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Terrorism Tried
by Criminals in
Chicago Jail;
Fire Started
CHICAOO, May I —Terror Imi tae
tlca fcy hardened criminal* In the
Cook count\ Jail were quelled today
*hrn Warden Wenley Weethrook.
•Ided by gunrtl*. whipped the rlotera.
The men were token from cell* In
dividually and flogged with CUM,
Until they cried for mercy.
> The rioting had continued nearly
■•II night. The men beat on their
with tin ctipa, broke furniture,
•at fire to bcdclothlng and mat
traa*** and threw burning brand*
from the window* In an effort to set
the building on fir*. The outbreak
KM In protest by the priaoaert
M»ln*t curtailment of vlaltlng day*
'from two to one
• Finally, Captain Weat brook was
••rut for Arriving at the prison
Weatbrook entered the tlar with a
"half doaen guard*.
• "Coma on, you big bum. wall aat
Inn alive," one prisoner yelled at
• The Jailer opened the call door and
-ftMht It out with the rioter. Tha
'artaoner had obtained a long Iron
■ Mwdgeon from breaking up his bed
'VwhrMk carried a blackjack.
•When Weatbrook emerged from tha
,«rD hie blackjack waa broken In
ferae places and tha prtaoner «u un
One by one tha rlotera were
Whipped and the tumult gradually
4ted down, only the groans end
■loan* of the beaten men being
Rejection of Allied Note
Would Mean End
GENOA. May Soviet Russia
today held tha fate of Genoa In It*
Rejection by Russia of th# allied
Dote would mean th# end of tha
•caoornio conference, observers
Conditional acceptance would em
fclinw tha divided allies almost as
Everything. tJoyd George de
clared. depend'l upon th# Rovl#t
.Srpiy and knowing th#lr advantage
ka Russians took their time about
Tha British pr#mler mad# thla
lat#m»nt la a conversation with
h#ad of th# FT each
Barthou brought back with him an
•Otline of th# French position, as de
tmnined by his conference with
Mtar# and the cabinet at Parla. It
jn* two-fow.
iSI. Wane* would agree, h# said, to
a!Had not# to Russia, If Bslglum
France would sign tha non-ag-
HIM pact, as modified by Bene*.
HHHtooho-fllovsk'.A. If tha lighta of
treaty were protected.
auggea'ed thla toft th#
MM m*va at Oenoa to Belgium Rut
UM Goorg# decided otherwise.
Tva aant our note to tha Ruwlan*
Without th* French and Belgium «ig<
Bilai aa W# must stand by It. Tha
—fai'uni« now waits on tha soviet
fire shot» at a fleeing auto
• ftt Spokane are and Wecnnd ave R ,
' early Monday, tha driver of another
. machine aet out In pursuit of tha
, Both ear* ware be In# sought Mon
. lay by police, who believe they may
'£•** been rival bousa runnara.
' Tha two autoa became ttailed at a
{railroad crowing while a train waa
The drivers ware engaged
tn ar. argument. according to tha
Watchman A.« tha train passed ona
Of tha ears aped away, when tha
Other sat out after It and opened
VANCOUVER. Wnh.-Al(r !«
Fears of wedded Ufa. Hugh Junor
sues Mary M Junor for dlvorca on
|roundii of deiwrtlon.
Toy awl tr>(UWH' Hex h»sd
»cti«s* l»sr«">«s' Oe te Dr.rCdmnaila
balcony. rT«Mr Pil*fon Ce.— Advt.
Increases the
action of the
Hundreds of men and wo
men have already found
freedom from laxativea by
eating Pleischmann'a freah
Doctors are now agree. 1 that
proper elimination of waste matter
should be brought about by food.
One doctor comes right out and
state* plaialy that the indiscrim
inate use of cathartic* ia oa* of
the ctuaN of constipation.
Physicians all over the country
are recommending Fleischmann'a
fresh yeast because it ia a freah
food, rich in those elements which
keep the intestines health y. In on*
series of tested cases, normal
functions were restored in from
t days to 5 weeks.
Try h out for yourself. Becin to
day by adding 2or3rak rsofFteisrh
nwnn'i Yeast to your everyday
, diet Keep it up and *ee how nor
mally and regularly your intestine*
act. Be sure it's Fleiirhmann'a
I Yeast —the familiar tin foil pack-
I age with the yellow label. Place a
L " Uodin « onkr with Tour jroco.
Twenty minutes before this picture wan tak< n a levee ivatchman had walk r J nrro*,* the
spot over which the photograph shown the wateri of tht Mississippi rushing, and reported
that hr saw no hint of danger. 11 was hardly more than an instant after the first tnckU
of vater had broken thru the dike befon the gap was 2.10 feet wide. The swollen stream,
at the point illustrated, ii flooding the toydrus plantation, 14 miles below Sew Orleans, in
St. Bernard parish.
Great Lakes Canal
Project Is Boosted
WASHINGTON. M«y I -Backers
of the proposal to raniwi l th# Oreat
!*kM with tho Atlantic by a deep
channel have high hop#* thai the
Harding administration will aoon
take definite and favorable action.
Charle# T Craig, of Dwluth. Minn.,
e*ectitlve director of the Oraat
I>k»Bt. Lawrence Tldeweter aaeori
atlon. who wa» re<-ently here In the
Interests of tha product. aUJ
"Tha neit etep wa look for Is an
ITMindit between tha United state*
and Canada, covering the develop
men* and u*a of tha waterway. This
can be accomplished either by nego
tlatlona between tha eiecutlve* of tha
two countries or by legislative action
by cnnima and tha Canadian parlia
Meanwhile, opposition to the pro)
act la getting batter organised
Opponents of Die measure, largely
from New T«rk and New Rngtand.
agTee that the plan la feasible from
an engineering vleerpolnt. but declare
that It lent worth tha price
They point out that tha tentative!
post of the engineering work -aotno
where between 12M.100.00© and liiO
oi>o 000 —la only a beginning In tha
price to be paid for a 25 foot channel
from Chicago and Dututh to Mon
treal. Thla la because the maximum
depth of Great rbannela la lie
tween II and il feat.
Tha project as at preaent outlined
Is to enlarge th# Wetland canal with
locks »0A feet long, (• feet wlda and
IS feet deep. Thla would permit large
veaaela to paw around Niagara Falls
Mr* 1 .srate. Widow at the murdered
omctr. «lw la pushing tha Invest Iga
tlon, and who ha* made charges In
volving tha polio*.
U u Fortius darling to make pub-
Iki the new trend of development*
ur.rf that tha e\idence thus frr
grtheted must be lak. befors the
grand Jury In sacrs'-
An attempt by Ik* police pension
boT.nl. which has thua far denied Mrs.
legate a pension. to have Miaa
Forbus lay her evidence before a
apodal meatlng of tha board May I*.
will ba frustrated. Mlaa Fortius aald
"The board would try lo Kill Iha
whole rase." aha aald. "by white
washing tha department. I have no
Intention of laytnir before them tha
eviosnce that tha grand Jury la en
titled to "
of the marrlasa
Than, tha British veteran
agreed to leave the country and
go to Houth America.
He did not gn aa i»*>n as waa
a*pecrted and Mra. Culbertson,
according to Information hers,
employed a private detective to
trail him and lovaatlgate hla
Kohertaon alleged that the pri
vate detective and hla aaalatanta
sought to fores him to leave lha
Mian Culbertson apparently
had urged her lover to take no
action that would bring on notor
iety In the affair, and this pledga
Is understood to be responsible
for the mystery surrounding tha
ca *«.
a a a
man A. Kurna of the Hurn«' I>»
tectlva ag*ncy, today denied
charges of Alexander K. Rot>erl
- British war veteran, that
he was kidnaped by Burns
agents and held In Hoston for
deportation for expre*M<ng his
love for Mary Culbertson. daugh
ter of Henator Charles A. Cul
bertson of Texas
"Our men did not Imper
sonate federal officers as was
alleged Robertson agrrvd volun
tarily to go to Boston, according
to our reports," Burns said.
CHIfAfJO, May I iTie polar hear
can stand greater heat thnr any
other wild animal, Mendrlck llagen
bar k told offli la la of lha Cittcago Zoo
I..glcal society.
I Work on tha Welland canal l» now
being done by the Canadian govern
ment In addition, the proposal In
cludes dredging and lock building
from Uk<i Ontario to Montreal,
where about 40 miles of canal opera
tlon la required This W mile stretch
Is now ru>vlgahl» only to boats draw
ing about M fret of water From
Montreal to the Atlantic there la
| plenty of water fdr large boats.
With vlamn* «f having their prod
ucts carried from Orrat I*ake porta
to alt parts of the world bv boat, tha
following II states havs committed
themselves to support the project,
by legulattvs action or declaration of
their governors Ohio. Michigan. In
diana. Wisconsin, Illinois. lowa. Ml*
sourt, Mlnneaota. North Dakota.
Month Dakota. Nebraska. Kanaaa.
Colorado. Wyoming. Montana. Idaho,
Utah and Oregon
Celebration Marks
Ryther Anniversary
Reveral hundred guest* called at
the Mother Ryther home Xunday af
ernoon. drank tea with Mother Itv
thsr and complimented her on tha
second anniversary of tha Hyther
homa on Ktone way drive, snd on her
41 vears of eervl.a to mothers and
rhlldren. Music, furnished by tha
Thomas orchestra, «nter«ained tha
guests, among whom wars tha Ry
ther board members and several city
NEW TOBK, May I Henry P
Davison. noted financier of J P
Morgan A Co. who died Paturday
during an operation for a tumor on
the brain, left an estate valued at
lie carried life Insurance amount
Ing to II 000,000 In >0 companies.
Th# funeral will be conducted to
/fome £rew
(Ktarta on I'age 1)
plained, wa reminded har that It waa
National Physical Culture Weak.
• • •
A tirrtome mil
/• U'UJiom H'alU;
lie always my*
".Vote get me »traight m
• • •
%ou talk ml Ih)( Ulin to your
fftrU, Itkf thin: N lfU w!(|l«
yougl* arhouglr; * a*
gift hogla wigglr youglf."
• • •
Tx>ndon ffuhton not# aa yn that
KnrKPoim fans wilt bo all tha rs^a
thl* auinmar. Tap. ioma of tha boy*
do ahaka an oatantatloua ahlrtalaava
at tha boll part'
• • •
Aftar ill, food for thought 1* tha
only kJnd that doaan't coat monay.
a a •
all mo* and mmi
?T«W •• r to nrm'm h»art la tha «14
atlv*r dollar. wh«n aoma kind p#rmn pra
a«*ita It to yoa, tha lAhmriy h«ad with
out ntrktit or collar, and all tha atrango
thln»» whlrh to wa ••am ao naw. tho
wld« aprakdhf t»Rl«, (ha arrow* bolnw
ft. tha atari and tha worda with tha
•tranga thing* rh«r tall, tha oaln of our
fo*har«. wa'ra glad that wa know It, for
aoma tlma ar othar 'twill roma In right
wa'l. tha apr*ad «agla dollar, tha star
•panglad dollar, tha old illtir dollar. *a
all lowa ao wall!
• a a
Our pot ntrknama for I.lttla RoflMr
Braw, Jr., la "P roar rlpt lon"—baoauaa
It la so hard to gat hlrn flllad
a a •
"Dempsey In Center of Berlin
But not In 1917, boys, not In 1(17.
• • •
Tlie narkwenr manufacturers
are holding their nnliimul eon
• • •
* y
[ Li't. (tKK fiHK, tii* nrnrß
VA.Mr, SB/:
Rome (Ho don't tlilnk they
' are ilrninfd milll lliey are not.
a ■ a
• • •
ventlon in New York. We don't
know wlmt liny "ing, hut
wouldn't lie surprise*! If II wero
Uml ih> TM TIMM aMfc"
• a a
If you hare ambi/ion.
On West, you no man. go Wr»t;
If you lack ambition.
Take ycant, young man, take yrant.
• a •
W* ho*# Jii«t out thai our
MM lor r la '4? a iHiO.Wlft rulilm w w««|i.
hut wa ■till tlilnk wa'ro worth m«ira
If.l r ,
like playlnK «vae a la>>lilonahlr dl
vernlon In Knglaiid lu Uia ral|[ii of
Uanjy Vlll,
Fresh Outbreak Against Wu
Fu Starts
at Chi K ufig Klitn are In peril a. a
; result of • 'reah outbreak of lnaur<
| reel lon against Um \v it Ku ae
"'rtlni lo report* from llankow Tu
«"hun CHaotl, milltaty governor of
i Mohan, revolted agalnat Ihe vlrtorl
-1 niia central commander, and fighting
I has broken out at Chen* Chow
Chi Kung ft ban la a summer resort
1 now Chang Chow.
• * •
I/INDON M«y I A cotnpanw of
I American Infantry haa been ordered
to Tong Ku. China, to protrii a
HOntenl Oil Installation there
against Chanir T"w> IJn •tra||l*r<, t»
• o'ttlni to a diapatrh from Ti'ntaln.
I>ul>llahel bjr tha Times to
According to tha earn* dispatch,
• "hang's loaaaa In battle with Wu Pel
Ku for,™ oar* l.tM killed and
wounded and JO mt9 raptured
I'hanp'i favorite ion la reported to
liave been alain In a< tloo.
• • •
ftHAKOHAI. Mar I —Oilirml Wu
P«l Fu ord«r#«l fh«» ihatlirMl rem
MAt« of ("hang Tmo tJn'a %t*nrhv
rt«n mj my to »tirrtnd*r uncotxli
Mount) 7 or withdraw ouUfcto III*
|rf«t wmil of China.
torrmm i4mlol*(*r»4 A rruahlni 4*
faot to tho Munchurtnn lnv«d«r«.
im hourly frowing In poi»uL*r \Xy. Ha
If h*Ut4 by th# ChlriNM pr«Mui h"r«
•• *"th« man on hnrsrhsrli. who will
lf*d Chlw lo tho highttt plAft
*nv»fif ih« Mdona"
• • •
Japan Won't Help
Defeated Rebels
PKKINO, China. May I Japan
haa refuaed to furnish ref US* for do- 1
feated troope of Chang Tto I.ln j
Japanese niMUlatw lliruout Chlrut '
have been Instructed not to (Ira a» I
aiatanra to belligerents to paaa Into
Japaneae territory.
The Chlnaae prtna la Jubilant at
thla announcement, proclaiming that
Japan haa thrown over Ita ally.
Chang. after hie defeat, which. tl>e
papers my. was a greet ntbark to
tha Japaneae
Gen. Chang Tso Lin, gov
ernor of Manchuria, who has
been decisively defeated in
bottle with Gen. H'M hi Fu
before Peking.
Postoffice Safe on
Vashon Isle Robbed
flctwrcu S4O end SIOO In currency
unit HtumpN wu by rubliera
who woikfd the combine! ion of the
poatofflce eafe nt l.leuhtula, on
Vashon Isliiml. during the wrk md,
according to u report ma<l> I'oat
maeter C. II UlrpMMr, Poetorflce
insi*itoi» »<ie luvrell4j.il u* Mon
City Attorney Scents Tax-
Dodging Scheme, Tho
KVKHKTT. May * Thin city Ui
to »>« flmt In Ui. Northw.nl to hav.
1 1 .fit l<u>n troll.).
Th. n»w <'.ra will probably l>* In
■•t>.ratl«n In U month.
Won* * Wabal.r, operating ">•!
old *tr*.t railway ijntm harw, ha*.
*uhmltt.d to t>i. city council . pro
poaad am.ndmant of th.lr fraltohl..
to p.rmlt .utwtltutlon of tracklM.
v.hli-lra for thoaa now In tw.
City Attnrn.y H J r«u.».M wa«
preparing tialay .n .ro.n4ro.llt of
th. pmtwwl am.ndtn.nl to nuk*
It compulaory upon th. company to
hnv. th. true It I*.. '*r* on th'
.trMta In a y*.r or. at moat. In
a y*ar and a half.
**| am not .. »ura," .aid
PauHrtt. "that th. rampiny'i
proposal la no| • ailbtcrfllg. la
M|. paving f« pa liar.
"Th. city *i|>wta to rapava M.wltt
ava tht. .umm.r t'nd«r th. tarma
of tha roinp.ny'a franrhlaa aa It now
Mamla. thay ar. raijnlrad io pay for
repaying («•! waan tlialr trauk*. .nd
altao to rapava at thalr own .«pa>iM
If track. ara torn up
"TH. company'* propoMd .m.nij
maul raratully omit, th* provt.lon r.
ijulrini tliam to iitand paving ronia,
and would rapaal that part of tha
frnnrhiao thnt d«»a. now .o provld.
"To make trrlain thai th* com
pany dor* not rtt.bb* Itaclf to
Hi«lga tliia paving burden and
thruat It upon t| M
Ilia city attorn.)'* of lira will
aiitand thr pri.|*>«d amrnilmriit
lo knrp thr roat of paving w tiara
It la. a. wall u lo rrqulr. th.
company to hav. Ita trarklea*
car* In operation In • year or a
year and • half."
the calls at our house." ha aald
MUt It. IV HANIUIN, I'lnehuiat.
Cot a bill for |: It "Hut tbe ear
vice wai ao poor," aha aald "I
would rail a nuntlar and tha minute
the party 1 waa calling took down
their reviver 1 would ba rut off.
but the mater want skipping rvund
Juat the aame "
1.. O. IMM)\ Kit. commlaelon mar
ehant, depend* upon hla telephone
to eall hla warea Kvery morning
ha phone* a long llat of groeer*
He baa two telephones that former
ly mat him It It a month. Hie
bill for 10 daya ta 117 10
**lJka the first water meter and
the first g»« meter, the firm tele
phone conversation meter la rwualng
rlty srtde dlaruaaton In kvun H the
only rlty In tha wncld to have a
time measured telephone eervlra,"
said Frank C. ftolg of Htrnng A
F*r»*«er, of fteattle. advertising
for the telechronocnater. Von
According to t>olg, 7t per rent of
tha telephone aul* rtbera tuts month
found their phone bills lev» than aver
"I>e*t>lte the fart that theee enor
men* savings are thown even for
tha first month In which the tele
chronometer wss used, an Insidious
campaign haa been starttd, no one
wrmi to know by whom or where,
to discredit the devVe
"Telephone engineers and author
ities who have had *«|« rienra In
(Kitting wllh one of tlie country's
l>l((*nt monopolies. the aocalled
'telephone I rust,' srs not at a h*ea to
underatsnd the meaning of tha fight
sgulnst tbe t»lechr»nom*t«r They
derisrs the real Instigator* of the op
position ark not In llveret I, but soma
of the roßinxm people of K»wrett are
l*>lng made the tools for carrying on
the battle of th* trust."
Alleged "Southpaw Forger"
Seriously ill
Mr* Madeleine Parks, left handed
alleged ft>rg*r. who** trial wa* **t
for Tueeday, was aald by Deputy
Pmeecutor John D. (*armo<ly to be
ao seriously 111 Monday that the
on** will have to be postponed.
f>*puty Hhsrtff Harry A)*x turned
over to Carrnody several check*
aald to have been written by Mr*
Park* here shortly after the holl
d*>* In addition to a lone ll*»
of rhecka already recovered, Mr*.
Park* U *a)d to have made It a
practice to u*e the name* of women
living In Heattle, giving their ad
dr naaea, wherever *h* cached a
check. Two of the check* recovered
by Aja* bear th* luimna of Mr*.
K M Kellennan, 2 JOS Franklin
ave., and Mr*. Ko*e J Noyea, 1401
N 47th *t.
Mo*t of the alleged flctltlou*
check* traced to Mr* Park* were
cnehed In Heattle clothing and de.
pari men t atorea. She nlan victimis
ed *everal art atorea here, accord
ing to th* official*
Doien* of boßii* checks are said
to have been written by her before
aha wii* arreated In the Monmouth
apartnienta, 2l*t ave and Vealer
way. aeveral week* ago All of
th* check* are written In a cramped
Mr*. Park* I* known a* "the
nouthpaw forger "
Two Held in Death
Mystery in Hotel
NKW YOHK, May * Allien Bradl
clch, a vermin exterminator, wn* ar
rented today on a charge of flr*t de
gr«e manslaughter In oonnectlon
with the nivsierlona death* of Fre
mont Jackson and hla wife In their
Kll lOdudhue. manager of lh* hotel,
wiw alao arreeted on a similar charge
Authorltle* had conducted tenia to
ascertain If fumigating In the apart
mrnt IM-IOW had cau*ed the deaths of
the aged couple a uiyatury baffling
Second Avervue at Pike
"Thr Store of Etrrnal Nrurntst" Shstpping Hourn 9:00 to 5:80
1 w Tz —
( \ 1 1 I . \ A Fascinating Collection
/ I I K Colors
29 Different Shades
AI Pink Heliotrope Ecru
Vj \ Light Blue Peach Gray
Maize Old Rose Syria
Dragon Seafoam Lavender
r»* v™ rattan, wan u. Banana Coral Navy
T"' 1'""' ""T*" Orange Sunset Black
t« ow fJ»* fattrm /Hmc*a t redum " # _
§makinj to o f»#»r >i, 0, c form. Shrimp Apricot Spring
Jade Salmon Copper
Foil can easily make Orchid Copenhagen White
your own Constance May rose
Graduation Frock ,
45 inches wide
Its permanent finish assures a crisp
>" w ' <•> «» freshness after being laundered.
That l» why a fr»<-h road* with '
, ...... loo*. *o price $J 00 Yard
—M»rl)««iall-t««ll«lelu Or«j l lam Sh*»
Man Shoots Girl,
and Then Himself
Tha bodies of John C. Kan*, Jr.. 14.
and Mlaa Kltmabeth Dunn. 11. were
found In tha wood* of Alton Wood
j«ajk. near bare today.
Mlaa I>unt> had bean ahot thru tha
left breast Kane had died from a
bullet thru hla mouth An aritnmatle
revolver was lying a ear Kui'i rt|bl
There waa no evidence of a strug
gl* and nothing to Indicate a double
auiatde pact.
Bankers' National
Convention Is On
Va„ May I Members of tha a*eo
utlva raundl of the Amerlaan flank
ers' association met hers today for
their annual spring convention
More than >OO bankers from all
parts of the country were In attend
an re.
IHs. uselon of the preeent banking
bualneae and general eiouomlo coodl
ttona la scheduled
I! i|
IS May sth, 1922 >|
fj! ■ l.oaria and Discount* - $9.111.J17.1f ' 99
HJB r. « Hond* i:.07i.i4: «s
K5 ■ I'. B. Treasury Certificates 136.010 00 1.001.117 41 J jt|
9 • Other Bond* HIM) Warrant* 4.711.171 90 ■!j
|I ( Bnnk Ilulldlng M9.IS* »6 ■■
■ ■ Other I Ktate Owned 2b.37141 ■ I
B|| Furniture and Fixture* 10.000 00 ■ 3
Hj *to< k In Federal Reaerve Itank 14.000.00 "ffl
;S ■ Customers' I.lability on Account of Letters of Credit.. 1ib.170.7S jB
it • Customers' I.lability on Account of Acceptance* 7,100 00 ■ 3
f<l g Caah In llank* (.721.002.17 ■ 3
t S Total 125.175.563 10 Jg
Wt * Capital $1,000,000 00 «
S Hurplu* mid Undivided Profits . . 884.319 86 ■ 9
■ ■ Circulation . 1.000.000 00 •
.■Bp Letters of Credit 376.085 73 * A j
H i Acceptances 7.900 00 jj jjH
*j » D»p©*lt* , J|3
j£| * Total 125.273.563 80 ■ B
■ Daniel Knllrher, Chairman ■ I
J 4. W. Npsnclfr, Prc»lilrnt 11. f. Mar Donald Caahler I
K. V. Ankeny, I*l Vio I'riwljrail ('. L. Ijilintvr, Aa*t. Cwhlcr J
■ g I*. It. Truax, Vice-President K K. Relley, A**t. t'aahlcr . fj
'j/ ± ■ K. t> Ames, Vice-President W. More, A»«.t. Ca*lilrr | fj
™ J 11. Si'wlHTffr, Vhe-rrrtldriil Win Kahllif, Aut ('ulilrr ■ fil
jro | J. 11. Miner. Ami. t'ulilrr ■ ■
Seek Blind Man Who
Could See a $lO Bill
A* the raauJt of a modarn day mtr
• rl» «h«rtbr a hi Iml man ragainad
tkta «l*M In a poolroom at tot Walter
at, Hiindur night, polloa vara a«arch
Inc. Mnnihj, for tha aratwhUa
"blind" man and hie "giilda."
II Tlbbata had )u«t clappad a tit
bill on lha counter and a*k«d for a
clear a ban tha pair Mit»rM At
atght of lha monay. tha "bltnd" man
puahad bark hla amokad gtaaaaa.
|U|«<l and grabbed tha bill.
Tiblwta dlvad fur tha flaaln* man.
but aa* frllrd hr a black Jack In tha
han<U of tha "irul<l» " Whan ha cama
to. both had dUappaarad.
Seeks Testimony in
Light Rate Cutting
An echo of tha fljrht bafor* tha
public »er\ toa rotnmission, whan tha
Raaltla Li(hUn| Co wu portnlttad to
lowar Iha heating quality of It* gt\m
*m heard Monday when City Attor
nay H J. Faulted, of Everatt, aaked
AHlilant (Corporation Counsel Thoa.
J. I, Kennedy for a Iraneortpl of tha
aniira testimony In tba <*» a.
Four Girls Escape
From Everett Home
rour git la who a*rap*d Sunday
from tha Washington Girls' home. at
Kvaratt. arara sought by BaattJa and
Taw ma polloa Monday. They ara
warda of tha Juaanlla court
Tk« Gr*i( AnrrlMi AHtr
Mnnday and S*lurdir Ef»
Tuwdtjr and Frlday Em
"TA*mn or THC IHRKH"
Wednesday Matlner
Wediiraday Era.
Thuraday Eva.
Saturday Matluee
Xlfkla —«1M taft Or.
Wrt. Nil. llJt ta Ma
Hal. Mat.. |Mt ta N>

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