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VOLUME 24. NO. 166
He Is an Oil Can and His
I lend Is Solid Ivory;
Cash Pri*es for
Three Best
Meet Dumb-Dell Dud—lf you don'
already know htm.
But undoubtedly you've numbered
Mm among your acquaintances for
ten** tim* Ones you meet htm you
can n«*r fortet hlm—because he's
to everlastingly dumb.
In fact. hes so dumb—well, wh«n
tt cow* to Ivory, hi* dome make* a
l.ittlsrd tall seem Ilka a joh of »rt
taffy and an elephant's tuak like a
talk** candle on a hot day.
The Star will print name of Dumb-
I tell Dud's thought* beginning to
I let there's a Dumb-Bell In your
crowd- If thore Is. send some of
his thought* to The Dumb Bell Kdl
tor. For the three l>est submitted
this week. Tha Star will par a dollar
each You'd better get in the game
It's regular sport:
Just look at these for a starter
• * *
f Dumb Bell is M> dumb he
f think*—
Salmon bay Is where the fish come
from: Sandy Hook la a Scotchraaa;
Black Diamond Is a crown Jewel;
Tacoma. Wash., la a laundry adver
tisement. Newport News ts a news
paper: South Ben I ts aB athletic el
•rctee; Kentucky Derby Is a hat; a
cuspidor Is a Spanish laill flfihfer,
and rtuto was a Greek philosopher,
e * *
And that's not all. He's so dumb
that be thinks Totem Pole square Is
a carpenter's tool; Olympic was
named after an oystar: baser* eat up
per cuts when training; Rex Beach ts
a summer resort; cable car* run In
the air; Florence. Italy. » mo via
queen, second hands are gold In
second hand stores; Havitand China
is a seaport and that Alice Bliss Is a
e e e
Get buvy aad tell us about the
Dumb-Bell la year office er
Proposal Is Being Consider
ed in Baltimore
CHICAGO. *ept «.—Striking
•kapmra met railroad »f(Vtal« in
Baltimore to 4mr to ro»«*Jder •
V poare prnpaMl. areordln* la John
NraM, MTTetarjr of the l«dfr»lnl
•h*p rrafta btf.
fkxxt declare*! that plan* of the
coofer»r>r«. had been kept «»K»t. Ha
•awl that If the I—d»rn at Baltimore
bellered tha paar* proposal wa* nr
eeptable. a call would He Iwiued for
an ImmHlut* ron(»r»nf«i of tha "hop
craft * policy rommltlw In Chlcapro
* Bart M |>r#iliknt of lh»
ahopmen. wa» b«ll»v«d to be at tha
Baltimore conference.
• • •
NPTW YORK. B*p» «—T I>a Wttt
CuyW, chairman of tha Awndailon
of fUflway Executive*. laeued a
format Matement today denytn* re
porta that the ihopram'i atrika had
bwn v'>M. He aiao denlr>d that
any meeting* to dlaciMß Bettlement
were contemplated.
Coyler, bow«»r. doea not »ptl<
for the (rroup of executive* headed
by Daniel Wltlard of the Baltimore
A Ohio railway, and It la thla uroup
that ta believed to be neeotiatlnz.
Expect to Quash or Force
Organized labor expect, to '|Ua»h
or litrr* modification of tha
Daugherty injunction.
I<e|al expert* of labor, prepar
ing to oppose Attorney (ieneral
Daugherty's request that the in
junction be made permanent, t»e>-
lle>e they have an excellent
rhinrr of hating the permanent
Injunction refu«ed, unlet* the
government inodlfie* it.
Knmuel ("Jompera alao believe*
lat-or will succeed In heating the In
junction. Thl* belief I* predicate*) in
part upon utterance* from the White
House an'l Daugherty. Within the
pant few hour* Imth these *our<»*
have made It clear that the govern
ment did not Intend to apply all the
restrictive clause* of the Injunction.
John Dore Whistles
to Dog, Breaks Leg
Stepping outside Ma home Tues
day night to fall hi* dog. Attorney
John If Dor* fell, breaking hi* ankle
in two place*.
Will not appear while
Homer Brew
is on his vacation
Te*l«M Thirtdny, /air;
m*4lrrmt* ivuthun|.
l A ,| ? t Hour,
Maximum. HI. Minimum, 51.
Tml<t,r noun, 81.
Stage All Set for
Airing of Grand
Larceny Charges
in Court
By E. P. Chalcraft
Ouriwl wlili grand larreny.
in tolling I lie alleged mlaappro
tiriatlon of UU!t.W In publlo
fund*. King l aunl} • three nun
inieaiotier* are scheduled l« faro
a jury in superior court Tliur*
Indictment*, which contain the
rharge* again*! tenimie* inner*
Claude Rimui. 1/ou ('. Smith,
and Thoma* Dobson, were re
lumed by a aperial county grand
jury July I*.
Interposing no demurrer* or other
legal hindrances. but thru their at
i torney. Walter ft Fulton, demanding
; a speedy trial, tha commissioners en
tered plea* of not guilty before Ru
j pertor Judge King Dykeman.
I'pon recommendation of rroae
ruling Attorney Malcolm Douglas.
'Superior Judga Cihrln B. Hall, then
pre aiding Judge. *et the trial for the
flrat week of the fait term of court.
The flrat of the two Indict
menu on which the commie*inn
er* will tried allege* that the
defendant* unlawfully spproprl
aled to the J. H. Price <on*truc
tton Co. S1R.;«I »4 In rounly
fund*. Cap*. John I. Anderwm,
co-defendant In Ibla Indictment,
entered a demurrer and will not
ho tried al thi* lime. Anderson
la the leaaoe of tha county ferry
system. and lace* other Indict
meal* alao.
BlmHsr .-hargea, involving tha ram
jof tl«.:&t»«. are contained In the
! «econd Indictment. In which 11. K
; Tomktna. formerly aaalatant county
> auperintendent of tranaportatlon un
der Capt J. 1.. Anderson, alao I*
named. He, too. will be aeparately
Tha data of the last alleged It.
legal transaction Is May 4. l»:».
while tha flrat la said to have oc
curred March I», of tha asms year.
The Indictments charging grand
larceny were the outcome of a
I grand Jury Investigation extending
over a period of more than eight
Judge Hall called the jury Into
Session after a conference «r|th the
other superior court Judges, upon
recommendation of Proaocutor
! Douglas, and was ordered to con
| duct a thoro Inquiry Into a contract
| let by tha commissioners which
| leased the county ferry system to
| Capt. John U Anderson for a period
of 10 years.
The original complaint was mad*
<o Douglas by a coipmittss of nil
lens from Bellevue, situated across
Lake Washington from Heat tie.
Thomas Daugherty, chairman of
the committee. Is now leading a
movement to have tha commission
ers recalled.
Flat denial of the charge* against
them have been made by the com
"The ferry lease." Chairman
Kani«a> aaid. "la a* honest and
straight forward a contract as
any man ever devlwd. I hate
the utmost confidence 'lisl II
will be *o shown when Ihla mat
ter la brought into open court."
Deputy ITo«ecutora B<*rt C.
Ro«* and John l>. < armody
have heen >s*igned to try the
case for the state.
Twenty-five witnesae* who testi
fied before the grand Jury sre
listed as probable witnesses for the
state, and four grnnd jurors. In
cluding the foreman. la. (}. Horr.
Bernhard Bwanson, Wm. J. Brown
and Nellie W. Sargent, may be
Exonerated After
Slaying Striker
SACRAMENTO. Hept. 6. lf. H
Deholt wa* exonerate*) of the bUrne
for the death of William Mero, lead
er of striking *hopmen. by a major
ity verdict of the coroner'a Jury laat
Mcro wa* killed by a bullet from
Debolt'g gun. The defendant refused
to go on *trlke. The Jury declared
that Mero met his death from gun
shot wound* "inflicted by H. B. De
bolt In *elf defense."
Debolt's preliminary hearing will
be held Friday.
A huge demonstration wna held
Maturday hy local labor In honor of
their irinln leader.
Starwich's Flying
Squadron in Field
I Twenty five volunteer speakers for
! Hherlff Malt Htarwlch. candidate for
re-election, will take the field, be
ginning Wedpesday night, in a whirl
wind close to the present campaign,
hi* headquarter* announced. They
wilt *tre»* Htarwlch's record for
economy and efficiency, pointing out
the thousand* of dollar* he claim*
to have saved, the money he has re
turned from hi* budget e*tlmate, and
the fact that hi* sdmlnlstratlon liaa
been a atrlctly business ou*.
The Seattle Star
fciu.i.d ft.f.oa < i«m MilUr M.r I !••». »l lh» io«i, (• . W..h , und'i II.• Art of Mirrli I. Hit. f»r t.ir, bf Mml, It In |>
Convicted Man Is
Calm When News
Is Given to Him
in County Jail
OI,YMPIT, Kept. « —THe an
pceme court of W ssbington to
day denied the petition of James
K Mahooey. convicted In Keatlls
of the murder of hl< aged wife,
for rehearing.
The decision bring* Mahonsy on*
step nearer hta doom as ha hsa e*
hauated all possibility of appeal, sa
c-apt to tha I'nlted States supreme
court. Appeal to that body will da
pend on finding soma chance to
claim a breach of his constitutions!
If tha appeal Is not taken. Mah oner
will In the courxe of events be
brought shortly t»fbr» Judge J. "I.
Itonaid In the King county superior
court and sentenced to hany
Attorney l/e* Johnston, counsel for
Mahoney, declared, when told of the
derision, that "as matter* look at
present, an appeal to the supreme
court of the Vnlted State* will ha
"Of course." Johnston declared,
"w* can decide on nothing unlit we
hear officially of the state supreme
court's decision, hut a further appeal
looks vary probable now."
T*«ly polities "
That I* how James 15 Maho
ney, convicted murderer, vlesrs
the attoation, now that hi* ap
peal has been denied by the elate
auiaretas court
Wbca Informed by a IMar re
porter Wednesday. HalHtafly
was sating inasr. He took the
news calmly and after a time
waged Indignant at what he
termed was the attempt Is rail
road hiin.
"It makes no differs—s.- ssM Ma
honey. "whether or aot I hang, but
you can easily see what they srs do
ing at Otympla. They took II days
to consider my case, before denying
It. while the ordinary cases take two
"They dropped everything to settle
"I will take my appeal to ths t'nlt
ed State* supremo court If I am able
My lawyers will do ths best thsy
pU seern to marry mo to everyone
they see me with,** was ths comment
of I'eggy Joyce today on her "friend
ship" with Charlie Chsplln.
"Me marry him? Well. I'm too
busy oven to think of marriage. I've
known Mr Chaplin a long time. We
first met In I*arla. Bomeons ssw me
with him lit I-os Angeles and now
they are gnlng to get us married
right away "
I'eggy arrived here lata yesterdsy
from IXH" Angelea to "altend to busi
ness mstters."
TOKYO. Sept. Roecoe fl'attyl
Arbuckl* hss recovered from the In
fection In his hand which caused him
to go to a Yokohama hoapltsl on ar
rival from the Ignited Btstea Satur
day, but has abandoned his plans for
a tour of ths Orient and a round
the.world trip.
Arbuckl* arrival In Tokyo today,
and will remain In Japan until Hep.
tember 16. when he will l«v» on the
return trip to hi* hnm* In I/m An
geles. No specific reoaon for abnn
donlng the tour wa* gtven
Father Is Slain;
Son Under Arrest
KANHAH CITY. Mo, Kept 6.—«.
W. (Jarvey, prominent lumberman,
wa* shot and killed In a downtown
office building here shortly before
noon today.
Itoy, Oorvey, 11, son of the victim,
wa* arrested In connection with the
Have You Read
Want Ad
On the Issue of Americanism There Can Be No Compromise
Short's Letter Favoring Lamping Is
Cause of Sharp Rebukes From
Griffiths and Mrs. Axtell
With all hop* of conciliation abandoned, the three pro
gresaive candidates for the senatorial nomination were ap
parently hopelessly est ran Red Wednesday and the anti-
Poindexter forces consequently were divided into three
armed camps.
Fiery statements were issued by both Judge Austin E.
Griffiths and Mrs. Frances Axtell, following the action of
William Short, president of the State Federation of I*abor,
in dispatching a letter to all labor organizations, intimating
that Griffiths and Mrs. Axtell should withdraw and leave
Col. George B. Lamping a clear field.
Mrs. Axtell asserted that "Short and Lamping are in a
conspiracy with Hearst" to drive her out of tho race.
Griffiths charged that Lamping was deliberately working
in Poindexter's interest, in an effort to get the governor's
chair two years hence in payment.
"William Short is now reported for Ijunping," he said.
"Not long ago he was reported fcr Mrs. Axtell. If true,
his second blunder is worst than hi« first.
Declare* Voters Cannot be Herded
Like Sheep to Support Lamping
"It has come to pass as I said it would. Short says Mrs.
Axtell'a campaign is a 'dismal failure.' He will find Lamp
ing's campaign a shameful failure. Lamping for senator
is a farce. Mrs. Axtell, altho Mistaken, is sincere.
"I told Mr. Short and others at the start that no paper
committee could deliver the women voters to any candidate,
lie DOW admits that in the press. Nor can the workers
be branded by Short and herded to Lamping like a drove
of cattle.
"Now, Lamping and Mrs. Axtell, like 'the yellow dog and
the calico cat,' are 'eating each other up.'
"Lit the Ax-tell on the 'gallant' colonel. Poor Short is
seeing the fight. I suppose he enjoys it. Does he?
"Meanwhile, both Mrs. Axtell and Lamping have done
their best, the former laboring under an honest delusion
and led by some foolish and slippery leaders, the other de
lilterately, with malice aforethought, to cut my throat to
elect Poindexter.
Charge* That Lamping WM Real
Stumbling Block to Elimination Step
"It can't be done. The liberal and progressive voters
will come to me.
"The propaganda of lamping and Short that I blocked
the road to unification of forces against Poindexter is
fab**. I have always sought that end. 1 do now. The last
conference of Mrs. Axtell. lumping and myself was utterly
blocked and ended by lumping. He insisted on a compulsory
committee elimination selection. I loth of us said we were
as able as any committee to do it. It was no use to pro
pose an informal ballot to begin with. lamping appeared
at this last conference to be obsessed with the notion that
he alone could get publicity thru a certain paper. He
wanted a dead open-and-shut sort of committee (for Lamp
ing) to decide who should run.
"I am still for conference, but not for compulsion.
"Unlike lumping, I have not tho curse of the Hearst
collar around my neck.
"Leadership comes from confidence. The people can put
no confidence in a man like Lamping for the great office
of senator in these critical times.
"Judged by his public utte
know what he said the last
the next.
"The truth Is that he Is charging
around Ilk® a bull In a rhlna whop.
b*oauiMi hit want* to run for govern-
or two year* from now.
"For thts men* of pottag* he
would. If he could, destroy all hope
of the liberal people to defeat Sena
tor I'oindexter.
"lie masquerade* aa a republican.
He opposes, as doe* hi* Hearst keep
er, the Washington treaties. These
treatlea are now the nailonnl policy
for at least ten years. They Insure
us pence for that time—and longer.
'The greater future of this city
and state Is on the Pacific. That can
come only by peace and security.
"How can any republican, or any
man or woman of sane mind or busi
nes* Instincts, vote for Col. Ijimp-
When read the reference to his last
conference with Griffith* and Mrs.
Axtell, Lamping refused to either
confirm or deny the charge that ha
had blocked efforts toward elimina
"I am surprised." wns all lie
would say. "My whole altitude
lias been lo be fair, open and
ahov aboard?."
Short's letter, which brought on
the whole controversy, follows:
"Six days remain before the pri
mary election.
"Unfortunately, despite our best
efforts, the campaign to secure the
republican nomination for I'nlted
Slates senator for Mrs Fiance* C.
Axtell has proven a dismal failure.
"We are now confronted with a
critical situation, which Is not alto-
ranees he shows he does not
minute or what he will say
gether hopeless for the force* which
are seeking the defeat of Mile* Poln
dexter. The elimination of two of
til* three progressive candidate* for
the republican nomination would
have Insured success next Tuesday.
l'«*plte my be*t efforta, and the be*t
: ' f fori * ot the official* of the State
| Federation, thl* has not been accom-
I pushed First, because Judge Austin
! K. Griffiths ha* consistently refuaed
!to 1-onxlder any conference which
, might result In hi* own elimination,
and. aecondly, because at the last mo
ment Mr*. Axtell and her Immediate
following withdrew the offer to sub
mlt themselves to any plan which
' might bring about unity.
"Faced by thl* situation, confer
ence* were called In Spokane, Seattle
and Tacomn. and Archie Johnston
cam* to Seattle an th« representative
of the Spokane conference for pro
gre.wivti political action, with author
ity to assist. If iiosslble, In finding a
solution to the problem. It was
* freed everywhere that Mr*. Axtell
should he withdrawn from Ihe race.
"At a conference last Sunday With
George Matson and other* of the
campaign committee of Mr*. Axtell
the renult* of the*e meeting* In the
largest cities of the state were made
known. Deaptte thl* overwhelming
sentiment for the withdrawal of
Mr*. Axtell, the personal adherent*
of her candidacy refused altogether
to consider any proposal which
■night Involve withdrawing her
"Later In the evening a conference
wan held which Included several vice
presidents of the federation and per-
(Turn to I'age 8, Column 3}
Preacher Says
He Intend
Hang P
"IVill Do My Duty," Says
Sheriff in Answer to
Winf red E. Itobb
the time for the execution of Eu«rn<
I Weeks drew* near. Winfred E Kobb.
'i pastor. and sheriff of Polk county,
j remain* firm In hi* decision to fulfill
jhla first role aa hangman.
Week* w.\* convicted of the mur
der of (Jeorg* A. Fosdlck, Dea Molnea
; grocer.
Robb'a determination to carry out
| lila K Mm duty haa aroused debate
thruout the stale. Many commend
the ex-pastor, many crltlclxe him.
\mon( 'he Intter are many of hla
■ former parishioner*.
"It la my duty, and I feel called
upon to carry out that duty, for
which Iho electors sent ma to office,"
he declared.
The dale of execution haa been set
for September *; the place. Fort
Madison penitentiary.
It was |{nhb who Instituted a
search for the condemned man and
an accomplice which resulted In
their capture after a long hunt thru
many large cities of the country.
Bandit Loses
in Bout With
rORTI.AND. Sept. B.—A bandit to
day. In attempting to hold up a down
town lunchroom, shot a pie three
times without effect.
When the bandit entered the place
I about 6 a. m. the acrubwoman. cm
: ployed In cleaning up. gave one loud
yell and fled. Her cry brought
Harry Ahlas. the night manager,
from tho kitchen. Whirling his gun
around to cover Ahlaa the bandit
leaned the "rllck "em up" order.
Ahlaa ducked behind the counter
quickly enough to dodge three shota,
which shattered a glass showcase,
rtruck the piecrust, glanced off and
embedded themselves In the wall.
Ahlas crawled to the kitchen and
returned with a cook's arsenal of
cleaver and butcher knives, but the
bandit's failure to Injure the pie had
sapped his morale, and he was not
there to face the kitchen Infantry.
Former Solon Is
Mississippi Lead
JACKSON, Mis* . Sept. 6.—Hubert
D. Stephen*, former congressman
from the Second Mississippi district,
was leading ex-Senator James K.
Vardaman by approximately 15,000
vole*. according to unofficial re
turn* In the runoff for the demo
cratic nomination for I'nlted State*
These figures Include complete re
turn* from 15 counties, partial re
turns from 47, with 10 as yet unre
Oosti, It's tough to be a Judge.
John l>. Gordon, who rule* the
destinies of police court, returned
from III* vacation on the Dungs
ne** river, Wednesday.
"Doggone," sighed lilxxoner,
"I'd like to tell you how big that
fellow was that got away. But I
gotta remember my position."
Douglas Scouts Idea That Girl's Sweet
heart Was Actual Slayer of
Her Aged Benefactor
Clara Skarin, in jail in Oakland, charged with the killing
of her aged benefactor, Ferdinand Hockbrunn, at 2520 Fifth
ave., Seattle, last winter, will face new and sensational evi
dence when she returns to Seattle, according to Prosecut
ing Attorney Malcolm Douglas.
Douglas said Wednesday that his investigators, acting
in conjunction with the police, had unearthed much new
evidence pointing to the theory that Clara Skarin killed
Hockbrunn with a motive of robberv.
Douglas scouted the theory that a man had any connection
with the murder. He believes the woman may have had
a sweetheart, but that she committed the actual murder
It was upon this additional evidence that a charge of
first degree murder was filed in Justice C. C. Dalton's court
Tuesday, and a copy of the warrant telegraphed to Lieut,
of Detectives W. B. Kent, who arrived in Oakland the same
day to take charge of Miss Skarin.
Th« case will be harrier than
the Malioitey trial.** Mid Doug
las. "but we are not worrying.
We'll be able to fumWh a num
ber of nurpritf, when the time
That clar* skarin will be quickly
brought to trial waa declared by Doug
laa. Mahoney he said.' waa tried
within 4# daya after tba murder
charge waa filed, and Clara Skarla
will he given an equally apeedy trial.
Mr*. Robert K. Herbert, wife
of a Seattle police detective, left
HoatUe Wednesday for Olympia,
where extradition paper* are
waiting for Clara Skarin. Mra.
HrrVrt M UI arrive in Oakland
Friday, and, witli Kent, will
bring the woman to Seaill* ei
ther Monday or Tuesday.
Kent questioned Clara Mkarln at
length and found her to bo Immune
to hlx suggestion*. She refuaed to
talk of the murder, he raid, and exer
cised a sharp wit upon all who ap
proached her.
She told hint that *he had not
married Robert Wlnbom at Kal
amaioo. Mich., shortly before
Wlnbom"* death of pneumonia.
Wlnborn'd wife shot and killed
Mr*. Skarin. mother of Clara,
and wounded the latter, afUc
which «he committed suicide. In
a jealous quarrel over Winborn.
In I9IH.
Deaplte (he fart that Clara Skarln
(Turn l« t'age 9. ( oluimi I)
Fiendish Crime Confessed
by Prisoner
fTAUFAX. N. 8.. Sept -Confes.
slon that he burned alive pretty 19-
year-old Flora Oray, after ahe hud
sin .-essfully repulsed hi* advances In
her bedroom In the dead of night,
waa made today by Omar Roberta.
**. prominent guide and proprietor
of a hunting lodge.
Roberts was carried Into court, hla
feet having been badly burned by the
flames which destroyed Misa Oray.
lYellmlnary hearing of what la de
clared the most fiendish crime In
Nova Scotia hlatory was held behind
locked doora liecause of the revolting
details of the attack and murder.
BAN PEDRO, Cal.. Sept. B.—Their
bodies burned almost beyond recog
nition and with only a allin fighting
chance for recovery, Mr. and Mrs.
Kynden Bowery, wealthy residents of
I.os Angeles and owners of the yacht
Hawaii, were landed here today by
the cruiser Quest of the William
Wrlgley fleet from Avnlon.
Mr. and Mrs. BOWory were burned
laat night when a gas stove aboard
their yacht exploded. Heroic rescue
work on the part of the father, who
risked his life by rushing mildly Into
the flames, la all that saved the life
of a 34 month-old baby.
Alleged Murderer
to Be Taken East
O. Pelhert Quyette, accused of
murder, was due to leave his cell
at the city Jail Wednesday tr> return
to Minneapolis to face trial. De
tective F. Ohtnan of that city will
take charge of (luyette. Mrs. (Juy
ette and her daughter will go with
the party. Guyette was accused l>y
his own father, who confessed on his
deathbed that his son shew Johu
liretntng, a butcher, In ltlt.
•Seattle Detective Talks WfOT
OAKLAND, Sept. t.—Papers for
the extradlUon of Clara
pretty stenographer bald here en
charges of complicity In tha murder
of Ferdinand Hochbruan la flaattla
la*t November, were forwarded to
Hurra men to today by Lieut. William
Kent, of the Seattle police.
Kent arrived here late yeeterday
to return Miaa Skarin to Seattle. Ha
'xpwtui that extradition would b*
completed In time to leave with his
prisoner Friday.
"Miss Skarin la entirely a puzxla
| to me." Kent said, after talking with
her. She refused to Bay anything
with regard to the caae and matn>
talned the name carefree, haughty
demeanor which haa won for her tha
sobriquet of "the woman of Iron
nerve" in the Jail here.
Kent revealed fhat the warrant
charges Mtos Pkarln directly with
th« actual killing of Hochbrunn,
claiming she shot him with a r»»
volver for the purpose of robbery.
Kept. Three kite like
of SO seconds and one of 40 second*,
were made today by Glenn H. Cur
tli«ii In a motorless glider In whloh
he soared from the surface of l>ong
Island sound.
The Inwntor, who flew the glider
himself, waa towed along behind *
speed lioat. In three successive
tents, after the power lioat had at>
talned a speed of 20 mile# an hour,
the mntorless plane, designed like a
flying boat, rose and followed In th*
air about five feet al>ove the water.
Curtlas did not cut the gilder looea
from the speed t>oat and descended
safely each time.
Would Bar Mexican
Worker# From U. S.
MKXII'AI.I.I, Ix>wer California.
Sept. 6.—Mexican authorities here to
day received a decree signed by
I*resident Alvani Ohregon, providing
that Mexican laborers cannot leav*
this country for.work In tha I'ntted
States unless employer* sign a con
tract to pay the Mexicans aa much
as other workers received and da
posit a sum sufficient to pay their
fare hack to Mexico, plus SO per cent
for sustenance.
The decree, according to tha au
thorities, la designed to stop Immi
gration to the United Slates aa
tnuch aa possible. United Ststes
laws prevent Immigration ot contract
JACKSON. Mich., Sept. «.
Charged with abandoning his wife
and two children, aged 10 and 11,
and eloping with a minister's wife,
Alph Nichols, superintendent of
the Wesleyan Methodist church
here, today faces a desertion
Prosecuting Attorney Hatch
said thla morning a warrant for
Nichols' arrest had been Issued.

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