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rr Two Literary Treats for Star Readers—Coming Soon. "LINDA LEE, INC.," by Ixwis Joseph Vance, author of "The Brass Bowl" and other sensa
u tionally popular novels, to be published in The Star in twenty-four installments, beginning next Monday. "THE COLOR OF HER SOUL," by S. B.
H. Hurst, of Seattle, author of "Coomer Ali," one of the season's best sellers, to be published in four installments, beginning Friday.
F. L. Trombley Pleads Guilty to Theft Charge
VOLITkIE 24. NO. 63.
Greetings, fans! Now what do
you think of our baaebail team?
e e e
Tha re*aon they call "em pop bot
t>a. comment* a fan. Is because of
*h. sound they make aa they hit tha
umpire's dome
When yen have something to any
to a .inula, don't aay It behind hla
hack'eay It by radio.
(Tha next war will ba conducted
Verbally via radio.—News Itamj
Half a wave, half a ware,
Half a WSTB, onward.
Words flashed thru No Man's Afr,
Wave length, alx hundred.
"Ready, the Broadcast Brigade!
Close circuits! Charger* he said;
Hot weeds Sped thru the air.
Meters, (fat hundred.
e e e
Some Seattle men are ee eld fash
ioned that they let matrimony Inter
fere with their golf.
e e e
There are two good reason why
girl* should not wear knlckere—
their knees. They're generally fat
* • •
There are BO flappers In the rplrlt
world, aays Conan I>oyl«- Well. Isn't
that b T
a *
Everett Is gotng to get some
i trackless trolleys. That's nothing
' —Seattle h*a aeatless trolleys.

• • •
We augge*! I hat the following
Weeks be celebrated this spring:
1 Return Thst I mbrelU week.
Hard Boiled Egg week.
Clean Out the Attic week.
Noiaelewa .Soup week.
• • •
A Washington dispatch says Henry
Ford has a secret process for making
fertiliser. Now we know whs t be
comes of the old flivvers.
• • •
Jerk Dsmpaey says he'e tired of
Europe. Ware sorry.
• e *
Jutt note / like
//Is nlbt. ye Ed;
Jfe iew'f here—
He"t tirk In b'd.
And H. E. C. aenda us this tendsr
A puy t like
it h. r. c.
The Teaton trhy?
necaite he'n me.
While A. 8. sends In a fiery
A oirX t hate
It Mabel Maxey;
nhe nhraut anya
"Left take a taxi."
• a a
• » rAT-AK-VOl-T.AI-K
New K\ crett telepliom meter
begin* to register a* "ion as the
receiver I* taken off the hook.
Mii*t he tough on the pocket
book of the pcr»on who get* a
telephone glri who «ay* "Main
y thr-r r r ree two thr r-r-r-r ree
• a e
Kord'* ambition w.is to make s tov
top, but he found it would run so
he called it a ear.
0 0 0
Frank]»fi I f++l Teutonic.
lelnrf)ln—Whit ?
Krtnklln—Low marks.
• • •
What'* of th* olrl fanhlon^^
mother who iior*+4 tht* family on
•jftfraa ten *v# ry aprin*'*
• • •
Part rf th* country has
Um*. Hut w* will continue, aa uaunl,
♦ o ot>*raf* under th* daylight waat-
In* ay*t*m.
• • •
"it your two-month old baby
tiari been liidnain-d five montha
'•go would you be abl* in n <og
ni/n It?**- New York Siin.
• • •
A hlatorlan over In Paris rlatma
tJwt Columhtia waa an Armenian.
We don't know how tha Turka hap-
to overlo<jk him.
A(TI MKII OF' I SI NO iava man
Snathoda to win an t rrmnent with
Mra. Lilly
A. Qtilllano, HR. waa held in rlty Jail
Patrolman Kia'ik li«*r
trand arreated Quiilano a*. t.I C Pop-1
iar pi.
Tonight an<t W eHnruiny, /«lr;
froßt in morning;
moderate trrtlrrl y tnmdt.
TVnipooMui> IJ»i !| Hour*
Mulnum, M. Minimum. ST.
Today noon. |).
Investigators for
County Hearing
Testimony From
Many Persons
Apparently continuing Ha In
veetlgstion of tl>e county
ferry lease. tha special grand
jury which nmvannl In Depart
men! No. II of superior court
Monday calked Joe engl
new* on the lerry AquUo, Tues
da>. Epler waa before lb? Jury
until noon.
Two other wltnaaaaa. O. R. IJ«-
genfelter and F. K Gilbert, weiw
waiting out (Ida tha grand Jury
room door.
After County Auditor D. B. fir
roan waa aaan to cany what ap
parently were records from hla of
fice Into the Jury mom Hondai alb
arnooa, Thoanaa I taugherty. of Bella
ma, waa uIM aa the flrat wit
peea. I«augherty ta chairman of tha
committee of cltisens that laid he
fore I'roeecutlng Attorney Douglas
evidence In support of their el>Afges
of fraud on tha part of the county
rnramlaaionera In leaning tfw> fer
lire to Capt. John L. Anderson.
Deputy Prosecuting Atiornsys
Theodore H. Patterson and K. I.
Jones were presenting evidence to
the grand Jury Tuesday.
Father, Four Children, Are
MARENGO, 111.. May (. August
Bork. Jr. J3. and four of hi* chil
dren wer* burned lo de*th at their
home her* at midnight from a fir*
which atarted In an Incubator,
Mr*. Bork. two other wits and a
baby girl wer* rescued by Bork be
fore h* plunged back Into tb* flame
filled bous* In an effort to *av* th*
oth*r four. Ill* charred remain*
wer* found lying acrosa on* of th*
bed* wher* tha (iodic* of th* chil
dren lay.
OAI.I>AH. Texaa. May t Four
persons were killed, many Injured
and lliouaands of dollars property
damage don* by atorm* and floods
which swept western Oklahoma and
northeast Texaa. Hundred* of fain
llle* wer* driven from their homes
in low landa.
Ralph Met Tendon era* drowned at
Cleburne, Texaa, when flcod water*
•wept thru that town.
Three were killed by high wind
storms In Oklahoma.
The necond flood In two weeks
threatened Kort Worth. w<th lower
section* of the city already inun
Genoa Won't Affect
American Attitude
WASHINGTON, May I.- America
will not be Influenced In It* dealings
with Ruaala by the action of the
Genoa conference, nor by any Kuro
pean government. It was declared
emphatically at th* Whit* llouae to
Regardless of th* *ucce*s or fail
ure of th* Genoa conference, this
government will not deviate from the
principl* originally laid down aa th«
basts for resumption of relation*
with Russia.
Bathing Suit Parson
Fails to Appear
LAWTON. OkU., May » Rev
Thomaa J. Irwin, "bathinf Hlllt par
•on," oviir whom a blttfr feud ban
Jn tht Klmt
church her#. fall«<J lo appear frnlay,
when a Judicial '<;rumla*lon of thft
Kl lie no met to try him
on char**!* of "conduct unhe* orning
a rnlnlater."
Il«> accepted service und waived all
The Seattle Star
Knt.red u Imm4 Oaas Matter May •. lit*. at IK* l*Mt»rrir« at built Wuh, angar the Aft ft C«n|tM Msrah I. Htl. r»r Tear. k» Mall, II to I*
She Says Flappers
Are Real Calamity!
CHICAGO. May I Mrr* man must ava ths nalleo from destruction
at ths flapper a hand
The m-Hlarn gtrl la bent "n amlling ctvtiiaatlon Into the kottomleaa pit
and It's up to man to stave off ths rshuntty.
Thla nota of warning was sounded hsre today by Rev AMee Phillip*
Aldrlch. |«ator of Bethany Congrvgatiunal church. And noted social
"The flapper haa turn ad thla wortd of oura topar turvr.* aaSd Mlaa
Aldrtrh. "The deplorable moral conditions that muat concern svsry
thinking person ran ba laid to tha iillli century edition of Uia fairest
work of tha Ureat Author.
"Tha edition muat ba deleted renaored And tha man muat wtald tha
btua pencil. Whan glrla go too far-and auraly that tlma la not far
Slatant—man will revolt and demand a raturn to genuine normalcy.
"Nowaday*. It a tha girl cops' tha man, ft ha aata out to gat him—and
n moat caaea succeeds- befora ha knoara ha s caught "
Tha man. aha predicted, witl soon tlra of th# flapper typa and fore*
(Irla back Into tha mould of their mothers
City Plans Fight
on Pound Question
Tkal tha fltty will mnhe a fight
to degermlas tha legality af tike
Initially Masun isralsf »t*
UM dntiea af tk* weal algal dog
pound ta Ika King Osvatjr R»
mane aaeWty, waa anMowMI
Tuaaday by Mayor Caldwell a/V
er a iwilfrwa* with i ipnatlsw
counsel Waller P. Malar.
In an opinion rendered at tha re
tuset of Police Chief W. If Peering.
Meier pointed out that there la grave
doubt aa ta tha validity of the dog
pound measure, which was peeeed
by the people last Tueaday.
"Roth Jemee K. Bradford and
Hugh M Caldwell, when they were
heads of the city's legal department,
ruled that legislation of this kind Is
had." Meier pointed out lie declared
that Chief Rearing could refuaa to
turn over the dog pound to the hu
mane eoclety until the legality of
tha ordinance was determined In
Mayor Caldwell satd there was a
decided doubt whether tha city could
Some More Reasons
for Newberry Vote
WASHINGTON. M*y ». nub
merged In a pondemua document In
th* aenat* library, known aa "Vol.
lt< a, aenata committee hearing*." I*
th* official Ilat of contributors to tha
prealdentlal primary campaign of
Senator MlS** r. I'olndexter of \Vaah-
Senator Potnrtexter, It will b* re
membered. wa* a candidate for th*
republican prealdentlal nomination at
Chicago In lt:o.
Th* report of tha Investigating
commute*, of which Henator Kenyon
was chairman, dlaclose* ihe follow
Ing contributor* to hi* campaign
Julius S Bar he. New York
hanker, M8.H00; William 11. Todd.
$20,000; Thaddcus I -ane, H|>okan«
banker, for himself and friends,
$.1,000; 11. K. Alexander, Tacoma
capitalist, for himself and friends,
>.1,000; J. K. Untitle, Hcattle.
11.500; 4 K. « liilberg. et al„ of
Hcaltle, $2,500; former Senator
Jouatlmn Bourne, of Washing
ton, l> $10.000; C. K. Jones,
New York banker, (5.000; Guy
Htandlfer, wooden ship ronlntcl
or of Vancouver, Wash., $250;
F rank Waterhmiae, Heal tie,
$1,000; T. H Ripley. Heatllc. $500;
W. K Itoelng, Seattle, s|,o«o.
Mr. Todd Is president of the Todd
Shipyard* and Shipbuilding Co, of
Thaae contribution*. If will he seen,
total 177,500, all of which wss spent,
according to H M Rica, tha sen
Would Cut Muny Car
Line Off Free List
That ha will rerommend to the r|fy
rnunril that Immediate atep* he tak
en to make the municipal railway
pay all lt« own «xpanaen wax an
nounred Tueiwlay by Mayor IfuKli M
pointing out »h»l th» recent «ni
prerne court dednlon In the 14 tux
pay»r«' milt enjolne the «Ity from u*
Inn fund money for the »r>ei
atlon of Ilia alirot cur ityetciii, Cu.ld
Seattle's Favorite Newspaper by 15,000 Plurality
d*loc«>« P«rt of It* poiloa power to
• pn»«u corporation Another ok
)rUou to th* legality of U>« (ruuur*
u tkti th* wiplofM of (ho w«Mi
would not bo under ctvil aorvloo r««
u latUiu* ** provided In tho glty ohar
lor. . _
J nit l« tiro MoMtiro No. IM tumi
*v*r to th« Kinir County HIHTMIM
aorlaty tho duties of Impounding
•tray call and 'log*, but doe* not
ob;ig*t* tho aorloty to Impound
horse*. cowi, goat*, no
Althn all of tho facllitl** for tin
pounding animal* aro taken away
from tho polite department by tho
now ordinance. tho department muat
car* for all stray animaia oxoopt rata
and dog*, must remove »naa>r« of
dead animal*, muat capture vlciou*
and ma<l dog* and Ukl other pre.su
tlon* against dangerous animal*
Mayor Caldwell and Corpo»*llon
Coun**l Meier wer* undecided aa to
the procedure to bo adopted to deter-1
mill* tha validity of th* measure,
but declared that It would undoubt
edly be taken Into court ahortlr.
•tor'* secretary and manager.
Hut th* senator didn't get far at
Thnt waa In th* summer of 1120.
Mr I'olndsxter went back to th* *en
st* thoroly purged of all hi* ancient
"progreaalvo" tenets and Idea*, aa Is
amply ahown by hla senatorial rec
Then cam* th* great fight on the
aeatlng of N*wli*rry and th* teat
vol* at tha conclualon.
In'iulry of Potnd*xter by various
correat>ondenta was always with an
•vaalv* reply, but with the general
lnf*renr* that "th* senator can be
dapended upon to do the light thing."
A few hours before the final
vote came a long distance tele
phone from New 1 ork.
"Ye*, thl* 1* Senator Polndext»r,"
aald th* Washington senator.
"This Is Jullua Bach*," came back
th* vole* from th* other end of the
Titer* 1* soma dlsput* aa to th*
exact langiiag* of th* halanc* of the
conversation, except that II I* ad
mltted that Mr. Bach* reminded
l'olnd*xter Of hi* Interut In lb*
Newberry fight.
The *etiator ssys Bach* did not
oak him to vote for Newberry.
But the fact remains that 111*
one lime progressive leader mid
candidate for presidential nom
inal lon did vole for the Michigan
dollar mark when his name was
Bunker Bache Is a very rich man.
and aa New York banker* go. a high
ly reputable gentleman.
well darlnrad that the railway should
be forced to pay for the work that ia
now dona by the legal, purchasing
and accounting department* of the
city free of charge.
The mayor *ald that tha auprame
court decision he|<j that all the co*ta
of running tha railway ahould be tak
en out of the of the linen,
and tihould not be placed directly or
indirectly on the grnetai tuA.ua.
Petitions Calling
for Recall of
Are Circulated
By Hal Armstrong
K\ KHKTT. May ».—l'tiltbin*
det nandlng Immediate removal
of IrlwliroiHinwlm from th*
lH<-|ihatin of tltl* Hi) were get
ting hundred* of algnrr* her* la
MaanwhlU stloroeys reprsasntlng
I a I'ortland telephone company ware
i bar* dickering on a ar hern* to In
slall telarhronumeler* In th* Oregon
city before (bay ar* plaoad In Be
attl*. Tacoma and Hpokana,
Angind by iha UwnnAm
Increase In telephone rmtaa sine*
the advent of UM Idrrhrwuns
ter her* a month ago. clUxen*
have (••serf R. J. Kausgett. rtty
ClrtMNl an per i laai af poblWt
utilities. Ol) tnpla, tar nM
Ksusaelt ha* drawn a petition to
Clvland rey u* sting an order In
' structlng th* I'uget Hound Tsla
[■hone company lo taka tha telechro
nometer* off th* phone* her* at
noca bocau** of tha *xc«aslva coat
lo th* aubacrtberg.
Kausoett contend* that th* W«-
phono la a public necessity In modern
life that differ* frotn any other utili
ty. such aa gas. electricity and water,
and that the telephone company lias
nothing to sell except time, which It
doe* nbt create and which all other (
utility companies furnish. In addition
to tho product they sell.
The t*lethtonometer, hi* petition
sets forth, places a limit on free
apeech by putting an unjust charge
agalnat conversation.
"I ndey the proposed rslea of
ll»e I'uget Sound Telephone C 0.,"
aays the petition, "each subscrib
er on • four party line la entitled
to the t»«e of a telephone only
five minutes a day without extra
charge, or the four parties 20
minute out of JI hours.
•"We declare It I* unjust and unfair
to require us to pay for an expert
mcnt of the Tugct Hound Telephone
Ksussrtt aald h* was reliably In
form ad that the coat of a telechro
nometer I* 90 cents.
he said, "the holding
company leases these device* to
the lelejdione roinpuii) tor 1-1 a
year each, wltlch the subscriber
mu>l pay. In addition to Ihe cost
of telephone service.
"Th* telechronometer wa* Invented
by Garrison Itabcock, a Heattl* engi
"He and soma others. Including
(Turn to Pag* 7. Column 41
WASHINGTON. May > - -Alexan
der E Robertson, British war vet
eran, who alleges »«n a'tempt was
made to kidnap hint an<i railroad
him out of th* county l-trouise of
bin love for a senator's daughter—
Mlas Mary Culberaon of Texa* -to
day placed hi* case Itefote British
officials hern In a threo-hour con
feivnce tit the emUinsy,
All hi* movements were surround
ed by unusual secrecy *nd mystery.
Robertson escaped from reporters
and photographer* by » wild duah
from the embassy garage In *
speedy roadster, belonging to on* of
the cinluisny attaches.
Armed Mob Hunts
School Principal
WAIBRIOOB. Ohio, May 9.--A
band of armed men In two automo
bile* today attacked a house here
searching for Otto l*. Tracy, school
principal, accused of a statutory of
fensn against several pupils. Tracy
ws* slightly wounded by one shot
and cut by gia/is but escaped the
Jack Dempsey Is
on Way to London
PAH 18, May 0. Jack Tympany
left Pari* today, proceeding to Lon
don. The champion waa accom
panied by Kanny Ward, uctreaa and
her h unbuild.
Thr engagement of the Prince of Walet to Lady Mary Cambridge, hit
fir it cou tin, U expected lo foliuw thortly after the return of the prince
from Japan.
KAOOSHIMA. Japan. May * —Ths nrlnee of aatls today. home
ward bound. >l« ha* been In Japan four ixtkn. returning the elate visit
lo DniUnJ made >.>*( \r.,r by lllrohlto. crown prince recent.
lllrohlto did not ninw to Kagoirhlma with hla departing «ue»t, but railed
the I'rlnce of Walea on the l»n( distance telephone from the Imperial pal
ace at Tokyo.
Police Court Pushes War on
Twelve motorists. one of them a
womfln. lost their white driver's li
censes nnd drew fine* In police court
Tuesday, on charge* of speeding
Ninety three cases In all were on the
court sheet.
Mrs. K. J. Oarett was the first Se
stile woman to lose her license. She
was fined $25. The other speeder*
who lost their licenses were: J. 11.
Wall, Hoed s2l: H J llernla, fined
S2R; J. R. Hall, fined $25; II H. Ijib
erheaux, fined $l«: \V J. Hoy, fined
sl9: A. J.
Richards, fined S2O: Krank K. Wert*,
fined sls; Oliver Iverson. fined $10:
P. Teller, fined S2O: Thorpen Nelson,
fined sls.
A bench wnrrnnt ws* Issued for N.
Aokl, who failed to apjiear In court
on a charite of speeding at SS miles
an hour. The sentences were Riven
by I'ollce Judge John H. Cordon.
TAOOMA, May 9 Flrat
*eßßton* of tha National t'ongrea* of
Mothera and Parent Teacher aaocla
tlon* opened here today with 250 del
egate* from all part* of tha United
State* In attendance.
Today'a aeaalona were, to be given
over to report* of preatdenta of the
atnte organization*.
The convention formally
opened la*t nirht with a banquet at
the Tacoma hotel. Covers werq laid
for 326. including many meinberft of
the local or gam ration*.
Mr*. Victor Malatrom, of Tacoma.
newly elected Mate P.-T. A. president,
and Mr*. Milton P. Higgin*, of Wor
cester, Ma**., tiational president,
were the principal speaker*.
TO RAIMK MONKV to fS»ed the
4.A00 chtldrfm of atrlkln* miner* In
Washington, a bazaar will be held
Thur*day to Haturday at the Pa
villon, Third ave. and nnlvaraity
wt. The bazaar i* under the au*
pice* of a comnilltoo hcudod by Mrs.
]J. W. Wllaoxu
Large District Is Menaced
by Big Fire
PARIS, May ♦—The Casino de
Pnrls, one of Paris' largest theaters,
where American art lata. Including
Pearl White, were appearing, was
burned to the ground today.
The flames were spreading thru
the lower Montinarte theatrical dis
trict this afternoon. The I'erroquet, a
select dance resort, was In flames,
and the Apollo theater, next door,
was threatened.
The district thru which the flames
swept wan thickly populated. Many
of the most famous theaters of Paris
are crowded Into tlio lower Mont
marte region.
Several big department stores near
the Casino were theratened.
The Casino de Paris was the amuse
ment resort best known to Americans
In Paris, with the exception of the
Follies Berg ere.
Hundreds of fire fighters and ap
pnratus from all parts of Paris were
Jammed In the narrow streets near
the scene in an effort to save sur
rounding buildings.
A company was rehearsing In the
Apollo theater and was forced to
leave In costume.
Pearl White, who narrowly escaped
Injury when a weight fel] near her
on the Casino stage, n fortnight ago.
Is without a Job as a result of the de
struction of the theater.
Hope was held out "this afternoon
that the Apollo could lie saved.
The I'erroquet cabaret, which was
destroyed, was one of the favorite
dancing places of I'i'ggy Hopkins
Accused Editor Is
Out on SIO,OOO Bail
DURANOO, Colo.. May 9 Rod S
Day, editor, who aliot and killed Will
Wood, rival newspaper irinn, here,
nfter a bitter newapaper controversy,
was at liberty today on 410.000 ball.
Day was released lata yesterday
from Jail, wliete be ha* been ion
fined since tlio shouting three weeks
Had Job as Peace
Officer While He
Was "Working"
as Criminal
FM U TroniMry, HMWI
ronTirt polinmn, rhaiiH Ml
peU of not guilty a I burglary
before Presiding Judge Calvin &
Hall Tuesday and pleaded
guilt jr. He *lll be sentenced
Friday afternoon.
Trombley towered bead u(
shoulders above the crowd of ate
torn eye gathered In the court rooMa
Hla voice wee acarcely audible aa
he pronounced the worda "luUty."
Three daya ago hie young wtfa
appeared la the office of Deputy
Prosscutor John D. Cannody sad
begged In vain that the charge at
burglary be changed te patty lai»
ceay. lii*. Trombley reminded
Oarmody that be and a he had bMU
childhood schooimatea. J
Trombley'a prlaon record ikna
that he served a term In the stah
reformatory, escaped. and waa fe>
captured and taken back, and lafe*
••an sent to the penitentiary/at
Walla Walla.
He had served an the HeatOe
police force 16 months, whan M
wae learned that ha had baas
working not merely aa a pa
trolman. but aa a burglar on
the aide.
He *u charged with burglary ot
the Diamond Rubber Co.'e atoral
room, on the fourth floor of th»
building, at 111 King st.
Early In the morning of Karcll
II the policeman entered the ator»
room by mean* of a pass key and
stole eight tlree and eight Inner
tube*. The loot waa recovered la
the home of Trombley'a friend, Roy
Wood Will Remain
Philippines' Chief
MANILA, p. 1., M«y ».—Ml], fu»,
Leonard S. Wood will remain as gov.
ernor of the Philippine Inland* until
the end of 1923, he declared In %
statement here today.
He had been asked to Indicate
whether he would remain aa gover
nor of the lalands or return to tb*
United state* to take up work with
the University of Pennsylvania.
"II would be Impossible for m* to
complete th* work which I have
started. In tlm* to permit m* to
leave before the flrat of Lha year."
Uen. Wood declared.
Harding Adamant
on Bonus Measure
WASHINGTON. May ». Pre*,
dent Harding has not changed hl«
position regarding a soldier bonua
hill. It wua aald at the White Houa«
This was taken aa an Indication
that the president will not approve
the new bonus measure which wsa
submitted to him last week by repub*
llcan leaders of the senate.
Millionaire Buried
in San Francisco
Hanify, millionaire lumberman,
drowned with K. A. Chrlstensen and
Tetter Anderson In San Francisco
bay Saturday night, was burled to*
day. Mass was celebrated st St.
Mary's oathedral. Members of tha
Olympic club and many prominent
business men attended the funeral.
Wang Shih Chen Is
New China Premier
TOKYO, May Wang Shlh Chan
linn been appointed premier of tha
new Chinese go\ernment being aet
up a« a remit of the \lclory of Wu
Pet Ku over the forrea of Chang Tao
T.ln, according to advlcea reaching
He succeed* Liang Shin T. former
premier of the Peking government.
Ex-Senator Gronna
Is Laid at Rest
T.AKOTA. N. P.. May 9 Asle ,T.
(Ironna, former North Dakota sena
tor, waa hurled today. Uo died Thur*»

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