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Osborne Receives
St. Olav Gross
,NEW YORK, N. Y.—Lithgow
Osborne, president of the Ameri
can Scandinavian Foundation and
.former U. S. Ambassador to Nor—
way. has been awarded the Grand
Cross of the Order of Saint Olav,
Norway's highest decoration.
The presentation was marked
by simple ceremonies at the Nor—
wegian Embassy in Washington.
D C., on May 5th where Norwe—
gian Ambassador W'ilhelm Mor
genstierne conferred the award.
Recognition was paid to the for
mer ambassador‘s o u t s t a n ding
service to Norway.
Norway To Build
Its Own Planes
OSLO. — Recent announcement
of a public stock issue by Norsk
Flying industri AIS, Oslo, was ac
companied by an outline of the
(ompany's plans to begin manu
facture of planes on a mass-pro
duction basis next year.
Mr. Birger Honningstad, head of
the organization. reports that at
the present time over 100 men are
(mployed in manufacturing land
ing floats and in general repair
work. Present quarters of the firm
at Fornebu Airport near Oslo are
rented from the Government which
is also extending the firm an in
terest-free loan for -its expansion
According to plan, the firm will
turn out a plane of the Homing
stads-Finmark type -—- a model
specially adapted to Norwegian
needs with a unique amphibian
landing wheel-ski arrangement
which is said to represent an im
portant development in this field.
The plane will be powered by two
motors with seating for 10 pas--
sengers. Honningstad is one of
the pioneers in Norwegian plane
Norway Gift To
Iceland Planned
OSLO.pA Norwegian delega-l
tion composed of government.‘
church, scientific and inGUstriali
representatives will leaVe for Ice-1
land late in July where Norway‘si
Crown Prince Olav will unveil al
statue of Snorre Sturlason. the;
ancient historian. A gift from the]
Norwegian to the Icelandic peo-{
ple. the monument is the work?
of Norway's great sculptor. the;
late Gustav Vigeland. and will,
symbolize the close ties betWeen;
the two northern neighbors“ I
Snorre Sturlason died 700 yearsi
ago. shortly after he had Writtenf
his masterpiece “The Saga of the;
Norwegian Kings." He was a de-i
seendant of the Norwegian col-i
onizers who settler in Iceland be-'
tween the years 874 and 930, and;
whose story is preserved in thej
"Record of the Colonizers" a]
literary epic which has survived,
the ages. i
Accord‘ng to pian. the Norwe-l
gian delegation will make the tripl
aboard a flotilla of Norwegian de
stroyers, and a sizeable excursion
of Norwegian tourists to Iceland
is planned to coincide with theI
event. .
Sec 562. P, L. 4&- R.
P A l D
Seattle, Wash.
! a . . Permit No. 451::
J wi‘
”an. F
,.- .1 ' AW ’45 . . . . '
n _ Servmg the Scondmavmn-Amerlcon Population of the Great Northwest
Vol. 3, No. 5.
King Christian X, 1870-1947
King Christian X of Denmark,
who ruled his country for thirty
five years and was acclaimed a
hero for remaining with his people
during five bitter war years. pass
ed on after a short illness on April
20. at 11:04 p. m. Before lapsing
into a coma eight hours earlies, the
' King whispered his last farewell to
‘Queen Alexandrine, the Crown
'Prince and his other son, Prince
iKnud. His last words were: “My
ltask on this earth is over. I am at
‘peace with God and myself. I am.
so tired.“ 3
King Christian was born at‘
Charlottenborgon September 26,‘
1870, and succeeded his father.
King Frederick VXII, on the throne
on May 12, 1912. He will be in
terred in Roskilde Cathedral where:
Danish Kings have been buried for:
the past thousand years. i
Frederick IX was proclaimed‘
King of Denmark on April 21,I
while thousands, packed in the1
courtyard of Christiansborg Cas-g
tle. cheered. The Prime Minister of:
Denmark, Knud Christensen. step-;
ped out on the balcony of the pal-2
lace and intoned three times: "King:
’ ChmflmmdfldiJflnflv-UXE His;
Majesty King Frederick IX." Gunsi
from land and sea batteries boom- 1
ed as King Frederik acknowledged:
the cheers of the crowd from the;
balcony on the opposite side of the .
court. The‘ crowd. estimated at
250,000. sang the national anthem. ‘
the King‘s hymn and. in tribute toi
Queen Ingrid; the Swedish national 1
anthem. The motto of Denmark's‘
new monarch will be “With Godl
for Denmark." ’ g
It has so often been said of Fred- l
erik that masic was his hobby to‘
the extent of almost overshadowg
ing all other interests. But his in-(
terests actually cover an extraor-I
(Einariiy wide range, and he is an;
unusually gifted personality. He,
is shy. a quality completely ab—i
sent from his father‘s makeup. sot
he always preferred to keep in the .
Scandinavian American Democratic Clubs
oi Washington
, Endorse the Election of
for Congress
background in regard to the gen-I
‘ eral public. whereas among friends 1
he is the life of the party, full of!
‘humor and bright ideas. Not very;
‘ many people know that he is quite
‘skilled in mechanics, that he cant
‘iun a'locomotive, or that he is a
splendid oarsman, but it is com-i
mon knowledge that he is a fine:
orchestra leader and very fond of
music in all its forms. When the‘
Germans sought to capitalize on
his interest in Wagner he gave
them quite a jolt. He said to his‘
aide-de-campe. so the story goeszl
“Perhaps I do like Wagner and his
music. but it all depends upon
where and with whom, damn
Ingrid is unusually popular Vn-
Denmark, and as Queen Ingrid
taking up her new duty and dig
nity. she is certain to meet with
overwhelming sympathy. She will
not remain in the background for
she is richly endOWed with bril
liant qualities. Her whole being
radiates sympathy and charm and
she will surely be regarded as the
harbinger of something shining
and fine, a queen of real stature.
certain of the blessing of her peo-‘
w . . ct . - 7 , ,
Cars Returned
OSLO—Climaxlng a two-year
search. the last of the 11 Oslo
street cars stolen by the Nazis
and shipped off to Germany has;
been returned to the Norwegian:
capital. According to report”
three of the cars are beyond re-l
pair and their motors will be re- ;
moved and installed in other units l‘
, Most of the street cars were:
in good working order, hOWe\'er.,
and their return will help ease the
present surface transport short-:
Envoy To United Nations Arrives
‘ Arriving at Lafiuardiu Field. New York. aftvr a trans-Atlantic
‘ (Tossing in a Scandinavian Airline-s Systvm pianv, Mr. (iunnar
lingglof (loft), Swedish Eln'uy to the ['nitmi Nations. and Mn.
llaggiof arr growtvd by Mr. Eyvind Bran. Suedish (‘onsul in Nvu'
(iunnar Ilagglof, born in 1904. “as a nwmbvr of the- Swodhh
govermm-nt in I939 as an advisor in Nut cabinet and tunk part in a
grunt many important ommm-rriai prm-H‘dings. in 19“ hr br
(-alm- a Invest-nun lo thv Belgium and Ne‘ihvrianlls guwrnmvnls and
‘ and tun _u-ars later. bow-tune lninistr-r tn )Insum. “hil'h post hi'
In“ some time ago.
Ausgustana First Over
Top On World Action
E NEW YORKHThe Augustana
iSynod has oversubscribed xts
'share of the ten mmmn dollar
igltheran \Vorld Action for 1946-
l. ‘
King Christian X
{Editorial in The Christian '
. Science MonLtori
3 "I am at peace with my God
and myself." These were among
the last words uttered by King
Christian X of Denmark, who
{recently passed on. They sum up
la career. They disclose a char‘
'acter. Happy the man. and the
people. blessed with qualities that
make such a summation possible.
‘ With his own feelings about his
life work his people would differ
with Kingr Christian somewhat.
But only to his added credit. To
himself he appeared as a man. or
a king if you will, doing the best
he could in the adw-rse days of
Nazi occupation. To his people he
was a hero.
Like his people. he kept his at
llludt‘ toward the ruthless but
temporary conqueror above re
proach. The Danes admired and
loved him the more because he
stayed to share his people's hu
mil ation and minor triumphs dur
ing the ocrupation.
This does not mean that other
national leaders may not have
done as much for freedom’s cause.
by enduring exile But the mr
rumstanees which made it right.
and possible for King Christian to
stay with his people. and his own
,independem and kingly bearing
during the common testing time.
i will make one of the happy chap~
item in that relatively happy hia
; tory which is Denmark's.
i Sweden's first Women’s Air
Corps Auxilinry. or Lotte Corpl.
he: been founded in Stockholm.
It be; already mom than 400
members. _
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