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Full line
Wilson's Air Tight Heaters,
gg "A-a
Ton don't see
Drums made to order.
A complete line of
New Deal, and
Proprietors of the
New Meat Market.
John Deere Gang Plows.
Also Heavy and Shelf Hardware.
Tin Shop In Connection. Repairing.
3 L^ OI
Real Estate, Collections, Insurance.
We represent some of the best Insurance
companies in the United States. We have
Money to Loan on
INTEREST 7, 8,9 ami 10 PER CENT.
Partial payuaeats accepted..
At any time before expiration ot loan.
Farms for sn.la Ui
Prosperous and Happy
Here's oue of our customers. Ho has bought lumber from us ever
since we're been in the business kept things about the farm fixed up in
Bhip shape, and has saved hundreds of dollars by buying lumber when ho
needed it. and not lotting things go to pieces.
His binders, mowers, runes, plows, narrows, etc.. standing around in the
field. Nor his stock backed up to tho wind, with a jack oak their only
protection against the elements. He's got sheds for everything.
Have you got em? Don't you want em? Come around to our lumber
yard and get what you want. It will cost you loss hero than elsewhere.
Now is the time to paint.
We have everything in the paint line.
Come in and see our samples and let us
explain the quality of our paints.
Wamberg & Jacobson,
Steele Avenue, opposite old Arcade Blk. ji
Choice Cuts, Chops & Stakes.
rft All orders left with us will be promptly deliverd any place in town._flFl
And there is no reasn why we
can't all live when you can buy
At such prices as you can at
For $5 up.
Improved Farms!
On parties own terms—good rich lands.
HOPE Steele County, N. Oak.
oo §f

09 0
Established 1882. HOPE, STEELE COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA, OCTOBER 14, 1897.
Subscription SI.SO Per Year.
Official Paper of Steele County and Town ot Hope
Entered at the postofllce In Hope, North Da
kota. 3Bsecond class mall matter.
This paper will continue to be sent till all ar
rearages are palil and It Is ordered discontinued.
In London 400,000 working men are
out on a strike.
Roy Porte has sold his Hunter Herald.
The boys will miss the kid.
McKinley will travel all over Ohio in
the interest of Mark Hauima, his best
Gold is now coming over from Europe
by the ship loads. Even exchange is no
robbery. Let it come.
Prairie tires in Manitoba are causing
much damage to life and property, and
is working this way.
Tho J. I. Case Threshing Machine
company at Racine, Wis., has just been
8}ld to an eastern syndicate for $2,000,
J. Pierpont Morgain the railway King,
has under his personal control, twenty
one railroads and is begging for more.
He's what wo term a hog.
Tho Kansas Pacilic railroad will be
so'.d at auction Nov. 5, and $5,300,000 has
already been bid. Somebody ought to
buy it for the Klondike region.
Moorhead is in hard luck. They suf
fered another serious loss by lire last
Thursday. Several thousand dollars
will not pay the loss. Pretty woll in
The Union Pacific railroad will be
auctioned off Nov. 1 to the highest bid
der, and S. H. H. Clark, tho pioneer iu
railway circles, is slatod for president of
the new company.
Dr. A. B. Hsrrick, one of tho best
physicians in the state, and well known
in secret societies, has left Lisbon and
gone ea6t to locate. He has been locat
ed in Lisbon since the early '80ties.
Uncle Sam has just counted his wealth
and finds that the treasury vaults at
Washington contain almost a billion
dollars, and show a large increase over
last year, while Cleveland was there.
McKinloy appears to be all right.
Ringling Brothers, the famous circus
tnsn, have erected an elegant monument
cisting 6500, at Wahpeton, to tho mem
ory of tho men killed there last summer.
The Ringlings are mado of the right
material and make friends wherever
they go.
Rogers is a new town in Barnes county
at the junction of the Soo and Coopers
town branch of the N. P., and promises
much. It is 18 miles south of Coopers
town, and without a doubt a newspaper
will be popping in there first thing, al
though they don't need it.
John Barton, tho Page blind pigger,
got 90 days and $200 fine. Judge Pol
lock is doing his duty, and is highly
endorsed by the community at large.
Mr. Pollock is a man that believes in
practicing just what ho preaches, and
The Pioneer honors him for it.
Editor W. C. B. Harrison has with
drawn from the Sheldon Prograss, but
left a man there who has just as long a
name. Perhaps that will answer tbe
same purpose. The Enterprise is all the
paper Sheldon can support anyhow—
and Burke gives all tho news.
R. N. Stevens has iptured the North
west News at Grand Forks, and will
make it a strong Republican paper—so
strong in fact, that he will change the
name to The Grand Forks Republican.
R. N. is a veteran in the business, and
wo may look for some hot stuff from his
Notice of Election.
State of North Dakota, I
County of Steele. $
Notice is hereby given, that on TueS'
day, the 2nd day of November next, at
the several election precincts of the first
and fourth commissioner districts in the
county of Steele, an election will be
held for a county commissioner for each
of said districts, which election will be
opened at 8 clock in tho morning, and
will continue open until 5 o'clock in the
afternoon of that day, at the following
polling places therein.
Polling places in the first district:
Broadlawn, at the school house on sec
tion 18.
Colgate, at the school house on sec
tion 29.
Hope Township, at tho school house
on soction 26.
Willow Lake, at the school house on
section 29.
Incorporated Town of Hope, at the
town hall in said town.
Polling places in the fourth district:
Norway, at the school house on sec
tion 11.
Golden Lake, at the school house on
section 11.
Sherbrooke, at the school house in
the village of Sherbrooke.
Lincoln, at the school house on sec
tion 14.
Dated at Sherbrooke, N. D„ this 4th
day of October, A. I)., 1897.
County Auditor, Steele County, N. D.
I'lease look at tho date oppouito Your
iiHiiin printed on each copy of Tho Pio
neer you receive, and see how you stand.
Subscribe for The Pioneer. $1,00
For your Underwear go to RODENBERG, BECKERJECK & CO.'S
Notice to Taxpayers.
Real estate taxes fcr 1890, must be
paid in October to avoid the 5 per cent
penalty which accrues November 1. If
not paid, real estate will bo advertised
in November and sold for taxes the first
Tuesday in December and all personal
property taxes for 1890 and prior years
must be paid before November 1, to
avoid sale for said taxes.
All 1897 taxes will be due November
1,1897, and will bo received by mo on
and after that date, at my office.
All 1897 real estate taxes become de
linquent January 1,1898, and the penal
ty immediately attaches but the per
sonal property taxes for 1897, do not be
come delinquent until March 1, 1898
when the penalty attaches.
Dated Sept. 30,1897.
Treasurer of Steele County, N. D.
Notice for Publication.
OFFICE at Fargo, October ti, SOT.
Notice Is hereby given that the following
named Bettler litis it led notice of his Intention to
make final live rear proot In support or his claim
and that said proof will be made before William
A. Johnson, judge ot the comity court, at Valley
City. Barnes county, North Dakota, at Ills ofilce In
the court house, on November 'Jti. 1SH7, viz:
H. E. No. l.'IOOti. for the northwest quarter,
(nw!i) of section twenty-two, (22) In township one
hundred and forty-threu. (twp. 1-4:!) north, of
range filty-slx, (K. 511.) west.
He names the following witnesses to prove Ills
continuous residence upon and cultivation of said
tract, viz:
Jasper Perry, Frank Cole, Patrick Larkln,
George W. Cole, of EUsbury, Barnes County,
North Dakota.
winterer & Winterer, Attorneys for Claimant,
Valley city, N. D. 11st pub Oct 14]
Notice of Chattel Mortgage Sale.
Whereas, P. J. O'Connor and John
O'Connor, of Kennickiuick twp.. county
of St. Croix, and state of Wisconsin,
mortgagors, did on the (ith day of Aug
ust, 1896, make their certain chattel
mortgage to Gaar. Scott fe Co., of Rich
mond, county of Wayne, and state of
Indiana, mortgagees, dated the Cth day
of August, 1890, to secure tho following
indebtedness, to-wit: One note of §50.00
dated Aug. 0,1896, duo Sept. 1, 1890
with interest at 7 per cent. One note of
$202.00 dated August (!, 189G, duo Dec. 1,
1896, with interest at 7 per cent per an
num. One note of $'262.00 dated August
G, 189G, due Dec. 1,1897, with interest at
7 per cent per annum, and ono note of
S2G1.00 dated August (!, 1890. due Dec.
1,1898, with interest at 7 per cent per
annum, and which mortgage was duly
filed in iho office of the register of deeds
of Steele county, state of North Dakota,
on the 9th day of October, 1897, at 5
o'clock p. m., and
Whereas, Default has been made in
the conditions contained in said mortg
age, as follows, to-wit: Payment de
manded and refused.
Whereas, There is claimed to be due
on said mortgago at the date of this no
tice, the sum of Seven Hundred Sixty
Nine and 31-100 Dollars, for principal
and interest, and tho sum of Ten Dol
lars attorney's fees provided in said
mortgago in case of tho foreclosure the
Now Therefore, Notice is heroby given
that by virture of said mortgage and by
order of Gaar. Scott fc Co., tho present
owners thereof, I will sell for cash, the
following described chattel", described
in said mortgage,at tho south frontdoor
of Frank Hill's livery barn, in tho town
of Hope, in tho county of Steele, state of
North Dakota, at tho hour of Two
o'clock, p. m., on
Mnturiiny, tlie, 23
il Day of October.
1897. to-wit: Ono 3Gx5G separator, No.
12,677, on wagon, with folding stacker,
belts and usual appurtenances. One
eelf feeder No. 707. Ono mounted stack
er, No. 2,705. One Glendale bagger.
One 150 ft. 7 inch, 4 ply, rubber bolt.
GEO. A. WARNER, Agent.
McMahon Bros., Hope, N. Dak.
Attorneys for Mortgagees,
Hops, N. Dak.
Notice of Chattel Mortgage Sale.
Whereas, Thos. Rattory, of the coun
ty of St. Croix, and state of Wisconsin,
mortgagor, did on the 28th day of Aug
ust, 1893, make his certain chattel mort
gage to Gaar, Scott & Company, of Rich
mond, county of Wayne and state of Ind
iana, mortgagees, dated the 2Sth day of
August, 1893, to secure tho following in
debtedness, to-wit: Ono note of 800.00
dated Aug. 11.1893, due Sept. 15, 1893,
with intorest at 7 pur cent per annum.
One note of 8300.00 dated August 11,
1893, dun Nov. 1,1893, with intereit at
7 per cent per annum. One note of 8300.
00 dated August 11, 1893, duo Jan. 1,
1894, with interest at 7 per cent per an
num. One note of 8300.00 date'd August
11,1893, due Nov. 1, .1894, with interest
at 7 per cent per annum. One cote of
8300.00 dated Aug. 11,1893, due Jan. 1,
1895, with interest at 7 per cent per an
num. One note of 8350.00 dated Aug.
11. 1893, due Nov. 1.1895, with interest
at 7 per cent per annum. One note of
8300.00 dated Aug. 11, 1893, due Jan. 1,
1896, with interest, at 7 per cent pjr an
num, and which mortgage was duly fil
ed in the office of the register of deeds
of Steele county, state of North Dakota,
on the 9th day of October, 1897, at 5
o'clock p. in., and
Whereas, Default has been mado in
the conditions contained in said mortg
age, as follows, to-wit: Payment de
manded and refusod.
Whereas, There is claimed to be due
on said mortgage at the date of this no
tice, the sum of One Thousand Dollars,
for principal and interest, and tho sum
of Ten Dollars attorney's fees provided
in said mortgage in case of the foreclos
ure thereof:
Now, Therefore. Notice is hereby
given that by virtue of said mortgage
and by order of Gaar, Scott & Company,
the present owners thereof, I will sell
for cash, the following described chat
tels, described in said mortgage, at the
south front door of Frank Hill's livery
barn in the town of Hope, in tho county
of Stefle state of North Dakota, at
the hour of Three o'clock, p. m., on
Haturdar. the %ttl Hay or October.
1897, to-wit: One sixteen horse power
straw burning engine. No. 0,045, and the
usual appurtenances.
GEO. A. WAHNJ-.K. Agent.
McMahon Bros. Hope, N. Dak
Attorneys for Mortgagees,
Hope, N. Dak.
Notice of Court.
State of North Dakota.
County of Steele.
Notice is hereby given that a regular
October 1897, term of tho district court,
within and for the county of Steele, will
bo held at the court house in the village
of Sherbrooke, in said county, on Tues
day, October 19,197, commencing at 10
o'clock a. m., of that day.
WitnoHti my hand and seal this 5th
day of October, A. !., 1H97.
l«ii.\i.| I'. II. GII.IIKUTHON,
ClorU o[ Court, Sloolc County, N, D,
Official Proceedings of the Board of
County Commissioners of
Steele Connty.
Sherbrooke, N. D„ Oct. 4,1897.
Board of county commissioners con
vened in regular session at 10 o'clock a.
m. Present R. B. Cochrane, chairman,
and Commissioners King, Brown, llindy
and Williams.
Tbe minutes of the meeting of August
16,1897, were read and approved.
The school house on section 14, in Gol
den Lake precinct, having been recently
moved to soction 11 in said precint,
thereby removing tho place designated
as the polling place of said precinct on
motion it is hereby ordered that the
polling place in the Golden Lake elect
ion precinct of Steelo county, be, and
tho same is hereby changed from the
school house on section 14 in said pre
cinct, to the school house on section 11,
as the polling place in said procinct.
In accordance with section 1,904, of
the revised codes of 1S95, on motion it
was ordered that all county warrants
which have remained uncalled for and
on file for more than six years, be can
called and destroyed as follows, viz:
Drawn on the gopher destruction fund:
Ray Stewart, No. 397, dated May
23,1891, for amount of 48c
Wm Olsou, No. 463, dated May 23
1891, for amount of 78c
Ole G. Dahl, No. 526, dated June
13, 1891, for amount of 93c
John Thorson, No. 548, dated June
13, 1891, for amount of 78c
Ole Strome, No. 620, dated July 6,
1891, for amount of 2Gc
Drawn on the general fund:
Hoffman, No. 2064, dated July
1891, for amount of 8 2 CO
The amount of warrants so cancel
led being in tho sum of 5 23
On motion tho Auditor was instructed
to give notice of the sale of real property
for dolimjuont taxes of 1890, by publica
tion thereof once a week for three con
secutive weeks during November 1897,
in the Steele County Tribune, and offer
said real estato for sale at public vendue
the first Tuesday in December following,
as provided by law.
On motion H. J. Rindy was appointed
to inspect tho llollingstad bridge in
Prim rose township, whon comploted,
and report the condition of the same to
this board.
On motion tho county auditor was in
structed to secure the services of some
one to plow a firebreak around tho
townsite, the county to bear ono halt
the expenso of plowing the same.
On motion the monthly reports of fees
for the quarter ending September 30,
1397, by the register of deeds, was ap
On motion the monthly reports of fees
for the quarter ending September 30,
1897, by the cleric of court, wero ap
On motion tho following bills were al
lowed and ordered paid from tho general
fund by warrant as follows, viz:
Geo Barnard and Co, judge
ment book for clerk of court, 8 14 50
ChaB E Wilson, sheriff of Cass
county boarding Steelo county
prisioners 113 days at 75 cents 84 75
Tribune Printing and Binding
Co, desk supplies for county
offices, 814.00 allowed at 1100
Walker Bros, statement, re
ceipts, 2 judgement books,
sale record wood tax law 68 00
Tribune Printing and Binding
Co, ink and pens 818.25, al
lowed at 15 75
Walker Bros, blanks for county
judge 14 GO
W Philip,3 months services
as county physician 50 00
On motion tho board ad.'ournel to 1:30
o'clock p. m.
CHAKLF.H G. liois.E,
County Auditor.
(More proceedings next week.)
Capt. Jas. A. Duffey,
The Great Railway Detective Telle What Dr.
Miles' Remedies Have Done
For Himself and Wife.
work requires constant
vigilance, steady nerves, a clear
head and brain."A year ago,"
writes Capt. Duffey, of 631 Orchard St., Tole
do, Ohio, "I overworked myself, waa In
such a condition sleep was impossible. I was
so nervous I could not
lie in bed
my arms
and limbs twitched
and my system seemed
completely exhausted.
I began using Dr.
51 lies' Nervine and tbe
fourth bottle restored
me to health, Mrs.
Duffey had suffered for eighteen years with
heartdisease, had tried every remedy with
out avail until she took Dr. Miles' New
Heart Cure two years ago. For the past
year sue ii:is been free from the trouble."
Dr. Miles' Remedies are sold by all drug
gists under a positive guarantee, first bottle
benefits or money refunded. Book on Heart
and Nerves sent free to all applicants.
Out prices in job printing at this office
If you uci'd itny printing come
Is tho tiuio for you to mako your selection for a nice Winter Cloak
or Jacket. Don forget this. Come in and look at our line. If we
cannot suit you, there is no harm done although as long as we make
e\ery effort possible to supply your needs without sending away for
them, we would like to feel satisfied tbat our efforts are appreciated.
Besides this special line, wo have an immense stock of Cloaks, Jackets
and Capes, that we will sell right.
tor the Gents furnishing trade, we wish to mention a few items.
\ou will try in vain to duplicate theso prices in North Dakota: A good
pair of pants for 5c. Black pants, equal in looks to a §5 article, for
81.25. A splendid ovorshirt for 25c. Men's yarn mittens at 10c per
pair. Good winter caps 25c. Whenever you are in search of bargains
this is tho place to Und them—as we have a man in Chicago who picks
up up these snaps for us. Come in and buy yourself sick.
R. A. McLean,
•"~~The Fancy"^
Horse Milliner,
H.H. Wasem, Hope, N. D.
Dealer in—Fruits, Confectionery, Canned Goods, Tobaccos, and
the most complete stock of 10 and 5 cent Oijrars in town.
Steele Avenue, First Door East Postoffice.
And Dealer In~^
Itcpnirlng n.Mnccinlty.i
A Firstclass Workman Employed.
& A A
O S. MOORESi Proprietor
The Popular Brands of Flour:
''Queen of the North*' and "No. 1 Hard Straight."
Fvery Sack Warranted and for salo by p. p. RICE.
Farmers can exchange Wheat for Flour. We always have a good stock on
hand. Farmers' trade solicited.
H. H. BAKER, 3
Proprietor. E3
Oats, Barley, Rye, and low
grade Wheat. 3
Lumber, Lath, Doors,
Sash, Blinds and Shingles.
The C. N.
We have decided to close out our business at
Hope, and offer the same for sale on reasonable terms.
Anyone desirous of engaging in the lumber business
will find a good opportunity here for a bargain.
For particulars apply to our Agent A. M. McLaugh
lin, Hope, or the C. N. Nelson Lumber Company,
Cloqutte, Minnesota.
C. A. BROWN, Pres. C'7lJ. BROWN, Vice-Pres. J. D. BROWN, Cashier.
The Steele County Bank,
A General^.Banking Business. Collections Made. Taxes Paid.
Hard Soft Coal,
Sawed Wood
w. II. M. Philip, M.~d7
Physician and Surgeon.
Offioe in Philip Block.
iu und
Eosidence Steele Avenue.
1 's
of ^11 l\i:qds.
Physician and Sdfjeoft
Physician and Surgeon
at Aabury Hospital, Minnea
^.Office at Hope House.

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