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Viking Ship Found
OSLO.~—Exciting discoveries un
earthed during building excava
tions in the heart of the west Nor
wegian city of Bergen have raised
hopes of another Viking ship find.
According to the Bergen report,
workmen ha've already turned up
a rib and part of the keel of an
ancient vessel.
Specialists called to the site
have not yet been able to deter
mine the age of the remains.
though it is noted that the keel
piece closely resembles that of the
Viking ship earlier unearthed at
Gokstwd. It is suggested that these
remains may date from the middle
ages. It so, it will be the first
discovery of its kind
Scandinavian Foreign Ministers
Discuss Common Defense Problems
Above are the foreign ministers who met in Stockholm. Sweden.
September 8-9. Left to right: Gustav Rasmussen, Denmark. Osten
l'nden, Sweden. Halvard hinge, Norway, and Bjarnl Brnodlktsson.
STOCKHGLM. ,Sept. 10 (By air
maiii—The Foreign Ministers of
Sweden, Osten Unden. of Den
mark. Gustav Rasmussen. and of
Norway, Halvard Lange, after a
series of meetings here Sept. 8-9
issued a communique stating that
they had decided that a joint com
mittee be appointed to study the
matter of military cooperation
among the three countries. The
initiative was taken by Sweden
last May, and preliminary discus
sions have been held in the mean:
time. According to the‘ communi
que. the approach to the problems
of military security differs to a
certain extent in the three coun
tries owing, among other things,
to their different geographic po
sition. However. the Ministers did
find sufficient basis for a joint in
vestigation of the possibilities for
a Scandinavian military alliance.
Papers Favor Mlnlsters’ Decision
Two leading Stockholm papers,
the Conservative Svenska Dagbla-
Erik Boheman .
New Ambassador
'l'o Washington
STOCKHOLM. Sept. 1.—By
airmaiU—The Swedish Ambas
sador to the Court of St.
Jame's, Erik Boheman. has
been appointed Ambassador to
Washington. He succeeds Her
man Eriksson, who served as
envoy since 1945 and has now
been made Ambassador to Den
Erik Boheman. who was born
in 1895. has been Minister to
Ankara and Sofia, Athens. War
saw and Bucharest. and Paris.
In 1947 he was appointed Am
bassador to London. From 1988
to 1945 he held the post as See
retary General of the Foreign
Office in Stockholm. He ha
taken part in a great number
of League of Nations meetings
and other international confer
ences and has also been a mem
ber of Swedish defense and oth
er government committees.
“5% »
49, m) ,J
N _ Serving the Scandinavian-American Population of the Great Northwest
Vol. 4, No. 9.
det and mentored Stockholm Tid
ningen. which have long cham
pioned the cause of a Scandinavian
military cooperation. greeted the
communique with satisfaction. The
different points of view in the
three countries as to the future
foreign policy of Scandinavia, are
analyzed thus by Svenska Dagbla
det: “The great majority in Swe
den believes that by Scandinavia
remaining outside of any bloc the
cause of peace is furthered, while
Denmark and Norway lean more
toward an immediate adherence to
a Western bloc, now in the process
of being created." This paper finds
that the proposed investigation
will deal only with the pros and
cons of a Scandinavian military
cooperation, while the discussions
of its foreign policy consequences
will be postponed until the com
mittee has reached a tangible re
Norway‘s Candidacy to Security
Council to Be Backed
| At one of the Foreign Ministers
meetings of September 8 and 9.
in which also the Foreign Minister
of Iceland. Bjarni Benediktsscn.
took part. the agenda of the forth
coming session of the General As
sembly of the United Nations in
Paris was discussed. It was de
cided. according to a special com
‘munique. to support the candidacy
10! Norway to membership in the
Security Council. after Belgium.
Also on all other important mat-i
ters due for discussion by the As-‘
sembly, it was found that the:
points of view of the four foreign;
ministers coincided. and they;
agreed to maintain close contact'
during the session in Paris. ‘
For more than twenty years.‘
Scandinavian to re i g n ministers;
have regularly met among them-;
selves prior to an important in-‘,
ternational political conference. i
N’ew York-Copenhagen
The Swedish American Line an
nounces that beginning Dec. 10.
1948 its liner "Stockholm,” will
proceed direct to Copenhagen after
first docking at Gothenburg. Its
"Gripsholm" will continue her sail
ings on the New York-Gothanburg
Count Bernadette Murdered In Jerusalem
Amman, Trans-Jordan, Sept. 17
—Count Folke Bernadette and a
French aide were shot to death in
the Jewish-held part of Jerusalem.
The United Nations mediator
and French Col. Andre Serot were
killed by “men in Jewish army
uniforms," said a telephon mes
sage to the Associated Press here.
Bernadette had arrived in Jeru
salem by air from Damascus.
Syria, at 11 a. m. He flew in de
spite anonymous threats upon his
life, declaring that he refused to
be frightened.
While Bernadotto was flying
from Damascus to Jerusalem, he
received a radio message warning
him not to land—---that all aircraft
would be fired on. An hour later,
Bernadette landed. As he glimbed
into his car. a snipvr’s bullet
thudded into the rear wheel.
“I don't mind being shot at by
regulars," the count commented
as he examined the hole. “but not
by irregulars."
Israeli government forces have
been ordered to round up all Stern
Gang members, with instructions
to shoot if necessary. following
the assassination of Count Folke
Bermdotte, unofficial Tel Aviv re
ports said.
Large-scale arrests reportedly
have been made in Jerusalem,
where a curfew had been imposed
throughout the Jewish area.
Dr. Ralphe Bunche, acting UN
mediator for Palestine. sent a tele
gram to Israeli Foreign Minister
Moshe Shertok declaring that the
UN Palestine mediator's assassi
nation “constitutes a breach of
truce of the utmost gravity for
which the provisional government
of Israel must assume full respon
sibility." -
Dr. Bunche asserted that Mr.
Shertok's “prejudicial and un—
founded statements concerning
truce supervison" made at a press
conference Sept. 16 “are not the
kind of statements which would
be calculated to discourage rep
rehensible acts of this kind."
Cairo dispatches reported that
the Zionist radio station. Voice of
Israel. said the Israeli Government
is adopting “most vigorous and en
ergetic measures" to bring the as
sassins of Count Bernadotte to
The Jewish station blamed
“criminal outlaws" for the crime.
The shooting took place in the
Katamon section of Jerusalem,
High Honor To
K. 0. Erickson
K. O. Erickson, 84. who pio
neered the development of the
Olympic Peninsula, was honored
recently with the highest. award
Sweden. his native country, can
grant to a civilian.
Erickson. a grizzled wiry old
ster. was given the Order of the
North Star by Ivar Lundequist.
Swedish consul. at a Swedish Bus
iness men‘s Association dinner
honoring him.
The guests had to wait some
time for the wealthy pioneer who
came in from Port Angeles by
“I‘d forgotten Seattle was still
on daylight-saving time." he said
by way of explqnation as ye re-
'célved'the mean]. one of 10 over
‘granted to former Swedes now
The above picture of Folko Bvrnadotte. United Nations mediatur
in Palestine, was made at the International Rm! (‘russ cum'entiun
in Stockholm, three weeks before his death.
conquered by the Jews from the
Arabs prior to the departure of
the British. Count Bernadotte and
the other victim of the shooting.
Col. Andre Pierre Serrot, were
1traveling in a convoy of several
UN cars. ‘
Col. Frank Begley, UN observer
in the car with Count Bernadette,
gave this account:
“We were stopped by a jeep full
of irregulars in Jerusalem at an
abandoned roadblock. There was
a lot of milling around, then two
men dressed in the military uni
forms came up to the car.
“A man with a tommygun
walked past my window and
snarled. I saw trouble coming and
started to jump out. Then a sec
10nd man came up and wrestled
‘with me as the first one started
“The first one had looked into
the car and recognized the Count.
He never said a word. He just
raised his gun and started shoot
A Stern Gang spokesman in Tel
Aviv, commenting on the assas
sination. was quoted by Reuters
as saying: “I am satisfied that It
has happened."
The spokesman added that he
was unaware whether members of
the Stern Gang were responsible
for the killing. }
An Israel Army censor in Jeru
salem banned all mention of the
living in the United States.
Erickson. who crossed the Quil-
Iayute range in the Olympics to
establish a trading post with the
Indians. founded the town of Mora
in Clallam County. named after
his hometown in Sweden.
He has donated Erickson Park
and a playground for children to
the city of Port Angoles and built
a similar park in his Swedish
Erickson, who picked up thou
sands of valuable timber acres
"for a song" many years ago, also
has donned heavily to the Swe
dish Boy Scouts.
Bering Portrait Found
The Danish “Politiken' reports
An interesting discovery. 3 por
tnit. of Vitus Bering, the only one
in existence. The punUng~in 0|!
on heavy piper-«his been present
ed to the city of Human. whom
Bertnx was born in 1681.
14 . 10c a Copy
fact that the assassination took
place on the Jewish side of the
embattled city and even blue-pen
ciled the fact that the locale was
censored by the Israeli Army.
‘ Dispatches covering these points
‘were transmitted by channels un
available to Jewish censors.
Dr. Bunche. who succeeds Count
Bernadette. has been regarded as
one of UN's most competent ad
ministrators. He is the author of
several books. was 3 Phi Beta
Kappa student, and a star athlete.
He has held a number of posts in
international activities. He is the
grandson of an American Negro
Both the need and the prospects
for drastic United Nations action
in the Palestine case have been
intensified by the premeditated as
sassination of the UN mediator.
Count Folke Bemadotte.
This grave incident is expected
to multiply the support within UN
for Secretary General Trygve Lle‘s
proposal to set up a large UN
guard force for police duty in trou
ble spots.
Whatever hope Israel may have
had of early admission to UN is
believed to have been shattered
by the assassination.
Famous Archeologist
On The Gripsholm
The turmer director at ”w
Swedish lnstiiutt- in Roman I‘m
lessor Erik Sjixluiu. “1:" has bwn
invlu'd in N‘M‘h an-hmblugy u \hr
Prinremn l'nhrhity, N. J.. 5r
rlvod with MH wife shoard the
Swedish .Um‘ricul liner "Grips
holm" on September 7.

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