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New Swedish
Institute In Athens
STOCKHOLM—(By Airmail)—
A new Swedish Institute, devoted
principally to the study of ancient
Greek culture and working parallel
with the present Swedish Archaeo
logical Institute in Rome, is to be
established in Athens in May. The
institute will have its headquar
ters at Phaleron, near Piraeus, in
a house placed at its disposal by
the well-known shipowner Consul
General E. Eugenides. The first
superintendent of the institute will
be the archaeologist Dr. Erik
The archaeologist Dr. Arvid An
dren has been appointed super
intendent of the Swedish Institute
in Rome as from October 1. in suc
cession to Dr. Erik Sjoqvist, who
is going to lecture at Princeton
University, USA.
A blast furnace from the Her-
mann Goring iron works in Linz.
Austria. has been purchased by
Sweden for a reported sum of two
and a quarter million dollars. The
delivery is a part of a Swedish-
Austrian trade agreement. which
has not yet been made public. It
will be shipped to the city of Lu
]eé, in northern Sweden. and used
in the Government‘s iron works
The Turkish Government has ro~
quested Professor Manfred Nas
lund. head of the Swedish For
estry Research, to organizo a sim
ilar institute in Turkoy along
Swedish lines. Professor Nfislund
will soon leave {qr Istanbul where
he will spend a month in prepara
tion for his work.
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Seventeen Young Swedish
Gymnasis. The Sophia Girls
Arrive In New York
Arriving in the “Gripsholm” is
the Swedish gymnast troupe. Tho
Sophia Girls, a group of 17 young
girls in the ages of fifteen to
twenty-four, led by Mrs. Maja
Carlquist. The troupe which last
visited the United States in con
nection with the New World‘s
Fair. at which time they saw
more than twenty exhibitions in
universities and schools. will take
part in the Swedish Pioneer Cen
tennial Celebrations in the Middle
West and make other appearances
at schools and colleges in the
Othors on the Swedish ship in
clude Professor Stanley E. Wil-
“Venus” Recomé
NEW YORK. N. Y. 7* Raised
from the bottom of Hamborg' har
bor and completely rebuilt, the
Norwegian lirgr “Venus" of the
Bergen Steamship Co. has again
entered the Newcastle-Bergen pas
senger service. The ”Venus". built
in 1931_ was seized by tho Ger
mans during thv war and was
sew-rely damagvd by bombing. R0-
building at the Helsingor yards in
Denmark is reported to have cost
over $3,000,000. The new “Venus"
has accommodations for 400 pas
sengers: H4 first class. 256 second
class. and special facilities for 60
or more young people traveling on
group tours.
The International Chess Asso
ciation will hold a congress at
Saltsjbbaden, near Stockholm, in
the middle of August next. In
connection With thc meeting. at
which reprosentativvs of thirty
countries will be present. a chump
ionship iournamvnt will be staged,
for which twenty-four clitc play
ers have been sclectcd. Russia
will send not less than seven cham
pions. including Boleslavsky and
liams of Yale University. return
ing after giving a series of lec
tures at Upsala University. Swe
den. traveling" with his wife and
daughter; Prof. Bernhard Kari
gren. reiioWed Swedish sinologist.
invited here by the Rockefeller
Foundation: Adrian Wennstrom,
headmaster of the Norrbotten
Youth College. with Mrs. \Venn
strom; Mrs. Margaret Jungstedt,
wife of the noted Swedish painter
Kurt Jungstedt. who was held
several exhibitions of his works in
this country and Holger Rosen—
quist. Well—known Swedish danc—
ing teacher.
Trade Agreement
A trade am" payments agree
ment between Sweden and Iceland
was recently signed in Stockholm.
It foresees imports to Sweden of
traditional Icelandic products as
herring. cod, roe. mutton. whale
oil. herring-oil etc. The volume of
Swedish exports will depend on
those imports from Iceland. Pay
ments will be effected in Swedish
An appeal for a memorial fund
to be named aftcr the late Mrs.
Elsa BrandstrOm-Ulich. interna
tionally famous Swedish social
service worker, who died in Cam
bridge, Mass.. on March 4, has
been issued by Prince Carl, a bro
ther of King Gustaf and honorary
chairman of the Swedish Red
Cross, and Nils Goude. chairman
of the executive committee of the
Swedish European Relief Organ
ization. The appeal states that
the memory of Elsa Brandstrom‘s
work for the prisoners of war in
Siberia during; and after the First
World War. for orphaned children.
and for youth in need, will never
be forgotten, and that there must
be many people who now wish to
pay tribute to her life‘s work. The
fund will be used to help children
and -young people. irrespective of
nationality, according to the [Win
ciples which guided Elsa Brand
strom in her work.
Thu l'nivvrsny of Calm has in
wlml two Swedish botanists. Pm
fossors Hana Burslrhm. of Lund.
and Gunnar Erdtman. of Stock
holm. to Act as visiting proton-ors
during the next university you.
Stockholm Motor
Grand Prix
Scheduled for May
STOCKHOLM —» (By airmail) —
A large-scale International Grand
Prix for automobiles and motor
cycles will take place in Stock
holm May 29-30. The track will
be laid out on the Skarpniick air
field on the southern outskirts of
the capital. It will be about two
miles in length, roughly in the
shape of a Y, with three very
sharp curves. Racing cars will
have to cover a distance of sixty
seven times around, while motor
cycles will race from fifteen to
twenty rounds. The entire Swe
dish racing elite will participate
and the contest has also attracted
much interest abroad. A French
racing car team is already on the
preliminary starting list, while
participants from several other
countries are expected. A new
Swedish motorcycle engine. known
as the SMR. which was the sen
sation of last winter's Scandina
vian motor ic'e, racing meet, is al
so scheduled to be entered.
‘ Norway-Sweden
Trade Pact Signed
NEW YORK. N. Y. 4-. Following
preliminary agreement reached at
an Oslo meeting in February, Nor
wegian and Swedish representa
tives have coneluded a goodsmx
ehnnge and payment pact and a
fishing agreement which were re
eently signed in Oslo. In addition
to the general agreement the new
ly-signed document includes a pro
tocol, listing Swedish exports to
Norway and Norwegian exports to
Sweden between January lst and
December 31, 1948. Swedish ex
ports are planned to total 185.000.-
000 Kr. including machines equip
}ment. iron. steel. chemical pro
iducts, vehicles, iron and zinc ore.
cellulose, and timber. Norwegian
exports to Sweden will.inelude salt
herring, fats. lime saltpeter, sul
p_her, sulpher pyrites. copper, zinc.
timber and pig-iron totalling ap
proximately 200.000.000 Kr. The
inewly signed payment accord in
ieludes few departures from the
earlier agreement. while a new
ifishing agreement is to be approv
:ed by the authorities and will en
‘ter into force following a further
ieflbhange of notes.
News n.‘ Brief;
| Some forty officers from various
‘Swedish military staffs and war
academies have just concluded a
{course in strategy. directed by Col.
iNils Swedlund, Chief of the Des
, fense Staff. In a newspaper inter
:view, Col. SWedlund states that
i the course proved the real need for
a National Defense Academy. the
l‘object of which would be to study
the Swedish defense problem from
[all aspects, and also to train of
ificers in planning and command
.ing defense forces under varying
conditions. Such courses Would.
obviously. not be intended for mili
‘tary personnel only. Representa
itives of the Civilian Defense Ad
ministration. as well as industry‘
‘and science would also find such
training valuable. Col. Swedlund
adds that he intends to submit a
proposal to this effect later on.
Canaries (eleven) and orchids
(one hundred) were included in
the cargo of a west-bound Scand
inavian Airlines System plane
when it left I’restwit-k airport.
Scotland. last week. The canaries.
traveling in the crew cabin. were
a consignment from Liverpool to
New York and the orchids. the
first of a large batch to be trans
ported. wen‘ being flown from Co
penhagen to New Jersey.
0 O O
A New Government hydro-elec—
tric power station of high capacity
is being planned on the Umc Riv
er in orthernmost Sweden. Its ea
pacity Will be 200.000 kilowatt and
by 1955 it is expected that a gi
ant reaerVoir of 1.200 million eu
blc meters of water will have been
f'Former Quisling
E“Roost” Receives
New Occupants
' _,-__.
NEW YORK, N. Y. _, The
"Eagle's Nest," once the mountain
retreat of the late Vidkun Quis
ling will soon open its doors to
new occupants. Purchased by the
Norwegian Seamans' Union, the
picturesque st ru ctu re will be
henceforth a study home for Nor
wegian merchant seamen. Dedica
tion ceremonies will take placw
.(iuring the first week of June. and
la full schedule of summer courses
will be instituted on June 5th. In
!a prominent spot above the huge
1fire place in the living room is :1
‘ bronze plaque. It was recently pre
sented to the Seamens' Union by
Jewish immigrants in gratitude for
the organization‘s aid to displaced
“persons who have found perman
‘ent homes in Norway.
Swedish aircraft designs were
demonstrated recently at the
SAAB factories in Linkbpiug for
Dr. Ferreira, director of civil avia
tion in Argentina. Among the var
ious types built by this firm
which were shown in action were
the B-18 bomber. the J 21 and
J 21 R fighters ~~ the latter a
jet version. the “Safir.” which
last year made a non-stop tlight
from Stockholm to Addis Ababa.
in Ethiopia. and the "Seandia"
passenger plane, whit-h proved its
zihility to take off with one en
gine. Dr. Ferreira. who is on an
official mission to seVeml Euro
pean. mlintries. said in a new:-
paper intervi>w that he expected
an increase in the air traffic b°~
tween his country and Scandinav
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