 Rods in Roll -Q ■ n a a.
86-inch, Roll $4.59 lU. I*3llll
48-inch, Roll $5.19 I—
-60-inch, Roll $5.98 ;D~ ~~~ ~, Callons MCA
72-inch, Roll $6.89 l|:: ■
woven fence JBp Quarts -$l.OO /S-frrfttS
reducing the cost of a =S= = 1 A wonderful ■)
complete fence similar to Hp; ~ £ = house paint, f jl
cut. " r made in Seattle. i'
— Preserve and / f<n"V VT**
12-Tooth Steel How beautify your
. home.
\ Rake
UfJjSjjJJMI , Regular 83f Radio Head Phones
s9c Ju.t Arrived
I'AMtIDATKs tor the achool
board will (peak In the aaxembly
room of the Ravenna itchool at S
p. m. Monday. RrpoiU on candl
ilalu for the cltjr council, port com
mlsalon and for mayor will b« riven.
The Only
Kill S Mil N<. \M» OIJ)
Uklldrrn, doga and birds are
perfectly safe with It.
Frrilllarr— A « All (*rar«ra
I. K1.41 t'Kli UKh I keiaUla
Men'* half aolea, $125. Beat whi
oak leather uaed. Übertjr Shoe C
pair, next liberty theater.—Adn
Can appendidti* be irumnled
a**ln*t? Yen. by preventing lnte»
tinal infection. The Intestinal tntk
if pt Ic, Adlerlka. acta on Bcmf
upper and lower bowel retnovlnff
ALL foul, decaying matter whlali
might Mart Infection. EXCKmOft
for ra* on atomach or chronic eon*
otlpation. It removea matter whicl|
you never thought wna In your mym
tern and which nothing elaa can
dlnlodire. One man re porta It M
unbelievable the awful ImpurlUaa
Ad-lcr-l-ka brought out. Swift Drug
Co, cor. 2nd and like sts. Bartell
DniK Co. and other leading drus*

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