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TH E SE n n ., ': , {TV->1
n , g, h
NRA! All} - n
Serving the Scandinavian-American Population of the Great Northwest
First Alaskan Over
Tokyo Now Missing
KETCHIKAN. Alaska. First:
Lieutenant William E. Wikstrom,
Jr.. has been reported missing in
action in the Asiatic theater. ac-.
cording to word received here by
his parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. E.;
Wikstrom, Ketehikan, A l a s k a. ‘
from the war deportment. .
The brief message said that the}
lieutenant. believed to be the first}
Alaskan assigned to B-29's which
bombed Tokyo, has been missing
in action since January 6.
Lieutenant Wikstrom, who is 27
years old, is a graduate of Ketch-‘
ikan High School. He studied engi- i
neering at the University of Wash- '
ington and worked on defense com I
struction projects in Alaska before ;
entering the service. ’
He also studied at the Boeing
plants in Seattle and in Kansas be- ;
fore going to India as engineer on.
a Superfortress. At first he was
assigned to ground crew for India- ;
based 8-293. which also made use:
of bases in China for attacks on
Japan. later became engineer on
the big planes and went on major
missions over Tokyo and other tar- ‘
get areas. His wife is living ut‘
Spokane. .
Maritime Veterans
Honor Magnuson
Senator Warren G. Magnuson of
Seattle. is among those selected by
the Merchant Marine Veterans as
honorary members, because of
their services in recognition of the
"men of the sen," it was announced
Other honorary members, to
whom membership cards will be
mailed this week. include Presi
dent Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ship
builder Henry J. Kaiser. Adm.
Emory S. Land, and Rep. J. Hur—
d'm Pvtm-son lFllll‘illZIl.
Haakon lie Visits
The Pacific Coast
()m- “1' {IN must abh- und mug
m-tiv men, who during mis wur
sorvvs the N()l'“'t‘;.:iilll gm‘ormnvny
ls Haukon Liv. whn u! thv pn-m-nt
time is visiting the Pmific North
wvst. Liv is svvrvtury of t‘m- Nur
wvgmn Fem-ration of Lulmr l'ninns
and luhm' uttzu'hv at the Nnrxvv
giun embassy in \Vushingtun. I). (‘
llmlkon Lie
Under some sort of a lvnd-loasv
arrangement he is presently work
ing with the American l-‘i-dvration
of Labor helping to raise one mil
lion dollars which are tn bv used in
”establishing the labor unions In
Europe after the war.
Consul General Wallerstedt
Visits Pacific Northwest
'l‘lh- mun spvukm' Mt thv 20‘}!
:mnuul Swmlish Midwintcr Fi‘six
mi whil‘h was n-lvbrutvd mi sm
uriiuy. Feb. 10th. at the Civix
Amiitm'ium in St‘zlnlt‘, was C if
\Vulh-rstmit. (‘unsul limo-ml fur
Swwh-n in San Francisco, (‘zli‘i'
.\ll'. \V.|livrstm|t was :u‘vmnpun
imi by his wife on his visit hz‘rA.
imd as this was thvir first trip at
Somme fur quite n numbvr of
vmrs. thvy wvro royally enter
tained. On Sunday they were
guvsts of honor at a dinner party
at the home of Mr. Ivar Lundo—
quist. \‘im- Consul fur Swvdt‘n.
On Monday Mr. lvvr Cvdvrwnll
had urrnngc-d a luncheon party.
and Mrs. (‘mh'rwall gave a lunch
mm m thv snmv time for Mrs.
Swedish National Sana
torium to Hold Annual
Seattle Foundntlon Bwvdish Na
tional Snnntorium in Denver, (‘olo..
will hold its delayed nnnunl meet
ing on Wednesday. thrunry 21.
at 7 p. m. at tho Swmmh (‘lub
1627 8th Ave. Seattlv.
Dinner will be eu'rvml n! 7
o'clock. During the business mm-t
lng following annual reports will
b? made and election of “{{H‘Prs
Robert P. Sandal! is prmidem
and H‘ B. Heiden sm‘rvtarV (If tht'
Seattle, Washington, February, 1945
\\'ull«-I'.<tw1l and :n grnup at" hulln:
Th:- (‘HllSlll‘ll‘ (‘m-ps nl' SHIHL‘
hm! Mr \Vulh-rstmlt us guost ui'
hum-r :It thmr lum-hmm on Tllx's
lay. and m thv s-wnmg tht‘ «11s
tmguishmi VISIIIII'S wvro hunm‘nl
hy thw Swodlsh Busim‘ss Mvh's
.>\ssm-i:1tiun nt :1 hamqm-t :lt 11w
Olympic Hutvl On Friday, Fn-h.
16th. MI: \Vulh'rstmlt spukt- :lt
thv Chamber of Cnmmvrm‘ lunch
«on and lntvr un in tho cumin:
ho nppoun‘d at the Prvsg Club‘
Two days of Mr. and Mrs. Wal
lerstodt‘s stuy wvro given over
to visits with thvir son. :1 Lieuten
nnt Commander in the Navy, at
thv pn‘sent time stationed in th's
Consul Gonwral Wallorstodt has
65 Wedding Anniversary
Observed in Kirkland
' Mr. and Mrs K, H. Knudtsnn.
old-Um» King (‘nunty rvsidt'nts.
volvbrnlvd the 65th unmwrsnry of
thvir murrmgv nn Jun. 22 at their
home In Kirkland.
I‘rvsvnt at their npq-n huusv last
night wvn- thmr childrvn. Mrs
Orx'lv Stun-r nf Seatth', (‘luudv
Knudlsun of Ellvnshurg. Mrs, Ad
‘dw Avery uf Klrklund. and Irvm
K. Knudtxun nf (‘mmdtL also In
grandvhlldron and sxx g rvat—
Mr. Knudtson IR 90 and his wm-
R5 years of agv.
<l‘H't‘d llulgt'l' In tho l'mltd Slulrs
than :m\' uthvr mvmbur of Swvd
vn's diplnmutiv curps. A nowsnv
pur vditu.‘ from Swvdvn hn- swrvwd
‘is m-vrvtur)‘ Yu H)" Swodish ‘m
gntmn in \\':1.~'hmgtnn from 11“»?
In 1909‘
In 1919 .\h' \Yulln-rstvdt bum. '-
Cmmul 1n SJ” Frum-isvo and
scrnvd as such In 1941. whvn he
was prnmntvd tn (‘nnsul Gvnvm'
His consular district im‘hnh:
Washingtun, Oregon Idaho. C‘ML»
fm'nm. Nmadn. l'tnh, Hawaii and
He is u Knight Hf tho Ordvr u!
Vnsa and a Commander of tho
Order of the Nm'thern S‘ar. Hn'
also was honored by King Gustav
V, with ‘ho Torwntonnry Medal
v Ship ls Named For
Bathell Seaman
‘ Lloyd 8. ("arisen nf Balm-ll, an
niler who was knllvd whon his ship,
the Aroma. was shvllod and sunk
July H. 1942. was hnnnrm‘l pnst
humnusly when :1 Liberty ship was
named {or him rewntly, the Man
tlmv (‘umnnssum annoum‘c-d re
Carlson who was hurn In Ren
tnn, was mnung 39 mvrvhnnt soa
mon who lost their ln‘vs m war—
Hmv svrvu‘o to have now Liberty
hmtlewagnn, a ship that midvd last
repnrtod Hm muthvr, Mrs Chris
tim- Carlson, realm-s In Bothell.
10C 0 CC‘pv
Nazi Prisoner Will
Return to Seattle
Tin-w was rt'jult'lng :1! 1m 2H!
Aw. Ni, Sn-ntiiv, 1:13! wm'k Ed
ward Herman .luhnsnn hm! "‘-
turnod from the (it‘ild.
Johnson wasn‘t u(‘tu:|ily home
yet. but his purvnts, Mi: and Mrs.
Hvrmzm Johnsmi haw dvfiniLe
man! that hr was in Switzvrland,
after t“"l :mul our-half years in a
(‘u-rmam prisun camp, A merchant
sonmzm, Johnson. '28 years old,
was one of R26 rivilinns rt‘Cl‘iVOd
in S\Nit7.t"l'lflild in :in oxvhango of
mitinnals bvtwoon tho I'nitnd
States and Gvrniany. the Associ
ated Prvss reported.
Mrs. .Inhnsnn’s joy at thv nvws
was not the dvmunstmtivv type:
it was rostruinod. deep-down. in
kvvping with the character (if the
poopie of hrr mmw land, Finland,
Thv day bvforv they had nL
cvivod a lc [tor from 014‘ Sta‘e DI"
partmeiit. notifying them mm
thvir sun would he rxchangod and
shipped hmm- on thv Gripxholm
Today, for thv first timv, the
Juhnsuns 1(‘ill'llt‘d that the c“.-
changv actually had born :u‘comp.
Young Johnson boarded .i
freightvr in Smttio July 31, 1937_
and sailod for Sun Diogn. His parrr
Emits haw not svvn him sincn.
:They did not even hear from him
Ifrom 1939 until Septo-mbvn 1942.
Then they rocoivvd word he wan
‘il pristinvr «if war. That was the
first time befurv that mvssugo
‘camw tint they guw him up far
.dt‘fld. 'I‘hv sm‘und tiniv was last
‘5'viir. as thi- months drugged b\'
with mi further wnrd of him.
Yuung JUhnSnn was taken pris
(mvr July ii, 1942. whi‘n 2m Amr‘ri»
mm iiin-n-hzmt ship was sunk "3'
thv Germans UH :i \iiyaigi- tn Rus
Thl- s:iilur's pun-ms \wn- burn
in Finland, Mr. Juiinsuii x'flnh‘ tn
this i-i-iiiitr) .30 yvurs :igu :iiiii Mrs.
.iuhiisuii >10 yi-zirs ”gm, Thvy haw
livinl iii thv sximv Sfi‘iltth' house
3"» _\'i';l!‘>‘ Mr .Iahiisuii wurk-w]
{01‘ .l {min-r iuiiipuiiy hvw iiiitz‘
his i'I'YH'I‘HH'IlI M'\«'I‘:li yi-ui's :|_L“
Here On Visit
Kim-r B e _v c r . helm-ed
”gamle-konsuln" for Nor
way. recently arrhed in Se.
attle on one of his regular
\isns In his old stamping

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