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TeleDhone, Main 305.
H. R. Cayton (Residence) Pike 131.
Per Year .. .$ 2.00
Six Months 1.00
Three Mon bs 60
Advertising rates Furnished upon application
Entered at the Postoffice at Seattle as Second
Class Mail Matter.
That Populi?t howl against an
other bond issue has suddenly
lost its volume and pitch.
Senator Wilson's Wing has
sailed into port without a scratch
and all is well. Congratulations,
Fred A., for you know your biz.
Our Masonic friends that vis
ited Seattle this week did not give
us the grip, but they did give us
the slip, which we hardly ex
Compliments of the season to
the Snohomish County Tribune
for taking The Republican as a
pattern. We lead, others follow.
Leiter, the Chicago wheat king,
struck an awful snag one day this
week and now he too is ready to
admit that, "uneasy lies the head
that wears the crown,"
There is really no doubt but
that Cervera's fleet is unseaworthy
at present and we trust Cervera
will never be so foolhardy as to
try to go to sea with it again.
It has been currently reported
that Seattle has a Third" ward, the
Republican politicians of which
run it without consulting the Ar
gus, and that is very remarkable.
With a sudden leap and bound
the Sidney Independent changes
to the Port Orchard Independent.
Even the county seat ceases to
have attractions for the county
official paper.
Dollars to doughnuts that if
there is ever a Fusion club organ
ized in the city among the sup
porters of the Boy of the Platte
that it will be a conglomerated
mess of confusion before two meet
ings will have passed.
Farmers in this section should
not overlook the fact that vpge
tables that will keep through the
winter will be worth their weight
in gold, figuratively speaking, and
they should regulate their pilching
and picking accordingly.
"My dear wife, you need give
yourself no uneasiness about my
safety, for, thank God, I am an
chored in a harbor of safety from
which I have no idea of ever sail
ing again, or at least until
the war clouds have all blown
over. Yours, Cervera."
Why does not Mine Inspector
Norton put into execution some of
the threats he made a few weeks
ago? Unless he begins to do
something most people will think
him a mere figure head, draw
ing money which he does not
That 8500 Times' donation in
advertising to the Fourth'of July
committee means at best not over
$25 in cash. Now The Republi
can will call your hand, Mr. Blow
hard, and make a $600 donation of
the same kind to the committee.
Congress is decidedly in favor
of the annexation of Hawaii, the
vox populi of this country is of a
like mind and the Hawaiians
themselves are simply overjoyed
at the prospects of it. There is
therefore no reasons why Hawaii
should not be annexed forthwith.
Attorney Jack Wright finds
himself in the possession of a
handsome fortune and did not
have to go to the Klondike for it
either. How true is the adage
that "To be born lucky is better
than to be born rich." Now do
not be foolish, Jack, but hold on
to your dough.
The war revenue bill saddles
the burden of taxation on the rich
of this country and yet President
McKinley, Senator Mark Hanna
and other high Republican offi
•cials have been repeatedly charged
with shaping the destinies of the
government in the interest of the
monied class. We suggest to
those croakers that they now crawl
into their holes and pull them in
after them.
With the well known Seattle
ites, A. G. Mcßride and Fred L.
Henshaw as editors, the Fort
Wrangel News, volume 1, No. 1,
shows up at this office. It is well
filled with advertisements for the
first number and promises to be
quite a paper in the very near
future. Success to you, fellows.
Bro. Risedorph does not get his
political muckilteo mixed, Bro.
Cayton. When you see it in the
Journal you can rest assured that
it is so. We have nothing but the
kindest feelings for Mr. Pratt, and
will drop the matter with the re
mark that we knew just what we
were saying.—White River Jour
All this talk about Spanish men
of-war approaching our shores and
Spanish privateers being fitted
out at Victoria is daily newspaper
swill badly effected with yellow
jaundice. There will not be a
single Spanish warship approach
our shore now or any other time.
The Spaniards have troubles
enough at home without crossing
3500 miles of surging sea to look
for more.
The P.-I.'s recent explanation as
to its future political policy is de
serving of quite more than a pas
sing notice, as it had been gener
ally feared by the politicians that
it would follow in the wake of
Senator Turner sooner or later.
With the P.-I. expounding simon
pure Republicanism this state is
certain to go Republican next fall.
Long live the P.-I.
That distinguished financier
Hon. John Sherman, who for the
past fifty years has proven himself
so firm a foundation on which the
United States government could
always find confidential repose in
all matters of national importance,
will find that the Puget Sound
country will supply him with a
repose equally as exhilirating to
him physically as was his advice
to the government financially.
Enjoy yourself,for you have served
your country well and it highly
appreciates your services.
Mr. Cheasty's statement that the
country, were it not for the war,
would be enjoying the best busi
ness era that it has for many years
must have been like gall and
wormwood to the editor of the
Times and especially when it was
published in that paper, inasmuch
as it has constantly labored to
prove to its readers that there
could be no good times under a
"goldbug administration." There
is a sad conflicting of alleged facts
between the editorial and the news
columns of the Times that is
becoming more flagrant every day
of its life.
None of your Cleveland kind of
bonds are to be floated under the
McKinley administration out of
which the government authorities
can slump off a few thousands, but
bonds are to be floated and placed
in reach of the people. Even
Populists are beginning to say the
Republicans are a pretty good sort
of fellows. If you have a few
hundred dollars that you have no
use for, invest it in government
bonds, which are always better
than cash money, as any time you
need the money you can sell the
bonds for more than you gave for
them. You need not take any
more risks in bank depositing, but
just step up and buy a few gov
ernment bonds with your idle dol
lars and your money is safe so
long as there is a United States in
"Oregon" has been well kept in
the public's eye for the past three
months. For,weeks,all Americans
stood on tiptoe for fear the Span
iards would attack their battleship
in rounding the Horn and, being
alone, prove more than a match
for her, but she ran the gauntlet
and finally anchored at home
safely, then the eyes of the nation
were turned to the state of Oregon,
for fear the "three-ringed circus"
would prove more than a political
match for the Eepublicans and
blight its good name by electing
their ticket, but again they were
pleasingly deceived for the old
Webfooter anchored safely with
in the old party strongholds and
iiow r all is well and the name
"Oregon" can take a long rest.that
is, until the battleship Oregon
again distinguishes itself by sink
ing a few Spanish craft.
We Are Sole Agents f i 9m»,
...Absolutely tlie Best Ranges Made..
Sold Under the Broadest Guarantee.
1215-1217 Second Avenue Stattli, Wuli
It often happens that even in
the most puritanical communities,
where the bible and the hymn
book are the constant companions
of a large majority of the citizens,
that crime becomes so prevalent
and of such an insolent nature
that the law abiding citizens are
driven to dare desperation, pa
tience ceases to be a virtue and as
a result the fiend incarnate is meted
out "summary punishment." Many
cases of this kind might be cited
as having taken place, even in the
North among a people noted for
their humaneness. Retaliation is
not only a most wicked, but it is
also a most savage practice. Mob
law put in execution is but retal
iation in another form and none
the less cruel and as inhuman.
When a mob lynches a criminal it
does so because the brute force in
each and every one of them is far
in the ascendancy in their mental
and moral make-up. It seems al
most unbelievable, after reading of
all the horrors that the Cubans
have had to undergo at the hands
of the cruel Spaniards—how every
person throughout Christendom
has shuddered at Weyler's brutal
ity—how the hot blood of the citi
zens of this country has boiled
over and found vent in condemna
tory resolutions wherever and
whenever any number of them as
sembled together regardless of
their political faiths—how our
congressmen from the North, East,
southand west have sent their voices
and utterances ringing 'round the
world for humanity's sake.and how
all this urged our president and
congress to declare war against the
Spanish fiends —that a crime called
"summary punishment" and jus
tice has been inflicted on an un
fortunate human being that would
treble and quadruple any of the
Spanish horrors of savage butch
eries, in a state in our own
land and country, and that, too,
while the volunteers are assem
bling about Tampa, but a few
miles from the awful scene, pre
paratory to sailing for Cuba to
free it from a tyrant's hands.
Just think, in the United States
but yesterday, comparatively
speaking, one thousand men,
women and children, who boast of
living under the most refining in
fluences of Christian civilization,
assembled to witness a human
being—possibly of an inferior
type, nevertheless distinctively
human —burned at the stake !
Burned at the stake! a relic of
barbarism and a repitition of the
days of the Inquisition. While
the angry flames devoured the
man helplessly bound with iron
bands, disciples of Blackstone ad
monished the onlookers of the race
of which the tortured man was a
member that if any more of them
committed crimes a similar fate
awaited them. And thou too,
Brutus! It would be safe to say
that each one of those lawyers
that addressed the affrighted Ne
gres looking on, lecturing them to
desist from carnal practices on
white women, had colored para
mours in that motley crowd or they
rolled in the] ebony arms of such
the self-same night.
Could a person in a community
of law-abiding, Christian citizens
in this or any other country com
mit a crime diabolical enough to
induce the citizens to bring forth
their tender offsprings to witness
the burning of a human being at
the stake? We venture the asser
tion that there is not a single com
munity north of the Mason and
Dixon line in this country and not
one throughout all Europe that
would so punish a criminal, even
though he be guilty of blowing up
a Maine or burning a city and all
the inhabitants thereof. O, the
times and customs, pray, what are
they coming to? Either that section
of the country that burns crimi
nals at the stake has the wrong
conception of Christianity or the
rest of the world that punishes
criminals by a due process of law is
wrong. There is not an Indian
tribe in the United States, yea, in
North or South America that is so
savage as to subject a "pale face"
to such a death, however helpless
he might be, as was the man in
Texas only a few days since.
What a silent spell has suddenly
come over that great champion of
oppressed humanity, Congressman
Joe Bailey. He made the welkin
ring pretendedly for Cuba's sake
but finds not a single word
of condemnation for his constitu
ents who burn a human being at
the stake in this enlightened age.
The act is unprecedented save only
in the South. It is not even prac
ticed among the Turks on the
Christians. May the Lord have
mercy on the men's souls who do
such for we feel that they are ig
norant, Bimi-barbaric and devoid
of either Christian or social in
fluences. Send them missionaries.
No paper give* as much political news as
The Republican.
716 Second Aye., Boston Block
tß^l7> Millinery
All our Paris and New York Pattern Hats and Bonnets,together wtih 100 of
the latest Model Hats from our own workroom, at the following prices
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and Hats for M\ /U1 I
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$3.50 .
These are new, stylish and clean summer goods. Bargain sale commences
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J. O. VaRAHAM 7Boßton°Block. *
Wt^ — Are Oat For Business —
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Telephone Main 294.
Corner Third Avenue and Columbia St. ——Seattle
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Hotel Abbott
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r(*kn v
\&wtsjj N
*$£&$ s

Through Tickets to
Through tickets to Japan and China via
Northern Pacific Steamship Co.
For information, time cards, maps and tickets
call on or write I. A. NADEAU,
Gen. Agt., Seattle, Wash.
City Ticket Office, corner Yesler way and
First avenue.
Depot Ticket Office, corner Western avenue
and Columbia street.
A. D. Charlton,
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent
No. 255 Morrison street, corner Third, Port
and. Oregon.
The Finest Train
in the World
Tbe long talked of Limited trains on the
C, St. P., M. & O. Railway, to run between
Minneapolis, St. Paul and Chicago are now
in service.
The press as well as the people who have
inspected these trains admit that they rep
resent the acme of the car builders' art.
The engine is after the famous 999 pattern,
and from end to end the train is vestibuled,
with broad plate glass vestibules which
I completely enclose the platform, and add
I greatly to the beauty as well as to the com
fort of the train.
If You are Going Bast
why not patronize the new
Northwestern limited
Excursion or other classes of tickets are
good on this train, and no extra fares are
charged for superior accommodations.
Tickets, sleeping car reservation and
map folder on application to your home
agent, or address,
Frank W. Parker,
Commercial Agent,
606 First Avenue Seattle,

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