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Norway Prize
Winner To Be
Published Here
OSLO—“Fest i Port Des Galets"
th e All-Scandinavia Literature
Prize winner by Norwegian author
Arne Skouen. will soon be published
in English by the New York firm
Alfred A. Knopf, it was announced
in New York recently.
The novel. which will be entitled
“Stokers‘ Mess" is now being
translated by Joran Birkeland
with the collaboration of the au
thor, and is expected to appear
early in 1948. The prize was given
for ”a novel of outstanding liter
ary quality promoting at the same
time the ideals and the Spirit at
_the great humanitarian Alfred No
bel", and the competition was held
among Norwegian, Swedish and
Danish publishers.
Author Skouen is a Norwegian
journalist who during the war was
Director of the Royal Norwegian
information Service in New York.
The book is at present being trans
lated into other European lan—
(Editorial in The Christian
Science Monitor)
In 1919-20 Finland gave the Un
ited States a note for $8,281,926.17
worth of relief supplies. To date
it has paid back 98 per cent of
that debt, but the accumulation of
interest stili leaves it owing more
than $8,000,000. Its unique record
in never defaulting, despite United
States policies which made repay
ment peculiarly difficult, stands
shingiy above the unhappy ex
igencies of its wartime position.
The recommendation of eleven
Senators that all further pay
ments on its debt he set aside to
pay for educating Finnish youth
in the United States deserves the
highest praise. The plan has a
precedent in the similar turning
over of the Boxer indemnity to
China for educational purposes. It
is the sort of action that encour
ages faith that we live in a civil
ized world after all.
Only recently the acting head
of the State Department‘s Divi
slon of International Exchange
stressed the need for more dollars
to be made available to bring Eu
ropean students to the . United
States. He emphasized that many
who are eager to come are going
instead to the Sovlet Union, which
is grantlng large numbers of
awards and scholarships. By tak
ing proper action. the United
States could help traln the techni
cians Europe so badly needs for
reconstruction and at the same
time win the friends democracy
'so badly needs for world-wide co
Friendship, like the: Finnish
debt. builds up accumulated inter
est even as it is repaid.
Norway Logging
Now Under Way
OSLOVV-Late full logging opera
tions already under way in various
sections of the country, are gain
ing momentum thanks to ideal
weather conditions. Early indica
tions point to an easing of the
man-power shortage with forestry
and prison authorities agreeing to
put 800 men. now serving time for
Nelson. to work in the forests
with a minimun of delay.
Some 250 of the motorized fall
in‘ saws recently purchased for
this season have now reached the
various logging districts, and ac
cording to reports. measuring up
to earlier expectations. In fact. the
Agricultural Department has al
ready forwarded a proposal for
Cubinet consideration calling for
the purchase of a total of 1.000
portable power saws in the United
States and Canada as a step in
MM the lownx program-
Sec. 562. P. L. a: u.
' P A I D
- Seattle Wash.
5 . . Permit No. 4513
- 3.? J
fl ‘5‘! F t
' ’ 9,» ’4 Serving the Scandinavian-American Population of the Great Northwest
Vol. 4, No. 1.
King Gustaf and Family at Anniversary
As King Gustaf V of Sweden on Dec. 8th. 1947, celebrated his 40 years of reign.
the photograph above was made of the royal family. From left to right: Princess
Ingeborg. Crown Princess Louise, King Gustaf, Princess Sibylla with Prince Carl
Gustaf, Princess Margaretha of Denmark. Back of the King are Crown Prince Gustaf
Adolf and Prince Bertil.
Record Year For
lormy Ga'nneries
osw-Flgures recently released
by the Norwegian National Can
nlng Association show that 1947
was a record year for canned
goods exports, with sales abroad
totalling nearly 100 million kroner.
The secretary for that organiza
tion further noted that Norway
has not only rewon pre-war cus
tomers but has succeeded in mak
ing its products available on a
number of new markets.
Regarding Norwegian canned
fish shipments to America. refer
ence was made to the unfortunate
publicity surrounding s e v e r a 1
cases of food poisoning in the New
York area in early 1947 which
were allegedly traced to Nor
wegian sardines. Here the secre
tary reaffirmed that official in
vestlgatlon had cleared the Nor
wegians of all blame for these
instances. _
The official health journal of
New York City has printed a full
report of the investigation and the
results completely absolve the
Norwegian sardines and the can
ning industry.
Sweden‘s oldest inhabitant, Mrs.
Johanna Johsnsson. died Nmmber
2 in her home in central Sweden.
107 years snd six months old. Un
tii shortly before her death she
was surprisingly brisk and buoy
ant, and known for her keen mem
ory. When she celebrated her 107-
th birthday, she received congru
tulstions from a grest grsndson
who was 105 years younger than
herself. ‘
All Sweden Honors King Gustaf V on
His Fortieth Anniversary as Monarch
STOCKHOLM—(By airmail)— The celebration of the
fortieth anniversary of King Gustaf as monarch of Sweden
was held on December 8. It was on that day, in 1907 . that
he succeeded his father. King Oscar I] The observance be
gan at 10:30 in the morning with a service in the Pro-Cathe
dral, at which the Right Reverend Erling Eidem, Archbishop
of Upsala and Primate of the
Swedish Lutheran State Church.
officiated. A special section was
reserved for two hundred men and
women who, like the King. are
eighty-nine years old. They had
been selected from lists of pen
sioners and from the homes for
the aged in Stockholm.
At noon sharp. the entire Swed
ish people brought their hanage
to their beloved monarch. This
event took place in the Council
Room in the Royal Palace, where
more than fifty past and present
members of the Swedish Govern
ment gathered. together with the
Provincial Governors, the Speakers
of the two Chambers of the Riks
dsg. four representatives of the
nations] defense, and three bish
ops, An lilumined address wes
presented to the King. This cov
ered the entire country. since every
municipelity end township is rep.
resented with s page of its own.
In the evening. seven sesrch
lights from nsvel units anchored
in the harbor played on the pel
ace and thousands of singers from
Stockholm glee clubs gathered in
the palace courtyard to serenade
the King. lore than 10,000 per
sons took part in this phase of the
ceiebrstion, which wss broedcsst
to every corner of Sweden.
Rock Island, Moline,
Davenport to Have
Joint Celebration
NEW YORK. Dec. iASNEi --~~
Rock Island. Illinois. and its neigh
boring cities Moiino, Illinois. and
Davenport, Iowa. have plunned a
joint program during the 1948
Swedish Pioneer Centennial. 'l‘hcse
cities were the first to form a
committee for the jubilee“ as early
u March 5. 1946. Many local
Swedish churches and societies are
represented in the organization.
tnd the board consist; of Dr. C.
G. Ctrlfelt. chtirman: John 4A.
Summon. vice chairman: Erik We
lmder. treasurer. and Sigurd L
Anderson. secretary.
The program includes a concert
by a visiting Swedish choir. All
mlnna Slngen. an historic exhi»
bltion, arr-raged in cooperation
with Augustus Historicul Society.
[and two memorial celebration; on
;Sunday, June 20. At the first of
ithcse a Swedish bishop will of‘
Hicmte. and at the second. both 1
i8wcdiah md an Americ-n maker
will Ippelr.
;Swedisll Shipping
QFirm Celebrates
100th Anniversary
STOCKHOLM.—Last fall the
well-known Swedish shipping firm,
0. F‘. Ahlmark & Co., of Karlstad.
celebrated its centenary. The
company runs regular lines from
the big Swedish lake Viinern.
around which several of Sweden's
forest—product industries and steel
factories are situated. to various
British ports. and also to Rouen.
Antwerp. Rotterdam and Amster
During the War the company
lost four of its vessels, which.
however. have now been replaced
by new vessels built by Swedish
shipyards. Including two vessels
at present under construction, the
fleet of the Ahlmark Company
consists at present of 14 vessels.
aggregating about 23.000 tons d.w.
Most of them are modern ships.
and all are specially designed fol
the trade in the relatively shallow
nvaters of lake Vinem and the
:Trollhhtte Canal, connecting that
flake with Gothenburg and the
North Sea.
j The Red Cross World Conference
which is planned for Stockholm in
l1948 is expected to he one of the
Imost important milestones in the
‘history of the organization. ac
‘cording to Henrik Beer. Secretary
:General of the Swedish Red Cross.
I‘A group of legal experts are now
I at work revising the statues of the
fHague and Geneva conventions re
{lating to prisoners of war and the
{activity of the Red Cross in war
! time.
Marta Toren 0n
Holiday Flight
Lovely Hollywood Stu-IN. Mar
tha Torrn. smiles 300d!» M La
tin-fill. Fleld belon- hoardinx a
Seandlnm‘hn Alrllnes plum- (or
the holldayn In her natiu- Sim-k
holm. Mix-u Ton-n. who has been
in thin «ountry minor In! spring.
hu rmntly compleu-d hn-r tint
pk-lurr, It wlll be "drained In
Mnrvh undo-r the ml. of “(‘Mhuh."
.~\ munk‘d prudut'tfon. Min Tun-n
play» opponltr Tony Mnrfln and
MN flu- pll" of “(HI)” as play-d
nomi- your: an by lit-(1y Lulu."
“1th (We. Boyer In “Algien.”
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