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Criminal Calendar Cleaned Up
in Short Order and Well
Along with Civil.
The Case Against Ahmed
Ameen Dismissed for
Lack of Evidence.
The June term of court convened on
June 22nd at Ellendale, Frank P. Allen,
judge of the district court, presiding.
At the morning session the call of the
calendar occupied the attention of the
court. In the afternoon the criminal
cases were taken up and disposed of in
short order.
The bond of Gus McDonald, of Oakes,
who was charged with blind pigging
was declared forfeited a8 he failed to
appear for trial. The cash bond of $500
was delared forfeited.
Jake Kelly, charged with a similar
offense, had his case postponed over the
term owing to sickness, affidavits to
that effect being presented to the
The charge against William Daugh
erty was not moved, as he escaped
from the county jail and the charge
against him is still pending.
The charge against Ahmed Ameen,
the Syrian, was dismissed on motion of
the state's attorney, the evidence being
considered altogether insufficient to in
sure a conviction.
In the civil calendar several cases
were disposed of during the week. In
the case of E. F. Markle against W. E.
Phillips, a jury was impaneled on Wed
nesday, but at the noon recess the case
was settled out of court.
Edgar Thompson vs. H. R. Benscoter,
the case was continued by stipulation
of the attorneys.
Is it Your Intention to
When you have the plans
and specifications made up
for your building, bring them
in to us and we will be
pleased to show you through
our stock of builders' hard
ware. Our line has never
been so complete as at the
present time, neither have
we been able to display such
neat and tasty designs as
we do this season.
Plain and Ornamental Butts
Storm Window Sets
Surface Door Hinges
Front Door Sets
Inside Door Sets
Closet Door Sets
Screen Door Sets
Sliding Door Sets
v" Sash Fasteners
Push Plates
Lifts and Locks
The same design and color
scheme can be carried
throughout the building.
We need your business. We
can get it if you will give us
the opportunity.
Brown & Slocum
In the case of C. M. Plummer against
the Soo road, the case was put at the
foot of the calendar pending a settle
The case of J. M. Cogan against
Wm. H. Schrader was argued before
the court, and judgment rendered in
favor of the plaintiff.
The action of The Northern Trading
Co. against C. M. Stevens was dis
missed with prejudice in favor of the
defendant, as the plaintiffs failed to
appear when the case was called.
The two
of Gustav Loeb vs.
W. A. McCulley Land Co., and R. E.
Maercklein against A. G. Maercklein
et al were continued over the term.
The case of Fred and Ella Cotton
against S. L. Harris was tried Monday
and the jury decided in favor of defend
District Meeting of Woman's
Mesdames McCartney, Walton, Bush,
Huffman, Foot and Wright represented
the Woman's Club of Oakes at the dis
trict meeting of the Federation of
Woman's Clubs held at Ellendale Tues
day. In the absence of Mrs. Filshie,
the district president, Mrs. Canfield of
Fullerton presided. The Ellendale Club
had a very nice program for the occa
sion. The address of welcome was
made by Mrs. D. T. Youker and the
response by Mrs. J. W. Bush of Oakes.
The visitors were royally entertained.
A splendid dinner at the Dickey and
the banquet in the evening served at
the home of Mrs. Bergendahl was the
kind for which Ellendale is so well
known. The visitors were also treated
to auto rides about the city.
Messrs. McCartney and Huffman
took the ladies over in autos and then
hiked for the day to the cool shades of
Taylor's grove, where the Woodmen
were enjoying their picnic.
Minnesota Lakes.
From the psssenger department of
the Northern Pacific Railway comes a
very attaactive booklet under the title
of "Minnesota Lakes." The cover is
of a rich buff shade with title in red
and black lettering. The central de
sign, in four colors, shows a young man
and maiden enjoying hugely the pleas
ure of a birch bark canoe on the placid
surface of a lake. The inside of the
book is pleasantly executed in a soft
sepiatone and the illustrations, of which
there is at least one to every page, are
most excellent. One cannot read the
book without being thoroughly im
pressed with the fact that the so-called
"Lake-Park Region" of Minnesota is a
very enjoyable section for a summer
outing. Copies of th3 book may be ob
tained upon application to A. M. Clel
and, General Passenger Agent, North
ern Pacific Ry., St. Paul.
The Sherrys.
The Sherrys, high class comedians
and musicians. Don't fail to see them
in their latest farce comedies entitled:
'Thompson's Honeymoon," "The Night
Before Election," "O'Hoolihan's
Troubles," each one a scream from
start to finish. Latest songs, new
music, clever dancing, quick changes,
no waits, your money back if not satis
fied. At the opera house Monday, July
5th. A social dance after the show.
Al music.
The International Male Quartet will
render a popular entertainment in the
new Methodist church on Friday even
ing July 2nd at eight sharp. Rev.
E. M. Isaac of Lidgerwood, where last
week they sang, recommends them
very highly for their work.
Admission free. Collection
Be sure to hear this treat.
Closed Temporarily.
The public library will be closed for
the months of July and August. Those
having books will please return them
before July 10th.
AH. firemen are ordered to be at city
hall on Saturday,July 3rd at9:30in uni
form to appear in parade.
—J. H. Coulter, Chief.
Methodist Episcopal.
Services as usual next Sunday.
Class meeting at 10 a. m. Preaching
at 10:46 a. m. by pastor. Sunday
school at 12 m. J. E. L. at 2:30 p. m.
Epworth League at 7 p. m. At 8 p. m.
"Christian Patriotism," pastor.
—J. Opie.
Hauge'i Lutheran.!
Meeting at Clement next Sunday, 11
a. m. All are welcome.
—H. Moe, Pastor.
Senator Hansbrough Comes
Back at Political Detracters
in Stinging Letter.
The Machine Fears a Combin
ation of Marshall-Gronna
Hansbrough Interests.
Marshall denied ever having made such
a statement. And Mr. Hansbrough
shows, in his letter, his understanding
of the impulse and motive of the trick,,
and then proceeds to show up the
machine in this state and in Washing
ton in no uncertain manner. Knowing
as much as he does about the inner
workings of that ring, his statements'
will be received with unusual attention
and as they are in perfect alignment
with the idea generally formed through
out the state, they will clinch and con-.
firm in the popular mind all that has
gone before. This is Mr. Hansbrough's
letter, as published in the Searchlight:
"I am less disturbed about these
campaign yarns than the good people
of North Dakota appear to be about
certain persons who are now misrep-'
resenting them in the senate of the
and have no doubt that the people of
revision in the face of the pledge of
the party and its candidates for lower
senators and those from Minnesota,
South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wis
consin and other western states. It is
well understood here how the railroad
power of the country has joined its
forces with those of the manufacturing
interests to perpetuate the high rates
of duty, and how, through a ludicrous
increase of duties on certain
tural products that are not affected by:
ently contend for lower duties on trust-
Everybody is hustling and bustling
in the city these days getting ready for
the celebration of independence day,
which will take place on Saturday.
This is the only celebration in Dickey
county this year and everybody is com
ing. The Times has had inquiries by
letter the past week from outlying
towns as to what was the program for
Saturday and in another column we are
pleased to present a partial list of at
I Oakes will be prepared to take care
of all who come. One of the pleasing
One of interesting communications to1 features will be rest rooms for the
the history of affairs political in the women and children, where those who
state is a letter written by Ex-Senator desire may gather and have their
Hansbrough to a friend in the state lunches. Plenty of good water will be
and published in the Fargo Searchlight' provided. Another thing will be free
of last Saturday. It appears that there automobile rides to all the children
had been an attempt on the part of the under sixteen visiting the city that day.
old machine to make a quarrel between See program on last page.
Hansbrough and Marshall, by the giv
ing to the press of the east the state-
ment supposed to have been made by,
Marshall that Hansbrough was "politi-
cally a dead one." This clumsy trick
was easily done away with when Mr.,tion
For New Presbyterian Church,
United Stfttes I
The attempt that is being made by' Peek, Trustee to Ole Dalager,
the Washington press bureau of the lot 10, block 8,0 Forbes.
North Dakota political machine to dis- Wilhelmina Heinricks to Christian
parage and discredit me is not likely to
tention from the utter failure of the Division
Presbyterians have taken some
definite gt twards erecting a new
church A meeting o£ the congrega-
wag he,d at the church Monday
evening. 0wing to the extreme heat
on, a few were nt but nearly all
n(. were of the inion that a new
church should be bujlt To get the
project started building and finance
committees were elected as follows:
Building—Rev. R. T. Fulton, E. J.
Walton, H. C. McCaitney, B. E. Ryder
and A. R. Wright.
Finance—Mrs. W. A. McCulley, Mrs.
E. J. Walton, Mrs. R. O. Smith, Hans
Lee and Wm. Mills.
These names were voted on by ballot
and were selected from ten names
nominated for each committee.
Real Estate Transfers.
List of transfers furnished by A. L.
Beggs & Son
an 0f
our state have been surprised, to find *rank Jenkins to John Franklin
our two votes in the senate recorded Guyott, swj 4-132-60.
along with high tariff votes of those Lucian Coutier to Jay Stiles sel 4
who are engaged in the work of upward
tShLwMdmwbacdk0niawa£|Milwaukee Land Co's. First Add to
like the old one? For two reasons
—first to justify the new high rates
on manufactures, and second to help
the railroads that will haul wheat from
Canada—two tariff lemons from the
same tree plucked by a single hand!
And so it will be in regard to fed
eral grain inspection. The railroads
and the elevators will have their way,
and the farmer will continue to be re
galed by the "heap big talk" about it
over a bill that, nad it been drawn by
the elevator companies themselves,
could not have been better suited to
their purposes. This bill is the best
example of the devious method of
"how not to do it" that has been be
fore the American congress in many
So while the machine bureau here
is engaged in putting me in the
"down and outclass," I am still able
to sit up and notice a few things
that "are going on. My interest in
North Dakota has not ceased by any
means, and I. have not entered into
partnership with a New York law firm,
as the machine bureau recently re
ported. I am not a lawyer.
I am still a resident of North Dakota,
and pride myself that until a portion of
the people of the state allowed them
selves to be deceived and befuddled by
the trust and monopoly interests, 1
accomplished a few things in a legisla
tive way that was of real advantage to
Very truly
-H. C. Hi
rates of duty. Julius Johnson to Julius EJuberg, lot
I am sure that the people of North 1 of 18-132-60.
Dakota must haze observed the wide Albertine Reko to and O Nolte,
difference between the attitude of our
agricul-, & Wells Add to Ellendale.
the tariff, the North Dakota farmers
have been forced into partnership with
monopolies that thrive by1 prohibitive Albert Gramlow to Johnson,
rates of duty. How is it possible for aej 10-130-59.
any senator who was weak enough to John Olson and Chris Gebhardt to
walk into this kind of a trap to consist-
made products? ricourt.
While wheat remains on the free list! George Baldwin to A Phifer, lots
to the miller under the drawback 9 to 12, block 12, McCarthy's Add to
clause—as it certainly will in the new Oakes
tariff law—what benefit does thei
wheat raiser derive from an increase!
in the duty? Our member of the
finance committee might have made
it $30 per bushel instead of 30 cents,
because the wheat importing miller will
the duty back anyway. The
armer who buys his Beed in Canada
will now pay 30 cents per bushel in
stead of 25 cents, the rate in the Ding-
Abstracters, Ellendale,
Meier lots 7.8.i3-14,
serve the purpose of distracting at- ,,
machine men here to secure relief from Ellendale.
the tariff exactions of the trusts and Sam Alin to George and Susanna
monopolies. I have been surprised, johnson
of the First Sub-
of outlot A Judd 8 Add
again to Marshall-McCartney
Frank McCoy to Healey, swj 28
Samuel Glover to Peter Lind, lots 9
to 12, block 6, Glover.
Edwin Knudtson to H. H. Perry lots
13-14-15, block 1 DeCoster, Flemington
shellabarger to Perry, sej
J.° Glenn'lots
17 and
3' Mer*
George Baldwin to Axel Andren, nwi
18-131-61 again to Edward P. Hoad
George Baldwin by Trustees to Great
Northern Railway Company, part of
sei 18-129-63.
.Ebenezer Magoffin to Sarah A. Chap
man, lots 9 and 10, block 1, of the
From the Leader.
J. C. McCarthy, of Duluth, was
business visitor in town this week.
Ralph and Roy Lynde left Tuesday
evening for Beverly, Massachusetts, on
automobile business.
W. S. Lauder, who is attending court
professionally, was a pleasant caller at
the Leader office.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Rose returned
last week from Campbell, Minn., where
they visited Mr. Rose's mother, who is
suffering with paralysis.
Miss Mary Flemington arrived home
Friday to remain permanently. The
Leader is pleased to announce that
Miss Flemipgton will be one of the fac
ulty at the S. N. I. S.
Mrs. John Phpnmer of Oakes is a
visitor at the home of A. G. McMillin
and J. M. Judd. Mrs. Plummer is a
sister of Mr. McMiliin, and formerly
lived in Ellendale.
The world's most successful medicine
for bowel complaints is Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
It has relieved more pain and suffering,
and Bayed more 'lives than any other
medicine in use. Invaluable for chil
dren and adults. Sold by Foot & Co.
A aodcta tchool, 9
600 pupils, 400
PmMms SMlatf yiiit
What We Warrant the Bohn to Do
Proved Best by the Railroads.
Returnable if Mot Satisfactory.
These claims are not mere paper talk. Not exaggerated
advertising statements, but service we
The Bohn to perform. One food will not taint an
other. For example celery or
musk-melons will not contami-1
nate milk or butter.
Milk, the most perishable!
food, will remain fresh and
wholesome in a Bohn seventy
two hours or more.
larger than in any other similar
priced refrigerator size for size.
The air circulation can be
actually proved by holding al
lighted match at the bottom of!
the food compartment where
the current starts.
The temperature is ten degrees lower than others and
with same or less amount of ice.
The enamel or opalite lining is as easily cleaned as a
piece of china.
What does your refrigerator do? Do not jeopardize health by
being without a Bohn! Now on Sale.
Booklet mailed free to our out-of-town customers.
A Drug Talk
Quality is first considered in every
thing about our store. Price may be a
great talking point, but quality re
gardless of price should be the main
factor, and ours is the place where you
can get it.
Whatever you buy of us in the line
of drugs, medicines or sick room sup
plies will always be of the highest qual
ity, and you may rest assured that the
price will be as low as you can get any
where on the same goods.
The Wood Drug Co.
Oakes will celebrate the 3rd.
Don't forget the date and don't
forget to come to our store
early and do your trading. We
will take care of your goods
until you are ready to go home.
There will be lots going on in
the afternoon and you will ^o
home without something if you
wait till late to do your trad
ing. Remember, goods and
prices considered, this is the
best place to trade.
Groceries, Crockery and Fruits
absolutely guar­
kt tat'
The interior is perfectly dry as may be proved by storing
matches in the fond section any length of time after which
they strike readily.
in Actual Barf.
School Now.

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