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Tin USD AY. NPVFMttKR 9. ltt->2
Member Amertran H«nr< Buma
Sale of Friday and
Rebuilt Sp ;;f als
Ranges Roasters
All Rani«< offered In thla CfMria/
„»> hiiv» t>.-n rut in opcciai
i PKRFRiT hakln« oendltlon
; anJ .-arty our vf
) Mtt.f*«Hor» »«rvlo* tUV
Value Range. 16-inch jf"~~
oven 912.50 \\
Acorn Range. 18-inch ft? •"■"■j* (4>«
{ oven, c0i1... 920.50 j
YVherle Ranjre. 18-inch ♦efty'V 1
oven, c0i1...f 13.50 ** /
Ruck Range. 14-tnch
oven, coll.. .934.50 |
Stewart Raiurt\ IK-iu.
■ ,• |t) ar A *»( h*4Ty M»l« >hM(
oven. coil. •. »t**i 14 !«*«* 1 *« h*«
j St Clair Range. 16-in.
oven 9M.50
Quick Meal Range. IB- Heavy
in. oTtn. coll 941.50 j Galvanized Tubs
Malleable Range, 16- < e • i
inch oven, water i jpecial
front 957.50; No. 1 size 79c
Pacific Chief No. 2 size 89c
oven, coil.. .930.50
St Clair Range, 16- )
inch oven, water s
front 944.50 '
i Majentic Range. 18- >
inch oven, water > Bjm
front 952.50
Majestic Range. 18- V W
inch oven. water
!f ;f *nt 940.50 j Httry (|«lrulN< Tube with
Hhin Ihiuni IH-tnrh ( atron* wlr«- H»nlin riveted on [
unto tvange, in-incn j (Bo wrln ,. r r*inr«roMn»nt). i
oven, COU. . .959.50 ' Theee »p.-<-lai» are featured In (
T f our r>«»ut*ira Htora
An Echo of Our
One-Cent Sale
A large shipment of Thermos Bottles and Lunch
Kits failed to arrive in time for the Sale. They're
here now, and we offer them as originally planned:
A Genuine Thermos Bottle $2.50
An Extra-Size Thermos Kit 01
Both for $2.51
The Bottle is the corrugated model and holds
V/j pints. It fits into the cover, leaving the entire
body of the Kit for the lunch. • The picture above
tells the rest of the story. $2.51 is "The Owl" price
on this combination —while this special lot lasts.
We also offer the pint size corrugated Thermos
Bottle with Lunch Kit to match. While the ship
ment lasts this combination will sell for $2.01.
Tne usual price of the Bottle alone is $2.00. You
get the Lunch Kit for One Cent.
_B J/te OwiU/w C& ft_
Una Order# Rrcriv* Prompt Attrntinn
Kir*l and Third and l'U»r Weetltke and
**'* l lliott «335
Gets S2OO in Cigar Store;
Another Busy Bandit
Two bandit* who QetnmltM l«rv
1 arparata hnldupa Wedneaday nlfht
*"♦ twins eouaht by the police
| Thurartay
Itoldly raltrlni • rl«ar atore •(
till R. Itk» it, • abort. hx»v)i.«rt
man pulled a mitt on f W brown
the proprietor, while twn ew(nm«ri
i looki-d on tlrown ma forfeit to
• >pen the raah register and hand the
1 bandit o*er |3<H Th» man wnm no
tttaak. hut kept hla mat pulled up
over hi* haul 10 make Identification
j Impoaalhle
I Jack Kelly. (04 R. Itke at , wm
j halit up at Whatcom at. and llolirale
iv» at tlO a. m Thursday by a
Inn* bandit and waa rob had of about
It F'atrolrnen J A rivers and c
W. Houseman. In eearrhlti* tha dla-
I trtrt, arr.-etrO george dyer 14. who
I la hald la tha ■lt y )all on an open
charge for Investigation by tba da
l«rtiv» department
Dyer denied any knowledge of the
; holdup
Seattle Girl Is
Class Secretary
\(l« Helen farquharson lilt Slat
«»e. N R . member of tba University
presbyterian church. Seattle, who la
*, student at the Moody Klhie tnatl
| tute, of Chicago, haa been elected
treasurer of the senior claaa. oonatat
Inc of about Tl atudoata. who will bo
Kraduatad I>eremb*r fl Tbeee atu
lent* will than have completed a
taro year rouraa In the ftlhla and re
la tad auhlerta. aoapal mti'le and
| practical met hoda of Chrlatiajs work
Newspaper Men Get
Apple Pie Samples
n» Apple pK hot. fuloy an.l
I with rruat that nw mother couldn't
J rrttlrb» rwck«l The RUr offl<-«
Wednaada) Jlurt w t mlm.fi of
I tired eyed newspaper men wrete try
IM !• work out from behind a pile
I <>f fUruroa and election data. In cam#
| the pie—or plee from Ih» honw
: et-onofnira department of tha War
> ran are erbool Thar wera baked
| hjr tha *trla In ronne< turn wtth Uia
| drtra to exploit tha Northwest Fruit
•how. and tha editorial ataff of
j Tha IMar la (tin no nick plea erar
I j were made before
Rather than reveal tecrett of her past, Mrs. Maude Ce
ballot, known m musical comedy at Mono Denmond, "Dretden
China Girl," ha* uith>lrawn her SH>O,OOO love tuit against
c "Zi f jord R. Hrndfix, wealthy New York broker. The "Dre*-
dm China Girl" quit when lawyern thowed that the had turd
three men for breach of promise and had figured in three
divorce cases.
People Voice Opposition to
Private Education
portland fffrr f~Ora«on
rotor* Toaada v dacialraly favored
th* alotlahinr r4 t hurrh and prlvata
whooU (I li<l tha auparvlaton by tha
atat* of education of all children of
■trammar «rho->i **«, axoapt la car
tain aparlflad and approved la
A bill known aa tha ooaapubnry ad
oration bill oania4 by avar lA.*M
Tha maaaora waa Initiated onto tha
(antral alaoUon lalM and la da
*l«n*4 to become effective tftmr Hap
tambar 1. l»»t Aflar that data all
children bat warn tha a«a* of I and It
muat ba aant to tha public achoota,
axoapt thnee phyalcally and mantally
Incapacitated. or who ll** al Incon
venient dtatamea from arhool can
Thaaa may 1» irtven prtrata tn
at ruction under atat* auparvlaton.
Alraady. with tha vot*a ecarcely
counted, opponanta of tha meaaura
have announced that thay will carry
thalr loat flifht to tha court* In an
affort to have tha Mil proved uncon
atitut totuti
Tha right* of paranta and tha
rtKhta of property are haUl violated
h> It* mamt-itee On the** two ob
jection* the fight la expected to
blnga. The nv-nattre waa regarded In
th* campaign a* belt!* a religious la
aue It overshadowed In Importance
every other ballot entry, not *xc*|>t
ln| that of governor. ami It* fata
ana followed with tha keen eat Inter
**t by th* entire atata.
Wonderful Treatment Helped Faitfca
Jul Wife It; Sara Huabaad
Wken AU Elaa Failed
w-e. Sv. will IKr
jf CiJ Kp
Happy Treatment
Reunion DM It
Cel4ea Treatment la Odnrtaaa end Taataa
ieee—Any Lady Can Give It Setretly
et Mom la Tae. Ceftee er Feed.
You Can Try It FREE
Wlv**, mother*. sleter*, It la you
that the fnu who drink* Whln*]r.
Win® or Beer to muat depend J
upon to aava him from a ruined life <
and a drunl ard • RUV*. Take h««>d »
from the thouaaada of tnen f"lng; to
ruin dally through vil#». bootleg
WhiHkey and the horrib!« ettiff called
home brew fr<»rn privatt ntllla. Onc«
he get* It In hl« ftyatetu he ran't atop
—hut you ran wav« him. A ll YOU have
to do la to **nd your name end addraefl I
and we will a«nd abnolulaly FltHlO In ,
plain wrapper a trial package of i
OOf.DKM TRBATMKNT. You will ha
thankful aa long ex you live the? you
did It. Addreea PI. J. W. K4TITSS
< 0., WW (ilrnn It I«lk .. f Inrinttnfl, O.
BhddMMds <({ nick '
by This Simple Method
Illarkheada big one or little on<*H
- eoft O?»«R or hard one» —on any
part of th« body, g»» quirk hy « alm
ple rn» th«»d that tuet dlaeolvee them.
To do thle g*t about two ouncea of
< al<»nlt« powder rr«>m your di iiKKint
eprlnklo a little on a hot, wet « loth
rub over tho brlHkly
f<jr a few eecondn and waeh off
You'll wonder wh»-rp the hlackhend*
hav gone. IMrw-hlna and •<|Ueoxlng
only open the por*e of
th" "kin and leav« them larg.- mid
whlla the elmpl<» epph'-e
--tlon of ralofllte powder end tha
water dlaa »lve them right out. leav-
Inic the xkln aoft and the porei in
their natural condition.—Advertise
Pierce Is Named Governor
by 30.000
rORTI.AJm. Or*, No*. Or»
iron nettled do*r today ta cc.nalder
tha final election returna
Out of 111* Cln'llM* *lllrh a
Ktonn of «UUM lx»D MBIIWMI about
tha atat* vara altitat amial
ramftiluhM ravulta. Th*y war*
Tki d«moorat* ejected 'laramor
! Ban OkXKt. republican. and aaatad
Wailar M llama, dmontl, la hla
plKa llaroa'i majority *KH a»
oaad »9,00 a.
On(nM<m» C. If. Moirthw,
republican. waa retired ta prtTat*
Itfa la tha Third contra—tonal dla
irlet, and Cltao Walklna. tha find
damocrat ta ba aant ta mnaraaa
from Oregon alnce l(7t, elected la
his etead
Tha c.mrulaory atfacatloe Mil waa
ronirraaatnan N. J. Wnnott and
W, C Hawley, republican* war*
: returned to conjm». tha former by
war t.OOO majority, tha latter un
Republican candidate* wara *oo-
Iwwaful In Important atat* race*.
Tha constitutional amendment al
lowlnx Portland to nOaa threa mil
llona for axpoaltlon purpoaaa ap
j peared defeated. tho tha raault
j waa yat In doubt
A Mind* tax mea»ure wmt de
feated. aa waa an Income tax
war armistice and peace
will be the ȟb)art of an addreae by
august toellner at a meeting of
Knrtann Thygeeon poat camp, united
spanish War Veterans, at Hooeevalt
hall. IlllVt Third ava.. Wednecday
KFC —11:11 a, m . I p. m to
S:4S p. m . ISO p m ; • 15 p. m :
( 20 p m . ( It p. m ; t 38
KI'ZK 10 10 to 11 a. m and
liIO to *lO p m dally, and 711
to ( IS Monday. Wadnaaday and
KJll *l* to »II p in.
KZ<' —(:4& to T:lt p m.
HOT- Sundays *nd Tueedxya,
I to to *lO p. ra ; Friday*. t.tO to
M 6 p. m.
Mm. Adele MOBS Montford,
prominent in New York »o
ciety, played the title role in
"She Who Got Spanked," ar
cording to her husband, Fred
rick D. Montford. Her hun-
>and, former St. Paul bunker,
admitted in separation suit
papers, that he spanked his
bride in a hotel in Naples.
Na mall ordrr, lAfhoiw or O. 1». order* Kkrn on Friday Hoar H»h
Mwtiaiidlae, anil the right to limit quantities In r«»rnd.
9 to 10 10 to 11 11 to 12 1 to 2
Pur. Unrit !>».h_M» Novelty Bath Men'. WorU Hhlrte-IM Hm'a IJnlon BulU-lU
varrla U «r„1 '*« aenrl-< »ble l< •th aplendld quality blue ar.d of them. eatra heary
yar<la. unblnachad. and |i|n(l b , gray rharnbray Hhlrta. fleece lined and In nat
with whit- border It -iifl koM J(uviljl ,rt , H , r tr. alae* 14. 1«S. It and uraJ «ray color. Hit**
laundera well. Thin eold ,|, r » - aell ra»u "H The*e > wild for are 2*. 40 and 41. For
formerly for 26c a yard larly a. M- «<■!. O.oP-a nierly for *6,- and 11 00. merty 1100 a autt For
_ f , ir n r\ For »hl* hour In the thla hour. <f» * A C
For thla hour, in the tor .hi. hour OQ M .-n.
DomnMlc Hocv 1 rnent, eech . . O!J0
tlon, a yard,.., * ' *■' Milliner". Trlmmlnca, In-
Hllin»r Hole*—<i* [wJra Short Length* .uirl Odd <lu>tin« a Una of fancy
of Ho>ea with IWa of allk and cotton feathera, ouch a. on rich
Odda and Knd* of Per natural ahearllnic lamb" nit**>l rii*t»-rlali», Includ edging. pompons, harkel
mla Houm lirnm and wool lneolra NUm ar«- I, Ing VoDm, Hwlae and pa/la and banda. For-
Aprona. In atrlpee and t. 11. 11 and II lor Orgaadlee, eelllng for marly »&c_ fl SO, |I.»G
figured pattertui Hpa merly 60c a pair. For merly for *Sc, 7&c and and 12 40 each. For
dal for thla hour In tha thla hour (Needle Art 11.00 are offerod for thla thla hour. In the Mltlin-
Apron Impart- »7E Depertfnentl, *P _ hour (D"m<-atlo rn _ ery OC.
mailt, aach .... /OC a pair IOC Dept ), a >ard OvC eech
Boys' Flannel Silk and Wool
Blouses 95c
wear, In grey only. Eaceptional »al
Ribbon Remnants *** ond
C n«/»i'/i/ c r Pnrh Poirct Twill* \ Well-made garment* of the
special OL Cut Tricotinea latent style#, in a variety of
i,«n«tha from % to i yarda. and an/ f smart models, with braid and
aamn, formerly fmn 10, to ,1c a suk Crepe tnmmingß .
2 to 3 3 to 4 4 to S
_ Faary Braid*—Tha Mlllta- Garment! In BOM*
TOII.KTKIKM TMaooc tin tied atyt«a of a* Iv-pxrtment U off«m« /T . . _r, " _
•ortad l.uxor Tollat Watera In tha original (qo yarda of Hralda, ault- I'urke atyle for (tria, IN m
bottle. Formarly SI.OO each. Hpcclal for thla for cither hata or trim- thecn. In pink. In ataee It»
hour, tn the Dru« Hundrlae CQ. mine aerse dreeaaa Soma 10 yearn. Formerly ILO*.
Department, a bottle . tn plain colore and aoroe for thla hour la tha
T h " t."r.* rw - r * 1 Womcn-a Knit rnderwear
VKII.IVfi In ;>n a»eortme*lt of fan tn< «' • • thre«d throorh It (■ IWrw
and <l.. i.llle i<n' iMlicrn- In t For thla hour, a yard V K m RQg
1.r«.» u. navy, tnupe. |>un>l< and »>. ■■ * Kor- Waaen'l Ilex- of mercer-
merly lio to II i« a yard. 200 yartU 1 £ u.la and with ribbed
far UUa hour at. a yard.. aUC lope. Theae are allchtly 1M Boys' Bleu ace <rf par-
Imperfect, and are In black caia. In an exoelleot range
HILKOIJHK—4O« yarda. H Inohaa wide, and only. Blaea IV* to 1»- Of pattarna. Htaaa are Tl*
la a complete ajworiment of pattenu. and col. thla hour, OQ _ »• Taara Hpeolal for tMa
ore, etiltable for ooanfort OO a pair hour. In tha Boya" iIQ.
Farmerty M& ftr thla hour, a yard AAC Or I for ®o#. Dept, aaoh ai/V
Vote Sex Hygiene
in School Course
CHJCAOO. No* » —The lon* bat
tle waged by the Ohtoa«»> heai'h de
partment to «at "eei hytfene" In
eluded In tbi multr couk of eludy
In Chics SO Mboote ended tn victory :
The board of education adopted a
reaolutlon favonn* the teaching of
MX. j
IttfVUr taut ruction will Iw |l»«i
flrwt to hljth achool atudente and
later to grade t>uplta.
Mayor to Speak at
Woodmen's Party,
Mayor E. J. Brown will be tha
■peaker at the JSth anniversary
birthday party of the Modern Wood
man of America, Klllott Bay camp.
No, tilt. in Economy hall, Klret ava.
lUid Plk* *t . Thursday, at I p. m
Tba public l» Invited.
Clyde HARVEY. of the Cham
ber of Commerce, waa eoheduled.
Thursday evening. to m-eak at tha
monthly dlnnar and meeting of tha
Industrial Halation* aanoclatlon, In
tha Metropolitan tea room.
-■ Hours 8:30 A. M. to 6:00 P. M.
ipevial at 91.20.
IRONS. oat of S, with handle, special
tiKlsWtll J) SAFETY COOKER. / \
bjjMn iprfUl at f1.29. / \
USifjy A kettle and steamer combined — 1
Vj®3r make* a wonderful boiled dinner.
JtjmMßlk Blce No. regular
Si*- 1. regular special
«2.0 N.
Friday Inat day of nale—every Item
a big value.
§■ - Set of Three Vwy low prlrNl *
II IVj S|M>clally Priced for KHday'i -
c=^r—" m - $1.29
jj^^lft"" lUU 35* C Limited quantity—early buying ad-
W:1 f mJI Miide of pure aluminum, highly N '»«> | . Regular price $2.00. WeU
polished. In 3 handy eixin. made, with txtra lining and a good
at $4.49 JL
(Finished in lilack)
Regular $5.00, sfi.oo and $6.60 values, special for Friday at
$4.40. |
Christmas Mail on
Way to the Orient
On* of the bt**«et poiwlirnmenta of
mall yet to go tlito year will be taken
from Reettle whan the irteajnahlp
Preeldent Jackaon aalla for the Ori
ent Saturday. Much of tha mall la
; ChrUtmaa mall, whlrh rnuat atart (
early In order to roach Ita dentin*- !
tlon In ttm« for the holldaya. Part of
the mall la deetlned for Singapore
and India.
Baltimore Steamer
Discharges Cargo
Coming from Baltlmoro and Nor
folk, the at earn* hip Santa Paula ta
<lt*r-harglng a cargo of 7io ton* at
tha Atlantic at. terminal. The Santa
Paula la In tha nervloe of tha Pacific
Mai] Steamship Co. and la command
fd by t"apt. W. Renaut.
kiwanians W'KHE entertained
Wednesday by Harvey Hindermyer.
tenor, and tha Dann Trio. In.strumen '
tallata. Vocal number* alao were
Riven by the misses rosalynd Davis
i and Felice Dann. '
Says Man Has Two
Wives; Asks Divorce
Mrw Marianna Deniszewski who
on July n. lfil, wu married to
Waldyslaw D»nlaaew»kl la seeking •
divorce In a complaint filed V ednee
day In superior court.
Mr*. Deni«iew»kl charges that bet
husband haa another wife, Anna
i Denlasewakl. living In Detroit, Mich.
: She a*ke restoration of her maiden
i name. Marlanna V. gancewska
106 Columbia St.
Neat Ue's
I/ending I>etltbu
for More Than tt
Vesrv HI
right in that lunch bashst I
Qroen Ohlt« o>mmwi|

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