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■■hHewber AfctriMi lima littram far Metier Aanrle**
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—-tar B
•wd (jjCji P
—large swing feed
cover permits using
large chunks of
wood. Heavy blue
steel body,
trimmed. Height to
top of urn 41
width 22 in.; diam
eter of fire pot in
ySjl side 18 in.; floor
space 18x24 in.
4tc*m ATPtMt Amnn, i
•ItrAUJSN(D< nKMJPHr 4*«4«
I. W. W. Cases Are |
Dropped by Court
MONTKSANO. CM. 17.—Holding
that I. W. W. literature Introduced j
aa evidence by Prosecuting Attor
ney George Acret, In tha trial here
of 14 admitted membera and alleged
organ lv.<:r* of the I. W. W., wa«
published before the men became
I. W. W., Judge George D. Abel
dismissed the state'* caea against ,
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' V E'SoeSL \
the man yesterday, upon motlea by
tha defense.
The Indicted were: Thomaa Nlch
oloe. Matt Rac«, Oust Valllaklw,
Fred Miller. Jack Connor*. Ouat
Tsooste*, Valno Aho. ICrneat Krlck
eon. Richard Hkog'.und, Alex AJaul
eka. Salomon Anolnen. John John
son and Claude McAlpin*.
l/JNDO.V—CoI Sir Arthur David
•on, K. C. 8.. «&. Boer war veteran,
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Never A rrrated—Doe*n't Kxpeet to Br.
"Caution" the Magic Word in the Trade
Fixing Policemen Seem* to He Ka*y Job.
Hut After "Fixing" One Mu*t Sot Talk.
(Editor"* Not*: Ttil» It lh» ilith rf t Mrkt *f iHHn on the kmU«||lN
Industry In Seattle. It I* mx a fanrlfnl tsle—M hi • plain. Maltx of Itrt
utatemi-nt u malt la a re porter far TV Mar by •<" •' Uw principal
"rrt»Bfr»" In Nmtllr. TK» reader must hear In mind thai k I* the Mary M
lb* bootlegger. t«M from III* own twwpolnl and thai TV Mtar dor* Ml In
any way subscribe to many af In* »!♦»« i
a a a
(AH Related to Kobert Itaxtkm Hermann)
I have, in earlier articles, dealt at some length dth the
element of risk in the ttootiegging business. This was en
tirely proper, Iwcausc, as in any other form of law reakmg,
risk is no small item. The reader should not think, however,
that the bootlejrgvr goes about in constant fear and
trembling. He doesn't. He runs a risk—but not nearly aa
much of one as many men in lawful occupations.
Lota of bootleggers are arrested— a dozen in a single day,
sometimes. But this is due to the tremendous number in
the business more than to the high degree of risk.
It is impossible, of course, to make up an accurate census,
but, in my opinion, it would be conservative to estimate that
there are twice as many men in the bootlegging business
today as there were in the saloon business hero before pro
To eome that atatement aounda
fur-Wftirt, no doubt, but I am con
vlnced that It K If anything, too
mndeat Ona thin* I know -there
km mora than flva tlntaa aa many
"Jolnta" and bottle-boot leggera In
Heattle today aa there wete saloon*
In the old daya.
When you take Into ronalderutlan
the enormous extent of th* bualneaa.
you rvalue that It Isn't so haiaid
oux, after all.
I. lor Instance, have never
been arreeled—and never e*pe< t
to bo. And there are hundred*
more like ma In town. In fart,
I tlitnk I may *ay that the
average bootlegger* In Seattle
ha* never been In custody.
"How do we get away with
Itr* la Um Inevitable que* lion.
Well, there'a just one anawer
You know tho aM warning—
"If you can't be good, be care
ful." Obvi«u»ly irt "can't ba
good" other* Ue wo won kin't
bo engaged In tho bootlegging
businesa. But wa are careful—
and ao we aren't all gray-haired.
The blggeat Itsm In our caution la
th* eelactlon of our ouatom«r* —and
K'a alao tha blggeat hazard. because,
no matter how careful one la. K'a
alwaya pooalble to mak* a mistake
and aall a bottla to tha wrong man
Hut we guard agalnat thla aa well
aa wo ran.
Tha ratal bootlegger haa bla "llat"
—and. union you have tho very
Instantly! Stop Gaj, Sourness,,
Heartburn, Stomach Misery i
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let* of r>lapep«ln" and your
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your atomach for a few cent*. Don't
let your atomaeh keep you miserable'
Druggists rrommend It.
l»«c JUIU M, !•! <.H
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aa •kill, Mlraiuia Imtmeala
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tion of your teeth. One X-ray free.
Our treatment of pyorrhea la oo«-
aldered the beat; 12 per tooth.
In One Location for 11 Team
ftecotifl AVMWf
"hlirhaat" of recommendation*, tt'»
harder 1* (at your nam* onto thai
list than It la to break Into a Ilia- k
I lay cluh, No man ran get a
bottla of whisky from ma. If h*"*
not on my Hat. unleoa ha la peraon
ally vouchad for by an eld eua
tomer In good etalsding.
And arm If ba itmim 10 ma with
apparently perfect recommendation*
I don't ml| to him until I have
made a personal tarsalUratlon.
Far lri»lane*, aa U frequently th*
ea*o. I stay get a a id. aomethlng
Ilk* this -Thla will Introduce Mr
John Blank, wbo'a O. K. Traat
him right." It will bo *lgn*d by
ona of my l«at rlianta.
You might llilnk Ibal I'd tall
him an> thing ho wanted en Ihe
strength of llwMitil I don't,
lie can't da any boslaseo with
me unlU I've gene to U*a phono,
railed op the man who vouched
far him and ensured rayaelf I bat
everything waa all right—be
rau*e. |n the first place, I lie
rard might be a forgery, aoai
aeronallr. II might have fallen
Into the hand* of aomaewo
other than the wan to wbarni
H was originally leaned.
Soma bootlegger*— Ihe "Jolnta." In
particular—aren't aa careful ahnui
thla aa I am Ilut It'a pretty safe
to bet that all of them eperid a
period each year In the hooeegow
Tho good, conaervattvo bootleg
gar la a whole lot more chary about
•crop! tag a now customer than the
average department store |g about
etternllng credit
Thla manner of buatnaa* If caro
folly followed, makaa it alrnoat tm
poaalbl* tor a boot tagger ta eatl
lienor »o officer* or stoolptgoo«ia
but tbarea UM additional rtak of
botac picked up while —kine a
OfrvlotuSy. the graalaat tirfr
la encountered In the Immediate
vtafnltjr of Um bootlegger'* rarhe
fo the patrolman on the beat where
the rarhe la located la Invariably
"fl**d" Fifty dollar* a month M
(ha uaual amount paid for thl* kind
of protection If H'a handed oui in
tha form of caeh—two bottlea a
weak. If wet payment* are mad*.
Of (wifM, Ihta la the amount
paid only by hottleretaller* Othor
claaeee of bootlrggera- -the "Jo»nt«"
and lha whol*ea!»r»—hare to pay
a lot more.
PoulMr I har. dan. an In-
JuMlce to the ftnUlle police
'orra In Ihla connection. In
Justice to th. force, I should
»ay that there may tx> some
patrolmen In town who ran'l ha
filed. But, It therm ar% I'm
WWW had th. pleasure of meet-
Ing them—and I ran mh with
assurance that nana of tlwwi
am pounding beat* In bootleg
glng district*.
Aa for tha prevalence of thta pro
taction system. I majr nay th.ra la
one boat In Heat Me—th. bootl.gg.ra'
"curb exchange"—which I* worth
several thnuMnit dollara a month
to tho patrolmen who hava It. A
policeman who la lucky enough to be
aaalgned to thla district can easily
cleun up tn a coupla of weeks a.
much aa hla city pay amount, to
In a y.ar—ao la It any wonder that
ho fatlaT
Thl. high coot of protection ha*
brought about ona rather amuatng
situation. When a patrolman on
such a lucrative heat I* shifted else
wh.ro—on tha commendable theory
that such change* mgke It Impoaat
bla for tha officer* to b. "flx«l"
ha go.* to hi* euccesaor and saya:
"Look here, now. Thla la a nlc
h**i—hut you don't know th. ropes.
And, unleaa I nhow you tha ropea, a
lot of cheap bootlegger* will try to
k.ep from coming thru until you get
onto them—and you'll loaa a coupl.
of grand or ao. But If you'll split
on tha flrat month'* tncoma I'll
taka you around and Introduce you
to tha trade."
And ao wa hava the tidlculoue plo
ture of a policeman actually selling
hi* bent to a mnn who hn« been
officially ordered to that territory!
To get back—even tho he exer.
Cured without Surgery
guaranteed cure for
Plica U a nonsurgical
method, eliminating knife,
operation, anaesthetic, pain
and confinement I hare
never failed to cure a caae
of Piles in the history of my
practice, proof of which may be
Md by obtaining the long lier of
prominent Northweet people
wbotn 1 have treated.
I nam all IhM a* te larfh w
aOnlae te nM raw lee tf I Mi
te rare imtHUi Write er aaH k>
<M lav ■*» Pim hiMit
rami ma aw—
mixtion THU PAeca wMtn wainN6
Prepare Evidence
for Phone Baitle
1 Itequeatmg the department of pub
> 110 utilities to gather evidence to
suppsrt III# city of Mesl tie's case
Mr* I not the propoaad phono rata In
, itmm of the Pacific Telephone and
; Telegraph company, the corporation
I oeunael'e office Tueeday forwarded
• f»rm«l complaint to the state da
| pertinent of public work* at Olym
City esparto who have made
oe ieful MtUnata of the value of the
phone company"* Heal tie aaeata,
will report to representatives of the
corporation counsels and pafclla
uUlltlaa offloere Tueeday.
eleee tha utmost caution and pays
tha atandard protection rata, tha
boatlegger atiH runs a certain risk,
for which he must make adequate
prerrt eione
Mo ail really eotind bootleggers
have a friend tn court—wlilrh ooele
• little something more
Thla "friend" le ueunlly a lawyer,
who le paid a montnly retaining fee,
lust lo look after the bootlegger a In
terests In the event that he Is ar
ras* ad. arrange for ball and so on.
This retaining fee la regulated by tba
ability of the lawyer—and tha bev*
who can really deliver the good*
charge pretty high.
In oilier |n«ianrw«, the "frkwl"
le an Influential politician. who
ran oattally be depended on to
"fit" the srreslilig ftffleer or else
«lll»oae of tha «aaa with only •
fine. Tha polltlrian I* more rain
able than the beal lawyer—and.
better allll. ha rarely lake* his
fee hi the form af either money
or liquor. The bootlegger, you
see. If he ttaa a good baelnea*. is
usually )n*4 as Influential po
litically as (he old faahlorted bar
lender waa—and. In esrhange for
the politician e aarvtre*. he
sgreea ta try la deliver a certain
role la any dralgnaled randklale
when required
In hi*'!"* In th* ««rVnia lawen
fnrrement officer*. I ihauM **r thai.
•Hf* they h*»* prolMUm
tn«ri*e, It to eery tar» th*t thay Vl*
fc'« th* Irwt thai the bnm)t|||rr hut
eonfUxl In th*m
Wfc«n Ui»r do douhlorroaa m -
well there lan't mwh that we ran do.
►•it they u*uaity don't Iml any lon*
#r than the "hnocknver king*" do
Tou »« It'a M onlr b*d for the
kW«H(*r %»' they've hetrared hut
It hurt* buain»M for ih#tr lm(|Mr of
ficer* a*. Mliirtllr K'l h*rd»r to get
pro'e.noft manar If * lot of bootleg-
I*r» g*t pinched kdtr they've fli*d -
Aa • rat* lk», It'* fit* hootleciter'*
own fault If h#'• armtNl by t m*n
who* mpjiflM to protect him It'*
umially a of th* hno«l*gg*r talk
in* too m«*h and fwHit* «h* officer
to taka an inn In aalf d*fen*e
For in»lan<M>. I r*m*mtx>r tha ra
r *nl 'W of a rwrtaln "Joint" la No
alll* which ha* hww farriotho—or in
famouo—for Ita open manner af
eperatlaa. Frankaltf anyone are*
admitted ta Ihla »at*bltehm*nt. with
•Ut th« alUrhtaat etgn of
and Ita character Ma mart* apparent
a blot* in? by Iho loiwl atngtng
•nd talking that mat an Ufki end
I* |na<aiOd mi
•ot by any mm oopper an the beat.
althar. booauoa as ordinary patrvl
man aaal afford to permit . U ot
going on nnvaaa ha ha* order* fro*
a frond deal higher op
Yet. ona day the place *m raided
Hardly had Iha proprletreaa |*t out
of tall before It *aa raided again
And than again and again, rer
Kv.rytiMr dmrn on the nil n
change t-egan to g.t ft tittl. *«r
n<"t Xy kß *" ">•« «»•'• oomiii
must have been ptjritf fiv. .r
•IX time# M much pHwllon m
the biggest wholesaler* alone
lh« row and »• »on4«r«4 what
W coming of*. Ho we Invaetl
Watt. w. fmml out.
TMs »nmtn U aeems. MM
Inclined Is drink with her rn
tomera -and ohm ilw got a
couple at drink. iu*M. her
shr'il Start In talk.
"TW can't *et IW," she
Hard to h«aL I'm g ns
the llnnl pr*t«rti»n In IhM
Man'* town. I «W«I pr..lilt.|
Uon office. office,
prowciitlng attorney'* offlre.
|u.|lrft—«as, I'tft |it 'nn all
fl*«d. I do what | pIMW"
That kind of talk cant go on
ton* without getting aroiand—and
whan tt pot to tho ear. of th.
man that war. protecting har there
waa only on. thing that they omjid
»«*irfvi| • «Urmn«u>r far
rn+r haa an* a«ta H' «n4 9#« rae Mae
»n p+uitrr ***«• •*« F«f rn* •*
pat«. an 4 fmr MS. ; n. t«a Itar *•« ta
i»*mtr? «r H«. he ?«!!••• te h**4i« »«*y
te apply; email In r»et Minn* i* •#.
(In*. In lis
nam*. At all Hart*i| Drwf *«©?•• Hr
mall lo *«!ra.
"»KTmp*n t*»rrTfrfi>K c© •
N«ui«, Hath
Ul*T»our tlrad, aciOng laa« a eo«k>
fortabla rub with
The pain Jom teem* to Melt away
At any Drug Seoc—Keep a tube handy
TW limine »Co,N.Y. Amm. Ammm
No Soap Better
- For Your Skin— —
Than Cuticura
Cottcrill and Lamping to Go
to San Francisco
To prepreaent tha Port of Heattlo
■ t tha Pacific Coast Association «f
Port Authorltlea. George F. Cottarlll
and Oeorge Lamping of tha Seattle
Port Commission will leave Monday
for Man Francisco, where tha or
ganisation will hold Ita annual con
vention, October M, 21 and IS.
Cottarlll will aieo repreeent the
Northwvet Hlvera and Harbore con
gress at meetlnga. 'The purpoea
of the convention la to give port
official* an opportunity to cat to
gether and dlaruaa conditions In
fhetr respective port*," aald Cot
terlll, In dlscuealng the convention
"The Heattle Port Commleslon ha*
not been notlfle.l of any definite
program, but the oonventlona In pre
vtoua year* have bc»n very bene
ficial to all port authorities and I
believe ihat ihle y«*r It will Influ
ence changes of system In several
ports on lha Pacific Coast."
do Thay Just raided bar, and
raided her. and kept on raiding her
until she realized that sha didn't
have half aa much protection as
she thought.
Of course, it's atl fixed up now.
She's running vide open again—
but she's keeping her mouth
doeed. and she's paying a good deal
sllffer Plica than sha was before.
Tomorrow f wi:i bring thla aeries
to a close with a /aneral resume of
the bootlegging situation—and a
Utile wh»le»ome advice to the
drinking public.
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Delightful Tonic
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then lha dreaded bald apot. It eeeme
a atn to let hair fall out or tolerate
deetnwtlv* dandruff when you can
quickly correct all *uch hair trouble
with a bottle of delightful Dander In*.
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rw»« otly, dondroffy, Itrhlng ecalpa
and hetpa tha hair to grow lons
thick, atrong and luxuriant. Dander-
Ine la net ettcky or gr«a*y. II la tha
lanteet celling hair correctly* and
tonic In lha world hecau** II la not
a humbug' Oet a bottle at any drug
*t»r* —A« i»n!a»m*et
\ / Swinging high and \
\ r )
\ V Pe be°beat
Wintergreen flavor "!'I T ! v r Beeman's Pepsin
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- V
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in Town
H Trading Here
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and good looking clothes.—
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SUIT or ft
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Stock in the dty—We produce ■ u
VALUES! Remember, we make no I VL
charge for credit! Psjr as you wish. WL •
Mineral Age
I an advised that more of
the mineral resources of the
worid have been taken from
the (round •Inoe '.MI than
were taken from the ground
U» the entire history of the
world up to that date— Her
bert O. Moulton. mining en
gineer, testifying before house
committee on (nines and rain
SSO Drop in Price
of Fords Tuesday
Two hundred thousand mora Kord
cara aril] be manufactured tn 1922
| fhan tn any previous year and from
now on wilt sell for leaa than any
' other model Ford has produced
TTTESDAY. OCTOBER 17, 1022/ ,*
The price reduction. ISO, la effect! re
It to opmM that I.SM.OM mru
will be turned out during lltl.
tiick with spegrwtt!
r iiiiffno unooM
la now nold by Bartall. *wlfl and
moit <lru# atoraa tT«rrwh»r« for
U.Ofl p*r bottla—#nou«h for threa
month*. If you h»« catarrh of ife«
h«a<l. try ihla ntdlrlna ont'a and
»«vf jrouraolf naedlena auffsrmg—

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