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Serving the Scandinavian-American Population of the Great Northwest
Vol. 1, No.8
Leif Erikson Day to be
Celebrated in Seattle
Statue of Thorfinn Karlsefni by Einar Jonsson. Icelandic
sculptor. in Fairmount Park. Philadelphia.
Oct. 9th. designated Leif Erik
son Day by the Washington State
Legislature of 1941. will be com
memorated in Seattle under the
auspices of the. Leif Erikson Foun
dation. A program, followed by
dancing and refreshments. will be
presented in the Masonic Temple.
Harvard and E. Pine St.. Seattle.
on the preeeedlng Saturday even
ing, Oct. 6th, to insure eity wide
attendance, Mr, A. Kvalheim is
general eliairmim this year, and
Mr‘ Sevevin Anderson is in charge
Yanks’ Iceland
Families Arrive
Thirty-twu young Icu‘lzmd wo
men who mnrrivd Amvriczm sol
diers and the babies of about 15
of them arrived at SUlton Island
August 2601 ubnzml the merchant
ship Turazvd.
There also were 32 service men
aboard the vessel. returning from
Thu giqu all wen- cagvr to see
New ank and as a band {mm
Camp Kllllll‘l', N. .I‘. sorenmk‘d
them the young wumon smiled
dazzlingly. dunred. some with
their huhiq-s in their arms.
Cnpl. “'illinm S, Fifv. master of
the ship. which left lm-lnnd Aug
ust 20, said tho vossol ran into
heavy wmthvr 24 hours out, and
most of the wnmvn were seasick.
The hubivs. huwvvvr. hv snid,
didn't mind tm- rough wmther u
of the program. Allan Pomeroy,
Assistant United States Attorney,
will be the main speaker.
During the month of October.
history classes in the Seattle
schools devote their attention to
the discoverers of America, Each
one is entitled to a chapter of his
In a recent Leif Ex'ikson Day
message. our President urged Am
ericans “to visit a nvarby library
and ro-road the story (if the Vik
ing Explorer's voyages :u'russ the
Atlantic to the shores of the New
The Story of Luif‘s luscm't‘ry of
The spirit of all the Scandina
vian peoples during the porind of
discovery which Leif Erikam Day
recalls. manifested itself in an
eager quest for new lands, daring
soamanshlp, and a faithful rword
ing of their movements and dis
coveries in tho litvrury form
known as the Saga. The turbul
ent North Atlantic Ocmm hold no
terrors for them; they sailed thvir
0pm] craft whorovvr thoy wifiml,
without the aid of chart or mm
Finding the reign 0f Hul‘nld thv
Fairheaded distasteful, Norwegian
vikings romemlx‘red rumors of an
island to {hr west and set out to
find it. Thus Iceland was discov
vrcd about 874 A. D. and then
colonized. Erik the Rod, whn, af
ter being banished from Nurwuy.
hzul svttlod in lL'vlzmd. dm-an-d hv
Would swk land further wvstwurd.
He discovered ernland and svt
about to colonize it frnm Iceland
about 986.
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Bananas, lo Bombs
A few days ago a little girl lay
dying in a Copenhagen hospital.
Now, thanks to swift international
action involving three countries.
an Allied transport plane and a
cargo of bananas, the little girl
may live. Danish specialists found
the child to be suffering from a
rare intestinal disease which only
a diet of bananas could cure.
A frantic search revealed that
there was not a single banana in
Denmark, neither were there any
in Sweden. But. by some strange
quirk of fate, Norway. the land
of a. thousand shortages. did hap
pen to have the bananas. Only a
few hours before. a whole shiplnad
of this precious fruit, purchased
by the Norwegian Government
during the war, had arrived in
0510 from the Canary Islands.
I Within a few hours a special
[Red Cross transport permit had
1 been arranged and an Allied plane
rose from the Oslo airport and
headed south, loaded with ban
:anas. not bombs. With the mercy
might went the wishes of 3 mil
‘lion Norwegians. grateful far this
1opportunity to repay a small part
€05 their debt of gratitude to Den
tmark and for a peaceful world
iwhich values so highly the life of
{a single child.
U. S. Resumes
Finn Relations
WASHINGTON. Aug 30,- The
State Department today annmm
ced resumption of relations with
Finland, effective at midnight to
morrow' night‘
The decision was taken because
the United States government mn
siders the present govermm-nt
"broadly representative of all
:lemocratie elements in Finnish
political life."
Relations with the tiny Scandi
navian country. which has a long
history of friendship with the
United States. were broken off
June 30, 1944. after the failure of
all efforts of President Roosevelt
to bring about peacv betwvcn Fin
land and Russia.
The explanation given at the
time was that there muld no
lnngor be any justifiable reason
for the United States to mntimw
diplomatic friendship with a coun
try at war with its two great
allies, Russia and Britain.
An American legation is uctu~
ally in operation in Ht‘lsinkl and
today's announcement said that
Benjamin M. Hulley. first sevro
tary. would be charge d'affairrs
pending appointment of a minis—
Rydells Feted In
A threefold anniversary took
place at First Lutheran Church in
Tacoma. on Sunday, July 29, when
members of the cnngrog'ation hon
ored the Rev. Carl E, Rydvll and
It was the 20th wedding anni
versary of Pastor and Mrs‘ Ry
doll. the 20m annwersary of his
ordinaunn into the ministry. and
his 10th anniversary as pastur- of
First Lutheran.
Rev. H. A. Stub Starts
43rd Yearof Service
Rev. H. Stub of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Seatth‘
Hans Andrew Stub was born of
the parents. Prof. Dr. H. G. Stub
and wife. Didrikke Aal (Nee Otte
seni on May 18, 1879. His birth—
place was the old historic parson
age at Koshkonong. Wisconsin
The young Stub attended grade
school, Parochial and Summer
School. and High School. the Uni
versity of Minnesota. and Luther
College. Deenrah. Iowa. from which
school he was graduated in 1900
with the degree of A. B. The
same Fall he entered Luther Theo
logical Seminary. located at St.
Paul. Minnesota and was gradu
ated in the spring of 1903 as class
president and Valedictorian with
the degree of C. '1‘. He received the
honorary degree of Doctor of DW
inity from Whitworth College.
Spokane. \Vashmgton. May 29.
It was his intention to study fur
ther but the crying need of pas
tors that year caused him to aban
don his plan and heed the call to
the ministry. He received many
calls but chose the one from the
Immanuel Lutheran Church of
Seattle. in preference to the larger
established calls in the Middle
West. offering eaSier working con—
ditions and larger salary, while the
Seattle Congregation. had up to
this time been a niisSionary call
eonnected With another congrega
tion. and the salary offered was
only nominal
When Dr. Stub entered upon his
work in Seattle in August, 1903.
he found a congregation of ll
souls With three voting members.
Duringr the past years the congre
gation. whieh was organized in
1890. had dwindled under sueces
swe and short pastorates. The
little frame church. on a si‘lv
street, was without tn'erl" or paint.
and lacked pews, plumbing and all
equipment. The value of the prop
urty was about $1.200. and the
debt was $1.240.
Dr. Stub was nut lacking in
faith and courage, Ho ontrrml
upon his Work “'lth zml and sum
conditions began to vhango. Al
tendance at services mvrmsvd, but
people were wary zihmit Joining
the church hm-uusv of :15 past
financial history. Soon a tuwm‘
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Lutherans Plan
State Council
Organization of a Sti‘l‘x' vuumxl
to coordinate many :h'tn'xln‘s I‘.\I\\‘
being earned on through wpamto
agencies is being (‘nnsnh-rmi by
Washington Lutherans.
Meeting in their annual snmm. r
conference at Luthorland on Lake
Killarney. 65 pastors studied a
proposed constitution and pussnd
it on to a simihar grnup m Spu
kane for further mnsxdvrznmn
The organization swans amm-vn}
by Lutheran vnngro-gutmns and
agencies throughout the mm-
The plan calls fur momhvrshxp
by congregatmns. groups, Institu
tions and pastnrs
Pastor R. E. Spannaus (km-vu
tive sevretary of Ass-H‘mh'xi Lu—
theran welfare. is vhmrman. as
sisted by the WW Carl Samlgrwn.
the Rev. (‘arl Rasmussen and the
Rev. L. H. Stmnhuff. all of Seattle
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