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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, September 06, 1922, Image 2

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Mtakn Aarrlraa Rmn Bar»n<r« •»«« *■»*»» I
a special selling of
50 steel and brass beds
—a thrift event of supreme importance
in which we offer exceptional values.
A clearance of all our odd steel and
brass beds, making room for new fall
bed as pictured—
—26 beds in this lot Exactly as pic- £
tured. Vemis Martin finish. 2-in.
continuous posts. Special this week Ull" - ~
or while quantity lasts

—also included at very
greatly reduced prices
them bra*s and steel bed» —
rerular Mia
prtca prlca
—1 at eel bad. Varnla Martin # 1 r r
finlah 914.19 $lO./0
—1 rteel bed Ivory enameled with <J <J aw r*
btue trim II 7» WWt / 3
—1 (taal bod. Walnut Q « C A
finlah ........ 41 SO O i *OU
—1 brmaa bad. Satin 97 p»(J
finlah 44 it dm ! a / O
— I «teal bad. Varata Martin Q £• G
fintah 11M OeOO
—1 fieri bad. Walnut 99 *TC
finlah 14— AUt/d
—1 atael bad. Ivory »nam»l with 91 7C
blue trim 41— 1 a / O
—1 (taal bad. Vrrnia Martin PI MP
finlah 12*4 # aOd
—1 braaa bad. Mln 99 *7C
fim»h njl 44a/ O
—1 braaa bad. Satin 4 Q I«I>
finlah M— lOafU
-lknHM. hatin 99 *TC
finlah »- «Jaf W
-'--sr.-r*. 16.75
— 1 braaa bad. Bat In MA aw pa
finlah IT.I# 66./0
—I rtaal bad. Ivory • M np
•nariaal 14 1 Oa / v
—1 brmaa bad. Satin 99 *TC
fin t»b .. IT .14 dCdCa/9
Otcmm i. tamtmmssjmt
•itrAiutMiO' «HMw mi •
1 Otu <
»■" 1 %
9f •«• • t fMOioda.
MOT* IftftlAf r#Mllf
t+r the more eerlAU# »*V ' '^^l
Til- I
law i pib t «»<i'n u4
i«M M *•«.
t'«*. rn» w.
Union Pacific System
Boilermakers, Machinists, Blacksmiths, Car
Repairers and Car Inspectors
For Employment st
Points From Portland to PocateHo
Free transportation and expenses paid to place of
employment, also steady employment guaranteed and
seniority rights protected for qualified men regardless
of any strike settlement
Oregon Washington HI at lon W L> MIIJ.F.R
Heat tic, Wa«h. JM OntraJ Building
IN South lOth St., Tacoroa 609 TacwM Bldg., Tacomi
Jewels Found After
Seven Are Arrested
PARIS. Septl I —After having
' »ev«-n Mrvunta arrested for the theft
!of h«r Jewels, Mm* Ella* Collett#
- found the g»ma In tha pocket of h*r
| motoring coat.
Bombs Church, 19
Hurt at Worship
HELFAHT. Hept. % —A. (U bomb
, thrown Into a church during a pray
i cr meeting Mrtouely Injured II wor
The Story of
(Kftng m Plain, rnproJtidWd. t'n* arnlafcad Chrunleta af
Mllea l*oind»»lar— Installment Na. »|
History's Peculiar Flip-Flop.
1910 in Contrast to 1922.
Newberry Issue Won't Down.
Two Little Words in a Bill. .
MIIN Folnlnlir'l pwwnl cam
puKn for ranomlnallan ami re elao-
Hon in a proof of both the truth mi
the fallacy of fha aaylnc that hlatury
repeat* lieelf.
Illatnry blda Mr ta rtpMl Itself
In thla inatanoa— but In a weirdly
contradictory faahion.
In I»10, I'ulndriler, ihe pro-
had Ihri* principal "p
--imnMita rear t ton arte* cauh—•
Judge TIMMM llurVa, Jolin t»
WIN.>II ami ll«n, Jamee A»htuu,
all of tlw I'utrt Hound dUiiia I
Today, I'nindrttrr, Iha rear
tlonar). lum Ihrw principal <>p
ponrnta |im|ir«il«» earh—
Jud(* Au«lln K. OHNfcha,
llmrpi lamping and Mr*. Kran
re* Alirft, all of the I'uget auand
itWlrtci. ,
In I*lo ha waa oppoaad by tha
etandpat praaa. on tha ground that
ha «m a traitor to tha republican
party, tawauaa ha had da ml to «>p
poaa tha rula of I'ncla Joe Cannon.
(And, In Weatarn Washington. tha
"regular" papara har|>ad on tha fact
that ta llvad aaat of tha mountalne.
and therefore rould not bafrland tha
I'uget atmnd dial riot.|
Today ha la being aupportad by tiia
atandpat prraa on tha ground that lia
waa "true" t» tha republican parly In
voting to aaat Nawbarry. (And, In
Weatarn W'aahlngton. tba "regular"
paper* are ralmly dlaragarding
Polndegter'e aaat of-the mountalna
reefatanre and point ing out how ha
haa befriended thla dlatrlrt I
In 111* folndaitar won becauae hla
reactionary opponent* wera unable
to tat together In time, and therefore
rauxed a epllt In tha vote that gava
him tha nomination.
Today ha btda fair to win. In lha
faca of tremendoua opposition, thru
an exactly almllar poaltlon on tha
pari of hla progreaalve opponent*.
There are many laauee in tha ram
palm but It la generally ronceded
that tha Nawbarry queetion ta tha
I<at ue then quote pnlndegter - *
own explanation of hla vote on thla
matter, aa leaned In a ratnpwlgn
a peach In Sraitle on July It la«t
the explanation la takrn. verbatim.
(mm hi* rampalin litmi'ura
"The question la **11*111." h» aald,
"whjr. If I hav* rrtuiwl to go hark
of thr mdli'l of Iha |«opt« of Michi
gan giut unarat Nowtwrry, I dirt no*
apply lh* wm* prtnrlpla In lha ix>rl
mar ami Ittaphanaon eaaaa. Thla
qumtlon. of rourw, o«ljr llhistrato*
lha lark of Information "f thoaa who
undrrtaka to itarida thla qurntton at
long rung*, and dlr-tata thalr 111 In
farnwd 4«x l»lona to lha arnat* Tbay
would a«h«tltuta th*lr vtaam for
thoaa of tha auprama court of tha
fnllrd Ktataa. of tha T'nltrd K»*t*«
aanatr. and at tha paopla of Mlrhl
gnn. Thara waa no daclaton of tha
paopla of IltlnoM or Wlaronatn In tha
I/Orlinar or Staphanaon raoaa- -«ln ra
thoaa alartlon* w*ra h*ld hafora tha
ronatltntlonal amandmant for popu
lar alartlon of aanator* «*nt Inio
They are jf|<
GOOD! 11/
To Stop Phnplos
Yoast Vitamins
Had Bo Ironizod
IroniaoJ Yoast Combines tk* Weeaa
eary Bodjr-lron and Body-Vita
mioas Which Maka Skin
Eruption* Vanish
Tou can pro** th* remarkable re
sults of Ironlied yeaat In a few day*'
tlm*. To g*t reault* that you can
actually see In your mirror, and ac
tually feel In your whol* make-up,
you raustus* thai yaait which glvao
« rarest kl***o art
«ko*e placed on a el.ar, par* akla.
the naceaaary blood-bulldlng vlta
minee with the proper kind of
•trength-glvlng Iron. In the earn*
form aa It eilata In the human body.
There I* only one trended yraat pro
fused In the world, and It le called
•Imply, Ironlaed Teaet. It la not a
were mixture of yeaet. and Iron, but
le yeaat Ironlaod. which la a aub
atanca all by Itaelf. Pimple*, black,
neada and eruptlona mean that you
•re mlnue the right kind of Iron-and
vltamlnee. Tou need both. Ironlaed
Yeaet will free you from pimple
ambarraaainent forever, your black
?rj<, w I w 'J I v » n, » h . r°»r purified rich
red blood will ahow In the ruby of
your cheeka and adorable akin-clear
neaa. Ironlied Yeaat will put. wlre
neea In your nerve*, new red blood
cella In your blood, It bullda atrength
or f* n ' ,n men, women and
children. It la alao a atomach
atrengthener. Aak for Ironlaed Yeaet,
nothing else Beware of Imitation*.
Ironlied Teaat la aold at all drug
*tor*a at SI.OO a package. Finch pack
age cnntalna «n tablet*, each tablet
"••led. They never lo*«t th»lr power.
M fd only by Ironlied Y*a«t r„ , At
lanta, Oa All klsaaa will be sweater
from now on!
■Turthertnore, In neither tu
the ni to the wyiMAin " r
money for tha determine
linn of tha legislature. to <*ty noth
ing of the people. In Michigan It la
not charged and no evidence waa In
traduced to tha effect that any
money vat uaed In tha final election
Tha eipendllure of tnonay whlah la
queelloiied waa In Ilia primary alao
tlon. and that »u madn tha con
trolllnit ami practically aola laaue In
tha entire final campaign which waa
ariwl before tha people of Michi
gan They decided It by tha election
of Newberry, and to g» bark of that
declelnn and to eubetltutc tha opinion
of another tribunal would ba to de
prive the people of Michigan of their
right to the choice of • eenator. and
would be atrlklng at tha very found*
tlona of *elf government "
All thla I* Intaraatlng—but not am
much M n Utile paragraph In lha
aanata roll mIU, quolnl In an earlier
Thla (how* that Poln4»*ter rote.l
FOIt the Mmoot ami-ndni' nt to the
corrupt practice* act, which Ineart a<|
Iho yvoirt* "primary or" In (ho bill,
making li apply to primary, aa wall
u IFltrttl. iMloni.
In olltrr osiila. the man who
apmka with Mi«h horror of "gotn#
liacfc of the d*Walon of ' l>a people of
Michigan, volvd for that vary thin*.
Only hla vota for that amendment
*u reglaterad on July t, Mil. bafora
hla metamorphoala took place
Th«re ara olhar laauea at atalia—
I *oli>.lr»ter'e queatkmahla aland on
. Iha lonua for former aoMlara and
Mllora; hla apfarrnl ctinni* of
front on tha tariff uueatton. alnre ha
voted for tha t'ndarwood tariff hill
paMnl by tha democrat a In Itll, hla
chalrmanahlp of tha republican acna
lortal i«m|«iin committee, hla ae
i rapunN of almoet (iO.OOO for hla
j svr aidant la I campaign fund from
m«n representing tha Mg Interest*,
jand numerous others
I Hilt tha Newberry ro»a ta tha Issue
which hla opponents fur tha repub.
I lean nomination ara Hamrrerrlng on
And It •111 la even mora tha Hum
Ing laaua la lha avant thai ha la
nominated and runa In tha final eter
tion agalnat firmer Onngn aainan
C. C. run. who wilt dr>ul<*Jaaa I- IhS
democratic nomine#,
a a a
Tamorrowi Tha ai4 af lha
Tindall Quotes Jap
Newspapers to Show
Purpose of Conquest
Npeaklng X CmtambU Turadar
nrnlif MM* • mtrtlm IMU
under thr aaeptrea «t thr Hairier
\ alley 4 ommrerlal club. Council
man I'hillp Ttndall. republican
candtdatr f"C rongrrae, r*<Ml •*-
tracta fmm JapoMo nnnfa
per» wltltli ha uM pcoini a
wall drrliicd deUrmiiiallon on
lb* part of Ibo Jipox-M «n%rctl
man I a«d p—pl* lo nmffrt the
l'a< IHc cuaat Into a Japanese
Th»r» la eomethlng uncanny." ha
•aid. "In tha arajr In which the
Japanese have persisted In forcing
themselves upon ua by svsry eoncetv
abla device and subterfuge In tha
face of tha determined effort* of tha
people of tha Pacific roaat to beep
them out. and In violation of tha *ol
ainn promlaa of Uialr government to
President Hooaavalt that nona would
be allowed to coma e*cept I'mpo
rarity aa atudenta and travalara.
"Thr fart that mora Uian one
hundred thousand paaaporta ha»«
breti Ivurd by the Japanese gov
mimnl ainre It a agreement with
President llooxvrH via made
prove* a deliberate intention on
Ita part tu pi.in I lla colonlee on
American x.ll while otir fmim
mnil ami the greater part of our
people are aaleep. TSe) hope to
| get enough here before wa wake
up lo make ll litijioaslbl* ever lo
grt them out. Tne beat proof of
Ihta la lo be found In Uie atata
menta of Ui«4r own Mwapaian
and public men.
"As far bark aa l»l»," Tlndall aald.
"tha (California Japan*** published
an album ahowlng photograph* of
thalr extenalve land holdings in that
■tate. It waa declared by Ita pub
llahcra to be Intended 'to aerve not
only for the amall purpoaa of a liv
ing aouvrnir album, but alao for tha
largrr purj*>*e of contributing to the
formation of the great colony schema
of on* hundred yaar*.'
"In l»m an article appeared In
Ilia Khln Hekal lor New World!
of Nan Kranriaco wherein waa
disclosed the real Japanese pur
pose which lias behind their
ma»k of suavity and mock hu
mility. "When we of thr Yaniato
race arlae with a mighty reaoly*,'
tha article reada, the opposition
will be as futile aa an attempt to
sweep the sea with a broom. Wa
all oil id advance. To atop la to
retreat. While wa puaii forward
boldly, the enemy itliry call us
the enemy) haa no chance to
form |»laiia. Kven If photograph
marriage* should lie prohibited
we cannot be stopped from leav
ing our daacmdanla on tha
American continent. Kven If not
a aingle Japanese woman comes.
It Is not possible to prevent tha
seed of our great Yama to race
from bring aown on this Ameri
can continent by msrrlagea with
Americana, eapeclully since there
am alre.uty 100,000 Japanese
here, and 5,000 children are born
"lteferring to tha then pending
alien land hill of California tha artt
«ie contlnuea: 'Hupposing wa Jap
iineae wrrr prohibited from owning
or cultivating the land. If we can
not do ao In California we shall go
to other glatea. Kven tha laws of
California are not forever unchange
able The day will come when tha
atrength of the Japanese wilt make
a clean aweep of all In we.' "
Tlndall said that If 111* American
Thit picture, mapped at the
recent uater meet at George
town, Germany, about tiz
idivert in the air at one
I time.
Three hundred member* of Heattle
American !<egton ptaita are planning
to vlalt Vk-forta. H. C, Maturday and
Huntley under auaptcee of Maple lvef
(■oat No. >1 They will leave Heattle
at I a. m . arriving In Victoria in
time te attend a aoocer game, pro
r<e*da from which wttl go to the dla
labled (Canadian enldler fund Heiur
'day night they will be entertaln«d
! with a danee and atnoker Pundav
| the vleltora will attend mewml
■ervlcee In memory of Canadian*
, wlto fell In I'rance
CWIPPI.K CRKKK. Colo. I«apt «.
- A tiny ah rub to which ha clung
until rw«cuad saved 1« yaar old
TtwwMi ('are y aftar a com pan 100
had ailppad »*r a I.JM foot cliff.
paopla understood how deep la tha
determination of tha J a panose to
force th*maelve« Upon us against our
wUhea and In defiance of our law*,
they would demand not merely tha
■topping of ail further J»pane** im
migration but tha return to Japan
of all thoaa now here
Bullfighter Wat
Persistent Bird
MADRID, dept. • —Thrown litre*
tlmsa by different bulla, trampled on
by a fourth, Belmont*. the noted
bullfighter, returned to the arena and
killed tha fifth animal ,
United After 20
Years, Are Killed
HONOIA'IJL*, dept. •—On the day
they met after a separation of twen
ty ) "are Thomas and Arthur*Allen.
brothers, were killed In a motor ac
Don't think %
§ you have a %
% Wake up the M
% sleeping beauty m
of your skin, a
Painless Extraction
of Teeth
Free From 9 to 11
Special for 80 Days— A r g\f\
Met of Tcelh «pd.UU
A real kpccialist In charge of our
I'lnte Ib-piirtiiient.
Gold Crowns, * a r\f\
»K $4.00
Radiograph* tha only reliable
method of knowing the exact condl
lion of your teeth. One X ray free
Our treatment of pyorrhea 1* con
aldrrcd the heat; t? per tooth.
In One Locution for 21 Tear*
Srcond Ateuu*
A little baby. A little chlW. Don't they appeal to you? Doesn't your he
yearn to pick them up, to cuddle them close to you, to shield them fn
■II harm? ture it does else you're not hum in. Being human you love the
Their very helplessness makea you reach out In all your strength to aid the
In health there's no flower so beautiful. In Illness there's no night so black.
Save them then. Use every precaution. Take no chance.
When sickness comes, as tlcknesa will, remember It's Just a baby, just
child and if the Physician Isn't at hand don't try aome remedy that you mi
have around the house for your own use.
Fletcher's Castgria was made especially for babies' Ills and you can ui
it with perfect safety as any doctor will tell you. Keep It in the house.
8 Children Cry FOP
•is - . 7 .
Do the People Know?
Do yon know why you are aakedto can far Fleteber*sCMM
whan yon vut a cblM'a rainedy: why yon moat iaada* an Fletcher 4 !
For yearn we hare beea explaialnf ha*r the |i|irtaiHj t
FletcherCaatorla haa bronchi est innumerable tinhartaaa, an!
rdtetee and counterfeit*.
Te protect the hiMaa: ta AiaM A« htmm sad ta Man
peaeratlona to come wa appeal to tha better Jidgmot at paiaala t
instot oa harlac Fletcher** Caatoria when ta need af a child "a ma
ielae. And remember above all things that a child'• madteiai
made for children —a medicine prepared far p»aa *>* ia net inta
changeable. A baby's food for a baby. And a baby's maiMriaa
jm an neaearial for the baby.
The Caatoria Redpe (tfn ea ovary wrapper) baa beea prapaii
by the tame bands In die aama manner for ae many yean thi
the denature of Chaa. B. Fletcher and perfection la the pretaet ■
■areas snooio sua SMUT re»R IS man rmrsemi m rvnenan eaarai
y) Bears the Signatnre of
- 1
Episcopalian Meet
Opens in Portland
PORTLAND. HopC After th*
had participated In u
ctrtr marntnt ewnrice, th« «?th trien
nial nonrtntloo of th* Episcopal
church waa formally opened today
BY a wnrfct In UMI municipal audi
The demand for aaata at tht* serv
ice haa been ao great frr>m visiting
laym«n woman'* auxiliary delegate*
and local Kplaropallans that moat of
the ami* wtr» held under reservation
until 1* inlnulM before thr llm« art ;
ani Black |
/ a fellow \ P
(tJxZf Flawory, tasty, so juicy \ I
and mellow. " | •] £
\ J oh! yummy-yum-yum I ( v
\ \ Uc-o-rice, Lic-o-nce • J
I r 1 n. -i r~ -r L-— ||
•—J i r 1 jil
V American Chicle Co. presents I
Wintergrcen flavor • • • • Beeman's Pepsin 11
Peppermint flavor Yucatan 11
Licorice flavor Blackjack 11
Tutti-Frutti flavor California Fruit f I
Are You Human?
i for opening the eerrica.
Thla opening aervlce, while fur
nUhtn* an Inspiring and colorful
■ptcttrK w»* purely religion* In n*
tur«, with no iiiitMikio of conv*n
tloo bttilMM.
Hntdxl hy mar* than a hundrad
Mahopa. r*'here<l from ovary corner
of the earth. each garbed In his dla
• InrUv* rohee. and with a choir of
tM volc*e. the prw-enntoMl waa per
hap* the mofl rem*rk*hle ceremonial
ever witnessed In the Northwwt
MONTREAL* 8«pl. <—E«M
•ho had fallen h«Jr to tlO.tM, MM
Cordolto PUu kormrad BMOV M
ami ly tndMOUB. Wlxn U» lapa
fallM to arrtr* «h« wu arrr«t«l
Ex-Gov. Phyticiai
cannot understand why people •)
submit to dangaroua operaOona t
ITland transplantation whan It I
not aa affactlai aa the mam mag
oda, which require no operatlaad
There are many dlaeaaea and weaM
that raapond wonderfully M
there treatiaanta. and for a I)coital
time the doctor U coin* to gt*«
free conference to Interacted panplj
at Itn Third *va. Houra 10-11, M
Call at one* If you are Intareeted.—«

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